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Tenue de Soiree

I never know what to wear out at night.

It always annoys me and I end up wasting way too much time. I lose confidence in myself and in my taste, I spend forever in front of the mirror, I take dumb selfies and send them to my friends, and since they can’t see anything anyway because I’m terrible at selfies, it’s even worse, so they stress me out by saying things like:

“Need another photo, I can’t even tell what you’re wearing”
“What’s that thing in front of your dress?” (my phone, obviously)
“What color is that? Cat pee yellow?” (bad lighting)
“How can someone who’s a photographer be so bad at selfies?” (shut up right now)

Yep, because obviously I always wait until the last minute.
So I stress everyone out.
Because I hate evening wear.

Usually when I want to dress up to go out at night, I always start out thinking I’ll wear a dress.
Yes. I have this idea in my head, like most girls, that “night” means “dress”.
Don’t try to figure it out, that’s just the way it is.

So then I start the useless and frantic search for the “perfect last minute dress” which:

1/ Doesn’t exist
2/ Is very, very expensive
3/ Can’t be found at the last minute. To be perfect, a dress always has to be altered, otherwise you’re a model, in which case, what are you doing reading this post?

By then, not only am I irritated, I’m also exhausted AND frustrated.

For a while, I had resolved my problem with a few really cool tuxes, but one mustn’t go overboard with the joys of wearing a suit, especially when you have short hair.
If you do, you’ll quickly turn into Ellen De Generes, and even though I ADORE Ellen, I really don’t want to have her look.

You know, because at night, I want to be super feminine, a bit femme fatale.

But the problem is – no dresses look good on me.
No dresses look good on anyone, actually, if you really want to know how I feel about it.

That’s always what I’m thinking to myself when I watch the awards.
I like them well enough, I play the game, I choose my favorites, I feel like I’m taking a trip to planet tralala – it’s fun for about two seconds.

But most of the time in those ceremonies, it’s like “cool” has left the building and been replaced by slightly awkward women forced into an obsolete definition of sexiness (with their breasts imprisoned in push up bras, their waists strangled) that doesn’t look anything at all like the free woman in motion that I love and want to be.

Oh hey, by the way. Since we were talking about Céline on Friday, and how Phoebe Philo redefined the way we dress and the kind of women we have the right to be (cool, sensual, comfortable) – just looking at her collections makes you realize.

Not a single evening gown.

The closest thing is a romper. Hands in pockets, high heels – her rompers totally borrow from the “woman in a tux” attitude.
So it’s back to the same idea.

There are exceptions, of course. Valentino dresses that make you want to cry they’re so beautiful. Dior by Raf Simmons. Cate Blanchett in Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy. But girls who have Cate Blanchett’s allure are very rare.

So when it comes to evening wear, there aren’t many places left for me to look for ideas.
I look at what Jenna Lyons does, what Emmanuelle Alt does, and what Phoebe Philo does, on the rare occasion she goes out.

So that’s the thing. It was when I went to a black tie event that I realized what my real problem was. I don’t like evening gowns.

I ended up in pants and a bustier, but honestly, I really would have liked to have something new and beautiful to wear. A new attitude, a new femininity – something truly modern.

But I think it’s clear now: for the time being, that doesn’t exist. Or it’s very, very rare.

I really think it’s time to redefine evening wear for women, don’t you think?

Translated by Andrea Perdue

inspiration of the week

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1. Schiaparelli Runway FW14/15
2. Fashion editorial, Dazed&Confused by Andrea Spotorno
3. Black Shirt by Le21eme
4. QUIHAO Designer
5. Karlie Kloss for Interview Magazine
6. US Vogue 1983 / Polly Mellen / Helmut Newton & Hans Feurer
7. All Black everything
8. Glamour France Aug 2014 / Model: Freja Beha Erichsen / Ph: Fred Meylen
9. Karlie Kloss for Interview Magazine
10. Black sadness
11. Opening Ceremony Look SS14
12. Thierry Mugler A/W 12 Photography by Adrian Crispin
13. NadirTejani
14. Kate Moss 
15. Johnny Depp in ‘Edward Scissorhands’
16. Alexander Wang Cruise Collection 2015
17. Black Girl
18. Christian Dada SS/2012; Tokyo FW backstage
19. Dracula – Pages from a Virgin’s Diary (2002) (gif)
20. Meghan Collison & Irina Kravchenko by Mikael Jansson
21. Yohji Yamamoto Backstage
22. Photo by Alexander Dahl
23. Craig Green A/W13 Photography by Alina Negoita
24. Yohji Yamamoto Paris streetstyle by Le21eme
25. Model Colleen Miner with Melitta Baumeister clothes, Paul Jung Photographer
26. Kate Moss in Black
27. Vogue Germany August 2014 / Ph: Greg Kadel
28. YSL Black Opium Campaign
29. Jil Sander Campaign Fall 2011
30. Chanel Little Black Jacket
31. Edie campbell by David Sims for Vogue Paris December 2013
32. Fashion Editorial for Elle Magazine UK
33. Fashion Designer Rei Kawakubo
34. Anna Albrekht by Darren Mcdonald/ HELMET MAGAZINE #3 S/S 2012
35. Fashion Editorial for Vogue Russia, Patrick Demarchelier photographer
36. Color The Night I JJK I Ivan Zakharov I POSH I Nov 12
37. Lukas Grout by Joost Vandebrug for Blend Magazine
38. Saint Laurent SS15, Photography Lea Colombo
39. Vogue Russia September 2013 Editorial by Mert&Marcus
40. YSL Black Opium
41. YSL Black Opium Campaign

50+ Bags on the Arms of Our Favorite Supermodels

50+ Bags on the Arms of Our Favorite Supermodels

[Editor's Note: This week, the PurseBlog staff is out of the office to enjoy the last little bit of summer. We'll return after Labor Day, but in the meantime, we'll be running both new posts and a few of our favorites from the past few months to get you ready for fall.]

Models and great handbags go together like peanut butter and jelly. Some of our all-time favorite collection profiles have come at the hands of supers like Miranda Kerr, Kate Moss and Alessandra Ambrosio, and if there were a photo agency dedicated purely to documenting their daily outfits, we’d gladly delve into the handbag closets of even more models. Because there isn’t, though, we’ve decided to put together all that we could find from five of our favorite supers whose collections we’ve yet to dissect: Karlie Kloss, Chrissy Teigen, Kate Upton, Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel.

The results include over 50 gorgeous designer bag, including some super rare exotics (mostly courtesy of Ms. Upton, who seems to have used entire paychecks to buy things even most handbag lovers can barely dream of). The level to which these ladies are both genetically and sartorially blessed may cause a little bit of envy, but once you get past that, there’s certainly a lot of pretty going on below.

PurseForum Roundup – August 22

PurseForum Roundup – August 22

Happy Happy Friday! Whether your week was excellent or awful, it’s time bid it farewell and say hello to the weekend, which includes another edition of the PurseForum Roundup! Sorry we missed you last week, but we are happy to be back on track with plenty of beautiful bags and more.

Flower Arrangement

We made a couple of quick stops in the Playground and found some absolutely magnificent bouquets in Home and Garden’s new Flower Arrangements thread, where our members show off their blossoming new floral skills. We could not believe how talented they all are, even though some are just beginning to stretch their wings at this hobby. Luv Birkin is among the newbies, and she put together the brilliant arrangement above. We also dropped into Up to the Minute, where discussions of all the major headlines (and some minor ones) are the order of the day.

Multicolor Celine Luggage Tote

Speaking of flowers, how about this Céline Bicolor Luggage featuring luscious orchid?! PoisonIvy looks forward to using this bag in the fall, and we hope we will see some modeling shots when temperatures cool off a bit. Lyonexpat also selected from the purple range for her new Trapeze. 

Tanya1729 also got her her first Céline this week, and fans of the brand will enjoy this reveal for its clear pictures of the bag’s scrumptious leather. Capucine picked up a pretty new Luggage as well; it’s a classic combination with style for days, and Capucine is pleased as can be!

Christian Dior Miss Dior Bag

The PurseForum’s Christian Dior fans seem to have a real knack for photographing their bags and accessories. This week we caught a look at the pretty and photogenic Promenade Pouch on a chain Roku picked up (at a steal of a deal). Roku’s reveal comes with a spectacular family photo that will have you pondering your next small bag purchase!

Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag

Also, what a fabulous Lady Dior! NancyFancy picked up this beauty and a Promenade Pouch right along with it. We can see why it was love at first sight, and you will definitely want to take a look at these two together.

Christian Louboutin Rouge Nail Polish

Is it as wonderful as it looks? Does it match? What do our members think of the new Christian Louboutin polish? This line has inarguably made quite an entrance, and of course our Christian Louboutin members wasted no time in taking the plunge. In her “Unboxing” thread, ichelle reviews this polish and shows us if it is indeed a perfect match to the famous red soles. I bet you can guess the results.

Christian Louboutin Pumps

If you love reveals, you will love the Show Off your New Shoes thread, where Christian Louboutin fans pop in to unwrap their latest purchases. August has been busy, and when we dropped in, we found ChristChrist’s new shoes and they are fabulous! Carya also picked up two pair of Loubies, this time in pink tones. Fans of fun mustn’t miss these Geo multi pumpssaartje102 also includes some fun family photos, too!

