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Melissa / Mykonos

Vacations with friends in Mykonos are wonderful – even more if one of them knows the island by heart. Melissa lives between Athens and Mykonos, where she owns Free Shop, very cool store that carries Sacai and Balenciaga as well as her own brand that I love, Wildwood – I will tell you more about it very soon :)

I’ve been in Mykonos for a few days (it’s going way too fast!!!) and thanks to Melissa and my other friend, Carole, I really feel like I’m in paradise. I thought it could be nice to share, so here is Melissa’s City Guide!

What three words best describe Mykonos?
Wild, dry and full of light.

What is the easiest way to get around the island?
A big old jeep you can trust to take you through tiny, bumpy roads and sandy beaches.

And what is the best way to get to the island?
Airplane, just a 20 minute ride from Athens and super views from above.

Where should you stay?
I just visited San Giorgio this summer which I found quite interesting especially if you are traveling with friends or in love. Belvedere Hotel in town is always a great luxury retreat and a breath away from the busy town. Santa Marina if traveling with family. Renting a house is always a great option too – and there are some spectacular houses in Mykonos you may rent.

The best beach?
Agios Sostis. Unspoiled, full of energy, clear, rejuvenating water and the best little restaurant in the world, Kiki’s to top it all up. There is always a line at the restaurant, because they don’t take reservations – but it’s totally worth it!


The best restaurant for…

A leisurely breakfast: Early in the morning, any restaurant in ‘yalos’ or else the port of Mykonos town, where you may come across all sorts of local people, fishermen selling produce, lost tourists in need for directions, and vivid colors and sounds.

A big lunch: Alemagoo in Ftelia Beach which is great for lunch with friends as you can combine swimming, eating, or just cocktails and lounging in a really beautiful setting. The tavern in Fokos beach is exceptional, quite simple and raw, with delicious dishes and beautiful ceramics you can buy – a super destination for escaping the buzz of the island. Lamed in Agia Anna is also a great location for a light Mediterranean lunch and a little beach just in front where you can enjoy the last swim of the day.

A traditional Greek dinner: Maerio in town for Greek food, Nikolas taverna in Agia Anna beach for dinning on the sand almost touching the water and Sea Satin for a fun ‘Greek night’ with dancing on tables included.

What is the scene like at night? Where should you go to party? And where should you go if you don’t want to party?
There is a huge club scene in the beaches near Paradise, and in town, which I have no clue about as I am not the ‘clubbing’ type. I prefer smaller venues like Jackie O’ in town, 100% fun guaranteed. Astra is one of the coolest bars in town, it has been there forever and Babis the owner is a must see figure. Interni Restaurant is super fun as it may combine a great dinner and lots of dancing after 12:00. And of course Nammos beach for hardcore partying and people watching.

If you don’t want to party – try avoiding the town and have a lovely dinner at Matsuhisa in the Belvedere Hotel listening to cool music by the most amazing, iconic dj.

Don’t forget that lunch and diner are pretty late affairs in Mykonos. If you go to diner at 8, don’t be surprised to be the only one in the restaurant! People go to dinner around 10 – 11. You get used to it very fast…

A place to pamper yourself:
Don’t pamper yourself, just go to Dhlos island to watch the ancient ruins and take in the most amazing light in the world, swim in the island near by called Rinia, it’s a mystical experience that will do much more than any massage or spa for both body and soul.

The best views of the island:
Kitsch but true: Little Venice for sunset.

Don’t leave without eating:
Sea urchin at Spilia Tavern in Agia Anna.

The best souvenir to bring back:
Greek kaftan dresses from Salachas in little Venice and an evil eye charm from any local merchant.

What time of year is best to visit?
September is beautiful in Mykonos. Calm, less windy than in the summer and full of beautiful people.

Click here for more City Guides.

Ana’s Exhibition

Right now in New York, Ana Kras is having an exhibition of her drawings – it’s another side of her artwork, remember those cool lamps she created?

The series is called Mothers With Spoons and Relationships. It’s interesting to be immersed into her world for a little time. She told me that some people write in a diary, but she draws– I love that!

If you happen to be in New York, you can view her work until August 10th.

Ana Kraš, Mothers With Spoons and Relationships, Ed. Varie, 618 E. 9th St., Thursday-Sunday

Click on the arrows to see more images…

Mix & Match

I think we should always be able to buy bikinis separately. First because of sizes – it’s pretty rare to be the same exact size on the top and on the bottom.

But most of all to be able to play around with mixing and matching them all summer long! Here are three ideas I love. On these words, I’m off to the beach ! Big kiss !

Anna wears: 1: Top, Norma Kamali; Bottom, Cynthia Rowley; Clutch, Wax + Cruz / 2: Top, Lenny Niemeyer; Bottom, Heidi Klein; Necklace, Finn; Sunglasses, Rayban / 3: Top , Zimmerman; Bottom, Zimmerman

Sleep No More

Looking for a good pair of pajamas to really relax in this weekend.

A few of my picks and more on Pinterest!

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The Summer Shirt

Say hello to my summer bff, the white shirt.

Or white tunic, or anything that’s white, lightweight and covering at the same time. It’s perfect because it breathes, protects from the sun and above all is super sensual.

I love!


PS. Caroline‘s shirt is from Creatures of Comfort!

Sport de Plage

I love the kind of quirky but very chic accessories that are popular right now with all my favorite designers.
It’s a totally unnecessary luxury – and that’s why it’s so perfect.

