Tip Of The Day: A Smart Way To Wear A Cover-Up All Weekend Long

Don a simple tube top underneath a printed kaftan. Add flatforms for height, and you'll be instantly ready for a chic beach getaway!

Victoria Beckham Once Gave Kate Middleton A Pair Of Louboutins

1. Talk about a friendly gift: Victoria Beckham once gifted Kate Middleton a pair of Christian Louboutins. [InStyle]

PurseForum Roundup – July 25

PurseForum Roundup – July 25

Who’s excited? It’s time for another PurseForum Roundup, our last of July. Summer continues to be sunny and fashionable on the PurseForum, and we are excited to bring you the latest selection of conversations and terrific bags. This week, we stopped in Christian Loubooutin for a much-needed fix of hot shoes, and then dropped into Dior, where we found even more shoes (and bags). We also checked into the Jewelry Box, and we finished off with a rapid fire roundup of reveals. Come on along!

Multifaceted Ring

In The Jewelry Box, a couple of older threads got a “bump” up to the front page. A visit to the Van Cleef and Arpels Family Portrait thread led us to this eyepopping collection update from einseine, assembled with the help of her VCA PurseForum team! The Cocktail Rings thread, home of this marvelous topaz shared by ms piggy, had quite a few dreamy new additions – and if you love sapphires, you will love emem2′s fabulous new find and skyqueen’s beautiful new Ceylon sapphire.

Jade Rings

We also paid a visit to our jade threads, which Roundup readers may remember are among the most popular and fast-moving conversations on the entire PurseForum! The first jade-in-action shots have appeared in the brand new Jade: Stone of Heaven – Jade in Action thread, and our very active Jade sharing and chat thread has lots of new photos and conversation. Last but certainly not least, we found this interesting shot in the Jade Reference thread, a photo-only thread with something for everyone!

Dior Pumps

July has been busy in Dior, and we found not one but two shoe reveals this month – RK4265 shared this wonderful pair of runway heels (happy belated birthday, by the way), and DaosaBao wowed the crowd with her new black pantent stilettos, a sure-to-be wardrobe staple well worth the hunt. Just when we thought we had gotten over those beauties, we found another Daosabao reveal – this time with a touch of rose!

Dior Miss Dior Bag

On our way out, we caught another reveal of three gorgeous bags, including this elegant Miss Dior in brilliant coquelicot.

Christian Louboutin Collage

It goes without saying that our members love fashion, and fortunately for us, they also love to share. We paid a visit to Christian Loubooutin this week and dropped by Nolia’s Collection thread, where we found this pretty collage right along with some fabulous shoes and action shots. DariaD showed off a great pair of spiked sandals, which, although a tad menacing, are also absolutely adorable! 

Christian Louboutin has entered the Nail Polish market, and our members lost no time in discussing this latest development. Also, So Kate fans will love this pair of sleek black patent 120mms our member itsjustabag scored this month, what a shoe! And (another) belated happy birthday from us to you, itsjustabag! Fans of stunning shoes will not want to miss this reveal of the Impera, a fierce and fabulous holy grail indeed, from laurenychu. If you are thinking about a new pair of CLs, why not visit the Sale thread to check for bargains at your favorite store?

Goyard Tote

We did a quick swoop around the forum to find some fabulous reveals for you, because we know you love them as much as we do. We haven’t visited Goyard for a while, and somehow missed late.in.da.games new Sac le Chat. Lilpinkbunnies revealed the colorful personalization on her Saint Louis – if you are thinking one of these totes is in your future, you can find member feedback on this popular tote right here.

Alexander Wang Rocco Studs

Second stop on our reveal swoop, Alexander Wang, where the new mesh material is a big hit. Chloehollywood, hollywoodbadgirl, and Addy all revealed mesh bags this month, and we love this lightweight and sporty alternative to these bags’ deliciously smooshy leathers. We will be spending more time in Alexander Wang soon, to be sure!

Tod's Bag

We don’t often visit our Tod’s subforum, something we remedied this week with a quick visit on our reveal tour. We found this absolutely luscious reveal from Hogancollector – the D.D. Media bag in a scrumptious orange sherbet that almost immediately got a cream companion! YUM! If you are not familiar with this brand, we have a Celebrities and Tod’s thread that will give you a sampling of the classic styling from this design house.

