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I don’t know at what point in history shopping became its own activity entirely — yesterday I tried to watch The Paradise*, which takes place during the Victorian era in London, and even back then, we see young women swooning over fancy lace and spending all their money** on perfumes, and some are even able to use their clothes to up their social status.

This doesn’t surprise me. There’s a particular pleasure in shopping — it’s both intimate and social. It’s a way to enjoy yourself and communicate something at the same time. That’s especially true today, and it even goes far beyond that…
Today, you can build an entire career based on shopping.

Don’t take my word for it. Careers are rare. But let’s take a look at some recent phenomena…

Personal Style Bloggers

There are more and more of them all the time, they are getting cuter and cuter, and their wardrobes are always overflowing. And also – it’s like a sport : as Alexia said in the comments on Monday — some girls never wear the same thing twice.
They look like they have dream lives*** running from plane to plane, taking three photos of copious breakfasts with Valentino Studs in the foreground and the Eiffel Tower in the background.

They aren’t technically stylists or models. I’m not even sure they could dress anyone other than themselves.
They are…experienced shoppers.

And it works! Most of the time, they’re really good at mixing brands, inspiring, and promoting young, local designers we wouldn’t have heard of otherwise, which is great… Some of them make real careers out of it. Why not?

But at the same time, does this shopping hysteria correspond in any way to reality? The answer is clearly no. I get dizzy just thinking about how all the changes and clothes organizing (getting it, sorting it, folding it, hanging it, trying it on, sending it back****) every day.

But it’s great eye candy, and as long as we don’t find ourselves freaking out when we look at these blogs “but why don’t I have a different pair of pumps every day and the Eiffel Tower behind me!?!?!” I’m totally ok with it.

Victoria Beckham

I love what Victoria Beckham does, and she explains it really well herself: After so many years of shopping, she knows exactly what she wants to find when she goes shopping.

So she created her own brand based on her experience. And she does a great job of it. She puts her whole shopping philosophy to work in her career. When she launches her line of handbags, they’re perfect. You have to admit she has plenty of experience with perfection given her 100 + Birkins.

I can’t wait to see what her stores are like.

Kim Kardashian

I don’t know if we can really call it shopping (But at the same time, she really shops — remember when I ran into her at Isabel Marant? She was trying on clothes and showing everything to Kanye… No stylist in sight), but she’s worth mentioning because she’s the most recent example of rehabilitation by clothes and only clothes (okay, a little bit of Kanye as well) — and that alone turned her from reality tv star (“Boooh!!!”) into a Vogue cover model (“Aaaaah!!!”)

Because really, unlike some celebrities who change their image to mark a career change, Kim didn’t change anything but her clothes. Whether you like it or not, she is using her private life to create an empire, and she still uses her name to sell all kinds of things, chic or not, to her fans.

But now she knows how to dress, and our opinion of her (oh la la, you guys got SO mad at me when I said I liked her new looks!) is going to change.
A year from now, she’ll be on Vanity Fair’s best dressed list, and one day we will have completely forgotten that Kim Kardashian used to show off her booty in Hervé Léger. We’re going to think she’s chic. We’re going to start talking about her irony-free. Without having to apologize or explain like everyone does these days why-she’s-actually-cool-if-you-really-think-about-it.
We’ll start describing her as an experienced business woman with flawless style.
No, seriously! You’ll see!

And all of that will happen just because she is a smart shopper.

It’s funny, don’t you think?

Ok guys, I’ll let you go. I have some shopping to do!


*It’s on Netflix. Not great so far. Have you seen it?

**Well — they spent all their family’s money, anyway. It’s not like women worked back then*

*No, they didn’t work, they plotted. Or at least that’s what all the films would have us believe. All the men were at war, and all the women were sitting around plotting schemes. Pfffff.

*** Ok, I mean, it’s the Internet dream life. Let’s not fool ourselves!

**** No, they’re not all rich, some of them just really know what they’re doing. And, uuuum, sending back clothes they ordered? Which is? Not a good idea. It’s always when you decide to do that, that you end up with a coffee that decides to spill itself (oops!) on your $10,000 dress.

Translated by Andrea Perdue

A beauty minute with Keisha

“Morning: My mum, Satya Lall, is a facialist and has engrained a cleansing and toning regime in me since I was 15. I wake up and wash my face with Decleor foaming mousse, and that’s just with water. Then I like to put an oil on and then a face cream, Hydra Floral from Decleor.

For makeup, casting wise it has to be kept quite natural. So concealer by MAC, a little bit of eyebrow gel and sometimes, if I’m up for it, Maybelline Colossal mascara. Then some Lucas Papaw for a natural gloss. If I’m really going out I’ll add some eyeliner and some blush or a bronzer. I’ve got this really nice palette from Soap & Glory. I use tinted moisturizer from Laura Mercier. That’s if I’m going out or having a bad day and just want to even out the skin tone.

Day: I carry Caudalie Eau de Beauté, L’Occitane Hand Cream, Soap & Glory Hand Maid Cleansing Gel and Lucas Papaw.

Night: I remove it all with cleanser and toner from Decleor. And I like a night balm and then some eye cream.”

- Keisha Lall

White Shirts

You know it: I loooooove white shirts. I love them, I never get tired of them and last season, when I saw them popping everywhere on the runway I was all: get ready this is going to be my season. (There was also a lot of cropped tops on the runway and I was all: this is gonna be a tough season).

Here are three most important facts about the white shirt that make it awesome:

- It’s versatile and can be worn from a lazy Sunday to a red carpet ( if you’re Sharon Stone, all right?).
- It works with everything and even with nothing – a little bit longer, and it’s a perfect dress!
- It’s perfect to cover up in in the summer. My shooting outfit for summer is always an oversize white painters shirt: it protects my arms from the sun (not 100%, I still have to put sunscreen!) and I stay cool.

So, now everything I’ve see on the runway is in the stores and it’s time for action – we made a little selection of our favorites.
Mine is definitely the Junya one with the fringes. Which one do you prefer ?

In the photos : Stella McCartney , Maximalist Junya Watanabe, Bracelets Aurelie Bidermann lace cuff and lasso cuff, Earrings Aesa , Downtown Acne , Sneaker Adidas x Topshop , Delicate The Row, Tomboy Alexander Wang, Shorts No.21, Earrings Bing Bang , The Classic Equipment , Necklace Aesa, Ring Jennifer Fisher

Editor’s Letter #4

It’s really an adventure keeping a blog in the 10’s. What started out as a simple journal got bigger, and it evolved as the internet has been revolutionizing our lives.

At the same time, print magazines that we all love so much had a hard time adapting to the unsustainable pace of the internet, and we’ve seen a lot of the old systems around us crumble.

The reader (me, you!) who used to feel somewhat distant from the press, journalists, and fashion, now understands that everything is within arm’s reach. We have access to behind the scenes, and understand the relationship that has developed with advertisers (you give me an ad, I’ll give you an article) and money — the key motivator behind it all, because it’s a matter of survival for magazines.
And not the measly four dollars we pay for the magazine, weren’t we stupid to believe that.

