A Powerful Video That Will Make You Want To Wear Sunscreen

Artist Thomas Leveritt set up a ultraviolet camera and viewing monitor in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park to show people what their skin looks like in ultraviolet light. This is “how the sun sees you.” The revealed freckles and lurking age spots are the not-yet-visible results of skin damage from sun exposure.

The real magic (and science!) of this video happens when we see what sunscreen looks like in UV light. Like a visible forcefield of UV-blocking black cream, it’s an impressive demonstration of how sunscreen protects our skin from the sun’s damaging rays, and why it’s important to wear it daily.

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Boys Side

I’m the first one to tell you to buy vintage.

Some of my most special pieces were vintage finds (like my Celine jeans, which we should come back to). But what I found out recently was that the mens side is just as good. Somewhere in Manhattan is a man who buys women’s shoes because HIS feet are that small. And to him I say, Thank you for my all black Prada wingtips in a size 37! I’m not too squeamish to buying vintage shoes …

I’m looking forward to scouring the mens section for big coats I can belt and chunky sweaters for fall, you never know when something might just be the perfect fit…

Do you have any vintage shopping tips?

By brie

Buzz Worthy: The Brand New Hermès Halzan Bag

Buzz Worthy: The Brand New Hermès Halzan Bag

Hermès is a brand with much of its appeal based on its heritage. No one expects it to innovate; instead, dedicated customers want Hermès to keep doing the things its always done in exactly the ways that the brand has always done them. Although the brand sometimes rereleases bags from the archives, it’s somewhat rare that a new Hermès bag makes landfall, which is why we took particular note when we found the Hermès Halzan Bag, which is brand new for Fall 2014 and in stores now.

The Hazlan debuted on the Fall 2014 runway, and its selling point is that it can be worn four ways–as a shoulder bag, a crossbody, a north-south tote or a clutch. Such a structurally versatile bag is a particularly modern endeavor for Hermès, and and the result is surprisingly simple and discreet. When worn as a shoulder bag or crossbody (which is how I expect most people to carry it), there’s not even any exterior branding.

Official details on the Hazlan are few and far between, but here’s what I’ve gleaned from searching the Hermès section of our PurseForum: The bag is made of soft, durable clemence leather with Palladium hardware, and it comes in several popular Hermès shades, including gold, blanc, bleu saphir, etoupe, rouge H, rouge casaque, etain and black.

In the US, the Halzan retails for $5,000, while it will go for 3300 euros on the European market. There’s some indication that it will be sold on Hermes.com in the near future (and it would be in line with the kinds of bags the brand sells online – functional leather basics at the lower end of its handbag price continuum), but for now, you’ll have to pick one up in stores if you’re interested.

For reference, I’ve included some detail photos of the bag from PurseForum member jyyanks–this is her brand new Halzan in rouge casaque.

Big day

Big Up HK

I make a bit of a mockery of my Hong Kong identity card (in addition to being a British citizen, I also have right of abode in Hong Kong).  It sits in my drawer gathering dust in its plastic cover whilst I barely visit Hong Kong unless it’s for work purposes or I need to go back, to swipe my card through, let the authorities know that I’m still alive and thus carry on this charade of being a Hong Kong citizen.  It remains symbolically important to my parents that I have some sort of tenuous legal link to Hong Kong and so in my drawer it remains, with my barely 18 year old mug shot grimacing back at me.

I’ll be making a very short trip back to Hong Kong tomorrow before we then embark on a family trip to Tokyo together (I’ll regale you all later with the tantrums, the culture gaffes and the LOLz moments when six Lau family members get together).  My own ties to Hong Kong becomes more tenuous as the years go by and it’s exacerbated when people quiz me about what’s going on fashion wise.  In the past I’ve shrugged and my eyebrows furrowed – I don’t normally have a bleeding clue.

