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Nicole Richie’s Trick for Maximizing a Sleek Black Dress

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Off to Paris!

And we’re off to Paris!

A few things I’m thinking of packing and more on Pinterest!

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L’Amour part Deux

Red brick |

NYFW SS15: Day 1

PurseForum Roundup – September 19

PurseForum Roundup – September 19

Well, PurseForum Roundup readers, we have passed the mid-September mark and we’re definitely seeing some signs of autumn, both on the PurseForum and out in the wild. This week, we spent some quality time in Handbags and Purses, the Jewelry Box, Chanel and more. We’re glad you could join us, so come on along!

Outfit Accessories

We visited the Wardrobe this week and spent some time in one of our favorite threads on the PurseForum: the Lets Talk Fashion, Glamour, Styling thread for women of a certain age. We found stylin’ susieserb getting ready for a gathering in fine form.

Another favorite thread genre is the stylebook, and this summer bakeacookie got her stylebook “published” right here in this brilliant thread. Another conversation worth a look (or is it?) is the Totally Worth It, Totally Not Worth It thread, which makes for some very interesting reading.

Hermes Enamel Bracelets

In the Jewelry Box, the Ultimate Dream Piece of Jewelry thread was awakened from a long slumber, and wow, our PurseForum members really know how to dream! What’s on your jewelry wish list? We also had a lovely romp in the How Do You Store Your Jewelry thread and found a colorful collection of Hermès enamels from doreenjoy. 

Beaded Bracelet

We also visited the Trollbead Addiction thread; it’s always full of colorful and inspiring creations, including this pretty combination of glass beads and silver assembled by jeep317. There is so much going in the Jewelry Box and plenty of bling to go around!

Exotic Purple Bag

This week in Handbags and Purses, we caught up with the Bag Showcase subforum, where our members post their bag families for the enjoyment of a very, very appreciative audience. We noticed that lilyyy’s thread got a bump this week, thanks to the addition of a gorgeous jumbo Chanel Boy Bag. But the showstopper in her thread was from a while back; if you haven’t caught this fantastic Versace, here is your chance. World of B opened up her handbag closet recently, too, and it is absolutely stunning!

Mansur Gavriel Bags

Handbags and Purses is where we put everything that doesn’t fit in the rest of our bag designer subforums. It’s also where many of our designer forums get their start: Once a designer gains popularity–as evidenced by multiple threads in H&P–a dedicated subforum is not far behind. We have our eyes on Mansur Gavriel at the moment; are we seeing the stirrings of a future subforum? We found some great bags in the threads this week, including this pair of stunners from rdgly.

Don’t miss JetSetGo’s black bucket bag with a surprise interior, and FashBrat’s classic tote with another surprise inside (this time, glittering gold)!

Deadly Ponies Handbag

Also in Handbags and Purses, we wandered over to the Obscure Bags thread and found reckfly’s pretty bags from Deadly Ponies, a line that looks to have a lot of fans already!

Chanel Boy Wallet on Chain Bag

Chanel never disappoints, and this week we found the September purchases thread in full swing. This gold stingray Boy is certainly a teriffic find, and this new addition to drpn23′s collection was appreciated by everyone. Lsm_906 had a first Chanel buyer’s question about her bag, and dianar27rvi and luv2run41 each scored beautiful vintage bags that look as if they haven’t aged a day.


One thing we love about the PurseForum is the surprises, and we found a fabulous one in Home and Garden, where a lamp installation caught our attention. Check out the final product in clu13′s home! Another fun thread worth a visit is the Your Pet Now and Then, a new conversation just getting off the ground with plenty of cute furbabies to enjoy.

Thank you everyone for dropping by. We hope you have a great weekend and week ahead. We will be keeping our eyes on the PurseForum for you and be right back here next week for more reveals and conversations from our favorite fashion destination. See you soon!


Double Denim

Classic White Shirtdress.

Black & White 3 Ways

Black & WhiteBlack & WhiteBlack & White
Easy, simple, boom!