The internet is free, open, fluid, and shared — it’s different.

Then e-shops come on the scene. Amazing!!! People buy things online. We never would have imagined it. In the beginning, advertisers are careful, trying to see how to reproduce the comfortable system that had been in place with magazines.

Times have changed, but people — they’re the same.

And it works, of course. The problem with a free, fluid, global system, is that there aren’t any rules. Some people with blogs have tried to mobilize (Independent Fashion Bloggers) to keep from falling back into the same system that made us lose confidence in print. But that hasn’t really worked.

Not having any rules means that we are free to say yes to any business opportunity.
But it also means we can say no.

Then a new generation arrives — a generation who has grown up with smartphones in their hands, and a totally different way of thinking than the previous generation. They read through these commercial systems in a blink and they can navigate them with no problem at all.
It’s perfectly normal to take a selfie every three seconds, perfectly normal to broadcast your engagement (especially if you’ve rented out an entire football stadium for the occasion), and it’s perfectly normal to be paid when you talk about a brand.

A totally different frame of reference.

As for advertisers, the cogs haven’t stopped turning. After a few years of playing with the internet, they’re ready to pounce. Since there aren’t any rules, it’s their time to occupy the territory. We can do so much more online than we could on paper!
People share information for us, and it goes so much further than we could have imagined! And this new generation is having fun with it! Let’s do it. Now’s the time.

So every day, I get emails offering to pay me for publicity. I don’t mean ads in the sidebar, too easy. I mean, I’m asked to advertise in my editorial content, and in my social media networks, with no clear distinction between the ads and the content of my articles — and that completely shakes my value system.

You see, I’m not against money. It allows me to do lovely things for my blog. Better design, more beautiful photos, nicer stories. I’ve explained to you how I work here, and it’s still the same today. I say no a lot. Too much, sometimes.

That said, I like to explore what modernity has to offer.

And I like the brands I work with. They offer me great projects, they provide an amazing outlet for my creativity, and they allow me to do things I wouldn’t have been able to do without their financial support. The brands I choose to work with respect my readers. I meet people in the industry who are passionate about what they do — in short, there’s no reason to make them the bad guys, especially if you can choose them according to your own tastes.

Every day, with my agent and my team, we talk about the best way to respect our blog, and to respect you — our intelligent and educated readers who’ve got it all figured out (I know this because I meet you as often as I can, and I read all your comments)(speaking of meeting you, last week I taught a class at Yale! See photo “teacher G” up there), while also adapting to this world that’s changing every second.

After putting a lot of thought into trying to understand this new publishing world, and taking a look at how other people work, whether their blogs are fully sponsored or not — I decided to take a thoughtful, honest, and simple approach.

Any content on the blog that is done in collaboration with a brand is clearly indicated. No posts will have a hidden sponsor — we will continue to adapt to the world that’s changing around us, but you will always be clearly informed.
For everything else, if I don’t say anything, it means the content doesn’t have any particular financial backing.*

We do work with affiliated links, which is one of the simplest and most open ways to work (no direct contact with stores or brands, and no editorial pressure). Brands like Zara or Céline, who are not part of any affiliated networks, (yep, on the total opposite end of the spectrum, some brands have things in common!) continue to appear on the blog — very often, in fact. We don’t choose content based on our affiliated partners.

Everything else is simply a matter of confidence and communication between you and us.

Having strict rules hasn’t stopped the press from getting involved in a complicated, dependent relationship with advertisers — and it’s exactly this lack of flexibility and honesty that’s bringing the press down today.

It’s too bad, and I really hope that magazines will be able to weather the storm.

As for me, I’m excited to be a part of this new era and to redefine what it means to be a blogger today.

It looks like this constant state of revolution is what the future has in store for us. To thrive in that kind of environment, you have to stay simple, authentic, and adaptable. Make up your own rules. Stay faithful to yourself. Listen to feedback. And above all, don’t be afraid to question the way you do things.

And that goes for a blog just like it does for a career — or any aspect of our lives.

We never get bored, eh?

I’m here this morning if you have any questions. Hugs and kisses!


*For example, when I published the film I made with L’Oréal on Thursday, they obviously called me and paid me to make the film, but they did not pay me to post it on the blog, and it wasn’t guaranteed that I’d share it (Some people say, “You’re crazy! You should have sold them the ad space!” But it is what it is) I just posted it because I love it.

Can you see a lemon in the photo (???), a photo of me as a Professor at Yale with a perfect Schott x Edith A. Miller jacket, an old pair of Zara jeans, and my beloved Common Projects (I brought heels, but they aren’t very into heels at Yale), my Krysos + Chandi rings, a WXYZ bracelet (it’s not mine, but it’s super beautiful anyway), my MAKE eyeliner, and my Diptyque lip balm (I love their new beauty line — it’s sublime) and I’m saving the best for last — MY MIU MIU SHOES THAT ARE INSAAAANE — I’LL TALK YOUR EARS OFF ABOUT THEM SOON. I love them so much. Kisses!

Translated by Andrea Perdue.

Elisa x Gripoix

During fashion week, my friend Elisa presented the jewelry collection she created for Gripoix, in the wonderful hair salon/apartment of David Mallett.

It was beautiful, packed, and I’m super happy that Elisa, who started her career in fashion as a designer, is finally able to show us her talents. And her mastery of colors, but this, we could have guessed ;)

A Color Story

Today, I would like to share a video with you that I made for L’Oréal Paris. I’m super happy with it.

The L’Oréal Paris team called me a few months ago to talk about Mousse Absolue, and when I told them it was a product I was already using, they couldn’t believe it – It hasn’t even come out yet in the US!

True, but it’s already been out in France for a year, and since I’m not the kind who likes to spend hours at the salon, I rushed to try it right away — and loved it.

Of course, it’s a lot easier to do something fun and creative with a product you love. I wanted to show you my way of coloring my hair, and I got the idea to do it with polaroids. So I called my friend Matt, who we’ve worked with in the past, and we spent a whole day in a dreamy loft* taking millions of polaroids (around 400 — we have mountains of them in the studio!!!)

The next day, we put it all together on film at the studio with these gorgeous hands** and here are the results!!!

I hope you like it :)

PS: The funny thing is, in France, we’re all super used to coloring our own hair, right?

I have tons of memories of doing it with friends (some turned out better than others, as you can imagine!)

Well, in the US, it’s really rare to do it yourself. People here typically have a professional do their beauty things for them. I think that’s a good thing, but I admit it’s hard to find the time for your manicure, your waxing appointment, your hair color appointment, and so on.

Plus, you have to have room for all of that in your budget!!!

So, I actually do a lot of those things myself. My nails, waxing, hair color, and probably lots of other things that seem so obvious to me that I don’t even think about them. It’s just the way I learned !

Do you prefer to go to a salon or do you like to do it all at home?


* Not my loft, unfortunately.
** Not my hands, unfortunately.
*** Right, because I’m worth it!!! Ok, I’m far from being a L’Oréal Paris ambassador, but I’m telling you, that’s kind of a moment ;)

Translated by Andrea Perdue.

