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What the h#@! am I going to wear today?

Come on, you know you’ve asked yourself this about a million times since the weather has started to change. The morning starts off cool (you’ll need a scarf, maybe a hat) and by the time of your 3pm coffee run, you wish you were in a bikini. Then you leave work at 7pm and put your hat back on. Why, why, why, why weather gods, must you screw with our outfit psyche?

What are your tricks for a foolproof transitional wardrobe?

The Minis

You know that question: What you would bring along if you were trapped on a desert island? Well, it’s been a little revised for spring and it might be more appropriate to ask your friends: If you can only fit three items in your mini bag, what will they be?

These tiny, miniature sized bags were a plenty on the runways (the first spotting happened for spring 2012 at Rochas), some of the styles being just straight up small, and others being shrunken versions of classic styles we’ve come to love (like the one in the photo from Loeffler Randall, a mini Rider bag).

Think of it kind of like a forced handbag cleanse. These mini bags force you to really examine what you really need to keep with you all the time. For me? My iPhone, a metro card, a credit card and the keys to my apartment (if you’ll allow me one more item, a lipstick).

Of course, if you can’t narrow your life down to just three belongings, you can always carry all of your mini bags together, like Meredith is doing here :)


I love Andi’s look because it speaks to me about a femininity that I don’t see so often in the streets of New York.
Okay well, my New York… Maybe I should go uptown more often?
What speaks to me is this chic and certain femininity, which is so sexy – a little bit Italian style.

It’s funny, because I bought a skirt that looks a little bit like that the other day; you can wear it only with heels, and the moment I saw myself in the mirror I was taken back by the added femininity it gave me. For me. who mostly wears jeans and shirts, I though that if I was to dress that way more often, my perception of myself would totally change and you know what? I’d like that.

Then I remembered I like to walk everywhere.
Pffff, life is full of unsolvable contradictions.

Do you find that having really feminine style is tough to keep up in everyday life?

Coat, Michael Kors; Top, Assembly New York; Pants, Tibi; Bag, Stella McCartney; Heels, Manolo Blahnik; Belt, vintage Versace.

The Mix

I love the way Ngoné mixed up prints in this photo– it’s inspiring since I’m always caught wearing a matchy-matchy outfit (laaaaame!). And that cropped sleeve leopard coat is perfect for easing into spring weather (yeahhhhh!), just layer with a long sleeve tee or sweater and voilà!

PS: The jacket is by Adam Lippes and the bag from Saint Laurent!

The Mix

I love the way Ngoné mixed up prints in this photo– it’s inspiring since I’m always caught wearing a matchy-matchy outfit (laaaaame!). And that cropped sleeve leopard coat is perfect for easing into spring weather (yeahhhhh!), just layer with a long sleeve tee or sweater and voilà!

PS: The jacket is by Adam Lippes and the bag from Saint Laurent!

One Love

A seriously great Under $50 find…

That’s the bag you get when you buy a juice at Melvin’s, the Miss Lily’s juice bar! Isn’t it the coolest? Arrrrh I love reggae and everything Miss Lily’s does. Do you know Radio Lily’s ?

The BEST yo.

Miss Lily’s, 132 West Houston Street, New York

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A coffee with…

A coffee with Tine, Luisia and Langley…

Where: Tiny’s, NYC
What: A new collection from TL-180 with illustrations by Langley.

Romper Season

I’ve always been a fan of rompers, and the season is now approaching (ok, that might be crazy optimistic since it looks like it’s going to snow this week in New York) (SNOW AGAIN!?) (WHAT, DO THEY THINK WE’RE IN THE MOVIE FROZEN HERE IN NEW YORK OR SOMETHING?!!!) where we can let loose with rompers again.

Because in the winter, under our coats, there’s no point (it’s hard enough as it is) and in the summer, when it’s hot, we end up tying things around the waist, which is… pretty nice, actually, don’t you think?

Anyway, I’m a fan of rompers especially in this transitional period before-crazy springtime pathetic athletic mode mixed with heels (and big scarves), so I love this outfit and I can’t wait to copy it myself right away.

After the snow storm this week, that is. Let it gooooooo, let it gooooooo.

Romper, The Quality Mending Co.; Handbag, 3.1 Phillip Lim; Scarf, White + Warren; Striped tee, Edith A. Miller; Shoes, Christian Louboutin.

Translated by Andrea Perdue

Izortze in Paris

Just so everyone knows, it’s almost 60 degrees here in NYC today!!!!!!!!

Izortze’s outfit here is the perfect spring transition outfit, a good coat and sweater layer for when it’s still a bit cold in the morning, but light pants (white, my favorite) and cool sneakers to get you through the day. Here’s to hoping it only keeps getting warmer!

Pattern Play

Fashion week (month !) has me inspired to mix up patterns…

Here are a few things I’m looking for this weekend!

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Chanel Shopping Center

If you love fashion just a tiny bit, you’ve seen images from the Chanel Shopping Center a million times by now. And if you are like me, you just can’t get enough of it. This show was genius !

Let me tell you a little bit about it…

10.06 : In front of the Grand Palais. My invitation simply says “Chanel Shopping Center.” I haven’t had the time to imagine what the show was going to be. I know I’ll be surprised and I can’t wait, but I’m a little preoccupied – I have to meet the team from a Chinese magazine who are supposed to take my photo.

10.07 : They text me: “We are inside!” I answer: “Coming!!!”

10.08 : I text Erik, my photo assistant : “You can stay outside a little bit, meet me inside around 10.20.”

10.09 : Big crowd in front of Chanel. Security guards everywhere, but Chanel security guards : nice security guards.

10.12 : I’m inside the Grand Palais, my jaw drops.

10.12 : What I mean by that: I’m inside the Grand Palais, in shock, mouth open. WTF?

10.14 : I’m gasping, a slow gasp.

10.15 : Still gasping, slow-mo.

10.15 : Take out my weapon (my phone) text my troops (Erik):
“Drop everything and come inside. This is madness. PHOTOGRAPH EVERYTHING it’s crazy!”

10.16 : It’s INTENSE. I am in a huge Chanel supermarket. As huge as the Grand Palais. It’s beautiful! Each product has been thought out (there are more than 500, I’ve heard) each has sublime packaging. Each product has a funny caption or a hilarious pun. It doesn’t even look like a stage! There is rice in the rice boxes!

10.18 : This is a Chanel dream. I can’t stop myself from exploring the whole place, and more and more people are with me. We all look like kids on Christmas morning, eyes wide open and pink cheeks.