Thankfully, I can finally put some names out there and cheerlead my distant motherland as it were.  Strangely they both share similar aesthetics but in a teensy tiny island region where there are only a handful of fashion designers, there’s definitely strength in numbers.  First off is Cynthia Mak.  Her S/S 15 lookbook popped up in my inbox this morning in fact.  She graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2010 and spent years since working at the likes of Alexander McQueen, Roksanda Ilincic and Preen before returning to Hong Kong where the obvious fashion routes were at I.T. and Lane Crawford (where else…).  Moving out of the safe zone of fashion buying, she has bravely launched her own label and here’s an early early peek at her S/S 15 collection – all linear lines, negative/positive spaces and strong silhouettes, heavily inspired by Daniel Buren.  It’s a bold start and one that definitely intrigues.  Mak’s savvy as a former fashion buyer puts her in good stead but Hong Kong isn’t the most forgiving of cities when it comes to young designers.  Perhaps a tide of change is on its way.  PMQ, the newly opened a creative hub of studios and shops is certainly one positive step forward.  Having a clutch of designers, who have gained education and experience abroad and riskily starting up back in Hong Kong is another sign that the environment for fashion is becoming less hostile.













I then bring you Jourden.  Anais Mak’s label Jourden was set up in 2012 and has been quickly galvanising its reputation with both international and local tastemakers giving the label lots of love (HK blogger Tina Leung, style icon Hilary Tsui and blogger Denni Elias have worn the brand to name a few).  Balancing masculinity and femininity, Jourden’s starkly dramatic silhouettes are contrasted with a fascination with heavily textured surfaces.  “The Jourden girl is crusty, candid and determined but also introvert at times.  In our times to be proper means very rebellious,” says Mak in her press notes accompanying the AW 14-5 collection.  I don’t know how “crusty” these very exacting clothes are but they definitely crinkle and rustle with a tactile mix of quilted confetti, mohair fun fur and other shimmery synthetics.   Jourden will be going into Opening Ceremony in both New York and Los Angeles for the first time this season, returning to OC’s very first season back in 2002 when Humberto Leon and Carol Lim travelled to Hong Kong to bring wares back to their store.

The reality is there’s a world of difference between the fashion scene in Hong Kong back then and what it is now.  Both Cynthia Mak and Jourden represent something of a new guard in the city and hopefully, with my well preserved ID card, I’ll be able to go back more often to engage with this burgeoning scene as opposed to quietly observing it from afar.


















Old San Juan

ShopBellaC App Launch

Sunny days call for Sunflowers

real talk

But who are you to judge?

But who are you to judge?
by magnes

Denim Jumpsuit


Say Yes to the Dress

The Many Bags of Chloe Moretz

The Many Bags of Chloe Moretz

Chloe Moretz isn’t our youngest Many Bags subject, but she’s close. The 17-year-old actress is beat out only by 16-year-old Elle Fanning, and their two handbag collections definitely have some overlap. Namely, both ingenues are beloved by a select group of high-end European brands, which affords them lots of Paris Fashion Week appearances and rare handbags in their closets. Below, check out what Chloe’s been carrying since she arrived on the Hollywood scene.

On the Street……Cortona, Italy


I love the knits and denim skirt but it’s all about the attitude.


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetWearing: Pixie Market Skirt | This is Veda Top

My initial thoughts with this skirt were Balmain, sex, let’s go out, 90s style - which can never be a bad thing. Although it looks rather stiff, this little number is actually so comfortable and has a lot of give. Definitely a must own! Shop below:

Shot by Jeff Thibodeau

Twelve Questions

You know those questions, the ones that you really really really want to ask, but don’t really know how or who to ask them too. These aren’t even the super tough questions, they are those basic oh duh everyone knows that so I can’t be the one to ask questions. You know, like do you wash your whites on hot or cold…

So, I took it upon myself to answer some of these beauty related questions (with the help of some of my expert friends). Here is what the team at the Studio is asking…

Which comes first, concealer or foundation?

Ahhh the age old question. I say, foundation first. It will do your base layer of coverage so you’ll know exactly what needs extra help from your concealer.

Which step in your routine is your sunscreen?

Sunscreen should come after your moisturizer and before your makeup. Here is the full order of application: Toner, prescription medication or special treatment, serum, moisturizer and SPF. Or TPSMS.

Of course, I realize this is a little bit of an intense routine (#beautyeditorproblems) so if you keep things more simple: moisturizer then sunscreen. And then of course if your have sunscreen built in to any products, then you are set. Really, at this point, as long as you are wearing sunscreen, I’m happy.

Should you curl your lashes before or after you apply mascara?

I’m only really able to answer this question because you all really helped me conquer my uneasiness with the curler. So, curl your lashes first. This will eliminate mascara build up on your lash curler and give your lashes a more natural look.

When is the best time to trim your nails?

Trimming your nails is typically easiest when they are soft, so after you shower or take a bath. If you have thicker nails, this time will be best for you! Of course make sure your hands and nails are dry, you don’t want any slips of the clipper. Ouch!

