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Shoes: Elyse Walker. Jeans: JBrand (on sale)
Jumpsuit: DVF c/o. Cape: Old (similar here). Full Post Here.
Quick Work Trip to Milan
Dress: HM. Shoes: Valentino.  Stripe Dress: Bardot. Hat: Eric Javits. Sunglasses: Karen Walker 'Super Duper'. Bag: Vintage Chanel.
Launch of the Tory Burch Book, 'Tory Burch In Color'.


Black rider


Kit Lee

Kit Lee

Kit Lee

Kit Lee

Kit Lee

Kit Lee

Brrrrrrrr, it’s getting cold!  I’ve been napping a lot lately like a lazy coach-potato cat I’ve been working hard from photography assignments and all that travelling.   Lately, I’ve been experiencing some bad luck which normally happen every autumn, until recently, my Old Lady (I called my old Macbook Pro 15″ Old Lady) died on me again which was partly my fault for storing 750GB worth of media files on to desktop which wrecked the hard drive, flight cancellation and missing a flight on a recent press trip.  And a few days ago I slipped and fell hard on a marble floor in the porch whilst clutching my laptop, never mind the bruises I was glad the Old Lady was safe and sound.

As part of the Biker Portraits project, I was asked by All Saints what was the best gig I ever saw, it was Stromae.  I first discovered the singer when he performed at Festival Mawazine in Rabat this summer, I didn’t know what to expect as I never heard of him before and he’s very very popular in European music scenes.  Stromae, a singer and song writer from Belgian, unknown to me, his hip hop and electronic music genres sums up my love for electronic and post-modern 80s influence, the song Tous les Memes has been stuck in my head for many days after watching his high energy performance, and I managed to download his album, although the tracks were sung in French, I didn’t care it was too good!

Wardrobe: Silk blouse – courtesy of Stills Atelier, biker leather jacket – courtesy of All Saints, skinny jeans from Topshop, bag and boots from Jimmy Choo.  Ring from V Jewellery (nicked from my sister Isabella), and watch from Olivia Burton – courtesy of Twisted Time.

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FACES by The Sartorialist

I’m so excited to see the great collection of shots we’ve been able to capture for Faces by The Sartorialist! Click here to see more shots for FACES by The Sartorialist

9 Items That Were Once a Trend But Now a Wardrobe Staple

There are certain trends that, in hindsight, could be blamed on temporary insanity, like fanny packs, trucker hats, and the list goes on. On the flipside, however, there are also trends that, thanks to their versatility, have evolved into classics. It’s amusing to think that skinny jeans were once a trend, or that crop tops were once treated as a passing fad, right? Keep reading for more items that have transitioned from of-the-moment to can’t-live-without pieces. 

Tip of the Day: Transition Your Denim Jacket to Fall

Tip of the Day: Prolong the life of your denim jacket and layer it over a vest and midi skirt. Accessorize with ankle socks and lace-up oxfords for a schoolgirl-inspired finish.

The Secret to Looking Polished? Put a Blazer on It!

Pixie Market Bossy Blazer Coat ($179)

out of the pink

out of the pink
by mayo_wo

w a s e r

Oil Slick

>> From the time when my second sister and I were born to when we were ten (basically about the time when we stopped looking cute and started to creep into awkward tween/teen territory), my two aunties in Hong Kong would send us lots of matching frocks in different colourways because fanciful childrens clothes in Hong Kong would be cheaper and more OTT decorative.  There was the tulle cupcake dress in pink and yellow (Lou would wear pink, I’d wear the yellow).  There were the red and green kilt pinafores with frilly blouses.  Then there was the “sophisticated” long sleeved black dropped waisted dress with a tiered lamé mini skirt.  They were bought when we were still too young to be wearing anything black or shiny.  They were intended for when we were old enough to handle metallics.  That didn’t stop us from going into the “spesh” wardrobe to touch them up.  One was gold flecked with black and the other was iridescent oil slick.  No prizes for guessing which one was the one my sister and I fought over.  Finally when the time came, I was allowed to wear the iridescent lamé dress to a primary school disco where the skirt shimmied and twisted its way to a soundtrack of Kris Kross and New Kids on the Block.  

