The Del Val #10

The life of Susan Sontag, cultural critic extraordinaire. Mmmm, salty almond maple macaroons. Want to become a fashion editor? Already have a career in another industry? This lawyer made the switch. A key priority to get most anywhere in life is…to be interesting. Spring has sprung and it’s time to celebrate things in bloom. Piet […]
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Precious Objects

I know what I’m doing this weekend… The Gagosian in New York (sorry non-NYers!) is currently holding an exhibition of Victoire de Castellane’s work, Precious Objects. You know her work well, she’s in charge of jewelry design at Dior. Stopping by the exhibition is on my to-do list for this weekend because while drooling over […]
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Spring Breakdown

Advance Warning: My 10 Spring Failures. Here are 10 activities (among others, since I had to pick and choose) I’m planning to start this spring with a great big heart, motivation on high, and absolutely no memory of the fact that every spring…It’s the same story. I decide to: Exercise more. “Noooo, hang on a […]

Get your wallet out on the 7th April

The year 2013 has been the most busiest, productive and  intensive year for team Adorn – me, Shini and our book publisher Hardie Grant (we love you!).  We learned that producing a great visual DIY book takes months of hard work –  time, commitment, research et al and recurring chipped finger nails.  Many blood, sweat … Continue reading

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The Del Val #9

The handsome return of a classic magazine for the jet set. We love Collier Schorr’s work, you should, too. Powerful women being candid, intimate, and enlightening. Need solitude to write your book? The Standard, East Village wants to give you a free room. Vogue UK celebrates the fashion world’s movers and shakers, Day 1 and […]
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At the Open Studio

I can’t believe a week has already gone by since the Open Studio!!! Here are a few photos to share with you the atmosphere – you’ll see Nicolas who did calligraphy for three hours, the letters that were written at our writing station, Anna trying to organize the space through the day and a lot […]

March: My Instalife

FASHION & STUFF 1, 2 & 3. @MiHJeans press day at their beautiful showroom in West London.  4. So ready for summer, @seafollyaustralia swimsuit via @simplybeach, @luluguinness parasol, @reissfashion wide brim hat.  5. The aladdin’s cave of @manoloblahnikhq shoes at @libertylondon.  6. @themissap scuba style swimswear.  7. Light cotton denim shirt by @MiHJeans.  8. @grensonshoes … Continue reading

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Thank You!

Here is a photo taken yesterday, as we were closing the Open Studio! It rained like crazy all say but it didn’t stop the Studio from being packed from 10am to 8pm (this might explain the fog on the windows), with a crazy moment in the afternoon when there was a line around the block […]

The Del Val #8

Science takes on Instagram. If you love ramen you’ll love Ivan. NSFWWH (Not safe for watching while hungry). For the stylish man in your life. This ad brilliantly flips stereotypes. You’ll laugh and want to share it. A charming, color-soaked new book from one of our favorite artists. A very good point made about today’s […]
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The Open Studio

Sososososo cool ! We had already announced this in our newsletter, but on Friday and Saturday this week, we will be having an Open Studio !! For the New York launch of my stationery line with Rifle, I wanted to do an event where we could meet and exchange and we thought the idea of […]
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Spa-cation at Dormy House

A while or so ago, *I was invited to experience a unique spa-cation at the newly opened House Spa at Dormy House, a privately owned boutique hotel and it has just been opened following a multi-million pound renovation that has transformed the traditional 17th century Cotswold farmhouse into the finest house spa and boutique hotel in … Continue reading

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The Del Val #7

See anyone and everyone’s first tweet. Why there’s always room for a smart new women’s magazine. Donate clothing. Earn gift cards. Support Charity. Everyone wins. You’ve seen it done again and again online. This is what it’s called. Mind the Gap. The picture on your phone is now in your hands in seconds. A weekly […]
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Tea Time

I’m crazy about teas – especially Earl Grey, for that very specific bergamote flavor. I’m really not a connoisseur (and I really don’t like green tea) but I drink some everyday and my favorite is usually the green octagon box by Lipton. But the other day, at the Mariage Frères store of the Paris airport […]

How to trick people…

…into Thinking You are French. A helpful guide from Brie & Alex (with Garance as our consultant)! 1. Have unlimited wine. That way you can begin drinking at 7pm and still have wine at 4am when everyone ends up back at your place eating cheese. Note: Also have unlimited cheese. 2. Eat bread. Baguettes. Croissants. […]
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Gâteaux Thoumieux

This new (and okay, delicious) bakery just opened in Paris and I couldn’t resist taking a photo. It’s as beautiful inside as it is full of tasty treats… You must go if you are there! Click the arrows to see more photos! Gâteaux Thoumieux, 58 rue Saint Dominique, 75007 Paris.

