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Lady Gaga Totes a Furry Balenciaga Runway Bag

Lady Gaga Totes a Furry Balenciaga Runway Bag

Here’s Lady Gaga, leaving her “Jazz at Lincoln Center” performance with the legendary Tony Bennett, dressed like a Jazz Age vamp and carrying a Balenciaga Cable Strap Fur Shopping Tote. These bags debuted on Balenciaga’s Fall 2014 runway, and you can currently find a black calfskin leather version for $2,055 at Neiman Marcus.

Her ladyship has an eclectic collection of designer handbags that includes a vast arsenal of “customized” Hermes Birkins, some of which will undoubtedly end up in a museum somewhere, someday. You can easily suss out which designers are her favorites by browsing “The Many Bags of Lady Gaga.”

#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – July 24th

#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – July 24th

This week on #PBWIMB, it was clear you all love your wallets and small leather accessories as much as you love your handbags. We’re firm believers that the inside of your bag is just as important as what it looks like on the outside, and what better way to accessorize than to stuff it with designer goodies?

Take a look at our favorite Instagrams of the week, and be sure to keep tagging your photos with #PBWIMB to be featured.

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The International Edit: July 21

The International Edit: July 21

PurseBlog may be New York-based, but we know we have a lot of readers whose locations reach far beyond our shores. With that in mind, we’re bringing you another edition of The International Edit, in which we scope out the newest wares at our favorite non-American online retailers. With pre-fall and fall deliveries piling up every day, there’s a ton of new stuff to check out below.

#PBWIMB – Instagram Roundup July 10th

#PBWIMB – Instagram Roundup July 10th

This week in #PBWIMB, you all gave us in an in-depth look inside your designer bags and showed us all your summer essentials. From shoes to sunglasses and all the beauty products in between, we loved seeing what you’re carrying this season. Take a look at our favorite snapshots of the week, and don’t miss out on the adorable pup we found in a Louis Vuitton Speedy.

For you chance to be featured, tag your photos using the hashtag #PBWIMB and be sure to follow us on Instagram!

Balenciaga Fall 2014 Colors

Balenciaga Fall 2014 Colors

One of the best things about the PurseForum is the vast amounts of information users share with one another. Whether it’s a reveal of a new bag or coveted news from sales associates, the PurseForum is like no other place online. When I was browsing the forums this week, I stumbled upon Balenciaga’s Fall 2014 Colors.

These colors will be seen in stores on Balenciaga’s classic bags in a few weeks, but until you see them on the bags you know and love, take a peek at these swatches of the upcoming colors. I’m very interested in seeing the metallic Gris Aluminum in person; I think I’d love it on a Balenciaga Hip Bag.

Other colors include Noir, Charbon, Bleu Persan, Rouge Ambre, and Beige Oryx. Keep checking Balenciaga online to see when these new colors will show up on your favorite bags. Shop Balenciaga now.

PurseForum Roundup – July 3

PurseForum Roundup – July 3

Happy July! In America, of course, July 4th means picnics, fireworks and red, white and blue. We would like to wish all of our US readers a very happy and safe Independence Day.

The PurseForum reaches far beyond America’s shores, and this week we joined members from far and wide in Dior, Bottega Veneta, The Jewelry Box and more. Come on along with us to see what they have been up to!

Balenciaga City Bags

In Handbags and Purses this week, we paid a long-overdue visit to the 2014 Resolution: Shop in Your Own Closet thread. Occasionally a member will venture outside her closet and make a bag purchase, but overall this contented and supportive group wears and shares bags they already own and love.

This inspiring thread is full of eye candy, and right off the bat we spotted cupcakegirl’s luscious Balenciaga all ready to step right out of her closet. We also found threadstarter eggtartapproved had done a bit of shopping, but what a score! One returned bag yielded several new ones, and egg definitely deserves a thumbs-up!

In Handbags and Purses, in our wonderful thread for Recent Purchases, we regularly find bags not often seen on the PurseForum. On this visit, we ran across Haan’s study in blue from Moynat, Whispersale’s gorgeous vintage YSL, and Buckeye Mommy’s Bottega Veneta Cervo in bleu electric that stole our hearts.


Finding the unusual and out-of-the-ordinary always makes our day, and it’s something we all love to experience on the PurseForum. Our members have such different backgrounds and tastes, and this diversity makes our forum really sing. This week in the Jewelry Box, we happened upon the popular new Real Native American Jewelry thread started by susieserb, whose spectacular coral cuff is pictured here.

This thread features history, famous collections and archival photographs, along with our knowledgable members’ stunning pieces. Our Show Me The Turquoise thread is still going strong, too – in case, like us, you cannot get enough! We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all our members for sharing their treasures with us in these very special threads.


On our way out of the Jewelry Box, we dropped into the Layering and Stacking thread – one of the most active threads in the subforum – and came across einseine’s lovely ensemble above. Another fun thread caught our attention, too – the What Jewelry Are You Wearing Today thread, always interesting and always sparkling (and a great way to get to know our members)!

Bottega Veneta Bags

In Bottega Veneta, we found a double reveal from crazybagfan, who obligingly included updated family photos, too. Teddyraph’s reveal thread should have come with a sunglasses-required alert, because this new fuchsia tote is blinding – her first BV is really a showstopper!

Metallic bags are not always easy to style, and some brands have not hit their stride with executing this sometimes tricky concept. Bottega Veneta has mastered the metallic, as evidenced by this beauty in bronze belonging to chiisaibunny. This thread has a surprise ending, so be sure to keep reading! For more members and their fabulous BVs, please visit the Bottega Veneta in action thread right here.

Dior Diorissimo Bag

We are so excited to share the elegant Diorissimo we found in Christian Dior this week, courtesy of a very excited Sunnie_518. Happily, this bag also comes with an equally beautiful wallet, which you will find in this pretty family portrait. 

Other reveals in Dior include a magnificent red patent Lady Dior from smudleybear, and momkeymomo’s incredible collection thread. Diorissimo fans will love this reveal from hightea_xx, a classic bag with a surprise on the inside! There are so many reveals (like this one) on page one of Dior this week – we know you will enjoy your visit and hope to see you there!

Mulberry Bags

In Mulberry, Donna.west44 has been switching up her collection, and this delightful pair of bags is the result. Handbagaholic has been busy online, and shared several new Mulberry items in her reveal thread. Scrapsy returned a bag from another brand and came home with a Mulberry that makes her heart sing, which is how it should be when making a significant handbag purchase.

Selling bags no longer in your frequent rotation is a great way to fund new purchases, and if you are considering either buying or selling a bag (or two), please visit our eBay subforum for help with online auctions, or our Shopping Resources threads to find bargains, shopping tips and sales.

Thank you so much for stopping by for this week’s edition of the Roundup! We love sharing our PurseForum conversations with you and hope that you enjoy them just as much as we enjoy sharing them. We want to wish our members in the USA a safe and happy 4th of July, and please remember to ensure your pets are safe as well, July 4 is a tough day for them. And for everyone else, have a great weekend and week ahead!