The rainbow oil slick hues of that tiered lame number was exactly what I had in mind when I bought into Julien David’s pre fall 2014 foil netted awesomeness.  It’s why I went for the iridescent foil option when I tried out “modern manicure studio” (no it’s apparently not a nail salon) Paintbox in New York last week, as it was two doors down from the Mondrian, where I was staying.  As you can see from these pics taken today, they’re growing out already.  Damn my speedy keratin cells.   Any item of clothing or accessory featuring this iridescent rainbow oil slick surface is basically my easy peasy way of wearing what is essentially every colour under the sun depending on what light you stand in.  I’m already contemplating the matching skirt to go with the Julien David top.  Or I can dangerously click through to Julien David’s website, where he’s selling three different colour ways of both the foil net top and skirt and take advantage of what is currently a good Japanese Yen conversion rate (Julien David’s production is all done in Japan, despite him being based in London now) and also the fact that all prices include shipping and tax costs.  Ooops.  In the time it took me to type out that sentence, I just checked out my shopping basket with the skirt.  That’s how much I love thee, you sheeny shiny oily slippery foily thing.

IMG_9593Louis Vuitton L’Invitation au Voyage mask and Julien David foil top





IMG_9568“Urban Jungle” iridescent foil gel nail by Paintbox on 17 Crosby Street, New York NY 10013









12Julien David pre-fall 2014 collection – foil net tops and skirts in three colourways (iridescent on white netting, iridescent on black netting, pink on white netting) available on Julien David website

Seoul Fashion Week Day 1

Sarah Jessica Parker Is Branching Off Into Bridal Shoes!

1. Sarah Jessica Parker is teaming up with Zappos to offer bridal silhouettes and colors of her SJP shoe collection! [Yahoo! Style]

4 Bold Lip Beauty Looks From Georgia May Jagger's Elle France Spread

Hello, beauty inspiration! Georgia May Jagger shows off her now iconic pout in bright red, fuchsia, burgundy and bubblegum pink lipsticks for Elle France. What is it about a bold lip that makes us so happy? Scroll through to see the stunning spread and out lipstick picks for getting the look...

Would You or Wouldn’t You: Taylor Swift’s Knee-High Socks

On Taylor:

Manlul 44: Katz’s, Favorite Deli!

miguel_carrizo_nyc_katzs_tommy_hilfiger_fashion_week_ manlul_katzs_delicatessen_nyc_ miguel_carrizo_nyc_tommy_hilfiger_katzs_men_style_ manlul_katzs_nyc_deli_ IMG_8938 _miguel_carrizo_katzs_nyc_ manlul_shoes_tommy_hilfiger_ _miguel_carrizo_NYC_tommy_hilfiger_kats_deli_ manlul_tommy_hilfiger_nyc_ miguel_carrizo_manlul_nyc_
Pics by @felixcarrizo

While in  was in NYC during Fashion Week in September I got to visited some of  Tommy Hilfiger‘s favorite places in the city. One of those places was Katz’s, the famous Manhattan deli which has became a city icon over the years. You won’t find a a better (or bigger!) pastrami sandwich anywhere than at Katz’s.  Established in 1888, Katz’s Delicatessen has maintained the tradition and the quality of it sandwiches and remained intact after surviving three depressions, numerous recessions, and two wars. It’s one of the coolest places I’ve been to in the Lower East Side: the space it’s really special and charming, even though you would expect a place recommended  to be touristic, at Katz’s you can actually breath authenticity in every corner, from the food, to the furniture to every member of the welcoming staff. I had the chance to chat with many of the guys working here. Some of them have been working for decades and defenetly have lots amazing stories to tell.
I’m wearing a Tommy Hilfiger total look.

