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Want It Wednesday: Fuzziness of All Kinds

Want It Wednesday: Fuzziness of All Kinds

Fall and winter are a time for rich textures, and it doesn’t get much richer than fur, whether it’s real or faux. For this Want It Wednesday, we’ve picked our favorite fuzzy pieces on the market right now, all of which we wish we had in our own closets for the months ahead.





Wearing a full look from Whistles FW14 collection that I am a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y enamored with. How many shades of dusty lilac can I wear? Never enough! Also keep you eyes peeled for this Limited Edition Rucksack that will be available today 6pm UK time! So sad that I won’t be in London this season to catch the show in person, but no worry! You can watch the Spring/Summer ’15 show live with me after the jump! (Are you excited? Because I am!)



Full look (excluding trousers and slip ons) from

Accessories: THPSHOP.CO (Bound Cuffs + Ear Cuffs)


Prada is the Latest Brand to Court the Affections of Cat Ladies

Prada is the Latest Brand to Court the Affections of Cat Ladies

Prada’s handbags tend to be overwhelmingly staid; the brand has positioned itself, season after season, as the source for work-appropriate power bags for women with corner offices (or corner office aspirations), and although Miuccia allows for an artistic departure here and there, whimsy is usually not her stock in trade. With that in mind, I have no explanation for the Prada Mink Fur Cat Pochette.

Kitschy, literal bags are a huge trend right now (as is weirdness in general, and as are cats), and Prada will bow to pretty much any accessories trend that becomes strong enough, even if it isn’t totally on brand. (Gotta sell bags, after all.) This cat’s jeweled eyes and nose relate the clutch back to Prada’s visual signatures for accessories, but other than that, it just doesn’t feel like much of a Prada bag; if you had told me it was Charlotte Olympia, I’d have believed you without question, and that’s a brand with which Prada’s general aesthetic just doesn’t overlap. That’s not necessarily a complaint–the bag is super cute.

Prada’s previous ventures into literalness that haven’t been either purely artistic or plainly political have generally involved very small accessories, like teddy bear bag charms. As much as I love Prada’s general handbag aesthetic, it’s never bad to see a brand have a little bit of fun. Apparently, I’m not alone in this approval – the bag sold out at Bergdorf Goodman in a matter of days. If you want, you can still visit its product page, though.

Another Round of Fendi Bag Bug Pre-Orders Has Arrived

Another Round of Fendi Bag Bug Pre-Orders Has Arrived

Just like last season, Fendi Bag Bugs are super-covetable and genuinely hard to find in a way that few things in the accessories world are right now. They sell out so quickly in stores that I’ve never actually seen one in person for sale, and when you search the term “Fendi” on Bergdorf Goodman’s website, it’s likely no coincidence that they’re the first thing that pops up to represent the entire brand. The good news: that means you can pre-order one right this very minute.

Bergdorfs currently has six bag bugs on offer at three price points; two faceless bicolor fur pom-pom charms at $350 each, two leather-faced mini bugs (which still appear quite large) at $450 apiece and two deluxe, crystal-eyed purse monsters, complete with fluffy contrasting eyebrows, for a whopping $800 each. Check out all the styles below, and if you’ve wanted to get your hands on one, we definitely suggest pre-ordering.

Fill in the Blank: The Shrimps Faux Fur Clutch is…

Fill in the Blank: The Shrimps Faux Fur Clutch is…

Usually fur bags and accessories are released for fall and winter and then go into hiding until the next cold weather season approaches. But much to my surprise I saw a newer designer, Shrimps, release a couple of faux fur clutches just in time for spring and summer.

These bags are colorful and different, but still took me off guard. There’s a green and yellow version along with an orange and black. Price is $310 via Net-A-Porter. I want to know what you think about it too.

Fill in the blank: The Shrimps Faux Fur Clutch is _______________.

Pre-Order Proenza Schouler’s Stellar Fall 2014 Handbags at Moda Operandi

Pre-Order Proenza Schouler’s Stellar Fall 2014 Handbags at Moda Operandi

In the weeks since Proenza Schouler’s beautiful Fall 2014 handbag collection debuted on the runway, our enthusiasm for the bags hasn’t diminished – they were, and still are, the cream of the New York Fashion Week crop, by a long shot. For the next few days, you can shop Jack & Lazaro’s newfound adventures in crocodile, stingray and fur at Moda Operandi, but get ready to melt your credit card doing it.

Proenza is making a bid to become America’s reigning European-style luxury brand, and with that comes ultra-premium materials and their attendant price tags. These bags start right under $2,000 for a fur-faced clutch, and they top out at $28,000 for an all-croc satchel. All of these bags are part of a new line for the brand, which they’re calling the Proenza Schouler PS Elliot Bag. Unfortunately, that’s not a clever reference to TS Eliot, in all likelihood, because of the difference in spelling, but a girl can dream. Check out the bags below or shop the full collection, including the excellent runway clothes, via Moda Operandi through March 6.

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Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2014 Bags Might Be Peak Dolce

Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall 2014 Bags Might Be Peak Dolce

Every season, Dolce & Gabbana seems to have one goal, and one goal only: to make every new collection as Dolce & Gabbana as humanly possible. Not interested in Italian neoclassicism, European history or the vagaries of Sicilian culture? Dolce isn’t for you, and the designers aren’t even going to pretend it is. There’s no everywoman in these garments, only the Dolce woman, and that extends to Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2014 Handbags.

In this selection of bags, there weren’t terribly many legacy Dolce shapes. Instead, the show was largely dominated by ornately embellished box shoulder bags and a few flap-closured top handles, and everything was utterly ornate. Beading, embroidery, metalwork, exotic skins, fur, crystals, velvet, brocade – the works, often in combination. Despite all of that stuff going on, almost all of the bags felt luxurious and well-designed, which isn’t always the case for pieces with so many competing elements. Dolce & Gabbana do very particular things, and they do them particularly well.

[Images via]

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Behold: The Fendi Karl Lagerfeld Bag Bug

Behold: The Fendi Karl Lagerfeld Bag Bug

You can say a lot of things about Fendi creative director Karl Lagerfeld, but you can’t claim the man doesn’t have a sense of humor about himself. Fendi, a brand that knows as well as any other when it has a hit on its hand and how to maximize its success, opened its Fall 2014 runway show (full coverage of the show’s handbags is coming your way at noon) with one of the brand’s popular Bag Bugs in the visage of Lagerfeld himself, held aloft daintily by Cara Delevingne so that one and all could snap clear pictures of it for Instagram and beyond. Well played.