The Balenciaga Flat

It’s sale season, okay?

I found myself on the Barney’s shoe floor (I know, stop, do not proceed, you DO NOT NEED last seasons IT shoe, you need a vacation) with three friends to cruise the sale racks. Suddenly my heart starts going faster, time slows down as I see a woman head towards what I think is a pair of Celine criss cross sandals in my size. I rush over, its a size too small. Phew. Probably too wide for my feet anyways!

After trying on several pairs of shoes that weren’t necessary (a high heel sandal with a silver chain ankle strap and a clunky plastic flat sandal) I found the pair, this pair. I’d actually been waiting for them to go on sale. And thanks to my patience, they did!

So a piece of sale season advice – Don’t get carried away by a designer shoe that is a half size too small and try to make it work. A classic shoe (even on sale!) is always worth it!

By brie

Mini Trend: Snakeskin Handles

Mini Trend: Snakeskin Handles

Two’s a coincidence, three’s a trend. It’s not just a saying – it tends to be true, especially when the “three” in question is a trio of handbags from major luxury designers that all share the same sort of peculiar detailing. In this case, it’s snakeskin handles against a bag that’s largely made of regular leather, and Dior, Balenciaga and Givenchy have all bought in.

Snakeskin is a bit of a non-intuitive choice for handles. It tends to be more delicate and and show more wear than flat leather, and because handles get more direct use and contact than most of the rest of a handbag, snakeskin has often been relegated to accenting other design elements. Perhaps because handbag trends have made a swing toward the minimal, though, designers are starting to use it on one of the only distinct spaces a simple tote or satchel has left: the handles.

This sort of design tactic also has a practical purpose for a brand’s business: it creates a price level in between a full leather bag and a full exotic one, giving consumers the opportunity to step up without making a huge price jump. Check out the three most popular versions of the look below.

Dior Addict Tote
More Information via

Dior Addict Python Handle Tote

Balenciaga Padlock Nude Works Tote
$2,150 via Neiman Marcus

Balenciaga Padlock Nude Works Tote

Givenchy Ayers-Accented Antigona Bag
$3,690 via Barneys

Givenchy Ayers Accented Antigona Bag

PurseForum Roundup – June 20

PurseForum Roundup – June 20

It’s Friday again, and that means another fabulous PurseForum Roundup. We always have lots going on throughout our Forum and are happy to bring you a collection of highlights. This week, we visited a couple of islands – Ban Islands, that is, as well as our Playground for some television and book fare. We also found some scrumptious bags, so come on along and join us!

Louis Vuitton Epi Alma Bag

This week in Television and Cinema, we are still all about the Game of Thrones finale, as well gearing up for the final season of True Blood. Of course, we also have a huge selection of other television shows and movies. You’ll also find plenty of summer reading suggestions in Books and Music, including our 2014 Reading Challenges and the Take a Picture of the Book You are Reading thread.

In Home and Garden, we spent some time in the What Does Your Room Look Like thread, where we found some very talented interior decorators on our Forum. In the General Discussion’s own What are You Lacking the Motivation to Do conversation, we found lots of tasks that we would not be motivated to do, either! Dropping in random threads like this is always a kick, and there are plenty in the Playground to entertain you.

Christian Louboutin Python Pumps

Aren’t these fabulous! We visited the Christian Louboutin subforum and found these python Jaws in Show Off Your New Shoes, one of our favorite threads in Shoes, Shoes, Shoes. Pearyfooa picked up two pairs of CLs on sale, including a towering pair of 120mm Biancas that we definitely appreciate.

Member kham shared her new pair of brilliant fluo Pigalles, also in 120mm, and before you click, be sure you have your sunglasses on – they are absolutely blinding! If you are new to the brand, or just having trouble keeping up with all the styles, you will find lots of help in What Style is This? – definitely the place to go if you spot a pair of hot shoes in a magazine, movie or even on eBay! If Christian Louboutin is not your cup of tea, visit the Glass Slipper for all the rest of your favorite brands – maybe even some you have not yet met!

Yves Saint Laurent Muse Tote

Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic Muse bag tops the charts in the Saint Laurent subforum this week. Intrigued by the “It Started with House of Cards” thread title, we dropped in and saw that ElainePG had scored a sweet little Muse after being inspired by the popular TV show. Mouniae also added a Muse to her bag collection – her first YSL bag is a medium version in classic cognac. Be sure to visit the Sales and Deals thread if you are considering a purchase; our members are always happy help direct one another to the best prices on their favorite bags and accessories.

Balenciaga Pink City Bag

In Balenciaga this week, we found a reveal underway right at our deadline. We jumped in to see what the heck an “Oh heck” reveal could mean, and learned something new! You may remember Ban Island, that special place in many of our designer subforums where our members go to wait out their bag-buying ban. Well, it turns out Ban Island residents can go on Shore Leave, Worth It Weekend or just slip up and say Oh Heck, I bought a new bag. Rainneday made her purchase under the latter exemption and shared her new City with us before hotfooting it back to Balenciaga’s own Ban Island.

Elsewhere in Balenciaga, Dearest Girl is looking for some help with a new purchase, while London411 and aznanjl are seeking help with color decisions. We also found a cyclamen City belonging to hiro838 in the May-June Purchases thread – this bag is absolutely picture-perfect and wonderful for summer. You will find lots more reveals in this thread; our Balenciaga gals have been very busy this summer!

Chanel Classic Flap Bag

In Chanel, coxswain celebrated a very special move with a new Reissue that will definitely come in handy. We join the rest of her Chanel friends in thanking her husband for his service, and sharing her happiness at returning to their home state after a long absence. And of course, what a great new bag!

We also spotted this quintessential Classic Flap in luscious lambskin that bagloverny added to her collection; this iconic bag will surely be a wardrobe staple and, well, we want it (but we haven’t gotten a ticket off Ban Island yet)! And, heads up, the Pre-Summer Sale thread just started, and we are sure this will be a hot destination full of wonderful reveals and cannot wait to check back.

Chanel Castle Rock Bag

On our way out of Chanel, we spotted helenhandbag’s Amsterdam reveal of a spectacular new bag called Castle Rock and had to share. You can read all about it here, and generous helen has also included codes if you are hoping to add this new bag to your collection.

Well, fans, that’s our Roundup for this week – we sincerely thank you for joining us. Remember, all around the PurseForum, members are revealing bags, shoes and accessories, but that’s just the beginning of what this wonderful forum has to offer. We hope you will take some time to explore and to make new friends; we have plenty of incredibly kind, generous and clever members in every nook and cranny of this amazing place. We will be back next week with more for you to sample, but meanwhile, have a wonderful weekend and a very happy week ahead!

Lauren Conrad and her Balenciaga Bag Prove That Sometimes Stars are Just Like Us

Lauren Conrad and her Balenciaga Bag Prove That Sometimes Stars are Just Like Us

Here’s Lauren Conrad, eating at Lemonade in West Hollywood with friends, carrying the same muted pink Balenciaga Papier A4 Tote we saw her with in West Hollywood a few months ago. (I do like to see celebs getting more than one or two uses out of their handbags before sending them to celebrity handbag purgatory. Respect.) You can find a similar calfskin leather tote from Balenciaga’s Pre-Spring collection for $1,735 at Barneys.

