19 Perfect Summer-To-Fall Pieces From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

When you’re in-between seasons, your closet gets thrown into a bit of a fashion limbo. But to overcome this mini-slump, we did what any retail enthusiast would do to feel a world of better: we found the best sale ever. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is happening now until August 3, which means you can shop new sale items to refresh the summer wardrobe and ready your closet with fall pieces all at once. Since this is a limited time only engagement, prices will go back up at the stroke of midnight on August 4. (So don’t you fret about overdoing it. It’s a sale – there’s no such thing as too much shopping, right?) 

Kate Moss And Stella McCartney Prove BFFs Do It Better

When it comes to fashion collaborations, it seems that best friends just do it better—at least when it comes to Kate Moss and Stella McCartney. The supermodel teamed up with her designer bestie again to star in her F/W 14 ads, the seventh time Moss has fronted a campaign for McCartney.

Tire Swing

2 chilled

2 chilled
by gstyle

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Sim Sala Bim

Sim Sala Bim
by Ams

Edgy meets formal!

A little unusual

Maxi skirts are for summer


Summer camouflage

8 Ways To Wear A White Button Up

The White Shirt 8 Ways The White Shirt 8 Ways The White Shirt 8 Ways
Whether it’s layered up or simply on it’s own, you can never go wrong with a white button up (my personal favorites are Comme des Garçons and Equipment). #CRISP #CLASSIC #CHIC

A white button ups versatility lands it a gold star in investment pieces and to highlight just how many ways you can wear the basic, here are eight outfits incorporating the classic.

Which is your fave? 5 more after the jump!

The White Shirt 8 Ways The White Shirt 8 Ways  The White Shirt 8 Ways The White Shirt 8 WaysThe White Shirt 8 Ways
Photos: Mari by Ross Garrett for ELLE South Africa August 2014 via VO

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Looking Back


Ups and Downs

Twin Peaks Fans, Rejoice: David Lynch Launches Fashion Line

In news that will certainly make every Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet fan jump for joy, legendary surrealist film director David Lynch has launched his first official line of clothing. Lynch teamed up with athleticwear brand Live The Process to create the capsule collection, which includes five pieces of gym-ready wear in a pretty floral print.

formal blue

Maggie Gyllenhaal Carries Both Celine and Buglari to a Movie Premiere

Maggie Gyllenhaal Carries Both Celine and Buglari to a Movie Premiere

Here’s Maggie Gyllenhaal, arriving at the New York premiere of the new indie flick Very Good Girls, carrying both a Celine Trio Bag and a Bulgari Serpenti Bag. (Note the snake’s head clasp.) We approve of this kind of double-dipping. Celine isn’t sold online, of course, but you can find Maggie’s other bag in blue snakeskin for $2,850 at Bulgari.

Bulgari isn’t a brand that’s renowned for its handbags, but it does have a token handbag collection, and we have noticed Bulgari bags on the arms of celebs like Anna Dello Russo and Emmy Rossum recently. Each Bulgari handbag is crafted with extra-exotic skins and leathers. Thus, every bag is on the pricey side, with a suggested retail price of $2,000-$4,000.

Sun Bum

A new addition to our list of favorite sunscreens: Sun Bum.

Garance pointed it out to me the other day during a trip to Ricky’s and we immediately bought a few bottles. It’s got that classic summer at the beach scent, boasts SPF 50 protection and is paraben free. It’s become a staple for all of our outdoor shoots this summer!

Do you have a favorite summer sunscreen?

Love Magazine’s New Covers Feature Powerhouse Models

Kendall Jenner, Christy Turlington, Amy Adams and Adriana Lima star on four different covers for Love Magazine's F/W 2014 issue. Each looks almost unrecognizable, so one thing's for sure: we can't wait to see how they transform in their individual spreads as well.

Exclusive: Whitney Port Tries On Wedding Dresses For The First Time

Though Whitney Port is fully immersed in the planning of her spring nuptials to producer Tim Rosenman, the Whitney Eve designer had never tried on a wedding dress until arriving at our Los Angeles studios earlier this month. With racks full of gorgeous gowns at her disposal, Port immediately gravitated toward the unexpected silhouettes, specifically a matching top and skirt set from Tory Burch and a slinky number by Reformation not unlike the Calvin Klein slip dress she originally imagined for herself. “I’m definitely a more modern bride,” Port says. “I don’t feel like weddings need to be by the book.” It’s not surprising; while Port is a classic beauty, her fashion-forward sensibilities point to an unconventional bridal direction, which we love.