Mulberry Bayswater bag

Mulberry fans and Roundup readers know we love to spend some time with the lovely ladies of Mulberry and their gorgeous bags. Snailpolish revealed her first Mulberry, and we love this classic, elegant, neutral color. Changingwoman also revealed first Mulberry – a chocolate ivy Bayswater - and took us on a delightful walk through the woods at the same time.

Bottega Veneta Hobo

We always know that when indiaink reveals a bag in Bottega Veneta, it is going to be elegant and amazing. This Sunrise Veneta is very special indeed, and it’s in incredible vintage condition. Khanji showed off her new bag, a must-see Veneta in rosa shock, and it’s a bag that we very much hope to see in an action thread soon!

Bottega Veneta Bracelets

Normally we turn to the Jewelry Box for bracelet layering and stacking, but this week we found a great little stack in BV, courtesy of the lovely Mousse.

That does it for this week, Roundup readers! Thank you so much for spending a bit of your time with us each week. We hope you have a terrific weekend and week a head, and we look forward to seeing you right back here soon!

Rihanna Doubles Up on Dior Bags for No Appreciable Reason

Rihanna Doubles Up on Dior Bags for No Appreciable Reason

Here’s Rihanna, leaving lunch at Da Silvano in NYC (a restaurant she seems particularly fond of), carrying both a pastel blue Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag and a pink Christian Dior Addict Tote. Apparently she carried both, exactly like that, throughout the entire day. Oh, Ri-Ri! The sum total contents of both bags was probably an iPhone and some gum, which just makes us like her more, somehow.

If you want to peruse the rest of Rihanna’s incredibly expansive designer handbag collection, you should absolutely check out “The Many Bags of Rihanna” and “The Many Bags of Rihanna, Part 2″. And if that doesn’t quench your thirst for all things Rihanna, you can also swing by our sister site TalkShoes and check out “The Many Shoes of Rihanna”.

High Line


New York and a walk sunset on the High Line. Wearing a sequined striped dress and the new slipons from my shoeline, Chiara Ferragni.

New York ed una passeggiata al tramonto sull’High Line. Indossando un abitino a righe di paillettes e le nuove slipons della mia linea, Chiara Ferragni.


I was wearing:


Photos by Jeff Thibodeauco

A beauty minute with Jessica

“Morning: I’ve been told by multiple dermatologists never to wash my face with anything more than water — red hair generally comes with sensitive skin. But in a city like NY where you spend all day getting farted on by cars and Fresh Direct trucks, that just seems nuts, so the next best thing is Simple Moisturizing Face Wash.

It’s a few bucks from the drug store and more effective than anything else I’ve used. I still get a pimple here and there but I’ll blame that on my Cheezit and ice cream habit and the fact that I think sleep is ‘boring.’ I make up for the money I saved on face wash by spending $108 on rose water from Amanda Lacey, which I use as toner. I’m not sure it does anything but it smells good and feels nice. Depending on the season, I use a day cream with SPF 20 or 30 or an actual sunblock (Chanel has a nice thin one that doesn’t sit on your skin like diaper rash creme) under my moisturizer. La Prairie makes one I like at the moment.

I try to use eye cream but it’s like flossing. I forget half the time. Don’t tell my dentist. The stuff I use is from Lancôme and it’s called Yeux Absolu. It comes in a nice gold bottle and feels more glamorous than I do. I like the little wrinkles around my eyes. And the quotation marks around my mouth. I really like imperfections in people.

My skin is much more robust in summer, and can tolerate a lighter cream, but winter is a constant battle. I have to be very careful not to over-cleanse or touch my face or not get enough sleep or not turn the radiators up to 1 million degrees. My skin gets very dry and irritated as soon as the temperature drops but using a heavy cream will lead to breakouts. If the cream is too light my skin will get itchy and take on the texture of an old pumice stone. The best cream I’ve found for the task is one you can only get in Swiss pharmacies (and on the internet) called EM Sana. It looks blue grey when it comes out of the tube and smells like cement mixed with deodorant but it’s very calming and protective. I do not use SPF in winter unless I’m skiing. I like the kind of war paint sunblock I used to wear as a kid in the 80s. I wonder whether they still make that…

Day: I don’t generally wear makeup unless I absolutely have to. I hate it. If I do, I use concealer on the uneven areas around my eyes, nose and mouth, a little bit of mascara and blush on the apples of my cheeks. I always have 48 lip glosses floating around in my bag, so I’ll wear the first one I fish out. I also have cuticle oil in my bag that I try to use every time I wash my hands.

Night: At night I do the same thing as I do in the morning except I use a night serum at the end by Estée Lauder. It comes in a very adult, brown bottle and makes me feel like I’m doing something for my future, like opening a 401K. If I’ve had a particularly long day I’ll take another shower and wash my hair. I like Sachajuan and Living Proof products. I generally go to sleep with wet hair because I’m too lazy to blow dry it. The added uncertainty of how it might look in the morning makes it fun.”

- Jessica Joffe

Sneaker Couture

The making of the Dior fall sneakers certainly was tedious!

Watch how the embellished shoe was created, from sketch, to chiseling out the perfect rubber sole to the flower encrusted final product.

Now we know why those are couture sneakers. What do you think, do you like them?

By brie

Nice Brow!

I’d like to go ahead and declare it the year (okay, maybe even the decade…check back with me in about 7 years) of the eyebrow. The big, full, kinda messy, borderline unruly, eyebrow (just like Jillian’s, in the photo). You can thank Cara Delevingne and the many Instagram #TBTs of a 1980s Brooke Shields.

I think our brows are rebelling after all of the over-plucking of the 1990s. You remember those pencil thin brows? Drew Barrymore, Courtney Love, Gwen Stefani– I’m looking at you. I’ve always been a bit paranoid about my brows. I’m careful not to over pluck (but still try to avoid a unibrow) and stay pretty far away from waxing (again, unless I’m creeping too close to unibrow territory. Frida Kahlo, I am not). I haven’t let anyone touch them since I moved to New York four years ago, waiting until my pilgrimage home at Christmas to let a professional give them a little TLC. I totally baby my brows.

I spend a good deal of my morning routine working on them, but I still had a few questions when it comes to brow maintenance. I decided to ask brow guru, Anastasia Soare (celebrity brow expert and founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills). Here are her tips and tricks on everything from tweezing to filling ‘em in!

What’s the best way to care for your brows? Should you be waxing, tweezing, threading? And how often?
Tweezing controls the amount of hair that you remove, while waxing leaves an absolute clean, and perfect shape. As waxing removes a lot of hair quickly, it is dangerous for those of us that don’t have thick brows as you cannot guarantee how much you take off.

We use a combination of waxing for the overall brow shape and tweezing for fine, tiny hairs. I find that this gives a preferred result with clean, defined lines.

Every person is different, and there’s no set formula for brow maintenance. Most women need a touch-up every two to four weeks. My mantra is, stay away from the magnifying mirror! Only tweeze stray hairs you can clearly see in your regular bathroom mirror.

What are solutions for over-plucked brows?
Over-tweezed brows are the #1 beauty mistake women make. The reason for this is because it is so easy to remove one or two too many hairs and suddenly your brow is too thin. I have two major rules when it comes to plucking your own eyebrows. The first rule is to throw away your magnifying mirror! I find that clients who use a magnifying mirror focus on the brows individually and end up tweezing back and forth on each brow in an effort to make them match. To make them truly as even as possible, look at your entire face in a regular mirror and examine how each brow matches the other in the big picture.

The second rule that I tell clients is to set a guideline! Use a stencil, or a brow pencil to outline the desired shape of your eyebrows. After you like the way the shape looks on your face, tweeze only the hair that lays outside the outlined area above or below the brow. Remember to draw a guideline that is full and natural looking before tweezing.

Any tips for growing out your brows?
When you find your brows over-tweezed, growing them out is the only option. But, many women feel messy or unkempt due to the tiny stray hairs growing in. My advice for this is to fill in your brows with brow powder and a good quality brow pencil [like Brow Wiz]. After you have the right brow shape, you can hide stray hairs that fall outside your shape with a good quality concealer until you are ready to commit to a full shaping.

As we age, many of us start to lose some of our brow hair. Also, if you sleep on one side your face or another, the pillow can actually rub brow hairs away. I suggest using a serum to help encourage the growth of brows like Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced. [Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced is peptide-enhanced to encourage the growth of sparse brows, with an innovative new formula that also prevents brows from falling out. You should begin seeing results in 6-8 weeks. Generally, Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced is safe for everyone to use. What we do advise is to look at the ingredient list, and if it contains something that you know you are sensitive to, simply avoid use. Also avoid use if rash or irritation appears.] After that, it’s all about filling in what you don’t have. Again, brow powder and pencil in combination go a long way in creating amazing, natural-looking brows.

What are the brow maintenance essentials? Wax? Powder? Gel?
If you have very sparse hair, you’ll need a pencil or a pen. Brow powder is great but if you don’t have hair, the powder has nothing to adhere to.

Everyone could use a little brow gel, whether it’s clear or tinted. This will keep brows in place all day long and set the look. If you have light hair, a tinted brow gel will kick the color up a notch for an extra bold look. If your hair is already dark, you can use a clear brow gel which is essentially a top coat for your brows.

What kind of brow brush is best and how should you be using it?
The type of brush you want to use depends on the type of product you fill your brows with. For a powder, using a stiff, synthetic bristled brush like Mini Duo Brush is ideal. You want the cut of the brush to be angled to help apply the powder directly to the skin behind the brow hair. I use the brush in tiny, hairlike strokes to gently brush the powder onto the skin. You can also use the brush to add a general shadow behind the brow hair in a gentle sweeping motion.

