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Backyard of happiness

_MG_0966 copia

It was just another happy afternoon back in the place I’m starting calling home.
Los Angeles, an intimate backyard, some transparences on my dress and jacket from Styligion and a camera.. Those simple moments I can’t live without.

Non era che un sereno pomeriggio di ritorno a Los Angeles, il posto Che ultimamente chiamo casa.
Un giardino, trasparenze sul mio vestito e giacca di Styligion e una macchina fotografica.. Quei semplici momenti a cui non rinuncerei per nulla al mondo.

_MG_0936 copia
_MG_0907 copia
_MG_0987 copia
_MG_1044 copia
_MG_1071 copia
_MG_1101 copia
_MG_1191 copia
_MG_1201 copia
_MG_0943 copia
_MG_1085 copia
_MG_0911 copia
_MG_1009 copia
_MG_1051 copia
_MG_1102 copia
_MG_1138 copia
_MG_1173 copia
_MG_0980 copia
_MG_1056 copia
_MG_1196 copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

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Flowers in Los Angeles

3U5A8687 copia

A Californian weekend, composed by lights and amazing sunsets.
A weekend of pure relax, right before organizing my mind for next weeks’ crazy changes. I can’t wait to show them all to you :)
This is my Saturday Dvf look.

Un weekend Californiano, composto da luci e tramonti da mozzare il fiato.
Un weekend di completo relax, prima di riprendere in mano le idee di questo periodo di grandissimi cambiamenti. Non vedo l’ora di mostrarveli tutti :)
Questo il mio look Dvf di sabato.

3U5A8498 copia
3U5A8611 copia
3U5A8559 copia
3U5A8616 copia
3U5A8507 copia
3U5A8660 copia
3U5A8658 copia
3U5A8644 copia
3U5A8532 copia

3U5A8618 copia
3U5A8622 copia
3U5A8642 copia
3U5A8571 copia
3U5A8678 copia
3U5A8543 copia
3U5A8646 copia
3U5A8686 copia
3U5A8695 copia
3U5A8613 copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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Coachella day two


And while we’re preparing you a maxi surprise (which should arrive in a week) here is the second of my looks worn in Coachella.
And yes, I’m starting collectin denim overalls :)

E mentre vi stiamo preparando una mega sorpresa (che dovrebbe arrivare tra circa una settimana) ecco il secondo dei miei look indossati a Coachella.
E si, sto ormai cominciando a collezionare salopette :)


I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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The Vegas Altfit

I’m heading to Las Vegas next week…

…To celebrate my little sister’s birthday (which includes seeing Britney Spears!!!!) and I’m totally at a loss over what to wear…

So, I asked myself the most important question I could think of: What would Emmanuelle Alt wear in Las Vegas (WWEAWILV)?

I thought long and hard about EA’s key outfit elements: pants (really have you ever seen her in a skirt?), leather (pants, jackets, shirts), a strong jacket (shoulders–bam!), a shirt (unbuttoned…just enough) and a great pair of heels. And then I thought long and hard about Vegas: sun, pool, clubs, Britney Spears. Hmmm…

I scoured collections past and present to find the perfect looks for both Emmanuelle and I that I can wear in Vegas. What did I come up with? It’s gotta be all Balmain, to the Bellagio and beyond.



What do you think? Would Emmanuelle wear it in Vegas? Should I wear it in Vegas? Who wants to let me into the Balmain archives?

By alex

Let’s Train, Run & Live!


While I was training and getting ready for the We Own The Night Run of Milan, I realized how much jogging and playing sport is becoming inspiring in my everyday life.. It’s not only a matter of wellness, but it gives me so much energy and motivation to seize the day at my best! That’s also why I really love to keep that super positive feeling in my everyday looks mixing casual pieces with my fav sneakers or other pieces stolen from my training wardrobe! What about you?

Mentre mi sto allenando per la We Own The Night Run di Milano, mi sono accorta di quanto correre e fare sport stia diventando importante nella mia vita di tutti i giorni.. Non è solo una questione di wellness e di tenersi in forma, ma mi rendo conto che mi dà sempre anche tanta energia e motivazione per sfruttare al meglio le mie giornate! Ecco forse anche perchè mi piace portare con me questa sensazione super positiva nei miei look di tutti i giorni mixando pezzi casual  con le mie sneakers preferite o altri pezzi da training! E voi?


I was wearing:


Photos by Marco Bertani

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Tuxedo Gardening

What does a city girl wear for gardening?!

Wait, gardening? I’ve been going upstate on the weekends (yeah yeah, I know, Upstate, where everyone else will be too, great getaway) to a beautiful old manor on a seriously massive plot of land. The barn itself would be a city block. Well, this past weekend was the first time there wasn’t any snow covering the ground, whoohoo!

It was also the first time we saw all the sad, sad, little flower beds overgrown with weeds and dried plants. Suddenly, there I was, in tuxedo pants, a tank top and fresh white sneakers using the only tool I had available, my hands, pulling and yanking out everything that wasn’t supposed to be there. I’m no Martha Stewart but I was really making a difference, there were beautiful daffodils hiding under there!

Then I realized, I was WEARING TUEXDO PANTS. What the? Why the? How ridiculous do I look? Should I have somne kind of an apron on? Those plastic shoes with holes in them and socks? A big sun hat? Then there is the Grey Gardens, Beale approach: wear a fur, tie my hair with a silk scarf and just forget about the garden all together.

My plan for next weekend is to take along, wait for it… jean shorts! Plus a button up, rain boots and a vintage basket (I’m not sure what for, but it feels very Audrey Hepburn to me, and I can’t go wrong with following in those foot steps right??).

Any tips for making my gardening look work?

By brie

H&M Sandals

I’m not quite ready for a true Birkenstock.

I picked up these at H&M last week in hopes they would warm me up to the idea of Birks. Baby steps, ya know?

Anyway, I like the simplicity and the fact that if I wear them to the ground, I won’t break the bank replacing them. Now I need I just need a pedicure…

Sandals, H&M, $25.