20 Affordable Pieces Of Jewelry That Are Perfect For Work

If you’re like us, throwing on some rings and things is usually an afterthought when you’re scrambling to get ready for work. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down the thousands of jewelry options out there to just the very best, most office-appropriate pieces—all at less than $200. (You might even start planning your work outfits around these special pieces!)

Tip Of The Day: How To Elevate A Simple T-Shirt

Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller dresses up her simple shirt and trousers by pairing them with a colorful choker and snakeskin heels.

The 16 Jackets We Can’t Wait To Wear This Fall

Yes, it’s still summer and a million degrees outside, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about (and stock up on) the coats we will be wearing in the months to come! If it’s for sale, it’s fair game and we’ve rounded up the best jackets that you can actually buy right now. Scroll through to shop our picks, and may we recommend turning the AC on full blast to set the mood?  

Shop We Wore What’s Best Buys Under $100

Confession: we’re no strangers to picking up our phones and taking a scroll through Instagram whenever we’re in need of on-point fashion inspiration. Today, we’re bringing you We Wore What's Danielle Bernstein’s greatest ‘grams for you to shop and enjoy. The best part? Each item is under $100!

Christian Louboutin Will Soon Sell $50 Bottles Of Nail Polish

1. Shoe designer Christian Louboutin has launched a line of beauty products, including nail polish that costs $50 a bottle. [WWD]

Black, White & Mint

Raccoon Town USA

Want It Wednesday: Fall Beauty Prep

Want It Wednesday: Fall Beauty Prep

There’s still plenty of summer left (or that’s what we keep telling ourselves as July inches ever nearer to its end), but our favorite online retailers are beckoning us to start planning for fall, and we’re inclined to oblige them. That includes the handbags and accessories that we feature every day, but it also includes beauty products. For this Want It Wednesday, we’re sharing some of the cosmetic purchases we’re looking forward to in the new season.

Want It Wednesday: Fall Beauty Prep

Want It Wednesday: Fall Beauty Prep

There’s still plenty of summer left (or that’s what we keep telling ourselves as July inches ever nearer to its end), but our favorite online retailers are beckoning us to start planning for fall, and we’re inclined to oblige them. That includes the handbags and accessories that we feature every day, but it also includes beauty products. For this Want It Wednesday, we’re sharing some of the cosmetic purchases we’re looking forward to in the new season.

Throw Back

Tropical Co-ord

:Print on Print:

Black and white purity.

Black and white purity.
by Norhill

You’re just a hideaway, you’re just a feeling

How To Make A Beautiful Bridal Bouquet

How To Make A Beautiful Bridal Bouquet
Duh dum duh dum!

The flowers a bride holds while walking down the aisle are incredibly special and making them yourself (or assigning the task to a crafty loved one) can add a personal touch to your ceremony.

In honor of wedding season, I teamed up with Greta from Glasswing Floral to show you how to create a beautiful bridal bouquet. It’s easier than you may think  – just watch our video and follow the four simple steps.

DIY: How To Make A Beautiful Bridal Bouquet

1. SELECT YOUR FLOWERS: Use 2 types of large, 2 types of medium, 2 fillers & 1 green.

2. CLEAN THE STEMS: Cut away leaves.

3. BUILD BOUQUET: Start with the largest at the center, work around the center in a spiral direction. Alternate between sizes, colors and textures then finish with the greens. Bonus: add feathers, brooches or anything else special to you.

4. FASTEN: Tie the bouquet with a rubber band, then cut the stems (leaving about 2 fists long). Wrap base with floral tape, leaving approximately 1-2″ of stems exposed. Then wrap with ribbon and secure with pins.

And if you want to make one for the future hubs watch: How To Make A Boutineer

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We’re Hiring: Fashion And Editorial Interns

Who What Wear is currently seeking interns for Fall 2014 and beyond! We are looking for motivated candidates who have a strong interest in fashion and trends, as well as a wide knowledge of online stores, celebrities, and tastemakers. We are looking for individuals who are efficient and proactive with exceptional taste. Please be prepared to work hard, wear many different hats, and learn about all aspects of this online fashion magazine! Internships in both the Fashion and Editorial department are currently available.

Millennium – a playful look for the summer

Floral dress & clogs

Whimsical Goddess

Watch Out!

There are so many classic watches that I love…

…like the Première and the Hermès Médor. But, sometimes its fun to wear a different kind of classic, like the Swatch!

Are you a watch wearer or do you just rely on your cell phone to tell time?

