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Jenna Lyons

J.Crew Men’s Ludlow Tuxedo Jacket ($525) in Navy

Style Retrospective: See The Peasant Blouse Over The Years

Over the years, we’ve watched as the blouse’s free-spirited, hippie feel has adopted decidedly luxe and refined sensibilities, though it’s never lost its carefree insouciance (and still makes us want to wear flowers in our hair). Designers, including Isabel Marant’s S/S 13 collection, have recently paid homage to the bohemian blouse too, making us fall in love with this summer staple anew. This easy, warm-weather essential has been embraced over the decades, so click through our slideshow to see its storied past and how current fashion fixtures are styling it.

How To Make Your Own Cutoffs—An Editor’s Diary

While most online tutorials simply tell you to pick a length and cut, I knew there was more to it than that. So with some Levi’s 501 jeans, scissors, a ruler, and chalk, I set out to create two shorts, one cuffed and one frayed—and I'm really thrilled with the results. Keep reading for the jorts secrets you need to know when making your own pair!

Team Philo Printed Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt

Which designer team do you play for? We’ve got a soft spot for Phoebe Philo and will be rocking her jersey all summer long.

Cap & Gown

Reformation Pear Dress ($278) in Black

Cute Outfit Ideas From Olivia Palermo, Kate Moss & More

Whether you want to master an effortless bohemian ensemble or create a polished travel look, refer to favorites like Olivia Palermo, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Kate Moss for guidance and click through our slideshow to get their look!

Thank You Notes 101: Derek Blasberg's Expert Tips

We asked editor and etiquette expert Derek Blasberg—the charming author of Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady and creator of the witty Handwritten Letter Helper stationery for Opening Ceremony—to share his tips on proper messaging. Find all of his tips below and scroll through to shop stationery must-haves and more. One last word to the wise: Blasberg's debuting a line of greeting cards and party invites for Paperless Post next month, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Petstagram! 42 of the Fashion World’s Cutest Pets

Whether it’s a cute canine companion or a furry feline friend, all of these four-legged creatures come with a fashionable pedigree and—if we may—a great deal of pawsonal style. With owners like Miranda Kerr, Taylor Tomasi Hill, and Jason Wu, who are constantly posting Instagram photos of their beloved pets, we wouldn’t expect any less. Click through our slideshow to check out fashion’s most adorable animals, and be prepared for your hearts to melt!

Cool Off In The Season’s Best White Dresses

Simply put: you need a white dress, and you need one now! Keeping that in mind, we’ve gathered inspiring outfits along with some of our favorite styles to help you get the look today.

We’re Going Camping! (Or Pretending To In Cute Clothes)

From a stylish duffel bag to faded denim shortalls, these pieces may not survive a trek in the woods, but wearing them will surely bring you back to simpler times. Click through our slideshow to shop our picks and reminisce by taking a look at classic camp movies (think: Meatballs and Wet Hot American Summer), too!

Laura Whitmore

Gerard Darel Dress ($104)

The Incredible Instagram Pics You Missed This Week

Click through our slideshow to peruse these sartorially inspiring pictures from the past seven days, from a glimpse of a super young Nicole Richie to a pair of butterfly-print slippers we can't stop staring at.

Oxid Crescent Earring

For those who haven’t worked up the nerve to try an ear cuff, these earrings are the perfect starter set.


Kova & T Holloway Button Up ($495, 877.746.7267) in Black

Kate Moss Schools Us In The Evolution Of The Slip Dress

Since this kind of effortless dressing is also perfect for late summer, we couldn’t help but turn the spotlight on some of Moss’ most stylish moments in this essential item and channel the icon with our own of-the-moment picks too! It's basically a master class on how to wear a slip dress by the ultimate expert, in other words: don't miss this must-see story.

Kalsi Ring

This minimalist malachite ring is a refreshing take on the oft-bulky cocktail ring

Jazz Age

Tory Burch Celina Dress ($1,495, 310.248.2612) in Olive Branch

Party Pals: See The Stylish Stars Who Socialize Together

Whether they’re longtime friends or brand new buds, they make an unquestionably stylish statement together. Click through our slideshow to check out these famous friends.

Heidi Klum

A.L.C. Mackay Top ($180) in Red Floral Sibori

The de-puffing eye serums that really work

Puffy eyes and dark circles call for a quick fix, so we supplied our staff with 10 eye rollers and encouraged them to stay up late. What happened when they put the de-puffing formulas to the test in the morning? Click through for their thoughts.

Aztec Boucle Full Skirt

A distinct Proenza Schouler vibe for a fraction of the cost? Count us in.

Beauty And The Beast

Rachel Zoe Christina Blazer ($425, 310.550.5900) in Midnight

Jennifer Lawrence

Proenza Schouler top and skirt from the Resort 14 collection

Happy Birthday J. Lo! We Share Some of Her Best Looks!

As Lopez celebrates her birthday, we’re taking a look at back at some of her best looks. Here’s to many more body-skimming silhouettes, thigh-high slits, and show-stopping red carpet moments!