Click on the arrows to see all the photos – I don’t know why, but the Isabel paddles are my favorite right now (since beach paddle ball is my FAVORITE sport in the world, and throwing myself in the water like a crazy person is my favorite activity in the world) or maybe the Eres jump rope, just because the natural leather is so incredibly gorgeous.

What’s your favorite? Who’s up for a game of paddle ball with me?

On Anna: Swimsuit, Lisa Marie Fernandez; Sunglasses, 3.1 Phillip Lim; Watch, Swatch; Paddle Board Set, Isabel Marant / Swimsuit, Baba Jaan; Beach Ball, Alexander Wang; Sunglasses, Ray-Ban / Swimsuit, Mikoh; Shorts, Dolce & Gabbana; Jump Rope, Eres.

Translated by Andrea Perdue.

On Howard & Crosby

This might be my favorite corner in New York. Opening Ceremony and Isabel Marant across the street, Smile To Go (get the chocolate chip cookie, trust me) around the corner. Lara and Evanne picked a good spot to hang out :)

Valise d’été

Here are a few of my favorite things I took with me for the summer…


Of course, there is always a lot of white, like this super cool shirt and my Common Projects sneakers and jean shorts that are perfect for throwing on for some paddle ball. But hey, it’s Greece and I needed to add a little bit of color to my wardrobe for this trip, so I went with this pink Isabel skirt and this orange one-piece from Eres.

A simple tote, embroidered pareo, my gold Sonia Rykiel belt that I’ve had forever, those beautiful coral earrings from Aurélie and a travel watercolor set in case I feel inspired! It’s so cool to be able to bring my stationery with me too, I really love it.

Ok, so maybe my suitcase wasn’t really 22.3 kilos by the time I added some of the items not pictured…but these are my favorites that I wanted to share with you!

Summer Jewels

This summer, I started wearing delicate, colorful jewelry. It’s weird, it’s something I never would have worn last year – too girly, almost cheesy. But all of the sudden, I like it now.

What do you think?

Le Maillot

Remember Ipek? I met her last summer in Montauk and she had just started a line of bikinis called KIINI. I immediately loved the bright colors, crochet details and simple design.

I also love that they are sexy on a lot of different body types!

Click on the arrows to see more images…

Stay Fit

A few things I’m shopping for to help me stay fit while I’m away.

More on my Pinterest!

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Denim Days

I’m declaring it the summer of the denim skirt.

Okay, maybe that is kind of a big call, but I’m seeing a ton of them lately. This one on Jana is ultra chic, super tight and super high-waisted. I like mine a little bit baggy, lower on the waist, a bit distressed, the kind that feels like it’s been really lived in. Whats your denim skirt style?

Travel Beauty

So, I packed light for my trip… but I still managed to fit all of my favorite summer products! A tiny bit of makeup, my skincare products (SPF! Hats!!! Scared of the sun girl), a cool cleansing water from NARS (as much as I love Bioderma, their packaging, you know…), my hair oil that I told you about (in a slick travel tube to prevent spilling), a brush set… I think I’ve got it all.

For the things that don’t need to be “applied generously every two hours” (I’m looking at you SPF!!!), vive les travel containers.

What are some of your travel beauty essentials? What do you always pack?

In my bag…

Diptyque Rose Candle: Because it makes me feel at home anywhere in the world, therefore more relaxed, therefore more beautiful (girl math).
Chanel Blush: Who can live without Chanel and without a blush?
Chantecaille Travel Brush Set: I do everything with brushes now, even concealer.
Clinique Chubby Stick in Richer Raisin: My favorite colooor!
Beauty Counter SPF 30 for Face: Ok, so it’s a little thick but what!!! There are no parabens in it! Not so easy to find for a good SPF.
NARS Jungle Red Lipstick: In case I have a party…
Elizabeth Dehn x One Love Organics Mist: Unecessary, so basically just pure luxury. Love it.
Darphin 8 Flower Nectar Oil: Because summer, because oils.
Kjaer Weis Eyeshadow: In case I have a party…
Dolce & Gabbana Bronzer: So I’m afraid of the the sun, I need to find my tan somewhere, you know ;)
NARS Makeup Removing Water: Chic alternative to Bioderma.
In a travel container, Beauty Counter Glow Scrub: You’ve got to scrub regularly for a more even, beautiful tan they say.
In a travel container, Darphin Vitalskin: My summer face lotion, light, comfortable, and easy like a white shirt.

Bonjour from Corsica

A little layover in Corsica to say hello to my family and let my nephews jump on me – the weather is perfect and today, my only goal in life is to read a good book and to get on a paddle board.

Yesterday I spent the day on the beach of Capo Di feno, where there is no reception at all.

It’s actually perfect, you send message before going “Ok, we’re leaving, meet us there!” and then it’s total zen, noone can reach you. No more “emergencies,” no one glued to their phones, no 1000 texts to get you to do something. It feels good and even if it’s only for a few hours, I really call that a vacation.

I had tried last summer to have a fully phone off vacation. I had gotten super organized and everybody around me knew I would be unreachable and you know what? It turned out to be more stressful than anything else.
So now what I do when I’m on vacation is check my emails in the morning for half an hour, answer urgent matters and then not worry about it for the rest of the day. Of course I can’t help Instagramming when it’s super gorgeous – but that’s it.
Oh, and I take advantage of long days at the beach to have mini tech-rehabs.

I found it’s the best balance for me. What about you? How do you deal with your phone during the vacations?

PS – The photo was taken on the Capo Di Feno beach, at Pierre-Tou’s restaurant (Le Pirate), my favorite place to end a long summer day.

Bonjour from Corsica

A little layover in Corsica to say hello to my family and let my nephews jump on me – the weather is perfect and today, my only goal in life is to read a good book and to get on a paddle board.