Lagerfeld intuitively understands better than almost anyone else in fashion how powerful moments like this little Bag Bug can be – photos of this furry, miniaturized version of himself immediately flooded social media after the show, and East Coasters woke up to find Lil Karl staring back at them from their phones. Not only that, but Fendi had the biggest model in the world carry it; the brand signed Delevingne to a Milan exclusive, so her appearance along with this Bag Bug was the only one she’ll be making on the Italian runways. It was, clearly, the only such handbag accessory presented in this way. Based on our sources, Lil Karl saw his shadow, so we’re predicting six more months of brisk Bag Bug pre-sales.

If you want to get your hands on one of Fendi’s original furry bag charms, check out our guide to pre-ordering them.

[Image via]

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Sophie Hulme Puts Her Own Spin on the Bag Bug

Sophie Hulme Puts Her Own Spin on the Bag Bug

It’s nearly impossible to buy a $700+ Fendi Bag Bug and has been for months, so it was only a matter of time before other designers looking to get a piece of the irreverent-bag-charm pie. Up first is Brit Sophie Hulme, whose attainably priced, cleanly designed leather bags we already adore. Now we have the Sophie Hulme Fuzzy Pink Bag Charms, which are somewhat more restrained (and considerably less expensive) than their super-popular Fendi counterparts.

The most obvious difference between these bag monsters and the originals, of course, is that these are much, much smaller. Fendi’s fuzzy charms are so large that it’d be difficult to use one as a keychain; they’re very much meant to live on the outside of a bag at all times. These little buggies, on the other hand, are proportional to what you’d expect for a keychain, and they feature a chain long enough that your new friend will dangle below your house keys, in full view. If you like Fendi’s idea but want to spend a lot less money or would prefer a keychain, these are the way to go.

Sophie Hulme Fuzzy Mink Bag Charm

Sophie Hulme Fuzzy Mink Bag Charm Pink

Sophie Hulme Fuzzy Mink Bag Charm

Sophie Hulme Fuzzy Mink Bag Charm Blue

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On The Street…The Fortezza, Florence



Don’t you love the idea that she’s a private detective on a stakeout, but hates going undercover when she has such beautiful clothes?

Pre-Order Your Fendi Bag Bugs Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Pre-Order Your Fendi Bag Bugs Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

By now, you’re all well-acquainted with Fendi Bag Bugs, Buggies or Monsters (the name seems to vary depending on the retailer, time of day and direction of the wind), and even if you’re not interested in the $700+ handbag charms, you’ve probably noticed that they tend to move pretty quickly for something that lacks legs and is also otherwise inanimate. Shoppers snap up these little darlings as quickly as Fendi can make them, and the only reliable way to get your hands on one is to pre-order.

Neiman Marcus recently opened up online pre-orders for three spring styles of the Bag Bug, and as far as we can tell from the other retailers we checked, it’s the only place to secure one at the moment. Check them out below for price and pre-order information; the new Bugs are expected to arrive by late April.

Fendi Crystal-Eyed Monster Bag Charm
$800 via Neiman Marcus

Fendi Crystal Eyed Fur Monster Bag Charm Mint

Fendi Crystal-Eyed Fur Monster Bag Charm
$800 via Neiman Marcus

Fendi Crystal Eyed Fur Monster Handbag Charm

Fendi Fur Bag Charm
$700 via Neiman Marcus

Fendi Fur Monster Handbag Charm

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$1,500 Fendi Bag Bug Earmuffs Sold Out, 2014 Set to Be a Weird Year

$1,500 Fendi Bag Bug Earmuffs Sold Out, 2014 Set to Be a Weird Year

We’ve covered the ever-growing Fendi Bag Bug phenomenon a couple times before, but if you ever doubted how much luxury consumers absolutely love the weird, cartoonish, absolutely adorable little accessory monster that Fendi introduced a season ago, consider this: Net-a-Porter got a $1,500 pair of double-monster Fendi Bag Bug Earmuffs in stock over the holiday, and as quick as they showed up, they were completely sold out.

If you thought $700 was a mind-boggling price tag for Fendi’s perpetually sold out bag charms, then you’re probably somewhat dazed right now. I know I am, and I’ve been staring at the product page for these earmuffs for like a week. The rich, they’re different from you and me. They can spend north of a G on novelty earmuffs. For comparison, a pair of Gucci fur earmuffs costs about $400. (Does anyone actually wear earmuffs?)

Maybe they’re not so different, though; the Fendi bag bugs (both the charms and the bags that look like monsters themselves) have sold well because they have a sense of fun to them. Fashion can be an endlessly self-serious interest to have, but these cute accessories value irreverence as much as they do luxury. That combination, when done well, can be endlessly enticing, and Fendi seems to have hit the nail on the head. If you’d like a pair of these muffs reserved for you when they come back into stock, you can add them to your wishlist at Net-a-Porter.

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The 15 Best Gifts Under $250

The 15 Best Gifts Under $250

As much fantasy gifts are fun to look at and think about, the reality for most people, even most luxury customers, is that we’ve all got a budget to stick to. In keeping with that idea, we’ve constructed a series of price-tiered gift guides to make shopping with your checkbook in mind just a bit easier. Last week, we searched the Internet for gifts under $500, and today, we’ve doubled down to the best gifts under $250.

Not only did we go looking for small gifts like sunglasses, scarves and fashion jewelry, but we tried to find as many solid handbag options as possible with that budget cap in mind. There were more than you’d think; we found great clutches, crossbodies and totes in that price range, plus all the extras any gift-recipient would need to finish their look perfectly. ($250 still too much? We’ve got an under-$100 guide coming later this week, and you can check out all of our gift recommendations right this way.)

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Garance Doré Cyber Monday

I feel super lucky to live with one of the most fashionable women in the world, I should remember to take photographs of her more often. As you know, today is Cyber-Monday and Garance is running a one day special sale at her blog Use discount code GDCYBERMONDAY10 to receive 10% off.

My Faux Coat

Even if I’m not fundamentaly against fur (I explained why here), I like trying to find alternatives and so far, nothing has me convinced. And then this Max Mara coat came along, worn by Carine Roitfeld. And then this Zara jacket. And then, I found this coat by Dries Van Noten.

