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Inspiration of the week

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1. American apparel Campaign
2. Streetstyle black look
3. Daniela Barros ss15 backstage
4. American Apparel Winter Campaign
5. Monochrome streetstyle
6. LORE, with Saskia Rosendahl, Kai-Peter Malina, 2012. ©Music Box Films
7. Knitwear girl
8. Fashion editorial Grundtner and Sohne fw 2014 
9. Streetstyle Devid and Thibaud 
10. Editorial for SI Style. Photographer: Luca Campri
11. Fashion editorial, white look
12. Portrait of a Berlin guy
13. Fiona Torre photographer
14. Men Streetstyle look
15. Robbie McKinnon on Dazed and Confused editorial
16. Denim featured styled by Carine Roitfeild
17. Vintage American Apparel campaign
18. Thisispaper lookbook
19. Winona Rider style
20. Photographer: Marie Louise Hafner
21. LUI magazine cover issue
22. Fashion editorial, Photos by: Emanuele Ferrari
23. Fashion editorial for Sicky Magazine, photos by Igor Termenon
24. Crop tops
25. Dana Wright shot by Terry Richardson
26. Joseph Wolfgang picture
27. Sarah Louise Stedeford for Oyster Magazine
28. Vintage Angelina Jolie
29. Photographer: Marie Louise Hafner
30. Acne Studios resort look
31. Brics AW11 
32. Photographer: Marie Louise Hafner
33. Black jeans jacket
34. Fashion editorial for Sicky Magazine Photography  Franey Miller
35. Flare Magazine fashion editorial
36. Fashion editorial for Sicky magazine. Photography Raul Ruz
37. Charlie Le Mindu Fall/Winter 2014 Backstage. Photography Jean-Luc Dupont
38. Corka Rybaka AW2014 Collection
39. Red suit
40. urban man

Winter Sunglasses

One of the reasons why I love New York is that even in the middle of winter when it’s really cold and life is just one eternal blizzard and your Sorels get stuck in brownish blocks of ice and you want to wear a parka on top of your parka, there’s still sun. Vitamin D!!!

It’s rarely gray outside, so people wear sunglasses all winter long. But the light is different here. It’s lovely – it hits you at an angle, it’s softer. It’s perfect for wearing lighter lenses that give you a bit of style even when you’ve been wearing the same coat for 34 days in a row. So today, we’re showing you a selection of our favorite sunglasses.


RetroSuperFuture is sort of on to something.

Cool name. Good price points. Pretty awesome shop in NYC where you can try on every single sunglass style they make. Seems like they nailed it and so we wanted to share them with you!

retro super future

Do you have a favorite style of sunglasses?

RetroSuperFuture, 21 Howard Street New York, NY 10013

By studio

Sunrise Surf

I totally live a dream life of surfing*, and the other day I think I understood why.

Not only does becoming a good surfer take a lot of hard work, but you also have to wake up early.

We went to Rockaway with Ashley, Bailey and Jessica the other morning to catch the first morning waves. Five in the morning, big smiles (and great style too), it kind of made me rethink my life priorities**. And watching them walk on the beach with the first rays of sun, throw themselves into the ocean and come back to the city a few hours later as New York is still sleeping, you realize that once it gets in your blood, surfing must be pretty powerful. A real passion.

Do you have anything that pulls you out of bed?


* I’ve been dreaming about surfing forever and never actually tried – well I did paddle this year so… – all right, not the same at all.
** Like when I wake up at 7am to go to yoga I’m so proud of myself I talk about it all day and in the evening I get drunk just to celebrate.

PS: Some have found a solution for the ever perfect wave. A perpetual wave, on a river, in Munich. Incredible!

On Bailey: Swim top, Maui Girl; Swim bottom, Acacia; Wetsuit, Roxy; Sunglasses, Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane; Sweatshirt, American Apparel; Board, Yater from Rockaway Beach Surf Club.

On Jessica: Hat, O’Neill; Swimsuit, O’Neill; Wetsuit, Roxy; Shorts, American Eagle; Sunglasses, Carrera; Board, Almond.