For pomades, a brush with a slightly thinner edge [like Brush #12] helps to apply the cream in hairlike strokes. I use the brush in the same manner as the Mini Duo Brush, making sure to create small, precise strokes of color. With both brushes, be sure to blend the product through the brow hair with a spooley for a natural finish.

Check out some of our favorite brow products below!

eBay’s Best Bags of the Week – July 30

eBay’s Best Bags of the Week – July 30

It’s Wednesday, and that means eBay’s best bags are front and center on PurseBlog once again. This week, we found lots of treasures, including an Alexander Wang Rocco perfect for summer and fall, summery shades of peach and orange from Chloé and Bottega Veneta, and some nice vintage finds. Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: As always, caution is crucial when buying from third party sellers. Although we strive to find the best auctions to feature, we don’t endorse or guarantee any eBay sellers or auctions, and therefore cannot guarantee the authenticity of any particular piece. For more info, please refer to eBay’s purchasing guidelines and policies.

Coach Park Metro Tote
Buy It Now for $159

Coach Park Metro Tote

Louis Vuitton Ixia PM Bag
Buy It Now for $2,295

Louis Vuitton Ixia PM Bag

Alexander Wang Rocco Bag
Bidding Starts at $599

Alexander Wang Rocco Bag

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Shoulder Bag
Buy It Now for $649

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Shoulder Bag

Judith Leiber Evening Bag
Buy It Now for $750

Judith Leiber Vintage Evening Bag

Chloé Paraty Bag
Buy It Now for $1,899

Chloe Paddington Bag

Louis Vuitton Citadine Tote
Buy It Now for $2,195

Louis Vuitton Citadine Tote

Chanel Vintage Clutch
Buy It Now for $729

Vintage Chanel Bag

Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag
Buy It Now for $2,600

Christian Dior Lady Dior Patent Bag

Bottega Veneta Veneta Hobo
Buy It Now for $1,998

Bottega Veneta Veneta Hobo

Prada Vitello Shoulder Bag
Buy It Now for $499

Prada Vitello Shoulder Bag

PurseForum Roundup – July 25

PurseForum Roundup – July 25

Who’s excited? It’s time for another PurseForum Roundup, our last of July. Summer continues to be sunny and fashionable on the PurseForum, and we are excited to bring you the latest selection of conversations and terrific bags. This week, we stopped in Christian Louboutin for a much-needed fix of hot shoes, and then dropped into Dior, where we found even more shoes (and bags). We also checked into the Jewelry Box, and we finished off with a rapid fire roundup of reveals. Come on along!

Multifaceted Ring

In The Jewelry Box, a couple of older threads got a “bump” up to the front page. A visit to the Van Cleef and Arpels Family Portrait thread led us to this eyepopping collection update from einseine, assembled with the help of her VCA PurseForum team! The Cocktail Rings thread, home of this marvelous topaz shared by ms piggy, had quite a few dreamy new additions – and if you love sapphires, you will love emem2′s fabulous new find and skyqueen’s beautiful new Ceylon sapphire.

Jade Rings

We also paid a visit to our jade threads, which Roundup readers may remember are among the most popular and fast-moving conversations on the entire PurseForum! The first jade-in-action shots have appeared in the brand new Jade: Stone of Heaven – Jade in Action thread, and our very active Jade sharing and chat thread has lots of new photos and conversation. Last but certainly not least, we found this interesting shot in the Jade Reference thread, a photo-only thread with something for everyone!

Dior Pumps

July has been busy in Dior, and we found not one but two shoe reveals this month – RK4265 shared this wonderful pair of runway heels (happy belated birthday, by the way), and DaosaBao wowed the crowd with her new black pantent stilettos, a sure-to-be wardrobe staple well worth the hunt. Just when we thought we had gotten over those beauties, we found another Daosabao reveal – this time with a touch of rose!

Dior Miss Dior Bag

On our way out, we caught another reveal of three gorgeous bags, including this elegant Miss Dior in brilliant coquelicot.

Christian Louboutin Collage

It goes without saying that our members love fashion, and fortunately for us, they also love to share. We paid a visit to Christian Loubooutin this week and dropped by Nolia’s Collection thread, where we found this pretty collage right along with some fabulous shoes and action shots. DariaD showed off a great pair of spiked sandals, which, although a tad menacing, are also absolutely adorable! 

Christian Louboutin has entered the Nail Polish market, and our members lost no time in discussing this latest development. Also, So Kate fans will love this pair of sleek black patent 120mms our member itsjustabag scored this month, what a shoe! And (another) belated happy birthday from us to you, itsjustabag! Fans of stunning shoes will not want to miss this reveal of the Impera, a fierce and fabulous holy grail indeed, from laurenychu. If you are thinking about a new pair of CLs, why not visit the Sale thread to check for bargains at your favorite store?

Goyard Tote

We did a quick swoop around the forum to find some fabulous reveals for you, because we know you love them as much as we do. We haven’t visited Goyard for a while, and somehow missed new Sac le Chat. Lilpinkbunnies revealed the colorful personalization on her Saint Louis – if you are thinking one of these totes is in your future, you can find member feedback on this popular tote right here.

Alexander Wang Rocco Studs

Second stop on our reveal swoop, Alexander Wang, where the new mesh material is a big hit. Chloehollywood, hollywoodbadgirl, and Addy all revealed mesh bags this month, and we love this lightweight and sporty alternative to these bags’ deliciously smooshy leathers. We will be spending more time in Alexander Wang soon, to be sure!

Tod's Bag

We don’t often visit our Tod’s subforum, something we remedied this week with a quick visit on our reveal tour. We found this absolutely luscious reveal from Hogancollector – the D.D. Media bag in a scrumptious orange sherbet that almost immediately got a cream companion! YUM! If you are not familiar with this brand, we have a Celebrities and Tod’s thread that will give you a sampling of the classic styling from this design house.

Juicy Couture Burger Charm

Juicy Couture has hit some rough patches lately, but the news isn’t all bad, apparently. Thankfully, the charms go on, and the JC Charms thread has stayed busy. So today, we close with this staple of the summer barbecue, a teeny weeny hamburger from our own tatertot!

That finishes up our July series of Roundups, and we certainly have enjoyed spending the month with you. We hope you have a happy summer weekend and week ahead, and will be right here in August (!!!) for more bags, conversations, shoes and more! Thank you for stopping by!

Tee Shirt Earrings

Ah the Dior earring…

We’ve seen it before, in fact it may be the earring of the past year. But the question is, how do you wear it? As a matching pair? Or do you go singular like Garance?

Either way, this amazing pink pair is topping my earring wishlist.

Dior ‘Tee Shirt’ Earring, Kirna Zabete.

By brie


AndyTorresMadeleine5AndyTorresMadeleine8AndyTorresMadeleine12AndyTorresMadeleine11AndyTorresMadeleine9AndyTorresMadeleine2AndyTorresMadeleine10AndyTorresMadeleine7AndyTorresMadeleine13I’M WEARING  >>  Dress: & Other Stories  |  Shoes: Rolando Santana  |  Bracelet: Hermes  |  Watch: Daniel Wellington  |  Earring: Dior  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler  |  Ring: Tom Wood

This dress is as close to my perfect dress as it gets. I have never found a dress in that length, let alone half see through but it a good way. I have to say, it took a bit of courage to go out wearing this but the key is wearing the “right underwear”. I found an amazing pair of hight waisted hot pants or more like granny panties to be honest and that is a perfect match for this.

Sorry for the overload of photos but this time I didn’t know which ones to choose.

andy signature

Photos by Richard Nicholls


Iggy Azalea Goes Out to Dinner with Dior in Tow

Iggy Azalea Goes Out to Dinner with Dior in Tow

Here’s rapper Iggy Azalea, leaving dinner at Beverly Hills restaurant Crustacean with boyfriend Nick Young of the LA Lakers. She’s carrying a lavender Dior Addict Tote. This is a comparatively demure look for Iggy, and it’s world’s away from the outfits she wears on stage and on award show red carpets. It’s “weekday date night Iggy.”

Most people probably wouldn’t even recognize Iggy Azalea without her trademark ponytail pompadour hairstyle and bare midriff – though when you see someone carrying a Dior bag and hopping in to a six-figure ride with her NBA player boyfriend, it’s usually safe to assume they’ve attained some degree of celebrity. (Thanks, Kardashians!)

Travel Beauty

So, I packed light for my trip… but I still managed to fit all of my favorite summer products! A tiny bit of makeup, my skincare products (SPF! Hats!!! Scared of the sun girl), a cool cleansing water from NARS (as much as I love Bioderma, their packaging, you know…), my hair oil that I told you about (in a slick travel tube to prevent spilling), a brush set… I think I’ve got it all.

For the things that don’t need to be “applied generously every two hours” (I’m looking at you SPF!!!), vive les travel containers.

What are some of your travel beauty essentials? What do you always pack?