Durante la NYC Fashion Week de septiembre tuve la oportunidad de visitar algunos de los sitios preferidos de Tommy Hilfiger en la ciudad. Uno de esos sitios es Katz’s, un famoso Deli de Manhattan que a lo largo de los años se ha convertido en un icono de la ciudad. No encontrarás sandwich mejor (ni más grande!) en ningún sitio. Inaugurado en 1888, el Delicatessen Katz’s ha mantenido la tradición y la calidad de sus sandwiches y ha permanecido intacta después de haber sobrevivido a tres depresiones, numerosas recesiones y dos guerras. Es uno de los lugares más chulos en los que he estado del Lower East Side: el espacio es muy especial y acogedor sin el ambiente turístico que podrías esperar de un sitio tan conocido. En Katz’s puedes realmente sentir la autenticidad en cada esquina, desde la comida, los muebles a cada miembro del equipo. Tuve la oportunidad de hablar con los trabajadores. Alguno de ellos lleva trabajando décadas allí y definitivamente tiene muchas historias increíbles que contar.
En las fotos llevo un total look de Tommy Hilfiger.

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Two Weeks' Worth of Outfit Ideas That Are Perfect for Fall

The bloggers of the world continue to serve up so many stellar outfits that we can barely keep track—and as we enter into fall, it just keeps getting better and better.

Why Everyone Will Be Wearing Butterflies This Fall

The butterfly motif is no stranger to the world of fashion (we were obsessed with it last spring), but every time it flies into the picture we can’t help but fall in love all over again. Thanks to Resort 15 collections like Valentino and Gucci that showed butterfly prints, celebs and street style stars are embracing their inner sartorial entomologists. Scroll down to see how they work this look, and shop your favorite butterfly-print pieces along the way!

See How 3 Celebs Top off Their Looks for Fall

Want an easy, quick way to polish your look this fall? Check out some of our favorite style stars, like Behati Prinsloo, Olivia Palermo, and Victoria Beckham, for some inspiration. We recently spotted all three ladies accessorizing their fall outfits with chic chapeaux, a simple styling trick that instantly pulls together any look. Scroll through to see their ensembles, and be sure to shop our favorite toppers at the end.  

Get Excited: Belted Coats for Every Budget

A pitfall of wearing fall’s coziest coats is losing your shape, which is why we’ve been eyeballing the subject of today’s slideshow as of late: belted coats. If you’ve never invested in this flattering outerwear piece, there’s no time like the present. Regardless if you’re on a budget or in the mood to splurge, we have an option at every price point! 

October 24, 2014.

Feathers & Sparkle

Lace Collar Floral Dress


by Ams


Nights like this

The 5 Biggest Insults You Can Say to a Beauty Fanatic

Beauty fanatics. You know who they are. You may be one yourself. They’re the gals that know the fastest route to every Sephora in the county, the friends that have never met a lipstick shade they didn’t have to try, the steady-handed pals that apply liquid liner during their commute, and the ultimate cosmetic adventurers.

Exclusive: Tour an E! News Producer's Elegant Nursery

With a name like Capri, two powerhouse parents, and a set of sparkling blue eyes, it’s no wonder that her nursery is pure elegance. Baby Capri, the daughter of fashion and lifestyle producer for E! News Kathryn Eisman, and Siimon Reynolds, famed mentor to executives and entrepreneurs, is truly a lucky one-year-old. Custom chinoiserie wallpaper in a sunny yellow hue creates a lively backdrop for a room that Eisman says is “the happiest place to be.”

The Secret World of Black Market Hair Extensions

Hair extensions usually bring to mind images of long, flowing, Rapunzel-style locks, but often overlooked are the women who actually donate the hair. After all, the real human hair in your extensions had to come from someone.

Miss Little Mix

Traveler I

Traveler I
by HenEvia


Autumn vibes.

Autumn vibes.

PurseForum Roundup – October 24

PurseForum Roundup – October 24

Friday is finally here, Roundup readers! October is winding down, but we’re are ramping up because we love fall. This week we pay a visit to HermèsBalenciaga and the Playground. We also found a wonderful reveal in Valentino that you will not want to miss. Make the jump to find out what else awaits.