Here are three takes on black and white perfect for the warmer days of fall:

1. Leather mini, button up and killer boots.
2. White collared shirt layered under a black dress.
3. Cozy knit sweater, oragami mini and strappy heels.

Black & White   Black & White Black & White
Photos: Vanessa Jackman

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Green ruffles and Warsaw

Hi Bobby :)

Chilling out at the Park Güell

trendy look

Beading & Reflections

What the VOGUE

The Icons Party

During NYFW (which seems like forever ago but really wasn’t that long ago…)

We ventured to The Plaza Hotel for the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party. The party was in celebration of the shoot Carine Roitfeld did for the magazine, featuring basically everyone in fashion (okay, 30 people like Lauren Hutton, Cindy Crawford, Gigi Hadid and Brooke Shields…all wearing fishnets in someway…) and Lady Gaga was slated to perform a jazz set in honor of her new album with Tony Bennett. The dress code was black tie (I wore a jumpsuit, modern black tie, right?) and Erik looked pretty spiffy in a suit and tie. This is what happened (aka this is what I wrote in my phone throughout the night)…


8:30 PM: Erik and I arrive at The Plaza and join a line of true paparazzi celebrity photographers for check in. Each of them has brought with them their own stool. We missed the BYO stool memo but have our fingers crossed that it means we can still get some good red carpet photos. We feel a little bit like Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic…

9:00 PM: The red carpet arrivals being. The carpet is actually black. Erik takes his place in the photo pit and I’m in a line up with editors from all the weekly tabloids. They are all studying a printed out book of faces. The original Facebook?

9:08 PM: Lauren Hutton arrives wearing leggings. Leggings. My jumpsuit immediately feels a lot less modern. So now I feel like I don’t know anything about anything. Spend next few minutes thinking about how I wish I was wearing leggings…

9:10 PM: Interview Lauren Hutton (if I told you how much I was sweating you wouldn’t believe me). She tells me she still doesn’t really know what a modern icon is. Well Lauren, I think you’re one.

9:12 PM: Donatella hits the carpet. Shit gets crazy.

9:14PM: A lot of people I don’t know on the carpet. Socialites? Long lost Kardashian family members? I overhear someone say one of them has a single coming out if we want to talk with her. No one does.


9:20 PM: I’m trying to give Erik the heads up when someone cool is coming his way, so we start trying to communicate through sign language. Turns out Erik only knows enough to spell “Joe” as in Joe Jonas. Yeah, Joe Jonas is here.

9:36 PM: The star of the evening, Lady Gaga arrives and shares the carpet with Carine Roitfeld and Brooke Shields. Paparazzi wet dream (can I say wet dream?).

9:40 PM: The paparazzi scream so loud at these celebrities, you would think that someone had just killed a puppy. I’m talking bloodcurdling screams. I’m starting to get a little scared.


9:42 PM: Ah friends on the carpet! Aurélie, Laure and Laura Brown take a walk.


10:00 PM: I’ve determined that Karolína Kurková is too beautiful for words.

10:16 PM: Kendall (Jenner) arrives. She looks great. It’s not as big of a wet dream (sorry!) as I expected. I stepped on the train of her dress. It’s all okay. The end.

10:19 PM: Linda Evangelista. Get really excited when she comes over to talk to us. The girl next to me asks her a lot of questions about her birth plan. Really? Her birth plan?

10:28 PM: A small French bulldog appears on the carpet. I’m not sure who the owner is, but a girl asked me take her photo with it and now it’s just on my iPhone. So… TMZ you want it?

[I later find out that the dog belongs to Gaga. Celebrity dogs are the new celebrities??]


10:35 PM: Erik and I decide to head into the event, we’ve reached full red carpet capacity (and my feet are starting to hurt). Inside we get squeezed between Tyson Beckford and his girlfriend/wife/model/friend. We act annoyed (“Ugh excuse you, Tyson!”) but it was probably the best part of the night. Erik says his breath smells like peppermint and sex.