Yesterday I spent the day on the beach of Capo Di feno, where there is no reception at all.

It’s actually perfect, you send message before going “Ok, we’re leaving, meet us there!” and then it’s total zen, noone can reach you. No more “emergencies,” no one glued to their phones, no 1000 texts to get you to do something. It feels good and even if it’s only for a few hours, I really call that a vacation.

I had tried last summer to have a fully phone off vacation. I had gotten super organized and everybody around me knew I would be unreachable and you know what? It turned out to be more stressful than anything else.
So now what I do when I’m on vacation is check my emails in the morning for half an hour, answer urgent matters and then not worry about it for the rest of the day. Of course I can’t help Instagramming when it’s super gorgeous – but that’s it.
Oh, and I take advantage of long days at the beach to have mini tech-rehabs.

I found it’s the best balance for me. What about you? How do you deal with your phone during the vacations?

PS – The photo was taken on the Capo Di Feno beach, at Pierre-Tou’s restaurant (Le Pirate), my favorite place to end a long summer day.

At Equipment

If you happen to be in Los Angeles…

Check out some of my stationery at the Equipment store!

A big thank you to Equipment for carrying my line! Kisses!

Equipment, 8459 Melrose Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90069

PS: The stationery collection is also available at the Equipment Soho store!

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Movie Night

A few weeks ago, I joined Miranda and Athina for a movie in the park. It’s one thing I really love about New York in the summer– there are always a million things to do, and I think its so cool to head to your favorite park, grab a blanket, some popcorn and maybe some rosé and catch a movie.

La Haine, a really good French film, was playing at Tompkins Square Park when we went. It was the perfect way to spend a summer night!

Beach Wear

It’s vacation time!!! I managed to pack a super light bag (22.3 kg — I’m writing you from the airport where they just weighed my suitcase) in hopes of bringing back 2 million things from Mykonos.

I love feather-light summer clothes — like this Lemlem poncho, for example. It’s lightweight, sensual, and you can wash it and dry it in two seconds. Perfect for avoiding a suitcase that weighs a ton.

Have a great Bastille Day and yay, summer!!!

Translated by Andrea Perdue

Les Vacances

I am so excited to be going away for vacation!

A few things I’m shopping for to bring with me on my travels and more here!

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Okay, let’s take a moment for Gillian’s bomber.

It was seriously the coolest piece from Prada’s spring collection, and can you believe its actually from the mens? Of course it is. One more reason to borrow from the boys…

Jacket, Prada; Bag, Mansur Gavriel; Sandals, Birkenstock.


One of my summer essentials is without a doubt, a hat. When I’m shooting I wear one, when I’m at the beach and even just walking around.

Not only does it offer some extra protection from the sun, but I think a hat, especially something big and dramatic adds a bit of mystery and drama. I love this hat on Neelia. She looks so glamorous and sexy. Of course, I love how that shadow lands!

Summer Uniform

I love Drake’s super easy summer style. She’s got all the elements right: a cool pair of shorts (I live in shorts right now), a simple tank and a light jacket for layering (very important for those arctic air conditioning situations!).

What is your summer uniform?



I download all my magazines — it’s one of the mini-revolutions of my life these past few years (hey, I said MINI revolution ;))

Because seriously, you have to know — life isn’t easy for someone who’s addicted to magazines.

You can love magazines, but they’re a pain — they pile up, they take up space, they collect dust, and when you need to find something — “what was that great hotel in Italy I saw in Vogue, again?” (the reason you kept the magazine in the first place), you can’t ever find it.

There are times when you move and you suddenly have to get rid of your magazines — or like me, you can’t resist keeping two boxes of them (and you write “BOOKS” on the boxes to avoid getting the stink eye from the mover who doesn’t get, just like your boyfriend* and your mother, how you can weigh yourself down with such futile things).

*But actually, Scott is different — he’s even more addicted than I am — he’s got binders with all his favorites pages that he’s kept since he was a teenager. I like to not rip out any of the pages, I love magazines in their entirety, with the ads, the horoscopes, and all.

Even so. At the back of my closet, I’ve got a box of 20 ANS, a great french magazine that doesn’t exist anymore and that I am so happy to have kept (Emmanuelle and Carine used to work there!!!). Those of you who grew up with 20 ANS will understand how precious that treasure is.

But now, I download them.

Because not only can I finally say goodbye to all the pounds of paper and embarrassing moving days, I can also have quick access to all my favorite magazines, all the time, wherever I am, FOREVER.

Just thinking about that almost gives me an orgasmazine.

I mean, I guess I won’t get the pleasure of the old dog-eared paper that smells like summer ’97.

Oh well! I’ve got books for that.

What about you, do you download magazines or not?

Translated by Andrea Perdue

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I Love Bright Lipstick on A Bright Woman

Constaaaaance! My favorite frenchie model. She’s stunning, so cool, and smart that we did a career interview with her – do you remember?

This week, Estée Lauder is launching their new website, and I will be a regular contributor with articles on products of my choice on The Edit. I’m very happy about this project – not only am I going to learn the ins and outs of a super cult brand, but I’ll also be working with the very best – Constance, Liu Wen, Joan Smalls, Carolyn Murphy… Not a bad line up, right?

I had to start with Constance, and I had to start with lipstick.

I decided to talk about Pure Color Envy. The technology in this lipstick is unbelievable – I got to see a half-hour demo with the head of make-up (dream job alert!!!) at Estée Lauder who showed me why it’s revolutionary… But I’m afraid I can’t explain it to you : I totally forgot everything. But it’s okay – the thing is, what counts is how good it makes you look.