I loved it so much during the runway show that I totally put my name on a list (Yes, hello there, Fashion Hysterics Anonymous, how may I help you?) and honestly, I have not been disappointed. It’s super warm. It’s super soft and it’s very light on my shoulders. Also I swear, people won’t stop touching my coat; it’s almost bizarre. A little like the whole short hair thing: suddenly strangers stop to caress your fur… (Does that sound weird in English? It’s just as weird in French, rest assured.) Okay, you see what I’m getting at though.

And actually, it’s not too surprising because Dries said to me (Garance, friend to the designers) that he went looking for the perfect faux fur in a teddy bear factory in Germany.

YEAH, I’M A TEDDY BEAR YOU GUYS. Will you please hug me?

PS: Thank you to Scott for the photo!

Sunglasses, Céline; Jeans, MiH; Clutch, Mansur Gavriel; Sweatshirt, Isabel Marant x H&M; Sneakers, Nike.

Triple Threat: The 3.1 Phillip Lim Fur Front Leather Racer Bag

Triple Threat: The 3.1 Phillip Lim Fur Front Leather Racer Bag

Designers like Fendi, The Row and Tom Ford all put great emphasis on fur during their Fall 2013 collections, both in ready-to-wear or accessories. For me, though, it was this 3.1 Phillip Lim Fur Front Leather Racer Bag that was not only a standout piece on the runway, but more importantly, redefined fur from the way I remember my great-grandmother’s mink fur coat. (Trust me, that thing was scary.) Even though I’ve been reading reviews and trend reports that fur is indeed on trend, I was hesitant until until my research turned into a shopping endeavor at Saks – that’s when I began to understand why everyone was lusting over the fur hype.

This 3.1 Phillip Lim bag is both a playful and sophisticated handbag, largely due to the size and construction. Because of the bag’s compact and functional size, the fur doesn’t look overwhelming, or to be blunt, like you are wearing a live animal dangling from your shoulder. This bag can be worn several ways, instantly transitioning this bag from day to night – it’s great as a cross-body, wristlet or simply a clutch. It’s the multi-colored rabbit fur color scheme that makes the bag distinctive among many other fur bags on the market. The price is hefty, but the payoff is worth it.

Try this 3.1 Phillip Lim bag through Matches for $700 and you may be surprised by what you think.

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The Fendi Fur Monster Also Comes in Bag Form

The Fendi Fur Monster Also Comes in Bag Form

It’s been several months since I wrote about the Fendi Fur Monster Bag Charm, and I’m still sort of obsessed with it. I never counted myself as the kind of person who would buy an expensive, non-functional doohickey to adorn my already expensive, probably only semi-functional handbag, and yet, I’d gladly trot around with one of those little fuzzy rascals on my bag. Perhaps helpfully, the charms sold out at Neiman Marcus long ago, so I’m not even vaguely tempted to purchase one for myself, despite the fact that last week’s Instagram roundup reignited my love all over again.

If $700 for what is essentially a keychain still sounds like a lot for a keychain (it still does for me), nearly four grand for the similarly themed bag probably isn’t going to sound more reasonable, but rationality is obviously not the reason anyone buys luxury monsters. In fact, all the purchases of this Fendi product family were likely inspired by the exact opposite. If you have that kind of money to splash around on your sense of humor, more power to you – I’m sure you’re sending some Italian artisan’s kid to college as we speak. Buy through Matches for $3,915.

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At Carven, Paris




The Fendi 2Jours Tote is Still One of the Best Handbags Going

The Fendi 2Jours Tote is Still One of the Best Handbags Going

It’s rare that a handbag looks as precise, luxurious and elegant in person as it does in a carefully styled photo from a brand or luxury retail site, but somehow, the Fendi 2Jours Bag does. Every time. Sometimes it looks even better. I live in an area that’s great for bag-spotting, and even in the Hunger Games-reminiscent atmosphere of the Upper East Side Fairway grocery store after work, a woman carrying one of these bags somehow manages to still look pulled together, just because of her purse.

Very few handbags have that sort of power (in my experience, the Hermes Birkin is not always one of them – I see plenty of those on Upper East Side doyennes, too), but the 2Jours’ rigorous structure, matte leather finish and minimal hardware gives the bag a thoroughly modern look that highlights the quality of the materials and construction. In its many calf hair and fur versions, the bag’s clean lines allow the highly textured materials to take center stage.

Although I’m sure a 2Jours is capable of showing wear, it’s never been apparent when I’ve seen the bag in the wild. The combination of structured leather and a rigid frame keeps the bag looking fresh off the shelf long after it’s left the store, and if you’re the kind of person who likes things just so, then I can scarcely think of a better bag for you on the market right now. I’m personally not much of a perfectionist, but the seeming agelessness of the 2Jours appeals even to me. Below, some of the best picks of the many versions of the 2Jours available right now, from regular leather to crazy fur.

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Add A Little Monster To Your Bag With a Fendi Fur Charm

Add A Little Monster To Your Bag With a Fendi Fur Charm

Fendi’s Fall 2013 runway was full of fur used in inventive ways, from neon zebra-striped bags to shoes that feature multicolored mohawks for your ankles. If it had surface area, Karl Lagerfeld probably found a way to make it fuzzy. If you’re not such a maximalist, though, you can always pick up a Fendi Fur Monster Charm to spike up an existing bag in your collection.

I know some people will think this little guy is hideous, but I’m totally smitten with him. With his green scruff and big pink eyebrows, he looks like the kind of little monster around which an adorable Pixar movie might be based. Of course, I’m making a big assumption that this little dude is, in fact, a dude – it might be a girl! A cute little lady monster to hang from your bag so that people know you have a sense of humor about your personal style. Unfortunately, it’ll also let them know you have a lot of extra money to burn – this charm will set you back $700 adorable dollars via Neiman Marcus.

Fendi Fur Monster Charm 2

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The Fendi 2Jours Fur Runway Totes Have Landed

The Fendi 2Jours Fur Runway Totes Have Landed

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Don’t sleep on Fendi. Karl Lagerfeld’s creative direction at Chanel may get more media attention, but the things he’s been doing with color, texture and tech-inspired fabrications and textiles at Fendi for the past few seasons are, at their best, a fascinating look at the technicolor future of mass-market luxury. At their worst, they’re still a heck of a lot of fun to look at, and these Fendi 2Jours Mink and Leather Totes are far from the brand’s worst.