By brie

I Don’t Enjoy Shopping Sample Sales

I Don’t Enjoy Shopping Sample Sales

Last week I got ready for the day a bit earlier than usual, hailed a cab and headed down to Soho. As the car pulled onto Mercer Street, I saw a line on the sidewalk longer than I anticipated (by about 150 people). This was the line I was about to stand in.

It was sample sale time.

The specific sample sale I’m speaking of was Proenza Schouler, which opened its doors to friends and family a day before they opened to the public. I anticipated a bit of a line, but as I got into my place around 8:50 for a sale whose doors opened at 9:00, I realized it was going to be a longer ordeal than I anticipated. I patiently waited for the first 30 minutes past opening, then began to feel fidgety. I wondered if I should just leave; I already had a busy day ahead of me and had no way of knowing what would be left when I finally made it inside.

This internal struggle continued for an hour, until it was finally my turn to enter the sale. I figured, okay, it’s totally worth it. I popped down the stairs, gave my bag to the bag keepers (no bags are allowed in sample sales to ward off shoplifters) and went directly to the Proenza Schouler handbag table.

There wasn’t much to be desired, at least not according to my desires. I really wanted a PS1 or PS11, just the straight-forward version, but the best bags had been taken long ago and there were PS1 totes and other one-offs that weren’t what I was looking for. I looked through everything and finally found an orange PS1; it wasn’t the color I wanted or even a color I loved, but I picked it up. I then saw a few PS1 clutches, and ended up seeing someone put a pink suede version back on the pile. I grabbed that one.

There was a lot of clothes, but that wasn’t what I was looking for. I stared at the bags a bit longer and realized this was the best I was going to get. I went to the checkout line and stood there with my two items, not really in love with my selection but feeling like I should leave with something after waiting outside so long.

It was one of those days where the line moved slowly – I’m talking two-hours-to-check-out slow. I made friends with the people in front of me and we all helped one another decide if we should keep what we picked out. Many of us spent enough time standing there that we gave up on items we had picked, and some put everything back and left. After about an hour and 15 minutes, I saw a woman walk towards the bag table and let us know she was going to put back her off-white PS1 and asked if anyone wanted it. I DID. She gave it to me and I put back the orange PS1.

After just over 3 hours in total time, I got to pay for my goods. The PS1 was $399 and the PS1 clutch was $299, which I thought was a tad over-priced for a sample sale. However, instead of leaving the sample sale feeling happy and accomplished, I was annoyed and felt like I had wasted time. Sure, I got a couple of bags and I really do like them, but it wasn’t a fun process.

When I first moved to NYC four years ago, I was so enthralled by sample sales. I loved checking them out, I loved the hunt and I loved the deals. But after attending many sample sales, I realize that, for me, sample sales are more of a hassle. Plus, when I go to them, I buy things I rarely wear or carry.

Sample sales don’t happen everywhere, and many of you may never have shopped one, but I find myself more intrigued by a great online sale than an in-person sample sale. For those of you who have participated, I want to know if you enjoy sample sales; do you enjoy the thrill of the hunt, or would you rather sit comfortably in your home and find the best deals on the web to avoid the line?

My Agent Provocateur Summer

Agent Provocateur Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 15.41.42

Remember when a few weeks ago I was posting sneaky pictures of what was going on in Capri? So here’s the final result. I went to shoot some beautiful swimwear shots in collaboration with Agent Provocateur where I got to model my favourite pieces from their summer collection… Awww can’t wait to get hold of theses pieces right? Well you are  already going crazy for my white Strappy cut-out bikini, bright coral swimsuit or my ultimate favourite  piece of them all, the floral playsuit you can find them all here!

Hace una semanas os mostraba en algunas imágenes en mi cuenta de Instagram que estaba en la isla de Capri en Italia y no solo pasandomelo pipa sino que mi viaje tuvo lugar para retratar en esta editorial mis piezas favoritas de la ultima colección de Agent Provocateur. Si te ha gustado mi bikini de tiras, el bañador coral o el body de flores ya puedes encontrarlos aquí y el resto de la colección s/s!

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 15.49.16IMG_8010

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the dreams that you once dreamed of in a lullaby

the dreams that you once dreamed of in a lullaby
by mayo_wo

eBay’s Best Bags of the Week – July 23

eBay’s Best Bags of the Week – July 23

Happy Hump Day! We have been looking forward to sharing this week’s selection of eBay finds and are so glad you joined us! We found a fabulous Emilio Pucci tote, a charming Obsedia clutch from Givenchy, a very special evening clutch from Marchesa and more. We felt a little nostalgic when we found a beautiful garment bag from Louis Vuitton, and we hope one of you will give it a good home and take it on some nice trips! Happy shopping.