Lauren Conrad’s designer handbag collection is just as classic and calculated as you might expect – there’s a lot of Chanel, a lot of oversized totes, and a lot of wear-with-anything neutral hues and natural leathers. There’s nothing too trendy (aside from the occasional “IT” bag of yesteryear) or too risky – each of LC’s acquisitions are solid investment pieces. You can form your own opinion, of course, by taking a lengthy gander at “The Many Bags of Lauren Conrad.”

#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – June 11th

#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – June 11th

From Balenciaga to Celine and Chanel to Marc Jacobs, we saw a fun variety of designer bags in this week’s #PBWIMB. The most shocking thing about this week’s roundup? The amount of black and neutral bags we saw. But then again, we’re never mad at a black bag.

Take a look at our favorite snapshots (and a video!) from Instagram this week, and be sure to keep tagging your photos with #PBWIMB for your chance to be featured.

For more bag photos, be sure to follow our Instagram!

The Many Bags of Dakota and Elle Fanning

The Many Bags of Dakota and Elle Fanning

Dakota and Elle Fanning have been in the entertainment business since they were kids, and they’ve been in fashion almost as long. The young sisters’ angelic appearances – extremely pale skin and eyes, light blonde hair, innocently round faces – ingratiated themselves to designers immediately, and they’ve been sitting front row at fashion shows and starring in ad campaigns ever since. They are, in a way, the opposite of the Jenner sisters that we profiled last week.

When it comes to designer bags, though, the Fannings have a bit more in common with their raven-haired, West Coast compatriots. They all love Celine, Chanel and Balenciaga, for one. Check out the sisters’ full collections below.

eBay’s Best Bags of the Week – June 11

eBay’s Best Bags of the Week – June 11

Time for another collection of notable bags on eBay this week! We found a pretty Chanel that’s perfect for a summer garden party, a Mulberry in a rare color combination, a gorgeous vintage Hermès Kelly and much more. We work hard so you don’t have to! Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: As always, caution is crucial when buying from third party sellers. Although we strive to find the best auctions to feature, we don’t endorse or guarantee any eBay sellers or auctions, and therefore cannot guarantee the authenticity of any particular piece. For more info, please refer to eBay’s purchasing guidelines and policies.

Chanel Vintage Kelly Bag
Buy It Now for $1,799

Chanel Vintage Kelly Bag

The Many Bags of Kylie and Kendall Jenner

The Many Bags of Kylie and Kendall Jenner

You may have heard that Kylie and Kendall Jenner have recently released a new sci-fi novel. I was going to say that they “wrote” it, but that seems like it would be a generous description of their relationship to the book. Instead, we’d like to spend a little time talking about something that the Jenner girls have a more obvious expertise in: designer handbags. Both of the youngest sisters in the Kardashian-Jenner clan take after their older sisters when it comes to a love for Celine, Givenchy and especially Balenciaga.

The Midi

I love midi skirts.

So much that I bought three of them – my favorite comes from (as it happens too much) Zara – and I wear them as often as possible.

All right, that’s stretching it a bit.
Truth is, it’s mostly beautiful with heels.
It’s more difficult with flats. With shoes like Birks, it’s too heavy. With more delicate sandals, it’s too classic. And with sneakers, well, not so great.

Whitney Brown Baleciaga Boots Street Style

Maybe I’m wrong – it’s pretty cool on Whitney!

What do you think? Do you wear midi skirts? What shoes do you wear them with?

The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of May 30

The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of May 30

Our weekly bag deals posts are always pretty easy to decipher, but this one’s particularly simple: every luxury retailer on the planet is having an amazing sale right now, and we found great bags everywhere we looked. So not only is this week’s list of deals significantly longer than usual, but you might just want to head straight to Barneys, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, MATCHESFASHION.COM or Net-a-Porter, to name only a few.

Balenciaga Suing Steve Madden Over Handbag Rip-Offs

Balenciaga Suing Steve Madden Over Handbag Rip-Offs

It’s hard to successfully sue anyone for ripping off a clothing design in a US court, but Balenciaga is prepared to give it a shot. The French company alleges that American mass apparel brand Steve Madden has purposefully ripped off the most recognized portion of its super-successful Motorcycle Bag with the intent of confusing consumers, and it’s prepared to prove so in court, according to The Fashion Law.

Kering, which owns Balenciaga, is suing under “trade dress” laws, which are a subtype of trademark protection that doesn’t require a piece of design to contain a logo or clear branding in order to be protected. Instead, when a design itself is distinct enough to signal a brand identity to consumers, its creators are then eligible for protection from knockoffs. Balenciaga filed for trade dress protection for the front pocket portion of its Motorcycle Bags in 2007, and now the brand intends to use it.

As The Fashion Law points out, this isn’t the first time that Balenciaga has filed against Steve Madden; in 2009, Madden ripped off a pair of Balenciaga runway shoes and eventually paid an undisclosed sum to settle the lawsuit after two years of litigation. Madden later dismissed the lawsuit as “stupid,” but we have a feeling he might feel differently about this one – because of the long-filed registration and the ubiquity of Balenciaga’s Motorcycle design, it seems like the brand has a strong case.

We weren’t able to find any examples of the bags with which Balenciaga took specific issue, but it isn’t hard to imagine them. Lots of brands have bitten Balenciaga’s signature bag in the decade-plus that it’s been around, and changes in the brand’s management style over the last 18 months may mean that they’re looking to make an example of Madden for all others who might think that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

PurseForum Roundup – May 23

PurseForum Roundup – May 23

Welcome to the unofficial start of summer in the US! In America, we traditionally ring in summer on Memorial Day, which falls on Monday, May 26th, this year. We have been looking forward to summer since Christmas, it seems! This week, signs of summer were everywhere – in Balenciaga, we found a particularly sunny yellow bag ready for summer. We also visited Home and Garden and some other designer destinations, so come on along and join us in this week’s PurseForum Roundup!

Purple Coach Bag

In Coach, LovingLV81′s reveal of new sunglasses reminded us that bags are not the only way to usher in summer, and LocaLady started off the new Lets Share Rainbows thread with colorful a bag lineup that has everybody talking.

Deep purple isn’t exactly a color of summer, but rose10′s new bucket bag is so on point with the season’s trend – and we love purple – so we could not resist! This lacquer blue Georgie from frivofrugalista certainly has a summer sky vibe, and we love this wearable style. May has been a busy month for our Official Coach Spring 2014 thread, too, so be sure to catch up on the styles in the boutiques at the moment.

Purple Decor

Roundup regulars know we love to visit the non-bag areas of the PurseForum and share glimpses into our members’ lives outside of their bag collections. This week, Home and Garden has been very busy, with discussions on every topic you could imagine. In the Newest Decor Items thread, we found this gorgeous shot of peaceonearth’s new throw, just one of the many stylish new purchases revealed over the last month.

