Strap n’ Snap

Photo from Refinery 29 

>> I can't get enough of this mental 1980s Kenzo jumper, which I found on Etsy after a six hour browsing glut.  The relevance of the jungle frenzied pattern in relation to the current incarnation of Kenzo under Humberto Leon and Carol Lim's creative direction is seriously uncanny.  More importantly though, it's the perfect crazy tiled print foundation to the Sarah Frances Kuhn x Meredith Wendell strap, which has been the most asked-about thing I've worn at fashion weeks.

Remember Sarah Frances Kuhn and her niche-finding experience of going from being Teen Vogue's accessories editor to err... camera strap designer?  During NYFW, she debuted a new range of straps, made in collaboration with accessories label Meredith Wendell, using materials from their past collections such as eye-popping climbing rope, Italian leathers and Scottish plaid.  All cameras from bulky DSLRs to small point and shoots are catered for and they're now on sale online.  The strap I have is the Ruby River Super Deluxe which has been hoisted onto the Canon 60D and swung around multiple times without any accidents.  The green leather which rests on the shoulder happens to have a decent bit of cushioning in it too to counteract any strap chaffing issues.  It's a bit wrong to describe them as camera "outfits" seeing as they serve a practical purpose but the straps definitely make these bulky-yet-necessary objects less of an eyesore.  Also, not to encourage the ridiculous notion of buying a bag purely to match a camera strap but the current season Meredith Wendell backpacks, which are on Matches online, would look ridiculously cute alongside the SFK straps.  It's a combination that almost begs for a gaggle of streetstyle photographers to pounce upon with their own DSLRs, snapping away at the more colourfully attired DSLR.  Is that all a bit meta mental?  I don't think I'm selling this into you, am I?








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