Juicy Couture Burger Charm

Juicy Couture has hit some rough patches lately, but the news isn’t all bad, apparently. Thankfully, the charms go on, and the JC Charms thread has stayed busy. So today, we close with this staple of the summer barbecue, a teeny weeny hamburger from our own tatertot!

That finishes up our July series of Roundups, and we certainly have enjoyed spending the month with you. We hope you have a happy summer weekend and week ahead, and will be right here in August (!!!) for more bags, conversations, shoes and more! Thank you for stopping by!

Lust Over This Modern Barcelona Apartment

Modern Barcelona ApartmentModern Barcelona ApartmentModern Barcelona ApartmentModern Barcelona Apartment
How STUNNING is this modern apartment in Barcelona? The marble, the herringbone floors, the brass accessories, the minimal yet punchy decor…..ahhhh I’m in love!

Modern Barcelona Apartment Modern Barcelona Apartment  Modern Barcelona Apartment Modern Barcelona Apartment Modern Barcelona Apartment    Modern Barcelona Apartment
Photos: Etc.

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The Amazing, Wacky Moschino iPhone Cases

The Amazing, Wacky Moschino iPhone Cases

We’ve all seen plenty of talk of Moschino’s McDonald’s-inspired line, and then came the Jacket Bags, but Moschino’s long been making cartoonishly cute tech cases.

Moschino’s quirky items may leave you feeling annoyed or intrigued, depending on your taste, and the wackiest items typically attract the most polarizing opinions. While buying one of the brand’s bags is much more of a commitment, I’m pretty much in love with the many crazy iPhone cases that Moschino makes as a more attainable alternative.

Many of you have seen the teddy bear cases, which comes in a ton of colors, but there’s also so much more. From a cow that’s seemingly taken a tumble, to a Prince Charming frog, to the much-hyped McDonald’s fries box, you must check out some of the best iPhone cases Moschino has on the market right now.

9 Reasons We’re Obsessed With Chrissy Teigen’s Style

The term “girl crush” is so overused, it’s silly, but every now and then, someone who truly deserves the title emerges. Chrissy Teigen—the model and Sports Illustrated cover girl, host of MTV’s new food show, Snack Off, and hilarious writer of recipes via SoDelushious.com—definitely deserves the title. In addition to being a social media genius (her wickedly funny tweets and extravagant meals are definitely worth checking out), Teigen’s personal style is totally on-point. In fact, the 28-year-old has stepped out in nine really strong looks recently, all of which are worth nothing.

How To Wear Tie-Dye Like A Fashion Insider

Wearing tie-dye outside of a music festival may sound like a fashion faux pas waiting to happen, but thanks to a few key designers and fashion insiders, it doesn’t have to be. We rounded up seven spot-on ways to wear tie-dye, and curated some of our favorite pieces to shop, all for you!

Blue denim

Blue denim
by cecilej

Liens by Chaumet

Liens by Chaumet IMG_6874

There are only a few things that makes people see you in a specific way and those details are the ones that truly make you special. But only you are in charge of choosing which pieces will add the defining everyday touch, and that’s why when I chose myclothes and accessories I’m very careful, I know that in the future my family will inherit these pieces that have lived with me during my adventures, like my parents have done with me. Since discovering Liens by Chaumet I’ve realised it is a unique classic piece that could have easily been worn by my mom and her mom in past generations and it will stay in the family to be passed on mine too. This is a truly symbolic piece that’s arrived to stay for a long time ! Welcome to the family ;). I’m wearing top and trousers by Mango Premium, Zubi bag and Liens by Chaumet with diamonds in black leather.

IMG_6878 IMG_6899 IMG_6883 IMG_6867 080MANGO-00135 copia-2

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Perfect Travel Gear: Tumi Tegra-Lite Luggage

Perfect Travel Gear: Tumi Tegra-Lite Luggage

We don’t cover travel gear often enough on PurseBlog, and that needs to be rectified. If you follow us on Instagram, you know our team travels frequently, and we love to show the bags we are carrying and what we see when we travel. However, I rarely show my travel gear, aside from my carry-on bag, but today I want to show you the luggage Vlad and I swear by.

As much as I love luxury brands, I don’t turn to them for my travel gear. Of course Louis Vuitton makes suitcases that many bag aficionados adore, but I prefer to have items from a brand that I know specializes in sturdy, functional luggage, but with a stylish twist here and there.