In my bag…

Diptyque Rose Candle: Because it makes me feel at home anywhere in the world, therefore more relaxed, therefore more beautiful (girl math).
Chanel Blush: Who can live without Chanel and without a blush?
Chantecaille Travel Brush Set: I do everything with brushes now, even concealer.
Clinique Chubby Stick in Richer Raisin: My favorite colooor!
Beauty Counter SPF 30 for Face: Ok, so it’s a little thick but what!!! There are no parabens in it! Not so easy to find for a good SPF.
NARS Jungle Red Lipstick: In case I have a party…
Elizabeth Dehn x One Love Organics Mist: Unecessary, so basically just pure luxury. Love it.
Darphin 8 Flower Nectar Oil: Because summer, because oils.
Kjaer Weis Eyeshadow: In case I have a party…
Dolce & Gabbana Bronzer: So I’m afraid of the the sun, I need to find my tan somewhere, you know ;)
NARS Makeup Removing Water: Chic alternative to Bioderma.
In a travel container, Beauty Counter Glow Scrub: You’ve got to scrub regularly for a more even, beautiful tan they say.
In a travel container, Darphin Vitalskin: My summer face lotion, light, comfortable, and easy like a white shirt.

Romantic Milano


Most of you probably follow my trips on my Instagram profile but, for those who don’t know about my summer plans yet…
I’m now in Los Angeles for a week of work, and then I’ll be flying to Beijing and New York, to come back for the whole August to California (except for a holiday week in Hawaii :D ). Far from my Milano home, office (and, ugh, italian friends and family) for a month and a half.
This look was shot in one of my last italian nights: with the “suitcase problem” when I travel that much It is hard for me to pack such big pieces. A much more romantic look than usual, and definitely also more italian :)

La maggior parte di voi seguirà ormai i miei continui spostamenti sul mio profilo di Instagram ma, per chi ancora non fosse a conoscenza dei miei piani per l’estate…
Sono ora a Los Angeles per una settimana di lavoro, e sarà poi il turno di Pechino e New York, per poi tornare in California durante tutto il mese di Agosto (eccetto una settimana di vacanze alle Hawaii :D ). Lontana quindi dalla mia casa milanese, dal mio ufficio (e, sigh, da amici italiani e famiglia) per un mese e mezzo.
Questo look è stato scattato durante una delle ultime serate milanesi: con il “problema” valigia quando viaggio cosi tanto è difficile portarmi dietro outfit cosi “ingombranti”. Un look più romantico del solito, ed anche decisamente più italiano :)


I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

Date Night Couture, Take 2

It’s that time again…

What time you ask? Time for me to tell you what couture looks I think will be most “appropriate” for your next Tinder date! These looks are all approved for the following Tinder-date activites: drinking in a bar (Chanel), having an awkward dinner (Dior), bowling (Versace) and visiting an art gallery (Giambattista Valli).

You’re welcome!!

From left to right: Chanel, Dior, Versace and Giambattista Valli.

By alex

PurseForum Roundup – July 3

PurseForum Roundup – July 3

Happy July! In America, of course, July 4th means picnics, fireworks and red, white and blue. We would like to wish all of our US readers a very happy and safe Independence Day.

The PurseForum reaches far beyond America’s shores, and this week we joined members from far and wide in Dior, Bottega Veneta, The Jewelry Box and more. Come on along with us to see what they have been up to!

Balenciaga City Bags

In Handbags and Purses this week, we paid a long-overdue visit to the 2014 Resolution: Shop in Your Own Closet thread. Occasionally a member will venture outside her closet and make a bag purchase, but overall this contented and supportive group wears and shares bags they already own and love.

This inspiring thread is full of eye candy, and right off the bat we spotted cupcakegirl’s luscious Balenciaga all ready to step right out of her closet. We also found threadstarter eggtartapproved had done a bit of shopping, but what a score! One returned bag yielded several new ones, and egg definitely deserves a thumbs-up!

In Handbags and Purses, in our wonderful thread for Recent Purchases, we regularly find bags not often seen on the PurseForum. On this visit, we ran across Haan’s study in blue from Moynat, Whispersale’s gorgeous vintage YSL, and Buckeye Mommy’s Bottega Veneta Cervo in bleu electric that stole our hearts.


Finding the unusual and out-of-the-ordinary always makes our day, and it’s something we all love to experience on the PurseForum. Our members have such different backgrounds and tastes, and this diversity makes our forum really sing. This week in the Jewelry Box, we happened upon the popular new Real Native American Jewelry thread started by susieserb, whose spectacular coral cuff is pictured here.

This thread features history, famous collections and archival photographs, along with our knowledgable members’ stunning pieces. Our Show Me The Turquoise thread is still going strong, too – in case, like us, you cannot get enough! We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all our members for sharing their treasures with us in these very special threads.


On our way out of the Jewelry Box, we dropped into the Layering and Stacking thread – one of the most active threads in the subforum – and came across einseine’s lovely ensemble above. Another fun thread caught our attention, too – the What Jewelry Are You Wearing Today thread, always interesting and always sparkling (and a great way to get to know our members)!

Bottega Veneta Bags

In Bottega Veneta, we found a double reveal from crazybagfan, who obligingly included updated family photos, too. Teddyraph’s reveal thread should have come with a sunglasses-required alert, because this new fuchsia tote is blinding – her first BV is really a showstopper!

Metallic bags are not always easy to style, and some brands have not hit their stride with executing this sometimes tricky concept. Bottega Veneta has mastered the metallic, as evidenced by this beauty in bronze belonging to chiisaibunny. This thread has a surprise ending, so be sure to keep reading! For more members and their fabulous BVs, please visit the Bottega Veneta in action thread right here.

Dior Diorissimo Bag

We are so excited to share the elegant Diorissimo we found in Christian Dior this week, courtesy of a very excited Sunnie_518. Happily, this bag also comes with an equally beautiful wallet, which you will find in this pretty family portrait. 

Other reveals in Dior include a magnificent red patent Lady Dior from smudleybear, and momkeymomo’s incredible collection thread. Diorissimo fans will love this reveal from hightea_xx, a classic bag with a surprise on the inside! There are so many reveals (like this one) on page one of Dior this week – we know you will enjoy your visit and hope to see you there!

Mulberry Bags

In Mulberry, Donna.west44 has been switching up her collection, and this delightful pair of bags is the result. Handbagaholic has been busy online, and shared several new Mulberry items in her reveal thread. Scrapsy returned a bag from another brand and came home with a Mulberry that makes her heart sing, which is how it should be when making a significant handbag purchase.

Selling bags no longer in your frequent rotation is a great way to fund new purchases, and if you are considering either buying or selling a bag (or two), please visit our eBay subforum for help with online auctions, or our Shopping Resources threads to find bargains, shopping tips and sales.

Thank you so much for stopping by for this week’s edition of the Roundup! We love sharing our PurseForum conversations with you and hope that you enjoy them just as much as we enjoy sharing them. We want to wish our members in the USA a safe and happy 4th of July, and please remember to ensure your pets are safe as well, July 4 is a tough day for them. And for everyone else, have a great weekend and week ahead!

Look Back

I love it when a dress feels as comfortable to wear as a pair of sweatpants.

It gives freedom to the movements – it’s super graceful and perfect for a summer day in the city.

It works even better if it’s all quiet in the front, and all drama in the back !

PS Michele is wearing an Alexander Wang dress, Saint Laurent sneakers, a Valextra clutch, Dior sunglasses and her bracelet is by Maiyet.

Kate Upton Doubles Up with Dior and Rag & Bone Bags

Kate Upton Doubles Up with Dior and Rag & Bone Bags

Air travel frequently calls for multiple carry-ons, which gives discerning handbag shoppers like Kate Upton ample opportunity to flaunt a few of their latest acquisitions. Here’s Ms. Upton arriving at the airport in NYC, carrying two bags: the little white croc-embossed one is a Rag & Bone Enfield Mini Shoulder Bag, and the big black one with intricate floral detailing is a Dior Bar Bag (named after the famous Dior bar-waist jackets). Dior doesn’t sell its bags online, of course, but you can pick up the Rag & Bone bag for $550 at Shopbop.

I enjoy how the random passersby in these pics all seem to be having the same epiphany at once: this person is far too attractive NOT to be a celebrity. (I’m sure the paparazzi cameras were also a big giveaway.) Kate was recently featured in our special, supermodels-only edition of our “Many Bags of” series, which you can find here. Her handbag collection isn’t quite big enough to merit her own “Many Bags” feature just yet, but that will certainly not be the case by this time next year.

Vote Now in the PurseBlog Handbag World Cup!

Vote Now in the PurseBlog Handbag World Cup!

We’ll never resist an opportunity to turn a non-fashion world news event into something about handbags, if at all possible. For the next two weeks, we intend to do just that with the 2014 PurseBlog Handbag World Cup.

Click below for full details and help decide who wins the first round!

Vote in the First Round of the PurseBlog Handbag World Cup Now!

Mini Trend: Snakeskin Handles

Mini Trend: Snakeskin Handles

Two’s a coincidence, three’s a trend. It’s not just a saying – it tends to be true, especially when the “three” in question is a trio of handbags from major luxury designers that all share the same sort of peculiar detailing. In this case, it’s snakeskin handles against a bag that’s largely made of regular leather, and Dior, Balenciaga and Givenchy have all bought in.

Snakeskin is a bit of a non-intuitive choice for handles. It tends to be more delicate and and show more wear than flat leather, and because handles get more direct use and contact than most of the rest of a handbag, snakeskin has often been relegated to accenting other design elements. Perhaps because handbag trends have made a swing toward the minimal, though, designers are starting to use it on one of the only distinct spaces a simple tote or satchel has left: the handles.