The entire Fendi Fall 2013 handbag collection was full of fur, most of it implemented in far more interesting ways than designers generally consider when making a “fur bag.” Fendi has been a furrier since the beginning of the company in the 1920s, though, so perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that the brand is more creative with the controversial material than many of its contemporaries. On these totes, colorful, close-cropped mink is layered over the bag’s leather base to creative an acid-tripping version of zebra print. Some might sniff at the “taste level” of these bags and their mixed colors and textures, but I’d carry one in a heartbeat. They’re an electrifying example of what can be done with the handbag form, if proper creativity is applied.

Fendi 2Jours Mink and White Leather Large Tote
$6,102 via Luisa Via Roma

Fendi 2Jours Mink and White Leather Large Tote Bag

Fendi 2Jours Mink and Leather Medium Bag
$5,517 via Luisa Via Roma

Fendi 2Jours Mink and Leather Medium Bag

Fendi 2Jours Mink and Leather Bag
$6,102 via Luisa Via Roma

Fendi 2Jours Mink and Leather Large Bag

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These Shoes (And Me)

I have to confess something a little embarassing to you. This spring, I turned into a true fashion victim for a minute. Ooookay, maybe it was more than just two seconds… Maybe two months.
It’s actually weird cause I am pretty relaxed with my style right now. I’m a little tired of the fashion* hysteria and I’ve been going with simple and classic outfits. I’m totally Sophia Coppola** these days.

Give me a pair of jeans and ballet flats*** and I am happy.


For a few months now, I’ve been trying to ignore a little voice inside me saying, “Céline Birks. Céline Birks****!!!

Yeah. These in the illustration.

I swear, I’ve been trying to get it out of my head. It’s like these shoes have possessed me or something, with their “let’s have fun with fashion” look and that “yeaaaaahhhhh I’m so bourgeois and sooooooo chill” that I wear Birks with fur inside.

So one day, when Scott asked me what I wanted for my birthday, my mouth opened all on its own and fashionista hiccups came tumbling out… “Céline Birks!


Scott said no. Anything but that. You want to annihilate our love life. No. Way. He hates shoes with fur inside. He thinks it’s gross when fur and toes collide.

And normal Garance, the one you all know, she totally agrees. Fur between the toes is interesting enough during a show, awesome in Vogue, sublaaaaaaïme in illustrations, but in real life, it’s a little weird.
But Garashionista, my fashion-victim doppelganger, like all fashion-victims, loooooooves them and thinks that just wearing these shoes would make for a happy woman who you can only ever catch from her left profile (her good side).

And since Garashionista***** has her feminine wiles in tact, she was able to convince Scott that getting her those shoes for her birthday would be the ultimate sign of true-love (she has a split personality AND puts together amazing arguments.)

And she won.

He spent weeks looking for them, such a love he is.

Of course though, he couldn’t find them. All the true fashion victims***** ordered them the second they went up on, which is to say, a few seconds after they hit the runway.

But you know, after he was able to show his undying love for me, I was kind of able to forget all about being soooooo bourgeois yet sooooo chill with my fit all nice and warm and cozy in the fur.

And one day, we were just enjoying a nice stroll through the streets of Soho.
We made a stop (as one must) at Kirna Zabete****** when suddenly, like a far off mirage, I saw the Céline Birks. In my size. I was barely able to breathe when I asked to try them on.


Big fashion moment.

I turned to see myself in the mirror and I saw….

A haggard looking Garance with Birks on and really hairy feet (And Scott just cracking up in the background).

I moved my toes around a little to feel the effect of the fur. It’s a little weird. I took them off, stared at them, turn them around in my hands like I would with a diamond, considered buying them just to frame them (these shoes have already made fashion history)(wouldn’t these look amazing if they were framed and just put up nonchalantly in the office of our new Studio*******, like works of art?)(Shutup Garashionista!) and then looked back at Scott, who was grandiosely gesticulating, saying noooooooooooo!
So, nope. I didn’t get ‘em.

I let, slightly bruised ego in tote but a little wiser after the experience. I was reassured, the new Garance, cool and put together, Garance Coppola, sometimes you catch her left side, sometimes right, but she knows the difference between a runway outfit and one for the street.

And walking arm and arm with a happy man to boot.


* I know, it’s not like I’ve ever been Anna Dello Russo. But I’m even less Anna Dello Russo than I once was.

** And maybe Francis Ford too, sometimes.

*** Sometimes, I also wear a T-shirt, you know.

**** Sainte Phoebe, forgive me. I know. These shoes are not called the Céline Birks. I have no idea what the name of them is. Do they have a name? Feline Birks? Ha!

***** It’s not enough to just claim that you’re a fashion victim, it’s a title that requires some blood, sweat and tears. You gotta earn it.

****** At some point I’ll have to introduce you to Garidontcareaboutshit, who wears only jogging pants all the time. Whoops! You already know her!

******* Yep, my man loves window shopping. More than I do actually.

******* Yeaaaaaah. We’re not in the new Studio yet. Ok ok. I can say I’ve got the totally chill part down, maybe not so much the bourgeois, but chill I’ve got mastered.

I know, I messed up my asterisk count, TOTALLY CHILL, I told you.

Translation : Tim Sullivan

Fill in the Blank: The Loewe Poppy Sheep Amazona Bag looks…

Fill in the Blank: The Loewe Poppy Sheep Amazona Bag looks…

Well, the Loewe Poppy Sheep Amazona Bag looks cuddly, for lack of a better word.

For some reason, my first thought upon seeing this bag (which is part of Loewe’s Fall 2013 collection, on pre-order via Moda Operandi through March 28) was that if I were to ever be stranded at an airport, it would be the bag I’d want to have with me. Stuff your extra sweater inside and it’s an impromptu pillow! How convenient. Questionably stylish, sure, but convenient.

This bag, as well as versions in blue and ivory, graced the brand’s runway earlier this month in Paris. Naturally, designers tend to put their most eye-catching and forward-thinking pieces on the runway, so if they’re going to have a fuzzy Amazona, I suppose it’s only natural that it was featured; even if it’s not destined to be a hot seller, people will certainly talk about it.