10:50 PM: We make our way to the stage to catch the performance by Lady Gaga. She’s doing a jazz set tonight in honor of her new album with Tony Bennett. We dance to the DJ and sneak out passed hors d’oeuvres (mini lobster rolls pass by, just out of reach).


11:30 PM: Gaga goes on and it's amazing. She's meant for jazz.

12:30 AM: We find Garance through the crowd and spend the next hour dancing our faces off. Can every fashion week start this way?

Iggy Azalea Greets Her London Fans with a Céline Bag

Iggy Azalea Greets Her London Fans with a Céline Bag

Here’s Iggy Azalea, signing autographs outside of BBC Radio 1 Studios in London with a white Céline Phantom Luggage Tote on her arm. Iggy was there with gal pal Rita Ora to do a little promo for her new single, “Black Widow,” on which Ms. Ora guests. Iggy obviously has a decent celeb stylist on call at this point in her career, but I have to say, few clothing items fill me with instant rage like that bizarre-o top she’s wearing here.

Iggy has added some very nice bags to her collection in recent months; for example, we saw her carrying a lovely Dior Addict Tote back in July. The Phantom Luggage Tote is a solid choice, even though Phantom Luggage Tote fever has cooled considerably in the last year, but I can’t help thinking that Céline can’t be the most Iggy-appropriate brands. I would expect her to spend her “Fancy” royalties on edgier bags from the likes of Alexander McQueen or Fendi, perhaps.

Just Cavalli S/S 15 Takes Hippie-Chic to Whole New Levels

If there's one phrase that adequately sums up Just Cavalli's S/S 15 collection, it's this: "Good vibrations and touches of romance charge the scene with energy ..."

5 Things You Should Never Do at the Nail Salon

Though the nail salon may offer a brief, relaxing respite from work and other stresses, many often forget the place has its own set of rules to adhere to. Whether you’re an infrequent guest or a weekly regular (ahem, no judgment from us), you may be surprised by some of the salon etiquette tips we recently learned from Jamie Ahn of Townhouse Spa & Acqua Beauty Bar in NYC.

Read on for her expert take on the five biggest nail salon no-nos.

How to Look Put-Together in a Sweater

Every year when it’s finally sweater weather, we notice numerous stylish ladies making the same mistake—that is, restricting their cozy knits to weekends and off-duty occasions. But a dress code shouldn’t come between you and your favorite sweaters, which are surprisingly easy to style for work and after-hours events. That’s why today we’re bringing you eight fashionable ways to get away with wearing a sweater anywhere from the office to a party! 

Shop the Best Street Style Looks From London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week has officially ended, which means we must say goodbye to another wonderful week filled with stunning runway shows and stylish, celebratory occasions. Aside from admiring the gorgeous outfits worn by runway models and the designers themselves, many of the best outfits came from our favorite fashion bloggers, editors, and otherwise insanely chic Instagrammers.

Tip of the Day: A New Way to Wear Pinstripes

Tip of the Day: Instead of reaching for a pinstripe blazer, try the signature print on a pencil skirt, and pair it with a sweater in a similar hue. Dress down the look with a shoulder bag and white sneakers for an unstudied finish.

17 Cool Denim Pieces That Aren’t Jeans

We’re oftentimes so focused on finding the perfect pair of jean that we neglect the fact that denim comes in many other stylish forms. Some of our recent favorites? A chambray clutch and a pair of on-trend denim culottes. Whether a Canadian tuxedo (a full denim-on-denim outfit) is your thing, or you prefer just a piece or two strategically mixed into your look, these non-jean items are sure to become wardrobe staples.

Freshen Your Feed: 11 New Instagram Accounts to Follow Now

In addition to our never-ending search for the newest street style outfits, runway trends, and fashion tips, our list of priorities also includes making sure your Instagram feed is chock-full of the best of the best. As such, we culled 11 new accounts for you to follow this month. 

Scroll down for 11 fresh Instagram accounts to follow, and be sure to tune in next month for a new batch!