Chanel Fall 2014

10.18 : No Internet #MillionChanelInstagrams.

10.19 : I’m laughing on my own, taking a million pictures, explaining the puns to my non-French speaking friends, for example:

- Shampoo : “For indecisive and unsubmisive hair” or for “Lame and uncolored hair”
- Water : “Eau De Chanel N°0”.
- Toast (biscottes in French) : “BisCOCOttes to devour”.
- Sardines (tiny boxed fish) : “Jersey” Sardines, “Tweed” Sardines, “Pearl” Sardines.
- Cereal : “COCOChoco”

This goes on for every box, and there are sooooo many!!! Each and every one of them is beautiful. My head is going to explode with genius, creativity, humor, and colors.

Chanel Fall 2014

10.19 : Soundtrack? The same as in a chich supermarket.

10.20 : Text : “We can’t find you!” Crap, forgot my Chinese team.

10.25 : Taking pictures with them near the Chanel cheese, that totally smells like cheese. Woof!

10.40 : I’m in a Chanel shopping cart for my Chinese team, it makes people turn and take my picture, I have a second of doubt. Am I losing my chic?

10.40 : “At Chanel you don’t lose your chic, you find it,” Karl says to me. Or did I dream that ?

10.44 : Shooting done. I run into friends, they’re all like me, feeling like they’ve taken mushrooms and are on the Teletubbies, but in a supermarket. Too many things to see, do, take pictures of. I think I’m gonna need to sit.

10.50 : Okay I’m sitting. Not moving. Observing. Keira Knightley is here. Cute \!

10.53 : Cara Delevigne walks proudly, the shows starts.

10.56 : It’s beautiful ! Colors everywhere ! Ok, I don’t really see the clothes so much, I’m so fascinated by the decor. And the models that…

Chanel Fall 2014

11.01 : Once the models are done going around the venue, instead of going back backstage, they stay in the shopping center. Grab a shopping cart, a ham, talk, compare products.

11.03 : Soundtrack : Mademoiselle Agnès and Loïc Prigent: “When the jambon (ham) is good, it’s the jambon Cambon!” and other jokes. Hilarious.

11.14 : Okay the show is over. Karl is here walking in front of me with Cara, he seems super happy.

11.15 : What’s happening? Rihanna is running through the venue (followed by her bodyguards and 200,000 photographers).

11.16 : Ah, Rihanna’s just shopping.

Chanel Fall 2014

11.17 : Oh, everybody’s shopping, actually. Everybody wants a piece of the decor. Me too !!! I grab a paint bucket “Doré St Honoré” (of course)

11.18 : Scott grabs a ketchup bottle “Paris Dallas.” “Much more ironic,” he tells me.

11.20 : Wow, some are getting REALLY excited over this and are loading themselves with products.

11.21 : Some stands collapse. It’s starting too look like a post-Sandy New York Supermarket – you don’t really know if it’s funny, desperate or if it’s art, but I’m happy to report that the atmosphere is great.

11.21 : People are starting to go way overboard. Security guards ask (nicely) for people to stop dismanteling the decor, but kindness seems to have no effect on what’s starting to feel like hysteria.

11.21 : Three fashion editors are climbing the shelves to get their hands on the “Mademoiselle” doormat. One of them trips and falls down.

Chanel Fall 2014 Photo

11.23 : All right, I’m out.

11.23 : And by that I mean, I’m checking out. Yes, there is a check out, where people are asked to put down everything they’ve been gathering. I say there should be a shrink right there people are so sad. But instead there are free candies. Piles of products are abandonned. Apparently the food will go to charities.

11.24 : I know someone who was able to sneak a Chanel Ketchup, but I won’t say who…

11.30 : Outside. I sit down to think about the meaning of life, while eating candies. And I mean : Chanel candies.


If this Chanel show was genius, it’s not only for everything I just narrated to you (and let’s not even start talking about the hours of work to achieve that) and for this celebration / critique of consumerism, but it’s also because, if right now, fashion shows are a communication event then this one must have exploded any standard. The number of tweets and Instagrams went litteraly crazy. Chanel Explosion N°128616. :)

Click on the arrows to see more images…


How do you carry your bag? Bag as clutch? Ignore the straps? Multiple cross-body mini bags? It says as much about you as, well, your actual bag does.

Season after season we are shown all of these different ways to carry your bags and after last week’s Carven show (where models were holding onto their clutches for dear life) Alex and I decided to dust off our AP Psychology notes and figure out the true meaning behind each bag carrying method…

(Disclaimer: I’m pretty sure I got a A- in AP Psych…)

1. The shlutch (shield-clutch): You are a little bit paranoid (sorry, I had to say it). You turn corners carefully and won’t watch a scary movie without the protection of a giant pillow or boyfriend to hide behind. You guard your clutch like you guard your secrets… which you definitely wish you had more of. Relax dear shlutch girl, we love you even without the drama! [Spotted at Carven.]

Chloe Fall 2014

2. The Blutch (bag as clutch): You aren’t here to conform, you’re going to carry your handbag however the h#@& you want, okay?! (Even if that means you’re lugging a duffle bag under your arm, making it nearly impossible for you to use your hands). But because you do whatever you want, you probably also have someone else doing whatever you tell them. Your assistant handles your texting, your taxi hailing and sometimes, even your waving at friends for you. [Spotted at Chloé, Céline and last season at Topshop.]

Balenciaga Fall 2014 Photo

3. The Bag Lady: You’re an intern. But not a canvas tote carrying intern, you are a seriously chic intern. You’re an intern straight off of The Hills. You’re John Galliano interning for Oscar de la Renta. You still do the job, meaning you run errands and bring back the daily coffee order but there is no way you’re going to carry all of that stuff in a fabric tote. No way! You’re sorting it all into three gorgeous handbags. And who cares if it’s not the most practical, you’re a fashion intern after all. [Spotted at Balenciaga and last season at Chanel.]

Acne Fall 2014

4. The ‘What back?’ Backpack: You are a bit of a commitment-phobe. You love a trend/accessory/color/guy in theory, but when it comes down to actually owning it, you fall a little short. That Big Mac smells like heaven, but you won’t finish the last bite, that gorgeous guy looks like heaven, but you won’t say yes when he gets down on one knee and you want to be that backpack wearing fashionista, but you’re not ready to put it on your back. Baby steps little lamb, you’ll get there. [Spotted at Acne.]