Spring Breakdown

Advance Warning: My 10 Spring Failures.

Here are 10 activities (among others, since I had to pick and choose) I’m planning to start this spring with a great big heart, motivation on high, and absolutely no memory of the fact that every spring…It’s the same story. I decide to:

Exercise more.

“Noooo, hang on a second, you don’t get it. This is Pilates, ok? It’s not the same! It’s the perfect sport for me because my problem is my midsection, really. I’m starting tomorrow. I mean, the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m busy.”

Protect myself from UV rays.

“The sun in the city is awful. Alex, could you maybe talk about it on the blog so we know exactly what we should be doing?” Yes! Ooh la la la, this post is so good! Now I know EXACTLY what to do! I’m starting tomorrow. Mmm, yeah, I really didn’t have time this morning. I was busy.”

Plan my dream vacation.

Not too far.
Not too hot.
Not too close.
My phone? Totally off. Too bad it’s the perfect time to Instagram, though. Because honestly, when you’re not traveling and you’re working on your book every day in bed or on the couch, I’m not sure what there is to take pictures of, other than taking selfies… Well, ok. Just one Instagram per day. But no checking emails!!! …Well, ok, just two per day.
It has to be a couple’s vacation, but with time alone. You know what I mean?
But with margaritas starting around 6, though.
Plenty of exercise, and total relaxation.
In the sun.
But in the shade.
See what I mean?

Start taking selfies.

I’ve been saying this for two years now. Oh yeah, definitely: it’s as dumb as it sounds and I still can’t do it.

Change my style.

Tired of being a tomboy! This season, I’m going to be so feminine!!!
Scott, you’re gonna like this.

*Buys three skirts*
*Tries them all on at home*
*Loves it all, go to bed with dreams of a total fashion makeover in my head*
*Has a dream where she’s on the cover of Vogue Paris: Garance, her style, her art*
*Wakes up feeling ready to take on the world!!!*
*When the time comes to get dressed, grabs a pair of jeans and sneakers.*

Have a party.

“Oh my god, I really want to have a party!!! Come on, let’s have a party! Come ooooon, an amazing party!”

I’ll make a playlist. Do you like hip hop? I have a place picked out and everything. We can have it at my friend’s roof top, okay it’s in Brooklyn but it’s going to be so cool. I’ll make some things to eat – all gluten-free, paleo, and vegan, of course. Yep. And macarons. And everyone can bring something to drink, and oh la la, I have the PERFECT cocktail recipe, it’s got fresh fruit in it.
And yeah, obviously – we’ll only invite our real friends, so we can all finally get together for once. Aaaah, it’s going to be so cool!

Ok, so what’s a good date for you? Just let me know! Can you tell me by tomorrow? Ok, cool. Don’t forget, ok? If you don’t remind me, I’ll forget.”

Go to flea markets…

… Or just sit around reading magazines all Sunday morning?
The answer is in the question.

Clean up and get organized.

Yes! It even has a name: Spring Cleaning – the activity that moves Garance to go into her closet, wave her arms around, saying: “It’s unbelievable how much stuff is piling up, no really, how is this even possible?” put on some loud music, dance a little, and sort things into four piles:

- give away
- get altered
- put in the garage
- throw away

Then she remembers she doesn’t have a garage, and has to jump over the four piles all weekend until she gets sick of seeing them and throws it all into one big bag on Sunday night. Only to re-sort the piles the following weekend. And not know where to take the things to give away. And not know where to sell them. Or where to get them altered. Only to finish Spring Cleaning at the end of the summer. Just in time for Fall Cleaning.

Be perfectly waxed every day.

Ahahahahahahahahah!!! Lol.

Be perfectly manicured every day, even on my feet (like, okay, pedicured).

Ahahahahahahahah, come on, stop! It’s too much! I haven’t started Pilates yet – my abs are going to explode from laughing so hard!

Be exactly the same every day for the rest of the year.

Voilà. You get it now. Secret of my life? Never change a winning team.

So, what are your plans this spring?

Translated by Andrea Perdue.

Chic Sneak

Sneakers have become a staple in our wardrobes here at the studio. Without fail, one of us is in a pair everyday. And I’ve noticed they are getting…can we say… fancier? These in the photo are by Feit (they are leather and handmade–really cool) and definitely take the classic sporty sneaker to another level. What do you think of the new fancy sneaker?

PS: You can shop Feit here and the jeans in the photo are MiH!


I love Andi’s look because it speaks to me about a femininity that I don’t see so often in the streets of New York.
Okay well, my New York… Maybe I should go uptown more often?
What speaks to me is this chic and certain femininity, which is so sexy – a little bit Italian style.

It’s funny, because I bought a skirt that looks a little bit like that the other day; you can wear it only with heels, and the moment I saw myself in the mirror I was taken back by the added femininity it gave me. For me. who mostly wears jeans and shirts, I though that if I was to dress that way more often, my perception of myself would totally change and you know what? I’d like that.

Then I remembered I like to walk everywhere.
Pffff, life is full of unsolvable contradictions.

Do you find that having really feminine style is tough to keep up in everyday life?

Coat, Michael Kors; Top, Assembly New York; Pants, Tibi; Bag, Stella McCartney; Heels, Manolo Blahnik; Belt, vintage Versace.

At the Open Studio

I can’t believe a week has already gone by since the Open Studio!!!

Here are a few photos to share with you the atmosphere – you’ll see Nicolas who did calligraphy for three hours, the letters that were written at our writing station, Anna trying to organize the space through the day and a lot of other cool moments :)

Thank you again for being with us, IRL or through your screen!!!


Click on the arrows to see more images…

PS: You can shop my collection at Garance Doré Goods!

PPS: And a special thank you to all of our partners who made this amazing weekend possible: Rifle Paper Co., Openhouse, Jack’s Stir Brew, CB2, Ladurée, Veuve Clicquot, Tattly and Eventstagram.

The Jean

You asked…

And now, you have the answer. Those pretty much perfect jeans I am wearing in the photo above? The Paris jean from MiH. I really haven’t taken them off since I got them last week, and I’m planning on stocking up in all the colors. They’ve already turned into one of those things I end up wearing for three months straight… Vive le jean!

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The Mix

I love the way Ngoné mixed up prints in this photo– it’s inspiring since I’m always caught wearing a matchy-matchy outfit (laaaaame!). And that cropped sleeve leopard coat is perfect for easing into spring weather (yeahhhhh!), just layer with a long sleeve tee or sweater and voilà!

PS: The jacket is by Adam Lippes and the bag from Saint Laurent!

The Mix

I love the way Ngoné mixed up prints in this photo– it’s inspiring since I’m always caught wearing a matchy-matchy outfit (laaaaame!). And that cropped sleeve leopard coat is perfect for easing into spring weather (yeahhhhh!), just layer with a long sleeve tee or sweater and voilà!

PS: The jacket is by Adam Lippes and the bag from Saint Laurent!


