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The Bucket Bag is Spring 2014′s Biggest Accessories Trend

The Bucket Bag is Spring 2014′s Biggest Accessories Trend

For those of you who wanted one, it’s probably time to come to terms with the fact that you’re not going to get a Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag for spring. (Add it to your wishlist at Net-a-Porter, though – a friend who did so fairly recently saw it show up in her shopping bag last week.) That’s a bummer, but the good news is that Mansur Gavriel was on the front end of a trend that has since become huge – bucket bags are spring’s biggest handbag shape trend, and the brands entering into the fray include everyone from Opening Ceremony to Hermes.

Traditionalists will be glad to see that Louis Vuitton has introduced lots of new versions of the original bucket bag, the Noe, including Epi leather in perfect summer shades. On the less expensive end of the spectrum, lots of contemporary brands have pounced on the casual, unstructured style in a way that will surely appeal to younger customers. For the best of the best, check out what’s going on below.

Check Out Which Bags Your Favorite Celebs Carried on Easter

Check Out Which Bags Your Favorite Celebs Carried on Easter

Celebrities: they’re just like us, at least in that some of them go all-out for Easter, and others can’t figure out why the grocery store isn’t open on Sunday morning. Everyone from Fergie to Duchess Kate (who had her Alexander McQueen clutch altered to replace the holiday-inappropriate skull clasp) was out and about yesterday, and we took the opportunity to chronicle their Easter handbag choices, no matter whether they were headed to church or to pilates class.

Coachella day two


And while we’re preparing you a maxi surprise (which should arrive in a week) here is the second of my looks worn in Coachella.
And yes, I’m starting collectin denim overalls :)

E mentre vi stiamo preparando una mega sorpresa (che dovrebbe arrivare tra circa una settimana) ecco il secondo dei miei look indossati a Coachella.
E si, sto ormai cominciando a collezionare salopette :)


I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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The Many Bags of Khloe Kardashian

The Many Bags of Khloe Kardashian

There are few more controversial figures in American pop culture than the Kardashians, and they’re controversial in exactly the ways that make for excellent bag-spotting. Extravagant, conspicuous, exhibitionistic – the Kardashians have a lot of stuff, and they’d like to show it to you. That makes Khloe Kardashian a perfect candidate for our weekly handbag examination. Sister Kim had the biggest collection we’ve ever documented, but Khloe does a pretty good job of accumulating luxury handbags in her own right, including a colorful array of Birkins.

Stock Up on Exotic Hermes Bags and Beyond at Moda Operandi

Stock Up on Exotic Hermes Bags and Beyond at Moda Operandi

This is a trunkshow that needs little introduction. We’re huge fans of both Moda Operandi and Heritage Auctions, and when they team up, they give online customers unprecedented access to the rarest, most luxurious bags in the world. From now until April 28, you can shop a lust-worthy selection of vintage and pre-owned Hermes bags in both exotics and standard leathers, plus a few leather accessories and silk scarves. We’ve collected the sale’s most jaw-dropping pieces below, but we suggest you check out the full selection via Moda Operandi now.

PurseForum Roundup – April 4

PurseForum Roundup – April 4

And just like that, it’s April! The PurseForum has been very busy this week, as it always is, and we have searched high and low to bring you the hottest reveals and conversations happening since last we met. For this edition of the PurseForum Roundup, we visited Hermès to see which bags our members have picked up, spent some quality time in our shoe subforum, the Glass Slipper, and caught up with our friends in Home and Garden to see how spring is shaping up for them so far. Grab a beverage, settle into a comfy chair and join us below!

Celine Classic Box Bag

Ahhh, red box leather. Sleek, sexy and absolutely irresistible. This week in Céline, dxs revealed this coral beauty, scored from Jakarta, and also offered up a splendid family photo with her lemon yellow Phantom. Member x0x011 has been patiently waiting since October to work her way up the list for a mini Luggage, and this week, her patience paid off. This is her first Céline, and we offer our hearty congratulations! Belated congratulations are also in order for new mommy yinnie, who shared two Céline goodies along with her priceless bundle of joy earlier this year. If you can’t help but squeeeee at baby toes, you won’t want to miss her thread! New member snickersnack started her very first PurseForum thread this week and shared a beautiful Luggage that has a pretty pop of color inside. We love to welcome new members into the fold, and when the first reveal is as sweet as this, it’s a perfect beginning!

Kate Spade Handbag Collection

This week in Kate Spade, we found a fabulous family photo courtesy of Love Gun, who hit the jackpot on her trip to Las Vegas. Lizziejean3 also shared a new bag, this time a Little Minka in rich and elegant French grey.

Anyone who has spent any time around the PurseBlog knows how much we love to peer into your handbags. Whether it is Hermès or a chic crocheted crossbody from the craft fair, we are fascinated by what you put in your bag. In Kate Spade, we checked into the WIYB thread and found a few surprises, like this one in LVk8′s tote. We also found a very photogenic Finley bag belonging to eehlers, and had to come back for a second look, and then a third. This looks like a great, versatile, smooshy bag that should definitely be on our wish lists! If you are thinking about a foray into the whimsical world of Kate Spade, be sure to visit the Show Us Your Kate Spade thread for a steady stream of ideas for your next bag, and of course you must visit the Deals Thread for special purchasing opportunities as well.

Roger Vivier Heels and Cat

So there we were, wandering around the Glass Slipper, when we found the Roger Vivier thread at the top of the page. It turns out the sample sale had just begun, and savvy shopper restricter was at the front of the line to score scads of shoes, of course. It looks like shoe superfan Puffy the cat is gobsmacked at the bargains! Yuan0620 was the lucky recipient of a score-by-proxy and showed off a pair of fabulous RVs in one of our favorite colors! And, for something completely different, please drop into the brand new Chic Ways to Wear Birkenstocks thread. Many PurseForum members regularly sport Birkies, Sanitas, Naots, and other comfy but somewhat style-challenged footwear, and this thread just may be the ticket to get you to join us!

Leopard Shoes

You will find plenty more shoe fun in the What Shoes are You Wearing Today thread, a great stop for anyone in the mood to browse fabulous shoes on “real life” feet, though our Glass Slipper ladies are as stylish as any celebrity; check out these, and these and of course these!

Hermes Boxes

Glorious, aren’t they? Our last Roundup visit to Hermès ended up nearly bagless, so we thought we would make up for that deficit this week. Nothing gets a fashionista’s blood racing like an orange box, and this week there were plenty of Big Ones in this luxe subforum. Member Always New LV brand-hopped in a big way this week and scored a regal Birkin in stunning Bleu Ismir. If orange boxes make the blood rush to your head, you will need to sit down for Panthere55′s thread – her first Hermès reveal includes both bags and jewelry!

Hermes Bicolor Kelly Bag

We were treated to a rare reveal in the Latest Purchases Thread this week, as Hermes Only shared her special order tricolor Kelly, photographed beautifully and appreciated abundantly! Idldb wowed the crowd with an exotic Birkin in a lovely shade of grey, while make_for_money, panthere55 and BinkMartini showed us their wonderful SLGs (small leather goods) that this brand does so spectacularly.


Our last stop this week is the Playground, where, in Home and Garden, we enjoyed a peek into the gardens of some of our members. Luckydogmom started an herb garden in these extremely cool pots, and in the Garden Photographs thread, sweetpea83 treated us to her tomatoes, basil and cilantro, while Limom started spring off swimmingly with a timely shot of her brilliant crocuses. Whether you are looking for a couch, mattress, candles, or help decluttering - or if you are not looking yourself but would like to lend a hand those those who are -  this friendly subforum makes great stop during a visit to the PurseForum. Elsewhere in the Playground, we have subforums dedicated to current events, financial matters, careers, and more – including travel, where Italy, London and New York are all hot topics this week!