Disclaimer: As always, caution is crucial when buying from third party sellers. Although we strive to find the best auctions to feature, we don’t endorse or guarantee any eBay sellers or auctions, and therefore cannot guarantee the authenticity of any particular piece. For more info, please refer to eBay’s purchasing guidelines and policies.

Givenchy Obsedia Clutch
Buy It Now for $799

Givenchy Obsedia Clutch

Emilio Pucci Tote
Buy It Now for $537

Pucci Tote

Marchesa Lily Crystal Embroidered Evening Bag
Buy It Now for $1,398

Marchesa Lily Crystal Clutch

Chanel Vintage Single Flap Bag
Buy It Now for $700

Chanel Vintage Flap Bag

Balenciaga Brogues City Bag
Buy It Now for $1,299

Balenciaga Brogues City Bag

Chanel Vintage Bucket Bag
Buy It Now for $1,200

Chanel Bucket Bag

Valentino Rockstud Trapeze Tote
Buy It Now for $1,799

Valentino Rockstud Trapeze Bag

Louis Vuitton Garment Bag
Buy It Now for $950

Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Garment Bag

Chloé Perforated Marcie Bag
Buy It Now for $1,599

Chloe Marcie Perforated Bag

Céline Vintage World Cup 2002 Bag
Buy It Now for $329

Celine World Cup Bag

Tod’s Structured Tote
Buy It Now for $425

Tod's Leather Tote

floral Elf

floral Elf
by gvozd

Shoulder Peep

0 forloveandlemons-dress-weworewhat1 forloveandlemons-dress-weworewhat2 forloveandlemons-dress-weworewhat3 forloveandlemons-dress-weworewhat5 forloveandlemons-dress-weworewhatWearing: For Love and Lemons Dress | Vintage Necklace | Vanessa Mooney Rings

There’s nothing more romantic then this embroidered mesh with off-the-shoulder neckline. For Love & Lemons is constantly producing flirty but sophisticated dresses that even someone like me (who doesn’t really like dresses) wants to wear over and over again. This one specifically has a semi-sheer nude/red contrast that I love – shop more below:

Shot by Jeff Thibodeau

Tan Lines

We’ve all been there. Fell asleep in the sun. Went for a long run. And the next day: tan lines.

My worst tan line experience happened while I was studying abroad. My friend and I took a boat (a glorified ferry) from Italy to Greece. In the morning, I went up to the top deck to take in the sights and I fell asleep on a bench. Wearing leggings. Fast forward a few hours and I was left with a bright red lower calf cut off by a straight line right at mid-calf. It was the worst tan line you could ever imagine (yeah, worse than the sunglasses tan line most often seen on guys who are too macho for sunscreen). My attempts at “evening it out” on the beach failed and just left me with more awkward lines up and down my legs. It took the rest of the summer for it to fade away and for me to not be embarrassed having bare legs in public…

Now you know I’m not perfect when it comes to staying safe at the sun (see my recent adventure with lava tights) but I have learned a few tricks for helping to fade those baaadddd tan lines (things I wish I had known summer of 2009)…

Exfoliate. This is the big one. Be sure you are exfoliating everyday in the shower, use a loofa with a good (gritty) scrub. It will help to slough off dead skin cells and speed up your tan line fading process. If you’re extra adventurous, try dry brushing (I just started doing it, will report back on my feelings/findings very soon!). Remember, don’t start exfoliating until after your burn has heeled!

Stay moisturized. Just like when you get a bad burn, you want to keep your tan skin hydrated.

Go sunless. This is reserved for seasoned pros (or if you really need to get that tan line covered up fast)– grab your sunless tanner and get to work. I prefer the gradual building sunless tanners when it comes to evening things out (I like Jergens Natural Glow), less risk envolved but it will take a bit more time. If you need a quick fix, try James Read Wash Off Tan, it delivers color right away (but I recommend using it with a tanning mitt for even application).

Okay, since we are all friends here, tell me about your worst tan line. And then tell me your tricks for dealing with it!

PS: This swimsuit is Thapleo Paris!

summer blues

Denim: J Brand. Top: Sabine (also love the maxi dress version). Shoes: Steve Madden. Bag: Coach. Sunglasses: Prada. Jewelry: Cartier, Hermes, David Yurman. Thank you to Piperlime for partnering on this post.

summer blues

Denim: J Brand. Top: Sabine (also love the maxi dress version). Shoes: Steve Madden. Bag: Coach. Sunglasses: Prada. Jewelry: Cartier, Hermes, David Yurman. Thank you to Piperlime for partnering on this post.