The other day, I was sitting there relaxing in the operating room (ok, not exactly relaxing)(I was about to get anesthesia and I DO NOT like the idea of that at all)(it was for a really harmless operation, I assure you) when suddenly, the anesthesiologist, who was putting an IV in my hand, tells me “Oh, funny – the skin on your hand is very, very supple.”

I sat up in my bed suddenly, and said to her: “Wait a second – suuuuppple? I mean – good supple or bad supple?” And she answered: “Just supple, more supple than most people. You know – tender! It’s not good or bad, just more supple.”
So I said: “Do you mean droopy? Stretchy? Flexible?”
To which she responded: “Alright, here we go – count backward from 10 – 10, 9…”

That’s when I remembered I was in the operating room.
Well, for about ten seconds, anyway, before the room around me faded away and I fell asleep.

Ah, there’s nothing like vanity to help me forget my fear of anesthesia!

A half-hour later, just after waking up (and feeling great – seriously, what do they put in those anesthetics?) I looked at my hand and realized that I was witnessing the arrival of something strange called… Drumroll, please…


Yeah, that’s a fact :

We I are am pretty dumb, and it happens at every age. Let’s take a look back at how my complexes started…

Some of them started all by themselves. Like my feet, for example. I don’t like them very much. I guess that’s kind of typical — one out of two people doesn’t really like their feet*, and this started when I was about nine years old and was starting to become aware of my body. So there you go. Ever since, I’ve put up with my feet, being extra careful not to wear shoes that reveal their flaws.

Some of them started from being made fun of. Aaaaaaah criticism.
We get made fun of in primary school, then in junior high, then in high school. I got away with not having to deal with it much, for the most part – my acne attack was manageable as long as I had eight tubs of Clearasil and 300 tubes of BodyShop Concealer** close by. But actually, I did go through a horrible episode of being made fun of that left my soul pretty bruised. When I was about 11, my breasts decided to jump about three years ahead of the rest of my body (and my mind!) and grew fully formed all in one go.
I can tell you that group of little brats in junior high didn’t spare me – they made fun of me and stuck me with a complex that I’ll probably have all my life.
Let’s just say being 11 ?

Wasn’t the easiest year of my life.

Some complexes come from friends. A lot of times, it starts with a sympathy complex. Your friend says:
“Uuuuugh, I hate the cellulite on my thighs!!!”
“But you don’t even have cellulite on your thighs! Where!? What are you even talking about.”
“Yes I do, right there. When you pinch there – right THERE, see?”
“Oh, come on, I guess if you pinch it, sure, but I HAVE THE SAME THING (see the sympathy complex rearing its ugly head?) do you think I should be worried about it? Do anti-cellulite creams work very well?***”
And there you go. A new cellulite complex that didn’t exist two seconds before is born right before your eyes. Ah, girlfriends. They’re the worst about handing out complexes.

Some complexes start with a photo.
WHHHHAAAAT!!! Show me that photo again? Is that really my nose / my butt / my shoulders? Nooooo, stop. Do I really look like that? Tell me, tell me the truth! You’re myfriendwhotellsmeeverythingandIcancountonyouthroughthickandthin: Does this photo really look like me? WHAT!? YOU THINK IT LOOKS LIKE ME!?” and so on…
We’ve all had complexes start with a photo. And with Instagram these days, you have to admit: We’ve all had a moment of utter terror seeing ourselves on someone else’s Instagram (and of course, THEY look perfect in the photo, the jerks!!)(Untag me right now, no seriously, untag me or I’ll unfollow you forever, I’m telling you!)

Some complexes come from the beauty / fashion industry.
Those complexes bother me because I don’t even know where they pull them from.
I swear, a few years ago, people were just fine having pores. And suddenly, we all decided we absolutely had to get rid of our pores and buy tons of beauty products to make them just as invisible as they are in overly airbrushed photos.
That one started so many complexes around me that I decided I just wasn’t going to participate. I decided to take a vacation from having complexes, and that I’d accept my pores and wouldn’t even sympathize with my friends who were obsesssing about them.

I’ve already got a good 10 to 15 complexes to deal with as it is, and I just adopted a new one that I didn’t even ask for (what!? the droopiness of the skin on my left hand – that counts!!!) (“But he said supple, Garance, supple – it’s not droopy!!”) and I’m sure there are more complexes just waiting to move in as the years go by, right?

So voilà. Now that we’ve completed our (in depth!) analysis of how complexes are born, do you think we can decide to get rid of them?
I’m trying to.


*And it’s not a matter of being objective, ok? I know a girl with feet that I think are, uuuuhhh, well – not so great – average at best (ok, I admit, I’m a little weird about feet)(and plus, the entire rest of her body is absolutely sublime, so don’t get mad!) and she won’t stop Instagramming her feet, that’s how much she loves them and thinks they are amazing.
So there’s just nothing objective about it! The important thing is that she likes her own feet, right?
(Ok, but I did kind of have to unfollow her, though – with summer coming, the foot storm was getting to be unbearable.)

**Bodyshop was SO my thing at the time – do you remember the White Musc perfume? It was a whole era.

***Answer: of course not.

Translated by Andrea Perdue

The Première

Chanel has so many classics that I love (yes, I’m talking about you) and the Première watch is really no exception…

The Première first came out in 1987 and has since been reintroduced in more colors and sizes. I like the classic version, gold and black, simple. It’s the kind of watch you can wear every day and never want to take it off. I love how the chain makes it feel so much like a bracelet… which is my excuse for wanting to wear one, because I’ll always check my time on my iPhone ;)

Ironic Iconic

But but but… a Coca-Cola sweatshirt!??

What is this? Trendy, ironic, cooler than cool or way too much?

Ok, first of all, I have to tell you: I’m a fan of sweatshirts. I wear them pretty often, and right now I even prefer to them to wool sweaters. I like the way they look, I like their cool side, and my favorite is by Isabel Marant for H&M. I put it on every time it comes out of the machine, and I wear it until it’s time to wash it again (we all have clothes like that, right?) I like really simple sweatshirts, but I also like ones with inscriptions — preferably vintage, even though I’ve also seen some new ones that caught my eye…

But…a Coke sweatshirt, really? Where did that come from?

Well, I really don’t know. I mean, I know! I know where the idea came from — it’s from the amazing Marc Jacobs collection that came out this summer, and frankly I want to buy it all — even the sweatshirt with the reclaimed Coca-Cola logo on it.
The thing is, if it’s Marc, we all know it’s ironic — he’s making it his own, making a statement about our society. That’s what he’s always done, and I love him for it.
Seeing his show really makes you understand his vision. It was like the girls had come out of a storm, wearing whatever they had found in the wreckage… It was sad and poetic and beautiful.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 Photo

But this sweatshirt isn’t Marc’s. It’s from Topshop. I don’t doubt they were inspired by the idea and decided to take it even further. Keisha was wearing it the other day at the Studio, and I thought it was a really fun piece. A little ironic, a little iconic. You know what — I actually think I like it.

What do you think?

Translated by Andrea Perdue.

Editor’s Letter

The thing I heard the most this weekend during our Open Studio was from readers who came over to say: “I’ve been following your blog for years, it’s so great to see how it’s evolving…!” and nothing could make me happier than feeling that empathy.