As many of you already know, my feelings about fur bags tend to be harsh, with occasional exceptions made for particularly well-conceived designs. I wouldn’t put this Amazona on that short list, but its cartoonish quality did make me smile instead of cringe. A bag for an animated Cruella DeVille, perhaps. Pick up this piece for $2,400 or shop the full pre-sale via Moda Operandi. Got a different way to finish our sentence in the post title? Give it to us in the comments.

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On the Street…..Carola Bianchi, Milan & Paris

We haven’t really spoken but every time I see Carola Bianchi (?) she looks so cool. 

A Fur Question

I liked the conversation we had the other day about fur.
First, I want to say that I felt like for once, this subject was able to be discussed without anyone losing it.
It’s quite rare to have a real conversation about fur on the internet. Unless you love angry tweets thrown your way, we all tend to avoid it.

This time around, everyone came together with a huge amount of a respect, so thanks to all of you.

After reading through your very interesting comments (I learned a heck of a lot. If you ever have questions about fur, I recommend that you go through them too), I think I have put my finger on what I think about fur.

Before we get to that though, let me say a few things about how I got here.

I’m not a vegetarian. I grew up in a family where we ate a lot of vegetables and some meat. We’d buy meat at the very best butcher in town and when it was there, we really took time to taste it.

My father is a restauranteur and a chef.

He cooked meat – but especially fish. I remember in our restaurant, we had a lobster tank with live lobsters and when a client would order one, my father would have to fish one out and take it alive to the kitchen. I could hear the lobster squealing in his hands.

And then he’d grab a huge knife and cut it in two, still alive.

It was pretty shocking for a child but I grew up in a village with cows and goats and chickens and at times when we’d have to kill them and eat them.
I’ve seen animals be killed many times. It’s sad and fascinating at the same time.

Later on, I stopped trusting meat. First there was the mad-cow scare, but now that I’ve moved to the States, I’m weary of the hormones used in meat and how the animals are raised and what kind of effect that eating all that could have to my health.

I’m more conscious of what I eat.

When I’m asked if I’d like chicken on an airplane, for example, I think about just how many people in the world are offered the same dinner, and then I imagine the millions of chickens. And then I think about how those chickens are raised and then yikkkessss.
I’ll have the pasta please.

So yeah, I don’t eat meat very often these days, and only when I know where it comes from.

I think I’m much less conscientious when it comes to what I wear though. I like leather a lot. I find it a sensual fabric, I just like it.
Most of the time, I don’t stop and think a second about where that leather pair of shoes, that bag, or those leather shorts for $200 I found last time I was at Topshop are made.

But I mean, leather has to come from some place too, you know?

So back we come to fur.

I haven’t always loved fur. Back in Corsica a pretty warm country, I didn’t see a lot around me.
Plus in the 90s, there was that anti-fur campaigns led by top-models (some of whom wear fur today, but that’s another subject), and I think it had a real effect. Fur became totally outdated.

You’d see it on older women, like a time-capsule of past fashions.
It was charming, but obsolete.

And then suddenly bam! Fur is back.
I started thinking it was really beautiful. I’d get pictures of people in it. I wore some myself, vintage, mind you, but not because of any kind of conviction. I never thought the argument that “Oh, it’s vintage” made the wearer somehow more respectful.
For me, fur is fur, end of story.

Little by little, I started seeing it everywhere, all price ranges, on all the girls.

Then one day, during a fashion week, right in front of a show, my stomach just didn’t feel right.
I don’t know what got me, maybe something about the amount of furs per square foot or something (both on the catwalks and on the street) suddenly made my heart ache — a little like the chicken on the airplane.

It was the first time in a few years that I stopped and thought about fur. It takes time to form an opinion on stuff like this, since we live in a society where killing animals for food and clothing has been around since the dawn of time.

And it’s hard too to be totally clear on what you decide. Because if one day I decide that I’m against fur, that’ll also mean that I’m against leather and that Chateaubriand steak from Paper Moon (eeeeek).

I struggle to understand why people’s radical ways of thinking don’t get pushed to its logical conclusion.

That’s one of the reasons why I admire Stella McCartney so much.
So pushes her ideas through.

Reading your comments helped me understand what my position is for the moment.

What gets me is not the life and death of animals – as a human being raised in the culture I was raised in, philosophically, I can live with that.
What bothers me is how things are done.

An endangered animal, big no. An animal living a miserable existance (we’ve all seen the horrible images of animals being beaten in cages) is the last thing I want to be feeding and clothing me.

A farm animal raised and slaughtered with respect, I’m not against that.

But the other thing to is not only how things are done on the producer’s side, but how we do it on the consumer side.

I want to learn to have more respect for what I consume.

What I always think is interesting with the older women I talked about a few paragraphs ago is the relationship they have with their furs. Most of them treat their fur as something they’d keep for life. Sure, it’s an exterior symbol of wealth, but it’s also considered a treasure, an heirloom to be cherished and only brought out for the most important moments.

But today, we always want more, something new, something cheaper, and a season later we forget what we liked the season before.

It’s too bad, because there’s a real joy in moderation.
Think of having only one watch, like Charlotte and her Baignoire from Cartier. Or a bag that’s your signature, like Grace and her Kelly. Timeless stuff that lives on.
And maybe, if you really want one, a fur, that you’ll cherish for the years to come, bought from a respectful furrier…

I’m not saying we all need to become nuns – I’m the first to go off about the merits of Zara and less expensive clothing (not even mentioning the whole conversation about the conditions of how some of these clothes are made, otherwise we’d have a whole new thing going here), which makes all these other arguments a little hypocritical…

A little like the fur conversation.
But what’s so strong about fur is that it’s visually striking. A visibility that makes us react. And that’s a good thing!
We have to start somewhere.

So that’s where I stand. I respect other points of view, whether you are for or against fur – and I have even more respect for those who ask themselves questions about everything, and ask me questions too!

Personally, I don’t think I’m ready to buy a fur, but I wouldn’t have the hypocrisy to congratulate myself about it – because I’m not ready to replace my leather shoes or bags with synthetics either.

I’m not going to stop shopping at Zara anytime soon but just on a personal level, I’ve already started a while back trying to buy less and not promote the whole “all new, all the time” thing on this blog and elsewhere.
Yes, we talk about fashion, but also about style, and classic pieces you can keep for decades to come.