Well, friends, so ends another PurseForum Roundup. We hope you will visit our forum often and find your own favorite spots among the many ongoing discussions. We will be back again next Friday for another edition, and until then, we hope you are seeing your own signs of spring wherever you are. Have a wonderful weekend and be sure meet us right back here again in a week’s time!

This Hermes Desk Set Will Set You Back $91,600

This Hermes Desk Set Will Set You Back $91,600

Intellectually, we all know that the world of Hermes (and, by extension, the world of Hermes customers) is not like ours. It’s easy to forget that, though, until something like the Hermes Plein Cuir Alligator Desk Set comes along, providing countless hours of workday luxury for a mere $91,600. If you have less desk space than the ability to purchase nearly $100,000 in Hermes exotics to adorn your office might imply, fret not – all of the pieces can be purchased individually, including a pencil cup that costs nearly $6,000.

Unlike a lot of brands hoping to be mentioned in the same breath with the iconic French leather house, Hermes has long sold quite a few of its most covetable products online, including some handbags. This desk set falls into the brand’s “Surprise!” category in its online storefront, which plays host to a rotating selection of luxury oddities and unexpected objects. Despite its astronomical price tag, this set does make a certain amount of sense in the context of the brand; most Hermes customers do have an exceptionally finely appointed office somewhere, even if they’re no longer at the stage in their careers where they have to sit in it every day. They’ve also probably run out of fun things to buy, if an alligator desk blotter has come up in their shopping list, so

#PBWIMB Roundup – April 3rd

#PBWIMB Roundup – April 3rd

While we love seeing the usual favorites like Hermes and Chanel, we especially love it when you all decide to show off some of your other favorite designers. In this week’s roundup of #PBWIMB, we got to peek inside a variety of bags, including Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Givenchy and Tory Burch. Below, take a peek inside some of this week’s best bags.

Follow the rest of our handbag adventures via Instagram, and keep tagging #PBWIMB for your chance to be featured!

Behold: One of the Rarest, Strangest Hermes Bags We’ve Ever Seen

Behold: One of the Rarest, Strangest Hermes Bags We’ve Ever Seen

When you hear the name Hermes, you probably think of the famed Birkin and Kelly bags. There are many other bags the leather house creates beyond those two icons, and most are fairly recognizable. Sometimes a true rarity pops up, though, and this time I ran into a bag I’ve never seen at Heritage Auctions.

Behold, the Hermes Shiny Vert Emerald Alligator, Rouge Vif Ostrich, Violet Veau Doblis Suede & Black Calf Box Leather Sac Himalaya Bag. It’s a mouthful because the bag has so many different materials and colors in a relatively small space. It immediately caught my attention, with a gold-plated kelly closure at the top right corner and a skewed stance. This bag is from the 80s, and it shows off the brand’s craftsmanship via the exotic appearance, complex construction and mix of materials.

The starting bid on this bag is $15,000 as part of the Heritage Auctions Luxury Accessories Signature Auction on April 28th. If you want to own an extremely rare piece of Hermes history, get ready for this item to hit the market. More info via Heritage Auctions.

PurseForum Roundup – March 28

PurseForum Roundup – March 28

Well, March certainly marched on quickly, didn’t it? It hardly seems like an entire month has come and gone, but it has. Our PurseForum members have been busy, as is their custom, and we are all the happier for it. We found plenty of bags, food, accessories, and more this week, and it looks like spring has arrived for most all of our members in this week’s PurseForum Roundup. Come along and see what we all have been up to!

Fendi Bag Bug

Fendi looked particularly busy this week, and it seems that the furry Bag Bugs were on many members’ minds. Loveteddyku posted a great shot of her bag and bag bug, and its easy to see why this little addition has made her fall in love with her tote all over again! Bethc has managed to herd four of these little monsters and shared a family photograph. More and more of these cute little furballs are popping up in Fendi, and we hope the trend continues. We also found some reveals that garnered a lot of views – Munkeebag81′s new Petit 2Jours boasts a pop of color that packs quite a punch, and Fashion16′s confessional thread revealed that her pretty new Peekaboo is definitely worth looking into. We also checked back in on the Who Still Wears Their Spy thread and found a fabulous pair of Baby Spy bags that are still in rf1583′s rotation.

Speaking of older bags, many of us love to search the resale market for hard-to-find bags and accessories. Fendi, like most of our designer subforums, has a well-attended Authenticate This thread, where knowledgable volunteers offer their opinions (and remember these are only opinions, but very educated ones in most every case) on a bag’s authenticity. The final decision is yours, of course, but our PurseForum members are happy to offer a word or two to help you along, and it is well worth a look before you buy!

Chanel Shopping Bags

We could make a nice Roundup each week of nothing but Chanel purchases on the PurseForum. It’s been a while since we visited this busy destination, and “busy” really doesn’t begin to describe the place! We found reveals galore and couldn’t wait to share with you. At press time, we found that Princessluxury’s husband managed to get out of the doghouse with this perfect mini (though he had apparently been forgiven at the time of purchase). Earlier in the day, vinbenphon1 took us along on a photo safari  to the Perth boutique in Western Australia, what a lovely journey indeed. Stop by here to see what we enjoyed with that delicious bottle of wine!

Chanel Small Leather Goods

There are always so many newly revealed bags to share in Chanel, but we decided to feature something different in this segment, a pair of sweet smalls from singdizzy, reminding us not only of the wonderful variety of Chanel’s offerings, but also that good things really do come in small packages! And, for those of you wanting to see some serious bag reveals, drop into dlynn’s thread to see a summer-ready jumbo, and bluekit’s eye-popping fuchsia classic flap. Loveithateit also brought her A-game to Chanel with her reveal of a bevy of bags in gorgeous spring hues of pink and blue. The last couple of weeks have been absolutely spectacular in the March Purchase Thread, so please stop in and enjoy our members’ goodies – you won’t be sorry!


You all know we can’t stay away from the Kitchen – more specifically the I Ate This thread, where we always find irresistible world-class cuisine photographed so beautifully by our members. This week, we got a sweet surprise from foodie extraordinaire ninja_please, who not only had the inspiration and wherewithal to make marshmallows, but the presence of mind to turn them into s’mores! Also in the Playground, the grab-bag for our non-fashion-related conversations, Television and Cinema buzzed with the latest on the season’s most popular shows, including the “situation” on The Good Wife and the buzz on the highly anticipated season premier of Game of Thrones. Threads for every show imaginable –from Shahs of Sunset to American Horror Story – are yours for the reading, so after the credits roll on your favorite show, drop by T&C to dish and speculate on upcoming episodes!

Crocodile Clutch

The Bag Showcase is a great destination for finding out what makes our members bag-lovin’ hearts tick. This week we caught up with poohbag’s ongoing collection thread, which she has updated with some new Chanel purchases and a special accessory from Hermès. Visit her thread to read the sweet story behind a great vintage clutch. K_elizabeth took some time building her collection, and her thoughtful choices really shine in her showcase thread. And it’s all about Louis Vuitton for merekat703, who has put together quite a family of bags from her favorite brand.

Chanel Classic Flap Bag Turquoise

We noticed that dlynn has updated her White Collection thread (which includes some colorful bags as well), and we stopped in to see what she has purchased – the perfect reason to share the turquoise beauty you may remember from our Chanel Segment above! We could not resist this bag and are happy to share it, as well as send dlynn our hearty congratulations. We hope you will visit the Bag Showcase and see the myriad collections our members have assembled, it’s a great way to get to know each other and see a world of bags, to boot!

Valentino Rockstud Pumps

We went to Hermès to find you some orange boxes and ended up bumping straight into carlinha’s Non Hermès Indulgences from the thread of the same name – Carlinha has added an irresistable rainbow of Valentino Rockstuds to her collection. Other not-to-be-missed NHI’s from this thread include Pursebop’s Chanel goodies, PrincessCypress’s collection of Tiffany leather items, and lelisal’s drop dead gorgeous Dior watch. Also in Hermès,  the new Scarf of the Day Thread is ready to go, with plenty of great themes listed for us on page one, and they are fabulous! We have put quite a few of them on our calendars, and we are sure you will want to, too!

