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The Del Val #29

US Open time here in New York and we know you’ve not forgotten about Andre Agassi.

You can’t escape Father Time and neither can Kobe Bryant. Here’s a preview of an eagerly anticipated documentary about his long road back to game-ready coming out later this year.

A recent Lunch with the Financial Times featured Mr Man of the World Jean Piggozi, and it reminded us how much we love his photo books, especially this old one, of which you should not hesitate to buy a good used copy here or wherever you find one at a price you like.

Who said all good design must be functional? We say there’s always room for clever little things which make us smile and see the world anew.

Staying on the clever tip, you already know Legos, and if you know movies (of which many of these you will recognize) you’re in for a cute treat.

We rejoice whenever Loïc Prigent has a new fashion film. Here’s a glimpse of his latest all about the goings-on at Fendi.

While we were in LA last week we were feeling all-Bret Easton Ellis all-the-time, listening to his podcasts in the car, buying his books, and rereading this great interview with him. And when we spotted Bret at one of our favorite restaurants, well, let’s just say Delphine had a hard time fully concentrating on her food, or her dinner companion!

By delphine and wes

50+ Bags on the Arms of Our Favorite Supermodels

50+ Bags on the Arms of Our Favorite Supermodels

[Editor's Note: This week, the PurseBlog staff is out of the office to enjoy the last little bit of summer. We'll return after Labor Day, but in the meantime, we'll be running both new posts and a few of our favorites from the past few months to get you ready for fall.]

Models and great handbags go together like peanut butter and jelly. Some of our all-time favorite collection profiles have come at the hands of supers like Miranda Kerr, Kate Moss and Alessandra Ambrosio, and if there were a photo agency dedicated purely to documenting their daily outfits, we’d gladly delve into the handbag closets of even more models. Because there isn’t, though, we’ve decided to put together all that we could find from five of our favorite supers whose collections we’ve yet to dissect: Karlie Kloss, Chrissy Teigen, Kate Upton, Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel.

The results include over 50 gorgeous designer bag, including some super rare exotics (mostly courtesy of Ms. Upton, who seems to have used entire paychecks to buy things even most handbag lovers can barely dream of). The level to which these ladies are both genetically and sartorially blessed may cause a little bit of envy, but once you get past that, there’s certainly a lot of pretty going on below.

8 Reasons Spending $1,000 or More on a Bag is Totally Worth It

8 Reasons Spending $1,000 or More on a Bag is Totally Worth It

[Editor's Note: This week, the PurseBlog staff is out of the office to enjoy the last little bit of summer. We'll return after Labor Day, but in the meantime, we'll be running both new posts and a few of our favorites from the past few months to get you ready for fall.]

Sticker shock from friends and family members has probably happened to anyone with an interest in fashion or high-end handbags. They ask about your new purchase, they sheepishly ask how much it cost and then they shame you in some way for having the gall to be so extravagant, even if they aren’t blunt enough to put it in those words. Not only are we here to assure you that it’s okay, but we’re here to explain exactly why.

Even for those of us who are somewhat desensitized to fashion prices, handbag prices can sometimes seem a little bit silly. We’re nothing if not professional enablers, though, so if you’re doubting a future purchase or need to convince someone who has his or her nose in your business, we have some arguments that might come in handy.

Want It Wednesday: Mini Bags Aren’t Just for Summer

Want It Wednesday: Mini Bags Aren’t Just for Summer

Mini bags are most often associated with warm weather; after all, who doesn’t want her hands free during the season’s outdoor activities? They’re just as useful during the fall, though, especially when coat weather comes around and regular shoulder bags compete with your outerwear for shoulder real estate. Now that basically every popular bag comes in a mini size, along with all the bags that were designed to be mini from the beginning, your choices are vast no matter the season. For this edition of Want It Wednesday, the team has enumerated its favorites below.

20 Burgundy Bags to Start Your Fall Wardrobe

20 Burgundy Bags to Start Your Fall Wardrobe

Burgundy may be the perfect fall color; it’s rich, versatile and basically a neutral, but it’s not quite as obvious a choice as an actual neutral. Black, grey, tan, navy–burgundy looks flawless with all of them, and depending on the undertones of the particular shade, it can read as anything from a particularly warm brown to just a shade off aubergine. All of that, of course, makes it a perfect choice for a new handbag.

Burgundy (or, as everyone suddenly decided to call it, oxblood) had a huge fall last year, and based on the deliveries currently rolling into stores, the industry’s appreciation for the color hasn’t abated. If you’re all stocked up on traditional neutrals and want something a little bit more interesting in your wardrobe that will still be appropriate for frequent use, we’ve got 20 options below, in a variety of shapes and price ranges.

The Many Bag Of InStyle Magazine’s Editors

The Many Bag Of InStyle Magazine’s Editors

We love our glossies as much as any fashion people, and one of the industry’s major magazines is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year. InStyle Magazine launched in 1994 with Barbra Streisand on its cover, and since its inception, the magazine has grown its global reach to over 21 million subscribers. With Ariel Foxman at the helm, InStyle has made waves in the fashion sphere with an approachable attitude along with an ever-expanding online presence.

