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Once again, it has been a pleasure collaborating with Canon during London Fashion Week. It was really fun interviewing Henry Holland and looking at the whole process of how the vision of his show this season came to life. Upcoming photographer Rob Oades had the task of shooting all the looks before the catwalk, so they could later be projected on massive screens on the background, just as the models walked out to the runway. The morning of the show, I made my way to the set and was the first one to try the treadmill where the models would later walk for the shoot wearing all the looks on the catwalk. Trust me, walking the treadmill on heels wasn’t easy and I seriously thought I would fall on my face a couple of times…. At the end of the day, The show was amazing and the end result was pretty impressive, so that was a job well done! Hope you like the video!

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The Missing Pants

What’s going on with the lack of pants on the fall runway?

You know those things that cover your legs? I’m not sure how my legs will survive next winter. Pants are my answer to getting dressed nearly everyday. Jeans, trousers, tapered, wide leg, cropped, leather, tailored… where are you?

How can we possibly wear exclusively long flowing dresses and skirts? Does this mean I’ll have to shave everyday in the winter too (because you know what, tights are also missing)?!

Pants, come back. I can’t live without you.

From left to right: Burberry, Prada, Rochas, and Carven.

By brie

Back to the Future

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve tried every season to rethink the way I approach fashion weeks. Because of this, and because I was curious about how everything had changed over time, I decided to take a little tour through my archives and it’s kind of CRAZY. Come take a tour with me!

2006, Nada.

No Fashion Week for me – at that time, my blog was only illustrations, and frankly, all I knew of fashion weeks was what I had read in magazines and seen on Fashion TV, which I used to watch for hours. This drove my mother crazy because in her opinion, watching girls walking towards nowhere (“Where are they going?” she asked me one day) was pretty much like watching fish swimming around in a fish bowl.

“Pfff, you just don’t get it, mom.”

Oh, and what do I find in 2006?

A post where I talk about Scott and Face Hunter, the only bloggers/streetstyle photographers at the time. Actually, we didn’t even call them that yet: I call them “coolhunters”.

In 2006, I say:
(Yes, I’m quoting myself) (Oh, come on, it’s fine.) (It’s like a literary selfie, right?)(A Tweet!!!).

“And sometimes, with the most talented ones, we find what we’d forgotten to look for in the frantic race of appearances: style, grace. A sense of the moment.”

2007, First Steps.

March. My first Fashion Week. Oooooomaaaaigaaaaaaad what’s happening. I’m over the moon excited. I’ve never seen so many people so well-dressed, so cool, so eeeeeeeeeeee!!!

I start taking photos of people, I’m sickeningly shy and all I can say in English is “hello”, “please” and “fuck” (the last one only whenever I messed up a photo, which was pretty often).

People invite me to a some shows because my blog is starting to get some attention, but all of that is just for fun, in my spare time. I don’t publish my photos on the blog ok, actually I do, but don’t look and I faint every time I see someone I recognize.

The fashion show scene is relaxed. The people I take photos of are nice, curious, flattered, and surprised all at once. They’re dressed normally.

I mean, they’re dressed very well, they’re very chic, but they look normal. That’s what I love. It’s the opposite of magazines, it’s real life! It’s just a concentrated group of very elegant, very cool people.

Even so, I still say:

“The Face Hunter came to take a photo of me. Which is almost an insult to my pants, given how opposite our tastes are, especially when I see the grins he makes when he looks at his photos, which – fortunately for me, will never be published. I tell myself that, from now on, Yvan has something to blackmail me with.”

This is still true today: days when I have my photo taken coming out of a show with 200 photographers pouncing on everyone, I always feel like there’s something wrong with my outfit, something too showy, too crazy, too ‘fashion weeeeeek look at meeeeeeeeee.’

Sometimes when you look at life in retrospect, it’s totally hilarious.

2008, The year when things start happening.

Street style is all over the place. I discover photography, I go to a lot of shows, I start putting names and smiles with the faces I was barely brave enough to ask to stop for a photo the previous season, and I even start doing some style stories about them.

It’s still relatively quiet outside of fashion shows – I don’t realize how lucky I am.

I start making contact with fashion editors and reporting things like:

“Let me make this brief. If you’ve followed me, if you go to a show, and someone touches your body and asks ‘Who is it?’ Don’t answer “It’s me, in fact it’s my right breast, do you want a Prozac or something?” Instead, say: “It’s Marc, or it’s Stefano. Or if you’re taken off guard and it’s just Massimo, say: “That’s vintage.”

It’s also my first New Yoooooooorkeeeeeeeee fashion wwweeeekkk omgomgomg!!!! Total hysteria, total excitement, total jet lag.

I write things like this:

“People come up to me and say I like your style, and I could fill up an entire post with how much I feel like a hobo next to the meticulous precision of American girls. I’ve got loads of new friends, and it worries me – Cole Mohr is trying to French kiss me, but I think it’s because he doesn’t have an apartment right now, whereas I do. This must explain that. Maybe, maybe not!”

And then, don’t forget, 2008 – the financial crisis:

“To celebrate that, you just escaped the super depressing post I was about to write about the economy that’s just crashed and how fashion people are just throwing their arms up in the air, they’re so petrified [as if they could be any more petrified, those fashion people. Booooootox!].” asks me to desribe my day, I go from show to show. The photos are getting popular and since they don’t need any explanations, my blog actually goes international, and my English starts to get better.
“Hi, I’m Gowaaance, can I take your picture?”
I would love to have it translated, but for now, my blog is only in French.

2009, changes.

That’s when I meet Tim, my beloved translator who will be with me for a long time (say hello to Andrea!), and the blog is translated into English. I’m in super mega fashion week mode, I follow the fashion bandwagon as if my life depended on it, and every day, I debrief you in detail about all the looks I love.

I have an insatiable appetite for fashion and that’s a good thing, because more and more doors are opening for me.

People start getting pushy in front of the shows. Everybody knows who Carine is, who Anna is, who Kate is. The type of people you see starts to change, and there are more and more of them, from young students who are just there to enjoy the view, to new bloggers making an appearance. Alexa Chung makes her debut and the outfits are more and more editorial.

I guess it made me question myself, because here is what I had to say about it:

“In fact, it was when I was taking a photo of one of those pretty people, who was totally thrilled to pose for as long as I wanted and as long as the hoard of 365,756 photographers next to me wanted, even is she was freezing in the icy wind in her summer dress, wearing Dior from head to toe at the Dior show, and who repeated to me three times “It’s all Dior”, that I said ok, ok.
Enough of the bullshit. It’s very pretty, but what am I doing here?”

And to think that in 2009, I thought there were too many photographers, hahahhahahah hoooo that’s a good one. lololololol. Lol.

What I’ve always loved doing is showing you all the things that I discover as they come to me.
I start taking photos at fashion shows, and my angle changes slightly.
There’s this one on the Chanel show and the amazing bags in the audience. A fantastic encounter with Sonia Rykiel. A visit to Anna Dello Russo’s room at the Ritz.