As for me, I carry my bags pretty much the way they’re supposed to be carried.

Does it mean I lack personality? Should I try wearing my clutch over my head today? That could totally be my thing !? No?

What do you think?

They Are Totes Amaze!

One of my favorite accessories from the New York shows?

These cheeky totes from Phillip Lim (also in the collection, clutches that said “Cash Only”). I’m totes thinking about getting myself one…

Heavy Metal

Did you see those MASSIVE chain purse straps at Prada?

Pretty genius if you ask us. It works as an insanely secure bag strap (we carry a lot of schtuff in our bags, so the stronger the strap the better) and could probably double as a stylish designer bike lock…

The only concern I have is exactly how heavy is that chain? Is the bag also going to be a new work out craze?

By brie


I would like to introduce you to my new bag, the Lulu by Saint Laurent – I had been dreaming about it since it came out, I find it beautiful like a piece of furniture*.

I had been searching for a small bag for months, and I was worried that this one was a bit too precious, but then, once I got back from the Christmas holidays, I caved.

So, the bag is really tiny, basically you can fit one key, an iPad mini, a mini wallet (my new specialty – I’m going to talk to you about it soon!) and your mobile phone and then….
That’s all!

You could say that it’s one way of motivating myself to lighten up my life! For the moment it works, I’m never without it.

Do you like it?


*??? No idea what made me think of that – maybe the Art Deco clasp?


Mastering the art of layering is no easy task, my bag ladyness can attest to that.

It’s all about the proportions, the combination and in the end what’s going to keep you warm (and what you’re going to be able to take off when you need to cool down, say back at your desk or when you find yourself going to a chic lunch in the middle of a blizzard… Or for us these next two weeks: battling the elements during fashion week. )

I really liked these combos (one of them is actually mine, will you recognize it ?)

Click on the arrows to see all the photos.

Coat, Calvin Klein; Parka, Valentino; Sweatshirt, TPN; Shirt, Uniqlo; Bag, Reed Krakoff.

Coat, 10 Crosby Derek Lam. Jacket, Stella Mccartney; Denim Jacket, Proenza Schouler; Turtleneck, Club Monaco.

Plaid Coat, Ace&Jig; Leather Jacket, Vince; Bag, M Hulot; Bracelets, Saint Laurent; Scarf, vintage.

Tine & Luisa

It’s another crazy snow day in New York!! Here are Luisa and Tine taking it all in– even if they are a little bit cold!

Paulina, at the Studio

Do you remember the day I fell in love with this Little Liffner clutch?

At the time, the Swedish brand wasn’t available in New York yet, and when we contacted them, we realized that Paulina, its creator, did absolutely everything herself, even the customer service…

Little Liffner has grown since then, and on Friday, Paulina stopped by to see us and show us her new collection. When I saw the simple, practical, cool style (ah, those Swedes!) I couldn’t resist taking a photo.

(I’m so happy that we can finally open up the doors of the Studio to more people. We can have friends and colleagues over for coffee and invite creatives to come collaborate with us… It’s so wonderful. Just goes to show – the longer the wait, the sweeter it is!)

Carey in Tribeca

I love this layering with soft colors on Carey. It’s a change from the dark winter colors but it’s just as warm!

Carey Murphy Street Style

Coat, Blk Dnm; Jean, Current Elliot; Bag, Kara; Sweater, Equipment; Headphones, Bang & Olufsen.

Gold Rush

I’m slowly stepping away from my grey winter uniform…

I hope it will make warmer weather come faster ;) Here is my shopping cart this week, you can see it all on Pinterest!


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Studio Finds: Balenciaga

It dawned on me recently…

…that I didn’t have one proper handbag that goes along with being a sophisticated adult. Randomly I mentioned this to my boyfriend, and he mentioned it to my best friend Jenn, and behind my back bought me this absolutely stunning Balenciaga bag to surprise me with on Christmas Eve. It is so chic! A most perfect shape and size to carry all my personal necessities (iPhone, keys, money, candy…) while still having the option to be hands free.

By brie

On The Street…Rue Bonaparte, Paris



It’s nice to still be surprised by someone’s unique look. In this period of overstyled “It Girls” someone marching to their own tune seems so fresh.

Subtly Pink

Lately, I’ve been really into this super soft pink–maybe you noticed we had a lot of pink on the blog this week!

Here are a few things I’m shopping for!


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I could tell you about how much I admire Rashida Jones – but I already did here.

So today, let’s focus on her outfit that I love – from the white pumps to the duffle coat to the layering of a men’s shirt & a lace top, to the bag and the heavy cuff on her boyfriend jeans. I also love her anklet, by the way.

Rashida Jones Photo

Cool, creative and feminine – awesome.

PS: Rashida just launched a jewelry collaboration with Dannijo – I’ll tell you all about it super soon!

Coat, Zara; Jeans, Rag & Bone; Lace Top, & Other Stories; Handbag, 3.1 Phillip Lim; Heels, Manolo Blahnik

Man Bag Monday: Three Great Gifts Under $400 for Your Dude

Man Bag Monday: Three Great Gifts Under $400 for Your Dude

For the past few years, we’ve done more robust gift guides for the men in your life, but (if I may be candid for a moment) no one reads them. And that’s ok, I understand. I don’t really like putting them together, because dude gifts aren’t all that fun. For most of us, the men in our lives aren’t looking for something super-stylish or luxurious, and as much as we want to give them fancy things, they probably won’t appreciate them fully. The solution? Fancy Lite.

In the women’s market (and also in the men’s market, probably, but stick with me here), the three gifts above would be in the “contemporary” price range, but I think that term betrays the classic sensibility that these three potential gifts provide. That makes them ideal for men at lots of different ages; I could see this watch on my retired father as easily as I could see it on my most recent OkCupid date. (I don’t have a boyfriend. Again, stick with me here.) So no matter if you’re buying for a parent, a boyfriend or a brother, these three ideas will set you in the right direction.

Coach Bleecker Legacy Courier Bag
$398 via Coach

Coach Bleecker Legacy Courier Bag

Miansai M2 White Watch with Leather Band
$375 via East Dane

Miansai M2 White Watch with Leather Band

Paul Smith Camouflage Billfold Wallet
$250 via Mr. Porter

Paul Smith Camouflage Billfold Wallet

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More gifts…in pink (you know it’s one of my favorite colors) ! I can’t believe I’m taking off for Christmas holiday this weeeeeek!