Lipstick is something special to me. When I started this blog, that was kind of the signature of all my illustrations, and kind of my personal signature too – I wore it all the time. Then little by little, I sort of left red lipstick behind to focus on eyes – and then when I cut my hair, red made a big come back.
I love wearing it, especially during the day, casually, as an accessory to brighten up my pretty minimalist style – it’s a simple way to give confidence and femininity… Which is why I decided to shoot Constance in a very natural, not too dressed up or made up way.

I’ve always wanted to shoot more beauty, because I think there is a way to make it more intimate and approachable. That’s why I’m excited about this project, and that’s why I wanted to tell you about it! Kisses!

Translated by Andrea Perdue

Are you “healthy” obsessed?

There’s a health craze going around right now…
And I feel it might have gotten to me, too.

What’s reassuring is that it’s pretty much everywhere — not just in this city of crazy New Yorkers who take everything to extremes.

My sister sends me photos of herself on her runs and of her carrot juice (granted, it’s my sister — we send each other photos of EVERYTHING we do), my Parisian friends all eat at Café Pinson (terrible service the day I was there, but it’s all veggie and “high vitality dishes”) and I have a friend who’s just started a technology cleanse. No phone, no computer, and no iPad for 10 days. EVERYONE HAS GONE CRAZY!

So to see if you guys are also into the health craze (and how much), I thought it would be great to do a test to see how obsessed you are with your health. So, let’s see…

1 – You follow more than three Instagram accounts for fitness, yoga, or healthy food. You follow an account called “Gypset Godess” and think it’s perfectly normal.

2 – You say things like: “Life would have no sense without avocados”, “How did we ever survive before kale?” and “Anything less than 90% cacao is NOT chocolate.”

3 – You say things like: “Dinner tonight? Some place healthy?”

4 – You say things like: “Let’s meet uptown! That will be a nice little walk” (= you live in Brooklyn, which means it will take you 1 hour and 45 minutes)(+ 2000 points on your FuelBand).

5 – You’ve tried to meditate at least once in your life and you’ve told everyone about it.

6 – You’ve quit dairy, gluten, or meat. Or all three at once. You don’t know what to eat anymore, but you feel “so much better!!!”

7 – You’re really, reeeeally deeply thrilled that Net-À-Porter FINALLY has a sports section. Net-a-Sporter. Yes.

8 – You choose a yoga mat just as carefully as your summer swimming suit. Way more carefully, even.

9 – You have an alarm on your phone to remind you that in five minutes, open enrollment begins for your SoulCycle class (the class will be full in three minutes flat).

10 – You don’t want to lose weight, you want to “be healthy”.

11 – You have a folder labeled “Fitness” for apps on your iPhone. You haven’t used any of them in five months, but you have the folder.

12 – You would never buy any products containing phthalates, parabens, triclosan, sodium laurel sulfate, proylene glycol or methenamine. But you love a gel manicure.

13 – The other day, you brought your kale chips in to the movie theater.

14 – It takes you about 45 minutes to pick out almond milk at WholeFoods.

15 – By the way, you think it would be awesome to meet your next boyfriend at WholeFoods. At least he wouldn’t complain when you talk about eating raw beet salad. You find yourself hanging out at WholeFoods. You make friends at Whole Foods.

16 – You’ve ordered a sandwich “without the bread, please.”

17 – You’ve canceled plans with a friend because you’re doing a “cleanse.”

18 – You brag about your crystal deodorant to anyone who will listen, but you’d never use it on a date.

19 – You have a “healthy food” section on Pinterest, even though you never cook.

20 – You nag your mother everyday trying to convince her to get into yoga. And your dad. And your neighbor. And your dog… (there must be a dog yoga class somewhere right?) (Oh yeah, it’s called Doga!!!)(Yey! I knew I was not crazy!!!)(yes you’re crazy)(but it exists!!!)(the fact that it exists doesn’t make it less crazy)(The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills exist, remember?)


- If you answered YES to everything, you’re completely health obsessed and we need to talk. Let’s have a chat over a glass of Bordeaux and some fries.

- If you answered yes to at least 10 questions, you’re like me (hi!!! Send me a photo of your carrot juice!!!) — you’re on a slippery slope. Where you are now, it’s good — your slight obsession is making you eat better and getting you to exercise more, but if you keep going in this direction, pretty soon you’ll have an Instagram account called FitnessDoré and then YOU’LL NEED AN INTERVENTION.
Me? I have 7 yes = 1, 3, 5, 8, 11, 19, 20 (minus the doga)(just because I don’t have a dog).

- If you think all the things on this test are completely ridiculous and the world is going insane, you are… 20 years old!!! You don’t need to worry about all of that just yet because whatever you do, you look healthy. Have so much fun!!! Meet in a few years ;)

Ok so tell me everything about you, how do you score? Do you have anything to add to the test? Which ones are the most you??? I really want to know!!!!

Special thanks to Alex, Delphine, Emily, Laura, Margaux, Alais, Brie, Erik, Carolyn and all my other health obsessed friends for the inspiration. You guys, let’s go out for pizza soon ;)

Translated by Andrea Perdue

At Rockaway Taco

One of the best spots to spend a hot summer day in New York is at Rockaway Beach (if you get there super early, you can catch surfers riding the waves!). It’s a pretty cool beach as far as “city beaches” go (okay so it’s not Ipanema, but it’s still very nice) it only takes an hour to get there from the city, and a metro can take you there!!! Cool, no?