Jeanne’s Top Spots

We asked Jeanne to tell us some of her top spots in Paris… Here is her guide to the best of the best! Croissant: Blé Sucre, 7 rue Antoine Vollon 75012. Macaron: Pierre Hermé, 133 Avenue des Champs-Élysées, 75008. Café: Any cafe around the Square Gardette. Museum: Jeu de Paume, 1 Place de la Concorde, […]
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Battle of the Croissants

Who makes the best croissant in New York? Great question, right? Emily, Brie and I brought in our nominees for “Best in NYC” last week for a battle. Of course, we decided to let a total expert (Garance) decide which one tastes the most like you got in from a boulangerie in Paris. The nominees… […]
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The Del Val #6

Rapid fire round of questions with Sarah Jessica Parker. First there was Fargo the movie, now comes Fargo the television series. When’s the last time you made a paper airplane? Now the line will be even longer at one of our favorite restaurants. The top 25 people who make the stars shine. Nike, just doing […]
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The Del Val #5

Have your own Alexander Wang party with this mix. The O$car $elfie. Are egg whites keeping him single? An interview with Chris Harrison from The Bachelor. Dior is coming to the Tribeca Film Festival. Suzy Menkes’s new throne at Vogue. You’ll want to eat this scrub…but don’t. Websites, new to you, guaranteed. A weekly round […]
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Ink & Paper

Last week, we stopped by the studio of Nicolas Ouchenir, a super talented calligrapher, who is responsible for the beautiful writing on many of the Paris invitations (I always save the one’s he works on, they are really the best!). He’s worked with everyone from Dior to Dom Pérignon and his studio is a little […]

February: My Instalife

CHINESE NEW YEAR 1. Red and gold lanterns hanging above China Town.  2. CNY related afternoon tea at @yauatchalondon.  3. Sweet eggy tarts.  4. Receiving lai sees from family and senior relatives.  5. Mmmmm, turnip cake.  6. Family reunion dinner. FASHION, TECH ET AL. 7. There’s one thing I can’t live without, is my trusty … Continue reading

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The Del Val #4

Look, you’re a DJ! Coffee, e-mails, e-mails, editing, e-mails, lunch meeting, writing, e-mails, conference call, meeting, editing, e-mails, events, bed. Long live the teen. Before you start that business… DC means Does Cool. The King of Questions. Goodbye Pastis. A weekly round up of the best links from Delphine & Wes Del Val.
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Come see me at FIAF!

I’m doing a talk at the French Institute Alliance Francaise! And for the occasion, I asked Scott to be my interviewer. I thought it would be interesting, since he knows so much about the evolution of my work. Hope to see you there! Bisou! Garance Style Stories: Garance Doré in conversation with Scott Schuman, Thursday […]
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Made with Love

I’m so excited to finally be able to tell you about this project!!! Because because because… …Today I’m launching my brand!!! I alluded to it a few times on Instagram, but this is the day I can finally show and tell you everything! I’ve always, always spent a crazy amount of time in paper stores. […]

Emoji Chic

Everyone needs an Olsen twin emoji. Harper’s Bazaar launched a new Emoji app over the weekend, full of every emoji you never knew you needed like Bill Cunningham, an Anthony Vaccarello dress, Dior pearl earrings and a green juice. Perfect timing for fashion week month if you ask us. (The emojis aren’t a part of […]
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Emoji Chic

Everyone needs an Olsen twin emoji. Harper’s Bazaar launched a new Emoji app over the weekend, full of every emoji you never knew you needed like Bill Cunningham, an Anthony Vaccarello dress, Dior pearl earrings and a green juice. Perfect timing for fashion week month if you ask us. (The emojis aren’t a part of […]
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January: My lnstalife

FOOD & DRINK 1. My brother @seoulstatemind sent some popular snacks from South Korea, Peppero sticks.  2. Macroni soup has becoming my regular home comfort food feature on Instagram, reading my fav food & lifestyle book, @kinfolkmag.  3. Sampling Korean street food at On The Bab in Shoreditch.  4. Homemade vanilla ice cream with broken … Continue reading

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The Bear & The Hare

My childhood dream was to make cartoons. At the time, I didn’t realize what an immense amount of work was involved, but I used to imagine myself drawing little creatures and bringing them to life. I still have a passion for animation today, whether it’s computer animation like Kung Fu Panda or Miyazaki’s manga. The […]
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The Behaviors of Men

We asked and you answered… Here are best and funniest responses to the question “What behaviors do you associate with men?” @BelleofBelles Passive aggressiveness @chov74 Cracking up at the sound of their farts. @estelleblogmode Never (or almost never) second guessing themselves @ClaCamillo Immature, hesitate. @elle_tea Sitting with spread legs on the subway when they clearly […]
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A Parisian Studio

Last time I was in Paris, I ended up – somewhat by accident – in the photography studio of the adorable and talented Fred Meylan. The studio is set up in a very old Parisian apartment, and everything has been renovated with respect for the history of the space. It’s got a masculine feel, but […]