Hermes Silk Scarf

If you have a particular item from Hermès on your mind, do drop into the Hermès Clubhouse, where dedicated threads are filled with photographs of bags, jewelry, accessories, and ready to wear you can pour over to your heart’s content! This week, we found pierina2 rocking a large sized (GM) silk scarf that shows just how versatile these can be yearround. We got it loud and clear: Spring has arrived!

That does it for this week, Roundup Readers. Thank you for once again joining us for the week’s Roundup. We hope you have a terrific weekend planned and certainly hope you will drop by again next week to see what April brings to the PurseForum!

Beverly Hills

3U5A5523 copia

Black and white: one of the most chic kind of looks. Even cooler If enriched by golden and cream details.
Here is how I wore the perfect Mango little black dress: white slippers, Saint Laurent mini cross over bag and tons of jewels. All shot in the wonderful Beverly Hills.

Bianco e nero: un abbinamento che mai passa di moda. Ancora più ricercato se arricchito da dettagli dorati e color panna.
Ecco come ho indossato il perfetto little black dress di Mango: con mocassini a suola alta, mini cross over bag di Saint Laurent e tantissimi gioielli. Il tutto nella bellissima Beverly Hills.

3U5A5368 copia
3U5A5537 copia
3U5A5404 copia
3U5A5554 copia
3U5A5435 copia
3U5A5562 copia
3U5A5454 copia
3U5A5514 copia
3U5A5520 copia
3U5A5556 copia
3U5A5395 copia
3U5A5544 copia
3U5A5441 copia
3U5A5567 copia
3U5A5458 copia
3U5A5550 copia
3U5A5520 copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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The Many Bags of Accessory-Loving Male Celebrities

The Many Bags of Accessory-Loving Male Celebrities

Like the majority of fashion sites, we tend to stick to the ladies when we look at what celebrities are wearing and carrying. Women have far more options, after all, and we make up the vast majority of the population that’s interested in the details of high-end handbags. We like to think of ourselves as completists, though, which means that it’s time for us to plug a significant hole in our coverage: famous dudes who love bags.

As menswear has grown, so have the ranks of men who are unabashed about their preferences for a fancy leather good or two. Gay, straight, femme, butch – there’s a manbag (or women’s bag – many of these dudes don’t discriminate) for every famous man who deigns to carry his own things, as long as he’s willing to pony up the cash. From Johnny Weir’s Balenciagas and Birkins to Kanye West’s customized backpacks, check out the full array below.

When in Paris…


Paris.. Paris.. Isn’t it the city of beauty where you just can’t avoid looking for inspiration for the perfect makeup? And for the best makeup, skin colour is more than important. The beauty treat? Guerlain showed it to me in my last visit to the french capital with the Terracotta Poudre Bronzante.

Paris.. Paris.. è la città della bellezza dove non si può che trovare ispirazione per un make up perfetto! E per un make up impeccabile (e ricercato), il colore della pelle è fondamentale. Il trucco? Guerlain me lo ha svelato nella mia ultima visita della capitale francese con la Terracotta Poudre Bronzante.


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Big Sur roadtrip

3U5A4960 copia

I had already stopped by Big Sur twice in my life before: both times I was driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco and the time I could dedicate to these crazy views was really short.
Last weekend Andrew and I took two days off, drove for hours to Big Sur, stopped to see every landscape, hiked in some of our favourite spots and abandoned ourselves to the warm sun and ocean breeze, in complete happiness.
These photos tell a bit of those precious moments: here I am in my Styligion look during my roadtrip on the pacific coast.

Ero già passata da Big Sur due volte nella mia vita: in entrambe le occasioni stavo guidando da Los Angeles per andare a San Francisco ed il tempo che potevo dedicare a queste viste mozzafiato era veramente contato.
Lo scorso weekend io ed Andrew ci siamo presi due giorni completamente off, guidando per ore fino a Big Sur e fermandoci ad ammirare ogni panorama che ci incuriosiva, provando diverse passeggiate ed abbandonandoci al sole caldo ed all’odore dell’oceano, in completa estasi.
Queste foto racchiudono alcuni di quei preziosi momenti: eccomi in un look Styligion durante il mio roadtrip sulla costa pacifica.

3U5A4727 copia
3U5A4752 copia
3U5A4820 copia
3U5A4759 copia
3U5A4831 copia
3U5A4781 copia
3U5A4735 copia
3U5A4838 copia
3U5A4846 copia
3U5A4907 copia
3U5A4932 copia
3U5A4947 copia
3U5A5004 copia
3U5A4800 copia
3U5A4840 copia
3U5A4983 copia
3U5A4859 copia
3U5A4889 copia
3U5A4964 copia
3U5A5015 copia
3U5A5041 copia
3U5A5061 copia
3U5A4868 copia
3U5A5052 copia
3U5A4775 copia
3U5A4863 copia
3U5A5069 copia
3U5A5076 copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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Vote Now in PurseBlog March Madness – Round 2

Vote Now in PurseBlog March Madness – Round 2

You guys weighed in, we did the math and the field has been winnowed from 16 to just 8. Which designers will live on to the Final Four? That’s up for you to decide in Round 2 of PurseBlog March Madness. Just like you did early this week, choose which bag brand you prefer in each matchup and cast your votes – the winner of each will move one step closer to being our 2014 champion. Some of the matchups in the last round, like Louis Vuitton vs. Balenciaga and Gucci vs. Alexander Wang, were quite close, so every vote counts!

Vote in PurseBlog March Madness Round 2 Now!

#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – March 20

#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – March 20

By the looks of this week’s #PBWIMB roundup, it seems plenty of you are already enjoying the sunshine and toting around your brightly colored bags, while others are still bearing the cold weather and hiding under layers of cashmere and wool. While we all love a good black bag, it was refreshing to finally see some color again! Between the yellow Goyard and the red Saint Laurent alone, we’re definitely looking forward to seeing what other colors you’ll all be breaking out this spring.

Take a look at our favorite picks of the week, and continue to tag your photos with #PBWIMB to show us what’s inside your bag. For more Instagram roundups, head over to TalkShoes for our favorite shoe-stagrams of the week!

Christie’s Features Bright Bags in its Spring Luxury Accessories Auction

Christie’s Features Bright Bags in its Spring Luxury Accessories Auction

With the chill in the air beginning to dissipate ever so slightly, it’s time to turn to spring for dressing cues. With the new season comes a new color palette, one both altogether lighter and brighter than we’ve been using for the previous six months, and that surely leaves some wardrobe gaps to fill. If you’re looking to fill them with some of the most covetable and difficult-to-find high-end handbags and accessories on the planet, the online-only Christie’s Luxury Handbags & Accessories Auction has arrived at just the right time.

Through March 27 on Christie’s website, buyers can bid on bags from brands like Hermes, Chanel and Louis Vuitton, ranging from limited edition pieces that will never be made again to iconic Hermes Kellys in candy colors. The selection also includes exotics, jewelry and collector’s pieces as rare as a Louis Vuitton pétanque set, in case you need a new game to play at your first garden party of the season. We’ve collected some of the most picture-perfect pieces below, but we’d seriously recommend checking out the full selection via Christie’s; there’s too much to covet for one post.