On Ashley: Swimsuit, Roxy; Wetsuit, Cynthia Rowley; Shorts, Suger; Hoodie, T by Alexander Wang; Sunglasses, Carrera; Board, Con.

Denim Days

I’m declaring it the summer of the denim skirt.

Okay, maybe that is kind of a big call, but I’m seeing a ton of them lately. This one on Jana is ultra chic, super tight and super high-waisted. I like mine a little bit baggy, lower on the waist, a bit distressed, the kind that feels like it’s been really lived in. Whats your denim skirt style?


Cassie is wearing boots from H&M, clutch from Proenza Schouler, sweater from Equipment, shirt from Zara and sunglasses from Oliver People’s.

Life x Love

Author’s note: Mom, don’t read this.
Everything about this guy seemed ideal: he had a genuine interest in the mundane details of my day, a career and a regular flossing habit.
Everything, that is, until we had sex.

Sex with him was like playing opposite day with a Cosmopolitan article: silent (not even a single moan? c’mon!), fast (“Have you seen a doctor about this?” fast), boring (there are other positions, you know) and embarrassing (of all words you could string into a sentence after, “I” and “am” and “sorry” are just about the worst picks).

I gave the failing sex a pass for a few weeks. Maybe he was nervous. Maybe it was me. Maybe I could teach him. Maybe I needed to be more vocal with my wants and needs and “a little to the right.” Maybe it would get better. Maybe we just haven’t found our rhythm yet. I rationalized and sympathized for as long as I could.

But it didn’t get better, and the more times we had sex, the less interested I became. By the time my next rent check was due, my sex drive disappeared altogether (come back! where did you go?) and numbness, not to mention a tiny bit of spite and dread, set in. Suddenly I was claiming exhaustion and headaches and “I think I’m getting a cold.” The more we discussed what was going wrong, the more I wanted nothing to do with it, and ultimately, him.

Which brings up a touchy subject: Is bad sex a deal breaker? At first thought it seems so shallow. But what about his steady job and solid education, you ask!

Untimately though, I kept coming back to the question, “Can I live with bad sex forever?” And the answer, after a half-second of soul-searching, was a resounding, shout-it-from-the-rooftops no, never, nuh-uh, absolutely not.

To his disadvantage, when he and I started dating, I was still licking my wounds from a particularly painful breakup — a breakup with a long-term boyfriend who was the best in bed. That’s a tough act to follow, no matter how skilled you are in bedroom tricks. But here’s hoping he figures out what makes both him and a lady feel good. Because, really, his teeth are far too perfect and plaque-less to be single forever.

Watch, Chanel; Wallet, Vianel; Bowl, Alexander Wang; Lip Balm, Diptyque; Body Oil, NARS; Glasses, Stella McCartney; Bra, Agent Provocateur.


Here’s a photo of Inès who lives in Bali, has awesome tattoos, an accessories brand, and who is also a great illustrator.

Big hugs!

At Prada, Part III







Cover Your Eyes!

I was looking for a pair of glasses yesterday on Marc Le Bihan’s website (great selection, the stores are a real reflection in Paris) when I found these…

Of course, they are Jeremy Scott, the genius designer I don’t talk about enough on this blog.
Of course, I would never wear them, but I love that in this world there are people crazy enough to create things like this.
Oh, and of course, I can picture them on Anna Dello Russo and I tell myself it’s great that there are people in this world crazy enough to wear things like this!

Do you like them?

Style Elements / Giorgia

I met Giorgia 4 years ago (you remember this photo?) – and I loved her style right away, and it’s been such a pleasure to see her evolve and her confidence grow.

Here she is talking about the elements of her style…

What is your style signature? 

I think my style signature is to mix menswear inspired clothes with feminine accessories. I like to keep it simple, often with black and adding minimal gold jewelry or a special pair of shoes. Classic with a twist.

If you could only choose one, what would be your:

Jean: I’m obsessed with boyfriend jeans to wear with heels. A must.
Shirt: My perfect shirt is Equipment. I like the concept of having one style in many different colors. It makes me want to buy them all.
Heel: Pointy pumps, lace-up ankle boots. Love Gianvito Rossi and Alaïa. So simple, so chic.
Flat: Black velvet or patent leather loafers. But let me say, I’m more into heels.
Bag: Flat zipped clutch. My favorite is my blue crocodile print one by Givenchy.