This sort of design tactic also has a practical purpose for a brand’s business: it creates a price level in between a full leather bag and a full exotic one, giving consumers the opportunity to step up without making a huge price jump. Check out the three most popular versions of the look below.

Dior Addict Tote
More Information via

Dior Addict Python Handle Tote

Balenciaga Padlock Nude Works Tote
$2,150 via Neiman Marcus

Balenciaga Padlock Nude Works Tote

Givenchy Ayers-Accented Antigona Bag
$3,690 via Barneys

Givenchy Ayers Accented Antigona Bag

The Many Bags of Sarah Jessica Parker, Part Two

The Many Bags of Sarah Jessica Parker, Part Two

Sarah Jessica Parker is as close to a true original as actresses get these days. She’s made her own way, and now she occupies a beloved space in pop culture (and especially in fashion) that gives her the ability simply to be loved by being her. When she launched a shoe line at Nordstrom, of course every fashion site on the Internet covered it feverishly. Sex and the City ended long ago, but SJP endures.

We’ve already taken one thorough look at Sarah Jessica’s bag collection, but that was back at the tail end of 2012, and she’s done a lot of bag-carrying in the intervening year and a half. Below, check out everything that everyone’s favorite West Village resident has been sporting since then.

Marion Cotillard Sips a Milkshake, Carries Dior

Marion Cotillard Sips a Milkshake, Carries Dior

Here’s Marion Cotillard in NYC, enjoying a milkshake from Shake Shack (something that everyone must have when visiting, IMO. Black and white is the best flavor.) and carrying a pastel blue Dior Miss Dior Mini Shoulder Bag. Not only is Marion Cotillard quintessentially French and therefore a perfect fit for the brand, but she’s had a long-running professional relationship with Dior. Marion has been the face of Dior’s Lady Dior campaign for several years now.

Marion is of course in town for the CDFAs, which took place Monday night. It was quite a headline-generating affair, what with Alexander Wang bringing Mango as his date (yes, the SNL character portrayed by Chris Kattan) and Rihanna showing up in a sparkly, completely transparent Adam Selman gown. (No one upstages Mango! No one!) Marion had the honor of presenting an award this year and wore a little lacey something by Dior just for the occasion, of course.

eBay’s Best Bags of the Week – May 28

eBay’s Best Bags of the Week – May 28

Welcome to our weekly roundup of great bags on eBay. We have another great buy on a Market Bag – this time from Hermès, a pretty vintage Lady Dior in patent leather and a brand new Céline bag just waiting for your best offer. We also spotted an unusual bag from Alexander McQueen and a pretty little Goyard that might strike your fancy. Happy hunting!

Disclaimer: As always, caution is crucial when buying from third party sellers. Although we strive to find the best auctions to feature, we don’t endorse or guarantee any eBay sellers or auctions, and therefore cannot guarantee the authenticity of any particular piece. For more info, please refer to eBay’s purchasing guidelines and policies.

Montée des Marches – Cannes 2014

Montée des Marches - Cannes 2014 19481-gala-gonzalez-en-el-estreno-de-the-498x750-1 492053085 8439-freida-pinto-cada-ano-encanta-por-sus-680x0-1 Gala+Gonzalez+Homesman+Premiere+67th+Annual+kv0NnZDItk5l
All images GettyImages, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan Russia

Thank you Dior for making me bright in Cannes another year during the red carpet. Very soon the whole store about this fairy dream that came true! :) Stay tuned! Wearing dress and make&up by Dior.

Gracias Dior por hacerme brillar un año mas durante la red carpet en el festival de Cannes. Muy pronto todas las fotos sobre este cuento de hadas que se ha vuelto a hacer realidad. Mi vestido y maquillaje son de Dior.

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Which Resort Girl Are You?

Which resort girl are you? Take the quiz. Really, we made a quiz.

1. You’re heading on vacation to:
A. Brooklyn
B. Dubai
C. Monaco

2. You never leave home without your:
A. Statement earring
B. Matching wrist cuffs
C. Spiked belt

3. You can’t stop listening to:
A. St. Vincent
B. Janelle Monáe
C. La Femme

4. If you were a shoe, you would be a:
A. A laced-up peep toe bootie
B. A slipper
C. A double strap Mary-Jane

5. Your style icon is:
A. Caroline Issa
B. Dolly Parton
C. Charlotte Gainsbourg

6. Your signature beauty look is:
A. A retro meets futuristic cat eye and sleek hair
B. Big (and you mean really big) hair
C. A hint of eyeliner and au naturel hair

7. You don’t walk you take:
A. The Metro/Subway
B. A boat
C. A Formula 1 race car

8. On a job interview you wear:
A. Skinny black pants and a tailored black jacket
B. A tweed jacket, a tweed skirt AND tweed pants
C. A pale pink suit

Mostly A’s… You are Dior! You are sharp, in control and living in the city. You put a modern twist on everything around you, like your vast collection of carrés. You know what you want and how to get it.

Mostly B’s…You are Chanel! You are the international woman. You all about the mix– you wear your costume jewelry with your fine jewelry. When it comes to making a statement, the flashier, the better.

Mostly C’s…You are Louis Vuitton! You are not afraid to embrace the past while living the present. You love strong feminine silhouettes but you try to keep things low maintenance (you have a lot of tiny handbags).

By studio

eBay’s Best Bags of the Week – May 21

eBay’s Best Bags of the Week – May 21

Let’s get right down to it: here are some of the best bags we rounded up on eBay for the week of May 21. We especially loved the patent Lady Dior from Christian Dior, the vintage Hermès Evelyn in a wonderful discontinued leather and the beautiful Chevron Flap Bag and Boy Brick Flap Clutch from Chanel. All these and more are waiting for homes as of press time, so happy shopping!

Disclaimer: As always, caution is crucial when buying from third party sellers. Although we strive to find the best auctions to feature, we don’t endorse or guarantee any eBay sellers or auctions, and therefore cannot guarantee the authenticity of any particular piece. For more info, please refer to eBay’s purchasing guidelines and policies.


It’s not the first time we’ve talked about celebrities becoming style icons (I know you remember Garance’s post on Kim Kardashian that drove some of you so mad…) so today, let’s talk about Rihanna.

She sported a dramatic number from Stella McCartney at the Met Ball (I wonder what Charles James would think about a crop top…) and she was at the Dior cruise show last week wearing head-to-toe pieces from the house. She’s going to be honored at this year’s CFDA Awards as Fashion Icon of the year. And of course, you can’t forget, she’s the face of spring Balmain.

I can’t really comment too much on Rihanna’s off duty style outside of saying it’s pretty casual and maybe a little bit flashy at times (her Instagram was recently deleted, so I can’t go back through her #OOTD posts), but is she on her way to becoming a major fashion player?

If you have Stella and Raf wanting to dress you, a major ad campaign and an award on the way, I think it gives you some serious fashion street cred. So what do you think? Is Rihanna someone with great style or is it all about celebrity status?

#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – May 15th

#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – May 15th

This week’s roundup of #PBWIMB was filled, both literally and figuratively, with tons of goodies. From purses containing the most minimal essentials to others stuffed to the brim, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. Take a look below to see our favorites for the week, and keep tagging your pictures with #PBWIMB for your chance to be featured.

As always, be sure to sure to follow our Instagram account for more bag beauties.

In Line

I love a good cat eye. It feels retro, feminine and graphic all at the same time. So imagine my excitement when I arrived backstage at Dior and saw dozens of models with bold cat eyes. #thankyoupeterphilips

After the show, I headed backstage to talk about the look…

What did you talk about with Raf going into this show?

We spoke about a month ago for the first time about the collection, and about 10 days ago I saw the first pieces. We were thinking about doing something with color, but when the outfits came around, there was a lot of black in the collection. Black as a support of color almost. That’s why we did something really pure. A classic eyeliner but with a twist by doing a flick under the eye. It’s kind of hard to do a look like that for a cruise collection, but on the other hand it makes it different. It’s Raf for Dior, so it’s unique. That’s why I thought to do a beautiful pure face with just an eyeliner.

Did you think a little about the location when you were deciding on the look?

We are showing in Brooklyn, but the view you have is of New York. That’s why I wanted something strong, something controlled, because it’s a city. We really wanted to focus on the eyes.The girls come out in a movement of color, in a sterile room with this amazing view, It’s strict and in control.

Who is the New York Dior Girl?

I think she is a bit more controlled. Thats maybe why we didn’t really use color. It’s all about neutrals, shaping, and contouring. It’s strong, graphic almost.

Now you want to do it too, right? Here are my tips, based on my very careful observations (and Peter’s instructions): Keep your face clean and focus on the eyes. Apply black liner on top and bottom, and line the lower lash line with white liner, to make eyes pop. Peter applied black eyeshadow on top of the liquid liner on the upper lash line, to make the look more matte and to help set the liner. Want to go really bold? Bust out those falsies and a few swipes of black mascara.

Dior, Brooklyn

Click on the arrows to see more images…

Last Wednesday, Dior took Brooklyn. Alex & Erik, my envoyés spéciaux went there early to explore the field and do some beauty and hot models research. As early as 3pm. Here is what they saw…

3:07pm: Our adventure begins! Erik and I hop into a car and head to Brooklyn…

3:35pm: We arrive at the Duggal Greenhouse and check in for backstage. It’s the same spot where Alexander Wang showed in February, but looks completely different. The space is huge, with large windows in the front and back, providing a pretty epic view of NYC, if you know, you happen to be on an elevated runway like the one built for the show. As we enter, the main hallway is filled with twenty handsome men (cough, male models, cough) wearing Dior sailor outfits (!). Erik and I both wink at each other…this is going to be good.