Emma Watson

Candela Minnie Floral-Print Silk Dress ($181)

Fashion Emergency Kit: Be Prepared For Any Crisis

More than once we've had a heel cap come off while dashing to a meeting or spilled something on our white jeans at lunch--problems that need to be fixed immediately. As such, today we're sharing all of the essentials we keep on hand for those less-than-ideal moments and hope you feel inspired to create your own kit!

Why Orange Really Is The New Black

Cheery shades of apricot, tangerine, and carrot are coating everything from architectural dresses to of-the-moment footwear, offering a stylish way to amp up your summer style. Keep reading to shop our favorite pieces now. 

The Best of Both Worlds

Want to mix things up within your go-to color scheme? We’ve paired ten solid colors with their best glitter matches, making it easy to choose a work-appropriate shade for your fingers and a glittering party-ready version for your toes. From baby blue to gunmetal grey, we’ve got your next mani/pedi covered.

Myrna Asymmetric Pumps

Party-ready heels normally come in the four-inch and up range, but these stunners are a delightful--and comfortable!--exception.

Mirror, Mirror

MICHAEL Michael Kors Floral Print Knit Dress ($117) in Neon Pink 

Time To Geek Out! 15 Celeb Outfits Straight From Comic-Con

We’re geeking out over all the looks, from Elizabeth Olsen and Ginnifer Goodwin’s sci-fi-inspired, minimalist silhouettes to Hailee Steinfeld and Lily Collins’ playful, intricate patterns. Though you won’t spot any full-on costumes here, we did round up the most fashionable celeb ensembles from last weekend’s Comic-Con. Click through our slideshow to see What They Wore!

Dree Hemingway

Etoile Isabel Marant shirt (similar style here)

Little Luxuries: 15 Of Our Favorite Designer Key Chains

Whether your sensibilities lean toward the playful and bright or the understated and refined, there’s sure to be a key fob you’ll love. Click through our slideshow to peruse our picks.

Get Miley Cyrus#039; Cool #039;90s Style–Buzzed Hair Not Included!

In what seemed like a blink of an eye, the “We Can’t Stop” singer traded in her wholesome sensibilities for an arsenal of fly-girl staples, including midriff-baring tops, ‘90s-inspired body-con dresses, and low-slung trousers. And the best part? Cyrus pulls off her provocative new look with ease and continues to inspire us with a series of envelope-pushing ensembles. Keep reading for tips on how to score her fashion-forward style.

The Do#039;s And Don#039;ts Of Dressing For Casual Friday

While we adore analyzing the runways and poring over designer mood boards, we spend a considerable amount of time pondering a more prosaic question: what should we wear? Whether it’s a wedding, work affair, or weekend brunch, getting dressed for specific occasions is a constant conundrum. In the hopes of outfit enlightenment--for us and for you!--we’re delighted to present What To Wear, our weekly wardrobe guide for every occasion. This week, we'll be covering what to wear for causal Friday.

The Goal: 
Create an outfit that balances work-appropriate and casual pieces for an overall professional, yet relaxed look.

Mixed Sleeveless Shirt

Don’t sweat your summertime workplace attire. This sleeveless collared shirt will keep you feeling cool and looking professional.

My Fair Lady

Zero + Maria Cornejo Omi Slate Coated Jacket ($995, 212.925.3849) in Chalk

Heated Eyelash Curlers

Putting a heated gadget near your eyes might sound crazy, but what if your lashes need a little extra help taking a curl? Well, these battery-powered beauty tools aren’t as scary as they look. The real question is: do they work?

What are they?
There are, essentially, two different styles of heated curlers: clamps and wands. A clamp is similar to a traditional curler, but has a heated silicon base, while the latter is a heated wand that you use to comb your lashes into a curve. Clamps give you a more dramatic curl than a traditional metal curler, while the wand gives a more natural-looking curve. The curl you get from a traditional metal curler falls somewhere in the middle.

How do I use them?
If using a clamp version, allow the silicone pad to warm up and follow the same protocol as a traditional curler: gently squeeze clean lashes for a few seconds, working from the base of lashes to the tips.

If using a wand, allow the curler to heat up--about thirty seconds--then hold it at the base of your lashes for about five seconds, lifting your roots up and back. Repeat on the middle section, and the tips. You can use the wand curlers on bare lashes, or curl once your mascara is dry--our preferred method.

Which do we love?
If you want speed and drama try a clamp model. Both Talika’s Heated Eye Lash Curler ($41) and Mally’s Heated Eyelash Curler ($35) heat the silicone pads to give a warm boost to the squeeze. They’re a little more difficult to get used to (we pinched our skin the first time), but once you do you can expect a serious, lasting curl.

For a natural bend try a wand. Both Blinc’s Heated Lash Curler ($24) and Chella’s Heated Eyelash Curler ($20) heat quickly and are surprisingly easy to use. If separation is your priority, look to Japonesque’s Heated Mini Lash Curler ($16): the wand has a built-in comb to fan lashes as it curls. The verdict? Just like mascara, it takes a few tries to get the right fit, but once you do there is nothing scary about heated eyelash curlers!