This year’s September issue is the biggest in the brand’s two-decade history. To celebrate the 20th Anniversary, Julia Roberts graces this milestone cover, which will hit newsstands this Friday, August 15th.

Recently, we spent the day with 20 InStyle editors (to celebrate the 20th Anniversary, natch!) to see which bags they carry to work. From Louis Vuitton, to Balenciaga, to lots of Saint Laurent, take a look at the many bags of InStyle Magazine’s editors.

Want It Wednesday: Not-Quite-50 Shades of Grey

Want It Wednesday: Not-Quite-50 Shades of Grey

Not only is grey one of my very favorite colors (it totally qualifies as a color, okay?), but it’s perfect in a transition because it comes in so many seasonless variations. Since we continue to barrel through August at an alarming rate, it’s now time to think about making those transitions, and we’ve got a few suggestions in this week’s edition of Want It Wednesday.



Here I am back: after some days roadtrippg in California, with these photos shot in San Diego, on Coronado Island on a sunny summer sunset.

Eccomi di nuovo: dopo qualche giorno di roadtrip in California, con queste foto scattate a San Diego, a Coronado Island in una soleggiato tramonto estivo.


I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

The 10 Most Expensive Bags of Fall 2014

The 10 Most Expensive Bags of Fall 2014

Now that it’s August, practically all the bags available for purchase online are from pre-fall or fall. With stores flush with new products and designers churning out more and more exotic bags every season, we wondered how how the highest of high-end bags compared to last season’s crop.

The biggest difference from Spring 2014 is that this season, both Givenchy and Fendi have put a much bigger emphasis on both producing their most popular styles in exotics and making sure that they’re widely available to shoppers online. In the past, these bags might have existed in a boutique here and there, but now you can click a few buttons and have a $41,000 handbag carried to your door by your local UPS man.

Below, check out the most expensive handbags that are currently available online in a variety of both leather and structure categories.

Eyelet + Pearls


Some times I like to do pretty. But in my own way. I love eyelet by default of it showing skin. Anything that is transparent, mesh-y, see-through is up my alley. The tiers, the length, the color–is all sorts of perfect. I decided to wear it with my go-to Senso ‘birks’. I think it really brings the outfit down to earth. Find out where to shop the look after the jump!

selfportraiteyeletdressthpshoppearlsvanessahong6 selfportraiteyeletdressthpshoppearlsvanessahong2 selfportraiteyeletdressthpshoppearlsvanessahong5

Wearing Self Portrait Eyelet Dress Pearl RingDouble Back Earrings + Ear Cuffs

Senso Sandals

Fendi Mini Bag

Ray-Ban sunglasses

eBay’s Best Bags – August 6

eBay’s Best Bags – August 6

It’s our first roundup of eBay finds for the month of August, and we have some terrific bags for you! We found a beautiful Hermès HAC–the Birkin’s elder cousin, as it were–in a classic pairing of barenia leather and toile. We also have a sharp, timeless Chanel tote, evening bags from Prada and Judith Lieber, plus some surprises. Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: As always, caution is crucial when buying from third party sellers. Although we strive to find the best auctions to feature, we don’t endorse or guarantee any eBay sellers or auctions, and therefore cannot guarantee the authenticity of any particular piece. For more info, please refer to eBay’s purchasing guidelines and policies.

Prada Sequined Tote
Buy It Now for $1,999

Prada Sequined Tote

Mulberry Lily Bag
Buy It Now for $1,092

Mulberry Lily Bag

Tom Ford Jennifer Bag
Buy It Now for $2,195

Tom Ford Jennifer Bag

Gucci Dragon Evening Bag
Buy It Now for $1,440

Gucci Dragon Evening Bag

Hermès Haut a Courroies Bag
Buy It Now for $6,500

Hermès Haut a Courroies Bag

Chanel Caviar Tote
Buy It Now for $2,299

Chanel Caviar Tote

Loro Piana Leather Hobo
Buy It Now for $498

Loro Piana Leather Hobo

Judith Leiber Snakeskin Evening Bag
Buy It Now for $599

Judith Leiber Snakeskin Evening Bag

Fendi 2Jours Bag
Buy It Now for $1,650

Fendi 2Jours Chevron Tote

Balenciaga Work Bag
Buy It Now for $969

Balenciaga Work Bag

Introducing the Fendi By The Way Bag

Introducing the Fendi By The Way Bag

Fendi bags have upped the ante in the past few years, with many of the brand’s new releases quickly becoming must-haves. From the Peekaboo, to the 2Jours, to the adorably playful Bag Bugs, Fendi has yet to disappoint.

I’m always interested to see what a brand comes up with after a several-season hot streak; few are able to sustain that kind of success for long, but Fendi looks to have a solid hold on its accessories. The newest bag to hit the family is the Fendi By The Way Bag, which is also known as the Fendi Bauletto.