This is the start of the social media craze, and everyone has their own voice now. Fashion Week is everywhere, pictures of the shows are everywhere, anyone can share and comment, it’s the era of the photo of the photo of the photo…

Dolce & Gabbana definitely got the memo – they pull out all the stops for us (Scott, Bryan, Tommy, and I) and put us in the front row. The truth is it wasn’t my first time in the front row, but at the Dolce show, they really understood the power of the image. They put computers in front of our seats (“For live tweets!”)(which I never do) and they have photographers all over the place to immortalize the moment. We feel a bit used, but the message is loud and clear: times have changed.

Here is what I wrote the next day:

“Fashion is a small, and very organized world. There are rules, customs, kings, queens, jesters, princesses, etiquette, codes – you never stop learning, and it’s really fascinating.

The front row of a show is, above all, the place where you can see the clothes best. Beyond the third row, you can’t see the shoes, and past the fifth row, you can see the hair, if you’re lucky. Seats in the front row are in high demand. Because that’s also where you can be seen. You earn you seat on the front row through celebrity, experience, or power. All this gives way to a lot of drama and some lovely ego crises.

This season, the creators of Dolce & Gabbana had a revelation. When they spoke to their clients, they realized they spent all their time online. They were well-informed, they wanted things to move quickly, and were ready to buy right away. They figured out that it was a new age, and they needed to move ahead with the times.

They decided to open their doors wide to four bloggers.”

2010, Integration.

Voilà. I take photos inside, outside, everywhere I go, and frankly, I go everywhere – things have changed.

I’m pretty surprised about it :

“Lately, I realize how much time has gone by, how much things have changed. At fashion weeks, I know a ton of people. When I arrive at a show, someone grabs my hand, smiles at me, and leads me to my seat. Someone calls me to make sure I’m not going to miss the show. They double check, triple check. People aren’t happy when I miss a show. Haha! Yep, things have changed!

It’s weird – the fashion world’s ability to take people in or reject them. In between moments of snobbery or being totally brown nosed, you learn quickly to only trust your heart. To reach out to people who do you good, to just be yourself, and to see fashion for what you love about it and leave the rest out.

I’m starting to understand (finally!) that since fashion is an industry, once the initial discovery is over, you may quickly find yourself going in circles. Photographing the same people, the same attitudes. It’s a really tiny world!”

Fortunately, photography itself has also changed a lot. It’s become super easy to make videos, so, kind of on a whim, we start making films with Chris, my assistant (oh yeah, in 2010 I had an assistant!) and this is what we came up with. Now that was fun…

2011, explosion

I start fashion week by saying this:

“There are currently more streetstyle photographers than fashion editors (and sometimes they’re even better dressed, I’m talking Anna Dello Russo well dressed).”

It starts looking like a war zone outside of the shows, and I start getting bored there, because I never was very drawn to the bling bling and now it’s bling bling BIG TIME. People start changing clothes three times a day to go to the shows, and even if I appreciate the effort and the outfits, I wonder what exactly is the message? Let’s dress like crazy people? That’s never been my thing!”

I decide to laugh about it, and I write this: “How to get assaulted by a hoard of Streetstyle photographers (myself included).

Yeah, I’m laughing about it, but the truth is, I’m starting to lose inspiration.

2012, excitement.

And what do I do when I’m tired of something? I change! This is the year when I get into videobsession – a new way to show you fashion week, that’s been show so much under any type of angle that it doesn’t have much more to show, the poor thing.

Front row, back row, backstage, everyone knows everything all the time, and instantly, we’re all saying the same things. Oh that’s when I write that. So I figure the best way to change things up a bit is to take you with me – literally.

We launch Pardon My French. Crazy amounts of work, exhaustion, giggle fits – I think this was the time in my life where I was the most generous with my time – and my physical and moral strength – for the blog. There are some really good videos, and some not so great, but one thing’s certain – it’s different. And we end up with moments like this…

And this:

I love this time in my life, even if it’s very difficult. It’s literally exhausting, but the team work, and learning so many new things is a lot of fun and very exciting!


There’s now a real system in place for bloggers, it girls, it Instagrammers, and streestyle – the outfits people wear to shows are extremely thought-out and calculated. It’s the craze of clashing looks, layering different pieces, and anything that attracts attention.

A system is in place for what’s now become a business. Each paper or online magazine has its own streetstyle photographer, each brand has someone in charge of digital media who lends clothes out to people who are likely to have their photo taken, and even if I do everything, everything, everything I can to stay fresh and enthusiastic, sometimes I have a hard time staying inspired.

I’m impressed with Scott’s detached attitude– we talk about it a lot, after all it’s a system we’ve helped create!– but I can’t help but be a little upset by it all.

Suzy Menkes writes her controversial article on the “The Circus of Fashion”. It’s a pretty harsh article denouncing the hysteria around fashion shows, and it kind of throws everyone and everything in the same category. I find this confusing.

Even though I don’t agree with what she writes because I think that deep down, opening up the fashion world is a good thing for everyone, from brands to journalists to stylists – I tell myself once again that it’s time to rethink how I approach fashion weeks.

I have a conversation with my team (I have a team!!!) and we decide it’s time to take an easier approach to fashion. We don’t get too extreme over fashion anymore at the Studio.

We have fun with it, we find inspiration in it, we still love it (of course), but we don’t feel like saying that a pair of shoes is “to die for” anymore, because that would sound almost a little too true.


And now we’re back to today!

I’ve just gotten back from the H&M show. I saw Dries Van Noten today, and I still feel the same emotion when I see his shows. I stayed for a few seconds outside of the venue, but I didn’t stick around – there were too many people, I almost got hit by a car while people where taking my picture. And at H&M, I got pushed really hard by a bodyguard when Solange Knowles was passing by – going to shows is getting dangerous! Alright.

This year, I’ve decided to do things thoughtfully, to go see the designers I want to support and who inspire me, to take photos of people who cross my path, and to stay cool.

I’ll only have time for a few videos this fashion week – but they’ll come back quickly!!! I love making them.

That reminds me of a conversation I had with Carine Roitfeld, when I had started to understand the repetitive nature of the fashion world. How did she do it, year after year, and manage to stay inspired?

She told me that as time goes by, things calm down. You start to seek out different things. A new model that inspires a fashion series, an attitude, a detail. Someone you meet, a gesture, a fabric, a piece of music, the way something is staged.

So that’s how I’m feeling lately. A lot more relaxed.
I really wonder how it will be eight years from now!!!

What about you? Since you follow me, and you follow fashion, whether you’ve grown with me or just arrived here – what’s changed from your point of view?

Tell me everything! Honestly, I can’t wait to see what you have to say and have a conversation.

Translation by Andrea Perdue

This illustration first appeared in Vogue Paris.

Fall Trends: Graphic

The Trend: Graphic

How I would wear it: I love a bold print coat or a sweater but usually paired with something solid and more subtle (like my white jeans). It’s an easy way to make a statement !

Best Looks: From left to right, Roksanda Ilincic, Fendi, Tod’s, Bottega Veneta and Missoni.

For more fall trends, click here!