We went the other day to shoot with Kristyna and couldn’t pass on a trip to Rockaway Taco, the little spot right off the beach. Get the fish tacos and the plantains, you won’t regret it!

Shirt, Everlane; Bandeau, Cosabella; Shorts, Zimmermann; Sunglasses, Elizabeth and James; Bracelet, Ann Dexter Jones.

Fourth of July

A little red, white and blue…

In my shopping cart this week. Of course, it’s honor of the Fourth of July here (and the France game) tomorrow!

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Laura on her way to work

I love heading to the studio in the morning. I walk, put my earphones on and listen to a podcast (do you know of any good ones?) cross my neighborhood, Washington Square Park and then Soho – and here I am.

What’s fun is that super often, a few minutes before getting there, I see my friend Laura – also on her way to work.
I’m always inspired by her outfits.

So, a second of inspiration, a big hello, and we’re back on our ways…

Click on the arrows to see more images…


It’s summer. Real summer. It’s hot out. The days are long and you can be lazy without having to make any excuses. I love it, I love it. Plus, it’s the Fourth of July this week, which means it’s a vacation week in the US. Only Friday, but it (finally!) feels like time is slowing down.

Here are a few of the things I like to do in the summer…

- Imagine that summer is forever.

- Use oil everywhere. Yep, in the summer, I switch and use oils for everything. I put oil in my hair, on my body, on my nails, everywhere. All that matters is that it makes my skin feel like satin and makes me feel like I’m on vacation. So they have to smell like summer.

Right now, I’m using three kinds :

Darphin Huile Nourrissante Toucher Satin for the body.
L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil for my hair.
NARS Monoi for everything else.

- Eat fruit all day.

- Walk around my neighborhood after work. With a friend, or with my man, walking around the Village at the end of the day is amazing. We sit on the steps of a brownstone, spend hours chatting, it’s soooo nice.

- Drink rosé. Just because rosé proves it’s summer (the rest of the time, I prefer red wine).

- Make new friends. It’s strange how people relax in the summer. They’re more open, they take their time. It would be so nice if it were like that all the time.

- Go around with a huge bag and never take anything out of it and end up finding weird things in it at the end of the year like sand, toothpaste, a telephone number with no name, a pair of panties, etc. End up with hernia.

- Rotate between about five outfits: three “daytime”, one “evening”, one “beach”. That’s it. Relax about my wardrobe.

- Spend the summer checking the summer sales.

- Sleep all day with the window open, telling myself: “Aaaah it’s so pretty out…I’ll just stay in one more hour…”

- Make huge plans for back to school, as if September were a faraway land full of promise.

- Keep wearing the same sandals as in 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010. Think about all the memories of vacations I’ve gone on with them (even the time when my bottle of monoi oil spilled all over them – and my sandals absorbed ALL of it, protecting my clothes from catastrophe and giving my sandals a deep hydrating treatment that made them look great. Ok, so maybe they changed color, so what?) (ok yeah, that’s the downside of oils).

- Freak out about having to wear a swimming suit again Ah no, sorry, I just don’t like it. Not in the list.

- Wake up with the sun, around 6:30, take my time eating breakfast and still have time left before starting my day.

- Drink some beer on account of this is the World Cup.

- Love the sun, but walk in the shade.

- Get my watercolors and notebooks out. Dry flowers in them. Paint in them and write down all my big after-summer plans.

- Read.

- Make lists.

- Daydream.

- Go on vacation!!!

… This summer, I’m going on a tour through Italy, Greece, and Spain. I can’t wait!!! What are you doing this summer? Do you have any plans?

Translated by Andrea Perdue

Inspirations, Dries Van Noten

The Dries Van Noten exhibition, Inspirations, at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen this year.

The way it’s curated is sublime — it’s full of treasures. Dries Van Noten never stops showing his work – he wanted to reveal the path that led to his inspiration. The clothes are presented with art, with Picasso, with Vasarely, videos, newspaper clippings… and it’s all integrated into his love of gardens… It’s such a rich show, it would be impossible to describe it to you.

I had gone there to photograph it for you, but something that rarely happens to me happened this time – on my way back home, I lost all the photos. After totally losing it and not being able to even talk about it until today shedding a few tears, I decided to get philosophical about it. It must mean that this show is just made to be seen in person.

The dates of the exhibition have just been extended – of course – to the end of October.

Having the luck to be invited into this unique, brilliant, marvelous and generous creator’s world is an opportunity not to be missed!

It’s really worth the trip.


And for those of you who can’t make the trip, there’s a beautiful book to accompany the exhibition. Click on the arrows to see all the photos.

Translated by Andrea Perdue

Wedding Codes

Two weeks from now, I’ll be going to a wedding. (In the South of France, they say “Je suis de mariage” – I’m of the wedding – I love it)

As you might imagine, I haven’t planned anything in advance and I’m going to end up running around like crazy at the last minute.

And more importantly, I have lots of questions – what are the rules for dressing well at a wedding?
This one is taking place in the countryside in Upstate New York, but I still have millions of questions.

Do I absolutely have to wear a dress?
Are there any colors I definitely should not wear?
Is it okay to fall flat on your face?

As the date gets closer, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of weird questions, so I was wondering – do we have any wedding pros in the audience?

Do you have any advice? What do you do when you’re invited to a wedding?

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Look Back

I love it when a dress feels as comfortable to wear as a pair of sweatpants.

It gives freedom to the movements – it’s super graceful and perfect for a summer day in the city.

It works even better if it’s all quiet in the front, and all drama in the back !