We also have a lively NYC rents rant, a discussion on candle scents and a thought-provoking discussion on whether members are content with their current houses. Our Playground has something for everyone, including discussions of current events, the hottest TV shows and a popular forum dedicated to our pets – Animalicious.

Balenciaga Yellow City Bag

In Balenciaga, we stopped by the March/April purchases thread and found this cheery bag that has found a home with Dils. We also spotted a gorgeous new Day in a color Roundup readers will know made us swoon – congratulations to peachylv on this periwinkle beauty! Nothing says summer like a ripe tangerine, and gettinpurseonal showed off her new-to-her Balenciaga Day bags – two as-new bags for the price of one, an irresistible bargain.

Fellow lovers of purple will enjoy rainneday’s new raisin City; if a handy hip bag is more your thing, you will love this soft grey Hip from Heart Star. On another note, Balenciaga regulars are well versed in the strap connundrum – specifically, the difficulties associated with ordering custom straps from Balenciaga – and the topic regularly appears on page one of the Balenciaga subforum.

This week, however, the subject has taken a turn for the better as porscheNchanel shared her brand new custom strap for her Arena Classic. We love how our PurseForum members help one another solve these nagging issues, and we love seeing their reveals even more.

Hermes Arm Party

We visited the Jay Strongwater charms thread in the Jewelry Box last month, and this week we see that plenty more charms have been added, so do stop by and see the growing collection – we found a favorite, have you? We also have an interesting new thread on jewelry myths and superstitions that makes for some fascinating reading.

Speaking of which, an evil eye bracelet takes center stage in this splendid stack from Cartierangel in the Layering and Stacking thread; the evil eye also has its own thread in case you are interested in more on this particular motif.

Ring Sketch and Final Product

In the Engagement Ring thread, we all had a lot of fun watching the progress of Chilean’s custom engagement ring creation for his upcoming proposal. Our members were generous with feedback during the process, and thrilled to see the final result. Now we are just waiting to hear how the proposal went (and waiting for our wedding invitations, of course).

Rebecca Minkoff In The Bag Coin Purse

We thought we would close out the Roundup with a couple of quick reveals around the PurseForum. In Rebecca Minkoff, we found Liyanamz’s very cute Cory Pouch in the May Purchases thread. RM fans have other styles and purchases on their minds, so feel free to come on over and see what they are up to.

Mulberry Del Rey Bag

In Mulberry, MetLen’s new aubergine Del Rey topped the charts, and for good reason. This pretty bag was not the only excitement in Mulberry, however – we also caught up with the Spring sale and reveals from aerihna and handbagahholic, among others.

Again, we wish you a very happy Friday, Roundup readers, and a safe and wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We hope you have time to visit with family and enjoy fine weather, wherever you are. We look forward to seeing you right here next week for another edition of the PurseForum Roundup!

Kendall Jenner is the Latest Sister Headed to Kim’s Wedding, This Time with Balenciaga

Kendall Jenner is the Latest Sister Headed to Kim’s Wedding, This Time with Balenciaga

Our daily celeb features have quickly turned into a parade of Kardashians and Jenners heading to the Kimye wedding via LAX this week. (Everyone else is in Cannes.) Here’s Kendall Jenner, on her way to catch a flight to Paris with a white Balenciaga City Bag. Balenciagas are often Kendall’s go-to designer handbags, and the City Bag has been a long-time family favorite. Here’s Kim carrying a beige City Bag back when she was a blonde, and here she is carrying a black suede version while she was still pregnant with baby North. Even Kendall has more than one. You can still find this classic “It” bag in white wrinkled lambskin for $1,835 at Barneys.

To recap, yesterday we saw Kourtney Kardashian en route to the big to-do with a black Hermes Birkin, and last week, we saw the bride-to-be on her way to be wed with a So Black Hermes Birkin. I’m betting tomorrow we’ll see Khloe or Kris Jenner traipsing through LAX, and my money would be on a Hermes Birkin or Celine bag. One would think they could all just jet off for Paris together, but why miss out on all the extra publicity that obviously comes with daily staggered individual departures?!

Kendall Jenner is the Latest Sister Headed to Kim’s Wedding, This Time with Balenciaga

Kendall Jenner is the Latest Sister Headed to Kim’s Wedding, This Time with Balenciaga

Our daily celeb features have quickly turned into a parade of Kardashians and Jenners heading to the Kimye wedding via LAX this week. (Everyone else is in Cannes.) Here’s Kendall Jenner, on her way to catch a flight to Paris with a white Balenciaga City Bag. Balenciagas are often Kendall’s go-to designer handbags, and the City Bag has been a long-time family favorite. Here’s Kim carrying a beige City Bag back when she was a blonde, and here she is carrying a black suede version while she was still pregnant with baby North. Even Kendall has more than one. You can still find this classic “It” bag in white wrinkled lambskin for $1,835 at Barneys.

To recap, yesterday we saw Kourtney Kardashian en route to the big to-do with a black Hermes Birkin, and last week, we saw the bride-to-be on her way to be wed with a So Black Hermes Birkin. I’m betting tomorrow we’ll see Khloe or Kris Jenner traipsing through LAX, and my money would be on a Hermes Birkin or Celine bag. One would think they could all just jet off for Paris together, but why miss out on all the extra publicity that obviously comes with daily staggered individual departures?!

eBay’s Best Bags of the Week – May 14

eBay’s Best Bags of the Week – May 14

This week on eBay, more vintage bargains caught our eyes, as well as some current styles. Train case? Briefcase? We have you covered! We also found a lovely, rare tote from Bottega Veneta, and we must have had mustard on the mind, because our Balenciaga find is a similar color; both are gorgeous! We have more surprises, like a fun and unusual bag from Hermès and a sleek tote from Alexander Wang, to round out our finds this week.

Disclaimer: As always, caution is crucial when buying from third party sellers. Although we strive to find the best auctions to feature, we don’t endorse or guarantee any eBay sellers or auctions, and therefore cannot guarantee the authenticity of any particular piece. For more info, please refer to eBay’s purchasing guidelines and policies.


AndyTorresBlueAndyTorresBlue3 AndyTorresBlue6 AndyTorresBlue2 AndyTorresBlue4 AndyTorresBlue5 AndyTorresBlue9 AndyTorresBlue7 AndyTorresBlue8I’M WEARING  >> Dress: H&M Trend  |  Boots: Balenciaga  |  Bag: Neri Karra

Visiting the Blue Mosque was quite an amazing experience and by amazing, I mean mind blowing… I have to confess I had never been into a Mosque before and we ended up here out of chance because the agenda was quite packed. Since we didn’t plan to visit the mosque on this day and I wasn’t really dressed appropriately to go in, I stuck to admiring it from the outside and came back the next day a little more covered. Being exposed to different cultures and religions is incredible and sometimes a little confusing as you don’t know how you are supposed to react towards certain situations.
I can assure you though, I will never forget this place…Ever…

andy signature


#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – May 1

#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – May 1

Maybe it’s something in the water, but this week’s #PBWIMB pictures were particularly pretty. With lots of bright designer bags from a pink Balenciaga to a bold blue Chanel, every single one of these Instagrams is prettier than the next. Take a look at our picks of the week and peek inside some of seriously beautiful bags. If the handbags aren’t enough, the baby-and-Balencianga combo is bound to melt to your heart.