PS: Yes, we tried that ramen chocolate and it’s good! Trust us!

PPS: For more gifts, click here!

Bra, Cosabella; Handbag, Fendi; Lorenza 2012 Rose, Lorenza Wines; Pharrell: Places & Spaces I’ve Been, Rizzoli; Necklace, Tom Binns; Chanel No.5 Soap, Chanel; Pansy and Pink Nail Polish, RGB; Passport Cover, Smythson; Pajama Shirt, Sleepy Jones; Savory Ramen Chocolate Bar, Komforte Chockolates.

#12Days of Handbags Day 2: Crossbody Bags

#12Days of Handbags Day 2: Crossbody Bags

In honor of the holiday shopping still left to be done, we’ve dedicated Day 2 of #12DaysofHandbags to keeping your hands free with a crossbody bags. Crossbodies are perfect bag to take holiday shopping, on your morning commute or out for a long night of dancing. It’s the no-fuss, simple bag that’s always on your side.

Follow our Instagram to get the first look at the #12DaysofHandbags every day!

Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C Ponyhair Clutch
$245 via Rebecca Minkoff

Tory Burch Saddalrina Large Saddlebag
$495 via Tory Burch

Chanel Boy Bag
Price Upon Request

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Cyber Monday

It’s Cyber Monday!

One day where it becomes a little bit harder to resist online shopping. Here are some super on sale pieces I’ve got in my shopping cart!



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The Commute

As we’re about to move in our first real Studio (meaning, not a part of my home but a real separate place) (exciiiiiting!!!) (freaaakyyy!) I am wondering what it will do to my lifestyle.

How am I going to get there? A half hour walk, a ten minute bike ride or a 15 minute subway commute? A drive?
I wonder how these choices will affect my wardrobe. So, I decided I’d ask…

How does the way you commute affect the way you dress?

Delphine, my agent and friend in the photo, bikes:

From March 1st to December 1st I BIKE E-VE-RY-WHERE…
I have a black Linus, the Céline of bikes…and my best friend is my basket.

Shoes are not an issue at all, whatever the heel is, it’s actually easier to bike than walk in them… With the exception of the platform which I find a bit dangerous as I can’t feel the pedal.

The problem is the summer: humidity + effort is a killer.

That’s when the basket comes in, I can carry an extra t-shirt, deodorant, wipes… As well as a scarf/sweater/jacket, the AC in the office is so strong, we freeze all summer. And of course my gym clothes!

Come spring, the basket holds my hat/cap in case of rain (tried to ride with an umbrella like Wes, my husband, but that’s not for me) a jacket/trench coat and a cotton scarf.

The fall routine tends to be a little bit similar to the spring one, except I also have gloves, a headband (if my ears get cold it’s really, really tragic) a scarf or more accurately a mini blanket, and of course the gym bag!

Biking is really the best, and my favorite transportation in NYC, I really bike everywhere. I love it love it love it, but I had to revisit my wardrobe a bit and say goodbye to pencil skirts, long skirts (look awful on me anyway) and mini-mini skirts…

But I adapted and my leather and suede shorts became my summer staples, I invested in a few amazing summer pants and skirts with enough fabric I don’t feel naked while riding…

And then between December 1st and March 1st, it’s way too cold = no bike. I walk e-ve-ry-where and I am all about mini/pencil skirts with tights, and platform shoes.

Garance is the non-commuter:

Working from home is fantastic if you’re not a very private person, and you may have gotten the hint from… Well, my blog: I am not.

The lines between my morning coffee and my first step into work are very blurred. Actually, I start off a lot of my days in my PJs.

It’s because I do most of my creative work in these, have a sip of coffee, let the morning inspiration come to me and start writing. If I cut this with the whole “getting ready” ritual, pooof! the morning magic is gone. So I use my early mornings, from say 7:30 to 9, to do my personal work, and sometimes push it until 11, when it’s time to put my business girl cap on.

But even then, because I’m at home, the look is pretty easy unless I have very important meetings.

My team is so used to seing me in my grays that when on special days I open the doors to them all prepped and ready to go, they’re like: “Are you okay G?”

I have a large collection of pajamas, not silky Olivia Pope-y ones, more cozy (molleton), in all different shades of grays that I welcome my team with. I put a lot of attention into buying these – there is a real art to sweatpants. I guess I could say they are part of my style.
I know Karl Lagerfeld would say it’s a terrible disrespect to show up to others in this type of attire. I would answer that it’s one of the last “freelancer” (let’s be honest, I’m not a freelancer anymore) perks I’ve been hanging on to. I’m about to give that away though…

In December we’re getting a new office, a real one – but I already have figured out how I’m going to play it : I’ll work from home in the morning, in my dear pjs, and go to the office in the afternoon, walking, or biking. All dressed up.

I’m sure my team will miss, very much, seeing me in my grey (molleton) robe.

Rebecca drives:

In L.A. they say you are what you drive. Which makes total sense to me as the driver of a vintage Jaguar convertible from the 60s. Sleek and slippery as a bar of soap, mahogany steering wheel, paint job the color of unsalted butter. Gorgeous, elegant, classic. It’s funny come to think of it, how the words you might use to describe my car are the VERY SAME words that basically define me. Ha ha! HahahaHAHAHAHAHA ha…ha…ha…hmmm. Okay, okay, fine…I drive a Prius.

A boring old Prius with 69,000 miles on the odometer, dinged up bumpers, and a decidedly un-mahoghany steering wheel. The only thing that distinguishes my Prius from the three zillion other Priuses driving around Los Angeles is the fact that it is exceptionally filthy. That and the bobble-head tiger which sits on the dashboard sagely nodding its proud tiger head while I race around town, driving from Century City to Burbank to Santa Monica, from the Hollywood Hills to Beverly Hills, going on meetings.

(I’m a TV writer and that’s what TV writers do — go on meetings. Sure, if you’re on a show you spend time in writers’ room eating Twizzlers from the Pleistocene era and okay, there’s the actual writing part of writing, where you sit alone for long, long periods of time moving only your eyeballs and the tips of your fingers. But a big hunk of my time is spent driving from meeting to meeting in my filthy Prius.)

Is this a classy way to commute? I would answer emphatically: yes!

I think it’s chic to arrive at some big important meeting in a dinged up filth-mobile. It’s insouciant — like Jane Birkin carrying a basket as a purse. But the messy car only really works if I look kind of elegant when I emerge. So for instance, I’m not going to be putting on mascara like some tacky vagabond when the valet opens the door (I apply it way earlier in the commute at red lights!!).