It’s fantastic, because it always reminds me of how I started — not even talking about it, being almost a little embarrassed to have the audacity to imagine that I could have a blog, or that I had this micro dream of doing something of my own.
Back then, I didn’t tell anyone about it — only my three closest friends, actually.

In a matter of two weeks, we launched our newsletter, a new version of our store, and our first Open Studio all at once. To be honest, we hadn’t realized that everything would fall at the same time. These were all just dreams we’d had for a long time that finally came to life at the same moment.

We couldn’t be happier with the results.
The newsletter has been well received and you’ve sent us tons of emails telling us how much you liked it. The first special event related to the newsletter was just as cool and intimate as I had imagined* (sending kisses to the readers who came to breakfast on Friday and vive Prêt-à-Manger croissants! ;) — As for Garance Doré Goods and the Open Studio, oh la la… I’ll have to write an entire post all about it because this weekend surpassed everything I had hoped for it, to the point that at this very moment (that is — Sunday at 1:46, just after spending the morning taking down the Open Studio) I still haven’t completely come down from it.

That’s how things are going for us as we grow.

I dream (or rather — we dream, since I’m not alone anymore and we totally love dreaming things up together, my team and I) and we work like crazy until we bump into the limits of our imagination. And when that happens, that just means it’s time to dream up something new.

Some people talk about creative visualization — it might be kind of like that.

It seems natural to me now. And obviously, it’s easier now to say things now like: “What if we set up a pop-up space where everyone would be welcome to come see the collection, meet the team, and participate in conferences and workshops with us? And get Tattly tattoos! And we could serve Ladurée macaroons! And share my favorite coffee! And invite the amazing Nicolas!!! And Lola! And, and, and…” than it was when I started and nobody knew me.
But in other ways, it’s still the same process. It all starts with a dream.

Because if we don’t let ourselves dream, that’s when life puts up a series of walls, impossibilities, and maybe later in another life.

Dreams carry us over those walls. They make us see new paths — things that maybe no one else had ever imagined before.
When I started, I never could have imagined that all of this was possible, myself!

That’s why nothing makes me happier than your enthusiasm for how the blog is evolving. I figure that if my blog, besides talking about style (and everything else on our minds), can give you ideas, encouragement, and a little bit of the audacity to believe in yourself, then that truly is a dream.

Big kisses! And have a great start to your week! :)


*It was great — we were all sitting around the table together, we got to chat and eat croissants, and I met, among others — my new Pilates teacher, one of our readers who does digital marketing and who is going to come give us a lesson at the Studio, and another reader who is a director and who might come help us on the next episodes of Pardon My French! I knew my readers were cool!!!

PS: In the photo — a Tattly temporary tattoo.

Translated by Andrea Perdue

Thank You!

Here is a photo taken yesterday, as we were closing the Open Studio!

It rained like crazy all say but it didn’t stop the Studio from being packed from 10am to 8pm (this might explain the fog on the windows), with a crazy moment in the afternoon when there was a line around the block (thank you so much for those who waited in the rain).

It was magic to meet you all and to share so many things, be it during our intimate breakfast on Friday or the super packed talk of yesterday.

I’ll tell you more about it later this week, but today, I wanted to thank everybody that came over, and I hope to do it again soon!!!

Love xxxx G

More on the Open Studio!

And here is the program for our Open Studio, a pop up that will be open to everyone on Friday and Saturday!!!!

As I already told you, the idea is that Anna (who is the art director of Rifle) and her team and my (wonderful) team and I will be there to make the space really feel alive.

You’ll be able to come to have coffee, take a look at the collection, meet us but also come to our talks (Friday with Anna who is a wonderful illustrator about our creative process, and Saturday with Lola Rykiel who is the PR director of Sonia Rykiel and knows everything about etiquette and the art of a thank you note).

The amazing Nicolas Ouchenir will be here for a few hours on Saturday to do calligraphy and this is such a honor – I’m soooo looking forward to this moment !!!
Tomorrow, we’ll also do temporary tattoos (with my illustrations) and a letter writing station.

And there will be coffee from my favorite, Jack’s Coffee, all day long.

I don’t think I need to tell you more. Being able to open the doors to our world like this, is such a dream. I really, REALLY hope to meet you.

168 Bowery, Bowery & Kenmare
Friday 12-8pm
Saturday 10am-8pm


PS : The only event that’s not open to the public is tomorrow’s breakfast – it’s already fully booked because we announced it in our newsletter (which as I said, will be the place to have access to special events and meet ups!) but the pop up will give us many other chances to meet !

PPS : For those of you who won’t be here, the talks will be broadcasted on Google + and of course, we’ll take a ton of pictures !

PPPS : This time, we didn’t forget the hashtag and it is #garancedorepaper

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The Goods

It’s exciting announcement week (=we don’t sleep a lot)(= we have bags under our eyes)(=we drink too much coffee)!!!

For the occasion of the launch of my stationery line avec Rifle and of the Open Studio that starts tomorrow (full program later today), our new shop is live today: Garance Doré Goods!!!

It’s a totally new website where you will be able to find my posters and art prints, the entire stationery and gift line (iPhone caaaaaseeees) (they’re now all available) but also an edit of some of my favorite objects.

It will be updated everyday and I really see it as a website dedicated to all the beautiful things I see around me !!! Click here to check it out (and shop the collection…!).



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The skate shoe epidemic has hit the Studio in full force. I wanted to show you some of our favorites…and a few little styling tips!

Click the arrows to see them all!

In the photos: Blue satin slip-on, Céline; Zara; White leather slip-on sneaker,Feit; Canvas slip-on,Vans; Perforated leather slip-on,Common Projects; Zebra print slip-on sneaker,Rachel Zoe; Black quilted slip-on, H&M; Hawaiian print slip-on,Aldo; Pony hair slip-on,Schutz; Glitter-covered slip-on, Saint Laurent.

Short Cuts

I was walking down the street with Elisa on Saturday night, and we noticed that the girls seemed to be really, reeeeally bare – like hardly wearing anything at all.

They all had on super tight, super short skirts or shorts – more like panties, really, and tops which were basically bras, and they all seemed terribly excited.

I don’t have to remind you that it was below 20°F: I think we’ve already established on this blog that the city of New York has returned to the ice age.

Anyway, we were freezing, even with our coats on. We couldn’t believe our eyes.

Obviously, for a second there, I wondered if we had turned into disapproving grandmas, to which Elisa replied: “Grandma yourself!”

The more we walked, the colder we got, and the flock of half-naked girls just kept on coming.

So we went on theorizing:
“Noooo, we’re just shocked because it’s cold out. In the summer, everyone in New York is dressed like that and no one gives it a second thought!!!”
“Yeah, it’s true – I’ve noticed the shorts in New York are really really short.”*

That’s when we arrived at Webster Hall and realized that was the final destination of all the skin-tight shorts. (I mean, not final FINAL destination, of course – the butts accompanying them would have to get back home one day, right?)(I hope?)