Details at JW Anderson

Photo by The Sartorialist.

FW by the Numbers

You can’t quantify fashion. Or can you?

At the Studio we decided to add up our experiences from this FW numerically… sort of. Here’s how it went down, by the numbers!

- 3 black beanies
- 14 slices of pizza
- 6 pairs of rain boots
- 25 bottles of water
- 4 daily Starbucks runs
- 3 ways of spelling Garance at Starbucks
- 8 backstage passes
- 295 shows flipped through on
- 4 live streams watched (and counting)
- 2 bars of Lindt Touch of Sea Salt Dark Chocolate
- 7 trips to the Smile To Go (for the fennel soup and dark chocolate cookies)
- 6 cabs
- 14 front rows
- One bus crash witnessed (no one was injured!)

Total = 392 snow capped, fun, exhausting, snack filled moments. More to come!


The Studio

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Fall Trends: Belted Coats

The Trend: Belted Coats

How I would wear it: My love of coats is no secret to you all! This idea of tying them with a tiny belt or string or ribbon (or whatever you can find?! ) is a fun way to play with proportions and keep your coat closed!

Best Looks: From left to right, Reed Krakoff, Altuzarra, Max Mara, Edun, Paul Smith


AndyTorresSunsetLondon4 AndyTorresSunsetLondon3AndyTorresSunsetLondon AndyTorresSunsetLondon6 AndyTorresSunsetLondon7 AndyTorresSunsetLondon5I’M WEARING >> Jeans: ASOS  |  Shoes: ZARA -DIY-  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler  |  Blazer: Topshop  |  Beanie: DIY

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Photos by Richard Nicholls


My New Uniform

Gimme a tuxedo stripe any day….

Give me a crisp yellow stripe on a navy wide leg pant three times (at Joseph) and you’ve seriously caught my attention. Yes of course, yellow is attention getting, but this time in a good, I’m wearing a hint of a bright color, I am not trying to dress like a bumble bee way.

The looks are so classically cool! I’d gladly wear these pants as my uniform, what about you?

By brie

The Many Bags of Celebs at London Fashion Week Fall 2014

The Many Bags of Celebs at London Fashion Week Fall 2014

London Fashion Week tends to get short shrift when it comes to evaluating the month of fashion shows that we all look forward to and/or endure every six months. It’s the shortest of the four “weeks,” and arguably the least prestigious, although the Brits have a knack for figuring out what’s coming next before anyone else. LFW is a bastion of young talent and streetwear, and for that, plenty of celebs, British, American and beyond, come out to see what London has on offer. Naturally, they do so carrying great bags, and we’ve got the best of the lot below.

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Cara Delevingne Designs Capsule Collection for Mulberry

Cara Delevingne Designs Capsule Collection for Mulberry

After middling results with the Mulberry Del Rey Bag, Mulberry has chosen a more fashion-centric name for its next celebrity collaboration. Supermodel of the moment Cara Delevingne has signed on to design (“design”) and rep the Mulberry Cara Delevingne Bag, which comes in three sizes, all of which are convertible between a tote and backpack.

The first run of bags will be available in quilted leather, two shades of camo-print calf hair and one limited edition quilted version that features lion-head studs within the bag’s quilts. Delevingne famously has a lion head tattoo on one of her fingers, which was likely the inspiration behind that particular embellishment. None of the other bags are listed as limited editions, so you can expect the line to live on into the future as long as consumer interest demands its presence.

Before the Lana Del Rey bag, Mulberry had huge success hitching its wagon to style star Alexa Chung (lest we forget that the Mulberry Alexa is named after her). Tapping Del Rey felt like a misstep from the beginning because of the relative lack of interest in her among luxury audiences, but Delevingne has proved to be both an industry obsession and paparazzi magnet, so her clout might do more to propel these bags into the realm of the smash-hit Alexa. As bags, they’re very much traditionally Mulberry-esque and in some ways similar to the ever-popular Bayswater, so fans of the brand’s look will likely have no problem embracing these new shapes. Check out photos from the London unveiling below, as well as Mulberry’s images of the forthcoming bags. Prices haven’t been released yet, and you can expect the bags to surface around the end of summer.

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Burberry Hand Painted Its Fall 2014 Runway Bags

Burberry Hand Painted Its Fall 2014 Runway Bags

There is something of a fine line between “art” and “art project,” and during the Burberry Fall 2014 runway show, the brand’s hand-painted handbags didn’t often stay on the right side of it. In a post-show interview with Vogue, brand head Christopher Bailey spoke of having studio staffers paint the bags, and the results generally looked like the product of hands whose primary job is not, in fact, painting things. A “back-to-basics” approach was clearly Bailey’s intent, but unfortunately it doesn’t make for bags that look particularly luxurious or expensive.

The collection also includes some bags with large swaths of Native American blanket-print textiles, which are light years more sophisticated than their painted counterparts, as well as some bags, all in the same elongated domed shape, which feature velvet embellishments. The vast majority of the bags were painted with oversized, amateurish flowers and leaves, though, and although normally I love painted bags, I wish Burberry, with its nearly infinite resources and influence, had tapped actual artists to do the painting like Prada often does; the results would have almost assuredly been no less earthy but light years more elegant.

[Images via]

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I3 I1 I4 I2

6 months is probably the longest we have gone without seeing each other since we first became friends years ago -Carolina and me that is-. Being able to spend some time together in London was really awesome, not only through whatsapp for a change!

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AndyTorresLondon AndyTorresLondon3 AndyTorresLondon5 AndyTorresLondon2 AndyTorresLondon4 AndyTorresLondon6I’M WEARING  >>  Jeans: ASOS  |  Shirt: River Island  |  Coat: M MISSONI  |  Shoes: Alexander Wang  |  Bag: Alexander Wang  |  Corset: H&M Trend

Its a bit tricky to get a coat which is so “loud” on its print and making it look different when you wear it. Then again, you odnt want to get such a cool coat and wear it only once, in fact, its the first think I packed on my London Fashion Week bag…
This time I wore it a bit different than last time and decided to do some layering and mixing some different textures.

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Photos by Richard Nicholls



STSC4968 STSC4941 STSC4951 STSC4954 STSC4856 STSC4932 STSC5008

London is such a dream, seriously climbing up to be my favorite city, although it has very strong competitors…We shot these just after the TopShop Unique show and the light was just magical, specially by the Thames -and yeah, I was 2 meters tall with those shoes on-….I don’t want to leave!

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Photos by Richard Nicholls


The Many Bags of Spring 2014 Fashion Week Street Style

The Many Bags of Spring 2014 Fashion Week Street Style

New York Fashion Week kicks off today, and with it comes a month of style, absurdity and literally hundreds of fashion shows. We’ll be bringing you all the best Fall 2014 handbag collections from New York and beyond, as well as a daily dose of the best handbags outside the New York shows courtesy of Vlad and his trusty camera(s), but first, we want to take a moment to look back. Not too far back, though – just to what our favorite stars, editors and fashion illuminati were carrying outside of the Spring 2014 shows all over the world back in September. If you’d like to check out the stars of each week individually, we did posts about New York, London, Milan and Paris, or you can find our favorites from the entire season below.