Fendi By The Way Bag (2)

The By The Way will be making waves for so many reasons. First, the design is pretty. The shape is a bit different from most bags on the market and very different for Fendi, but the bag can actually be carried multiple ways. The top handles easily pull tighter so you can slide your hand under them and use the bag as a clutch, which works best with the smaller size. Then you can also carry the bag by hand with the top handles, or with the strap either over your shoulder or across your body.

Fendi By The Way Bag (3)

Very few bags are taking the East-West shape and doing it well right now, but this is a bag that does. The By The Way comes in two sizes; the Piccolo is the smaller option and is big enough for daily use but also can move into the evening, and the Grande, which will carry much more. I adore this bag and am so happy to see Fendi continuing to design bags that the accessory market needs.

Prices for leather By The Way Bags start at $1,400 for the smaller (available via Nordstrom) and $1,750 for the larger (available via Net-a-Porter).

Gummy Bear


I was wearing:


Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

Denim Days

I’m declaring it the summer of the denim skirt.

Okay, maybe that is kind of a big call, but I’m seeing a ton of them lately. This one on Jana is ultra chic, super tight and super high-waisted. I like mine a little bit baggy, lower on the waist, a bit distressed, the kind that feels like it’s been really lived in. Whats your denim skirt style?

You Can Now Shop our Instagram!

You Can Now Shop our Instagram!

It’s safe to say that, at one point or another, almost all of us have found ourselves lusting over something we saw on Instagram and spent endless hours on shopping sites trying to find the exact match, only to come up empty-handed.

Now, thanks to our friends at LIKEtoKNOW.IT, you can get ready-to-shop products delivered straight to your inbox by simply ‘liking’ a photo on Instagram.

Here’s how it works:

1. Register on the www.LIKEtoKNOW.IT website
2. Like an Instagram on our feed that has a “” link
3. Receive ready-to-shop product links straight to your inbox

You can also shop our sister site’s Instagram, TalkShoes.

Bag Battles: Fendi Petit 2Jours vs Saint Laurent Micro Sac Du Jour

Bag Battles: Fendi Petit 2Jours vs Saint Laurent Micro Sac Du JourNote: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.

There was a lot of debate when I named the Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour as the bag of the week back in March. While Amanda and I differ on how much we like the Sac Du Jour, we have been on the same page about our admiration for the Fendi 2Jours all along.

Both of these bags continue to garner attention in the accessory world, and both are on my wish list as bags I love. I’m majorly feeling the mini bag trend, and both of these bags come in a pint-sized version.

Today, I’m turning to you to see which of these bags wins in a bag battle, the Fendi Petit 2Jours or the Saint Laurent Micro Sac Du Jour.

Both bags are pretty in pink and both are similar in size, with long crossbody straps. Both designs are very recognizable by now, and the prices are similar, with each bag coming in under $2000. (The Saint Laurent bag is $240 more than the Fendi.) Both bags are celeb magnets, however lately the Sac Du Jour has been the bag of choice for Nicole Richie, Rosie Huntington Whitley, Jessica Simpson and Reese Witherspoon.

Vote in our poll and tell me which of the bags you prefer, plus leave a comment below! Buy the Fendi bag for $1,750 and the Saint Laurent Bag for $1,990, both via Nordstrom.

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Micro Tote
$1,990 via Nordstrom

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Micro Tote

Fendi Petit 2Jours Elite Leather Shopper
$1,750 via Nordstrom

Fendi Petit 2Jours Elite Leather Shopper Pink

eBay’s Best Bags of the Week – July 2

eBay’s Best Bags of the Week – July 2

Welcome to July’s first eBay Roundup. The deals are great this week; we found some unusual pieces, including a beautiful Goyard Saigon, a perfectly simple Louis Vuitton and a sparkly embellished clutch from Alexander McQueen. We also have a lovely Fendi Baguette, and a scrumptious  Chanel jumbo flap and some other surprises. Happy Hunting!

Disclaimer: As always, caution is crucial when buying from third party sellers. Although we strive to find the best auctions to feature, we don’t endorse or guarantee any eBay sellers or auctions, and therefore cannot guarantee the authenticity of any particular piece. For more info, please refer to eBay’s purchasing guidelines and policies.

Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag
Buy It Now for $2,499

Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag

Alexander McQueen Crystal Embellished Skull Clutch
Buy It Now for $3,695

Alexander McQueen Embellished Skull Clutch

Gucci Soho Chain Shoulder Bag
Buy It Now for $898

Gucci Soho Chain Satchel

Goyard Saigon Bag
Buy It Now for $2,500

Goyard Saigon PM Bag

Salvatore Ferragamo Small Sofia Bag
Buy It Now for $950

Salvatore Ferragamo Mini Sofia Bag

Louis Vuitton Portobello Damier Bag
Buy It Now for $1,340

Louis Vuitton Damier Portobello Shoulder Bag

Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag
Buy It Now for $1,100

Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag

Bottega Veneta Cabat Tote
Buy It Now for $2,499

Bottega Veneta Cabat Tote

Jil Sander Tote
Buy It Now for $199

Jil Sander Leather Shoulder Bag

Fendi Baguette
Buy It Now for $1,750

Fendi Embroidered Baguette Bag

Kesha Looks Polished at the Airport with a Fendi Bag

Kesha Looks Polished at the Airport with a Fendi Bag

Kesha was recently spotted at LAX looking rather well put together for someone whose name used to include a dollar sign. She’s carrying a very sophisticated black Fendi 2Jours Bag, customized with her initials. You can grab one for yourself for $2,350 at Nordstrom. This is a completely different Kesha than the one we saw at LAX back in April.