Tumi Tegra Lite (2)

For the past year, the only suitcase that works for me is from the Tumi Tegra-Lite line. I have the Tegra-Lite Extended Trip Packing Case, and Vlad and I both have the carry-ons as well. It’s harder to be in love with your luggage than your handbags, but I can tell you that I am in love with mine.

The Tumi Tegra-Lite line is incredibly durable while remaining lightweight, as the name suggests. You can choose from a variety of colors, but I love the silver (Tegris) that I picked for my large luggage and Vlad added a little color with his orange carry-on. I love these suitcases because they just work so well and while they fit everything and anything I’d like them to, they aren’t too heavy or bulky like many others.

Tumi Tegra Lite (3)

After using Tumi Tegra-Lite for over a year, I’d highly recommend it. Shop the line at Nordstrom for $445-$895.

Rock Chic

behati prinsloo behati prinsloo behati prinsloo
Victoria’s Secret model, Behati Prinsloo, rocks pre-fall luxe ’70s looks and dishes on her modeling career for Net-A-Porter’s The Edit.

“I was so NERVOUS [before my FIRST Victoria’s Secret show]. All the GIRLS are doing squats BACKSTAGE”

You can shop this entire lookbook here including that perfect J. Crew denim button up.

behati prinsloo behati prinsloo behati prinsloo behati prinsloo behati prinsloo behati prinslooFH_TheEdit_July14_2
Photos: Visual Optimism

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The Del Val #25

Get to know a bit about Mr Concept himself, Andy Spade. What he can do with a kernel of an idea…

Hmmm, where should you go these last weeks of summer?

You’ll recognize this beautiful piece of music by Erik Satie, and will probably never hear it played sooo slowly.

Your life has just been made 46 ways easier, seriously some of these are amazing.

The New Yorker. The best English-language magazine in the world. Everything published since 2007. Free. Start here.

You may not know the name Chuck Jones, but you surely know his cartoon work.

What’s better, the food or the decor? A dining experience your eyes are certain not to forget.

Because we still like the pink, the title, and the approach: BUTT and Rick Owens from 2011.

A weekly round up of the best links from Delphine & Wes Del Val.

By delphine and wes

a day with paris

a day with paris
by mayo_wo

Wrap Skirt

2 wrap-skirt-weworewhat Wearing: This is Veda Top | Reformation Skirt

I’ve been one to wear skirts, but have figured out a way to make them fit my style while keeping it casual. The key to this look, sandals, or in my case this Summer, Birkenstocks. Shop more wrap skirts below:

Shot by Jeff Thibodeau

brooklyn baby.

The Best Bags Deals for the Weekend of July 25

The Best Bags Deals for the Weekend of July 25

Another Friday, another round of bags deals, and today, we’ve found some awesome bright bags that you’ll love carrying for the rest of the summer. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of warm weather left!

Sunset on the Island

Sunset on the Island
by gvozd

Comfy Bohemian ft. Sunglass Warehouse

Back to black

Back to black
by Chaba

The Summer Shirt

Say hello to my summer bff, the white shirt.

Or white tunic, or anything that’s white, lightweight and covering at the same time. It’s perfect because it breathes, protects from the sun and above all is super sensual.

I love!


PS. Caroline‘s shirt is from Creatures of Comfort!

Fourth of July

Lea Michele Hangs Out in NYC with a Givenchy Bag

Lea Michele Hangs Out in NYC with a Givenchy Bag

Here’s Lea Michele, out and about in NYC with her new boyfriend (who seems quite the gentleman), carrying a lovely leather Givenchy Nightingale Bag. You can find a shiny lambskin version of the Nightingale for $2,040 at Barneys. Lea’s quite a fan of Givenchy bags – we saw her with a Givenchy Mini Pandora Bag last year. (I suspect her Givenchy collection doesn’t end there.)

The Nightingale may not be quite as beloved by celebs as the Antigona is right now, but it’s certainly a style with staying power. (Megs first waxed poetic about the Nightingale way back in 2007!) If you love Givenchy as much as Lea Michele, you should check out our recent profile of all the celebrities who love and carry the Antigona.