By alex


I don’t know at what point in history shopping became its own activity entirely — yesterday I tried to watch The Paradise*, which takes place during the Victorian era in London, and even back then, we see young women swooning over fancy lace and spending all their money** on perfumes, and some are even able to use their clothes to up their social status.

This doesn’t surprise me. There’s a particular pleasure in shopping — it’s both intimate and social. It’s a way to enjoy yourself and communicate something at the same time. That’s especially true today, and it even goes far beyond that…
Today, you can build an entire career based on shopping.

Don’t take my word for it. Careers are rare. But let’s take a look at some recent phenomena…

Personal Style Bloggers

There are more and more of them all the time, they are getting cuter and cuter, and their wardrobes are always overflowing. And also – it’s like a sport : as Alexia said in the comments on Monday — some girls never wear the same thing twice.
They look like they have dream lives*** running from plane to plane, taking three photos of copious breakfasts with Valentino Studs in the foreground and the Eiffel Tower in the background.

They aren’t technically stylists or models. I’m not even sure they could dress anyone other than themselves.
They are…experienced shoppers.

And it works! Most of the time, they’re really good at mixing brands, inspiring, and promoting young, local designers we wouldn’t have heard of otherwise, which is great… Some of them make real careers out of it. Why not?

But at the same time, does this shopping hysteria correspond in any way to reality? The answer is clearly no. I get dizzy just thinking about how all the changes and clothes organizing (getting it, sorting it, folding it, hanging it, trying it on, sending it back****) every day.

But it’s great eye candy, and as long as we don’t find ourselves freaking out when we look at these blogs “but why don’t I have a different pair of pumps every day and the Eiffel Tower behind me!?!?!” I’m totally ok with it.

Victoria Beckham

I love what Victoria Beckham does, and she explains it really well herself: After so many years of shopping, she knows exactly what she wants to find when she goes shopping.

So she created her own brand based on her experience. And she does a great job of it. She puts her whole shopping philosophy to work in her career. When she launches her line of handbags, they’re perfect. You have to admit she has plenty of experience with perfection given her 100 + Birkins.

I can’t wait to see what her stores are like.

Kim Kardashian

I don’t know if we can really call it shopping (But at the same time, she really shops — remember when I ran into her at Isabel Marant? She was trying on clothes and showing everything to Kanye… No stylist in sight), but she’s worth mentioning because she’s the most recent example of rehabilitation by clothes and only clothes (okay, a little bit of Kanye as well) — and that alone turned her from reality tv star (“Boooh!!!”) into a Vogue cover model (“Aaaaah!!!”)

Because really, unlike some celebrities who change their image to mark a career change, Kim didn’t change anything but her clothes. Whether you like it or not, she is using her private life to create an empire, and she still uses her name to sell all kinds of things, chic or not, to her fans.

But now she knows how to dress, and our opinion of her (oh la la, you guys got SO mad at me when I said I liked her new looks!) is going to change.
A year from now, she’ll be on Vanity Fair’s best dressed list, and one day we will have completely forgotten that Kim Kardashian used to show off her booty in Hervé Léger. We’re going to think she’s chic. We’re going to start talking about her irony-free. Without having to apologize or explain like everyone does these days why-she’s-actually-cool-if-you-really-think-about-it.
We’ll start describing her as an experienced business woman with flawless style.
No, seriously! You’ll see!

And all of that will happen just because she is a smart shopper.

It’s funny, don’t you think?

Ok guys, I’ll let you go. I have some shopping to do!


*It’s on Netflix. Not great so far. Have you seen it?

**Well — they spent all their family’s money, anyway. It’s not like women worked back then*

*No, they didn’t work, they plotted. Or at least that’s what all the films would have us believe. All the men were at war, and all the women were sitting around plotting schemes. Pfffff.

*** Ok, I mean, it’s the Internet dream life. Let’s not fool ourselves!

**** No, they’re not all rich, some of them just really know what they’re doing. And, uuuum, sending back clothes they ordered? Which is? Not a good idea. It’s always when you decide to do that, that you end up with a coffee that decides to spill itself (oops!) on your $10,000 dress.

Translated by Andrea Perdue


photo 5 copia

Venezia and its pure magic, caught during my last visit with Diesel.

Venezia e la sua magia pura, catturata durante la mia ultima visita insieme a Diesel.

photo 1 copia
photo 25 copia
photo 31 copia
photo 22 copia
photo 12 copia
photo 3 copia
photo 44 copia
photo 55 copia
photo 4 copia
photo 51 copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

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What about the bra?

When it comes to the white shirt, what kind of bra are you wearing?

Sometimes I pull a Carrie Bradshaw and wear my white button downs with a black bra, something soft and delicate. You know, to keep the boys interested (just kiddding mom!). Other times I’m going for nude, a little something that won’t be at all noticable. And I never wear a white bra with a white shirt, because I feel like that stands out even more than a black bra.

Nude? Black? Red? White? What’s your bra + white shirt formula?

PS: The bra in this photo is by Carine Gilson!

By alex

In the desert to Coachella


Good morning Europe (and almost goodnight for me in Los Angeles): It’s been some days since my last post (and we’re preparing you a huge surprise) and I spent a wonderful Coachella weekend with Guess.
I think most of you have already seen my real time updates on Instagram (and Lana Del Rey and Calvin Harris live performances): you’ll also see on the blog all the looks worn, starting from this jumpsuit worn in the desert with my sunglasses from the capsule collection Chiara Ferragni + Italia Independent :)

Buongiorno Europa (e quasi buonanotte per me a Los Angeles): sono passati alcuni giorni dal mio ultimo post (e vi stiamo preparando una maxi sorpresa) ed io ho passato un meraviglioso weekend a Coachella insieme a Guess.
Penso che la maggior parte di voi abbia visto i miei update in tempo reale sul mio profilo di Instagram (e le performance live di Lana Del Rey e Calvin Harris): pian piano anche qui sul blog tutti i look indossati, partendo da questa tutina indossata nel deserto insieme ai miei occhiali della capsule collection Chiara Ferragni + Italia Independent :)


I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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The Saint Laurent Bracelet

It was time for me to invest in timeless jewelry….