The same balance is key when it comes to dressing for a meeting. You definitely DO NOT want to look like you tried too hard (desperate, pathetic etc.) and yet ideally you shouldn’t be mistaken for an actual bum. Me, if I have to err on one side? I lean bum… but maybe throw on some Céline snakeskin heels and my Hermès watch with gold spikes. Something to reassure the executives they aren’t accidentally meeting with a homeless person.

Which is why commuting in a car is so genius. You have plenty of options at the ready to dress up or down any outfit as needed. In L.A. your car is basically your closet away from your closet.

Although mine is perhaps more of a sartorial compost heap. It is absolutely filled with clothes! There are bags full of things I’m taking to the tailor (someday), bags of holey jeans for the denim repair place, shoes with broken straps, boots in need of new soles, boxes of returns for Net-a-porter and La Garçonne, clothes for Goodwill, clothes I intend to sell at vintage shops, discarded coats from when the weather turned warm, flip-flops for when I get pedicures, heels I swapped out when my feet started to blister/bleed — borrowed clothes, forgotten clothes, clothes for day, for night, for meetings, for nights on the town, for impromptu costume parties… for pretty much any occasion imaginable.

So…am I what I drive? You know what, I would have to say yes. Because I’m ready for anything.

Emily walks:

I thought I could add “walking to work” to the list of perks of moving in with my boyfriend, until I realized that my life has become a perpetual schlep.

A 20 minute walk is not very conducive to shoes with heels, shoes that rub your heels, or shoes that squeeze your toes which I had to learn the hard way (you thought your heels were ugly? I’m talking a good old fashioned blood bath in-transit). Now, if I have meetings or an event after work, I have to bring a change of shoes in my bag and wear comfortable flats to work. This requires that I carry a bag big enough to fit another pair of shoes at all times.

It’s also more challenging in the winter, when ballerinas or sandals won’t cut it.

Rain also adds some complications. No umbrella = disaster. There have been multiple times when it has poured, with no cabs in sight, and I have completely drenched through my white clothes that suddenly became see-through – maybe it made people on the way happy?

And in winter, layering is essential. Twenty minutes in the snow is cold. I usually try to wear 2-3 layers on top and have been known to put a pair of leggings on under my jeans. Scarves, hats and boots are no longer just optional if you don’t want to freeze.

Then there’s the fun part of showing up to the studio and continually stripping all day until your body reaches a normal temperature just in time to layer back up again to head home.

Alex takes the subway:

I live pretty far uptown so I bring my life along with me every morning because there is a 99% chance that if I go home after work, I won’t leave again (party pooper!). I have a select group of heels that I’m able to walk great distances in and can make it from day to night without losing a toe, but most of the time I pack a change of shoes. If I have any plans after work, I usually pack non-essentials into said canvas tote and carry a small handbag with me, leaving the tote and flats under my desk for the night.

So if I have multiple dates social engagements in the week, I always end up having one day where I end up lugging home four tote bags full of flat shoes aka my weekly bag lady moment.

Taking the subway in the summer, I basically want to be naked (I mean not really, but kind of) because it is way too hot on that platform. You sweat your face off (literally) and then you enter a freezing, AC filled car and watch your sweat turn to icicles. You don’t really want to sit, especially in a shorter skirt or shorts or in anything white. So you stand, you drip, you freeze and then you are back out into the heat for the 6 block walk to the office.

In the winter, it’s a little bit of the opposite. I tend to avoid dressing like a yeti for as long as possible (I grew up in the Minnesota tundra, I can sport a bare ankle until at least mid-November) but eventually the time comes and I layer up. I throw on my wool coat, my wool socks, my Heattech and head to the subway. The platform temperature is pretty stable and then in all my layered glory, I enter the subway car and while it creeps down the west side, I want nothing more than to strip off every single layer on my body (again, here am I wanting to be naked on the subway). Upon exiting, I turn back into an icicle on my walk to the office.

I wouldn’t really trade my subway commute for anything (okay maybe for walking) but it’s easy, it’s quick (usually) and I spend most of my time listening to other people’s music thanks to their volume to the max headphones (finding all the latest hits) and wondering if that cute guy in the suit will write a missed connection (Do people still write missed connections? You know, those things on Craigslist where you write something like “To that cute girl in the Heattech on the subway, I’m sorry I didn’t propose.”) about me.

And where would I be without that fantasy?

Here are our morning and evening personal disasters!!! Which one would you pick? And which is your routine of choice?

PS: Thank you to Delphine Del Val and Rebecca Sinclair for sharing their commutes with us!


Caroline’s look here is going to keep me inspired all week long, I have a few events I have to attend and I can never figure out what to wear for evenings…

Do you have to wear a dress? Do you have to show your legs / décolleté / some skin? Do you have to look “sophisticated?” Not necessarily, it seems.

You can play with textures, like these soft leather pants that are so chic, a beautiful jacket, or shoes that attract the eye. Show some wrist or ankle – and stay cool no matter what. So French, right?

Okay, this’ll be my note-to-self for the week! Big hugs!

Nothing to Wear

It might sound crazy to you considering the millions of hours I spend talking about fashion, but sometimes I still can’t figure out what clothes look good on me. It definitely comes down to body type. I mean, I have pretty broad shoulders, rather slender hips, and there’s just a little bit of (hahaha) breasts to account for, yet I have fine arms, and I put on weight on the top…

I know that generally, when I show my legs, things work pretty well and that I have to avoid the chunky sweater at all costs unless I want to look like Anne Sinclair.
I love wearing men’s shirts (easy and sexy) but since I chopped all my hair off, I’m finding them far less flattering (but I promised the girls at the studio that I wouldn’t talk about my short hair under any circumstances so just pretend like I didn’t say anything). Little slinky tops work more or less even though I dream about wearing them since I cut all my hair off… (The slip dress trend this winter has plunged me into total disarray) and ummmmmm, I also should say that, uhhhhh….
Let’s say I have V-necks and blazers left but I’m tired of V-necks and blazers.


I cracked up the last time a friend of mine (who has a totally different frame than me: leaner top than bottom) said to me:

“But… If I could just have your legs…”
And I said :
“But no, if I could just have your shoulders,”
Then she said :
“But if I could only have your boobs…”
I had to stop the whole thing right there. It was so much better to be her. It was so obvious. I had to set the record straight:
“Your shoulders are closer to your head. So, I’m sorry, but it is much easier for you to look good from the waist up. I mean, just think about photos! What should I do, wrap my legs around my head anytime someone wants to take a picture of me?!”