Mini Skirt+ Halter+Studded Heels

Bye Bye Boys


Leather wrap skirt

Mixed prints



The first look from the Miu Miu resort collection worn by the very stunning mica Arganaraz is most definitely on my mind, seeing her walk down the stairs to the runway is a wow-moment, view below. Need to get myself a pair of shoes from this collection..


The mermaid’s call

25 Signs You Should Be A Fashion Blogger

There’s no doubt that living the fashion blogger lifestyle is definitely an intriguing idea—who wouldn’t want to be in beautiful photos, get gifted with amazing designer swag, and go on luxurious vacations? But just because the highlight reel looks great, doesn’t mean you inherently have what it takes to be successful blogger.



Converse, vintage denim shorts, striped tshirt and maxi bag.. Anything else? Yes, those awesome Celine glasses.

Converse, shorts vintage in denim, tshirt a righe e maxi borsa… Serve altro? Si, questi fantastici occhiali di Celine.

_MG_6443 copia
_MG_6491 copia
_MG_6453 copia
_MG_6442 copia-EXAMPLE
_MG_6467 copia
_MG_6512 copia
_MG_6447 copia
_MG_6471 copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

Help I’m Alive

white + gold


Disney34 Disney38 DisneyDisney36 Disney12 Disney14 Disney16 Disney18 Disney15 Disney17 Disney28 Disney5 Disney23 Disney25 Disney24 Disney10 Disney11 Disney32 Disney2 Disney6 Disney3 Disney9 Disney8 Disney7 Disney20 Disney26 Disney27 Disney19 Disney30 Disney21 Disney33 Disney35 Disney37

Disneyland will forever be the happiest place on earth…

andy signature


Olivia Palermo’s Bright Orange Vest—Do You Love The Look?

Westward \\ Leaning Primrose Sunglasses ($210)

Must-Have: The Prettiest Lingerie Set

Floral print has never looked so good.

Forget Facials—Try Stacking Instead

The concept of layering—or what some call “stacking”—your skincare isn’t new. After all, we’re technically stacking products every time we cleanse, tone, and moisturize (and exfoliate, and prime, and powder…). We consider Korean women, for example, as the ultimate masters at skincare stacking—just take a look at their 10-step skincare system for proof. But stacking your facial treatments, however, is a different story.

We spoke with Kerry Benjamin, esthetician and creator of her eponymous spa’s signature Stacked Skincare™ treatment, and asked her the benefits of doubling (or tripling) up your skin treatments.

Keep flipping to find out what exactly skincare stacking is and if it can change your skin!

How To Get Blake Lively’s Covetable Style

It’s no secret that Blake Lively has killer style. She stunned at the Cannes Film Festival this past May, is on the cover of Vogue’s August issue, and has just launched her own lifestyle website, Preserve. Whether rocking an Old Hollywood glamour look on the red carpet or strolling through the city in casual-chic ensembles, we find ourselves consistently envious of Lively’s fantastic personal style, and yearning to replicate her swoon-worthy looks for ourselves.

Meet The Models With Next-Level Selfie Game

This week on Instagram, tons of celebrities and trendsetters filled our news feed, but it was the models who caught our eye! They have upped their selfie game to a whole nother level, and we're here to show you what you missed. From the über-popular top models to some rising stars you may not have heard of, we're bringing you the best of the week!

Sleek Slate

thpshopcuffssweaterskirttherowbackpackI’ll be kicking up my heels in about a couple weeks for a month of travel. When you are mobile like me, you learn quickly what is important. Number one: comfort. Number two: looking good, because hey, no excuses right? And yes, you can have both. What I look for are breathable cottons, big bags (with easy access), and a great pair of sneakers. Here I’ve included what would be an ideal outfit: sleek, monochromatic, and above all EASY.

You’ll notice the Cuffs, Rings and Skirt are all from THPSHOP.CO, click through to see the rest!

Helmut Lang Leather Top

The Row Backpack

THPSHOP.co Bound Cuffs

Ray-Ban Wayfarer

THPSHOP.co Silver Ring Set

Windsor Smith Sneaker

THPSHOP.co Sweater Skirt

Kiki De Montparnasse Bra



Hues of Blue

Mess Is Mine

Cross Your Fingers

Dark Harvest

Angel’s love


Must-Have: Sexy & Sophisticated Going-Out Top

By Malene Birger is our secret source for the best camisoles.

Blue & Blue

You Make Me Blush.

John Street: Boho