PS Michele is wearing an Alexander Wang dress, Saint Laurent sneakers, a Valextra clutch, Dior sunglasses and her bracelet is by Maiyet.

Soccer Chic

The World Cup has taken over and I am feeling inspired by to dress for the games.

A couple ideas for weekend shopping on my Pinterest!

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At Rachel Comey

This week I stopped by the new Rachel Comey store in Soho, it’s her first flagship! The interiors are so modern and feminine, there’s even carpet on the walls of the dressing room. I really like the vibe inside and it’s so nice to shop when you have great light!

PS: That’s Diane the store manager and Lina in photos! The store is designed by architect Elizabeth Roberts and interior design by Charles de Lisle.

Rachel Comey, 95 Crosby St, New York, NY 10012

At Rachel Comey

This week I stopped by the new Rachel Comey store in Soho, it’s her first flagship! The interiors are so modern and feminine, there’s even carpet on the walls of the dressing room. I really like the vibe inside and it’s so nice to shop when you have great light!

PS: That’s Diane the store manager and Lina in photos! The store is designed by architect Elizabeth Roberts and interior design by Charles de Lisle.

Rachel Comey, 95 Crosby St, New York, NY 10012

Pot Time Stories

Ever since weed became legal in some American states, I feel like I’m living in a cloud of smoke all the time.

Ok, that might be an exaggeration.

But seriously. It’s like everyone in the world smokes, smoked, or is about to smoke pot; and below my apartment, it smells like weed for miles around. For a minute there, I thought it was coming from the windows of the university campus nearby (I live in the neighborhood by NYU) but no, it happens to be a couple of retired people who love to smoke a little joint on the steps of their building at the end of the day (so they told me with a wink).

It’s not even legal yet in New York, guys. Wowowo, come on.

It doesn’t matter to me either way: I don’t smoke.
I know, it’s anti-rebel and anti-cool, but let me tell you for two seconds what it does to me…

Marijuana came into my life on a summer evening.

I was with my skater friends (I won’t tell you how young we were – it’s shameful) and one of them (one of the new guys, who was older, more handsome, and a better skateboarder than the other guys) took out some kind of brown thing (hash, which is more common in France than in the US, where people tend to smoke weed)(and is, in France as well, mostly illegal) and started rolling a joint.

We all tried it, obviously: I don’t have to tell you about the pressure to be cool when you’re in a group of skaters. It’s hell. Saying no would have immediately ruined the vibe.
So I tried it. I hated the taste but I didn’t say anything, and then it seemed like it wasn’t really doing anything to me. A few hours later, we left with two friends who lived close to me, and once we were away from the beautiful, older, and more experienced skater (ok, let’s call him BO&MES) out came the real talk:

Me: “It doesn’t even do anything. It sucks. Plus, it tastes disgusting.”
First friend: “I like the taste, but it doesn’t really do much. Alcohol is way stronger.”
Second friend: “Are you guys crazy!!! It’s SO coool, I love it so much, this feeling, omg it’s amazing (ok we probably didn’t say omg back then, probably something more like “this so rocks”) I wanna buy some!!!”

I thought he was exaggerating slightly, but I didn’t want to kill his vibe.
When I finally got home, I had this weird hunger.
I ransacked the kitchen, and then went to sleep.

A few months later, that second friend had dreadlocks, was listening to Bob Marley (who he was calling “Bob”, of course) all the time, and spent a lot more time rolling (joints) than rolling (on his skateboard). Uhuhuh.
That’s when I figured out that for some people, that kind of thing automatically becomes a life style. And pretty caricatural, for some.
I started to hate “Bob”.
But since I like to persevere even with things stupid, it took me a few more years to really understand that it just wasn’t for me. I also have to report that since after that night on the beach with BO&MES, I had the weird feeling that pot was following me around wherever I went. Suddenly it was showing up with all of the people I was hanging out with. Was it a trend, was it just growing up or was it that all the people around me where bad seeds?

My skater friends. My musician friends. Friends at school. My boyfriends. My girl friends. My friends’ parents. Everyone was smoking. Was I the only one not having fun or were the others also pretending?
I felt like I was not invited to the fun pot high – I totally had GanjFOMO.

Why didn’t it work for me?
How come every time I took a drag, I immediately felt intense nausea, and then wanted to eat everything I could get my hands on, especially cookies, and then I’d get an irresistible urge to sleep?

[I would fall asleep pretty much anywhere. I would feel the sleepiness come, and sneak out to any place I spotted. My friends were used to finding me comfortably dreaming in other people's bedrooms (alone, of course, what were you imagining?) In other people's bathtubs (empty, of course, and yes it hurts your back). On the couch right in the middle of the party. On top of a speaker during a rave party, etc...]

Anyway, I persevered.

- I tried having someone shotgun it to me. It’s still as gross as a joint, but at least it’s kind of sexy, I thought to myself as I asked BO&MES to do it.
Result: Ok. It’s sexy for about two seconds. But it burns and it’s twelve times stronger. So for me it was nausea + cookies + sleep, but three times faster.

- Then I tried weed. I mainly remember laughing so hard I peed my pants, followed by major nausea. I spent the night feeling anxious and pouring sweat while I watched the ceiling change shapes. “Oh yeah, that skunk weed is kind of strong” my friend said right after I’d taken a hit off the joint.

- Then I tried a bong. Ok actually I didn’t: I saw my friends do it and it depressed me. It seemed too much like a drug thing.
Besides, just the second hand smoke in that room was enough for me to send me to my nausea + cookies + sleep combo.