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“Its the most wonderful time of the year!” No, its not Christmas, it’s Fashion Week season!. Ok Christmas too but thats lone gone now….London Fashion Week is fast approaching and Canon is throwing an amazing competition, unfortunately this is only open to people in the UK and I wish so bad they could open it worldwide. Hopefully next time!

If you read the image above, you know all the things you can win and what you have to do to win them, if not, read again, c’mon, a little carefully this time…Done? Amazing right?!
So we get to go shopping at Topshop together, go to the House of Holland show, plus you get to come with me backstage, get your very own Canon PowerShot G series camera and a night in London!. Did I grab your attention now? ;)

Follow the instructions above and lets play!

Please read the Terms and Conditions before entering.


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AndyTorresLondon2 AndyTorresLondon6 AndyTorresLondon1 AndyTorresLondon4 AndyTorresLondon3Trench coat: H&M Trend  |  Sweatshirt: Rodarte  |  Skirt: & Other Stories  |  Boots: Balenciaga  |  Sunglasses: Saint Laurent  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler  |  Green blouse: & Other Stories

I have left my heart in a few places, I have fallen in love with so many cities and promised them eternal love. Paris, New York City, London, for now. How do you decide which one is the best one? They all have pros and cons, they are all beautiful, energetic and enigmatic, they all have a million things to offer, yet this place…

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In the last episode I filmed for Canon a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure to visit the amazing photographer Clive Booth in his own Studio. I met him last season during London Fashion Week while I covered his amazing work for Canon while he shot the House of Holland Lookbook. This time we met again at the House of Holland backstage and we spent some time shooting some amazing images, which we took straight back to his studio to print and talked about the importance of print in photography.

I still remember how fun it used to be to flip through old photos when we were younger, photos from our childhood, so full of memories. The digital era has changed that a bit and now we have digital photos stored in our hard drives. I have to confess, I do miss having those printed photos I can flip through. Maybe I should make an enormous selection and get them all printed, get my box of memories back, the same one I used to have when I lived in Mexico.

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As some of you know, I spent a few days in London Fashion Week filming with Canon. You guys probably saw my interview with Henry Holland the other day and on the second episode I got to interview Caroline Rush, the CEO of the British Fashion Council. We talked about  the important role they play in supporting British emerging talents and how much digital photography has evolved throughout the years.

Hope you like it and come back for the third episode later!

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I had the pleasure to work with Canon again this season, but not only that, the whole team was reunited and I got to interview a few familiar faces again. In this episode I went to see Henry Holland, right before his Fashion show during London Fashion Week and he explained the experience of coming up with the idea of printing his catwalk with Canon this season.  The whole runway was a massive printout of a beautiful design they created, clouds meets watercolor with a massive mirror that gave such an unusual perspective of the models as soon as they hit the catwalk.

I hope you like it and come back for more episodes later!

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The Many Bags of Celebs at London Fashion Week Spring 2014

The Many Bags of Celebs at London Fashion Week Spring 2014

For reasons I cannot entirely explain, I find British celebrities sort of fascinating. I’m not an anglophile by any stretch of the imagination, but British pop culture seems so slavishly dedicated to such a particular group of people that it’s like there’s this parallel universe of fame out there, people who are just people in New York or LA but who attract paparazzi hordes in London. Notoriety is, of course, dependent on the cooperation of those around you. That strange sense of otherness is part of why I got a little obsessed with looking at paparazzi photos from London Fashion Week events.

It was a strange mix of British fashion celebs that we all know (Kate Moss, Stella McCartney) and British people that few Americans can probably identify on sight (Abbey Clancey, Donna Air), with a random American thrown in for good measure (Olivia Palermo?). Naturally, they were all carrying totally covetable handbags – fame may vary by continent, but designers accessories largely do not. Check out the best bags from outside the shows and after parties below!

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The 10 Best Bags of London Fashion Week Spring 2014

The 10 Best Bags of London Fashion Week Spring 2014

London Fashion Week is by far the shortest of the four major global fashion parades, but in a lot of ways, it’s my favorite. The British have developed a very distinct spot in the fashion world for themselves and their bold, young designers, and that means that looking at the collections that surface from LFW can at times feel like peering into the future. London doesn’t produce quite as many commercially viable handbag collections as New York, Paris or Milan, but you get some bang for your metaphorical buck by way of interesting, forward-thinking design from some of the industry’s brightest emerging stars. Below, we’ve picked some of the bags that we thought were standouts from the long weekend in London.

[All Images via]

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Burberry Spring 2014 is Full of Pretty Pouches

Burberry Spring 2014 is Full of Pretty Pouches

I always dread Burberry runway shows a little bit. When they come around, I always love everything about them – the clothes, the outerwear, even the music that the brand picks every season as a soundtrack to the Burberry Experience. Except the bags. I almost always hate the bags, which makes me sad, you guys. Upon viewing Burberry Spring 2014, I felt a bit relieved; there’s not much diversity here, but the bags feel fresh and light, like they might be the gateway to a genuinely good retail collection.

There are no shoulder bags, crossbodies, satchels or evening bags to be found here. To top off a confectionary collection of sorbet-colored clothing, Burberry outfitted all of its models with similarly pale-and-pretty zippered pouch clutches, all doubled over to reveal the floral or furry embellishments on one side. A lot of brand have taken to this scrunched-bag presentation lately, which baffles me – no one carries their clutches that way, and it makes it difficult to get an idea of the full size and proportion of the clutch. With as many bags as were presented here, though, you sort of got the idea by the end – simple shapes, ladylike colors, tonal embellishments that reinforced the shows themes. The only thing missing was a version encrusted with the intricate, large-scale bling that was found elsewhere in the show. Cross your fingers that those bags will materialize at retail.

[Images via]

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Mulberry’s Spring 2014 Handbags are Streamlined and Refined

Mulberry’s Spring 2014 Handbags are Streamlined and Refined

For the past couple of years, Mulberry has had a very specific target demographic: young, hip fashion girls, especially of a particularly British variety. That image has expanded the brand by leaps and bounds, but there are only so many of those girls, and they can only buy so many handbags. It was only natural that Mulberry would evolve into something more refined, and that’s exactly the track Emma Hill has put the brand on for Mulberry Spring 2014, her last outing as Mulberry’s creating director.

Perhaps most notable is the absence of Mulberry’s signature turnlock hardware on many of the designs. Instead, the new Mulberry Kensal Bags have been outfitted with a traditional briefcase pushlock closure, echoing the bags’ more streamlined, slightly rigid lines. The bag will come in two sizes, both of which are convertible between a clutch and a shoulder bag. (On the runway, they were shown simply as clutches.) The Kensal, like the new shoulder bag based on the Mulberry Willow Tote’s zip-off clutch pocket, will be double-faced; both sides of the bag will have independent closures, leading to separate compartments. That sort of construction always makes me worried that hardware will catch on delicate knits, but I suppose those are simply the risks we take. Check out all the bags from Mulberry’s runway show below or shop the brand’s current collection via Net-a-Porter.