Statement Skirt

Business Casual

Ok guys, sometimes we have to dress for work, but I like to keep it business casual.

See the rest of my first Fall shopping picks here, on my Pinterest!

By admin

Business Casual

Ok guys, sometimes we have to dress for work, but I like to keep it business casual.

See the rest of my first Fall shopping picks here, on my Pinterest!

By admin

I Saw Old Autumn

Sparkling Lights

6 Homemade Fashion Icon Halloween Costumes

Homemade Halloween Fashion Icons Homemade Halloween Fashion IconsHomemade Halloween Fashion Icons
Fashion icon costumes are pretty darn cute for kids but definitely more fun for adults.

Here are 6 easy fashion icon costumes to whip up yourself: Anna Wintour, Bill Cunningham, Iris Apfel, Karl Lagerfeld, Grace Coddington and André Leon Talley.

So fashunzzzzz!

Homemade Halloween Fashion Icons Homemade Halloween Fashion Icons  Homemade Halloween Fashion Icons
Photos: Oh Happy Day

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Over-The-Knee Boots

Floral and Leather

The Reading List….Conflict and Costume by Jim Naughten

I’m realizing now that The Reading List, might have been more aptly named The Viewing List, considering most of the books I love seem to contain more photos than actual words! (a shocking fact-I know)


In Conflict and Costume, Naughten photographs the Herero Tribe of Namibia in their native costume. This “costume” has evolved over the last 100+ years out of what Europeans left behind in South Africa, and what the Herero Tribe subsequently adopted. To see so many misplaced patterns, shapes, and colors set against an overwhelmingly serene backdrop, surprisingly creates a nice sense of harmony. It’s funny how two contrasting visuals can play off of eachother so nicely.


If you’re interested, the book is available for purchase on Amazon

Jennifer Lawrence Carries a Cute Loeffler Randall Bag to the Movies

Jennifer Lawrence Carries a Cute Loeffler Randall Bag to the Movies

Jennifer Lawrence was recently spotted coming out of the movies with a gal pal in Hollywood carrying a Loeffler Randall Walker Mini Bag, which is a surprisingly attainable contemporary option for an actress who gets boxes full of Dior goodies shipped to her home. (No, really. She is currently the face of Dior’s newest handbag.) You can find J-Law’s exact bag for $450 at ShopBop.

We penned “The Many Bags of Jennifer Lawrence” relatively early on in her career (way back in 2012, right after the first Hunger Games movie had hit theaters), so it definitely deserves a follow-up post before the year is out. So much has changed for our dear J-Law in two years time. She’s quietly made the move from rising star/”It” girl to bonafide A-lister.

Forzieri 25% Off Coupon Code October 2014

Forzieri Coupon Code October 2014If you need something to get you through the last little bit of the work week and into Friday night, we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. Now through October 28, you can get 25% off almost any Fall 2014 handbag or shoe purchase over $250 at accessories emporium Forzieri. All you have to do is enter code FRIENDS25 at checkout!

Shop 25% off at Forzieri Now!

Editor Faceoff: Are Risqué Halloween Costumes Hot or Not?

As Cady Heron (in one of Lindsay Lohan’s finest performances ever) famously put it in the 2004 masterpiece Mean Girls, “In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it.” If you’ve ever been out on All Hallow’s Eve, you know exactly what she means.

Tip of the Day: Embrace the Knitwear Trend for Fall

Tip of the Day: Balance an edgy pair of leather pants with a dark knit and slip-on sneakers for a thoroughly cool ensemble.

This Is Hands-Down Our Favorite T-Shirt Ever

Emerson Fry Luxe Emerson T ($78)

11 Stylish Ways to Wear Flats This Season

We all have days when, for whatever reason, heels simply aren’t an option. Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice style when you’re rocking a comfortable pair of flats. To ensure you’re prepared the next time you give your stilettos and pumps a breather, we have 11 easy-to-recreate outfit ideas ready for you!