Kesha and her dude pal are traveling with his and hers pastel floral shorts, but don’t let that distract you from Kesha’s completely transparent top. (Though if you’re going fully transparent, that’s exactly the sort of bra you should wear underneath. I approve.) On a related note, lingerie as daywear seems to be trending as of this week – we just saw LA native Kourtney Kardashian flouncing around NYC in this pajama party-appropriate ensemble.

Fringed denim


Who would have thought to fall in love again with my childhood sandals, the beloved/hated Birkenstocks?
Here they are in one of my “Los Angeles everyday outfit”: denim, basic bodysuit, and a jacket with loads of personality.

Chi avrebbe mai detto che sarei tornata ad amare i sandali della mia infanzia, gli amiati/odiati Birkenstock?
Eccoli indossati in una di quelle che considero le mie “divise da Los Angeles”: denim, top basic, ed una giacca che certamente non passa inosservata.


I was wearing:


Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

The Many Bags of Anna Dello Russo

The Many Bags of Anna Dello Russo

I’m not even sure how to explain Anna Dello Russo. She’s a fashion luminary and Editor at Large for Vogue Nippon, but she’s also a street style caricature whose willingness to wear all of the most fabulous things, all at once, has helped change the way that everyone from high-ranking editors to budding bloggers conduct business. Love or her hate her, ADR is always worth looking at.

We’ve seen a lot of pictures of her this week while she attends the men’s shows in Milan, so now seemed like as good a time as any to delve into what Anna carries, both at work and on her personal time. Check out our findings below.

eBay’s Best Bags of the Week – June 25

eBay’s Best Bags of the Week – June 25

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s time for another roundup of our favorite bags on eBay this week. We found a nice Hermès Kelly and two great bags from Fendi – an unusual Trois Jours and a terrific runway Spy. We also spotted a wonderful hobo from Givenchy and something quite special from Cartier. Happy Shopping!

Disclaimer: As always, caution is crucial when buying from third party sellers. Although we strive to find the best auctions to feature, we don’t endorse or guarantee any eBay sellers or auctions, and therefore cannot guarantee the authenticity of any particular piece. For more info, please refer to eBay’s purchasing guidelines and policies.

Celine Phantom Luggage Tote
Buy It Now for $3,698

Celine Phantom Luggage Tote

Givenchy Tinhan Hobo
Buy It Now for $1,295

Givenchy Tinhan Hobo

Fendi Runway Spy Bag
Buy It Now for $2,899

Fendi Runway Embroidered Pearl Spy Bag

Cartier Makebox Mini Trunk
Buy It Now for $2,185

Cartier Makebox Mini Trunk

Hermes Kelly Bag
Buy It Now for $5,999

Hermes Kelly Bag

Yves Saint Laurent Belle de Jour Clutch
Buy It Now for $550

Yves Saint Laurent Belle de Jour Clutch

Gucci Jackie Hobo
Buy It Now for $1,690

Gucci Jackie Hobo

Bottega Veneta Roma Tote
Buy It Now for $1,399

Bottega Veneta Roma Tote

Henry Cuir Tote
Buy It Now for $1,095

Henry Cuir Woven Tote

Fendi Trois Jours Chevron Snakeskin Tote
Buy It Now for $3,999

Fendi 3Jours Snakeskin Chevron Tote


My sister came to visit me in New York last week.

To give you an idea of how happy I was, just before she arrived, I spent almost two hours glued to my couch watching her plane as it got closer and closer on the JFK flight map before finally hopping into a taxi to go wait for her at the airport.
Yes, I was REALLY excited.

My sister is the best of my best friends, she’s like some kind of supreme friend. We’re close to the same age, we know each other by heart and we totally understand each other (and burst out laughing) with just the blink of an eye.

Our lives are nothing alike (she is in Corsica, and I’m in New York) but we really get each other. Anyway, I’d better stop now before I start crying since I miss her so much now that’s she’s left ;)

When it comes to style, we started out with very, very different tastes.

She’s always had a very chic, feminine, pretty classic side to her – she loves beautiful jewelry, explained the Beauty of the Kelly to me and she’s been wearing Tod’s since the beginning of time.
I, on the other hand, was always more of the boyfriend jeans and Vans type, and I didn’t even start wearing makeup until a few years ago.

We’re completely different, but we’ve always talked a lot about our styles, and exchanged clothes (sometimes after lots and lots of negotiating) and little by little, our styles have grown together – she got a little more relaxed, and I got a little more sophisticated.

Here are a few photos of my favorite tourist in the whole world. I could talk to you about her for hours, but I’ll stop there, because I think you’ve already figured it out: I love her, I think she is amazing, and I adore her style.