For me, that’s true fashion… It’s style and style is timeless.
And to me, that is a key role for the luxury industry to play in the years to come.

I’ll try to evolve, to really reflect on things and I hope we can continue our conversation about fashion but also about sustainability, all together and with respect, because there will be no future to style, beauty, and fashion if there aren’t beautiful people standing up and asking questions.

On the Street……At Etro, Milan p.1

Snowy morning in New York City today,  perfect time to get some fresh inspiration from a recent snowy morning in Milan.



On the Street…. Le Grand Palais, Paris

On the Street…. Le Grand Palais, Paris

If You’re Thinking About….. Metallic Shoes

If You’re Thinking About….. Metallic Shoes

Le Manteau De Carine

I found it interesting that in a season where you see so much fur in the shows, the focus of Carine’s outfit the other day was an gigantic fake fur coat, straight out of the Max Mara show. I also love the look itself, this nude, almost out of bed effect… But it’s true the coat really caught my attention.

It’s difficult to have a conversation about fur, because it’s such a passionate debate. It’s understandable.

I can tell you, it’s almost impossible to spend a fashion week without showing fur – it’s in almost every fashion show. So, a fashion week without shows? Mmmm…

For me, I am thinking about it without yet knowing what position to take*, and I’d like to hear what you think – in a reasonable, respectful way obviously… If it’s possible ? Yeah I know it’s possible. I am sure it’s possible !


*The kind of thoughts I have: Yes, but I am not a vegetarian, yes but I’ve heard fake fur is worse for the environment than real fur, yes but how do you cover fashion week without talking about it, etc…


The projections, music, and atmosphere all totally transported me. I loved the femininity of the collection and I also appreciated that it was a softer collection, without tons of accessories that right away everyone would be saying will be on everyone next fashion week.

In that sense, I compare this collection to Marc Jacobs. No gimmicks, just true clothes, lots of dresses. Dresses, so many dresses this season! We gotta start thinking about giving our jeans some rest.

Click on the arrows to see more images…

If You’re Thinking About…. Girls in Hoodies

If You’re Thinking About…. Girls in Hoodies

Fendi Fall 2013 takes fur bags to the next level (and several levels thereafter)

Fendi Fall 2013 takes fur bags to the next level (and several levels thereafter)

Of all of the fraught issues in fashion (and believe me, there are plenty), fur is probably one of the most fraught. It has both ardent defenders and detractors, but mostly, luxury consumers are somewhere in the middle, just like yours truly – aware of the ethical issues with wearing fur, and not necessarily a fur customer, but also not constitutionally opposed to someday becoming a fur customer, were the right piece to cross our paths. For Fendi Fall 2013, it seems as though Karl Lagerfeld’s entire goal was to tempt those of us in the murky middle.

As much as Lagerfeld is revered and admired for his work at Chanel, his Fendi collections always delight me in a way that few others do. This season, he’s taken fur in the modern, technical direction that the brand has been going for several seasons now, to great effect. The best bags (many of which are in the resurgent Peekaboo shape) are in short-shorn furs not much fluffier than calf hair that adds an enormous amount of texture without overwhelming the bag’s structure, which is a problem with so many purses when re-imagined in fur. That Fendi 2Jours Tote you see above? That’s the bag that could make me switch teams. If you’re not ready for full fur, the collection was also full of fuzzy baubles, bag charms and doodads for the accent-inclined.

[Photos via Vogue]

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In the Storm at Dolce & Gabbana, Milan

Hair By Fendi

I loved these very “punk” hairdos at the Fendi show. A long and very tight French braid with a band of fur on top (fur is Fendi’s DNA!) makes the most luxe mohawk.

On the Street…. At Somerset House, London

On the Street…. At Somerset House, London

On the Street…. At Somerset House, London

On the Street…. West 27th St., New York

On the Street…. West 27th St., New York

For the Ferragamo fanatic, here is the iconic Sofia in Astrakan

For the Ferragamo fanatic, here is the iconic Sofia in Astrakan

Some designers just do a really good job, and I consider Ferragamo to be part of that group. The brand is always creating pieces for the everyday elegant woman, and I constantly think of Salvatore Ferragamo when it comes to investment pieces. I own a few of their handbags, but I am always looking to add a new piece, and what better than this stunning version of the iconic Sofia in Astrakan.

Creative Director Massimiliano Giornetti reimagined the Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia Satchel for the Fall 2012 runway collection by finishing it in a distinctive Astrakan fur, which has a tightly textured appearance. (Not to mention that it’s a huge trend for the season.)

I have a version of this bag in white leather, and whenever I carry it I receive tons of compliments. The design is sleek and timeless, and I imagine I’ll be using this bag for years to come. I wish I could explain to you how beautiful the astrakhan fur on this bag will be, but you probably need to head to the Salvatore Fifth Avenue Flagship to see and feel this bag in person. The fur will give immediate dimensionality to the bag but because it is black, it will not be distracting. I feel like this bag is going to haunt me. Price is $3,600 via Ferragamo online. And while you are at it, you should just out the Ferragamo Trunkshow online, where you can create outfits that will haunt your dreams for weeks to come.

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Lanvin’s goat fur bag and the weird things that sell out immediately at Net-a-Porter

Lanvin’s goat fur bag and the weird things that sell out immediately at Net-a-Porter

I stalk Net-a-Porter’s new arrivals page like a crazy person. Everyone at PurseBlog does – every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, NAP unleashes upon us a lovely assortment of the best luxury goods you can find on the Internet, ranging from basics like cashmere sweaters to not-so-basics like the Lanvin Colorblock Goat Hair Doctor’s Bag, above. And the less basic something is, the more quickly it seems to disappear off of NAP’s metaphorical shelves; by the time I woke up yesterday morning, the quad-colored goat tote above had already been bought up.

If you watch Net-a-Porter closely, you probably won’t be surprised. Last week, several different versions of Meadham Kirchhoff’s crazy faux fur monster-face coats sold out almost as quickly for nearly $7,000 apiece. The more ridiculous and expensive a piece is, the more likely it is to become unavailable at Net-a-Porter before most of the US even wakes up. Why is that?