Aha! Admit it, I won that one.


PS: The sweater in the photo works pretty well (I think so at least) because it’s long and sleeveless which sort of elongates the top. It just goes to show that anything can work as long as it’s the right cut. Though Emily added that since she’s shorter, a sweater like this would make her look like, and I quote, a sack of potatoes.
For me, it looks like I forgot my pants, BUT YOU CAN SEE MY LEGS! ;))

PPS : Huge debate at the studio (Yes, I promise, sometimes we work)… You know those expressions (as totally stupid as they are, you’ll agree) to describe body shapes like apple, pear, hourglass, and I don’t even know what else? You know what I’m talking about…
What am I?
What do you consider yourself?

And with that in mind, what works best on you?

PPPS: What I’m wearing: sweater from All Saints, shirt by Sandro, Baylee bag by Chloé, Club Monaco shoes and jewelry by Aurélie Bidermann.

Little Liffner

We’ve been fans of the cool handbag line Little Liffner for a while…

Remember this cool clutch we shot before? We just found out that the line will have a new home at Club Monaco starting in November and we can’t wait to shop it. The bag above will be available as part of the collaboration– mark your calendar!


I am so excited to put up this style story with my friend Cisco!

Remember when I met Cisco in Australia? That casting was the start of a very inspiring friendship. And recently she moved to New York!

So here she is, at home. I really like how she totally perfected the mix of minimal and bohemian…and her hair is amazing (as always)!

Blouse, Vintage; Dress, Isabel Marant; Lingerie, Kiki de Montparnasse; Kaftan, Twentyone Degrees; Tote, Céline; Leather Pants, Ksubi; Coat, Michael Kors.

For more Style Stories, click here!

Matchy Matchy !

You may remember the day I told you about one of my BFP (Big Fashion Problems).
I find it hard to not match my clothes – actually the thing is I find it difficult to wear more than three colors – it distracts me. So for me, not being matchy matchy is like a daily battle. Cause when you wear few colors, it often ends up that you shoes and top match.
And that, guys, is total FD (Fashion Drama)…

Aaaaaah how many times have I envied our grandmas and their perfectly matching ensembles… What a break for the retina!!! Long live the Queen! (!!!??)

Ok so till now, I thought matchy matchy was Not Good.

That’s why the day I saw Viviana with her ensemble, and (oh shock!) her matching clutch and shoes, I was super surprised. Cause Viv is a great stylist. Viv knows what she’s doing. If Viv is wearing something matchy, it means something. We needed to talk.

“Viviaaaaaanaaaa!!! So daring !”

“Of course!!! The most funny is to match bag and shoes, like our grandmothers did (aaaaaah, see, our grandmas are always right!) and in the case of the gingham pattern, it’s a little crazy, but it was a way for me to intensify the mood of the look!”

And there let’s just say it: stylists are the best ones to talk to about fashion.

Ok so what do you think? Am I allowed to match now?

PurseForum Roundup – October 11

PurseForum Roundup – October 11

So, is everyone absolutely exhausted from the National Handbag Day festivities? We celebrated this auspicious day by scouring the PurseForum for wonderful handbags, of course, but really, everyday is Handbag Day for us! This week, our stops in the PurseForum Roundup include Dior, Valentino, Gucci and more. So finish putting away those National Handbag Day decorations and come on in and join us!

Gucci Houndstooth Bag

In Gucci this week, we spotted two of our favorite words right on page one: “Instant Reveal”. D.Grl12 got right down to business and showed off her gorgeous birthday gift, the retro Seventies Web Boston, a bag that pulls at our vintage heart strings. Missarewa also added to her collection this week, and we could definitely feel the love as she revealed this classic bag. Before a reveal often comes a decision, and LVBarbieDoll is looking for opinions on a purchase, if anyone would like to weigh in. As usual, we pick both options (but if absolutely pressed, we choose orange). How about you?

PurseBlog readers know we have a special place in our hearts for the Gucci Bamboo Top Handle (BTH) bags, and our Gucci PurseForum family feels the same way. The thread dedicated to this line is always front and center, and this week we have a reveal and are anxiously awaiting a new BTH shopper for BagLovinMom.

Gucci Collection

In the Show Your Collection thread, we caught up with Dorf, our gentleman connoisseur we introduced to you last month, who treated us to a family photo of his collection, and it is fabulous. Collection threads are a staple of the designer subforums, so if you have a favorite designer, be sure to check out what our members have curated in their closets – you won’t be sorry!

Dior Watch

Are you pressed for time? Well, DiorrificLady sure isn’t. National Handbag Day had us feeling particularly drawn to the iconic design houses, and when we stopped into Dior, we found a watch reveal that made time stand still. It took a moment to tear ourselves away from this Grand Bal, but we did, and then stumbled right into another blockbuster reveal from this lucky lady! And DiorrificLady was not the only member with something new to share this week. If you love summer, you will absolutely swoon over Nahreen’s new Lady Dior in a delightful shade that will be a great pop of color in the fall, too. Lucky Materiliasic28 picked up a sweet little vintage piece this week, too.

Dior Crocodile Bag

We have seen lots of wonderful posts in the Dior in Action thread this past month, too, so please stop by and see how our members are styling their bags. Superstar collector kellyng dropped in with a shot of her Samourai that made us weak in the knees. There is a lot to this design house, and if you are just getting familiar with Dior and want to learn more, we have a wonderful reference library to help you find your way around. We hope to see you in Dior soon!

Valentino Rockstuds

This week, Valentino‘s first page was all about first purchases – some we missed the first time around, like nascarfan’s summer splurge on a pair of Rockstuds and a fabulous bag to match. New mom weetzie_bat recently made her first post-baby bag purchase, and it’s a beauty (or it is a beast? Check the thread to see). U580729 picked up a bag and shoe combination in an eye-catching nuanced nude, and mga13 had us mesmerized by the details of her extraordinary snake bracelet evening bag.

Black and White Outfit

We loved this photo of LeeLee1098 in her black and white ensemble in the Action thread – LeeLee is sporting the best accessory of them all, a happy smile!