3:50pm: The look backstage is a cool, graphic cat eye. The hair is simple. Straight (get out your flat iron) with a middle part. It’s added to my list of “Looks to Try at Home” (it’s a long list, guys).

4:07pm: We catch a look at video of the rehearsal. The runway looks cool, mirrored and reflective. Hear someone mention that the show is 66 looks. Go Raf, go!

4:15pm: Steal lemon tart from craft services backstage. Erik eats his in one bite. I take two. It’s delicious.

4:23pm: Run into Janice outside the venue. She looks cool, as always, so we take some photos before she gets rushed inside for another rehearsal. I pause to finish writing a post for the next day and Erik heads off to explore the Navy Yard.

5:15pm: Erik returns with news of the Dior sailors taking off on a ferry! Dior booked a fleet of ferries to make it easier for guests to get to Brooklyn — pretty smart if you ask me.

We head back to the dock to come up with our game plan. I volunteer to go wherever the sailors go, of course. Erik graciously volunteers to stay on the Brooklyn side.

5:35pm: I board a ferry back to Manhattan… filled with boys. Ahoy! Dior has customized everything: Dior seat covers and a giant Dior logo on the outside of the ferry. These are the same big yellow ferries New Yorkers take to Ikea… except they have never looked chicer.

5:45pm: Back in Manhattan and there is already a line of Dior guests waiting to take the first ferry back over. I plant myself on the dock next to two strapping young men and start counting Lady Dior bags…1…45…78…

6:07pm: The first ferry leaves Manhattan. On board? Caroline Issa and Emmanuelle Alt. Definitely the ferry to be on. Think about asking the sailor on my right to trade shoes with me. They are in Vans slip-ons. The exact ones I traded for heels before I left the studio… Damn.

6:22pm: I text Erik. “Hey Emmanuelle Alt is on that ferry, try to get her photo okay?” No response. “A girl is wearing a cool red jacket, get her okay?” No response. “I think I saw Helena Christensen, she looks cool.” No response. “Erik, hello?” No response. Phone battery at 22%. “ERIKKKKK.” I give up.

[Little do I know that during this time, Erik has been busy shooting important celebrities, like Rihanna and Marion Cotillard.]

6:45pm: I feel like I’ve seen just about every Dior by Raf Simons piece from the last two years get on a ferry, which is not something you see everyday. The guests are diehard and a mix of editors, socialites and Dior customers. Unrelated: I’ve also befriended two sailors!! Both of whom are “sooooo cold.” Wah wah. Okay but actually it’s getting pretty cold…

7:15pm: I board one of the last ferries headed back to Brooklyn. On board, sailors are tending bar, making champagne cocktails in the back. Unfortunately for me, champagne and a slightly wobbly ferry don’t mix. Phone battery at 11%. Back to Brooklyn I go!

7:25pm: The scene at the Navy Yard is a bit panicked as the show is about to start. Celebs are being rushed down carpeted walkways and editors are hustling to make it to their seats in time. Sailors are holding trays of drinks… Maybe it’s okay to have champagne now that I’m on solid ground…

7:35pm: I head inside right after the show starts and catch a glimpse through a reflection in the windows overlooking Manhattan. If anyone asks, reflections are the new live streams. Phone battery at 8%.

[Hey it's Garance, Alex told me to describe the show for you, so here we go]

6:00pm: I’m still at the Studio figuring out how to get to the show. Oh crap, going to be late. The show is supposed to start at 6:30pm. Does this mean 7pm, like in Paris? Or does cruise mean that you have to be on time?

6:01pm: Alex texts me she just saw Emmanuelle Alt get on the ferry. Oh crap. If Emmanuelle is there, I’d better get my ass off my chair (it rhymes, which is a good sign).

6:06pm: This is a bad time to find a taxi. I dive on the first one I see and tell him I’m about to give birth so he can’t refuse to take me. He refuses to believe me but he smiles. Best Cab Driver. Ever.

6:17pm: Hi, I’m stuck in traffic over the bridge.

6:27pm: Hi, I’m stuck in traffic over the bridge. BUT around me I see a lot of black cars with people rocking a very un-hipstery hair style and NO BEARDS. These people are obviously not Brooklynites, so they’re obviously heading to Dior. I’m safe.

6:30pm: We’re lost in the docks.

6:31pm: This is like a rave party. We follow the first black car with obvious Dior addicts sitting in the back.

6:32pm: Having a driver doesn’t mean you don’t get lost. (Doesn’t rhyme, but still words to live by!)

6.33pm: We’re a nice line of 20 cars now (mine is the only one that’s yellow but hey, I’m a proud New Yorker) and we’re not less lost.

6:34pm: Hot Dior Sailor (just like Alex depicts of the miracle by Dior) shows us the way.

6:35pm: I get there, get a glass of champagne, say hello to the French confederation, all flown in for the occasion, and learn that “the show will not start until 7:30.” I’m condemned to drink cold champagne served by hot sailors in the company of Rihanna (she’s at my right) and Marion Cotillard (at my left. Ok way back, but at my left still). Life is hard.

6:56pm: More socialization and selfie exchanges. Bursts of HiHowAreYasOhMyGaaad!!! and in a moment of loneliness just decide to count the number of Dior Tee Shirt earrings, yes this one, the one that Camille designed and that has taken over the world since then.

7:14pm: 78, 79, 80, wait, I think I lost my count.

7:20pm: I get up to find my seat.

7:21pm: This is some serious stage Dior has going on. More socializing. Anna Wintour sighting, Rihanna re-sighting, and a lot of unknown faces, more dressed up than any one around. I hear they’re clients. It’s good to see them in the mix.

7:something pm: the show starts…

[Okay, I'm awful, I've always been terrible at describing a show. I thought it was beautiful and there was some great accessories - new eaaaarrrrings!!! - how's that? Bon, okay. I'll show you photos of my favorite looks later. Does that work? Alex, does that work? Okay back to her]

7:50pm: As soon as the crowd starts to applaud, I head backstage. Anna is greeting Raf, followed by Rihanna and a slew of other Dior clad stars (Maggie, Leelee, Marion). I make my way into a quiet corner and sit down with Peter Phillips to chat with him about the beauty look. I’ve been a fan of his for years and I’m so excited that he is working with Dior now. I fan girl out a little bit, but it’s okay. [I'll tell you more about the look soon!]

8:00pm: I wrap up my interview and head to meet Garance and Erik back outside. Phone battery at 0%. We have some champagne (finally!) and Erik shows us a great Instagram of him photo bombing Rihanna.

We skip the ferry back to Manhattan (goodbye sweet sailors!) and find ourselves waiting (with all the models) out back for our Uber to arrive. It takes five phone calls with Erik explaining directions, and what feels like 15 hours, before our driver makes it to the Navy Yard. Garance watched him make multiple U-Turns on that tiny Uber map… Maybe next time we should take the ferry…

Weekend Inspiration #159

Backstage at Dior Cruise, Brooklyn.

Weekend Inspiration #158

At the Dior Resort Show, Brooklyn.


YES to this look!

First of all, because I’m a huge fan of this light trench coat from Zara, which is the most perfect piece for Spring — I would have bought it myself if I hadn’t already found an amazing one at the Acne sample sale the other day.

Oh, and let’s talk about those sandals for a second, right?
They are this summer’s Céline’s — very jolie-laide. I don’t think I would have dared buy them myself, but they go so, and I mean SO well, with Lilli’s slender figure! Don’t you think?

Lilli is wearing: Coat, Zara ; Top, Lyn Devon ; Jeans, Zara ; Shoes, Céline ; Earring, Dior ; Bag, Céline

Translated by Andrea Perdue

Check Out Which Bags Your Favorite Celebs Carried on Easter

Check Out Which Bags Your Favorite Celebs Carried on Easter

Celebrities: they’re just like us, at least in that some of them go all-out for Easter, and others can’t figure out why the grocery store isn’t open on Sunday morning. Everyone from Fergie to Duchess Kate (who had her Alexander McQueen clutch altered to replace the holiday-inappropriate skull clasp) was out and about yesterday, and we took the opportunity to chronicle their Easter handbag choices, no matter whether they were headed to church or to pilates class.

PurseForum Roundup – April 18

PurseForum Roundup – April 18

It’s here! Friday. Glorious Friday. For most of us in the US, now that our taxes are filed (refund or no), we can at least be happy that the chore is done. Putting that onerous task behind us this week, we used this edition of the PurseForum Roundup to look in on some of our busy designer subforums to see the spring reveals, well underway on this fine April afternoon! Join us as we visit Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga, and more!

Gucci Flora Jackie Hobo

This week in Gucci, we found several new bag reveals topping the charts. Meg_in_blue shared a brand new candy apple red tote that stole her heart, and BagAddiction712 also started her Gucci collection with a new tote, this time in black. Sharilee found some classic, iconic loafers for her first Gucci purchase and received some helpful styling advice from our members in her reveal thread.

We have featured floral bags in several PurseBlog editorials this season, and this week, bittenbythebag unveiled her beautiful new Bouvier in colorful floral canvas. It’s always great to see these collections revealed in “real life” (so to speak) by our members, and this bag looks ready for anything spring has to offer! Oh, and if you missed bagchicky’s luscious new bag last month, drop by this thread for a look, we are still talking about it!

