Pieces of Eight

>> Morning Possums!  Oh wait, it’s morning here in Hong Kong, late into the night back in London and sort of late morning time in Aussie land, where possums – both the animal and affectionately called human beings – might be found.  There is a reason why I’m confuzzling you all on Instagram (ooops… how ru-ude of me to assume actually that you lot follow me on Instagram) with my jaunty travels from Sydney to Tokyo and now to Hong Kong.  The reason being is that I’m gathering pics and words galore for my upcoming book.  Yes, I’m writing a book.  Has it been formally announced?  I don’t think so… does it require a formal announcement?  Probably not.  And for good reason too seeing as I haven’t quite formulated the right words (or media blurb) to describe this thing that I’m penning.

In the meantime, I’ll be backtracking a little on the blog.  Real time, from-the-locale real blogging will be on hold for a while.  Back in Sydney just as MBFWA was coming to a close, I paid a visit to Little Hero’s PR showroom and was greeted with a table of colourful magpie-attracting lushness.  Lushness that hails from different corners of Australia by way of Melbourne, as compiled by Pieces of Eight – a jewellery collective that represents, showcases and gives workspace to mainly Australian jewellery designers and artists.  I visited their workshop site in the Fitzroy area of Melbourne a couple of years ago where Lucy Folk is based.  They have a more centrally based gallery, where their large scale installations and exhibitions can really flourish.   If Melbourne is a touch too far and remote for what I’d imagine would be the majority of you guys, then Edition X, Pieces of Eight’s online e-commerce and showroom arm will be worth a  click.

It’s where you can purchase similar if not the exact pieces that I ogled at in the showroom.  Like Melbourne-based Hamish Munro and his obsession with rubber balloons – scrunched up and compressed into bangles and rope necklaces or wrapped up in interlinking rainbow chains.  Or Renee Damiani from Adelaide and her use of plastic friendship bracelet lace and squeegy balls clustered into cartoonish formations.   You might be familiar with artist Kate Rohde‘s psychedelic coloured resin world, as she has previously collaborated with Romance was Born on their Dinosaur Renaissance collection (incidentally the first ever RWB show I saw).  That prompted Rohde to create more accessible jewellery pieces.  Self-described as “the natural history museum on acid”, Rohde’s work definitely adds impressive scale to Pieces of Eight’s roster.  Last but not least are Sophie Stone‘s beaded beings, which go bump in the night.  All of which of course made me wish I had added in a few days in Melbourne to revisit the left field side of Australian fashion that I tend to gravitate towards.  Just couldn’t really wreck the schedule for that thing I can’t quite articulate yet.


Hamish Munro:







Renee Damiani:






Kate Rohde:






Sophie Stone:



Flower Cut Out

Happy Easter From Us to You

Happy Easter From Us to You

We hope all of you that celebrate Easter had an blessed Easter and those who are celebrate Passover continue to have a happy Passover!

21 Kids Who Dress Better Than You

We’ve rounded up the best looks from kiddie fashion blogs (yes, those exist) and assembled a panel of expert Who What Wear editors consisting of Danielle Nussbaum (DN), Nicole Kliest (NK), Jessica Baker (JB), Evelyn Crowley (EC), and Laurie Trott (LT) to determine what makes each one tick. Read on for style tips from the pee-wee set.


Jacket: ASOS, last seen here. Denim: Current/Elliott. Shoes: Tibi. Bags: Mansur Gavriel, vintage Chanel. Sweatshirt: Madewell, last seen here. Lips: Stila 'Corina'. Sunglasses: Karen Walker 'Harvest'. Hat: Eric Javits.  


Jacket: ASOS, last seen here. Denim: Current/Elliott. Shoes: Tibi. Bags: Mansur Gavriel, vintage Chanel. Sweatshirt: Madewell, last seen here. Lips: Stila 'Corina'. Sunglasses: Karen Walker 'Harvest'. Hat: Eric Javits.  

Yoyogi Park 代々木公園•花見

Yoyogi Park 代々木公園•花見

Black and white

Blue Moon

Festival Free

1 coachella day 3 3 coachella day 34 coachella day 32 coachella day 3Wearing: Spell & the Gypsy Romper | Vic Matie Booties | Vanessa Mooney Necklace | Maje Scarf

Just wanted to share these beautiful photos taken at Coachella by my awesome friend, and also one Vogue’s street style photogs – Leslie Kirchhoff - Happy Easter Sunday!

Hey Honey , take a Walk on the Wide side.

Hey Honey , take a Walk on the Wide side.
by Coconut

Explicit Content

Explicit Content

mirrored water

APril 19, 2014. Night.

Bomber sweater-jacket

Paper Dolls dress

Bottom Up!

The Sweet Spot

Late Autumn Look

Live & Let Go

b l u e a l b i n o

Karolina Kurkova's Sporty-Chic City Look

Adidas Flocked Windbreaker Jacket ($110)

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Pink Hues in Boracay

Blueberry Afternoon

A touch of red

In the Garden

Black Paw


Kimono & Leather Shorts

Big Dream Big Heart

Big Dream Big Heart

Post Holiday Knit

White dress

April 19, 2014




Be your love


by 2piezas

We’re Insane But Not Alone

We're Insane But Not Alone
by AgataP



by mayo_wo

The perfect ombre dress

The perfect ombre dress
by GenieSL

Long gone day



Cashmere turtleneck from Weekday Collection, shirt from Club Monaco, coat from Filippa K, loafers from Tod’s, jeans from Gina Tricot, sunnies from Ray Ban and bag from Nina Ricci (this new baby of mine is a favourite).


So, today I’ll be leaving the big apple to go and work for a campaign shoot just outside of New York but I’ll be back again in a couple of days! Yesterday I had a day off with my bestie and this is what I wore, super comfy!

The Graphic Tee