Diamond Finger Cuff

This week, we found a fun new thread in the Jewelry Box and we’re sure it’s going to be a winner. It’s the Insane Wish List thread, and it is off to a rollicking start. Please drop in and add to the insanity! We also caught up with the Statement Jewelry thread and found ITlovesfashion’s incredible armor ring photographed against a background of equally incredible hydrangeas. (See, we have been hanging out in Home and Garden, too!)

The Jewelry Box is also a place for serious conversations, many of which revolve around diamonds. We have plenty of reference and photo threads, dovetailed with ongoing discussions that really get to the heart of the all-important facets of a diamond purchase. (See what we did there?) Phoebe_0526 got the ball rolling this summer with her GIA Diamond thread, which is a must-read for anyone considering a diamond purchase. Once you have made your purchase, we have a long-lived, active thread with everything you need to know about cleaning your diamonds, too.

Hermes Kelly Bag

The Hermès subforum is the place to go for beautiful bags any time, any day, all day long. One of our favorite threads is the Perfect Match thread, where members showcase combinations of bags and scarves, and sometimes, as in the case of Aurelia24, a super hot pair of shoes as well! By the way, her bag is 63 years old, which is a testament to the quality and craftsmanship of this singular brand. Hermès may be out of reach for many of us, to be sure, but being able to share these pieces with our gracious members is always a real treat. The Fall 2013 scarves are making an appearance in this dedicated thread, and The Clubhouse is loaded with photographs of shawls, scarves, and everything else Hermès.

Hermes Trio with Kelly Bag

We don’t want to leave Hermès without a reveal or two, of course, and we found even more vintage to share with you. Katillathehun was thrilled with her vintage classic Kelly, which is now off for refurbishing (though we thought it looked amazing right out of the box). We can’t wait to see more of this splendid bag! Aurelia24′s vintage Mini Kelly is not to be missed – we cannot imagine a more charming pop of color for the fall.

Before you leave Hermès, be sure to check out the Non-Hermès Indulgences thread. There’s always something wonderful to see there, like aerinha’s new shoes!

Well, Roundup fans, with that we end this exciting week on PurseBlog and PurseForum. We hope you have enjoyed your time with us – we certainly appreciate each and every one of you and absolutely love your comments, photographs and conversations. Happy Friday, and remember National Handbag Day will be here again before you know it!

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9 Style Lessons from Chanel

The Chanel show is always a crowd pleaser…

It’s also a good place to pick up some lessons in styling because as we know, Karl is all about the details.

So as Jay-Z’s “Picasso Baby” played on, I took some serious notes on what I was seeing on the runway. Here are a few style lessons I learned at Chanel…

1. Two bags are always better than one.

2. Don’t be afraid to show a little shoulder.

3. Tie your sweater around your waist…or your neck…wear it any way you want.

4. Pearls on pearls on pearls.

5. Socks + heels. Do it.

6. Hands in your pockets at all times. (Not really a styling trick, not really practical, but you look cooler.) Also, is that a dickie? Remember when we talked about dickies?!

7. Tag your bag. Graffiti logo mania is where it’s at.

8. Be an artist. Ditch the beret and go for a Chanel portfolio instead.

9. Ask yourself, WWKD (What Would Karl Do?)

The Cover-Up

Fall is commmming !!! (excited for no reason) – it’s time to take out our hats, jackets, and light coats that fly at the first gust of wind.

These kinds of coats are my mid-season favorites. For a lot of my friends, it’s the biker jacket – worn effortlessly over the shoulders – for others it’s a simple blazer… What’s your favorite ?

A few things I love…

Arrrgh, it’s me!

This morning, I want to show you a couple things I love, and one thing I hate.

Okay, should we start with the things I love?

#1 – These MiH jeans that I love so much, I bought two of them.
What’s so special about them? It’s that I love their trumpet shape, short and flared at the bottom.
This is a cut that’s coming straight from the 90’s (Caroline Bessette, style queen used to wear that all the time!) and that my slim-saturated conscience had been looking for them for a while.
Okay, I still wear skinnies tighter that a Monday morning on the subway. But still.

#2 – These shoes. I’ll come back to them.

#3 – This perfect Phillip Lim bag (Remember? I had fallen in love with it here). Not too big, not too small, it can fit my Ipad and even my camera if I push a little, big ups for that.

#4 – This leopard print coat from Topshop. I looooved the print so much that I decided to do with a cut that is not quite perfect for me (it’s like a 60’s type of shape, with short and wide sleeves, not exactly my thing).

I’ve been looking for years for a nice leopard coat that’s not tacky, not made of fur, with a nice print and let’s say that with this one, I’m getting very close, what do you think ?

Okay. We’ve talked about the things I love, now, as promise, let’s talk about the thing I hate… Or if I may say, the thing I used to hate…

My bun.

I had come to hate it so much, I was so over it, I had told you so much about it, that on Friday… I cut it all.

Short. No but short short, Michelle Williams short.


I’ve been learning to live with it for three days, and now I think I can tell you that I love it.

Showing it to you (and telling you the story) as soon as possible.

PS: The photo is by Scott!

The Dress

It’s that bag-dress again! The one was I was telling you about this morning, from Marques ‘Almeida – but this time in a camo-jean (do I need to say how much I love that?), spotted on Daphne the other day.

The Stam

Is this what true love feels like?

I asked myself that very question during college when I first laid eyes on the Marc Jacobs Stam bag. I had for years dreamed of owning (and do still dream) a classic Chanel bag but the Stam was something different. The Chanel was for someday, the Stam was for right that second. I’d walk through Neiman Marcus on my way to work, stopping by the handbags to gently stroke and smell that beautiful bag that had become, I was certain, the essence of my being.

Sometimes when they had a color I really liked, I would put it on hold. The saleswoman would roll her eyes, knowing I would never actually make the purchase. “Okay sweet angel,” I would say to the Stam. “I’ll come for you soon.”

Thankfully, I was not alone in my desire to own a Stam, outside of Lindsay Lohan and Eva Mendes, my friend (and now roommate– the Stam brought us together!) shared an equal passion for the handbag. We talked endlessly about which color we would buy, how great of an investment it would be to own, and finally how to come up with $1,300 in order to buy one.

We could sell our plasma (come on, every college student ever has one time contemplated this as a solution to financial woes)! We could sell our eggs (okay, not really…)!

Then one day, I walked into a Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet and stopped dead in the middle of the store. In front of me stood a sign: “Buy One Get One Handbags. Two Days Only.”

Is this what true love feels like?

Finally, the fashion gods, and possibly Marc Jacobs himself, had decided it was time. I immediately called up my friend, and we brainstormed how to come up with $650 each as fast as possible. We could sell our eggs!