Vitamins 101

Some people pop multivitamins as religiously as they drink eight glasses of water a day, others dismiss them as frivolous--so do you ever need to be taking one? What's the point? Which ones are best? To find answers we checked in with Dr. Frank Lipman--board-certified doctor in internal medicine and wellness guru to Gwyneth Paltrow--for answers.Who needs one?
"Most women, especially as they enter their thirties and forties, tend to be deficient in certain nutrients," says Dr. Lipman. "Vitamins are necessary for optimal functioning of the body, and a multivitamin is a great insurance policy." Not in the 30-to-40 range? Unless you eat a balanced, healthy diet 100 percent of the time you're probably deficient in some nutrients, especially if you regularly cut out an entire food group like carbs, dairy, or meat. Conclusion? Almost everyone can benefit.

Why do you need them?
Besides contributing to your overall health, multivitamins often come with a bonus: they make you feel and look good. "Your skin won't be as clear, your hair won't be as luminous, and your energy will be low if you're deficient in vitamins," says Dr. Lipman.

Need proof? In a recent double-blind Australian study researchers found that participants given a multivitamin reported higher energy levels and enhanced mood over those given a placebo--especially true for female participants. Those receiving a multivitamin also reported better sleep during the 16-week study.

But possible benefits don't stop at the short term. Numerous studies have found that popping a daily multivitamin can help prevent cancer, including a recent clinical trial supported by Harvard's School of Public Health and the National Institute of Health. The study followed 15,000 men for over 11 years and found those taking a multi had less occurrences of cancer than those who received a placebo.

How do you know which ones are best?
How does one navigate the vitamin aisle? Since the world of supplements is unregulated it's best to do your homework. Consumer Labs, the watchdog group of the vitamin world, recently released an independent analysis on 38 of the leading multivitamins. Only 25 passed. (Inaccurate levels of nutrients and insolubility caused some to fail.) Supplements with their seal of approval include One A Day's Women's Formula ($10), Nature's Way's Alive! Once Daily ($16), and Walgreen's One Daily For Women ($7). Hate pills? Soft gels, like Now Foods' Eve Women's Multivitamin ($15) are easier to swallow, or try a liquid version--Consumer Labs recommends Natrol's Liquid Multi-Vitamin ($12).

If you're looking for an option with a little something extra, try a vitamin pack. Dr. Lipman's own Daily Dose ($99) is a Who What Wear office favorite and includes his Complete Multivitamin along with omega-3 fish oil and a probiotic. Whatever you do, avoid reaching for a children's formula. "Gummy vitamins are often full of crap," Dr. Lipman says. "A lot of children's vitamins and gummy vitamins aren't high quality, so it may not be better than doing nothing."

Now pop a multi and stay tuned for Vitamins 102, where we'll dive into exactly what you need to max out the beauty benefits of supplements!

-Lexy Lebsack

Dilli Luggage Tag

We’ll take a pom-pom on practically anything, but they are particularly adorable adorning this woven tote.


Carven Poplin Dress ($590, 704.366.0388) in Green Water

Nora Zehetner

Corey Lynn Calter top

Baha Sandals

Team these woven sandals with a pair of chambray shorts and a breezy linen button-up for a summery off-duty look.

Trend To Try: Tattered Tees For Cool-Girl Style

Thankfully, there are several options, whether you want to commit to the look in a totally slashed t-shirt or tread cautiously in a top with just a few tears. Just take a look at some of our favorites by clicking through our slideshow now.

Party Pics: Max Mara Celebrates New Face, Jennifer Garner

The one thing we learned? These ladies sure know how to beat the sweltering city heat, so if you need some styling suggestions, we recommend checking out their outfits ASAP.

Olivia Wilde

A.L.C. top and pencil skirt from the Resort 14 collection

Paper Doll

Tucker by Gaby Basora The Classic Blouse ($298) in Jackie’s Picnic Basket

Pendant Necklaces You Can Wear With Anything–We Promise!

No wonder paparazzi favorites like Reese Witherspoon, Rihanna, and more have been photographed in these adornments, which serve to amp up laid-back separates or enhance an already fashion-forward look. From bold, statement-making pieces to petite but equally arresting trinkets, click through our slideshow to see how celebrities are wearing this trend, and shop our edit of precious pendants too!

Birkenstocks Are Back–See How Ashley Olsen#039;s Wearing Them

Celine's Phoebe Philo is partially responsible for the revival, thanks to the fur-trimmed versions she designed for the French fashion brand's S/S 13 collection, but we've also noticed a smattering of celebs (like Ashley Olsen) and street muses wearing the original, old-school sandals too. Ironic (their wide, clunky design feels practically analog), understated (there's something appealing about their minimalist design), and decidedly relaxed (nothing says "laid-back" like a slip-on), Birkenstocks are above all practical, a concept we can certainly get behind during this long, hot summer. Click through our slideshow to see how to wear the sandals, and shop our favorite styles.

A Real Girl#039;s Guide To Crop Tops

Deras’ taut abs are no joke either, but she knows exactly how to flaunt a bare midriff in a tasteful, stylish, and wearable way even when you’re not on a red carpet or runway. Read on for her crop top commandments and five fail-proof ways of wearing the trend.