[Images via]

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All photos by me for ©StyleScrapbook 

While I was filming one of the small documentaries for Canon, I spent half of my day backstage at House of Holland interviewing Henry, Clive Booth and having a preview of how his new look book what being shot. Once we got all of that finished and the show was about to begin, I got myself in what I thought was one of the best spots. I managed to snap the models as they were coming off the runway, some where dancing and some seemed relieved but I love getting all of their true reactions straight after walking the show.

Harley, After Burberry


Bomber Jacket: Sandro  |  Pants: ZARA  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler  |  Shoes: Alexander Wang

These photos are from last week and I have been so excited to share them. We used a different lens  to what we normally use AND I cant remember the last time I shot a look with a "very London" setting. 
This look has been one of my recent favorites. It represents my sporty personality 100%, but since fashion week was in the works, I got one of my favorite pair of heels on. These Wangs cant ever go wrong, seriously.

The Look at Marques Almeida

It might not be an everyday beauty look, but we loved the makeup at the Marques Almeida show in London.

The designers, Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida, looked to 90s grunge as the inspiration for creating the look. The eyes are lined in burgundy, done in a very random way, as if the girls themselves had done them– careless and unapologetic. The ultimate effortless, raw beauty look.

What do you think? Are visions of Kurt Cobain dancing in your head?


Leather Jacket: Sandro  |  Skirt: H&M  |  Beanie: American Apparel 

I feel so incredibly honored to share with you my second collaboration with Canon, where we filmed a  short series of videos during London Fashion Week. The first video is a very small insight into my life as a blogger during Fashion Week. I cant believe we shot these videos only one week ago and I am finding myself sharing them with you from my hotel room somewhere in Mexico, where I am currently filming a Television series. Very surreal thought indeed.

I hope you like it and come back for more of the videos tomorrow!

I Heart the Burberry Hearts!

I don’t what’s up with me and hearts, but it’s the “hearts” section that I preferred at the Burberry show. Totally loved Cara’s panties!

Click on the arrows to see more images…

The Dickie

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about dickies on the blog…

Remember Allison’s vintage lace one? They seem to be popping up all over now. These are from Mr. Start and Garance spotted them in London. I like the idea of wearing them under more fitted sweaters to eliminate some of the bulk that would come from layering. But then I ask myself what would my (imaginary) boyfriend think?

Scenario: For some reason, you have to take off your sweater and as you are doing it you remember, “Oh shit, I’ve got this dickie on! He is going to think I am totally nuts! What is he going to think of this little collar thing hanging around my neck? He is totally going to break up with me!”

Thankfully, right now I only have that imaginary boyfriend to worry about and I can wear as many dickies as I please…

How do you feel about them? Also, how does your boyfriend feel?

xo Alex

The 10 Best Bags of London Fashion Week Fall 2013

The 10 Best Bags of London Fashion Week Fall 2013

In some ways, London Fashion Week is my favorite, season after season. It’s the shortest of all the cities – something of a Fashion Long Weekend, if we’re being honest – and in that space, it packs in tons of incredibly talented young designers who are doing bold, sometimes even brave, things with clothing, alongside a few bold-face names like Burberry and, this season, Tom Ford.

The downside of LFW, at least as it pertains to what we do here, is that few of the designers who grace us with their presences are known for bags, and a lot of them don’t even make so much as a clutch. Still, we tracked down 10 lust-worthy runway handbags from the runways of London Fashion Week Fall 2013, from beautiful exotics in traditional shapes to, well, the kind of zaniness for which London fashion is known.

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The 10 Best Bags of London Fashion Week Fall 2013

The 10 Best Bags of London Fashion Week Fall 2013

In some ways, London Fashion Week is my favorite, season after season. It’s the shortest of all the cities – something of a Fashion Long Weekend, if we’re being honest – and in that space, it packs in tons of incredibly talented young designers who are doing bold, sometimes even brave, things with clothing, alongside a few bold-face names like Burberry and, this season, Tom Ford.

The downside of LFW, at least as it pertains to what we do here, is that few of the designers who grace us with their presences are known for bags, and a lot of them don’t even make so much as a clutch. Still, we tracked down 10 lust-worthy runway handbags from the runways of London Fashion Week Fall 2013, from beautiful exotics in traditional shapes to, well, the kind of zaniness for which London fashion is known.

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Mulberry Fall 2013 is full of handbags worth coveting

Mulberry Fall 2013 is full of handbags worth coveting

Mulberry makes full lines of ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories, of course, but we and they both know what everyone wants to see every season: the bags. Mulberry has been an enormous reputation off of its stylish, functional, totally covetable leather day bags, and by all indications from the Mulberry Fall 2013 show, the brand has no desire to change that. Want a new work bag or roomy weekend bag? This collection likely has something you’ll want if you’re a fan of Mulberry’s general look.

As has been the trend so far this season, the show featured plenty of dark neutrals, plus a few colorful accents by way of teal and yellow. The collection also includes several new shapes for the brand, including a soft, simple single-handle satchel with a metal bar across the top that feels a little bit like a Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily and a double-handle satchel reminiscent of the Givenchy Lucrezia. Those are both very relevant shapes right now, so it makes sense that Mulberry would add them to their lineup, in addition to the beautiful Willow Tote that debuted for Spring 2013. (And which still hasn’t hit stores, but that’s just a personal gripe on my part.)

[Images via Vogue]

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The Hat

I should have bought this hat the moment it hit the store. I should have done what Ursula did. Buy it, put it aside and then take it out a few seasons later. There are a couple different reasons for that :

The first is that I find that beautiful things get better with time.

The second is that at the moment they are released, these very strong items (the Jil Sander by Raf Simmons hat, the Balenciaga sweater, the Prada brogues, etc…) get people so excited and curious that they kind of steal your thunder – people don’t see you, they see your hat.

Sometimes, let’s say you’re at fashion week and you wear one, you can find yourself to become a detail model without even knowing it. It happened to me one day when I was wearing some Fendi shoes as soon as they came out. I became a foot model for a day (and nobody cared about the rest of me. Funny AND embarrassing at the same time).

Buy and put it to the side…
It demands high styling skills, I have to say.
Because if you do that, you kind of never know if you’ll ever wear it. Some pieces really don’t live more than one season. Or they get seen so much that they lose all their power real fast.

I haven’t found the magic trick to know which piece I will still want in one or two seasons.
How do you do that ?

Taylor & Her Team

Yesterday, I came across Taylor and the Moda Operandi team at Fernandez & Wells, a coffee shop at the Somerset House where you can grab a latte between shows.

I always love to see well dressed people in their everyday life, and I’ve always dreamed to be part of a girls team, exactly like this. It inspires me, so many positive things!

It’s funny, while looking at my images, it kind of dawned on me that my dream is coming true – I am surrounded by wonderful girls and going to work makes me happy everyday.