Do you have to let your nails breathe between polish applications or is that a myth?

Remember what Nadine said? “Putting lacquer on your nails endlessly is not always a good idea. Give them a break every once in a while. If you’ve had a manicure and you know you aren’t going to go for another two weeks, take your polish off at home when they start to chip or grow out.”

How long should you keep your makeup for?

I asked Sarah Lucero (celebrity makeup artist and Global Artistic Director for Stila) for some advice in this department because, confession: I’m a bit of a makeup hoarder, especially when it comes to lipstick and nail polish. So, here are some guidelines to follow when it comes to when you should be throwing out your products.

Mascara: 2 months. If your mascara starts to get flakey, that is a sign that it’s dried out. Big brush wands tend to dry out quicker.
Lipstick: 1 year. If the lipstick starts to smell strong, that is a sign it has gone bad.
Foundation: 1 year. The foundation should remain the same texture as when you bought it. Keep it tightly closed and store it in a cool spot.
Blush: 1 year for cream and powder blush. If the blush gets a dark film on the top layer, that means toss it. Sometimes brushes will transfer oil onto the powder and they harden and lose the glide of the pigment.
Eyeshadow: 2 years for powder shadow and 1 1/2 years for cream shadow.

When should you replace your bath sponge?

Replace your bath sponge or loofa every few weeks. Sponges made from synthetic materials will last a little bit longer, but bacteria build up is unavoidable with something that lives in your shower. Hopefully there isn’t much else living in your shower…

What step is eye cream?

Remember TPSMS? Good. Now you can memorize TPESMS. Apply eye cream before your serum and/or moisturizer to help seal in the ingredients. Give it a minute or two to soak in before moving on to your next step.

Can you mix products together?

Be cautious when mixing products with SPF, retinol or prescription products. Mixing can alter the state of the ingredients and make them less effective. With something like a foundation and a simple moisturizer (a little DIY tinted moisturizer) you should be safe, just check your ingredients!

How often should I wash or change my brushes?

Alice talked to me about brushes a few months ago and she recommends washing your brushes once a week, depending on usage, using a mild shampoo or specific brush cleanser (I like this one). A quality brush should last you a few years, if you notice your brush starting to shed (remember Garance’s brush beard?) or the shape falling, it’s time to replace it.

Do you floss before or after you brush your teeth?

This is one of great debate. If you floss before your brush, you don’t run the risk of brushing pushing any food particles further into the spaces between your teeth. If you floss after, you get anything your toothbrush couldn’t reach. So maybe, do both? Your dentist will really like you.

How much time shall I give my skin to adapt to a new product?

Give yourself at least two weeks when trying out a new product to see how your skin reacts and to start seeing results. It’s always a good idea to test a product on your hand first (you’ll often find me at my desk dabbing things on the back of my hand #beautyeditorproblems), if you notice any immediate irritation, keep it far away from your face. Patience is a virtue my friends.

What about you guys, do you have any weird / funny / stupid questions you ask yourselves ? We can (maybe answer !!!)

Prada is the Latest Brand to Court the Affections of Cat Ladies

Prada is the Latest Brand to Court the Affections of Cat Ladies

Prada’s handbags tend to be overwhelmingly staid; the brand has positioned itself, season after season, as the source for work-appropriate power bags for women with corner offices (or corner office aspirations), and although Miuccia allows for an artistic departure here and there, whimsy is usually not her stock in trade. With that in mind, I have no explanation for the Prada Mink Fur Cat Pochette.

Kitschy, literal bags are a huge trend right now (as is weirdness in general, and as are cats), and Prada will bow to pretty much any accessories trend that becomes strong enough, even if it isn’t totally on brand. (Gotta sell bags, after all.) This cat’s jeweled eyes and nose relate the clutch back to Prada’s visual signatures for accessories, but other than that, it just doesn’t feel like much of a Prada bag; if you had told me it was Charlotte Olympia, I’d have believed you without question, and that’s a brand with which Prada’s general aesthetic just doesn’t overlap. That’s not necessarily a complaint–the bag is super cute.

Prada’s previous ventures into literalness that haven’t been either purely artistic or plainly political have generally involved very small accessories, like teddy bear bag charms. As much as I love Prada’s general handbag aesthetic, it’s never bad to see a brand have a little bit of fun. Apparently, I’m not alone in this approval – the bag sold out at Bergdorf Goodman in a matter of days. If you want, you can still visit its product page, though.