“Pfffff, that’s the Miley Cyrus influence – this is wrong”* I said, with a disapproving look (but not a disapproving grandma look – just disapproving!!!)

The crowd was there to see a group of DJs I hadn’t heard of*, the Bassjackers (is it just me or do I not know anything anymore*?) (have you heard of them?) – and everything would have been fine in the world of butt showing, except that as soon as I saw the crowd, this is what I noticed: the girls were half-naked, but the guys were all dressed totally normally.

“I mean, in the 70s, clothes were super tight*, but it was the same for guys. I have photos of my dad in bell bottom jeans to prove it!”

Honestly, I’ve always been pretty relaxed about half-nakedness. A little less so when it comes to vulgarity, but I guess vulgarity is a matter of perspective.

Side note: Don’t Fear the Nipple

Did you see what happened to Anja Rubik when she published a photo of herself wearing a sheer top (Not vulgar – beautiful, very sexy – but not vulgar) and Instagram literally shut down her page? I thought that was pretty unbelievable.

It’s fashion, it’s artistic!!! Some people might have said.
Yes, but breasts are breasts, it’s nudity – zero tolerance or it’s all doors opened to pornography!!! The People of Instagram might have responded (I don’t think they responded at all, actually. She just had to open another account), completely freaked out by the downward spiral into porno on Tumblr.

As for Anja, she opened a new account and made “Don’t Fear the Nipple” t-shirts, and I thought that was cool. Even if I don’t necessarily want to free my nipple right this minute.

Honestly, all of this is difficult – there aren’t really any clear lines.

That night in front of Webster Hall, the thing that bothered me was of course the trashiness of it all, but also the fact that only the girls were half-naked – that they thought to be fun and cool as a young girl, they had to show as much skin as possible, look as drunk / sexy / ready for anything as possible.

I don’t know what guys go through as teenagers (I’m sure they have other difficult things to deal with) but anyway, I’m sure they don’t have the same pressure to exhibit themselves and to oversexualize their bodies. Good for them.

Now, what’s the dynamic between them and the crazy, half-naked girls?
No idea. But I don’t think boys “ask” girls to dress like that or that it’s a problem of inequality between boys and girls at all.
I just think that girls imagine that’s what they have to do to be cool and rebellious.

And frankly, it’s easy to judge – I had some big moments of stupidity when I was about 20. It wasn’t always glorious, but I learned from it.

So, all of this is just to say – I’m not really sure what to think. Do you think next time I should tell them to go put some clothes on* or should we just let kids be kids…?

* Oh la la, I sound like such a grandma! G, SERIOUSLY!!!

Translated by Andrea Perdue.

Socks + Heels

Pulling off socks and heels is a total science (Saint Laurent got it right last season). It’s all about the right shoe (not too strappy) and the perfect sock (not too bulky).

Since we are getting pretttttty sick of wearing boots, it could be the perfect combination for this almost spring weather, don’t you think?

PS: These heels are from Topshop and the socks are Maria La Rosa.

The Open Studio

Sososososo cool !

We had already announced this in our newsletter, but on Friday and Saturday this week, we will be having an Open Studio !!
For the New York launch of my stationery line with Rifle, I wanted to do an event where we could meet and exchange and we thought the idea of an open studio could be amazing.

I’ll give you the full program super soon, but if you are in New York: we organized talks, workshops with talented people we love and other fun events that will take place in our pop-up on Bowery.

Anna Bond, my team and myself will be there, as well as friends of the blog… You will also be able to purchase the collection, have a coffee, read a magazine, say hello to me, and a ton of other surprises that I can’t wait for you to discover.

If you’re not in New York, we thought about you too, the talks are going to be broadcasted on Google+ and we thought about many different ways to share this moment.

Here is the info and I’ll post a detailed program very soon !

Open Studio
Friday, March 28, 12-8pm
Saturday, March 29, 10-8pm
168 Bowery (Bowery & Kenmare), New York

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Romper Season

I’ve always been a fan of rompers, and the season is now approaching (ok, that might be crazy optimistic since it looks like it’s going to snow this week in New York) (SNOW AGAIN!?) (WHAT, DO THEY THINK WE’RE IN THE MOVIE FROZEN HERE IN NEW YORK OR SOMETHING?!!!) where we can let loose with rompers again.

Because in the winter, under our coats, there’s no point (it’s hard enough as it is) and in the summer, when it’s hot, we end up tying things around the waist, which is… pretty nice, actually, don’t you think?

Anyway, I’m a fan of rompers especially in this transitional period before-crazy springtime pathetic athletic mode mixed with heels (and big scarves), so I love this outfit and I can’t wait to copy it myself right away.

After the snow storm this week, that is. Let it gooooooo, let it gooooooo.

Romper, The Quality Mending Co.; Handbag, 3.1 Phillip Lim; Scarf, White + Warren; Striped tee, Edith A. Miller; Shoes, Christian Louboutin.

Translated by Andrea Perdue

The Del Val #7

See anyone and everyone’s first tweet.

Why there’s always room for a smart new women’s magazine.

Donate clothing. Earn gift cards. Support Charity. Everyone wins.

You’ve seen it done again and again online. This is what it’s called.

Mind the Gap.

The picture on your phone is now in your hands in seconds.

A weekly round up of the best links from Delphine & Wes Del Val.

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Tea Time

I’m crazy about teas – especially Earl Grey, for that very specific bergamote flavor. I’m really not a connoisseur (and I really don’t like green tea) but I drink some everyday and my favorite is usually the green octagon box by Lipton.

But the other day, at the Mariage Frères store of the Paris airport (!!!) (not super glam), I found this new collection and I have to tell you, they’re crazy delicious. They’re supposed to be limited editions, but I hope they’ll be so successful that they’ll keep on making them.

Do you drink tea? Which are your favorites?

Gâteaux Thoumieux

This new (and okay, delicious) bakery just opened in Paris and I couldn’t resist taking a photo. It’s as beautiful inside as it is full of tasty treats…
You must go if you are there!

Click the arrows to see more photos!

Gâteaux Thoumieux, 58 rue Saint Dominique, 75007 Paris.


We’ve talked about the Parisian style over and over, but the thing that has made the strongest impression on me is actually the Parisian state of mind. One doesn’t go without the other, after all.

The Parisian “esprit” is a sort of bourgeoise insolence, an unapologetic frankness, sometimes to the point of being slightly provocative. It’s a self-deprecating sense of humor that comes from being deeply confident in yourself and in your class.

Being neither Parisian nor bourgeoise, I might be wrong, but it was while I was reading the fantastic Betty Catroux interview —she’s primarily known for being Yves Saint Laurent’s muse—in the latest Vogue Paris that the Parisian state of mind popped back into my head.

It reminded me of interviews with Deneuve, Chanel and of course, Françoise Sagan.