[Is that what's called visualizing? Aaaargh? Have I just done some visualizing without even being aware of it? No? Cause I heard it works!!! Natalie Massenet told this story, that she used creative visualization to create her dream, that every day she would precisely imagine what Net-à-Porter would become, the website, the offices, the team, everything...]

Well, going to work… is a little exaggerated: I still work from home (which was also a dream of mine, but it gets impossible as a team grows…)(we’re looking for a real studio!!)(I know it’s crazy!) which allows me to still spend way too much time in my pjs (certainly a way to keep a little grasp on my freelance life) (and also because nothing makes me more happy than working in my pjs, I trick myself into thinking I am not working!), so we’re still just a step away from Taylor’s perfect outfits.

We sometimes do drink coffee in very photogenic places.
And even, sometimes, we’re super extra stylish.
Yep! It happens ;)

What is your dream career? Are you visualizing it?

Click on the arrows to see more images…

Love The Look

I love that look so much, I want to be dressed like that, like, right now.

Happy Feet

This fashion week, the lower the heel, the better. We have been seeing more and more flats and low heels on (and off–Garance took this photo in London!) the runway.

It’s about time we give our feet a much needed break!


Alex & Emily

Varsity Jackets

It’s not the first time you’ve seen varsity jackets on the blog and now they are taking over fashion week.

We love how they make everything look sporty, preppy and super cool. And we especially love this photo Garance took in London of the Opening Ceremony team rocking them.

What do you think of the look?


Alex & Em

Follow Me!

How stupid are we when we use Social Media? All of our most basic instincts come into play (follow me!). We all end up as original as a rock in the desert (look at this picture of my feet! #FromWhereIStand) plus we spend all the money we could have invested on the pair of shoes we’ve just instragrammed on annihilating our data plans (Oh my god look at those shoes I’m dyiiiinnnnng! On my wish list asap! etc.)

Then add in all the collective hysteria of fashion week and all dignity goes out the window.

Plus, the stuff we post… I mean c’mon.

Blurry pictures.
Does that sound good to you? 1,465 blurry photos from the Dolce&Gabbana show? No?
Yeah, I know so annoying, but, it’s not our fault! It’s the models! They are walking too fast !!!

Here’s a photo taken by Cathy Horyn, who has quite the talent for blurry photos.
And who has a good sense of humor as well as she retweeted this here:
RT @AndreChiles1: @CathyHorynNYT You really aren’t the best at taking pictures, are you?

One legged models.
Have you ever tried to take a picture of moving shoes? Try it. It’s not your fault. It’s that the models walk too damn fast.

The finale shot.
EVERYONE posts a blurry picture (SERIOUSLY CAN THESE MODELS STAND STILL FOR JUST ONE SECOND?) of the show finale. Do you want me to post my finale photos? No, seriously… I’m curious, do you?

The #WhoGivesAShit tweets

Today, I’m wearing @Balenciaga, @Marni, and @Topshop
No photo attached. Already we could care less about what she’s wearing, and plus we have to make all the effort of imagining the thing. Seriously, #Couldn’tGiveAShitIfITried

The #TMI tweets
Spotted: @Caroissa in front row @Topshop eating @PretaManger sandwich.
I mean, for starters, it’s a little #WhoGivesAShit about what Caroissa is eati…Okay, to be honest, our natural instinct to be voyeuristic (Don’t play innocent. You know it’s true.) gets a huge lift for a micro-hundredth of a second.

OF COURSE you have to fight this instinct. We have to protect ourselves from ourselves. I mean, you can paparazzi yourself as much as you want, try not to paparazzi folks who don’t realize you’re doing it.

Tweetiquette: Let’s all try to edit our tweets and think about what the person whom we’re tweeting about will think of said tweet.

Well, do you think repeating the Tweet in question on my blog is some form of metapaparazzism? I won’t ask Caroline. I hope she reads this post long after fashion week, a long long time from now. Never, even. Caroline, if you’re reading this, please forgive me. I love Prêt-À-Manger too. And sometimes, I’m in the front row and I’m darn hungry.

The #MyLifeIsSoMuchCoolerThanYoursCommaBitch Tweets.

@BryanBoy : Huge breakfast before the Marni show.

Really Bryan, really? A fruit plate?
So annoying when you just scarfed down two croissants.

@DerekBlasberg : Did you see @KateBosworth @JessicaAlba @TheLSD @MariahCarey @NaomiCampbell @NicoleRichie (and more) in my NYFW diary?

Oooooh, so annoying when you’re not invited.

The #WelcomeToTheNewWorldOfTechnologyAndCommunication tweets.

If you’re interested, @AnnaDelloRusso instagrams all of her daily credits (Meaning the who’s she’s wearing that day) inventing a whole new fashion series. Live. Awesome AND terrifying at the same time.

The “quote” tweets.

No need for another quote please. We already have many too many on our Twitter feed. Why are we flooded by quote and wisdom tweets? Because a quote is short, you don’t have to invent it, and you usually get a lot of retweets. A quote is a massive followers-getting weapon.

Tweetiquette: Let’s not do these too often. You end up seeming desperate for followers.
Now all these tips don’t apply to Diane Von Furstenberg, quotetwitteuse-in-chief who regales us with her aphorisms. And who quotes herself, so to speak…

*The moment of bliss that follows is brought to you by Dianne…*

Be true to yourself. It is hard but avoids complications. Good day Love, Diane.

Clarity, clarity, clarity… not easy but SOOOO important! Getting there! Love, Diane

I tell the world “dare to be you” and sometimes I forget it myself! Love, Diane.


Arggggg shit!!! At a show, when someone is sitting in front of you (in runway terms, that means next to you going the opposite direction of the models’ walk) and decides it would be an awesome idea to film the entire show with his iPad. He then sticks in right in front of your face.
You have two options: Either you fold yourself in half and try to watch the entire show underneath his iPad or you just watch it right on his iPad. It’s the blurry version, but you’re probably already used to that. You can try to express your discomfort, but with the electric ambiance that pervades the shows this year, don’t be surprised if you get slapped.


Instagram is high-drama for perfectionists. Me, for example, I have four photo apps. It takes me hours to put together a single Instagram. #NoKidding.

Yeah, anyway, since 100% of the people around are Data Roaming like crazy during the fashion shows, the internet never works. Your iPhone just keeps thinking and thinking and you shake it like its going to change something (I mean I do that all the time) and your battery runs out real fast. That’s how you have 100% battery at 8:00 a.m. and 7% at 11:30 a.m.

Solutions? Either you have a car with a charger, or you make stops into cafes :
“Buongiorno avete una prisa (?) elettrica (???)” with your charger and a converter (Which is enormous and takes up tons of space) to have it work with the Italian outlets. That or you buy an external battery. Here’s my experience with those: #Don’tWorkAtAll

Anyway, long story short.

Since we’re just between friends… If you’re addicted to Twitter and Instagram, you can subscribe to our group, TIA.
Twitterers and Instagrammers Anonymous.

Here’s some excerpts from a conversation I had with Matt @BaronNYC and Emily, @emilynote (Did you really think you could have a group of ANONYMOUS Twitterers and Instagrammers? Are you CRAZY? That’s totally contradictory. We WANT to be known, just like everyone else. FOLLOW US.)