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Want It Wednesday – Think Pink

Want It Wednesday – Think Pink

When I think of warm weather, I think of pink. Some people gravitate toward yellow or orange, but I prefer pink’s diversity and versatility; blush is delicate enough for the first timid days of springs, and hot pink will serve you well through the hottest days of summer. And then there’s rose gold, which is an argument for the shade unto itself. For this week’s Want It Wednesday, the PurseBlog team compiled its favorite pink picks from around the web.

Cabazon dinosaurs


When I was a kid I had a crazy passion for dinosaurs: I used to collect them, play non stop with them, I imagined to be one of them. My favourite was a brachiosaurus I called Fiorello, that I used to always bring with me.
Cabazon dinosaurs, next to Palm Springs, are a must stop for me driving from the desert back to Los Angeles.

Quando ero bambina avevo una passione infinita per i dinosauri: ne collezionavo i pupazzini, ci giocavo continuamente, immaginavo di essere uno di loro. Il mio preferito era un brachiosauro che avevo chiamato Fiorello, che portavo sempre con me.
I dinosauri di Cabazon, appena fuori Palm Springs, sono quindi per me una tappa sempre obbligata nella tratta deserto-Los Angeles.


I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

50+ Bags on the Arms of Our Favorite Supermodels

50+ Bags on the Arms of Our Favorite Supermodels

Models and great handbags go together like peanut butter and jelly. Some of our all-time favorite collection profiles have come at the hands of supers like Miranda Kerr, Kate Moss and Alessandra Ambrosio, and if there were a photo agency dedicated purely to documenting their daily outfits, we’d gladly delve into the handbag closets of even more models. Because there isn’t, though, we’ve decided to put together all that we could find from five of our favorite supers whose collections we’ve yet to dissect: Karlie Kloss, Chrissy Teigen, Kate Upton, Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel.

The results include over 50 gorgeous designer bag, including some super rare exotics (mostly courtesy of Ms. Upton, who seems to have used entire paychecks to buy things even most handbag lovers can barely dream of). The level to which these ladies are both genetically and sartorially blessed may cause a little bit of envy, but once you get past that, there’s certainly a lot of pretty going on below.

PurseForum Roundup – April 18

PurseForum Roundup – April 18

It’s here! Friday. Glorious Friday. For most of us in the US, now that our taxes are filed (refund or no), we can at least be happy that the chore is done. Putting that onerous task behind us this week, we used this edition of the PurseForum Roundup to look in on some of our busy designer subforums to see the spring reveals, well underway on this fine April afternoon! Join us as we visit Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga, and more!

Gucci Flora Jackie Hobo

This week in Gucci, we found several new bag reveals topping the charts. Meg_in_blue shared a brand new candy apple red tote that stole her heart, and BagAddiction712 also started her Gucci collection with a new tote, this time in black. Sharilee found some classic, iconic loafers for her first Gucci purchase and received some helpful styling advice from our members in her reveal thread.

We have featured floral bags in several PurseBlog editorials this season, and this week, bittenbythebag unveiled her beautiful new Bouvier in colorful floral canvas. It’s always great to see these collections revealed in “real life” (so to speak) by our members, and this bag looks ready for anything spring has to offer! Oh, and if you missed bagchicky’s luscious new bag last month, drop by this thread for a look, we are still talking about it!

Gucci Flora Candle

We always like to see bags, of course, but when the occasional surprise turns up in a reveal thread, it always catches our eye. This week, Luv iz Louis found something pretty to dress up her bedroom and surprised a few members with her purchase. Who knew?

Pink Chanel Bag Collection

The hands-down hottest thread in Chanel this week has to be the Pink Predicament thread. Chanel’s line of pinks has thrown some PurseForum members into deep dilemmas, and this thread aims to help them find their perfect pink. This family portrait courtesy of halunfishie includes fuchsia and rose fonce, and bluekit has shared a nice photograph of lamb versus patent in this super saturated palette. Elsewhere, Arielle84′s job is conveniently Chanel-adjacent, and this week, she certainly did not leave the boutique empty-handed. Also, Chocodoc posted her very first thread on the PurseForum in high style with one of our favorite items this season, a not-to-be-missed wallet in the most perfect purple imaginable.

Yellow Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Just as we were headed out, we saw the words “Crazy Mission” pop up on page one. Always in the mood for craziness, we dropped in and found quite a reveal still making our members swoon. H-Angel had been patiently waiting for a few shipments to arrive, and she shared her haul with us in one incredibly colorful fell swoop. This yellow beauty is just the tip of the iceberg, and though H-Angel is off to hilarious, handbag-free Ban Island now, her reveal thread remains a happy port-of-call for any lover of Chanel, or of color.

Balenciaga Giant City Bag

Still pining a little over the Chocodoc’s Chanel wallet, we sprinted over to Balenciaga to see what’s new and found Cassandra22007′s fabulous new bag in the March/April purchases thread. The spring iteration of the new purchases thread is always super-saturated with color, so do drop in to see what our members have been up to. Also in Balenciaga, BALBAGBOY started a thought-provoking conversation about bag judgement from others; the venerable old goatskin versus lambskin thread has turned into an interesting discussion on price as well; and the bag butts thread is back on top after nearly a year-long hiatus. What are bag butts, you ask? Well, friends, the joy is in the discovery, and you will not be disappointed with your visit. Remember, as in most of our subforums, Balenciaga has an extensive Reference Library to help with color, style, size and even care and maintenance.

Dior Lady Dior Tweed Bag

We never fail to find spectacular bags in Dior. This week, we spotted a collection thread from venusforu, filled with three beautiful and very special Lady Diors, including this incredible piece in leather, tweed and python. ThisVNchick posted a reveal of a stunning python Lady Dior paired with silky splendor of her new Ferragamo scarf – perfection! And, we don’t know yet how it turned out, but our members have been chiming in in Nozza’s color choice thread, so we will check back for a reveal soon. Lilyzhang0725 handily solved the color choice problem with her new bi-color Lady Dior, a subtle pairing of blue and a perfect neutral putty. And here’s something we don’t see every day – Dior at TJMaxx! Read all about it in couturely’s Dior Soft reveal thread and prepare to be amazed! We also found some pretty impressive purchases in the Non-Dior Purchases thread, so prepare yourselves!


One of the wonderful things about the PurseForum is the incredible diversity of its members and their interests. Fortunately for all of us, as the forum has grown, it has become a lifestyle destination where fashion lovers can explore myriad interests and topics. These can take the form of non-fashion discussions (paranormal phenomena anyone?), a place to drop a photograph (the Random Picture thread, where we found this incredible butterfly photographed by Sweatpea83) or, in the case of the What Do you Hear Right Now thread, a spot to post a word or two. Books and Music is another popular non-fashion area, and Money Talks always has fascinating conversations on everything from saving and investing to cleaning out the closet and more. We hope you will pay a visit to these areas of the forum, we never fail to find gems when we do!