Translated by Andrea Perdue.

The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of June 20

The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of June 20

Just when you might have thought that the spring sales were winding down, think again – we found lots of great bags on sale for this week’s round of bag deals. In particular, the Net-a-Porter sale had some surprisingly good bags left, despite the fact that it usually gets picked over early. Check out the spoils of our efforts below, and as always, you can check out the full spectrum of online markdowns at the regularly updated PurseBlog Deals Page.

The Many Bags of Sarah Jessica Parker, Part Two

The Many Bags of Sarah Jessica Parker, Part Two

Sarah Jessica Parker is as close to a true original as actresses get these days. She’s made her own way, and now she occupies a beloved space in pop culture (and especially in fashion) that gives her the ability simply to be loved by being her. When she launched a shoe line at Nordstrom, of course every fashion site on the Internet covered it feverishly. Sex and the City ended long ago, but SJP endures.

We’ve already taken one thorough look at Sarah Jessica’s bag collection, but that was back at the tail end of 2012, and she’s done a lot of bag-carrying in the intervening year and a half. Below, check out everything that everyone’s favorite West Village resident has been sporting since then.

Olivia & Steph at Baz Bagel

A few weeks ago, Bari Musacchio opened a super cool new bagel shop in the LES.
Look at this wallpaper!!! I’d make a shirt out of it.

So. As you know, New Yorkers love their bagels and now we can swap our corner coffee cart for Baz’s. We went over with Olivia and Steph (this PINK Saint Laurent bag! These sandals!) the other day to check it out and of course, taste the bagels (they have a gluten free option!)– really, even for a newbie, they’re super good.

A recently introduced bingo night makes it a spot you want to hang out day and night. Try the mooch :) and if you happen to be in the mood for dessert, the french toast is delicious!

PS : Oliva and Steph own a cool shop called American Two Shot!

On Olivia: Sweatshirt, 3.1 Phillip Lim; Jeans, vintage Levi’s; Sandals, Fendi; Bag, Saint Laurent. On Steph: Jacket, Worth; Bag, Givenchy; Shoes, Saint Laurent.

Baz Bagel, 181 Grand Street, New York NY

You Can Design Your Own Baguette with Fendi’s New App, but You Can’t Buy It

You Can Design Your Own Baguette with Fendi’s New App, but You Can’t Buy It

Personalization is a huge trend in luxury fashion, but in general, the only way to make a handbag truly your own is through painted or hot-stamped monogramming. It’s only a matter of time before the personalization arms race escalates into further customizations, and I very much hoped that the new Fendi myBaguette App would spring us into the future. And it does! Sort of.

When Fendi first announced this app several days ago, I imagined that it might be a Nike MyID for luxury bags – a way to customize color combinations, hardware choices and trim varieties for one of the brand’s most iconic pieces, and then buy that one-of-a-kind bag. The first part is totally true: Fendi lets you play with its signature Baguette in a huge number of ways, as long as you have an iPad or Android Tablet. You can even upload a personal photo to use as the bag’s pattern.

Once you’re done designing, though, there’s not much to do. You can save your design to the app’s gallery and start on another, or you share your masterpiece via social media, but that’s it. Fendi says that once a month, Silvia Venturini Fendi will christen one of the mock-ups the Baguette of the Month, but that doesn’t come with any promise to produce it as an actual bag.

Hopefully the made-to-order option will be added one day, but for now, the app serves as a fairly entertaining coloring book for adults. Katherine, our intrepid assistant editor, took it for a spin, and she said that although she had issues with lag time here and there, it was quite the enjoyable assignment. Check out some if the app’s interface (and Katherine’s designs) below or download it via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

eBay’s Best Bags of the Week – June 11

eBay’s Best Bags of the Week – June 11

Time for another collection of notable bags on eBay this week! We found a pretty Chanel that’s perfect for a summer garden party, a Mulberry in a rare color combination, a gorgeous vintage Hermès Kelly and much more. We work hard so you don’t have to! Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: As always, caution is crucial when buying from third party sellers. Although we strive to find the best auctions to feature, we don’t endorse or guarantee any eBay sellers or auctions, and therefore cannot guarantee the authenticity of any particular piece. For more info, please refer to eBay’s purchasing guidelines and policies.

Chanel Vintage Kelly Bag
Buy It Now for $1,799

Chanel Vintage Kelly Bag

The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of June 6

The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of June 6

It’s Friday, so you know what time it is – bag deals time! With so many ongoing sales, we were overwhelmed with the available options, but we think we found a little something for everyone. As always, you can visit the PurseBlog Deals Page for a full listing of current markdowns, sales, coupon codes and other offers!

Want It Wednesday: Spring Sale Picks Part Two

Want It Wednesday: Spring Sale Picks Part Two

Last week, we thought our Want It Wednesday sale picks were sufficient – after all, a ton of sales had sprung up over Memorial Day weekend! Then we got to Thursday, and suddenly we had double the sales to choose from, so this week, we’re back for a second round.