Hermes Kelly Bag
Bidding starts at £3,800 via Christie’s

Hermes Kelly Bag Menthe

Chanel Limited Edition Ladybug Charm Single Classic Flap Bag
Bidding starts at £1,600 via Christie’s

Chanel Limited Edition Ladybug Charm Single Classic Flap Bag

Louis Vuitton Pétanque Set
Bidding starts at £2,000 via Christie’s

Louis Vuitton Petanque Set

Hermes Lizard Constance Elan
Bidding starts at £10,000 via Christie’s

Hermes Constance Elan Lizard

Hermes Kelly Bag
Bidding starts at £3,200 via Christie’s

Hermes Kelly Bag Fawn

Chanel Multicolor Stitch Classic Single Flap Bag
Bidding starts at £950 via Christie’s

Chanel Multicolor Stitch Classic Single Flap Bag

Hermes Kelly Bag
Bidding starts at £3,800 via Christie’s

Hermes Kelly Bag Pink

Chanel Limited Edition Cork Single Flap Bag
Bidding starts at £650 via Christie’s

Chanel Limited Edition Cork Single Flap Bag

Hermes Bicolor Kelly Bag
Bidding starts at £3,800 via Christie’s

Hermes Kelly Bag Bicolor

Hermes Collier De Chien Bracelet
Bidding starts at £800 via Christie’s

Hermes Collier De Chien Bracelet

Hermes Sac A Malice Bag
Bidding starts at £500 via Christie’s

Hermes Sac A Malice Bag

Hermes Shoulder Birkin II Bag
Bidding starts at £4,000 via Christie’s

Hermes Shoulder Birkin II Bag

Hermes Kelly Bag
Bidding starts at £3,800 via Christie’s

Hermes Kelly Bag Orange

Chanel Sautoir Necklace
Bidding starts at £600 via Christie’s

Chanel Sautoir 34-15

Le Carré

This is the Hermès square scarf – maybe one of the most iconic scarves there is.

It’s something that would obviously be passed down from mother to daughter, but the great thing is, there’s always something new about it. The square is kind of like a canvas that Hermès (under the direction of Bali Barret) invites artists to express themselves on.

I’ve always loved scarves – I got this obsession from my mother, who collects silk scarves she finds second-hand.
Scarves are chic – they complete a look, and there’s something a little old-fashioned about them that I love. I wear them around my neck, in my hair, and sometimes as a belt (with washed out jeans, it looks great!).

What about you? Do you wear scarves?

Madonna Inn

3U5A4669 copia

After Milan and Paris photos here I am in my happy place: California.
I’m here for only eight days total before leaving again for Brazil (I’m soon back in Sao Paulo) and I’m literally trying to live the best of these sunny and almost summer days. How? With a two days roadtrip on the pacific coast to Big Sur, why not? On the road (basically in the only hour I was driving) I found by chance the iconic Madonna Inn sign: It deserved a visit.
P.S: Tell me I’m not the only one roadtrippin’ in a lace romper and Dr.Martens #differentkindaroadtrip

Dopo le mie foto di Milano e Parigi eccomi nel mio “happy place”: la California.
Sono qui per soli otto giorni prima di ripartire per il Brasile per lavoro (presto ritorno a San Paolo) e sto letteralmente cercando di vivermi queste splendide giornate di sole dal sapore estivo al meglio. Come? Con un roadtrip di due giorni guidando sulla costa pacifica fino a Big Sur, perchè no? Sulla strada, (praticamente nell’unica ora in cui ero io al volante) ho visto per caso l’iconico cartello del Madonna Inn: meritava una visita.
P.S: Ditemi che non sono l’unica a viaggiare in macchina in tutina di pizzo e Dr.Martens #differentkindaroadtrip

3U5A4625 copia
3U5A4633 copia
3U5A4644 copia
3U5A4666 copia
3U5A4678 copia
3U5A4640 copia
3U5A4687 copia
3U5A4704 copia
3U5A4707 copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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Welcome to PurseBlog March Madness!

Welcome to PurseBlog March Madness!

You might have heard a whisper here and there about some sort of basketball tournament that’s starting this week. Most members of the PurseBlog team went to football schools, so while this may not be our time of year in a sporting sense, we believe in substituting handbags for literally anything in which we are not naturally interested. With that in mind, we’re proud to announce PurseBlog March Madness!

We’ve chosen 16 of the biggest handbag brands in the world at a variety of price levels, and we’d like you to help us determine the best bag brand of 2014. You’ll have two days (work days – even handbag critics need a weekend) to vote on each round, and once we’ve tabulated the votes in each bracket matchup, we’ll move the winners on to the next round to face a new opponent and a new round of voting by you, our readers. We’ll do this all the way until a winner is crowned!


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Kimora Lee Simmons Travels with an Hermes Birkin

Kimora Lee Simmons Travels with an Hermes Birkin

Kimora Lee Simmons was recently spotted arriving at LAX with an Hermes Birkin, which seems like a natural choice for her. We just saw Kimora Lee traveling with a Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag and her investment banker boyfriend Tim Leissner last month, mere DAYS before it was revealed (by her ex, Russell Simmons, no less) that the couple had secretly wed some time ago. Scandalizing!

Kimora Lee is fairly infamous for her high-end taste in bags, boyfriends and pretty much everything else in life. It will come as a surprise to absolutely no one that she lays claim to several Hermes bags, and she makes an appearance with a glossy brown croc Birkin in our seasonally updated “Celebrities and their Birkin Bags: A Retrospective.” She seems a likely candidate for a future edition of “The Many Bags of…”!

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Lindsay Lohan Poses with Fans and an Hermes Kelly

Lindsay Lohan Poses with Fans and an Hermes Kelly

Lindsay Lohan took a minute to pose for paps and fans outside her Soho apartment last week. On her arm is a eye-catching, bright orange Hermes Soft Kelly. Lindsay’s new reality show on Oprah’s OWN network just premiered this past Sunday, and it’s put Lindsay back in the public eye again after a lengthy (Oprah-enforced) absence. While her lifestyle habits have hopefully changed for the better, some things always stay the same: her taste in handbags remains as high-end as ever. Kudos, Lindsay!

An extremely buzzworthy trailer for the Oprah/Lindsay docu-series hit the Internet last week, and it showed Oprah dishing out some tough love to Lindsay, as well as Lindsay making dramatic declarations like “I feel like I’m in prison!” (Which seems particularly telling, because lest we forget, Lindsay’s actually been to prison.) I’m sure some of our readers couldn’t resist the urge to check out the premiere, and if you did, I encourage you to give us your reviews in the comments!

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60+ Bags and the Celebrities Who Carried Them at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014

60+ Bags and the Celebrities Who Carried Them at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014

Paris Fashion Week is an event like none other. We love New York, London and Milan, don’t get us wrong, but the combination of clothes and celebrities that happens in Paris will always be our favorite. This season, we found even more stars and fashion insiders carrying super-covetable bags than we did back in September, and we’ve assembled them all for your viewing pleasure.

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PurseBlog Asks: What’s the Last Bag You Bought That You Truly Love?

PurseBlog Asks: What’s the Last Bag You Bought That You Truly Love?

I’ve been busy these past few months with a variety of things, some great and some not (my grandmother passed away in January), but I’m back now! One of my trips to be with my family in Ohio ended up being much longer than anticipated, and I only had one bag with me, my black Hermes Birkin. I love that bag, but after carrying it for so long, I got to thinking about it, and the state of handbags in general. I spend a lot of time, actually everyday, thinking about handbags. (It is my business, after all.) One question that popped into my mind was questioning the last bag I bought that I truly love, the kind of love that makes you so incredibly pleased with your purchase.

Many of you know that I own my fair share of bags, and part of the upside of owning so many bags is knowing when I have a really great piece on my hands. All bags share the same purpose, to carry your things, but some bags do it better than others. Truth is, the last bag I got that I truly love is my Coach Borough Bag. The bag deserves the hype, it’s ultra functional and looks great as well. I tend to be someone who carries a lot of things, and having a bag with high functionality and ample pocket space works beautifully for me. Shop the Coach Borough here.

I’m on the hunt for a new bag, and I want it to be one that is both chic and functional. I want a bag for which I feel no buyer’s remorse. So now I’m asking you, what is the last bag you bought that you truly love?