Heart sick an’ eyes filled up with blue

4 Perfect Fall Outfits Styled by Always Judging

So color’s not really your thing—not a problem. Courtney Trop of Always Judging wants you to know that black and white doesn’t have to be, well, so black and white when it comes to your fall wardrobe. It’s all about mixing in interesting prints and cool textures, or making sure you have that one standout piece. Trop has plenty of experience with a neutral closet—just check out her blog for proof—so when we challenged the Los Angeles native to assemble four noteworthy black-and-white looks, we knew she’d pass our test with flying, er, colors.

Get A Glimpse Of Caroline Issa’s Chic London Apartment

We were already smitten with Caroline Issa's amazing street style, but now we have our eyes on her fashionable home in London thanks to this feature for Tod's. Those bookshelves are to die for!

Try This Easy-Chic Outfit Idea For Your Next Errand Run

On Vanessa:

This ASOS Bag Looks Way More Luxurious Than $67

Should we get the green or the black? 

The #1 Question to Ask Yourself Before Getting Dressed for Work

We’ve written volumes on the subject of dressing for the office (take a deep dive with this article and this one), but if you care to simplify the topic, we came across a nugget of advice that captures the essence of everything you need to know. Liana Satenstein wrote for Vogue.com, “Stick with that old saying: When in Rome, you can wear gladiator sandals if you want—just as long as your higher-ups are wearing them, too.” Essentially, when you’re getting dressed for work, ask yourself: “Would my boss wear this?” If the answer is no, you shouldn’t wear it either. Asking yourself this one question helps solve any office outfit indecision, and will encourage looks that impress your supervisor.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Applying False Eyelashes Like a Pro

False eyelashes are one of the few things in life that simultaneously bring us incredible joy, as well as crippling anxiety. (Also on the list? Real Housewives of Orange County marathons and Miley Cyrus’ Instagram feed.) Up until now, our own method of application has fallen into the “stick it near the vicinity of our eye and hope it looks good” category. (This works about 50 percent of the time, and is not a technique we would recommend.) Luckily, we now have a falsie expert on our side: resident Byrdie beauty guru and celebrity makeup artist, Lauren Andersen.

7 Outfit Ideas That Will Help You Find a Boyfriend

As independent ladies who also happen to be big believers in the power of style to transform one’s self-image and self-confidence, we instinctively recoil at the idea that we should style our outfits for the attention of men. After all, as we’ve seen, most dudes have no clue when it comes to women’s fashion, and why should they? Only we modern ladies can understand the serious appeal of boyfriend jeans and overalls.

High Line


New York and a walk sunset on the High Line. Wearing a sequined striped dress and the new slipons from my shoeline, Chiara Ferragni.

New York ed una passeggiata al tramonto sull’High Line. Indossando un abitino a righe di paillettes e le nuove slipons della mia linea, Chiara Ferragni.


I was wearing:


Photos by Jeff Thibodeauco

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody
by AiB

Obsessed with you

August 20, 2014

Such Great Heights

Lose your Dreams and you will Lose your Mind


by MillaF

four eyes

Mickey & Snupped

Neon Green

Love Cats and David Bowie? You Need This Tee.

Model and artist Langley Fox teamed up with Wren to create this ridiculously adorable tee to support No Kill Los Angeles animal shelters. Aside from the fact that you need a Bowie-inspired kitty shirt, why not support a great cause? Our thoughts exactly!

Scroll down to shop the tee!

9 Amazing Transitional Coats You’ll Wear Year After Year

Fickle weather’s always tricky to deal with, which is why investing in a timeless coat is the key to taking your look from heat to sleet this year. We gathered nine completely classic outerwear options that are sure to become your go-tos for years to come. Now that’s a chic investment! 

blue jeans

orange is the new black

orange is the new black

Powder Blue

Head to Toe in Black

Back To School

Back To School

Back to School with H&M

Back to School with H&M

Splash of color


#WomanCrushWednesday: 9 Reasons We Think Amy Adams Is So Cool

When it comes to fashion It-girls, Amy Adams isn't always the first person who comes to mind. But we think she's an oft-overlooked diamond in the rough, for one reason in particular—she has a very easy, approachable personal style that somehow always looks effortlessly cool, but she can instantly change into an über-glam vixen at the drop of a hat.