Gucci Flora Candle

We always like to see bags, of course, but when the occasional surprise turns up in a reveal thread, it always catches our eye. This week, Luv iz Louis found something pretty to dress up her bedroom and surprised a few members with her purchase. Who knew?

Pink Chanel Bag Collection

The hands-down hottest thread in Chanel this week has to be the Pink Predicament thread. Chanel’s line of pinks has thrown some PurseForum members into deep dilemmas, and this thread aims to help them find their perfect pink. This family portrait courtesy of halunfishie includes fuchsia and rose fonce, and bluekit has shared a nice photograph of lamb versus patent in this super saturated palette. Elsewhere, Arielle84′s job is conveniently Chanel-adjacent, and this week, she certainly did not leave the boutique empty-handed. Also, Chocodoc posted her very first thread on the PurseForum in high style with one of our favorite items this season, a not-to-be-missed wallet in the most perfect purple imaginable.

Yellow Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Just as we were headed out, we saw the words “Crazy Mission” pop up on page one. Always in the mood for craziness, we dropped in and found quite a reveal still making our members swoon. H-Angel had been patiently waiting for a few shipments to arrive, and she shared her haul with us in one incredibly colorful fell swoop. This yellow beauty is just the tip of the iceberg, and though H-Angel is off to hilarious, handbag-free Ban Island now, her reveal thread remains a happy port-of-call for any lover of Chanel, or of color.

Balenciaga Giant City Bag

Still pining a little over the Chocodoc’s Chanel wallet, we sprinted over to Balenciaga to see what’s new and found Cassandra22007′s fabulous new bag in the March/April purchases thread. The spring iteration of the new purchases thread is always super-saturated with color, so do drop in to see what our members have been up to. Also in Balenciaga, BALBAGBOY started a thought-provoking conversation about bag judgement from others; the venerable old goatskin versus lambskin thread has turned into an interesting discussion on price as well; and the bag butts thread is back on top after nearly a year-long hiatus. What are bag butts, you ask? Well, friends, the joy is in the discovery, and you will not be disappointed with your visit. Remember, as in most of our subforums, Balenciaga has an extensive Reference Library to help with color, style, size and even care and maintenance.

Dior Lady Dior Tweed Bag

We never fail to find spectacular bags in Dior. This week, we spotted a collection thread from venusforu, filled with three beautiful and very special Lady Diors, including this incredible piece in leather, tweed and python. ThisVNchick posted a reveal of a stunning python Lady Dior paired with silky splendor of her new Ferragamo scarf – perfection! And, we don’t know yet how it turned out, but our members have been chiming in in Nozza’s color choice thread, so we will check back for a reveal soon. Lilyzhang0725 handily solved the color choice problem with her new bi-color Lady Dior, a subtle pairing of blue and a perfect neutral putty. And here’s something we don’t see every day – Dior at TJMaxx! Read all about it in couturely’s Dior Soft reveal thread and prepare to be amazed! We also found some pretty impressive purchases in the Non-Dior Purchases thread, so prepare yourselves!


One of the wonderful things about the PurseForum is the incredible diversity of its members and their interests. Fortunately for all of us, as the forum has grown, it has become a lifestyle destination where fashion lovers can explore myriad interests and topics. These can take the form of non-fashion discussions (paranormal phenomena anyone?), a place to drop a photograph (the Random Picture thread, where we found this incredible butterfly photographed by Sweatpea83) or, in the case of the What Do you Hear Right Now thread, a spot to post a word or two. Books and Music is another popular non-fashion area, and Money Talks always has fascinating conversations on everything from saving and investing to cleaning out the closet and more. We hope you will pay a visit to these areas of the forum, we never fail to find gems when we do!

Well, that wraps up this edition of the PurseForum Roundup. Warmer weather has arrived for most of us, and we hope you are enjoying a mild spring with its lengthening days and floral bounty. We will be right back here next week with another Roundup, and in the meantime, have a lovely week ahead and Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all who celebrate.

Shopping Cart : Holiday Weekend

I love the white shirt! And I can’t wait to find the perfect one for Spring.

Check out all my picks on Pinterest!

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The Top Coat

It has been my life mission (okay, this life mission started only a few years ago) to find the best top coat in all of the land.

And so far, I’ve found three! Three shiny, chip proof, super wonderful top coats. And because I am kind and generous and really really really thoughtful, I’m sharing them with you!

Ten Over Ten, The Shield: I’m already hooked on the Ten Over Ten base coat (The Foundation) and the top coat is just as good. Added bonus, It’s 5-free.

Dior, Gel Coat: I’ve been trying to break my gel habit, but it’s hard giving up 14 days of chip free nails. This top coat is helping with the breakup, it really looks like a gel.

Kure Bazaar, Final Touch: Packs some serious shine punch (also non-toxic).

This is only the beginning of my hunt, stay tuned…

Oh, and let me know what top coats you think are the best!

By alex


I’ve been in a nail polish slump.

I spent the last few weeks with nothing but a pinky sheer base coat on my nails. Every time I would pick a color from my (embarrassingly large) collection, I’d take it off the next day. I couldn’t even keep a classic red on. Insert Carrie Bradshaw voice-over: Would I ever feel polished again?

Ohhhhh LOL.

I just started wearing this pearly beauty from Dior last week and I’m totally back in the game. It has a frosty matte finish and packs a lot of shimmer. Right now I’m just wearing it on it’s own (but I can imagine it’s pretty killer if you treat it like a top coat) and I really can’t stop staring at my hands…

I do have to warn you that it’s limited edition. So if you try it and love it, stock up.

By alex

Look of the Day.336: Tweed on sundays

Zapatos Robert Clergerie Vestido Diorgala-look-dior-0026 gala-look-dior-0028 gala-look-dior-0009 gala-look-dior-0013 gala-look-dior-0017

It’s sunday and for some might feel the end of the week, for others like me it’s just another day that I’ll spend packing for my next trips to Prague, Madrid and Barcelona! I have some very big news to share with you tomorrow here on Amlul so please come back to discover all details tomorrow first thing in the morning, I’m sure you’ll all love it! I’m wearing dress and coat by Dior with Robert Clergerie shoes. All images by CupOfCouple.

Aunque ya es domingo y para muchos significa el final de la semana, para otros como yo significa un día de trabajo preparando mi maleta y agenda de la semana que entra donde estaré viajando a Praga, Madrid y Barcelona. Mañana desvelare por fin una noticia importante y que me llena de orgullo con todos vosotros, donde también podréis formar parte de ella! Pero para eso visitar Amlul a primera hora y podréis leer en primera mano de lo que se trata. Llevo abrigo y vestido Dior con zapatos Robert Clergerie.

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Dior Addict fluid stick!

Dior Addict fluid stick dioraddict-cupofcouple-0003 dioraddict-cupofcouple-0010 dioraddict-cupofcouple-0038 dioraddict-cupofcouple-0033 dioraddict-cupofcouple-0104 dioraddict-cupofcouple-0017

Just before jetting off to the Maldives I went to Paris to meet my amazing friends at Dior and fellow bloggers like Montasar, Ester, Mike and Gabi, Andy… because they were throwing an amazing party to celebrate the launch of Dior Addict Fluid Stick! A new lipgloss concept which combines the traditional Dior Addict lipgloss and turns it into the perfect glossy lipstick and all in one piece! The best part of it? It comes in all the shades you could have ever imagined! Definitely I’ll be obsessing over corals and bright rouges for spring summer. There were also complimentary make up sessions and manicures to try all the polish shades that will match your lips and that completed our looks to perfection, so now the problem is which colour to go for!!! For the event I wore Dior. All images by CupOfCouple.

Justo antes de tomar rumbo a las Maldivas (no os preocupeis que los posts en bikini vendran muy pronto!) tuve el placer de reunirme en Paris con mis amigos de Dior y otros blogueros como Ester, Mike y Gabi, Andy, Montasar y muchos mas en un evento unico donde el color y la textura eran los grandes protagonistas. De la mano de un equipo de maquilladores profesionales y  en una instalacion en forma de galeria de arte pudimos interactuar y ser parte de un evento unico donde cada una de nosotras pudo crear su maquillaje perfecto con la nueva colección de Dior Addict Fluid Stick. Una autentica revolución  labial porque sinceramente una vez que los pruebas ya no puedes vivir sin ellos gracias a una gama de colorido para soñar donde lo dificil  es por cual decidirse y a la vez encontrar tu pinta uñas perfecto en la nueva colección s/s. Una vez mas gracias a todo el equipo de Dior por cuidar tanto de nosotros! Para el evento como ya os mostre hace un par de posts atrás lleve un vestido  y zapatos de Dior.

dioraddict-cupofcouple-0068 dioraddict-cupofcouple-0028 dioraddict-cupofcouple-0037 dioraddict-cupofcouple-0100 dioraddict-cupofcouple-0058 dioraddict-cupofcouple-0040 dioraddict-cupofcouple-0083 dioraddict-cupofcouple-0052 dioraddict-cupofcouple-0118 dioraddict-cupofcouple-0016 dioraddict-cupofcouple-0081 dioraddict-cupofcouple-0078 dioraddict-cupofcouple-0102 dioraddict-cupofcouple-0018 dioraddict-cupofcouple-0065

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PurseBlog Roundup – March 21

PurseBlog Roundup – March 21

Happy Day After the First Day of Spring! It has been a busy week on the PurseForum, and we found some beautiful Spring Bling for you! We also paid a visit to The Playground for some non-fashion conversations, and found some wonderful surprises in Dior. Check out what else we dug up this week, we are thrilled to have you along on this edition of the PurseForum Roundup.