The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of May 30

The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of May 30

Our weekly bag deals posts are always pretty easy to decipher, but this one’s particularly simple: every luxury retailer on the planet is having an amazing sale right now, and we found great bags everywhere we looked. So not only is this week’s list of deals significantly longer than usual, but you might just want to head straight to Barneys, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, MATCHESFASHION.COM or Net-a-Porter, to name only a few.

Instagram’s Handbag Celebrities: @ec24m

Instagram’s Handbag Celebrities: @ec24m

Unlike many Instagram handbag celebrities, Jamie Chua, a seemingly ageless Singapore socialite, has absolutely no problem revealing her identity while giving us a glimpse into her fabulous life. Throughout her Instagram, you’ll find plenty of pictures of her standing in front of expensive cars and eating fancy food in beautiful places, but it’s her pictures filled with Chanel, Fendi and LOADS of Hermes that we’re really drooling over. Jamie’s closet is stacked with more Hermes bags than an actual Hermes store – no joke. She owns some of the rarest bags we’ve seen anywhere, including the rare Hermes Doll bag, multiple croc Birkins and even some designer bags we’ve never even seen before.

While doing some research on Jamie Chua, we came across this video of an interview she did discussing her recent Instagram fame, in which she seems quite lovely and humble about her newfound notariety. In the interview, she explains that she started her Instagram as sort of a fashion diary, where followers could get ideas and inspiration. Little did she know, her photos would garner a ton of attention.

Make the jump to see some of our favorite pictures from @ec24m’s Instagram, or head over yourself to get lost in a sea of colorful Birkins.

Dubai diary


Photographic diary of some of my favourite places in Dubai: the sunset at Jetty Lounge, Dubai Mall aquarium, the desert and the highest point of Burj Khalifa.

Diario fotografico di alcuni dei miei luoghi preferiti a Dubai: il tramonto alla Jetty Lounge, l’acquario del Dubai Mall, il deserto ed il punto più alto del Burj Khalifa.


DUBAI, 12th-15th MAY 2014

Photos by Andrew Arthur and Angelo Tropea

Another Round of Fendi Bag Bug Pre-Orders Has Arrived

Another Round of Fendi Bag Bug Pre-Orders Has Arrived

Just like last season, Fendi Bag Bugs are super-covetable and genuinely hard to find in a way that few things in the accessories world are right now. They sell out so quickly in stores that I’ve never actually seen one in person for sale, and when you search the term “Fendi” on Bergdorf Goodman’s website, it’s likely no coincidence that they’re the first thing that pops up to represent the entire brand. The good news: that means you can pre-order one right this very minute.

Bergdorfs currently has six bag bugs on offer at three price points; two faceless bicolor fur pom-pom charms at $350 each, two leather-faced mini bugs (which still appear quite large) at $450 apiece and two deluxe, crystal-eyed purse monsters, complete with fluffy contrasting eyebrows, for a whopping $800 each. Check out all the styles below, and if you’ve wanted to get your hands on one, we definitely suggest pre-ordering.

City Tropics

Thinking about trying the Hawaiian trend this weekend.

Here’s a few ideas that would be great!

By admin

The Del Val #14

Focusing on what it takes to become a ballerina.

The original Pantone Color Guide…from 1692!

While everyone is talking about Frieze here in New York we can’t wait for Carl Andre!

Man about town. Bon vivant. You would have liked to have met George Plimpton. Now you can.

Remember, it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday (in the US). Have a delicious cocktail with yours.

SJP and AW (if you know fashion you know those initials) get together and discuss.

Give yourself time to watch this one: Into the world of Fendi.

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The Bermuda Shorts

The Place: Lower East Side Coleman Skatepark, NYC
The Girl: Karin Hansson
The Style: Taking bermudas from the beach to the city.

I am really into wearing bermudas in the city. Pairing them with something a little less tropical, like a stripe tee and a cool flat sandal instantly gives them more street cred. Add a scarf and messy braid and even the boys in the skatepark will be jealous.

Hair by Rodney Cutler and Brielle Johnson for Cutler/Redken.

What Your Mom’s Ideal Mother’s Day Handbag Says About Her

What Your Mom’s Ideal Mother’s Day Handbag Says About Her

For many fashion lovers, and especially bag lovers, our obsessions are learned in one very specific place: from our mothers. Not only did we catch the bag bug from them, but most of us learned a lot of subtle (or, depending on your mom, not-so-subtle) things about how to choose bags, what makes them beautiful and what our choices signal to others by watching our mothers go shopping and get dressed.

Fashion is a social language, after all, and now it’s time for your mom’s bags to talk back. Below, take a peak inside what your mom’s Mother’s Day gift wishes say about her.

Inside the Handbag Collections of Europe’s Most Famous WAGs

Inside the Handbag Collections of Europe’s Most Famous WAGs

Although most of our celebrity handbag coverage is US-centric, we try to keep in mind that not only are a lot of our readers not American, but a lot of fantastic handbag collections exist in the closets of celebrities beyond our shores. We do our best to find those celebs in the archives of our photo agency, but over the years, I’ve noticed one very clear thing: paparazzi seem to love taking pictures of European athletes’ wives, girlfriends and ex-wives more than anyone else on the entire continent, or some reason. Those women also carry a ton of flashy handbags, perhaps unsurprisingly.