Lingerie: All the black lingerie from Princesse Tam Tam, not too girly but with small, cute details or basic underwear in jersey.
Lipstick: Tom Ford Cherry Lush or just lip balm.
Mascara: YSL Shocking.
Moisturizer: Facial cream from Intégrée.
Nail Polish: I like to wear red. No other colors.
Fragrance: Ambre Sultan from Serge Lutens. Maybe this is my real signature, I’ve worn for forever.
Shampoo: Aldo Coppola with white sugar.



How does your work as a designer influence your personal style?

This always happens. The part I like the most about being a designer is doing research in vintage shops, boutiques or in art and furniture and being constantly inspired. The result is a general change of vision, so often what I like to wear is what I then put into my designs and vice versa. I like that people can see me in what I do and create.

You travel quite a bit for work, how do you pack?

When I pack, I try to pick pieces that I can easily mix up every time in different ways, make no mistake, they’re almost all black. The most difficult part comes when I have to choose the shoes, I don’t know how to control myself.


What is your daily beauty routine? 

The first thing I do in the morning is drink a coffee, then I can start my beauty routine, which isn’t too long. After showering, I use my facial and body creams, then I spritz on my Serge Lutens perfume, put on some makeup and I’m ready to go!

What do you add to make a look go from day to night?

Switch from flat shoes to heels and add a more smokey eye and mascara.

What are three things every woman should have in her closet?

A Chanel bag, a pair of black leather pants and a dress from Alaïa.

The best style advice you ever received: 

To change my eyeglasses and buy a new pair in dark tortoise by Céline. I used to wear them only when I’m at home but after I got this new pair I cannot take them off my face. I love them.

One fashion rule you love to break: 

I’ll tell you what is breaking MY personal fashion rules. Since I’m always wearing black in all sorts of shapes and materials, for me breaking the rules it is to wear some pieces from Dries Van Noten, his creations are often the opposite. He’s the only one that makes me melt with his prints and colors.

                                                                                                                                                     What is your prized possession?

I inherited a gold bangle with a Scorpio charm from my grandmother. We are both Scorpios and she passed away years ago. This is definitely my one and only real treasure.

Your favorite…

I’ll tell you my latest favorites…
Book: “Just kids” Patti Smith
Movie: “Beginners” Mike Mills
Song: “Dreams” Fleetwood Mac
Artist: Rothko

For more My Essentials, click here.

If You’re Thinking About…… Girls in Glasses

If You’re Thinking About…… Girls in Glasses


I declare it the opening of the week of taking it easy.

These past months have been a series of trips, meetings, big questions, and little details to manage. My (tiny) team and I have been working from morning until night, and then until morning again. We’re so spent that we can barely stay upright.

Like I’ve been banging my head about my next Vogue column for like three weeks. It usually takes me three days.

My brain’s melting, that’s what’s happening.

I have this picture in my head of the Christmas holiday being a constant transition between my bed (reading all the books you all have recommended!) and nice long hikes (I think I am going to hug each and every tree in Vermont. That’ll calm me down.)

And the worst is that I’m not the only one. All my friends are with me and can barely wait for one thing: vacation. Is it just me or has this been a super busy year?

So I’ve told myself that this week, I’ll take a deep breath. I’ll finish start my gifts. We’ll go to one Christmas party after another and who knows, maybe I’ll even make a giant vat of apple sauce (my new specialty) for the studio. Now we’re talking!

So up there in the picture is an idea of what I’ll be wearing during this week… Cozy. Heels forbidden. Almost sweatpants, but still chic (I’ll get to complete lumberjack mode in Vermont.)

PS: That said, we still have a lot to show you this week, starting with a little film in a few hours that should crack you up, and then the best of my outfits for the year, toss in a meeting I had with a super stylish girl, and uhhhh, all of our Christmas wishes which should be pretty funny.

And there you have it. I’ve done a whole letter from the editor right here for you on a Sunday night in December. Aahahah! Okay, big hugs to you all!