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Check Out the Best Hermès Instagrams of the Week

Check Out the Best Hermès Instagrams of the Week

If there’s one thing we’ll never get sick of seeing on Instagram, it’s great handbags. (Okay, food and puppies are on that list too.) While it’s no secret that we’re huge lovers of all things Hermès in the PurseBlog offices, we’re most definitely not alone. We combed through layers of hashtags and pictures to find some serious drool-worthy Hermès bags and bracelets on Instagram that will most likely keep you salivating for hours to come.

Follow our SOLE sister @talkshoes on Instagram, and make sure you’re following us as well!

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30+ Bags and the Celebrities Who Carried Them at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014

30+ Bags and the Celebrities Who Carried Them at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014

The third leg of fashion’s seasonal four week journey around the globe as come to a close, and as always, Milan Fashion Week Fall 2014 brought out a cadre of celebrities both Italian and international, all carrying leather goods from Italy and beyond. (Although even brands based elsewhere often manufacture their bags in Italy – the country’s tanneries and ateliers are that good.) As always, we have a faithful study of just what everywhere was carrying to the shows and parties, including a lot of Anna Dello Russo’s signature outrageousness.

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It’s a matter of heart and lips


Milan fashionweek day two: here is the look :)
The hair was done, like always, by Redken and my makeup was Nikki’s work (and here you can see the tutorial she created about it)

Milano fashionweek, secondo giorno: ecco il mio look :)
I capelli sono stati come sempre pettinati da Redken, mentre il mio makeup è opera di Nikki (e qui potete vedere il tutorial che lei ha creato)


I was wearing:

MSGM FUR COAT (prefall 2014 collection)

Photos by Leslie Kirchhoff

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Central Park in the snow

8F3A1269e copy

Central Park all white, cherry coloured sunglasses and a look on orange tones, shot after Tommy Hilfiger show.

Central Park completamente innevato, occhiali color ciliegia ed un look sui toni dell’arancione, scattato dopo lo show di Tommy Hilfiger.

8F3A1223 copy
8F3A1298 copy
8F3A1250 copy
8F3A1319e2 copy
8F3A1348 copy
8F3A1358 copy
8F3A1231 copy
8F3A1255 copy
8F3A1463 copy
8F3A1459 copy

I was wearing:


Photos by Leslie Kirchhoff

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Beverly Hills Rich Kid Dorothy Wang Carries Pink Hermes

Beverly Hills Rich Kid Dorothy Wang Carries Pink Hermes

Here’s Dorothy Wang, one of the stars of E! reality show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, headed into Dan Tana’s restaurant in LA, carrying a bubblegum pink Hermes Kelly Bag and a shopping bag from Barneys. I’ve never seen the show, but my editor Amanda tells me that it’s a great hate-watch, and that Dorothy is really funny. (After checking out these fan-made memes on E!’s website, I tend to agree.) If you pay attention to our TV recap content, you’ll know that we’re all huge fans of hate-watching reality TV shows.

I did a little cyber sleuthing and found out via Dorothy’s Instagram that she was actually on her way to Dan Tana’s to help celebrate original “rich kid” Paris Hilton’s b-day! I then, of course, had to snoop around and confirm that this “kid” was actually old enough to party with Paris (as is my civic duty), and was relieved to find out that she’s actually 26! Which begs the question, at what point is one no longer considered a “rich kid?” Shouldn’t there be a happy medium between “Rich Kid” and “Real Housewife?”

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#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – February 19th

#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – February 19th

According to this week’s #PBWIMB Instagram Roundup, I think I can confidently say everyone (or nearly everyone) is a fan of Chanel. Here at PurseBlog Headquarters, we see plenty of Chanel on a daily basis, but this week on Instagram it was particularly apparent, and we’re certainly not complaining. Take a look below at all things Chanel with sprinkles of Hermes and Celine.

Keep on submitting your bag photos by hashtagging #PBWIMB and following us on Instagram. To show off your shoes, follow our sole sister TalkShoes and tag #ShowMyShoes.

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The Many Bags of Celebs at London Fashion Week Fall 2014

The Many Bags of Celebs at London Fashion Week Fall 2014

London Fashion Week tends to get short shrift when it comes to evaluating the month of fashion shows that we all look forward to and/or endure every six months. It’s the shortest of the four “weeks,” and arguably the least prestigious, although the Brits have a knack for figuring out what’s coming next before anyone else. LFW is a bastion of young talent and streetwear, and for that, plenty of celebs, British, American and beyond, come out to see what London has on offer. Naturally, they do so carrying great bags, and we’ve got the best of the lot below.

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PurseForum Roundup – February 14

PurseForum Roundup – February 14

It’s Friday, PurseForum Roundup readers, and once again we are looking at some serious weather for lots of you. This week, we want to keep it light and sunny, so we searched out some pretty bags, of course, and so much more. We also have a special Valentine’s Day treat from our Coach members, so join us!

Hermes CDC and Scarf

Scarves are great accessories all year long, and for winter, nothing is more luscious than an Hermès cashmere shawl. We have a special thread dedicated to these beautiful shawls, and this week, Israeli_Flava has some gorgeous colorful additions to her collection that certainly drove our winter blues away. The scarves, shawls, and other variations on the theme are a staple of Hermès and favorites among our members. Visit the Which Scarf Are You Wearing Today thread for ideas on styling all the silky offerings from this brand.

Hermes Collection

While wandering around Hermès, we found a wonderful family photo of bags along with a splendid scarf from pierina2 in the Spring 2014 Scarves thread. Stop in and join in one of the hottest conversations in the subforum, as members spot and snap up the newest scarves of the season.

Balenciaga City Bag

Over in Balenciaga, richly colored bags abound no matter the season. In winter, these lavishly saturated hues are a special treat. This week, we found a reveal in a color that’s easily wearable in winter but as cheery as a summer day. Congratulations to shayna07 on this beautiful new City Bag in luscious ultraviolet. We also found a thread that perfectly illustrates the amazing work our members do to help one another: Longtime member CeeJay has compiled a thorough comparison of this season’s leather colors with their predecessors, and for Balenciaga fans, this thread is an essential shopping resource. In the Which Bag Are You Wearing Today thread, catch a glimpse of these colorful bags out and about with our stylish members. If you feel like summer is ages away, be sure to catch up with jezebel61113, whose summery tomate City Bag will put you right in the June frame of mind.

Coach Borough Bag Red

Happy Valentine’s Day! Coachs’ super hot leather bags are breaking out all over our Coach subforum. This week, our Coach members reminded us that with Valentine’s Day upon us, a rich red bag may be just the ticket. CharliLuvsCoach selected her vermillion Borough for today, and whateve put together a LOVE-ly purse and scarf combination that will be perfect for the occasion. This thread is full of stunning bags in every shade of pink and red, so if you are looking for inspiration, it’s the place to be!  If you are a longtime “Coachie” or just discovering (or perhaps re-discovering) the brand, you will enjoy a stop in the Clubhouse, where dedicated threads cover such things as key fobs and wallets, as well as collections, including the Park Collection, the Signature line, and more. We even have a Men’s Club! Spend some time clicking around in Coach, we always find something wonderful when we do!

Tiffany Blue Box

Of course, Coach members aren’t the only ones celebrating Valentine’s Day. All over the forum, our members have already started to open their gifts, and they are amazing! In Chanel, BalenciagaPlaneT added a sleek black tote to her collection, and in Louis Vuitton, TeamHutchens stole the show with her definitively non-purse gift (hint: it is awesome and has wheels – two of them). Also in Louis Vuitton, MommieLovesLV shared her sweet gift from Tiffany & Co., a Valentine’s classic. We found another sparkley Valentines gift in Burberry, this time a watch received by the very lucky vinbenphon1. Valentine’s Day was not even in full swing at presstime, so be sure to do your own hunt throughout our forum for more gift reveals!