While getting dressed recently for our Open Studios , my sweet admirer mentioned that my look would be REALLY great with a beautiful watch or bracelet. I stopped, and said, “Well, that would be nice wouldn’t it… if I had like, even one truly noteworthy piece of accessory to adorn my body.”

And so, this was my thought process when I first saw the Saint Laurent bracelet. Simple, clean lines, not too round and not too sharp and of course GOLD! It was perfect, I would take four! (Slow down Brie, you will take one so you can eat next week and you will adore that bracelet as though it was a gift from Yves himself.)

Voila! Here it is, my first outfit enhancing piece of jewelry to last a lifetime. (My lifetime, I will be buried with that bracelet ;) )

By brie

From last week in Berlin


Memories of the 24 hours I spent in Berlin last week, in a night which had the flavour of spring

Ricordi delle 24 ore passate a Berlino la scorsa settimana, in una serata che aveva il sapore di primavera.


I was wearing:


Photos by Timur Emek

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Pant Rise

This is a serious fashion situation…

In my in the field market research (sometimes I need to visit Zara and Prada on a Friday afternoon to , you know, see whats going on) I realized there has been a mass production of short rise jeans. You know what I’m talking about? The distance from the waistband of your pant to the crotch. Yep, I said it, crotch.

The thing is… short rises can be short on attractiveness too. Its one thing to want to shorten the size of your behind*, but the front too? It gets a little confusing. Soon there will just be a little tag to insinuate the fact that a longer normal length zipper used to be there.

Here’s my advice for finding the right rise: make sure it is at least the length of your hand. Ah the hand, a simple tool you always carry with you (if necessary, employ a handy man for assistance) that will ensure you look chic in those pants and not like your dealing with a zipper shortage.

*think the 70s when long butt was in, or just a few years ago when mom jeans made a reappearance

By brie

On my way to Coachella

_MG_0392 copia

Here we go again: as a tradition I’m all ready for my third Coachella, leaving from Milan to Palm Springs.
On Monday, while I was starting to prepare my suitcases I was only on the mood for festival looks: this is how this denim and crochet outfit was created :)

Ebbene si: come ormai da tradizione eccomi pronta per il mio terzo Coachella, in partenza da Milano in direzione Palm Springs.
Lunedi, mentre cominciavo a preparare le valigie avevo solo voglia di indossare capi ispirati al festival: ecco come è nato questo look in denim e crochet :)

_MG_0317 copia
_MG_0421 copia
_MG_0372 copia
_MG_0447 copia
_MG_0326 copia
_MG_0401 copia
_MG_0478 copia
_MG_0329 copia
_MG_0453 copia
_MG_0431 copia
_MG_0435 copia
_MG_0428 copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

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Precious Objects

I know what I’m doing this weekend…

The Gagosian in New York (sorry non-NYers!) is currently holding an exhibition of Victoire de Castellane’s work, Precious Objects. You know her work well, she’s in charge of jewelry design at Dior. Stopping by the exhibition is on my to-do list for this weekend because while drooling over the images online, I saw a small line of text: All works are for sale and may be tried on. B’scuse me?!

Nothing sounds better than playing dress up with Victoire on a Saturday afternoon.

Precious Objects, Victoire de Castellane, Through April 26, 2014. Gagosia Gallery, 980 Madison Avenue.

By alex

Chiara Ferragni + Italia Independent

3U5A2030 copia

Sunnies are the essential for every reason and Italians are for sure find of them..
This is the reason why I’m so excited to share with you guys the result of the collaboration with Italia Independent to create the very first sunglasses signed by Chiara Ferragni collection.
The two special editions are available from today on Italia Independent website and in selected stores. Have a look! #CHIARAINDEPENDENT ;)

Gli occhiali da sole sono l’essenziale per eccellenza di tutte le stagioni e gli Italiani sono i fans numero uno..
Ecco il motivo per cui sono cosi emozionata di condividere con voi il risultato della collaborazione con Italia Independent che ha dato vita ai primo occhiali da sole firmati Chiara Ferragni collection.
I due modelli in edizione speciale sono disponibili da oggi sul sito di Italia Independent e nei migliori negozi. Dateci un occhio! #CHIARAINDEPENDENT ;)

3U5A2033 copia
3U5A1957 copia
3U5A1969 copia



Photos by Andrew Arthur

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On Good Taste

Fashion and good taste are made with a little bit of bad taste.

Somebody who looks totally perfect would be a little boring.

-Inès de la Fressange, on Dressing for Yourself and Why Bad Fashion Is a Good Thing in The New York Times

Club Monaco Flats

I’ve been on the hunt for new flats.

I once had this great pair of black pointed toe flats that I wore, literally, until they had holes in the bottom (so cute!). I have been searching for a replacement ever since and after perusing every single site online (okay almost every single site), I was starting to feel pretty defeated. Until I remembered this cool pair from Club Monaco that Garance purchased a while ago…

Pointed toe? Check. Black? Check. Element of Alt? Check.

My search has ended. Hope G doesn’t mind me stealing her style…

By alex

Spring Breakdown

Advance Warning: My 10 Spring Failures.

Here are 10 activities (among others, since I had to pick and choose) I’m planning to start this spring with a great big heart, motivation on high, and absolutely no memory of the fact that every spring…It’s the same story. I decide to:

Exercise more.

“Noooo, hang on a second, you don’t get it. This is Pilates, ok? It’s not the same! It’s the perfect sport for me because my problem is my midsection, really. I’m starting tomorrow. I mean, the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m busy.”

Protect myself from UV rays.

“The sun in the city is awful. Alex, could you maybe talk about it on the blog so we know exactly what we should be doing?” Yes! Ooh la la la, this post is so good! Now I know EXACTLY what to do! I’m starting tomorrow. Mmm, yeah, I really didn’t have time this morning. I was busy.”

Plan my dream vacation.