The WAGs, as they’re referred to as a group, are sometimes famous and successful in their own right before they marry (Victoria Beckham, the undisputed Queen of the WAGs), and other times not so much (Coleen Rooney, footballer Wayne Rooney’s high school sweetheart). Whatever their pre-relationship status, marrying a football star (they’re generally footballers’ wives) seems to give these women an extra boost of notoriety that makes them irresistible to the lenses of European paps, and that’s fine with us because now we get to look at their fancy handbags.

The same phenomenon doesn’t seem to happen in the US; even though we’re no less obsessed with sports, the wives of the players generally receive little photographic attention. Which is too bad, because I bet their handbags are pretty fancy, too.

The Best Bags from the Bergdorf Goodman Pre-Fall and Fall 2014 Pre-Orders

The Best Bags from the Bergdorf Goodman Pre-Fall and Fall 2014 Pre-Orders

The fashion industry is weird in oh so many ways, but right now, it feels extra weird to be thinking about fall purchases when spring weather doesn’t even appear to be fully set in New York City. The fashion calendar rages on, though, and Bergdorf Goodman has officially opened up the first of its Pre-Fall and Fall 2014 handbag pre-orders. The selection will grow over the next months, but for right now, the selection is heavy on Fendi, Givenchy and Valentino bags, with a few notable picks from Chloe (a Baylee tote, which is arguably prettier than the original satchel version) and Alexander Wang (a gym sling made of deerskin), among others. Check out our favorites below or peruse the full selection via Bergdorf Goodman.

Fendi’s Fall 2014 2Jours Line Will Include This Alligator Beauty

Fendi’s Fall 2014 2Jours Line Will Include This Alligator Beauty

If you have an iPhone, you’ve probably seen the emoji with the heart eyes. It comes in both human and cat form, and when used correctly, it communicates the kind of starry-eyed adoration that’s so difficult to describe in words. When I came across the Fendi 2Jours Alligator Shopping Tote, my face became that emoji. Sadly, my wallet did not also suddenly become full of $28,000, but, you know. Details.

The Fendi 2Jours is among the accessories market’s most sought-after bags of the moment, and its classic shape, simple lines and minimalist finishing have lent themselves to versions both traditional and fantastical. Up until now, the brand has held off on delving too deeply into upper-echelon exotics, but with this beautifully color-varied bag, it looks like the game is on. And it’s about time – the design found easy acceptance in the ranks of the world’s pickiest bag fiends, and giving them something even more special to lust after tends to pay dividends.

If you’ve got some extra room in your AmEx limit, this be can be pre-ordered $28,000 via Bergdorf Goodman with an expected delivery no later than October 7.

Bag of the Week: Fendi 2Jours Small Shopper

Bag of the Week: Fendi 2Jours Small Shopper

Bag: Fendi 2Jours Small Shopper Bag

Price: $1,750 via Net-A-Porter

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: Ever since Fendi released the 2Jours in a smaller size, I’ve been obsessed. The clean lines and classic design have made this bag an accessory lovers’ favorite, and with a multitude of options, there’s a version for everyone. The grey hue on this iteration, along with the compact size, is perfect for seasons to come.

2 Jours



A couple new favorite things including the ever chic Fendi 2 Jours (now in miniature size) and these clever athletic-esque Gx by Gwen Stefani tie-ups. When in doubt, go for classics–preferably with a little re-imagining!

The Many Bags of January Jones, Part Two

The Many Bags of January Jones, Part Two

As we mentioned yesterday, the final season of Mad Men starts this weekend, and because several members of the PurseBlog team are totally obsessed with me show (present company included), we’re pretty excited. We also figured this would be a perfect time to update our handbag surveillance of Betty Draper herself, January Jones.

We first took a look at Jones’ collection back in 2012, and unsurprisingly, its grown since then. We’ve documented as many of the new additions as we could track down below.

Kate Upton Carries Fendi in Paris

Kate Upton Carries Fendi in Paris

Kate Upton was recently spotted doing a little shopping in Paris with her The Other Woman costar Leslie Mann, who’s hidden behind someone’s head in the photo above while leaving the Saint Laurent boutique. Kate is carrying a Fendi 3Jours Shopping Tote. The embroidered leather design on the front of the bag looks a lot like a computer chip, n’est ce pas? You can snatch up the black-and-white version of this graphic print 3Jours for $2,790 at Net-a-Porter.

You probably haven’t heard about this through the regular gossip channels, but Kate Upton is in an exclusive relationship…with blue handbags. Almost every single bag we’ve ever seen her carry is the exact same shade of medium blue. Don’t believe me? Here’s Kate with her blue Chanel Cerf Tote. Here she is with her blue Celine Crocodile Luggage Tote. I guess you should look out for our inevitable profile of Kate’s collection, “The Many (Blue) Bags of Kate Upton.”