Scarf, Sarti; Book, Home by India Mahdavi; Glasses, Fiction; Hat, Club Monaco; Leather pants, Theory; Sweater, The Row; Fragrance Travel Case, Byredo; Clutch, Dezos by Sara Beltran; Ballet Flats, Porselli.


There are girls who wear them just for the look.
There are girls, like me, who need them when they use their computer. But sometimes we wear them just for the look when we haven’t slept a wink and have dark circles down to our neck.
(There are also those who would never put them on, even if they can’t see anything at all.)
And then there are some who wear them all the time.

Among them are some of the girls who inspire me the most in terms of style. Jenna, Valentina, Lucy

I’m always intrigued with people who always have glasses on… It totally changes their face. When they take them off, you can barely recognize them. The glasses become part of their face just as much as it becomes part of their personality. Yves Saint Laurent, Woody Allen… You can barely picture them without glasses on.

I wonder if I could ever become one of those girls who always wears glasses. It happened to my mother, so we’ll just see. Honestly though, the thought doesn’t bother me at all.

How do you wear your glasses?


This crazy storm got something good out of me: I am becoming addicted to Pinterest! And I just started a “People With Glasses” board… Come check it out… And follow me!

Translation: Tim Sullivan

She will see clearly now…

We just picked up G’s new glasses from Selima (because she is old and can’t see anymore and we’re totally taking over the blog)…

What do you think, cute no?


Alex & Em

[Note from G: It's not that I am old, IT'S THAT I want to look cool, pffffff]

Brasil Voguettes, Victoria


And here is Victoria, who takes care of beauty at Vogue, and has a super popular beauty blog, Dia de Beauté.

Communicator – Milan

Anil, PR

© STYLECLICKER - Communicator – Milan is a post from:

Size Doesn’t Matter – Paris, FW

© STYLECLICKER - Size Doesn’t Matter – Paris, FW is a post from:

The Perfect Gentleman – Via Bigli, Milan

Alessandro, Architect

© STYLECLICKER - The Perfect Gentleman – Via Bigli, Milan is a post from:

Modern Cowgirl at Louis Vuitton – Paris FW

© STYLECLICKER - Modern Cowgirl at Louis Vuitton – Paris FW is a post from:

On the Street…..21st Street, New York

It’s great to be back in New York!

Fashion month is fun, but it’s so demanding that it’s hard to really analyze and understand what you’re seeing, because you’re seeing so much so fast. The next several weeks will be really fun on the blog because we will be able to have a deeper discussion about what’s happening on the streets of New York, Paris, London and Milan.

All the Pretty Photographers, Milan

Winter Geek Chic – Berlin

Barbara, Student

© STYLECLICKER - Winter Geek Chic – Berlin is a post from:

At Cafe Colette


Cafes and restaurants in New York are so beautiful that they sometimes look like cinema sets… Oh and the chicken salad at Cafe Colette is to die for !

Ok, now I’ve got to go : New York Fashion week is starting, the days start super early and end soooo late !

By the way, I have a question for you : are you looking forward to fashion week(s) or are you weary of it ? What kind of coverage would you like to see ?

Working At Home… Lucy

Tribal – Seoul, Korea

© STYLECLICKER - Tribal – Seoul, Korea is a post from:

Seoul Biker – Seoul, Korea

His whole outfit is vintage.

© STYLECLICKER - Seoul Biker – Seoul, Korea is a post from:

Sporty – Pappelallee, Berlin

Leroy, Manager

All clothes from Le Gang, Berlin.

© STYLECLICKER - Sporty – Pappelallee, Berlin is a post from:

Denim – Via Clerici, Milan

Angelo, Fashion Writer

It is always great to meet Angelo, a true style hero. This time, he was wearing a tailor-made denim blazer, Brooks Brothers shirt, vintage tie from the 50ies, tailor-made trousers and Timberland shoes.

He usually is dedicated to wear bow tie as you may check here, here and here.

© STYLECLICKER - Denim – Via Clerici, Milan is a post from:

Light – Via Sant’ Andrea, Milan

Irene, Journalist

Hat, shirt, bra & belt all vintage, Jenny Hellström skirt, Melissa shoes and Super Retro Future glasses.