I have a few theories. First, items that have a small audience – heavily “directional” pieces with an even heavier price tag – are likely bought in very small quantities by retailers who are trying to minimize their own financial risk, which means that a particular piece might only need a couple of interested buyers to deplete the stock. Second, the louder the piece, the more memorable it is – potential customers are going to first scoop up things that they’ve been thinking about for six months after seeing a piece on the runway or in a magazine, and after that, it’s on to the basics. When combined with the limited availabilities of the most fashion-forward looks, a lot of things fly out the window very quickly.

That doesn’t entirely explain the Meadham Kirchhoff jackets (seriously, they weren’t even real fur!), but it might shed some light on why this Lanvin bag is no longer with us. I saw it featured several places over the last few months, including front and center on, so I’m sure more than a few people with money to blow were champing at the bit to get their hands on it. It was available at Net-a-Porter for $5900, and if you must have one, you can add yourself to the waiting list at the product page.

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Fill in the Blank: “The Jimmy Choo Biker Fox and Floral Suede Bag needs…”

Fill in the Blank: “The Jimmy Choo Biker Fox and Floral Suede Bag needs…”

Oh, Jimmy Choo.

On a certain level, you have to respect the brand for doggedly pursuing its over-the-top aesthetic in spite of the fact that fur, fringe, embroidery and purple suede, when all grouped together on the same handbag, are objectively a bad idea. I’m not sure if tireless commitment to bad ideas is a laudable thing or not, but at the very least, consistency is appreciated. Whether or not I appreciate the Jimmy Choo Biker Fox and Floral Shoulder Bag is a different issue.

At first, I thought that the purple, pink and blue fringe might be strategically dyed sections of fox hair, and I didn’t hate it. It’s been fashionable to put a panel or two of color in your normal-hued hair for what seems like forever, and why shouldn’t your fur bag, if you just insist on having one, have the same indulgence? Then I realized that most of the colorful sections were actually suede fringe, and I suddenly felt less open-minded.

The embroidery on the body of the bag (only the front flap is fur) could also use an upgrade. We’ve seen some incredibly luxurious embroidered handbags emerge for fall, but the details on this one look a bit inexpensive and hippie-dippy instead of intricate and elegant. What do you think? Answer the title question in the comments or pick this bag up at Neiman Marcus for $5595. (Not a typo.)

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A Picture I Love.


A photo of me! I loved taking this photo for Australian Harper’s Bazaar.
I love the totally natural look of the photo, taken by Derek Henderson. And I’m a huge fan of the styling by Michelle Cameron.

I suppose this could be me, this girl with her printed pants and who’s a little crazy, with her fur pumps and suitcase instead of a handbag.
It could be me because, well, I loved wearing scarves on my head long before this photo was taken, a lot like Jackie Kennedy. Actually, I was the one who suggested this hairstyle to them.

Truth is though, that it took four people to get this scarf on my head and it just kept falling off, and people in the street would look at my shoes half stunned and half mocking me. And this suitcase, even though it’s small, it weighs three tons and as soon as the shoot was done, I was so happy to get my ballet flats back on and to take my makeup off.

Yeah, when they’re like this, shoots are so fun. When, for just a few hours, you get to be the girl you can only imagine, this flamboyant fashionista, this romantic vision strutting through the streets of New York.

My obsession with the Fendi 2Jours Tote is growing by the minute

My obsession with the Fendi 2Jours Tote is growing by the minute

For those of us who cover it, Fashion Week (Err, month. It’s definitely a month.) is like a giant K-hole of glitter and fur and champagne cocktails and middle-of-the-night coverage deadlines that never relents, not even on weekends. (Especially not on weekends.) When it’s done, it’s often hard to remember anything in particular that you saw, but a bag or two generally sticks in my mind long enough that I’m still salivating over it and anticipating its existence when Fall 2012 deliveries start arriving in stores. That was the case with the Fendi 2Jours Bag, and when Sarah Jessica Parker was caught carrying it not long ago, all of my hopes were confirmed – it’s just as chic in real life as it was on the runway in Milan.

As I’ve suspected from the beginning, Fendi’s intentions with this bag go far beyond just normal leather totes. Because of the simple structure (note the in-or-out gussets a la Celine) and modern hardware, the bag lends itself to all kinds of variations – texture, color, pattern. The bag is a perfect blank canvas, and Fendi’s design team appears to be hard at work filling it up in as many ways as they can imagine. Check out our favorites after the jump.

My obsession with the Fendi 2Jours Tote is growing by the minute Fendi 2Jours Spotted Calf Hair Shopper
Fendi 2Jours Spotted Calf Hair Shopper, $3360 via Nordstrom

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The Row’s patchwork fur backpack will cost $16,900

The Row’s patchwork fur backpack will cost $16,900

We first told you about The Row’s crazy patchwork fur backpack way back in December, but now we have a price to put to the bag: $16,900. Rachel Zoe’s email newsletter The Zoe Report recently sent out an endorsement of this bag, revealing the exorbitant price, and frankly I’m surprised it’s not a little bit higher.

Not that the bag is objectively worth $16,900, of course. I’m generally a fan of The Row’s bags and accessories, but this thing looks like it was assembled from the leftover carcasses of slaughtered muppets. It’s awful. Even more awful than the average fur bag, which is pretty bad to begin with. I wouldn’t carry it if I were given it for free, no matter how much I think that The Row generally designs bags that are gorgeous and classic. This one is the exception that proves the rule.

Rather, my surprise over the price is a result of the exorbitant prices that The Row tends to charge for its bags, particularly those in specialized materials. Even its regular leather totes cost in excess of $5,000, with prices for the alligator version of this backpack reaching $33,000. I expected The Row to go for a full $20k on this one, because why not? People who are crazy enough to spend 17 grand and all of their dignity to carry this thing, why not tack another $3,000 on to the price? No word on where you can buy this bag yet, but you can shop The Row’s far more chic offerings via Net-a-Porter.

The Best Non-Traditional Wedding Bags of Spring 2012

The Best Non Traditional Wedding Bags of Spring 2012 Nontraditional Wedding Bags

Yesterday, Megs mentioned that it’s wedding season and gave us a great rundown of what a bride looking for a traditional feel should carry on her wedding day. I had just started working for PurseBlog full time back when Megs and Vladi got married and have seen their wedding photos many times since, and believe me, it was a beautiful, classic event that anyone would be proud to call their wedding. If my frequent and vigorous viewing of Say Yes to the Dress (what is it about that show that makes it so addicting, even to people like me who don’t really care about getting married?) is any indication, though, a fair number of people want a celebration that’s a little bit lighter on tradition and heavier on…well, whatever it is that their little hearts desire.