Pear and Chocolate Cake

Roundup Regulars know how much we love The Kitchen, and we thought we would stop in and hunt for some cheery winter treats. We found a splendidly healthy salmon and broccoli dish from ninja_please, and her absolutely show stopping pear and chocolate cake seemed a perfect way to close out this week’s Roundup. Samia’s pretty rose cake with blueberry cupcakes looks like a nice Valentine’s Day treat, too, and may inspire you to create a dessert tonight!

That wraps up this week’s PurseForum Roundup. We wish all of you a safe week, whether you are snowbound or enjoying an early spring. We appreciate you stopping by to spend some time with us and hope you will return each week as we recap a small sample of what is happening on our wonderful forum. See you next Friday!

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Naya Rivera Strolls NYC with Hermes

Naya Rivera Strolls NYC with Hermes

Here’s Glee star Naya Rivera out in Soho with a sleek, black Hermes Kelly Bag. I repeat, that’s Naya Rivera, not Kim Kardashian, but the resemblance here is startling. If you told me she and Kim K shared a colorist and a makeup artist, I’d absolutely believe you. Naya is in town for fashion week, natch, and she attended the Michael Kors show on Wednesday. Only select Hermes bags are sold online, and of course, the Kelly is not one of them, but you can find one at any Hermes boutique.

All creepy Kardashian vibes aside, I don’t love this look on Naya – I feel all the volume here really drowns her small frame. This is an outfit I’d expect to see on a chic senior fashion mag editor darting around NYFW, but never Naya Rivera. Naya is notorious for showing skin, and seeing so little of it here is somewhat disorienting, frankly, even in the dead of winter. I feel like I’ve been complaining about seasonally under-dressed celebs for weeks now, but now I take it all back. If Naya Rivera can’t rock designer sandals and a bare midriff in mid-February, then no one can!

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The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Days 7 & 8

The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Days 7 & 8

Chanel Boy Bag

Best Bags of NYFW Days 7 + 8 (1)

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The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Day 6

The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Day 6

Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Best Bags of NYFW Day 6 (2)

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The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Day 5

The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Day 5

Balenciaga Le Dix Cartable Bag

The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Day 5 (2)

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PurseForum Roundup – February 7

PurseForum Roundup – February 7

Well, that was fast! Another Friday is upon us, and on top of that, it’s already February. We know many of you are still grappling with fierce winter weather, and we hope you are all safe and coping with this season’s challenges. We have some nice handbags and more to take your mind off the weeks travails in this week’s edition of the PurseForum Roundup, so let’s get to it!

Customized Kitchenaid Mixer

We just love how our incredibly fashionable members show us their style in every corner of the PurseForum. This week, while hanging around in the Kitchen, we (rather randomly) caught up with the What is Your Favorite Kitchenaid Mixer Color thread. Kitchen gadgets are a weakness of ours, and we were surprised at the rainbow of colors of mixers our members have amassed! And, we are not sure how we missed this custom painted beauty from jxwilliams from last year. We didn’t even know one could customize this American classic workhorse mixer, and now we are thinking…should we?

Cain Chair

After checking out the always popular I Ate This, and What Are You Cooking Tonight threads, we headed over to Home and Garden, where we found an absolutely lovely place to catch up on the PurseForum, right in Elliespurse’s new chair! Check out the Newest Home Decor Items – it is as inspiring as the Kitchen, but easier on the waistline! Speaking of decor, we have a new thread discussing the merits of hiring an interior designer, and we are now officially sold on the idea.

Valentino Rockstuds and Hermes Birkin

Because so many of us have been slogging around in boots and galoshes, we thought it would be fun to highlight some sexy shoes this week. On a mission, we headed to The Glass Slipper and dropped into the Valentino Thread, where we found lovely64′s fabulous new winter blues-erasing orange Rockstuds! And, as if that wasn’t enough, we also found another gorgeous pair from mlemee, straight from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection. (We can’t wait for spring, by the way!) For more sandal fun, be sure to catch with Beg4Bags’ super summery reveal and shoppinggalnyc’s dream-come-true Pedro Garcia wonderful wedges. 

Snowy Yard

We found some interesting threads in random places this week, too. In Books and Music, the 2014 Reading Challenge is underway, with a fairly wide range of goals being set by our members. Over in Up to The Minute, the latest reports from the 2014 Winter Olympics are front and center, keeping company with a pretty eclectic selection of news stories from around the globe. Olympic coverage occupies a top spot in Television and Cinema, along with the Real Housewives franchise, and a host of the latest shows. Some of the comments in these threads are pure gold! In Celebrity News and Gossip, we follow the antics of that trucker hat-sporting Canadian Bad Boy whose initials are JB, the excruciating Woody Allen situation, Mr. and Mrs. Carter (otherwise known as Bey and Jay) and a motley crew of celebs large and small. If your favorite is missing from our list, feel free to start a thread, because no celebrity is turned away from the PurseForum. Really! Our accompanying photo comes from chowlover2 by way of our new Celebrity News and Gossip Chat thread. We loved the snowy birdhouse!

Dior Lady Dior Crocodile Bag

We always leave the Dior subforum wanting a new bag. This week, the Lady Diors were calling our names, and we had a hard time choosing a favorite. The Action Thread is full of surprises, and this cheery pink Lady Dior from Donya Aurora is one of many. Don’t miss Kellyng’s incredible Chinese New Year celebration of style; you will want to savor every photograph. Dioriffic Lady has been very busy and shared two reveal threads this week, including ready-to-wear and some knockout shoes. The Month of the Diorissimo thread is ThisVNChick’s homage to this gorgeous bag, and you will love her collection, we’re sure of it.

Well, winter-weary Roundup Readers, that brings this edition to a close. We hope your weekend is wonderful, and that your week ahead is lovely and warm, or at least warmer. We only touch on a fraction of the PurseForum in our Roundups, so we hope you will spend some time exploring the rest this week. Have fun and see you all next Friday!

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#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – February 6th

#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – February 6th

Maybe it’s the fact that New York Fashion Week has officially started, but this week’s #PBWIMB Instagram Roundup was particularly fabulous. With a Chanel trifecta, a double dose of Prada, a beautiful Hermes and more, it’s no wonder I’m feeling some serious bag envy.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and tag #PBWIMB for a chance to be featured on our favorite picks of the week!

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Nicole Scherzinger Travels with Hermes

Nicole Scherzinger Travels with Hermes

Former Pussycat Doll and current X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger was recently spotted at the arrivals gate at LAX with a sleek, taupe Hermes Jypsiere Bag in tow. The Jypsiere is one of the newest models in Hermes’ stable of non-seasonal classics. While its front closure is similar to that of a Birkin, functionally, it’s more like a messenger bag. It seems to be Hermes’ attempt to both maximize the utility of their bags, and perhaps attract a younger customer. To that effect: it’s also one of the few Hermes bags sold online. You can pick up Nicole’s exact bag for $8,650 at Hermes.

The Jypsiere is also marketed by Hermes as a “unisex shoulder bag,” so as not to alienate any menfolk who might find the bag’s more utilitarian vibe alluring. There hasn’t really been enough interest from men over the past few years to merit the Jypsiere’s inclusion in our weekly “Man Bag Mondays” column as of this posting, however. (If you’re a lad who loves Hermes, please feel free to sound off in the comments!) You can read Megs’ original thoughts on the Hermes Jypsiere in this post from 2010.

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Miranda Kerr Leaves a Photo Shoot with an Hermes Kelly

Miranda Kerr Leaves a Photo Shoot with an Hermes Kelly

Here’s one of our favorite celeb handbag aficionados, Miranda Kerr, leaving a photo shoot in NYC (thus, the dramatic smoky eyes), and carrying a beautiful Hermes Kelly Bag, which looks extra classy against her lovely navy blue wool trench. As you can see, this is clearly the more casual way to carry a Kelly, with its front straps and clasp undone. It helps the bag look a little less formal, especially in its more flexible leather varieties.