[This conversation has been adapted with the angle of Fashion Hysteria in order to better serve this post.]

“I always try to use the same filter. I just like to think this is my filter, my way of seeing the world.”

“Well, for me, every photo is torture. I have three filters, 5 photo aps, and every Instagram takes me so much time I could’ve done another blog post. Ugh. This thing…” (Recognize me? Yep, that one’s me)

“Yeah, I wish I could share my life with more than four people. How many followers do you have?

“165,000. You?”


“Pffff. You see the problem, don’t you? It’s not the number of followers you have but the number of likes. You know what my goal is? I want you to see not the people who like the photo, but have Instagram put just the number of people who like it. Like, you have so many likes that you can’t even read all who liked it. That’s classsssy. Like you, Matt, you have SO MANY likes that you have to move to the next step: THE DOUBLE DIGITS.”

“Omg. So true.”

“You know what… I’m gonna give you my secret. You ready?

“My secret is the HoD. Yeah. The Hour of Delivery. For example, if you post a photo right when it’s the end of the Prada show. Yeah. That’s just too bad for you girls. It’s 7:00 p.m. Everyone is busy posting blurry photos of the show. Instagram is blowing up and your bomb of a photo goes unseen. Two likes, max. But if you do it at 4:00 when everyone is pissed about the beeeeeep show, then you’re like-count is through the roof. You’ll get 12 likes right off the bat. Listen to this: Thanks to my HoD technique, of that, one day, I totally blew up: 31 likes!!!”

“Damn Matt, you’re gooooood.”

“Aaaaah, yeah and you never have the moment where (small little voice) Oh nooooo! I forgot to put the blur option on my photo! Noooo!”

“My style is the moody photo. You know, all artistic. So, see, the photo I posted of that latte, 5 minutes ago? It was a huge artistic risk that I took there. My followers could’ve taken that terribly. They could think I’m a sell out.”

“That said, the only thing that is always appropriate are pictures of cats. With a cat shot, even during fashion week, you can never go wrong.”

That’s it.
So of course I had to report this fascinating conversation (I know, you just can’t wait to join TIA, right?) to Scott, and he told me that since the most popular subjects on Instagram are cats and food and so he’s going to start an Instagram of cat food.

With that, I’ll leave you with a few pearls from a girl who knows how to twitter. Short, personal, and lethal. Lauren Santo Domingo, @TheLSD. She’s got it down to an art.

  • Skinny looks good on everyone.
  • Why is it that men who have the most expensive tastes in life have the cheapest taste in women?
  • The following are not real jobs: cocktail waitress, bikini model, former reality star, aspiring actress. (Aspiring anything, actually)

And one that should apply to me :

  • Being an adult means feeling relieved when one is not invited somewhere.

Ha! I’ll try to remember that one next time I read a Tweet from Derek ;-)

Fashion Week Handbags: Mulberry Spring 2013

Fashion Week Handbags: Mulberry Spring 2013

I’ve been a bit critical about Mulberry (specifically its marketing tactics) over the past season, so believe me when I say this: the Mulberry Willow Tote may very well be the best new day bag we’ll see all season. That’s a hefty mantle to bestow before the handbag heavyweights in Milan and Paris have even finished styling their runway looks, and I may yet be proved wrong, but the the big bag reveal of the Mulberry Spring 2013 show might just be good enough to go the distance.

The tote, pictured above, marks a movement toward increased sophistication for the brand that will likely be welcomed by consumers who shop at Mulberry’s chosen price point. The bags in this collection still have the signature Mulberry branding, but they’re more refined, more chic. (If “chic” isn’t overused to the point of non-meaning at this point, which it probably is.) It’s not just the Willow Tote, with its genius zip-off front panel that doubles as either a clutch or an iPad case, depending on your need at the moment; the Del Rey Bag, of which I have never been any kind of fan, got a nice upgrade for spring with luxurious jacquard prints that take the bag’s somewhat bland structure and elevate it as a canvas for great textiles. Check out all the runway bags after the jump.

[Images via]

Fashion Week Handbags: Mulberry Spring 2013 Fashion Week Handbags: Mulberry Spring 2013

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The Burberry Spring 2013 show unveils the Blaze Bag

The Burberry Spring 2013 show unveils the Blaze Bag

No one puts together a runway livestream like the Europeans, and Burberry has set an extremely high bar this season. I kicked off my work week by watching the show yesterday morning, and from the setting to the attendees to the apparel, the entire presentation, from start to finish, gave the fashion world something to talk about. The coats and jackets in particular, for which Burberry is known, shone (literally) as they walked down the runway. I honed in on the accessories, naturally, and not only do we have photos to share, but Burberry is selling these items straight from the runway, right now. Looks like Burberry got the memo – we see it, we like it, we want it right then and there.

The big Burberry bag for their Spring 2013 season is the Burberry Blaze Bag, which comes in a variety of finishes, most notably with see-through colored vinyl with tonal metallic python trim.

I have a problem with this bag, and believe it or not it is not the vinyl finish. The shape of this bag is incredibly hard to wear, and you could see the models even had a bit of a struggle walking with this bag by their side as it would rub against their body with each step they took down the runway. The design of the Blaze bag is wide from front to back which will keep it from being carried in the crook of the arm properly, as it will never hang correctly. Just as the models had to, you will have to carry this bag in your hands, and this simply does not happen much if at all anymore – it makes no sense, design-wise, and defies logic from a practical retail standpoint. Those aren’t the only issues, though: the bag’s price point is extremely high for a hard-to-carry piece made mostly of vinyl. Price is $3,695 for this version via Burberry.

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LFW essential bits in my bag

lfwmcm2Tracey flapover medium bag – courtesy of MCM, shot with Nikon 1 J1.

I learnt not to bring so much unnecessarily junk in my bag to LFW, these show invites, keys, anti-bacteria hand spray, my wallet, pen, mirror, lip balm, chewy stuff and a tightly folded fabric tote bag managed to fit in this small boxy MCM Tracey bag nicely.

LFW beauty survival kit, quite basic really


After hacking off my long fringe in Hong Kong now sitting blindly on the lash line, I have the perfect excuse not to pluck my eyebrows for a few weeks or fill in the brows with dark brown pencil.  As my late 20′s quickly ticking away towards turning the big three o next month (yikes), my skin has the tendency to become dehydrated in all seasons and I admit I don’t drink enough water nor eat enough fruits ’5 a day’, yet I still have flawless skin (confirmed by several MUAs, surprised?) minus the clustered freckles, blackheads on the nose and dryness under the eyes.  I must kick off my daily dosage of English breakfast tea and drink more H20 to curb desert skin.