Not too far.
Not too hot.
Not too close.
My phone? Totally off. Too bad it’s the perfect time to Instagram, though. Because honestly, when you’re not traveling and you’re working on your book every day in bed or on the couch, I’m not sure what there is to take pictures of, other than taking selfies… Well, ok. Just one Instagram per day. But no checking emails!!! …Well, ok, just two per day.
It has to be a couple’s vacation, but with time alone. You know what I mean?
But with margaritas starting around 6, though.
Plenty of exercise, and total relaxation.
In the sun.
But in the shade.
See what I mean?

Start taking selfies.

I’ve been saying this for two years now. Oh yeah, definitely: it’s as dumb as it sounds and I still can’t do it.

Change my style.

Tired of being a tomboy! This season, I’m going to be so feminine!!!
Scott, you’re gonna like this.

*Buys three skirts*
*Tries them all on at home*
*Loves it all, go to bed with dreams of a total fashion makeover in my head*
*Has a dream where she’s on the cover of Vogue Paris: Garance, her style, her art*
*Wakes up feeling ready to take on the world!!!*
*When the time comes to get dressed, grabs a pair of jeans and sneakers.*

Have a party.

“Oh my god, I really want to have a party!!! Come on, let’s have a party! Come ooooon, an amazing party!”

I’ll make a playlist. Do you like hip hop? I have a place picked out and everything. We can have it at my friend’s roof top, okay it’s in Brooklyn but it’s going to be so cool. I’ll make some things to eat – all gluten-free, paleo, and vegan, of course. Yep. And macarons. And everyone can bring something to drink, and oh la la, I have the PERFECT cocktail recipe, it’s got fresh fruit in it.
And yeah, obviously – we’ll only invite our real friends, so we can all finally get together for once. Aaaah, it’s going to be so cool!

Ok, so what’s a good date for you? Just let me know! Can you tell me by tomorrow? Ok, cool. Don’t forget, ok? If you don’t remind me, I’ll forget.”

Go to flea markets…

… Or just sit around reading magazines all Sunday morning?
The answer is in the question.

Clean up and get organized.

Yes! It even has a name: Spring Cleaning – the activity that moves Garance to go into her closet, wave her arms around, saying: “It’s unbelievable how much stuff is piling up, no really, how is this even possible?” put on some loud music, dance a little, and sort things into four piles:

- give away
- get altered
- put in the garage
- throw away

Then she remembers she doesn’t have a garage, and has to jump over the four piles all weekend until she gets sick of seeing them and throws it all into one big bag on Sunday night. Only to re-sort the piles the following weekend. And not know where to take the things to give away. And not know where to sell them. Or where to get them altered. Only to finish Spring Cleaning at the end of the summer. Just in time for Fall Cleaning.

Be perfectly waxed every day.

Ahahahahahahahahah!!! Lol.

Be perfectly manicured every day, even on my feet (like, okay, pedicured).

Ahahahahahahahah, come on, stop! It’s too much! I haven’t started Pilates yet – my abs are going to explode from laughing so hard!

Be exactly the same every day for the rest of the year.

Voilà. You get it now. Secret of my life? Never change a winning team.

So, what are your plans this spring?

Translated by Andrea Perdue.

When the sun comes out

_MG_0636 copia

The sun comes out in Milan and here I am in shorts.. It’s stronger than me! Another one of my casual-chic looks, with the see-through effect on the tulle shirt as main character :)

Esce il sole a Milano ed eccomi in shorts… E’ più forte di me! Un altro dei miei casual-chic look, con un effetto vedo-non vedo sul pullover in tulle come protagonista :)

_MG_0494 copia
_MG_0508 copia
_MG_0523 copia
_MG_0547 copia
_MG_0595 copia
_MG_0690 copia
_MG_0495 copia
_MG_0514 copia
_MG_0519 copia
_MG_0608 copia
_MG_0701 copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

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Fashionable Inclusiveness

Who thought those two words would go together?

No one really , right? For years, fashion has been left to the exclusive ranks of those who could afford it, or know someone who knows someone who can get you a discount. But with Zara and Insert Designer Name Here for H&M making fashion accessible for everyone, its actually on trend to be inclusive.

Designers are casting real people as models, found on tumblr (Diesel) and Instagram (talking to you Mr. Jacobs) for their runway shows and ad campaigns* . Do you think we’re headed toward real inclusiveness in the fashion industry? One where the people who not only buy the clothes, actually model them as well?

Does this new way of casting ( on the street, Instagram, tumblr …) mean we all have a chance to become the next Kate Moss?

*Lanvin, Givenchy, and even Barney’s have all recently featured real people in their campaigns

By brie

Zadig & Voltaire’s Rocker Chic Spring

Zadig & VoltaireZadig & Voltaire Zadig & Voltaire Zadig & VoltaireZadig & Voltaire
Bad ass.

Shop Zadig & Voltaire here and here.

Zadig & Voltaire Zadig & Voltaire  Zadig & Voltaire Zadig & Voltaire Zadig & VoltaireZadig & Voltaire
Photos: Zadig & Voltaire

The post Zadig & Voltaire’s Rocker Chic Spring appeared first on because im addicted.

Hiking in Big Sur


Big Sur: a place outside of this world, disconnected from the idea of time and the frenetic rhytms of majority of my life… A place where I rediscovered some of life’s smallest pleasures, like a hike in the middle of the woods and the smell of the ocean.
Now I only am dreaming of coming back.

Big Sur: un luogo fuori dal mondo, scollegato dal tempo e dai ritmi frenetici della maggior parte della mia vita.. Un luogo dove ho riscoperto alcune piccole gioie della vita, come una passeggiata nel bel mezzo del bosco e l’odore dell’oceano.
Ora sogno solo di ritornarci.


I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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Celebrity Validation

Rooney Mara stole my look.