Our readers know that Miranda’s designer handbag collection is quite legendary. We rarely see her carry the same bag twice, which pleases the PB editorial staff greatly. If you enjoy a little celeb handbag voyeurism as much as we do, you can spend a long, leisurely lunch break perusing “The Many Bags of Miranda Kerr” and its epic sequel, “The Many Bags of Miranda Kerr, Part Two.”

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Silverlake afternoon

3U5A7466 copia

Good Monday and good start of the week to all of you… How did you spend your weekend?
Mine was full of relax in Los Angeles: tonight I’m going to leave for New York fashionweek and I needed some super casual days, wearing beautiful yet comfy looks. These Erika Cavallini trousers and sweater looked like they were created for my sunny afternoon in Silverlake: I matched them to the orange maxi Kelly bag and golden slip-ons of my new capsule collection for Steve Madden :)

Buon lunedi e buon inizio di settimana a tutti voi.. Come avete passato il weekend?
Il mio è stato di completo relax a Los Angeles: stanotte partirò per New York ed avevo proprio bisogno di qualche giorno super casual, indossando capi belli e comodi. Questi pantaloni e maglione di Erika Cavallini sembravano essere stati creati per il mio pomeriggio di sole a Silverlake: li ho abbinati alla maxi Kelly ed alle slip-on dorate della mia nuova capsule collection per Steve Madden :)

3U5A7567 copia
3U5A7438 copia
3U5A7420 copia
3U5A7508 copia
3U5A7516 copia
3U5A7484 copia
3U5A7660 copia
3U5A7578 copia
3U5A7612 copia
3U5A7627 copia
3U5A7678 copia
3U5A7642 copia
3U5A7617 copy copia

I was wearing:

THE BLONDE SALAD X STEVE MADDEN SLIPONS (available from February 5th)

Photos by Andrew Arthur

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Kelly Osbourne Has Embellished her Birkin (or Has She?)

Kelly Osbourne Has Embellished her Birkin (or Has She?)

Yesterday, a friend of the blog tipped us off to these pictures of Kelly Osbourne, handbag lover and recent Many Bags subject, landing at Heathrow Airport while carrying what, on first glance, appeared to be an Hermes Birkin defaced with all kinds of weird, quasi-explicit patches. It wouldn’t be the first time that a Birkin received some embellishment, but it would definitely have been the most amateurish (and least artful) that we’ve seen in the recent past.

Just when we were all ready to saddle up our rage horses and ride to town, we zoomed in. (Zooming in is important.) When we did, we realized that, duh, this isn’t a Birkin at all. Sure, it looks like a Birkin, and it has all the appropriate Birkin parts, but this is actually a much less expensive bag, made to look like an Hermes classic than had then been besmirched with after-market patches. Based on some of the embroidery, it seems as though Kelly purchased it this way instead of adding the patches herself, but we’ve been unable to locate any wannabe-Birkins with this detailing. In a way, we are thankful for that.

Kelly Osbourne Hermes Birkin

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_MG_8640 copia

You know me and know how much I dig them… What am I talking about? Contrasts in my look of course.
Like this one that I worn a couple of days ago for a drink in Milano with friends: super warm coat and Erika Cavallini maxi sandals.

Ormai mi conoscete e sapete quanto io ne vada pazza… Di cosa sto parlando? Naturalmente dei contrasti presenti nei miei look.
Come questo indossato qualche giorno fa per un aperitivo a Milano con degli amici: cappottino super caldo e maxi sandali di Erika Cavallini ai piedi.

_MG_8708 copia
_MG_8675 copia
_MG_8746 copia
_MG_8705 copia
_MG_8689 copia
_MG_8786 copia
_MG_8716 copia
_MG_8658 copia
_MG_8750 copia
_MG_8630 copia
_MG_8729 copia
_MG_8780 copia
_MG_8754 copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti
Makeup by Nikki DeRoest

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#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – January 23rd

#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – January 23rd

The end of January is when we usually decide we’re officially over winter and start dreaming of warmer times and sunny weather. It’s clear all of you are in a similar boat, judging by the colorful bags we saw this week in your #PBWIMB Instagrams this week. Take a look at some of our favorite snapshots, and this week there was even a video in the mix!

Continue to send us pictures of your what’s in your bag and your purse adventures for a chance to be featured! Make sure to tag #PBWIMB and follow us on Instagram.

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The Many Bags of Kelly Osbourne

The Many Bags of Kelly Osbourne

Like mother, like daughter, especially when it comes to Sharon Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne and their respective handbag collections. We profiled the elder Osbourne’s love for black Chanel bags a few months ago, and now that awards season is upon us, Kelly is gracing all of our televisions even more regularly than she usually does for red carpet coverage. That seemed like enough reason to delve into her handbag collection, and perhaps unsurprisingly, Kelly seems to have on speed dial the same hardworking Chanel sales associate as her mom. Check out her bags, Chanel and beyond, below.

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Nene Leakes Dines in NYC with Hermes and a Fellow Housewife

Nene Leakes Dines in NYC with Hermes and a Fellow Housewife

Nene Leakes was recently spotted dining at Nello (a restaurant that is somewhat notorious for being ridiculously expensive and over-the-top, even by NYC standards) with husband Gregg and fellow Housewife (of the NY variety) Sonja Morgan. Her bag is a bright blue Hermes Birkin, natch. Nene loves her Birkins, as do all Real Housewives and “Bravolebrities” – you can see for yourself in our special homage to Bravo-endorsed excess, “The Many Bags of Bravolebrities.”

Nene actually announced this week that her next venture will be her own eponymous clothing line. No word yet on where Nene-designed duds will be sold. Nene certainly loves dropping serious cash at Barneys and all the highest of high end department stores, but it wouldn’t be at all surprising if her line landed somewhere a little more down-to-Earth, like the majority of celebrity fashion lines.

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Q&A: Inside Heritage Auctions’ Luxury Accessories Division with Matthew Rubinger

Q&A: Inside Heritage Auctions’ Luxury Accessories Division with Matthew Rubinger

When Matthew Rubinger launched the luxury accessories category at Heritage Auctions in 2010, the New York City resident was only just out of Vanderbilt University. During his tenure at Heritage as Director for Luxury Accessories, the pre-owned luxury handbag business has exploded both at live auctions and online, landing Rubinger on Forbes’ “30 Under 30″ list for 2014, as well as on CNN and The Wall Street Journal. Recently, he sat down with us to answer some questions about the luxury business, tracking down rare handbags and which dream piece he’s yet to track down.

First, Matt, how did you land what would be a dream job for so many of our readers?

It’s been quite a ride! I met with the partners at Heritage in 2010 – before they had opened an office in NYC – and they told me about their expansion plans both in this region and in general. They were excited about the proposition of introducing such a fun, dynamic category to their firm. For me, the idea of launching not only a new auction category for the company, but a new category for the entire auction market, was an opportunity that was difficult to resist.

How has the pre-owned handbag market changed since Heritage Auctions first started its focus on luxury accessories?

I have seen a shift from what I call “shopping” to “collecting.” The market is shifting towards special, unique, stand-out pieces. Our clients are constantly editing their collections – often buying and selling pieces in the same auction. It’s nice to see a growing interest in unusual colors, materials, older pieces, discontinued designs and so on.

Matthew Rubinger Heritage Auctions

What should potential buyers keep in mind when shopping your Boutique selection, versus participating in one of your accessories auctions? How do the two options differ?