Well, that wraps up this edition of the PurseForum Roundup. Warmer weather has arrived for most of us, and we hope you are enjoying a mild spring with its lengthening days and floral bounty. We will be right back here next week with another Roundup, and in the meantime, have a lovely week ahead and Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all who celebrate.

Lauren Conrad Stays True to Her Style with a Neutral Balenciaga Bag

Lauren Conrad Stays True to Her Style with a Neutral Balenciaga Bag

Here’s Lauren Conrad, shopping in West Hollywood, carrying a calfskin Balenciaga Papier A4 Tote in a shade of blush-beige that’s pretty perfect for her traditionally feminine style. (Also, it’s further proof that the pale bag trend continues to dominate this spring.) She’s quite skillfully accessorized her bag with color-matching sunnies and ballet flats. You can get Lauren’s exact bag for $1,445 at Barneys.

Lauren is quite a fan of Balenciaga; she owns quite a few of the brand’s bags, and many of them are featured in “The Many Bags of Lauren Conrad.” In case you haven’t been keeping up with all things LC lately, Lauren is currently in the midst of planning her wedding. She’s engaged to William Tell, the former guitarist for emo band Something Corporate, who’s currently attending law school at USC.

Want It Wednesday: Sunglasses for Every Face

Want It Wednesday: Sunglasses for Every Face

Over the weekend, the PurseBlog team was scattered around the country – I was in Atlanta, Megs and Vlad were in Ft. Lauderdale, Bea was at Coachella and both Katherine and Shannon were holding down the fort in NYC. Somehow, even in our disparate locations, we all got to enjoy some gloriously sunny, warm weather that only served to remind us that we should probably stock up on some sunglasses for the coming season. As a result, that’s the focus of this week’s Want It Wednesday.

In the desert to Coachella


Good morning Europe (and almost goodnight for me in Los Angeles): It’s been some days since my last post (and we’re preparing you a huge surprise) and I spent a wonderful Coachella weekend with Guess.
I think most of you have already seen my real time updates on Instagram (and Lana Del Rey and Calvin Harris live performances): you’ll also see on the blog all the looks worn, starting from this jumpsuit worn in the desert with my sunglasses from the capsule collection Chiara Ferragni + Italia Independent :)

Buongiorno Europa (e quasi buonanotte per me a Los Angeles): sono passati alcuni giorni dal mio ultimo post (e vi stiamo preparando una maxi sorpresa) ed io ho passato un meraviglioso weekend a Coachella insieme a Guess.
Penso che la maggior parte di voi abbia visto i miei update in tempo reale sul mio profilo di Instagram (e le performance live di Lana Del Rey e Calvin Harris): pian piano anche qui sul blog tutti i look indossati, partendo da questa tutina indossata nel deserto insieme ai miei occhiali della capsule collection Chiara Ferragni + Italia Independent :)


I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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Kendall Jenner Carries Balenciaga to the Salon

Kendall Jenner Carries Balenciaga to the Salon

Kendall Jenner was recently seen leaving a salon in LA (wearing a baseball cap after a hair appointment?) carrying a Balenciaga Giant Covered City Bag. This bag is at least a couple years old and is no longer manufactured by the brand – it seems highly likely that Kendall borrowed it from a big sis. The closest thing currently made by Balenciaga is the Balenciaga Giant 12 Gold City Bag, sold for $1,895 at Balenciaga.

We haven’t given every Kardashian sister the “Many Bags” treatment yet, so the Jenner sisters are probably even further down the list. However, I’ve loved the bag choices Kylie and Kendall have been making in the last year. They’re both particularly fond of Givenchy and Balenciaga. While they haven’t moved very far beyond either of those brands just yet, Kendall is gaining a crazy amount of traction in her modeling career, and all that time spent behind the scenes at runway shows is probably not for nought.

Shopping Cart : Lady

Andi’s feminine look this week has me wanting to really try it out myself.

A few items I think would be perfect for just that!

By admin

#PBWIMB Roundup – April 3rd

#PBWIMB Roundup – April 3rd

While we love seeing the usual favorites like Hermes and Chanel, we especially love it when you all decide to show off some of your other favorite designers. In this week’s roundup of #PBWIMB, we got to peek inside a variety of bags, including Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Givenchy and Tory Burch. Below, take a peek inside some of this week’s best bags.

Follow the rest of our handbag adventures via Instagram, and keep tagging #PBWIMB for your chance to be featured!

Salma Hayek Carries Balenciaga at the Airport

Salma Hayek Carries Balenciaga at the Airport

Salma Hayek was recently spotted arriving at LAX with a black Balenciaga Tube Bag. As you may know, Salma’s husband François-Henri Pinault is the CEO of Kering, which is a luxury conglomerate that is also the parent company of Balenciaga and a myriad of other designer labels including Saint Laurent, Gucci and Alexander McQueen. I can only assume this results in a non-stop stream of designer freebies for Salma. You can get a white crossbody version of Salma’s bag for $1,075 at MATCHESFASHION.COM.

Salma and her fam have actually just relocated from Paris to London, as of this month. The couple claims they’re moving in order to take advantage of London’s superior schools (their daughter Valentina is six), but critics allege the couple has relocated in order to avoid the new French “super tax” imposed by President François Hollande on millionaires and billionaires.

The Many Bags of Accessory-Loving Male Celebrities

The Many Bags of Accessory-Loving Male Celebrities

Like the majority of fashion sites, we tend to stick to the ladies when we look at what celebrities are wearing and carrying. Women have far more options, after all, and we make up the vast majority of the population that’s interested in the details of high-end handbags. We like to think of ourselves as completists, though, which means that it’s time for us to plug a significant hole in our coverage: famous dudes who love bags.

As menswear has grown, so have the ranks of men who are unabashed about their preferences for a fancy leather good or two. Gay, straight, femme, butch – there’s a manbag (or women’s bag – many of these dudes don’t discriminate) for every famous man who deigns to carry his own things, as long as he’s willing to pony up the cash. From Johnny Weir’s Balenciagas and Birkins to Kanye West’s customized backpacks, check out the full array below.


A Parisian look is so simple to do…
here’s a few ideas from a real Frenchie, me!

By admin

Want It Wednesday: Spring Has Almost Sprung

Want It Wednesday: Spring Has Almost Sprung

Spring’s official beginning is just a couple days away, and although New York likely won’t feel all that spring-like until sometime in April, we’re feeling a little bit eager to season-push at the PurseBlog offices. For this week’s Want It Wednesday, we’ve rounded up the team’s favorite pieces for starting the new season.

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Welcome to PurseBlog March Madness!

Welcome to PurseBlog March Madness!

