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The Many Shoes of: Beyoncé

The Many Shoes of: Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s shoe style can be described thusly: go big or go home. With her record-breaking hits and endless musical accomplishments, Beyoncé is the ultimate Queen Bee. So how does a queen like Beyoncé dress? Well, if you’re thinking of some exquisite sky-high heels that are over-the-top and heavily embellished, then you are correct. We’ve checked out her Many Bags, and of course, her collection is amazing, but it was also a bit more accessible than we had imagined. Her bag collection consisted of a lot of contemporary brands, and while her shoes fall to the luxury side of the spectrum, it’s no doubt her choice of footwear is equally as bold as her handbags. Check it out for yourself below.



While browsing for the perfect boots for Winter, I came across these flat boots with a twist. I am really into ankle boots for a while but all of these have something special about them. Whether its a cool buckle, a special embossed print or a discreet chain, I am having a hard time picking out a favourite pair.


Compulsive Returner

I just realized that I am a compulsive returner.

It’s something that came up during a recent pre-sale event with my arms too full of things I didn’t need for winter (two crops (I know, but they are cool!), some boots, a parka…).

A week later I’m actually not so sure about those boots, and that actually I just bought a pair shoes for the winter. And that’s when it hit me, I only return things when I purchase them shopping with other people. Whenever I’m by myself I have a clear mind and buy solid real purchases.. The truth is I think I’m heavily influenced by other people when they say things like “that looks pretty! those are amazing! how fantastic! Ilovethatohmygodthey’resoyou.” It could maybe, just maybe have a bit of an influence on my purchasing practices.

Should I stop shopping with others? How do you deal with buying with friends?

By brie

Compulsive Returner

I just realized that I am a compulsive returner.

It’s something that came up during a recent pre-sale event with my arms too full of things I didn’t need for winter (two crops (I know, but they are cool!), some boots, a parka…).

A week later I’m actually not so sure about those boots, and that actually I just bought a pair shoes for the winter. And that’s when it hit me, I only return things when I purchase them shopping with other people. Whenever I’m by myself I have a clear mind and buy solid real purchases.. The truth is I think I’m heavily influenced by other people when they say things like “that looks pretty! those are amazing! how fantastic! Ilovethatohmygodthey’resoyou.” It could maybe, just maybe have a bit of an influence on my purchasing practices.

Should I stop shopping with others? How do you deal with buying with friends?

By brie

The Midi

I love midi skirts.

So much that I bought three of them – my favorite comes from (as it happens too much) Zara – and I wear them as often as possible.

All right, that’s stretching it a bit.
Truth is, it’s mostly beautiful with heels.
It’s more difficult with flats. With shoes like Birks, it’s too heavy. With more delicate sandals, it’s too classic. And with sneakers, well, not so great.

Whitney Brown Baleciaga Boots Street Style

Maybe I’m wrong – it’s pretty cool on Whitney!

What do you think? Do you wear midi skirts? What shoes do you wear them with?


They say April showers bring May flowers… I really hope it’s true.

It’s full blown rain boot season here in NYC (there is rain on the forecast every day this week– it’s painful after being teased with sandal weather just a few weeks ago), which means that we have a serious line of up them next to the door here at the Studio. Brie wears a cool, short white pair she got at Pearl River, Garance has that short black pair from Loeffler Randall, Emily has a classic Hunter and I rotate between a tall croc embossed pair and the same Loeffler pair as Garance. I like to think of myself as a little bit of a “rain boot pro” after four rainy springs commuting in them. So here, my rain boot wearing tips!

- Always bring an extra pair of shoes along during the day. No matter how discreet or chic your rain boot might be, the day you plan to wear them all day long is the day you’ll meet Beyoncé.

- Go for simple. If you insist on wearing them all day, go with something simple. Don’t get carried away with prints or embellishments. The simpler, the chicer when it comes to rain boots.

- Wear socks. I made this rookie mistake a few weeks in to my first job in New York. I wore my rain boots without socks and they got stuck on my feet. My boss had to help me pull them off. In the moment, I was totally mortified. Wear socks, avoid embarrassment.

- Don’t be afraid of a little wear and tear. They are boots made for being outside, after all! At the same time, that giant clump of mud stuck on the back from the last time you were at Glastonbury? It’s okay to wipe that off.

Now tell me all of your secrets to success in rain boots!


What the h#@! am I going to wear today?