Forwardness and audacity, always strike me and I find those qualities very alluring. Not necessarily as an example to follow, more as a way of expressing yourself freely.
So many women think they have to correspond to an ideal, that they absolutely have to want children, that they absolutely have to work, that they absolutely have to love fashion and share their life with someone…

I think it’s a wonderful palate cleanser to hear what Betty Catroux has to say about it:

“I don’t like any of the things a woman is supposed to like. Family, homes, shopping, cooking, gardening, clothes…all that bores me to death. I’ve always dressed like a priest, and I wear practically the same thing every day: it’s a severe look — black, leather. No scarf, and I never carry a purse. When I go out, I just grab a shoe bag and stick my things in it.”

“It’s embarrassing, but I don’t really know what real life is like. I’ve never bought anything, never worked, never paid for anything. One of my wishes in life was to not work.”

When people ask me who my idol is, I always say Françoise Sagan. I don’t know if she’s very well known in the US, I know she used to be — and she’s always the one I turn to for her sense of humor and self-deprecation that both inspire me and crack me up.
She had a life made of books, casinos, friends, alcohol, fast cars and complicated love stories and never apologized about it.
She (almost) always kept her sense of humor, like when she admits she hates to travel.

Yes, there are people who don’t like to travel. So what?

“Traveling makes me blind, deaf, and generally terrorized.”

“The few magazines who, counting on the fresh perspective of a youthful eye, paid to send me off to faraway countries, soon regretted it. To fill up the promised pages, I had to resort to epic stories that readers quickly disregard as nonsense.

I’ve given up on reporting, I don’t know how to travel, I don’t know how to look at things, I’ll end up going back to the same little spot that no one likes over and over just because I can get warm there. When I think about that—that realization of powerlessness, it breaks my heart. My lovely Parisian post with my little neighborhood, and a few trips to the sea, or to Normandy in the summer, and trips to Switzerland in the winter — that’s probably what my life will be like in the future.

Still forty years, maybe. It’s petty and totally comforting.”

We also have Coco Chanel talking about love and companionship, and she didn’t care about being understood or conventional.

“It’s probably not just by chance that I’m alone.
It would be very hard for a man to live with me, unless he’s terribly strong. And if he’s stronger than I, I’m the one who can’t live with him. … I’m neither smart nor stupid, but I don’t think I’m a run-of-the-mill person.

I’ve been in business without being a businesswoman, I’ve loved without being a woman made only for love. The two men I’ve loved, I think, will remember me, on earth or in heaven, because men always remember a woman who caused them concern and uneasiness. I’ve done my best, in regard to people and to life, without precepts, but with a taste for justice.”

Catherine Deneuve, I’ve always loved her for keeping her life to herself. She does that very simply… And very directly :

“Journalist question (ambitious) : We’ve been wanting to get to know the woman behind the Deneuve legend for a long time, tell us about Catherine Dorléac [her real name]…

Catherine Deneuve (party pooper): I have to warn you, I’m definitely not going to talk about anything personal. I’m just here because I’ve got a film to promote.”

She also talked about things like…

“If I’m not interested in the person that’s in front of me, I don’t go out of my way. And because I am a pretty quiet person, I can look totally cold. Too bad, but I’m not going to change now. I’ve never been able to pretend. That’s the way it is.”

There are so many parisians of this kind. Chic, nonconformist, unapologetic. To me that’s such a critical part of style – a very personal way of thinking, unique and that never goes of style.

Le Carré

This is the Hermès square scarf – maybe one of the most iconic scarves there is.

It’s something that would obviously be passed down from mother to daughter, but the great thing is, there’s always something new about it. The square is kind of like a canvas that Hermès (under the direction of Bali Barret) invites artists to express themselves on.

I’ve always loved scarves – I got this obsession from my mother, who collects silk scarves she finds second-hand.
Scarves are chic – they complete a look, and there’s something a little old-fashioned about them that I love. I wear them around my neck, in my hair, and sometimes as a belt (with washed out jeans, it looks great!).

What about you? Do you wear scarves?

A beauty minute with Lola

“Morning: I use Caudalie Eau de Beauté, I’ve been using it for quite a while. It’s a bit like acid, it just wakes up your face. Afterwards, I will use a makeup remover and rinse it again but I always start with the spray, it’s really good. For a moisturizer, I use this face oil from this woman in Los Angeles, Katresha. It’s only pure ingredients. Everything from her line is so good, but this is really, really nice.

For makeup, not much. I use the Touche Éclat from Yves Saint Laurent. I’ve been using that for a long time. I use NARS Laguna as a bronzer and then a free powder, a transclucent powder from Tom Ford. Sometimes mascara, otherwise just the Touche Eclat and Powder. For mascara, I like Laura Mercier. I use the brown. For my lips, I’ll put nothing or sometimes I use Tom Ford lipstick and dab it with my finger so it looks like a stain. It looks super dark in the tube but if you just put it on with your finger, it looks really natural. This is the maximum I would put on, because I like to have almost no makeup during the day.

At night, I like to do a cat eye. I think it’s nice to do it with the little pots from Tom Ford or Yves Saint Laurent. It’s a bit old school.

Day: My powder in case I get shiny and those Shiseido papers. The only moisturizer I use from the lip is the 8-Hour Creame from Elizabeth Arden. You are supposed to be able to use it for everything but I just use it for the lips. It’s super thick and shines.

Night: I like to change the products I use a lot. The most important is to take the makeup off. I have a really good makeup remover from Shu Uemura, it’s very oily and super nourishing. I just wash it off with hot water. Then I’ll either put on a night cream or the oil again. Sometimes I do the eye mask from Sisley. Twice a week I do the ReVive mask, when you take it off you have this really clean feeling.”

- Lola Rykiel

Beauty Elixir, Caudalie; Face Oil, Katresha; Touche Éclat, Yves Saint Laurent; Laguna Bronzer, NARS; Translucent Powder, Tom Ford; Mascara, Laura Mercier; Crimson Noir Lipstick, Tom Ford; Eyeliner, Yves Saint Laurent; Pureness Oil-Control Paper Blotting Paper, Shiseido; 8-Hour Cream, Elizabeth Arden; Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil, Shu Uemura; Eye Contour Mask, Sisley; Masque de Glaise, ReVive.


Hello!!! So, what’s up with life?

Other than the fact that my English and French keep getting mixed up, giving me headaches and making me say weird words, life has been pretty cool since I’ve gotten back from Paris.

Now that we have the Studio, the way we work has changed, and it’s super interesting for me to find the right balance between keeping an eye on everything and letting the team have full creative freedom. Seeing them work together and have such a great time is a real joy. I hope you can sense that in the blog, even if we’re getting a little experimental sometimes (hey, that’s what a blog is for !)

Speaking of blogs, by the way, I wonder what we’ll call them ten years from now. With all the different forms they’ve taken – collaborative blogs, blogazines, Instagram, Tumblr, and all the different modes of expression and publications out there – will the word eventually disappear?

Scott and I will be talking about that and a lot of other things at my conference at FIAF this week…

The talk was sold out so it was moved to a bigger space – which means there are still a few more tickets if you want to come say hello !
I think it will be interesting to be interviewed by Scott himself! That’s a first!

Another first this week… We’re launching our newsletter!

I imagine it being like a letter from the Studio, or more like a club.