You might have heard a whisper here and there about some sort of basketball tournament that’s starting this week. Most members of the PurseBlog team went to football schools, so while this may not be our time of year in a sporting sense, we believe in substituting handbags for literally anything in which we are not naturally interested. With that in mind, we’re proud to announce PurseBlog March Madness!

We’ve chosen 16 of the biggest handbag brands in the world at a variety of price levels, and we’d like you to help us determine the best bag brand of 2014. You’ll have two days (work days – even handbag critics need a weekend) to vote on each round, and once we’ve tabulated the votes in each bracket matchup, we’ll move the winners on to the next round to face a new opponent and a new round of voting by you, our readers. We’ll do this all the way until a winner is crowned!


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Spring Forward

I can’t believe it might actually, finally, really, seriously almost be spring!

Here are a few things that I’d wear, rain or shine!

By admin

Ballroom in Paris


Nothing makes me feel sexier than a naked back dress. If the dress is in leather and It is worn with flat booties and super studded jacket then.. #Igetcrazy

Niente mi fa sentire sexy quanto un abito con la schiena scoperta. Se l’abito in questione è di pelle e viene indossato insieme a stivaletti bassi e giacca iper borchiata poi.. #Igetcrazy


I was wearing:


Photos by Leslie Kirchhoff

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Anne Hathaway Enjoys Sunny LA with a Sunny Balenciaga Bag

Anne Hathaway Enjoys Sunny LA with a Sunny Balenciaga Bag

Here’s a gal we don’t see on this blog nearly often enough: Anne Hathaway! Here’s Anne leaving the restaurant Cheebo in LA with a friend. Her petite yellow bag is Balenciaga Papier A4 Mini Tote. (Could you recognize the brand’s trademark “bag face” in this teensy size?) You can get Anne’s exact bag in “Citron Yellow” for $1,195 at Balenciaga. Anne’s entire outfit here is ridiculously charming, and makes me desperately wish it was a little more spring-like in my neck of the woods.

Anne has kept an exceptionally low profile since her Oscar win last year, and for good reason – the Anne Hathaway haterism had gotten a little out of control, and I think the entertainment media was largely to blame. (For shame!) I’m no stranger to snark, but I am loath to snark on someone for being a tad over enthusiastic at times, what when there are so many celebs making horrible wardrobe/life choices in the world!

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Zadig et Voltaire experience in Paris


My passion for Zadig et Voltaire keeps growing season after season: during this Paris fashionweek I was able to discover the brand even more, choosing my favourite pieces from the new store in Rue St.Roch, visiting the studios where the collections are created, attending the rehearsals and, of course, taking part into the fashion show.
Cecilia Bonstrom, creative director of the brand, outdid herself, creating so many beautiful rock chic looks: perfect to wear from morning to night, rich in details which make the pieces unique. Here are my bad-ass girl favourite looks!

La mia passione per Zadig et Voltaire continua a crescere stagione dopo stagione: durante questa fashionweek parigina sono riuscita a vivere ancora più a fondo il brand, scegliendo alcuni dei miei capi preferiti nel nuovo store di Rue St.Roch, visitando gli studi dove vengono create le collezioni, assistendo alle prove della sfilata e, naturalmente, prendendo parte allo show.
Cecilia Bonstrom, direttrice artistica del brand, si è superata, creando dei look rock chic come piacciono a me: perfetti da indossare dalla mattina alla sera e ricchi di dettagli che danno ai capi un’unicità tutta loro. Ecco i miei look preferiti versione bad-ass girl!


I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur and Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

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From my terrace in Paris

3U5A1232 copia

And during my last day in Paris, before publishing on The Blonde Salad all the fashionweek looks, here is one of the outfits I chose for a night out in the french land, with a Diane Von Furstenberg Perry dress as main character.
The chosen location? The terraces of what has been my house in Paris for these days, with a view on the Eiffel tower and Tuileries gardens.

E durante il mio ultimo giorno a Parigi, prima di pubblicare su The Blonde Salad tutti i look della fashionweek, ecco uno degli outfit che ho scelto per una serata nella capitale francese, con il Perry dress di Diane Von Furstenberg come protagonista.
La location scelta? I piccoli terrazzini di quella che è stata la mia casa a Parigi in questi giorni, con vista su Tour Eiffel e giardini Tuileries.

3U5A1152 copia
3U5A1240 copia
3U5A1258 copia
3U5A1283 copia
3U5A1301 copia
3U5A1308 copia
3U5A1316 copia
3U5A1165 copia
3U5A1245 copia
3U5A1321 copia
3U5A1328 copia
3U5A1360 copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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Balenciaga Riffs on Shopping Bags for Fall 2014

Balenciaga Riffs on Shopping Bags for Fall 2014

During a runway show, you don’t expect to see models carrying shopping bags. Despite the fact that women who can afford the clothes that debut at shows like that of Balenciaga Fall 2014 often find themselves carrying shopping bags, most runways try to divorce themselves as much as possible from the drudgery of actually selling clothes, all the way from the performance-art settings to the impracticality of the garments therein. One thing that Balenciaga creative director Alexander Wang is exceptionally good at, though, is moving product, and his Fall 2014 bags are something of an ode to that.

From a distance, it’d be difficult to guess that these bags were anything more than vessels for carrying other very expensive things, but up close, the details come into stark relief, especially on the crocodile versions. The handles, instead of twisted paper or webbing, are fashioned out of super-industrial metal cord, the kind you’d expect to see in a lever-and-pulley situation. Structurally, the bags are faithful to their inspiration, right down to the concave gussets and folded bottoms. Whether or not a bag with such common inspiration can successfully fetch designer prices in large numbers is somewhat questionable, but these are definitely the most luxurious shopping bags I’ve ever seen. (Yes, they even beat out Chanel’s shopping bag purse.)

[Images via]

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How do you carry your bag? Bag as clutch? Ignore the straps? Multiple cross-body mini bags? It says as much about you as, well, your actual bag does.

Season after season we are shown all of these different ways to carry your bags and after last week’s Carven show (where models were holding onto their clutches for dear life) Alex and I decided to dust off our AP Psychology notes and figure out the true meaning behind each bag carrying method…

(Disclaimer: I’m pretty sure I got a A- in AP Psych…)

1. The shlutch (shield-clutch): You are a little bit paranoid (sorry, I had to say it). You turn corners carefully and won’t watch a scary movie without the protection of a giant pillow or boyfriend to hide behind. You guard your clutch like you guard your secrets… which you definitely wish you had more of. Relax dear shlutch girl, we love you even without the drama! [Spotted at Carven.]

Chloe Fall 2014

2. The Blutch (bag as clutch): You aren’t here to conform, you’re going to carry your handbag however the h#@& you want, okay?! (Even if that means you’re lugging a duffle bag under your arm, making it nearly impossible for you to use your hands). But because you do whatever you want, you probably also have someone else doing whatever you tell them. Your assistant handles your texting, your taxi hailing and sometimes, even your waving at friends for you. [Spotted at Chloé, Céline and last season at Topshop.]