Come on, you know you’ve asked yourself this about a million times since the weather has started to change. The morning starts off cool (you’ll need a scarf, maybe a hat) and by the time of your 3pm coffee run, you wish you were in a bikini. Then you leave work at 7pm and put your hat back on. Why, why, why, why weather gods, must you screw with our outfit psyche?

What are your tricks for a foolproof transitional wardrobe?


Cassie is wearing boots from H&M, clutch from Proenza Schouler, sweater from Equipment, shirt from Zara and sunglasses from Oliver People’s.

These Boots…

The glitter boots at the Saint Laurent show last night are on my mind…

…and in Nancy Sinatra’s words, are made for walking…straight into my closet!

Okay, so maybe they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but I think if you lived in the 60s you’ll have a small place for these in your heart. And if like me, you grew up playing with glitter haired Barbie’s while listening to the oldies radio station in the car, you’ll have a place for them too.

Shoes are one of my favorite ways of expressing my personality: they look great in every color, patterns are always welcome and its no big deal if you wear a size 6, 10 or 8…

Will they make your fall shopping list?

By brie

Snow Day

In case you were wondering how it looks on the street when the weather hits New York, here you go…
I’ve been in Salt Lake City for two days, the city of the winter Olympic games, and it’s warmer than it is in New York !!!

Snow days are pretty funny fashion-wise.

You can spot real New Yorkers in a sec because they are the ones with the real snow boots, as the mix of snow + salt kills any other type of shoes – but apart from that, everybody does what they can. It’s like if, on these kind of days, everybody was like “all right guys, no fashion today okay everybody?” and was going for whatever layering seems available. It’s pretty cute.

I like this one a lot, a military jacket over a puff jacket under a Mexican blanket. You’d have to think about that one, right ?


It froze this week in New York.

It was 30 degrees below during the day, and I’m not just saying this – it’s obvious, really – no one knew how to dress, so everyone decided to stay home. I was on Broadway on Tuesday afternoon, and it was totally quiet, there wasn’t even a stray cat, as we say in French…

Since the freezing temperatures aren’t going away, and at some point you just have to get out of the house, we’ve been considering all possibilities. I really like Evgenia’s idea here – she’s one of the classiest Eskimos I’ve seen this week.

Coat, boots, and thick leather pants, black and white, and lots of heat-tech underneath, she told me. I love it.

Coat, Isabel Marant Étoile; Pants, BLK DNM; Boots, Sorel; Hat, Eugenia Kim; Gloves, COS; Scarf, Flandana

The OTK Boot

I just bought a pair…

I tried on this pair at Zara a few weeks ago and I felt an instant connection. They look cool with jeans, and cool with tights (I think, but I’ve only tried them on with jeans). To avoid another case of buyer’s regret, I asked for them for my birthday (thanks Mom & Dad!) and now here they are, on my feet!

Now my question for you is, can they be an everyday boot option or are they too much of a look?

By alex

The Best of The Sartorialist 2013

12313Eva5682Web32013 was about not being afraid to show some sparkly leg in the snow.

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The Best of The Sartorialist 2013


63013Hel0482Web2013 was about making new friends that just happen to have great style all year round. Thanks Helena


Click on the image to see it enlarged.

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On The Street…Rue Du Mont-Thabor, Paris

On The Street…Rue des Pyramides, Paris

Three Things…

Three things I love about this look:

1. The tough Zara boots (yes, Zara!).
2. The socks peeking out.
3. The wide cuff on the jeans– super cool!

What about you?

The Moto Jacket

Click on the image to see the full post…

THE GIRL: Drake Burnette
THE STYLE: I love this feminine take on the usually tough moto jacket. Not only is it extra chic but it will keep you from freezing on super cold days. Layer your shirt and sweater underneath the jacket (maybe add a little Heattech…) and put on a pair of leather leggings with your skirt for added warmth (genius, why did I never think of this until now?). Cool boots and a hat don’t hurt either…

Hat, Neil Barrett; Denim shirt, Madewell; Sweatshirt, Topshop; Moto jacket, Acne; Skirt, Veronique Leroy; Leather pants, Rag & Bone; Boots, Maison Martin Margiela.

Edited by Brie Welch.


I don’t know why but I just can’t seem to wear boots, even though I love them.
I always end up wearing low shoes, because I can’t dont like the way pants fall on a high top shoe. I guess what I like is to see the whole shoe, must be my problem. Oh, by the way, talking about weird clothing things, I’m not crazy about half-y heels. I like super high or extra flat. So usually, when I see a bootie, I have no emotion.