It will be there to keep you informed about what we’re doing, and things we like, and it will give us a chance to tell you more about the members of the studio. It will also have all the information you need for special events and meet-ups (tell us where you live so we can let you know when I’ll be in your area!) and lots of other things we’re brainstorming right now.
If you’d like to sign up, you can click on the newsletter box in the sidebar!!!

…Hey, by the way, we’re planning an event in New York, on the 28 and 29 of March, and it’s going to be pretty cool – mark it in your calendars if you’re in the area. I’ll tell you more about it very very very very soon.

Anyway, long story short – ever since I left, I miss Paris, and I didn’t talk to you about Paris enough while I was there. So, this week we’re doing a Paris theme.

Because, as the Americans say: Paris is always a good idea!

PS : Oh, if you’re wondering what’s in the picture, it’s a few things I brought back from Paris – a few photos taken by Sandra Semburg and Athens Streetstyle, a candy– which was the only thing I was able to save from the crazy Chanel show, a Stella keychain that was given with the invite, and an amazing pair (even though I’ve always preferred to wear my earring on only one side) of earrings by the super amazingly talented Aurélie Bidermann.

Translated by Andrea Perdue.

A beauty minute with Luisa

“Morning: I use Bioderma Crealine. Then I use a little bit of cold water and kind of pat it in, in a soft way, because my skin is super delicate.

I use all Clarins. Crème Eclat du Jour is my visage cream. I love the perfume. I don’t use perfume so I use the perfume of the cream. I wear some eyeliner, really thin and some mascara. I use Yves Saint Laurent mascara and the eyeliner is from Dior. I always use MAC lipstick.

Day: I always have an eyeliner, my rouge à levres and my face cream.

Night: I take off my makeup very carefully with the Bioderma and I put on a night cream, Clarins Multi-Régénérante Nuit and sometimes I will take my hair and put it up so it has more volume in the morning.”

-- Luisa Orsini

Bioderma, Crealine; Crème Eclat du Jour, Clarins; Mascara, Yves Saint Laurent; Eyeliner, Dior; Lipstick, MAC; Multi-Régénérante Nuit, Clarins.

For more beauty minutes, click here!

Girls Talk

Ok, guys. For this post, you’re either going to have to arm yourselves with a big sense of humor, or you might want to pass on this one and come back a little later, you know — like, not right away.

Because today I want to talk about a subject that only women can really really understand. Yeah, you see what I mean. No, I don’t want to talk about stiletto heels or layering. Yes, I think it’s ok to talk about anything and everything. Even when the words used to describe those things aren’t necessarily so pretty.

Today, I want to talk about PMS. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome.

So let’s see…

The other day, feeling like a victim to my hormones, I was trying to get on with my life, ignoring my jeans cutting into my waist because of the bloating, my skin blossoming like a teenager’s (and in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m far from being a teenager) (thank god!), the kink in my lower back, and the tears in my eyes every time I exchanged even two words with anything even resembling a human being (during PMS, an affectionate dog can make me cry) (a Moschino show can make me cry) (a like on Instagram can make me cry), and I said to myself:

“God, if I had PMS all the time, my life would be a total disaster.”

I don’t know about you, but ever since junior high, it’s like some kind of emotional monster takes over my body for at least three days and not only do my moods become a roller coaster — on top of it all, I hurt pretty much everywhere. It’s a choice between any of the following:

One time it will be headaches. Another time I’ll be puffy and bloated all over. Or my back will get jammed up. Or I’ll feel totally fine, but I’ll have an enormous pimple right between my eyes. Or sometimes, I’ll just have flat, oily hair — and when that happens, I sort of feel lucky : not that bad!

And then sometimes it’s the sampler: everything at once.

The worst part is — since I’m totally disorganized, I never know exactly when PMS is going to strike.

I mean, after all this time, I could just add it to my calendar, right? Set those days aside for writing (that’s actually the good part of all this — I’m crazier when I have PMS, so I’m funnier, or at least more sensitive, and that works pretty well for writing — craziness and emotion) or set them aside for illustration (that’s the best — me, my computer, my music…frankly, you can all @&$* off, there’s nothing more PMS-friendly), or set them aside for just lounging around in bed watching four seasons of How I Met Your Mother, which is actually all I really feel like doing on those days anyway.

Of course, I don’t like talking about this. Talking about it leaves the door wide open for all kinds of sexist crap and stupid jokes like “weeeeelll, little lady (when I hear little lady = help, I might kill somebody), someone’s got her period?” (Shut up, asshole) just because I said one word a little louder than usual.

But anyway, if I were organized, here are the things that I would definitely not plan during PMS time:

A discussion with my man. Typical. Me: yelling for no reason, Him: looking at me stunned, Me: coming back to Calm mode, begging him to forgive me, throwing my hands in the air, acting like it’s the end of the world — when all we were trying to do was plan our next vacation.
Him: Hang on a second, what day of the month is it, exactly?

Any kind of public appearance. See earlier paragraph — none of my clothes fit, shiny skin (and that’s if I’m lucky, otherwise it’s the Eiffel Tower on my forehead) and tears in my eyes at the slightest compliment.

A photoshoot. OMG, a photoshoot with PMS = hell. Backache + heavy camera = whoa. All of that only to find yourself in front of a gorgeous model = self esteem in the gutter.

A signing at Colette for the launch of my stationery line. Because it just may happen that, overcome by emotion from meeting my readers and feeling so much love, I start almost crying in their arms (she knows who she is ;).

A bikini wax (is it just me, or does it hurt WAY more on those days?)

Traveling by plane (risk of arriving at your destination looking like an inflatable mattress from all the bloating and swelling)

Watching 12 Years A Slave on the plane mentioned above (between PMS and the altitude, which apparently lends itself to emotional release, one may or may not find oneself crying hot tears and sniffling for 1 hour and 35 minutes).

Buying enough supplies of Figolu cookies (not sold in the US), Granola cookies (not sold in the US) and Balisto chocolate bars (not sold in the US) to last two months only to find that you’ve eaten it all by the end of the aforementioned flight, due to general PMS craziness. Add that to the hot tears and the bloating. What? You think I’m talking about my own experience? Pfff, nonsense.

The worst part is that if you ask anyone who is around me on those days, they didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary (other than the people who know me really, really, really well — they could tell in three seconds). So actually, after all these years, I think I can actually say I’m able to manage it pretty well.

The monthly menstrual vortex.

Because, yeah. Being in PMS mode is kind of like facing a dragon. All day long. And you have to make it look like you’re not struggling. And try to handle everything super well in spite of it all. Or most of the time, just manage to get by.

So you know what ? The rest of the time, life is a walk in the park.

Translated by Andrea Perdue

Izortze in Paris

Just so everyone knows, it’s almost 60 degrees here in NYC today!!!!!!!!

Izortze’s outfit here is the perfect spring transition outfit, a good coat and sweater layer for when it’s still a bit cold in the morning, but light pants (white, my favorite) and cool sneakers to get you through the day. Here’s to hoping it only keeps getting warmer!