© STYLECLICKER - Light – Via Sant’ Andrea, Milan is a post from:

Light – Via Sant’ Andrea, Milan

Irene, Journalist

Hat, shirt, bra & belt all vintage, Jenny Hellström skirt, Melissa shoes and Super Retro Future glasses.

© STYLECLICKER - Light – Via Sant’ Andrea, Milan is a post from:

The Simple Way – Julius Thomsens Plads, Copenhagen

Pelle, Shop Assistant

Ljung T-shirt, Tiger of Sweden jeans, vintage shoes, Cheap Monday cap, Polo Sports glasses and Jaques Lemans watch.

© STYLECLICKER - This article is from

Modern Classic – Berzelii Park, Stockholm

David, Student

Great to meet David, too. He is Jenny´s boyfriend, the one who did her haircut, yeah! His outfit: DKNY shirt, Comme des Garçons shorts, American Apparel socks, Fred Perry shoes and Tom Ford glasses.

© STYLECLICKER - This article is from

Summer In The City – Berzelii Park, Stockholm

Viktor, Photographer

Sweater & trousers from H&M, Converse shoes, Atmosphere hat, bags by H&M & Sandqvist. You can check his portfolio here.

© STYLECLICKER - This article is from

Undercut – Münzstrasse, Berlin

Patrick Mohr, Designer

Tanktop & cardigan by Patrick Mohr, vintage necklace and Dita glasses.

© STYLECLICKER - This article is from

Greenish – Seoul, Korea

Jon-e, Swagger

Phenomenon shirt, vintage trousers, Phenomenon shoes and vintage cap.

© STYLECLICKER - This article is from

Pattern Mix – Seoul, Korea

Mellowplanet shirt, None leggings, Mellowplanet bag and shoes from Japan.

© STYLECLICKER - This article is from

Details – Seoul, Korea


Uniqlo by Poon shirt, Uniqlo by Poon shorts, Pierre Hardy sneakers, Goyard bag and SSWTL glasses.

© STYLECLICKER - This article is from

Sunny Sunday – Haus der Kunst, Munich

Marian, Freelancer

Acne shirt, Closed jeans, Zegna shoes, Stetson cap and Yves Saint Laurent glasses.

© STYLECLICKER - This article is from

Lady In Black – Fashionclash, Maastricht

Ell, Sculptor & Hairdresser

Lilly Berlin dress, Trippen shoes and Wissing glasses.

© STYLECLICKER - This article is from

Bling – Fashionclash, Maastricht

Henri, Student & Aspiring Curator

Jacket from a second hand store in Cologne, Topman AAA collection shirt, Cheap Monday jeans, H&M belt, boots which he found on the streets after a flea market in Brussels, glasses from his grandfather, bag from his mother and golden button from some designer in Berlin.

© STYLECLICKER - This article is from

Prophet – Laugavegur, Reykjavik

Magni, Designer

He is one designer of Icelandic fashion label Kron by Kronkron. His outfit: Marjan Pejoski blazer, SNS cardigan, KTZ shirt, Levi’s XX trousers, Nike sneakers, Ray Ban glasses and his wedding ring on the necklace.

© STYLECLICKER - This article is from

Classics – Södermalm, Stockholm

Tomas, Engineer

Old Swedish Navy coat he bought second hand, Levi’s jeans, Redwing boots, hat from London and glasses from Bågar & Glas.

© STYLECLICKER - This article is from

Family Pieces – Skólavörðustígur, Reykjavík

Hrefna, Student

Double-breasted coat from Oasis, vintage shirt from her sister, American Apparel trousers, socks from her grandmother, shoes from GK Reykjavik and Cutler & Gross glasses.

© STYLECLICKER - This article is from

I Heart – Falckenbergstrasse, Munich

Christopher, Entrepreneur

Christopher is one of the owners of Munich’s new boutique Schwittenberg, former Serie A. His outfit: Ayzit Bostan Hoodie, Folk shirt, Kitsune blue jeans, Common Projects sneakers and Selima glasses.

© STYLECLICKER - This article is from