While browsing People The New York Times, I discovered that Rooney Mara and I have the same dress from COS.
Which I think makes me Rooney’s style icon, right? Keep dreaming Brie, keep dreaming…

I have always been a fan of her red carpet choices (Givenchy, Valentino, Roksanda Ilincic) as well as her casual day-to-day looks (I like to think that she a very modern Audrey Hepburn, you know the kind that wears cigarette jeans, vintage shirts, cropped sweaters… and couture).

My wardrobe feels a little extra validated now. And I think I have a Rooney Mara complex. Le sigh.

By brie

Only worth living if somebody is loving you

3U5A8398 copia

There are only a few things that make me more excited than a wonderful sunset. Especially when I find myself in a Roberto Cavalli sequined dress on a rooftop with a view on Downtown LA.

Sono pochi gli attimi che mi emozionano come quelli che precedono un bellissimo tramonto.. Soprattuto quando mi trovo su un rooftop con vista su Downtown LA indossando un abitino di Roberto Cavalli.

3U5A8281 copia
3U5A8291 copia
3U5A8447 copia
3U5A8363 copia
3U5A8407 copia
3U5A8343 copia
3U5A8442 copia
3U5A8481 copia
3U5A8444 copia
3U5A8343 copia
3U5A8384 copia
3U5A8382 copia
3U5A8393 copia
3U5A8459 copia
3U5A8418 copia
3U5A8497 copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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AndyTorresSaoPaulo15 AndyTorresSaoPaulo5 AndyTorresSaoPaulo2 AndyTorresSaoPaulo4 AndyTorresSaoPaulo12 AndyTorresSaoPaulo10 AndyTorresSaoPaulo6 AndyTorresSaoPaulo7 AndyTorresSaoPaulo19 AndyTorresSaoPaulo11Total look by Walerio Araujo

I have been filming in Brazil for the past 2 days and I feel so incredibly lucky to be here and to be able to have an opportunity like this. Only 2 days and I already have met incredible people here, I was already in love with the portuguese language and now I am even more obsessed. I have promised myself to learn a few sentences before I go back to Amsterdam and the lucky thing is, the language is so similar to Spanish so chances are I do learn something before I leave.
While filming some scenes for the TV show, we managed to snap these photos on the rooftop of Edificio Copan which is one of the most iconic buildings in São Paulo. I was styled by one of Brazils best known stylists, Walerio Araujo who is a total character, you would have to meet him to see what I mean, he is amazing!.
Felt so good being up there, Like I was on top of the world for a little bit.

andy signature

Photos by Richard Nicholls


Moschino by Jeremy Scott


A better place to shoot some of the iconic pieces of Moschino by Jeremy Scott collection?

Un posto più adatto per scattare uno dei capi iconici della collezione di Moschino by Jeremy Scott?


I was wearing:


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Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014

There are those nights in which I find it hard to fall asleep, because my mind can’t stop.
Nights in which I still feel like I’m dreaming and my life looks more incredible than ever. Nights in which I’m proud for having believed in myself, and for always having around people who could really understand my vision.
It’s thanks to these people If i managed to create the job of my dreams, and  now I can travel non-stop, keeping on learning and growing. Without the right people around me I would have never organized myself in such a professional way: I have a team next to me, Tbs Crew, composed by thirteen people, all under 30, that constantly works with me, on the field and in the office. A unique reality which keeps growing and that I could have never dreamt of when I was starting posting my looks on this blog years ago.
This is the principle why I was in Basel the last 28th March: because Calvin Klein watches + jewelry dediced to give voice to people, and especially to young people like I am, who still need to be heard and who are looking for their chance to be noticed.
During Baselworld 2014 Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry announced the contest organized with three international design schools (Ied in Milano, Donghua University in Shanghai and Fashion Institute of Technology in New York) to find new talents: the three winners of the contest will see their watch designed for Calvin Klein watches + jewelry presented at next Baselworld 2015. A contest that I’ll live very close, being nominated one of the judges.
A contest that I couldn’t wait to support, and a brand that already made me live some magic moments in Basel: I breathed air of new things, change of times, faith towards a new world which is still being built. A world in which age and social status are not important anymore, but ability and creativity are.
Write your own story, now It’s the right time. Thank you for helping me to write this wonderful life.

Ci sono quelle sere in cui faccio fatica ad addormentarmi, perché la mia mente non riesce a fermarsi.
Sere in cui mi sembra di sognare ancora e la mia vita mi sembra più incredibile del solito. Sere in cui sono fiera di aver creduto in me stessa, e di avere avuto persone accanto a me che a loro volta non hanno mai avuto dubbi sulle mie capacità e sulla mia visione.
E’ proprio grazie a queste persone che sono riuscita a creare il lavoro dei miei sogni e che riesco a viaggiare da una parte all’altra senza sosta, non finendo mai di imparare e di crescere. Senza le giuste persone accanto non sarei riuscita ad organizzarmi in maniera cosi professionale: accanto a me ho un team, Tbs Crew, di tredici persone, tutte under 30, che lavora insieme a me sul campo ed in ufficio. Una realtà unica nel suo genere ed in continuo aumento che mai avrei potuto immaginare quando timidamente pubblicavo i miei look su questo blog anni fa.
Ed è proprio questo il principio per cui mi trovavo a Basilea lo scorso 28 Marzo: perché Calvin Klein watches + jewelry ha deciso di dare forza alle persone, e più precisamente alle persone giovani come me, che hanno ancora bisogno di essere ascoltate e che stanno cercando la loro chance di essere notate.
In occasione infatti del Baselworld 2014 Calvin Klein watches + jewelry ha annunciato il concorso indetto in collaborazione con tre scuole di design internazionali (Ied a Milano, Donghua University a Shanghai e Fashion Institute of Technology a New York) per trovare nuovi talenti: i tre vincitori del concorso vedranno il proprio modello di orologio disegnato per Calvin Klein watches + jewelry presentato al Baselworld 2015. Un contest che io vivrò in prima persona, essendo stata scelta come uno dei giudici del concorso.
Un’occasione a cui volevo assolutamente dare il mio supporto, e che mi ha già fatto vivere a Basilea dei momenti magici: ho respirato aria di novità, di tempi che cambiano, di fiducia verso un nuovo mondo che pian piano si sta scolpendo. Un mondo in cui non contano più l’età o lo status sociale, ma solo la creatività e la voglia di fare.
Write your own story, ora è il momento giusto. Grazie a voi per continuare ad aiutarmi a scrivere questa meravigliosa vita.

Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014
Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014
Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014
Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014
Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014
Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014
Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014
Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014
Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014
Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014
Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014
Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014
Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014
Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014
Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014
Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014
Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014
Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014
Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014
Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelery Private Dinner At Baselworld 2014

BASEL, 27th March 2014

I was wearing:


Photos by Getty Images

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Beverly Hills

3U5A5523 copia

Black and white: one of the most chic kind of looks. Even cooler If enriched by golden and cream details.
Here is how I wore the perfect Mango little black dress: white slippers, Saint Laurent mini cross over bag and tons of jewels. All shot in the wonderful Beverly Hills.

Bianco e nero: un abbinamento che mai passa di moda. Ancora più ricercato se arricchito da dettagli dorati e color panna.
Ecco come ho indossato il perfetto little black dress di Mango: con mocassini a suola alta, mini cross over bag di Saint Laurent e tantissimi gioielli. Il tutto nella bellissima Beverly Hills.

3U5A5368 copia
3U5A5537 copia
3U5A5404 copia
3U5A5554 copia
3U5A5435 copia
3U5A5562 copia
3U5A5454 copia
3U5A5514 copia
3U5A5520 copia
3U5A5556 copia
3U5A5395 copia
3U5A5544 copia
3U5A5441 copia
3U5A5567 copia
3U5A5458 copia
3U5A5550 copia
3U5A5520 copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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When in Paris…


Paris.. Paris.. Isn’t it the city of beauty where you just can’t avoid looking for inspiration for the perfect makeup? And for the best makeup, skin colour is more than important. The beauty treat? Guerlain showed it to me in my last visit to the french capital with the Terracotta Poudre Bronzante.

Paris.. Paris.. è la città della bellezza dove non si può che trovare ispirazione per un make up perfetto! E per un make up impeccabile (e ricercato), il colore della pelle è fondamentale. Il trucco? Guerlain me lo ha svelato nella mia ultima visita della capitale francese con la Terracotta Poudre Bronzante.


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Dries Please!

Attention New Yorkers!

The one and only Dries Van Noten is in town tonight to hang out with you! Well, sort of… he will be in NYC signing copies of his new book “Dries Van Noten: Inspirations” at Barneys on Madison Avenue.

Plus there are some very cool window displays to check out !

By brie

Crazy for Coco

I am a product of the 80s…

….and perhaps this explains my devotion to all things bold and gold. I found this vintage Chanel belt and love the idea of being able to wear a modern version of a cameo Coco Chanel. I’ll be silently channeling her eternal essence of cool around my waist all Spring.

How could I refuse Coco on a buckle? I mean, this may be THE most appropriate belt for a Chanel rodeo…

PS. This belt is from

By brie

Golden Goose

Maybe you’ve seen these sneakers before?

They come with just the right amount of distressed effect (so you don’t have to do the work) and the blingy embellishments of your 12-year-old dreams. Added bonus: they are just as comfortable as you imagine.

Are you a fan?

Check them out here!

By brie

Short Cuts

I was walking down the street with Elisa on Saturday night, and we noticed that the girls seemed to be really, reeeeally bare – like hardly wearing anything at all.

They all had on super tight, super short skirts or shorts – more like panties, really, and tops which were basically bras, and they all seemed terribly excited.

I don’t have to remind you that it was below 20°F: I think we’ve already established on this blog that the city of New York has returned to the ice age.

Anyway, we were freezing, even with our coats on. We couldn’t believe our eyes.

Obviously, for a second there, I wondered if we had turned into disapproving grandmas, to which Elisa replied: “Grandma yourself!”

The more we walked, the colder we got, and the flock of half-naked girls just kept on coming.

So we went on theorizing:
“Noooo, we’re just shocked because it’s cold out. In the summer, everyone in New York is dressed like that and no one gives it a second thought!!!”
“Yeah, it’s true – I’ve noticed the shorts in New York are really really short.”*

That’s when we arrived at Webster Hall and realized that was the final destination of all the skin-tight shorts. (I mean, not final FINAL destination, of course – the butts accompanying them would have to get back home one day, right?)(I hope?)

“Pfffff, that’s the Miley Cyrus influence – this is wrong”* I said, with a disapproving look (but not a disapproving grandma look – just disapproving!!!)

The crowd was there to see a group of DJs I hadn’t heard of*, the Bassjackers (is it just me or do I not know anything anymore*?) (have you heard of them?) – and everything would have been fine in the world of butt showing, except that as soon as I saw the crowd, this is what I noticed: the girls were half-naked, but the guys were all dressed totally normally.

“I mean, in the 70s, clothes were super tight*, but it was the same for guys. I have photos of my dad in bell bottom jeans to prove it!”

Honestly, I’ve always been pretty relaxed about half-nakedness. A little less so when it comes to vulgarity, but I guess vulgarity is a matter of perspective.

Side note: Don’t Fear the Nipple

Did you see what happened to Anja Rubik when she published a photo of herself wearing a sheer top (Not vulgar – beautiful, very sexy – but not vulgar) and Instagram literally shut down her page? I thought that was pretty unbelievable.

It’s fashion, it’s artistic!!! Some people might have said.
Yes, but breasts are breasts, it’s nudity – zero tolerance or it’s all doors opened to pornography!!! The People of Instagram might have responded (I don’t think they responded at all, actually. She just had to open another account), completely freaked out by the downward spiral into porno on Tumblr.

As for Anja, she opened a new account and made “Don’t Fear the Nipple” t-shirts, and I thought that was cool. Even if I don’t necessarily want to free my nipple right this minute.

Honestly, all of this is difficult – there aren’t really any clear lines.