It doesn’t make it super easy finding everyday shoes.

All this to say, I think I found a perfect compromise the other day in Stockholm. These are Jil Sander, so I didn’t need to go all the way there to find them – but it was love at first sight. They’re blue, the leather is perfect and the back zip (which I obvioulsy leave opened, risking to lose a boot at every step, but you know I like to live dangerously), I love. Okay, these might not keep my feet warm in the winter, but it’s a good start, no ?

Do you like my new shoes?

The Cape

Honestly, they’re hell. They’re just not practical. They’re annoying, let in big drafts of cold air, you can’t wear a shoulder bag with them, can’t hail a taxi, yet still, even with all that, I’m a fan fan fan fan fan of the cape.

I found one at Zara like twelve seasons ago and I wore it so much that last time I saw my sister she forbid me to ever wear it again (only a sister or a very good friend can put out a veto like that and have it stick) saying that it looked like “an old sofa” (???). I listened to her and got rid of it – but not without a few tears first…

Here, a photo if you’d like… See how happy I look with my cape? Even if I couldn’t really figure out how to comfortably wear my bag or my camera?

[Photo by Scott, The Sartorialist]

Ever since, I’ve been on the cape market and I still haven’t found one I like.
In other words, my capimental life is a desert.

I tried wearing my coat over my shoulders as to give the illusion of wearing a cape but let’s face it: it just isn’t the same. When you have your coat on your shoulders the attitude all too often randomly switches off between “super cool girl” (when you enter a room with a determined air and your jacket magically resting on your shoulders) and “loser who would sell her mom to look fashionable” (when you try to get your phone out and your jacket slips off your shoulders onto the ground and have to put on that forced smile that says “I’m super fashionable but have a sense of humor too, hihihi!”

A cape is not like a loose coat… It’s a professional accessory: There are always two or three ways to keep it in place… Sometimes it’s buttons near the collar, sometimes it’s a cleverly placed zipper, sometimes it’s a little vent for your arms to have more freedom and keep it in place.

(PS: If your cape doesn’t have any of these features, it’s time to face the facts… You’ve purchased a blanket.)

Okay, all of this is here to say that I…

1/ am envious of anyone I see with a cape, even watching Man Of Steel was tough.
2/ sometimes wonder if I should just put some velcro on one of my jackets.
3/ know that capes are pretty 2011, but just don’t care (the only thing is I can’t throw my hands in the air)
4/ will end up in a puff jacket anyway because it’s 20 below in NYC.
5/ can I wear a puff jacket as a cape?
6/ even if I figure out a way to keep it in place?
7/ I can’t?
8/ Help me find a cape?
9/ Especially because the sales are coming up, eheh.
10/ Do I just have to get over my delusions of being a caped crusader?

Voilà. Next time I’ll talk to you about all my non-winter shoes. Seriously though, my feet are so cold. Aren’t yours?

(In the picture, deliriously delicious Reed Krakoff boots that I had introduced you to here.)

The LR Boot

Yesterday was our first snow of the season…

And even though it didn’t stick to the ground, it still counts, okay? So, Emily and I walked into the Studio wearing these boots. And then Garance and I went out to shoot wearing them. So you could say, we are fans. They are by Loeffler Randall and they are kind of the perfect city girl snow/rain boot. You can totally pull off wearing them all day, eliminating the need for changing in and out of your boots at the office!

When the snow starts to stick, we will have to upgrade to our duck boots, but until then our feet are pretty happy (and dry).

By admin

leopard coat

carolina engman bw

Pictures by Mattias Swenson

COATS. Thought it was about time I brought out this good ol’ Zara coat for a spin! I found it during the sales in the beginning of the year and it’s probably one of my best sale finds considering how much I’ve been wearing it. Love the clean lines + the mix of leopard/black, perfect for spicing up a simple outfit!

carolina engman leopard coat

carolina engman via fashionsquad

boots via fashionsquad

leopard coat and ps1

fall in new york


COAT Zara (old, but similar onse here & here). SWEATER Gant. JEANS J Brand. BAG Proenza Schouler (here). BOOTS Zara (similar ones here & here).

At Louis Vuitton, Paris










At Kenzo, Paris










On The Street…

The other day outside of the Proenza Schouler show, I was chatting in the crowd when this woman passed by, between the fashionistas, the photographers and the drivers and I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop starring.
I’m not the only one. Seeing her, the photographers stopped shooting their usuals and ran after her to take her picture. 4 mins of hysteria…

Funny when you think she is wearing a white shirt, a bermuda and a pair of boots.