- I finally learned my lesson and half pretended to smoke (I hadn’t yet acquired a personality, which really comes in handy for saying things like “no thanks, I don’t smoke”) and half took on the role of the one who rolled all the joints for everyone (rolling joints is a great pastime for not getting bored when your friends are completely stupid because they’re smoking joint after joint)(This was before Angry Birds) so I tried rolling a twelve paper joint one night when a friend had the great idea of doing a joint rolling contest (these were some high quality friends)(the worst part is, you’re probably imagining a group of dirty punk kids, but we weren’t like that at all! most of them were law or med students)(okay, everybody knows med students are the worst)(let’s just say all the marijuana was to help deal with the pressure of school) and I had the brilliant idea that I’d be the one to win the joint rolling contest (that was a high quality Garance).
Result: When you manage to roll a twelve paper joint and you win the joint rolling contest, you’re pretty much obligated to smoke it. Nausea x 12, cookies x12 (boxes of Oreos), sleep x 12.

- Then I tried eating it. We made a pot brownie, as I was telling myself that maybe it was because I was smoking it that it wasn’t working for me. And with that, I can’t even describe the feeling, it was like suddenly I was flying, I was completely flaccid, it was like my body was getting away from me. It seemed kind of funny on the inside, but on the outside I have no idea what I looked like. Everything seemed hilarious. For no reason.
Basically, we just laughed for no reason. Does laughing count when it’s for no reason? (And other philosophical questions I asked myself as I was waking up 20 hours later with a major pot hangover).
Then afterward, nausea and sleep (I’d had enough sweets). Honestly, it was pretty pointless.

And after that, I finally understood once and for all: marijuana makes me hungry and puts me to sleep, so basically it makes me fat and boring. SO MAYBE IT WAS TIME TO STOP WITH THE NONSENSE.

I quit. I found my personality. I became “the girl who doesn’t smoke” (my personality has other sides to it, but that’s a topic for another day) and I wasn’t afraid to say so. So much better. So much funnier. Cooler. Better parties.

I don’t judge anyone else for doing it, I still love my friends who smoke and fortunately, as time has gone by, they don’t do too many joint rolling contests anymore. I just know it isn’t for me.
I’m a wise person now – and I know that, as Bob Marley used to say:

“The day you stop racing is the day you win the race”.

Oh yeah, by the way – “Bob.” Now that I don’t smoke anymore, I loooooooove him.

Translated by Andrea Perdue


My sister came to visit me in New York last week.

To give you an idea of how happy I was, just before she arrived, I spent almost two hours glued to my couch watching her plane as it got closer and closer on the JFK flight map before finally hopping into a taxi to go wait for her at the airport.
Yes, I was REALLY excited.

My sister is the best of my best friends, she’s like some kind of supreme friend. We’re close to the same age, we know each other by heart and we totally understand each other (and burst out laughing) with just the blink of an eye.

Our lives are nothing alike (she is in Corsica, and I’m in New York) but we really get each other. Anyway, I’d better stop now before I start crying since I miss her so much now that’s she’s left ;)

When it comes to style, we started out with very, very different tastes.

She’s always had a very chic, feminine, pretty classic side to her – she loves beautiful jewelry, explained the Beauty of the Kelly to me and she’s been wearing Tod’s since the beginning of time.
I, on the other hand, was always more of the boyfriend jeans and Vans type, and I didn’t even start wearing makeup until a few years ago.

We’re completely different, but we’ve always talked a lot about our styles, and exchanged clothes (sometimes after lots and lots of negotiating) and little by little, our styles have grown together – she got a little more relaxed, and I got a little more sophisticated.

Here are a few photos of my favorite tourist in the whole world. I could talk to you about her for hours, but I’ll stop there, because I think you’ve already figured it out: I love her, I think she is amazing, and I adore her style.

Translated by Andrea Perdue.


Let’s start the first week of the summer (yesss!!!) by this city look on Giorgia. I love the subtlety of her choices, the not too high heels, the easy pants and the blouse that’s just a little revealing.

Oh, and the very Italian touch – the classic Gucci bag.

As always, she’s perfect.

Come Sail Away

Seeing all the Resort collections has me wanting a cool jacket and an easy dress.

Just a few things I’m shopping for on my Pinterest!

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All White

I often wonder why I like wearing white so much, but seeing this photo (Sabrina shot in front of the beautiful “Chinatown” graffiti by the Smart Crew) I tell myself that when you live in such a colorful and busy city, white is actually a way to stand out… And to relax.

A big kiss, have a colorful and relaxing weekend!

PS : Sabrina is the owner of Dimes, a deliiiiiicious and very relaxing restaurant in Chinatown!

Park Life

Have you ever been sunbathing at the park?

In New York in the summer, parks are like real beaches. It’s so hot people throw themselves in the fountains. It’s cool, joyful and you can even buy popsicles, but I’d never do it (well that’s because I don’t sunbathe, so the only thing that would be left to me would be fountain bathing) – let’s just say I’ll wait for the beach.

That said, it’s an atmosphere we’ve wanted to capture on the blog for a long time… So, here is a park-beach trip with Caroline and Sarah.

Would you do it ?

On Caroline: Swimsuit, Melissa Odabash; Bracelets, Jennifer Fisher; Sunglasses, Stella McCartney; Bag, Samuji; Towel, Nine Space.
On Sarah: Swimsuit, J.Crew; Sunglasses, Oliver Peoples; Cuff, Vintage; Friendship Bracelet, Lucy Folk; Towel, Nine Space.

The World Cup

Are you following the World Cup?