End of Summer

pockets // pockets // pockets

Coat: Alexander Wang (also here). Boots: Tibi (also love these booties). Dress: Tibi. Sunglasses: Karen Walker 'Super Duper'.

pockets // pockets // pockets

Coat: Alexander Wang (also here). Boots: Tibi (also love these booties). Dress: Tibi. Sunglasses: Karen Walker 'Super Duper'.

When I switch lanes



The Del Val #32

We’re guessing everyone has their phones out to take pictures when they walk through this “floored” rainbow.

Wow, this whole thing is made of wood! It opened a few weeks ago and you have a few more weeks before it’s gone.

The two films we are most excited for at the upcoming 52nd New York Film Festival: Clouds of Sils Maria and Listen Up Philip.

If you’ve been in NYC within the last decade you’ve almost certainly been on the corner of Bowery and Spring. You may have walked by one of the greatest pieces of real estate in the whole city and not even known it. Hurry up because it probably won’t stay looking like that for much longer.

A cult-favorite film from almost 30 years ago gets a new book giving all the details about the making of it and all that went on behind the scenes.

If you like beer and design you’d be thrilled to see these on shelves. But of course it’s not meant to be as beer packaging design is almost always uninspired. Still, one can dream.

In preparation for next week’s annual NY Art Book Fair, where the coolest people in the city will all gather, take a look at this equally cool feature the fair’s organizer has started.

A weekly round up of the best links from Delphine & Wes Del Val.

By delphine and wes

The American Gentleman

The American Gentleman
by pupuren

Shop Rare, Gorgeous Bags from Hermès, Chanel and More in Christie’s Latest Luxury Accessories Auction

Shop Rare, Gorgeous Bags from Hermès, Chanel and More in Christie’s Latest Luxury Accessories Auction

There are few things I enjoy more than poring over the lots in a new auction. When you’re already well-acquainted with what’s available in stores, a well-curated group of rare bags and accessories, culled from the world’s best-stocked closets, is the best way to get the thrill of the new. Thankfully, that’s exactly what I found in the Christie’s Online Luxury Handbags and Accessories Auction, which just launched.

The auction includes some pieces that are extremely coveted by collectors, including a Birkin from Hermès’ incredibly popular, long-sold-out, limited edition So Black collection and a Chanel Flap Bag made in the image of ice cubes. The auction also includes both leather and exotic options from the fashion world’s finest brands, including plenty of Hermès Birkins and Kellys and diverse options from Céline, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and more.

The online-only auction runs from now through October 1, and all of the handbags and accessories are available for your viewing (and shopping) pleasure via Christie’s. Check out some of our favorite pieces from the auction below.

Hermès Limited Edition So Black Birkin in Black Box Leather
Bidding Starts at $14,700 via Christie’s

Hermes So Black Birkin

Hermès Special Order Bicolor Kelly Bag in Black Box Leather and Violet Crocodile
Bidding Starts at $6,600 via Christie’s

Hermes Special Order Bicolor Kelly Bag

Chanel Limited Edition Ice Cube Flap Bag
Bidding Starts at $3,300 via Christie’s

Chanel Limited Edition Ice Cube Flap Bag

Hermès Collier de Chein Bracelet
Bidding Starts at $1,200 via Christie’s

Hermes Collier de Chein Bracelet

Hermès Birkin in Fuchsia Ostrich
Bidding Starts at $14,700 via Christie’s

Hermes Fuchsia Ostrich Birkin

Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag in Crocodile
Bidding Starts at $8,200 via Christie’s

Christian Dior Crocodile Lady Dior bag

Hermès Birkin in Gold Leather
Bidding Starts at $6,200 via Christie’s

Hermes Gold Leather Birkin

Hermès Kelly Cut Clutch in Rose Tyrien Epsom Leather
Bidding Starts at $4,600 via Christie’s

Hermes Kelly Cut Clutch Rose Tyrien

Hermès Kelly Picnic Bag
Bidding Starts at $32,604 via Christie’s

Hermes Kelly Picnic Bag

Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Caviar Leather
Bidding Starts at $2,300 via Christie’s