Mulberry Charm Keychain

In Mulberry this week, the buzz is all about news of the resignation of CEO Bruno Guillon and what the future of the company will be without this controversial chief at the helm. Fans of the brand will definitely be watching to see what the future holds, particularly in pricing, in the months ahead. Members are also revealing their purchases, of course – right off the bat, we saw that Mary79 managed to bag an Alexa in leopard. Xbabe82517 caught our attention with our two favorite words – Instant Reveal – and showed off another Mulberry “exotic” Alexa, this time the croc-embossed version in classic Oak. We all know that good things come in small packages, and Ser proved the point with her heart key fob. Also, be sure to check in her thread to see what she got to go with it! And, much to the delight of her Mulberry family, KellyS27′s repair tale finally got its happy ending – this beautiful wallet, a real stunner in gorgeous goatskin.

Diamond Ring

In the Jewelry Box this week, the hot topic was Machick333′s engagement ring upgrade. This ongoing project has been undertaken with the help of the incredibly knowledgeable ladies of the Jewelry Box, and the new stone is a knockout. Jewelry fans are weighing in on the setting choices, and we are all enjoying the process and can’t wait to see Machick333′s new ring when it is finally revealed.

The Jade Thread continues to be, hands down, the busiest thread in the Jewelry Box, with more bangles and special collectors’ pieces popping up every day. Be sure to check out berniechocolate’s new bangle, as well as these stunning old crater disks that are destined to become earrings.

Bulova Watch

Our last stop in the Jewelry Box was the extremely popular Layering and Stacking thread, where we love seeing the creative combinations our members put together, like this grouping from jenna_foo. Whatever your budget, this thread will give you lots of ideas for putting together a stack of your own, we promise!


The Playground, the home of the PurseForum’s non-fashion threads, provided some interesting reading this week. The always-supportive Cleaning Out the Closet Thread in Money Talks particularly resonated, because this task so often requires much more than just time and boxes. Sometimes a support team makes all the difference, and you will find a good one here if you find yourself a little bit stuck when it comes to getting rid of things. The week also saw the start of a brand new thread on all things Real Estate.

In Up To The Minute, of course we are all sharing and hanging on to every bit of information about the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, and our prayers and thoughts go out to all who are awaiting news. PurseForum members from around the world check into this busy subforum each day to share their thoughts on this and many other current topics.

Sometimes pondering things you never pondered before breaks up the day nicely, and General Discussion has plenty of material to do just that. This week, we joined those who are considering the question, Are Nice Pens Passé? Apparently, they are not, which, frankly, we found oddly comforting. Dooneybaby shared her collection and settled the matter for all of us!

Dior Diorissimo Bags

Aren’t they fabulous!?  Roundup readers know we love reveals, but we also love when members want opinions. We love to give ours (though actually being asked for them isn’t even required). In Dior we found ThisVNChick on the hunt for a new bag and in need of advice. What do you think – true red or turquoise? It’s not too late to weigh in. (Our choice: True Red). Be sure to catch the rest of ThisVNChick’s collection right here.

Dior Chain Mail Shoes

Scarlett shared a double reveal this week, and DiorifficLady shared her incredible shoes and bag, along with a peek at her invitation to the Dior show in Paris -this thread is not to be missed, we promise. If you need more Dior in your life, be sure to visit the Diors in Action thread to see more!

Coach Drawstring Tote

We wrapped up our visit with a stop in Coach, to see what spring colors are popping up in our members’ collections this week.  We found a nice saffiano Riley in a subtle shade of mint from munchkin_cat, and a crisp parchment Phoebe shared by grannytoabbi. AllyKat723  exchanged sea mist for mulberry and revealed her new Preston, and the color is scrumptious and perfect indeed.  ”Pretty and Pebbled” certainly perfectly describes iluvcoach’s new Bleeker crossbody, and we love the three zip compartments and pricepoint of this bag just as much as the color palette.

If you happen to be one of those people who’s on the fence about purple, stop by this thread and check out designer1′s new bag, one of the nicest versions of eggplant we have seen – just the right amount of pop makes this a great but fun neutral color. This drawstring tote looks fun and versatile, and the lovely color works perfectly with this bag’s style. This is just the tip of the iceberg in Coach this week, so do drop by and see more of what our members are up to.

Thank you for visiting us on this first Friday of Spring! We hope the weekend brings you warm breezes and spring blossoms, and we look forward to bringing you more from the PurseForum right her in a week’s time. Have a great weekend!


Here is a small teaser of what I was doing this week in Paris with Dior. I hope you like it!!!

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DiorAddict6DiorAddict4 DiorAddict5 DiorAddict DiorAddict3 DiorAddictEvent_03 Dioraddict2
OH La La, Paris and Dior, Dior and Paris…
Last Tuesday, I was invited to Paris for the Launch of the new Dior Addict Fluid Stick which turned out to be amazing fun. I don’t know what is up with me lately but I have been obsessing with all shades of coral or orange lately, so the moment they asked me which shades I wanted to try, I went for “Riviera” on the nails and “Adventure” on the lips.
I am always incredibly skeptical when it comes to nail polish, just because I have tried so many different brands and I find it hard to come across one that really stays on my nails for long. I have been in Paris for 4 days now and my nails are still intact, as if I got a manicure done last night, I am completely sold….I am not sure which shades I will be trying in the next few days, but I will probably stick to “Riviera” for a little longer.

As in for the Fluid Stick, its a gloss that its not a gloss and a lipstick that isn’t a lipstick, so basically a hybrid of the two, a very cleverly done one if you ask me. Maybe you will see me sporting more color on my lips this coming Spring.

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A beauty minute with Luisa

“Morning: I use Bioderma Crealine. Then I use a little bit of cold water and kind of pat it in, in a soft way, because my skin is super delicate.

I use all Clarins. Crème Eclat du Jour is my visage cream. I love the perfume. I don’t use perfume so I use the perfume of the cream. I wear some eyeliner, really thin and some mascara. I use Yves Saint Laurent mascara and the eyeliner is from Dior. I always use MAC lipstick.

Day: I always have an eyeliner, my rouge à levres and my face cream.

Night: I take off my makeup very carefully with the Bioderma and I put on a night cream, Clarins Multi-Régénérante Nuit and sometimes I will take my hair and put it up so it has more volume in the morning.”

-- Luisa Orsini

Bioderma, Crealine; Crème Eclat du Jour, Clarins; Mascara, Yves Saint Laurent; Eyeliner, Dior; Lipstick, MAC; Multi-Régénérante Nuit, Clarins.

For more beauty minutes, click here!

Think I’m addicted to your light

_MG_9767 copia

Great start of the week beauties.. I’m still dreaming of the weekend I’ve just spent home, in Milano. A weekend spent in the sun with my best friends and an energy which is difficult to describe. One of those weekends that warms your hear and make you leave happier than ever.
And where do I go this time? From tomorrow back in Paris for a Dior project, from Thursday in Los Angeles and then Brazil.. To come back home to Milano and leave again for Basel, Berlin and Coachella.. #theblondesaladneverstops is the most serious hashtag I’ve ever created :)
This is one of my weekend looks after the fashion month: super comfortable, all about contrasts and details.

Buon inizio di settimana dolcezze.. Io sto ancora sognando il weekend appena trascorso a casa, a Milano. Un weekend passato al sole con amici e con un’energia difficile da descrivere. Uno di quei weekend che ti riscalda il cuore e ti fa ripartire più felice che mai.
E dove riparto? Da domani Parigi per un progetto legato al mondo Dior, da giovedi Los Angeles e poi Brasile.. Per poi tornare a Milano a fine mese e ripartire di nuovo per Basilea, Berlino e Coachella.. #theblondesaladneverstops è l’hashtag più serio che io abbia mai creato :)
Questo uno dei look del mio weekend dopo il mese della moda: super comodo, tutto giocato su contrasti e dettagli.

_MG_9823 copia
_MG_9729 copia
_MG_9788 copia
_MG_9775 copia
_MG_9912 copia
_MG_9807 copia
_MG_9924 copia
_MG_9875 copia
_MG_9793 copia
_MG_9933 copia
_MG_9783 copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Riccardo Pozzoli

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Websites, new to you, guaranteed.

A weekly round up of the best links from Delphine & Wes Del Val.

By delphine and wes

Ink & Paper

Last week, we stopped by the studio of Nicolas Ouchenir, a super talented calligrapher, who is responsible for the beautiful writing on many of the Paris invitations (I always save the one’s he works on, they are really the best!).

He’s worked with everyone from Dior to Dom Pérignon and his studio is a little invitation museum– here is a peek inside his world!

Click on the arrows to see more images…

60+ Bags and the Celebrities Who Carried Them at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014

60+ Bags and the Celebrities Who Carried Them at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014

Paris Fashion Week is an event like none other. We love New York, London and Milan, don’t get us wrong, but the combination of clothes and celebrities that happens in Paris will always be our favorite. This season, we found even more stars and fashion insiders carrying super-covetable bags than we did back in September, and we’ve assembled them all for your viewing pleasure.

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