Character Study: Joan Holloway of “Mad Men”

Character Study: Joan Holloway of “Mad Men”

On Sunday, the seventh and final season of Mad Men debuts, which spells the beginning of the end for two of television’s most exciting female characters: Joan Holloway and Peggy Olson. Today, we’ll pay a small tribute to the force of nature that is Joanie by breaking down her accessories style in the second installment of our Character Study series. (Scandal superfan? Check out our first edition, starring Olivia Pope.)

Translating Joan’s style into today’s fashion presents a unique challenge because Mad Men is so inextricably tied to a very particular era and, by extension, that era’s very particular aesthetic. Handbags in the early 60s weren’t the functional carryalls that we know today; instead, shapes tended toward the compact and structured, with an emphasis on top handles and, later, small shoulder bags.

Within those parameters, Joan’s style tends toward the attention-getting. On the show, the character has spoken about being a woman who was raised to be admired, and she adorns herself accordingly. Her style is bright, detailed and exquisitely tailored, with occasional notes of kitsch that characterize the time period’s ultra-feminine look. With her promotion to partner at the end of the fifth season, Joan could certainly afford any of the retro-modern bags we’ve chosen below.

The Minis

You know that question: What you would bring along if you were trapped on a desert island? Well, it’s been a little revised for spring and it might be more appropriate to ask your friends: If you can only fit three items in your mini bag, what will they be?

These tiny, miniature sized bags were a plenty on the runways (the first spotting happened for spring 2012 at Rochas), some of the styles being just straight up small, and others being shrunken versions of classic styles we’ve come to love (like the one in the photo from Loeffler Randall, a mini Rider bag).

Think of it kind of like a forced handbag cleanse. These mini bags force you to really examine what you really need to keep with you all the time. For me? My iPhone, a metro card, a credit card and the keys to my apartment (if you’ll allow me one more item, a lipstick).

Of course, if you can’t narrow your life down to just three belongings, you can always carry all of your mini bags together, like Meredith is doing here :)

Cindy Crawford Travels with a Fendi Peekaboo

Cindy Crawford Travels with a Fendi Peekaboo

Here’s Cindy Crawford at LAX, scurrying past some overzealous autograph seekers while carrying a sleek, black Fendi Peekaboo Bag. (Are you completely disturbed by the small boy holding a pic of Cindy grasping her own boobs? Me too!) You can purchase the Selleria version of Cindy’s Fendi bag for $5,050 at Barneys, as well as peep at the “peekaboo” elements of this bag, which are not so obvious in these pics.

Cindy took over “Oprah’s Lifeclass” last week and talked to a live audience about her personal travails and triumphs, including failing as an actress (or, rather, deciding she didn’t like acting after starring in one big-budget flop) and being judged for her beauty rather than her brains. If inspirational yarns are totally your jam, you can catch all the “Lifeclass” webisodes on

The Many Bags of Lily Allen

The Many Bags of Lily Allen

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what it might be like to be one of Karl Lagerfeld’s special friends, a quick tour through the bag collection of British singer Lily Allen is pretty illuminating. Allen, with her signature mix of fashion world glam and filterless British grunge, is so beloved by Karl that she even starred in a Chanel handbag campaign a few years ago, and now that she’s back in the spotlight after getting married and having a couple of kiddos, we thought it was high time we looked into her collection, from her first days of post-MySpace fame to the present.

Lily Allen Exits Her NYC Hotel with a Furry Fendi Bag

Lily Allen Exits Her NYC Hotel with a Furry Fendi Bag

Here’s Lily Allen, leaving her hotel in NYC and carrying a Fendi Fur Peekaboo Bag. She’s also wearing Christian Louboutin Glitter Pigalle Pumps and a Chanel tunic, not that you’d have trouble identifying either. Lily has been in town for a while now and always seems to have a little Chanel on her person. (Here she is with a Chanel Bowling Bag last week.) Lily’s furry Fendi bag is sold out, but you can shop a wide assortment of Fendi bags, shoes, and apparel at Saks. You can find Lily’s glittery Pigalles for $625 at Barneys.

Lily is exactly the girl I would expect to carry this bag. Some designs just require oodles of personality to pull off, and a furry Fendi is definitely one of them. We’ve already discussed how Lily and Karl Lagerfeld are great chums, but I frequently forget that Karl is also the creative director of Fendi (because being the creative director of one major fashion house simply isn’t enough). Which only means more free Chanel AND Fendi for Lily and all of Karl’s other celeb muses!

Vote Now in PurseBlog March Madness – Round 2

Vote Now in PurseBlog March Madness – Round 2

You guys weighed in, we did the math and the field has been winnowed from 16 to just 8. Which designers will live on to the Final Four? That’s up for you to decide in Round 2 of PurseBlog March Madness. Just like you did early this week, choose which bag brand you prefer in each matchup and cast your votes – the winner of each will move one step closer to being our 2014 champion. Some of the matchups in the last round, like Louis Vuitton vs. Balenciaga and Gucci vs. Alexander Wang, were quite close, so every vote counts!

Vote in PurseBlog March Madness Round 2 Now!