Reality was setting in. We were college students working part-time. We liked $1 shot night (a little too much). $650 might as well have been $650,000. After all of the longing and desire we had to face the truth: we could not buy a Stam bag. So, we slowly let go of your Stam dreams (I have since refocused my energy on Céline clutches and Givenchy boots).

For me, Stam will always be the one that got away.

Clutch It

The fall runways were all about carrying your bag (no matter the shape or size) as a clutch–remember, we showed you some of them here

Now that fall is just around the corner (eek!) I’m looking back at some of these trends for inspiration when it comes to planning all of my fashion week Altfits. I’ve since learned that not every bag can be a clutch.

For example, my Alexander Wang Rocco is quite impossible to turn into a clutch (way too heavy thanks to all those studs), even with my arms through the handles (on the plus side, it would be a good workout for my noodle arms).

But I’m not giving up on the idea! If you build it, they [he] will come. Right? (Is it still legit to make references to Field of Dreams?) So I’m still hunting for the perfect bag-clutch…clutch-bag? This one from J. Crew has been on my mind since the presentation. I know what you’re thinking, “It’s just a clutch Alex! This doesn’t feel like a bag-clutch, you’re cheating!”

Okay, I might be cheating a little bit but, this clutch turns into a tote! Yes, that’s right. It’s true fashion magic! That strap along the side also makes it the easiest to carry clutch in the world, I mean, seriously.

Classics / Le Sac Chanel

Here’s the Classic Chanel bag.

Somewhere between great classic, ultimate chic accessory and status symbol, it is so iconic that you can be sure that when you have this on your shoulder, you’re wearing far more than just a bag. The one in the photo isn’t mine, the one I have is a microscopic version of this one, but still, it’s incredible how so many people turn their heads as I walk by and how many conversations it starts every time I wear it.

Love it or not, everyone seems to have an opinion and loves to talk about it. What about you?

Counting the Days…

Argh, there. 15th of august is behind us.
That weird moment where I read magazines that are full of coats while I’m having a coconut on the beach, that moment where I make wishlists of what I’d like to wear in september. And where I say “But can you believe that fashion week is in two weeks ???!!!”. The truth is it’s also the moment where I should go shopping, because in New York, after the 1st of September all the best clothes are out of stock.

But you know what ? I’d rather believe in summer a few more hours…

On my list, this Phillip Lim purse. I saw it on Preia the other day. I like it’s shape, it’s simplicity and its gold hardware. Next week – once I’ve put my family on the plane, I’ve just spent the most exhausting and cool week taking them all over New York – I’ll show you my wish list of what I’d love to wear in september.
Have you started your wishlist ?


I spotted Sue on the street the other day and really liked her look.

But also, I really loved her bag. Isn’t it cool? I asked her how it came about…

“I actually started putting patches on my bag after seeing a cool patched vest on St Mark’s. It was too expensive for me to buy, so I thought, ‘What do I already have that I can put patches on?’ My bag, which I bought for myself for high school graduation, instantly came to mind. I put my name on the front in varsity letters and added a few other small patches and pins that I liked to start. After that, people started giving me patches for my bag, and I started picking them up everywhere I went. Each one is special and reminds me of a place, person, or memory I loved.

It gets a lot of attention, both positive and negative, but neither matters to me. With every patch it becomes more mine. Hence its (perfect) nickname: the Souis Vuitton.” - Sue

Montauk Weekend

Here are my essentials for this weekend ! Have a great weekend !


Here’s a photo of Inès who lives in Bali, has awesome tattoos, an accessories brand, and who is also a great illustrator.

Big hugs!

Studio Picks

This week at the studio, we did some serious shopping…and some even more serious dreaming about shopping…

Here are some of the items making Emily, Christiana and I weak at the knees…

Emily: This bag from the Row makes frequent appearances in my dreams–one day, it will be mine!! It also doesn’t hurt that it would look great with all of my other classic gold and beige accessories.

Christiana: I’ve been compulsively buying everything with Hawaiian print on it since the start of summer, and if my bank account would allow for it, this Zimmermann swimsuit would be no exception! The Oribe hairspray and NARS blush are great for tricking people into thinking you’ve just spent a day at the beach (when in reality you were parked in front of a computer). They’re definitely my favorite summer products.

Alex: I’m always looking for another black dress to add to my collection and what’s better than a little number by Mr. Wang? These facial pads from Zelens are the newest addition to my daily routine. I use them at night after I wash my face and my skin feels smoother and brighter (watch out Gisele!).

What are you shopping for (or dreaming about) this week?


Alex, Emily & Christiana

Studio Picks

This week at the studio, we did some serious shopping…and some even more serious dreaming about shopping…

Here are some of the items making Emily, Christiana and I weak at the knees…

Emily: This bag from the Row makes frequent appearances in my dreams–one day, it will be mine!! It also doesn’t hurt that it would look great with all of my other classic gold and beige accessories.

Christiana: I’ve been compulsively buying everything with Hawaiian print on it since the start of summer, and if my bank account would allow for it, this Zimmermann swimsuit would be no exception! The Oribe hairspray and NARS blush are great for tricking people into thinking you’ve just spent a day at the beach (when in reality you were parked in front of a computer). They’re definitely my favorite summer products.

Alex: I’m always looking for another black dress to add to my collection and what’s better than a little number by Mr. Wang? These facial pads from Zelens are the newest addition to my daily routine. I use them at night after I wash my face and my skin feels smoother and brighter (watch out Gisele!).

What are you shopping for (or dreaming about) this week?


Alex, Emily & Christiana

I Love…

The other day, a lot of you asked me where the bag in my illustration came from.
I don’t know how any of you put together that I was inspired by a real bag (Seriously ? You guys are goooooood!) but… Here we go !

The simplicity and coolitude of this bag is to die for. I’ve been wearing it for a week and everyone has been asking where I got it – even with a drawing! :)

The leather is pretty rigid so it doesn’t lose its shape. The inside is red and sublime (It’s a sort of double face leather) and honestly, I’m just so crazy about it I’ve lost all critical abilities.

And on top of that, the brand, Mansur Gavriel, is the brain-child of two friends who live in New York, just two gals like you and me. I love that. I think I’ll get a coffee date on the calendar with them one of these days, no ?…

Voilà! I had to show you guys my new little baby! You like it?

Resort #5

A cool silicone tote from Alexander Wang.