That night in front of Webster Hall, the thing that bothered me was of course the trashiness of it all, but also the fact that only the girls were half-naked – that they thought to be fun and cool as a young girl, they had to show as much skin as possible, look as drunk / sexy / ready for anything as possible.

I don’t know what guys go through as teenagers (I’m sure they have other difficult things to deal with) but anyway, I’m sure they don’t have the same pressure to exhibit themselves and to oversexualize their bodies. Good for them.

Now, what’s the dynamic between them and the crazy, half-naked girls?
No idea. But I don’t think boys “ask” girls to dress like that or that it’s a problem of inequality between boys and girls at all.
I just think that girls imagine that’s what they have to do to be cool and rebellious.

And frankly, it’s easy to judge – I had some big moments of stupidity when I was about 20. It wasn’t always glorious, but I learned from it.

So, all of this is just to say – I’m not really sure what to think. Do you think next time I should tell them to go put some clothes on* or should we just let kids be kids…?

* Oh la la, I sound like such a grandma! G, SERIOUSLY!!!

Translated by Andrea Perdue.

Je M’En Fous

1 copia

Je m’en fous (“I don’t care”).. but I do care about sensuality and pop colors when summer is coming! Here’s some funny moments with my friend Candela Novembre… It was last year when we had fun thinking about the sunny season and we came up with the Idea of a limited edition bikini with Je m’en fous, available exclusively on Je m’en fous website and Luisa Via Roma. Who’s ready for the beach, girls?

Je m’en fous (“Non mi interessa”)..Ma ho voglia di sensualità e colori ultra-pop quando sta per arrivare l’estate. Ecco qui per voi alcuni momenti divertenti con la mia amica Candela Novembre.. Era l’anno scorso quando ci siamo divertite insieme a ripensare all’estate e ci è venuta l’idea di una limited edition di bikini con Je m’en fous, disponibile esclusivamente sul sito di Je m’en fous e Luisa Via Roma. Chi è pronta per la spiaggia?

3 copia
6 copia
4 copia


Photos by Nima Benati

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Big Sur roadtrip

3U5A4960 copia

I had already stopped by Big Sur twice in my life before: both times I was driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco and the time I could dedicate to these crazy views was really short.
Last weekend Andrew and I took two days off, drove for hours to Big Sur, stopped to see every landscape, hiked in some of our favourite spots and abandoned ourselves to the warm sun and ocean breeze, in complete happiness.
These photos tell a bit of those precious moments: here I am in my Styligion look during my roadtrip on the pacific coast.

Ero già passata da Big Sur due volte nella mia vita: in entrambe le occasioni stavo guidando da Los Angeles per andare a San Francisco ed il tempo che potevo dedicare a queste viste mozzafiato era veramente contato.
Lo scorso weekend io ed Andrew ci siamo presi due giorni completamente off, guidando per ore fino a Big Sur e fermandoci ad ammirare ogni panorama che ci incuriosiva, provando diverse passeggiate ed abbandonandoci al sole caldo ed all’odore dell’oceano, in completa estasi.
Queste foto racchiudono alcuni di quei preziosi momenti: eccomi in un look Styligion durante il mio roadtrip sulla costa pacifica.

3U5A4727 copia
3U5A4752 copia
3U5A4820 copia
3U5A4759 copia
3U5A4831 copia
3U5A4781 copia
3U5A4735 copia
3U5A4838 copia
3U5A4846 copia
3U5A4907 copia
3U5A4932 copia
3U5A4947 copia
3U5A5004 copia
3U5A4800 copia
3U5A4840 copia
3U5A4983 copia
3U5A4859 copia
3U5A4889 copia
3U5A4964 copia
3U5A5015 copia
3U5A5041 copia
3U5A5061 copia
3U5A4868 copia
3U5A5052 copia
3U5A4775 copia
3U5A4863 copia
3U5A5069 copia
3U5A5076 copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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8 hours of sleep in a click

I’m sure you girls have your own little beauty secrets.. And today I’m so glad that Yves Saint Laurent gave me the opportunity to reveal you one of my faves: Touche Éclat! It’s like a magic pen that erases every shadow gifting a sparkle of light to your face. Watch the video and find out how I use Touche Éclat to make my skin more fresh during the day and bright at night!

Sono sicura che ognuna di voi ha i suoi piccoli segreti di bellezza.. e oggi sono felicissima che Yves Saint Laurent mi abbia dato l’opportunità di svelarvi uno dei miei preferiti: Touche Éclat! Una penna magica che cancella le zone d’ombra e illumina il viso. Guardate il video e scoprite come uso Touche Éclat per rendere la mia pelle luminosa di giorno e brillante di sera!

How To TBS-10

How To TBS-9
How To TBS-12
How To TBS-24
How To TBS-15
How To TBS-11
How To TBS-22

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The French Kiss

Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those NSFW posts…

Just like the French, the French kiss is sensual and VERY personal. As in you have someone else’s tongue in your mouth, personal. So what makes it French exactly?

Thank you Wikipedia for a quick lesson in etymology ….

“A French kiss is so-called because at the beginning of the 20th century, the French had a reputation for more adventurous and passionate sex practices. In France, it is referred to as un baiser amoureux (“a lover’s kiss”) or un baiser avec la langue (“a kiss with the tongue”). The Petit Robert 2014 French dictionary, released on May 30, 2013, added the French verb “galocher”—to kiss with tongues—making it the first time a single word described the practice.”