Ok, I admit, I totally missed the wagon for the first round and missed all the games, even when France played (how is our team this year?), but I really like what’s happening in New York – even though no one ever talks about soccer here, suddenly the bars are filling up for every match and you hear the famous “Ooouuuuh” every time the ball gets anywhere close to the goal.
Yesterday, I passed by a Brazilian bar and it made me want to jump out of my taxi to join the ambiance.

I think I’m going to let myself have a few beers and pretend to be totally into soccer even though I’m really just using the soccer ball as an excuse for a good time.

Do you follow the World Cup? What are your favorite teams? Who are your favorite players? What’s your favorite beer? Hehe.

Translated by Andrea Perdue

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Oh Boy!

I ran into Ming yesterday while out exploring the city with my sister (I’ll tell you more about her visit soon)– it’s always fun to see a familiar face outside of fashion week!

My Workout

Lately I’ve been trying to find a good balance when it comes to exercise.

I’m in a phase where I really want to move (in fact, I’d like to start a beach volleyball team if anyone is interested) and even though I love yoga — it’s good for the mind and flexibility, but it’s just not enough — I decided to add in a little Pilates (apparently it’s the best exercise out there for women, and honestly, my abs could really use it) and a little cardio (I’m leaning toward rowing ever since Lauren told us about it, what do you think?)

And at the same time, I don’t have the time to spend an hour and a half at the gym every day.

Every time I ask a trainer for advice, I feel like kind of a loser who never works out enough (I’ll tell you about my session with a trainer soon. Pfff I don’t know if I’m cut out for that kind of thing) so I was wondering how you guys organize your gym schedules.
What kind of sports do you do? Do you mix it up? How many times do you work out per week?

Do you feel like you’ve found a good balance?

Translated by Andrea Perdue

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Heat Tech

Hot, humid, muggy. It’s usually what happens in New York when temperatures start rising. Of course, makeup melts, hair puffs and mascara runs on the cheeks, and it’s like that all summer long, and it’s worse if you laugh to tears often (=me).

Just a little bit of runny mascara is fine – but I often find myself with panda eyes and my friends laughing at me (all right, so I have the bad habit of touching my face a lot which doesn’t help)(here is the videotaped proof)(you have the right to laugh). So, me, I’m switching. I’m going waterproof.

My favorite is Chanel Inimitable Waterproof, but at the Studio we also love Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof (Aaaah, Maybelline mascaras) and the L’Oréal Voluminous False Fiber Waterproof Mascara.

Do you switch your makeup when summer comes?

PS: Now I’m going to have to explore the world of makeup remover, because waterproof stays and there are a couple things that Bioderma can’t undo.
PPS: Loving mascara the way Gabriela, in the photo, is wearing it. So beautiful, also because it’s the only thing she’s wearing (I wouldn’t try that with a red lip).
PPPS : Also loving Gabriela’s non-tweezed eyebrows. Yes, agreed, you need a perfect line to rock that. But seriously, it’s so sublime I’d say think twice before taking out the tweezers!

Olivia & Steph at Baz Bagel

A few weeks ago, Bari Musacchio opened a super cool new bagel shop in the LES.
Look at this wallpaper!!! I’d make a shirt out of it.

So. As you know, New Yorkers love their bagels and now we can swap our corner coffee cart for Baz’s. We went over with Olivia and Steph (this PINK Saint Laurent bag! These sandals!) the other day to check it out and of course, taste the bagels (they have a gluten free option!)– really, even for a newbie, they’re super good.

A recently introduced bingo night makes it a spot you want to hang out day and night. Try the mooch :) and if you happen to be in the mood for dessert, the french toast is delicious!

PS : Oliva and Steph own a cool shop called American Two Shot!

On Olivia: Sweatshirt, 3.1 Phillip Lim; Jeans, vintage Levi’s; Sandals, Fendi; Bag, Saint Laurent. On Steph: Jacket, Worth; Bag, Givenchy; Shoes, Saint Laurent.

Baz Bagel, 181 Grand Street, New York NY

Summer Traveler

I love a pop of color, especially for accessories.

Looking for a cool backpack to take with me on my summer travels, here’s a few ideas!

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The Del Val #19

We particularly go for the cute plush Sharpies, but you’re sure to see something you like as well.

That old man on Burt’s Bees products? That’s the real Burt! A new documentary about him.

Gia Coppola directs a peach of a video for Blood Orange.

Some people are highbrow, some lowbrow. Those who are brave can try no brow.

There is a new issue of one of the best magazines in the world you’re not reading.

Everyone who is anyone in the fashion world over the past decade has sat before his lens.

MoMA adds an app to their permanent collection, the first time ever.

Sit down for a lengthy interview with fashion’s queen of journalism, Suzy Menkes.

A weekly round up of the best links from Delphine & Wes Del Val.

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Photographing Sarita

The cover of Grey magazine!

When Valentina, from Grey magazine, asked me if I’d like to shoot Sarita Choudhury for the cover, I was like : YES!!!
Not only do I love Grey, but having the chance to shoot someone like Sarita is really too good.

She has a very special magnetism in Homeland. And it went the same way in front of my camera.
She knows how to let go, to be confident and creative – an actress that’s not about control freaking but more about giving herself… What a great day!

Here are a few photos. Big kisses!

Grey Magazine, Issue 10 Spring/Summer 2014

Click on the arrows to see more images…

With a Twist

I’ve talked about belting coats, but I haven’t mentioned that perfectly nonchalant twisted belt…

You know it’s that simple slip, turn and flip that’s never really that simple. Acne is making it fool-proof by including a bar to hold the last flip… or was it the slip?

In full support of an accessory that does comes with a built in styling trick. So smart and now, so simple.