Chanel Classic Flap Bag Sky Blue

Hermès Birkin in Gris Fonce Lizard
Bidding Starts at $22,900 via Christie’s

Hermes Lizard Birkin Bag

Hermès Birkin in Black Matte Crocodile
Bidding Starts at $32,600 via Christie’s

Hermes Matte Crocodile Birkin

Céline Nano Luggage Tote in Leather and Pony
Bidding Starts at $2,000 via Christie’s

Celine Nano Luggage Tote

Hermès Kelly Bag in Turquoise Togo Leather
Bidding Starts at $9,800 via Christie’s

Hermes Togo Turquoise Kelly Bag

Hermès Birkin in Violine Ostrich
Bidding Starts at $14,700 via Christie’s

Hermes Violine Ostrich Birkin

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Suede and Swarovski Strass Theda Bag
Bidding Starts at $4,600 via Christie’s

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Suede Swarovski Strass Theda Bag 34-15

Never Mind

There’s This Tune I Found That Makes Me Think Of You Somehow

There's This Tune I Found That Makes Me Think Of You Somehow
by AgataP

There’s This Tune I Found That Makes Me Think Of You Somehow

There's This Tune I Found That Makes Me Think Of You Somehow
by AgataP

Cruisin’ in Floral Jumpsuit

Lemon Fresh


Pink Friday

Pink Friday






Next week we will be launching the THP Essentials Collection: a roster of versatile high-low casuals that I wear all the time and are essential to my closet. And yes that bra I’ve worn a few times on Instagram–the Cara will finally launch among a few other cool new things! Campaign goes live this Sunday at midnight!

Meanwhile, check out our newly revamped shop HERE

Teddy-Bear Wear

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetWearing: Ganni Coat | Zara Pants | Vince Turtleneck

The chilly weather is sneaking up on us – and let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to wrap themselves in a teddy-bear. Camel (if you can even call it a real color) has become my favorite hue this year, especially when worn in a monochromatic way. For the sake of this post, let’s also talk about sweatpants. Zara has (as per usual) released an assortment of acceptable sweatpants for the streets, and I’ve done my research to find others for you too. Shop this ridiculously comfortable look below:

Street Sweats:

Shot by Jeff Thibodeau

You Have Six Months to Fortify Your Wallet Against Fendi’s Spring 2015 Runway Bags

You Have Six Months to Fortify Your Wallet Against Fendi’s Spring 2015 Runway Bags

In journalism school, my favorite professor once told me that reviewing something you love is much more difficult than reviewing something you hate, which means I’ve got my work cut out for me when it comes to Fendi’s Spring 2015 bags. After scoping out the dozens (literally) of bags and small leather goods that models toted down the brand’s runway, I’ve become convinced that Karl Lagerfeld loves me and wants me to be happy. The bags are that beautiful.

Fendi’s made a habit in recent seasons of pushing the fashion conversation forward when it comes to construction and textiles, and this collection does that while maintaining a pale, feminine, decidedly spring-like aesthetic. The collection largely avoids launching entirely new bags; instead, Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi went about reimagining and embellishing fan favorites like the Peekaboo, Baguette, 3Jours and By The Way.

The brand’s huge successful small accessories were also all over the place, including Bag Bugs in new colors and a new, miniaturized Karlito, ripe for wait lists. Many of the bags were also adorned with teeny-tiny versions of other Fendi bags; after all, who doesn’t want to hang a little Baguette or Peekaboo on her 3Jours? Check out all the bags (and the bags on bags) below.

[Photos via Vogue UK]

Night lights

copertina blackProducts Selection:black1Topshop Strap Lace Bralet
Topshop Embellished Braletblack2
YSL Black Opium Perfumeblack3Donna Karan wide leg trousers
Black high-waisted shorts (similar here)black4Topshop Dressblack5Montblanc  watch
Redken Wind Blown 05black6Stella McCartney Britt shoes

Graphics by Carolina Cerutti

London | Edition

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetLondon fashion week is a usual for me every season, as is staying at the Edition Hotel. The London Edition felt like home this week, from friends to food it was everything I expected and more. You can check out more of my London travel guide herelondon