So all right, after 2 mins of research, I found out that she is Liisa Winkler, a model that had just walked the show.
And give me bermudas and a pair of boots tomorrow, it will certainly not look the same…

But still – what made me turn my head and raise my camera was her allure.
It makes me want to go back to ballet, raise my head and walk with a confident nonchalance on the streets of New York.

No seriously – we spend our time talking about our clothes, but when do we take care of our allure?

At the Shows….Saturday & Sunday








Black, White & Red

I like pretty much everything that Heathermary Jackson wears in this photo (actually, all of it. I like all of it) but that’s not so surprising because I like everything she does as a stylist.

Her short bob she recently dyed red, her big white vintage shirt, open in the back…

And her Balenciaga boots. Aaaaah, those things have stuck with me, let me tell you…

I think I’ll probably end up giving in and getting a pair of these machine guns (what else would you call a pair of shoes this big?). Or maybe I’ll get the Saint Laurent ones which are also extra good (can you tell I just spent 72 hours reading all the September issues?) or maybe just a pair of simple military boots.

I mean honestly though, I have this fear that all these are gonna be too heavy for me.

What do you think?

Want It Wednesday: Tory Burch, Smashbox and Olivia Von Halle

Want It Wednesday: Tory Burch, Smashbox and Olivia Von Halle

I can’t believe another week is more than halfway done. I’m not sure if I’ve been particularly busy this week or the last bits of summer are just slipping away more quickly than I’d like them to, but it seems like this week’s Want It Wednesday has come around at light speed. Below, find out what the PurseBlog team is craving today.


Finding the perfect camel bootie for fall is a daunting task. I usually have to mentally prepare myself for days of searching until I find my perfect match, but these Tory Burch Mae High Heel Booties were a simple act of serendipity. The leather is buttery soft, yet still durable and a beautiful shade of almond. The height is tall enough to give me the vertical boost I need, and the heel is chunky enough to be comfortable and practical. My favorite thing about the boots is that Tory really manages to do what she does best, creating a classic piece with a modern feel. Let’s just say I don’t think I’ll make it through fall without these. You can purchase these beauties for $450 via Bloomingdales.

Tory Burch Mae High Heel Booties


As soon as I was old enough (and more importantly, allowed) to wear makeup, I’ve always enjoyed picking out new products. I could spend hours walking through beauty departments, looking at all the different colors, textures, applicators, etc. Since I have a bit of beauty product ADD, I tend to gravitate towards packaged products. I love being able to walk away with several products I like, all inevitably to be used. Today, I’m in the mood to expand my collection and the Smashbox All For Eyes Prime, Line & Define Set is on my radar.

I have a few other Smashbox products and I definitely stand by them. That’s why I would love to add a new brow pencil, lid primer, eyeshadow trio and waterproof liner to the mix. Plus, all these goodies come in a cute metallic envelope clutch that could easily fit in almost any handbag of mine. Not a bad deal at all! $49 via Nordstrom.

Smashbox All for Eyes Line and Define Brunette Cosmetics Set


Despite my tenure in the fashion industry, I wouldn’t consider myself a high-maintenance girl. I’ve got my makeup routine down to about 10 minutes, I only wash my hair a couple times a week (it’s better for your hair, I promise) and I practically have a uniform staked out for myself. It doesn’t take me long to get out of my apartment in the morning, and my conversion back to a lady of leisure (ha) when the day is done is similarly speedy – all I need is a pair of cotton shorts and an old T-shirt and I’m a happy girl. I never thought I’d find myself lusting after a $455 set of Olivia Von Halle Alba Tatjana Silk-Satin Pajamas, but here I am, doing just that. These PJs look completely indulgent and luxurious, and I love the purple and black color scheme, accented with just enough green. I’d lounge in these jammies any day of the week. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $455.

Olivia Von Halle Alba Tatjana Silk-Satin Pajamas

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STSC0565 STSC0567

On the right we have a pair of boots I found at the ACNE Archives store in Stockholm last June, on the left the infamous ZARA boots – yes, the ones from their insanely amazing Fall lookbook and the ones that pretty much most of us will want to own this coming Fall-.

When I first saw the ZARA lookbook a few weeks ago, I thought those boots seem oddly familiar, but I couldn’t  put my finger on why. A few days later,  I was leaving my apartment and bumped into the ACNE boots sitting close to the door and then it hit me.