So there you have it. Now all we have left to talk about is what makes a good kiss…

By brie

Golden buttons


A look and a moment which will make my “fashion history”: the first Jeremy Scott show as creative director for Moschino, and my look from the pre-fall 2014 collection, first collection designed by Jeremy Scott. Add the iconic iphone cover that was given to us after the show (and that still keeps my iphone protected) which looks like french fries and here you have the recipe for today’s post #theblondesaladlovesMoschino

Un look ed un momento che passeranno nella mia “storia della moda”: la prima sfilata di Jeremy Scott come creative director di Moschino, ed il mio look della pre-fall collection 2014, prima collezione disegnata da Jeremy Scott. Aggiungete l’iconico porta iphone che ci è stato regalato dopo la sfilata (e che protegge tuttora il mio iphone) a forma di patatine fritte ed ecco la ricetta per il post di oggi #theblondesaladlovesMoschino


I was wearing:


Photos by Leslie Kirchhoff and Maxim Sapozhnikov

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Madonna Inn

3U5A4669 copia

After Milan and Paris photos here I am in my happy place: California.
I’m here for only eight days total before leaving again for Brazil (I’m soon back in Sao Paulo) and I’m literally trying to live the best of these sunny and almost summer days. How? With a two days roadtrip on the pacific coast to Big Sur, why not? On the road (basically in the only hour I was driving) I found by chance the iconic Madonna Inn sign: It deserved a visit.
P.S: Tell me I’m not the only one roadtrippin’ in a lace romper and Dr.Martens #differentkindaroadtrip

Dopo le mie foto di Milano e Parigi eccomi nel mio “happy place”: la California.
Sono qui per soli otto giorni prima di ripartire per il Brasile per lavoro (presto ritorno a San Paolo) e sto letteralmente cercando di vivermi queste splendide giornate di sole dal sapore estivo al meglio. Come? Con un roadtrip di due giorni guidando sulla costa pacifica fino a Big Sur, perchè no? Sulla strada, (praticamente nell’unica ora in cui ero io al volante) ho visto per caso l’iconico cartello del Madonna Inn: meritava una visita.
P.S: Ditemi che non sono l’unica a viaggiare in macchina in tutina di pizzo e Dr.Martens #differentkindaroadtrip

3U5A4625 copia
3U5A4633 copia
3U5A4644 copia
3U5A4666 copia
3U5A4678 copia
3U5A4640 copia
3U5A4687 copia
3U5A4704 copia
3U5A4707 copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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I adore neon lights, the rides, the cotton candy.. I’ve been dreaming of shooting at the carnival for such a long time and finally my dream came to reality. Wearing Msgm and Opening Ceremony. #theblondesaladlovesthecarnival

Adoro le scritte al neon, le giostre, lo zucchero filato.. Da tempo sognavo di scattare delle foto al luna park e finalmente il mio piccolo sogno è stato realizzato. Il tutto indossando Msgm ed Opening Ceremony. #theblondesaladlovesthecarnival


I was wearing:


Photos by Leslie Kirchhoff

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BFF Socks

Let’s be BFF.

You know… Best Friends Forever!
Sometimes this is celebrated with cute little heart necklaces (you know, where Friend A gets one half that reads “Be | Fri” and Friend B gets one half that reads “st | ends”). And sometimes it’s celebrated with socks.

My BFF, Jenn, has been treating me to BFS (Best Friend Socks) for several years now. Every time she heads to Paris Fashion Week she brings me a new pair of equally cool socks, embroidered with a little something special from Tabio. Perfect seeing as how this whole white sock + white shoe situation is on the rise.

So cute right? Do you wanna be BFF?

Tabio Socks, $20.

For more Under $50 finds, click here!

By brie

Chloe in Paris


Last one of my Paris looks, in perfect Chloe french style :)

Ultimo dei miei look parigini, in perfetto stile francese firmato Chloe :)


I was wearing:

Photos by Leslie Kirchhoff

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#runbabyrun. Here I am after Louis Vuitton show with a total white look. Sneakers at my feet and always on the go.

#runbabyrun.. Eccomi dopo la sfilata Louis Vuitton con un look tutto white. Sneakers ai piedi e via di corsa.


I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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Ballroom in Paris


Nothing makes me feel sexier than a naked back dress. If the dress is in leather and It is worn with flat booties and super studded jacket then.. #Igetcrazy

Niente mi fa sentire sexy quanto un abito con la schiena scoperta. Se l’abito in questione è di pelle e viene indossato insieme a stivaletti bassi e giacca iper borchiata poi.. #Igetcrazy


I was wearing:


Photos by Leslie Kirchhoff

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Hey Stan!

Is everyone wearing Stan Smith but me?

Probably not, but it kind of feels that way after persuing endless street style slideshows during fashion month.

So what’s the deal?

The sneakers were endorsed in the 1970s by Wimbeldon champ Stan Smith and have been reissued by Adidas for this season. The classic white leather style has made it’s way on to a lot of fashionable feet (see Marc Jacobs). It’s not that surprising, a white sneaker seems like an obvious basic. An obvious basic that I do not have.

Do you have a pair? Do I need a pair?

By alex

Hey Stan!

Is everyone wearing Stan Smith but me?

Probably not, but it kind of feels that way after persuing endless street style slideshows during fashion month.

So what’s the deal?

The sneakers were endorsed in the 1970s by Wimbeldon champ Stan Smith and have been reissued by Adidas for this season. The classic white leather style has made it’s way on to a lot of fashionable feet (see Marc Jacobs). It’s not that surprising, a white sneaker seems like an obvious basic. An obvious basic that I do not have.

Do you have a pair? Do I need a pair?

By alex

Hey Stan!

Is everyone wearing Stan Smith but me?

Probably not, but it kind of feels that way after persuing endless street style slideshows during fashion month.

So what’s the deal?

The sneakers were endorsed in the 1970s by Wimbeldon champ Stan Smith and have been reissued by Adidas for this season. The classic white leather style has made it’s way on to a lot of fashionable feet (see Marc Jacobs). It’s not that surprising, a white sneaker seems like an obvious basic. An obvious basic that I do not have.

Do you have a pair? Do I need a pair?

By alex

Hey Stan!

Is everyone wearing Stan Smith but me?

Probably not, but it kind of feels that way after persuing endless street style slideshows during fashion month.

So what’s the deal?

The sneakers were endorsed in the 1970s by Wimbeldon champ Stan Smith and have been reissued by Adidas for this season. The classic white leather style has made it’s way on to a lot of fashionable feet (see Marc Jacobs). It’s not that surprising, a white sneaker seems like an obvious basic. An obvious basic that I do not have.

Do you have a pair? Do I need a pair?

By alex