Balenciaga Fall 2014 Photo

3. The Bag Lady: You’re an intern. But not a canvas tote carrying intern, you are a seriously chic intern. You’re an intern straight off of The Hills. You’re John Galliano interning for Oscar de la Renta. You still do the job, meaning you run errands and bring back the daily coffee order but there is no way you’re going to carry all of that stuff in a fabric tote. No way! You’re sorting it all into three gorgeous handbags. And who cares if it’s not the most practical, you’re a fashion intern after all. [Spotted at Balenciaga and last season at Chanel.]

Acne Fall 2014

4. The ‘What back?’ Backpack: You are a bit of a commitment-phobe. You love a trend/accessory/color/guy in theory, but when it comes down to actually owning it, you fall a little short. That Big Mac smells like heaven, but you won’t finish the last bite, that gorgeous guy looks like heaven, but you won’t say yes when he gets down on one knee and you want to be that backpack wearing fashionista, but you’re not ready to put it on your back. Baby steps little lamb, you’ll get there. [Spotted at Acne.]

As for me, I carry my bags pretty much the way they’re supposed to be carried.

Does it mean I lack personality? Should I try wearing my clutch over my head today? That could totally be my thing !? No?

What do you think?

Blast from the Past

Caroline Trentini, I’ve missed you.

When I first spotted her on the model lineup backstage at Alexander Wang and my heart skipped a beat. I love her.

I stalked tried to find her backstage but in the sea of bleached brows she was no where to be found. And now this week she popped up (with my other favorite supermodel–GISELE!) at Balenciaga.

Glad to have you back girlfriend.

By alex

Fall Trends: Embellished

The Trend: Embellished.

How I would wear it: I’m usually more of an embellished accessories kinda girl but I’m thinking nothing will be cooler for fall than an embellished shirt or coat…

Best Looks: From left to right, Carven, Balenciaga, Julien David, Rochas and Isabel Marant.

PurseForum Roundup – February 14

PurseForum Roundup – February 14

It’s Friday, PurseForum Roundup readers, and once again we are looking at some serious weather for lots of you. This week, we want to keep it light and sunny, so we searched out some pretty bags, of course, and so much more. We also have a special Valentine’s Day treat from our Coach members, so join us!

Hermes CDC and Scarf

Scarves are great accessories all year long, and for winter, nothing is more luscious than an Hermès cashmere shawl. We have a special thread dedicated to these beautiful shawls, and this week, Israeli_Flava has some gorgeous colorful additions to her collection that certainly drove our winter blues away. The scarves, shawls, and other variations on the theme are a staple of Hermès and favorites among our members. Visit the Which Scarf Are You Wearing Today thread for ideas on styling all the silky offerings from this brand.

Hermes Collection

While wandering around Hermès, we found a wonderful family photo of bags along with a splendid scarf from pierina2 in the Spring 2014 Scarves thread. Stop in and join in one of the hottest conversations in the subforum, as members spot and snap up the newest scarves of the season.

Balenciaga City Bag

Over in Balenciaga, richly colored bags abound no matter the season. In winter, these lavishly saturated hues are a special treat. This week, we found a reveal in a color that’s easily wearable in winter but as cheery as a summer day. Congratulations to shayna07 on this beautiful new City Bag in luscious ultraviolet. We also found a thread that perfectly illustrates the amazing work our members do to help one another: Longtime member CeeJay has compiled a thorough comparison of this season’s leather colors with their predecessors, and for Balenciaga fans, this thread is an essential shopping resource. In the Which Bag Are You Wearing Today thread, catch a glimpse of these colorful bags out and about with our stylish members. If you feel like summer is ages away, be sure to catch up with jezebel61113, whose summery tomate City Bag will put you right in the June frame of mind.

Coach Borough Bag Red

Happy Valentine’s Day! Coachs’ super hot leather bags are breaking out all over our Coach subforum. This week, our Coach members reminded us that with Valentine’s Day upon us, a rich red bag may be just the ticket. CharliLuvsCoach selected her vermillion Borough for today, and whateve put together a LOVE-ly purse and scarf combination that will be perfect for the occasion. This thread is full of stunning bags in every shade of pink and red, so if you are looking for inspiration, it’s the place to be!  If you are a longtime “Coachie” or just discovering (or perhaps re-discovering) the brand, you will enjoy a stop in the Clubhouse, where dedicated threads cover such things as key fobs and wallets, as well as collections, including the Park Collection, the Signature line, and more. We even have a Men’s Club! Spend some time clicking around in Coach, we always find something wonderful when we do!

Tiffany Blue Box

Of course, Coach members aren’t the only ones celebrating Valentine’s Day. All over the forum, our members have already started to open their gifts, and they are amazing! In Chanel, BalenciagaPlaneT added a sleek black tote to her collection, and in Louis Vuitton, TeamHutchens stole the show with her definitively non-purse gift (hint: it is awesome and has wheels – two of them). Also in Louis Vuitton, MommieLovesLV shared her sweet gift from Tiffany & Co., a Valentine’s classic. We found another sparkley Valentines gift in Burberry, this time a watch received by the very lucky vinbenphon1. Valentine’s Day was not even in full swing at presstime, so be sure to do your own hunt throughout our forum for more gift reveals!

Pear and Chocolate Cake

Roundup Regulars know how much we love The Kitchen, and we thought we would stop in and hunt for some cheery winter treats. We found a splendidly healthy salmon and broccoli dish from ninja_please, and her absolutely show stopping pear and chocolate cake seemed a perfect way to close out this week’s Roundup. Samia’s pretty rose cake with blueberry cupcakes looks like a nice Valentine’s Day treat, too, and may inspire you to create a dessert tonight!

That wraps up this week’s PurseForum Roundup. We wish all of you a safe week, whether you are snowbound or enjoying an early spring. We appreciate you stopping by to spend some time with us and hope you will return each week as we recap a small sample of what is happening on our wonderful forum. See you next Friday!

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The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Days 7 & 8

The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Days 7 & 8

Chanel Boy Bag

Best Bags of NYFW Days 7 + 8 (1)

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Gisele Bundchen Carries Balenciaga to the Airport

Gisele Bundchen Carries Balenciaga to the Airport

Gisele Bundchen was recently spotted arriving at LAX (we’re betting she was on her way to NYFW) clad in a plaid shirt, knee high suede boots and black jeans like only a true supermodel can be. Her luxe black leather bag is the Balenciaga Tube Shoulder Bag. We’ve seen Gisele with Balenciaga before; in fact, she makes an appearance in “Celebrities and Balenciaga Bags: A Retrospective.” Gisele’s bag is not currently available online, but you can find the messenger bag version of it for $1,495 at Barneys.

Gisele was also traveling with her adorable, one year old baby girl Vivian (not pictured here), who clearly has her mother’s supermodel genes. This former Victoria Secret Angel recently graced the cover of the first print issue of Net-A-Porter’s magazine, fittingly titled Porter. She’ll continue to appear in campaigns for Chanel this year, but that obviously doesn’t prevent her from having brief dalliances with other designers.

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