The savviest buyers tend to prefer auction. If you have a deep understanding of the category and the market, auction is a piece of cake. Waiting for the right piece and the right price can be fun and worthwhile – but it takes patience. There are three main reasons that our set-price Boutique might be right for you: 1. Instant gratification. You click “Buy,” you pay, and we ship FedEx Overnight complimentary. Simple. Gratifying. 2. There is a particular piece that you have been waiting for and you find it in the Boutique. In this case, buy it! You’ll regret it if you let someone else get it first. 3. You see something in the Boutique that you think would sell for more at auction. If you see a great deal, jump on it.

If our readers have handbags that they’d like to sell, how can they get them listed in the Heritage Auctions Boutique?

E-mail an image of it to Within 24 hours you will hear back with an auction estimate, an outright purchase offer, and a set-price consignment value. Really easy.

What’s the craziest bag that’s come your way at Heritage? Your favorite?

It’s actually upcoming so it’s a bit hush-hush right now…but you all will be the first to know! (Hint: It’s Hermes from 1996; that’s all I can say for now.)

Hermes Bicolor Crocodile Birkin

What’s the best investment that buyers can make in luxury accessories right now?

I used to say go classic – a classic model in a classic color. That will still be a good place to start, but if you’re feeling up to it, the best investment right now is something special and/or unique. You want something rare because that’s what collectors will pay for. Aside from that, I think Louis Vuitton Show Bags from 2001-2006 are very undervalued on the market right now, I think they will be gaining momentum soon.

Why do you think shoppers are so willing to pay a premium for Hermes bags, and Hermes exotics in particular?

Most importantly, they are the finest, highest quality bags in the world. Additionally, they hold their value, making people feel safe and confident about sizable purchases.

Hermes Blue Suede Sellier Kelly Bag

What’s a bag that you’d love to add to the Heritage selection but haven’t been able to get your hands on quite yet?

It’s actually not a bag – it’s the Chanel surf board. I want one in the auction! We had the Chanel Bike and the attention it got was overwhelming. Now I want the surfboard.

Where did Heritage see the most growth in 2013? What kinds of customers used your services the most in the past year?

We only did two live Signature Auctions in 2012, in 2013 we added our September Auction in Los Angeles, which we will be doing again in 2014. It was very well received and probably represented our largest area of growth. Our private sales, on our Boutique and with our fantastic partners Barneys New York and Moda Operandi, also saw huge increases in 2013. The market is taking off!

What’s the most exciting bag for sale in the Heritage Auctions Boutique right now?

The most exciting is probably the 35cm Custom-Ordered, Rose Scheherazade & Ultra Violet Crocodile Birkin with Gold Hardware. At $110,000, it ain’t cheap, but in Pristine Condition, this is a serious collector piece. There is also a Blue Thallasa Veau Doblis (Suede) Kelly that is incredibly special. Lastly, we have a beautiful Ralph Lauren Crocodile Ricky on the boutique that is well-valued at half of retail and we don’t get many Rickys in crocodile so a special opportunity.


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Le Smoking

The tuxedo is making a come back lately (did it ever really go out of style?) and, as you might guess, I’m so, totally for it!

I photographed Jana in her Pallas suit on the very same day that the incredible Diane Keaton was teaching us all a tuxedo and gray hair lesson, looking sublime at the Golden Globes… It’s going to be hard to go back to frou-frou dresses after that, don’t you think?

Jana Wirth Photo

Anyway, I’m getting off topic.

Pallas, maybe you know that brand, is one of my new favorites. It’s a French brand that actually dates back to 1961, and they’ve just relaunched it. They only make tuxedos, and they use the most gorgeous cuts and materials.

Each suit is handmade – they’re basically couture, and I’ve been wanting to tell you about them for a really long time, because that’s probably going to be one of my next investments – one that will last a lifetime…

As for the pink bow tie, it’s vintage Hermès.

Do you think suits are dreamy like I do, or do you still prefer a beautiful dress over a suit?

Coat, Jacket & Pants, Pallas available at The Line; Earrings, Aesa; Shoes, Christian Louboutin; Clutch, Acne Studios.

When I come back to Milano

_MG_7923 copia

Truth is I’m spending most of my time either traveling or in Los Angeles (where, If everything works, I should have my own house from March/April) but truth also is that each time I go back to Milan the rain seems never stop.
My ten days home before Christmas were wet, and also this time I saw the sun shining for only a day. Blog photos are hard If not impossible to take: in the short rain-breaks you see me running from one place to the other (and against time) to get some decent outfit photos. The costant LA sun seems so far away :(
In these photos I was wearing the new McQ Alexander McQueen sweater and the fake fur that you’ve already seen me in all the colours: It’s from Storets and I have it in black, cream, white and now also pink :)

E’ vero che ormai sto passando la maggior parte del mio tempo in viaggio o a Los Angeles (dove, se tutto va bene, dovrei avere la mia prima casa da marzo/aprile) ma è altrettanto vero che ogni volta che torno a Milano la pioggia sembra perseguitarmi.
I miei dieci giorni a casa prima di Natale sono stati sotto l’acqua, ed anche questa volta ho visto il sole per un solo giorno. Le foto per il blog sono difficili se non impossibili da scattare: nelle brevi pause dagli acquazzoni eccomi correre come una pazza per le strade (e contro il tempo) per ottenere gli scatti di outfit che vedete qui. Decisamente i 25° e sole costante di Los Angeles sono solo un lontano miraggio :(
In queste foto indossavo una nuova felpa di McQ Alexander McQueen ed il pellicciotto fake fur che ormai mi avete visto in tutti i colori: è di Storets e ce l’ho nero, crema, panna, e dall’altro giorno anche rosa :)

_MG_7981 copia
_MG_7879 copia
_MG_7863 copia
_MG_7915 copia
Fotor012204040 copia
_MG_7928 copia
_MG_7956 copia
_MG_7843 copia
_MG_7943 copia
_MG_7967 copia
_MG_7823 copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Gregorio Capineri Tosetti

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Who Wore It Better: Kim Kardashian or Victoria Beckham?

Who Wore It Better: Kim Kardashian or Victoria Beckham?

Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian caused a bit of a stir when she debuted a brand new (to her collection, at least), super rare, incredibly expensive Hermes Himalayan Crocodile Birkin that might be beautiful enough to wipe that George Condo painted HAC out of some (not all) Hermes lovers’ minds. A simple Google search of “Hermes Himalayan Croc Birkin” will show you which bag-loving celeb got her hands on the bag first, though – none other than Victoria Beckham, the original celebrity Hermes fanatic.

Beckham was the first star to bring this very exclusive bag to the attention of people beyond Hermes consumer circles, and it seems like Kim would be wise to try emulating Beckham’s gradual, years-long transition from tabloid fodder to fashion industry darling. The Victoria Beckham who once wore leather chaps in public seems like a distant memory now, but she used to be something of a joke to designers who feared that Beckham would devalue their brand image if she was spotted wearing their clothes. Victoria clearly wanted very badly to be accepted by an industry that was hostile to her, though, and she made it so by cleaning up her wardrobe, refining her personal style and demonstrating a commitment to fashion done correctly with her eponymous line.

As has been mentioned at Fashionista and elsewhere, Kim Kardashian is currently traversing a similar road, but her destination is still a bit unclear. If she can get her reality show off the air and continue to clean up her wardrobe (her coat game has been flawless lately and no one will tell me otherwise), then she might have a fighting chance. She’s already made a vast style improvement in the span of just a couple of years, and if you don’t believe me, we’ve got a place where you can check out some of her older outfits. Like Victoria, Kim is also wealthy far beyond the spoils of her day-to-day gig, which comes in handy when trying to redecorate your entire life.

For right now, though, we’re just judging what we see below. Who did a better job making her Himalayan Croc Birkin look like all of the thousands of dollars its worth? I’m on Kim K’s side, if only because she so clearly chose the outfit to accent her new bag, and who among us hasn’t done that at least once? (Or every time we get a new bag?)

Victoria Beckham Himalayan Crocodile Birkin Kim-Kardashian-Hermes-Himalayan-Crocodile-Birkin-Bag-2

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