So what do you think, ZARA or ACNE?

andy signature


A Rainy Weekend

Meeeeeh, it looks like the rain is here to stay… So here is my shopping for the weekend !

Boots, Hunter; Bracelet, Marc by Marc Jacobs; Striped T-Shirt, T by Alexander Wang; Jacket, Helmut Lang; Fake Up Concealer, Benefit; Crayon Kohl in Blue, By Terry; Shorts, Alexander Wang.

How to wear a white dress?

For this summer, I am craving this type of shirt dress: white, short, fresh, light, cool.

I did a lot of research (the one in the picture is Thakoon) and tried a lot of them (I tried on an Alaïa at Colette that’s still imprinted on my retina)(as well as the price tag) but each time something was just off…

I found out that the problem is that actually, a white dress can easily look pretty bland and way too waspy (Can you say that? What would be the equivalent in French, BCBG? Bon chic bon genre?)…

Like, with ballet flats it’s freaky, way too proper, not cool at all, -12 on the Altimeter of Fashion.
With sneakers it’s not bad but it casualizes (let’s say that’s a word) the dress too much.
With high heels, well you kinda have to want to go around in heels in summer. I don’t.
With Birks, I don’t think I am ready.
With Birks AND socks, why not? But would I stand the weird looks? (Oh, do you want to talk about the subtle difference between Birks with or without socks or are you just extra tired of hearing about those shoes?)

With mmmm…
With combat boots, like in the picture?
Naaaaaaa, I love it. But it’s not for me.

Gladiators? Espadrilles? Flip flops?

What would you wear?

Laurence Dacade

Remember my Laurence Dacade boots? Well they’ve proven to be so cool and comfortable that I love them even more a year later.

The only thing is, the gold ministuds are a little bit much for me now – I wish I had picked them a liiiiiiiittle more low key.

So here’s what I saw at the presentation the other day… Which ones do you prefer?

Forever Plaid

Do you remember when I was telling you about wearing your blanket?
Do you remember when I was telling you about wearing plaid?
So, what do we say about a plaid blanket? Yeyyh! (Even more when it involves a sublime pair of boots…)

My Favorite Looks / Reed Krakoff

Click the arrows to see more images…

Theysken’s Theory

A really interesting Theyskens Theory show, with voluminous silhouettes and fabrics that I want to touch… And buy right away. And as I was telling you this morning, the tall boots that are giving me so many ideas. This is the kind of accessory that can give energy to any old wardrobe in one sec – but the important thing is, you should show some skin and not cover the leg entirely.

Nude tights, the sequel?

Click on the arrows to see more images…

On the Street….Rue de Rivoli, Paris

On the Street…… Broadway & Prince St., New York

If You’re Thinking About…… Dr. Martens

If You’re Thinking About…… Dr. Martens

If You’re Thinking About….. Work Boots for Women

If You’re Thinking About….. Work Boots for Women

blue moon

carolina engman, fashionsquad, outfit, window, gold sweater,

carolina engman, fashionsquad, outfit, window, gold sweater

Pictures by Andy Torres

LAST NIGHT. Love the mood of these pictures that Andy snapped of me in the beautiful window of her hotel room last night. The view from there wasn’t too shabby either, could totally picture myself living in that hotel room!

SWEATER vintage Pierre Cardin. WAX COATED JEANS Zara. SHOES Depeche.

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On the Street…Legs

these boots are made for walking

Botkier, boots, julie, over the knee boots, black boots, fashionsquad

Botkier, boots, julie, over the knee boots, black boots, fashionsquad

BOOTS. I’m actually starting to believe that the best finds are lurking in my own closet. These awesome, pirate-esque, Botkier boots from a couple of seasons ago are my latest wardrobe rediscovery and I’ve been wearing them non stop the entire weekend. Love the asymmetrical ”over-the-knee” cut!


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Alessandro, Student

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Patchwork – Seoul, Korea

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On the Street…. West 15th Street, New York

On the Street…..Angelika, Milan

Seoul Biker – Seoul, Korea

His whole outfit is vintage.

© STYLECLICKER - Seoul Biker – Seoul, Korea is a post from:

A white silk blouse and classic riding boots – perfect partners…

A white silk blouse and classic riding boots - perfect partners for autumn dressing, whether teamed with luxe jodhpurs or a sweeping plaid riding skirt. These are Hermes boots (but of course) but we have some rather lovely alternatives on The Style Director…

Photo: David Sims for Vogue