I’m not married and never have been, but if I ever do get hitched, I anticipate being one of those brides. (Sorry, mom.) That’s why I’ve put together a selection of the season’s best wedding bags for those who don’t identify as readily with the white silk and rhinestones that so often permeate the category. From color to texture to embellishment, we’ve got a little something for every bride who wants to break the mold on her big day.

The Best Non Traditional Wedding Bags of Spring 2012 Franchi Fleur Passementerie Minaudiere
The Franchi Fleur Passementerie Minaudiere ticks a lot of boxes: It’s reasonably priced, it’s perfect for a garden wedding and it won’t piss off the traditionalists in your family as much as most of my other picks. Plus, it’s a ready-made “something blue!” Buy through Neiman Marcus for $225.

The Best Non Traditional Wedding Bags of Spring 2012 Alexander McQueen De Manta Lace Print Clutch
One of my favorite Say Yes to the Dress segments ever was with a woman who was having a Halloween wedding and wanted a white gown with black details. She chose a dress with black lace trim that would have gone perfectly with the Alexander McQueen De-Manta Clutch. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $525.

The Best Non Traditional Wedding Bags of Spring 2012 Kotur Barnes Raffia Clutch
The yellow-to-pink ombre of the Kotur Barnes Raffia Clutch is not only gorgeous, but it would also be the perfect bright accent for a bride getting married in a tropical locale. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $450.

The Best Non Traditional Wedding Bags of Spring 2012 Charlotte Olympia Pandora Feather Clutch1
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a clutch that mixes modernity and femininity as well as the Charlotte Olympia Pandora Feather Clutch. Seriously. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $995.

The Best Non Traditional Wedding Bags of Spring 2012 Miu Miu Velvet Clutch
When I look at the Miu Miu Velvet Clutch, I see a bridge in a tea length vintage dress. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1290.

The Best Non Traditional Wedding Bags of Spring 2012 Christopher Kane Flower Clutch
Who needs a bouquet when you can have a totally weird Christopher Kane Flower Clutch instead? Buy through Net-a-Porter for $695.

The Best Non Traditional Wedding Bags of Spring 2012 BHLDN Kissing Ovals Clutch
Need something blue but don’t really love blue? The BHLDN Kissing Ovals Clutch has your back. Buy through BHLDN for $375.

The Best Non Traditional Wedding Bags of Spring 2012 Prada Fox Fur Clutch
If you’re planning ahead for a luxe winter wedding, it hardly gets more chic than the Prada Fox Fur Clutch. Buy through Bergdorf Goodman for $1995.

The Best Non Traditional Wedding Bags of Spring 2012 Christian Louboutin Mini Loubi Lula Frame Clutch
The Christian Louboutin Mini Loubi Lula Frame Clutch is a piece that looks perfect for a spring wedding but will also be very useful in your regular warm-weather wardrobe. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $895.

The Biggest Trends of Fall 2012: Fur

The Biggest Trends of Fall 2012: Fur Fur Bags

Are you familiar with astrakhan? If you’re not, you should go ahead and get familiar, because it’s going to be everywhere come Fall 2012. In fact, fur in general is the trend that just won’t die, which is why we’re highlighting it today in our ongoing Fall 2012 Trends Week. Whether you prefer your fur bags short or long, it looks as though you’ll have plenty of choices come cold weather.

Astrakhan in particular, a close-cropped, wavy lamb fur, made a big splash, dotting the runways of enormous designers like Dior, Ferragamo and Fendi. On the complete opposite end of the spectrum were the Cousin It bags at Louis Vuitton, which looked like they’d come with their very own brush for upkeep. There wasn’t a lot in the middle – either designers are trying to stay away from the puffball look by using short, neat fur panels, or they’re going full monty with more fur than I have in my head. Our picks from the runway and how to get the look right now, after the jump.

Look forward to Fall 2012…

The Biggest Trends of Fall 2012: Fur Dior 71 280x277 The Biggest Trends of Fall 2012: Fur Dior 31 273x280 The Biggest Trends of Fall 2012: Fur Dolce Gabbana 27 191x280 The Biggest Trends of Fall 2012: Fur Fendi 8 199x280 The Biggest Trends of Fall 2012: Fur Fendi 18 170x280 The Biggest Trends of Fall 2012: Fur Fendi 30 193x280 The Biggest Trends of Fall 2012: Fur Mulberry 31 201x280 The Biggest Trends of Fall 2012: Fur Marc Jacobs 12 203x280 The Biggest Trends of Fall 2012: Fur DVF 11 230x280 The Biggest Trends of Fall 2012: Fur Louis Vuitton 101 280x249 The Biggest Trends of Fall 2012: Fur Louis Vuitton 511 230x280 The Biggest Trends of Fall 2012: Fur Ferragamo 2 220x280

Shop the trend now…

The Biggest Trends of Fall 2012: Fur Prada Fox Fur Shoulder Bag
Prada Fox Fur Shoulder Bag, $1995 via Neiman Marcus

The Biggest Trends of Fall 2012: Fur Christian Louboutin Anastasia Fox Fur Clutch
Christian Louboutin Anastasia Fox Fur Clutch, $2345 via Neiman Marcus

The Biggest Trends of Fall 2012: Fur WGACA Fendi Vintage Fur Bag
WGACA Fendi Vntage Fur Bag, $1650 via ShopBop

The Biggest Trends of Fall 2012: Fur Elie Tahari Chelsea Fur Drawstring Bag
Elie Tahari Chelsea Drawstring Bag, $449 via Bergdorf Goodman

On the Street…. Fur & Black, New York

Sun !


Hello from Miami !!! I arrived yesterday evening and it’s my first time here, I hope to bring back a ton of photos to you and also maybe to get a little tan !

For today, a picture not taken in Miami, but in extra sunny London on a day of great big sun. All right ! Going to put on my Hawaiian shirt and jump on my bike. See you later ! Kisses !

On the Street… Jenna, New York

Shooting Party


In the midst of the big “shooting parties” outside of the entrances to the fashion shows, there some super cute young photographers.