The blasting cold air and indoor heating at LFW were quite troublesome for my skin, downing free bottles of skittles provided at the tent was pathetically delusive. So, here’s my LFW beauty survival kit, it’s quite basic really I mean my skin doesn’t need to be smothered by layers of products.

beautysurvival3ELEMIS Tri-enzyme resurfacing facial wash.  CLARINS Toning lotion, for combination or oily skin.  VICHY aqualia thermal 24hr dydrating serum.  VICHY Normaderm tri-activ anti-imperfection hydrating care.
beautysurvial4DR.G Perfect pore cover BB cream SPF 30.  HANSKIN Glossy magaic bb cream.  SCHWARZKOPF OSIS+ Bodyfiying dry shampoo (I know it irrelevant to beauty, it’s just the case if you haven’t washed your hair for days).
beautysurvival2MAC Plush black mascara.  BOOTS NO’7 Truffle stay perfect eye shadow no’65.  CHANEL Stylo yeux waterproof eyeliner pencil no’10.  CHANEL Liquid eyeliner no’31.  CHANEL Brilliant a levres lipshine no’95.  VASELINE Cocoa butter lip balm.

LFW AW12 outfit, part 2



More whining.

Today marks my 4th day of absence on social media (Twitter and Facebook) I’ve been mostly on Weibo following interesting live tweets from PFW (there are apps and widgets that Twitter doesn’t have), and still keeping up with 6,000 unread posts on Bloglovin oopsy daisy.  I caught a fatigue sickness from a quiet press trip over the weekend, worked on a diy project yesterday, a midnight conference call over Skype chat, contemplating whether to go to Disneyland press trip or not (I’ve never been to Disneyland before, I know right?!) and ya-dee-ya-dee-dah.


I’ve conquered the freezing cold temperature at LFW plus my famish state of mind ‘I want a burger at Byronepisodes, I managed to squeeze 3 layers of thermals underneath that polka dot blouse, how?  Well, in the picture I’m wearing both sleeveless and long sleeve heat-techs from Uniqlo HK, Benetton fine cotton knit sweater with the polo-neck hacked off  - no bulkiness seen on the vintage (omgeee size 8) Ralph Lauren blazer over with the gorgeous vintage yellow broderie anglaise collared crop jacket borrowed from Rokit.  The (borrowed) Grace MCM satchel bag balances the lower half’s disappearing shadow.


Songs I’m currently obsessed with at the moment: Noel Gallangher ‘AKA What A Life‘, Will Young ‘Losing Myself’ and Lana Del Rey ‘Born To Die‘.


lfw3My outfit: Polka dot blouse, Ralph Lauren fitted blazer, yellow crop jacket – all on loan from ROKIT.  Black skinny trousers – UNIQLO.  Black thigh high equestrian boots – EBAY.  Gloves – BURBERRY.  Grace satcel bag – on loan from MCM.  Photos by SHINI PARK.

LFW AW12 visual diary, part 5 – Within convex




A silent weekend of my absence on a blog-and-social-media ban (embargoed) excursion somewhere in hush hush la la land, to view some hush hush dazzling brilliance at a security-heavy hush hush fortress, covering a visual diary feature for China’s new hush hush high society magazine.  My dilated vision of greed was blinded by the spectrum of sparkles so severely, I resorted to wearing my only black pair of Jeremy Scott gaga specs for a few days.  I have a migraine.


Tis the last post of my LFW visual diary and paying a little tribute to one of the most spectacular showcase in craftsmanship seasons.  In awe of silent approval and applauded admiration to Inbar Spector‘s victorious AW12 collection, her rich labyrinth of endless intricate craftsmanship constitute the theme of ‘Escapism’.




The utopia fairy-tale like collection consists of technical distorted-origami shapes, layers of shredded cascades, complex laser cut detailing on perforated leather, and Inbar’s signature voluminous concave-convex like ruffles.  Topped with dazzling head pieces by Lara Jensen to conclude the desired look.




I can almost envision my future editorial shoot, just imagine a dream-like underwater story feature with a model wearing this finale dress move in a graceful, balletic motion.  OHHHH YEAHHHH!!!!

LFW AW12 visual diary, part 4


lfw3Attracted by the aquatic shades of blue (I despise the word aqua for personal reason, but it’s a perfect word to describe the colour of Holly Fulton’s collection), again one of my personal highlights of LFW I took a closer look at the designers exhibition a few hours after show, a brilliance reference from the 20s and 90s silhouettes, intricately hand painted Art Deco glasshouse inspired art.
lfw11Style legend Matthew Zorpas.
lfw20Louisa Lau‘s ingenious customised clutch bag stuck on cartoon stickers.
lfw16Such a shame I had to miss to Simone Rocha‘s most anticipated show as I had to cover backstage at VFS for an online mag, the show was also back to back with Jackie J.S Lee’s.
lfw18I’m dying to get my hand on those Simone Rocha’s brogues!
lfw13John Rocha‘s 3D rosette dress.
lfw15After I was done with Eudon Choi (and missed Ashley Isham’s after a severe delay) I finally made it to Charlie May‘s presentation at the Soho Sanctum Hotel, low in sugar with minutes to spare for some snaps before the models done with their jobs, this is the only good shot I can show you.  Oh dear.

After my relentless onslaught written/verbal rant on LFW shenanigans on a par with online peeps (Huffington Post, Liz Jones etc) let me tell you, I have taken a happy medicine and that I have c-a-l-m-e-d.

LFW AW12 visual diary, part 3

lfw1Fernandez & Wells at Somerset House, they served freshly made, well sourced food and drink.  I loved their baguette filled with incredible mouth watering fillings, I was always there just to check out the hunky guys working there. Drool.
lfw19Left: My Burberry leather gloves have kept my hands warm throughout LFW especially whilst queuing out in the cold, the off-plum colour certainly matches the yellow Grace MCM satchel bag.  Right: Light breakfast….well it was actually brunch.
lfw23Trending: Yellows and neons spotted at the Somerset House courtyard, I do fancy a mustard yellow mac like this girl is wearing in the picture.
lfw9The finale outfit by Mattijs, the skirt reminds me of Van Gogh’s painting, the Starry Night.



lfw24Louise Gray at the Topshop Show Space venue in Old Billingsgate, one of the show’s highlight were the mish-mash print, 80s disco warrior, mohigan/mohawk hair, hyper graphical optical-illusion QR print and excess embellishment.

LFW AW12 visual diary, part 2 – The magic of starburst



My penchant for space age or retro sci-fi is clearly evident, two of my final collections from uni (I studied both HND and BA Fashion Design and Technology at LCF) were partly inspired by the early works of André Courrèges and Paco Rabbane. Daft Punk and Kraftwerk are my seasonal choice of music, obsessive tracks from the film Tron: Legacy being used in tv commercials, fashion shows such like Jaeger’s SS11 intro (I think track 4, correct me if I’m wrong) and tv car show Top Gear often feature their tracks.  Very identifiable.  No nonsense music such as this is hypnotically refreshed, the chemical reaction in my brain often have the tendency to erupt in an epileptic trance.  I’m eclectically weird, do you want to be my friend?

A promising opening start at Mattijs AW12 show (his first show in London) with the soundtrack from Star Wars intermixed with Lana Del Rey’s, I instantly knew this was going to be a good show.  Inspired by the iconic sci-fi characters in the likes of Princess Leia from Star Wars, the young heroe Artreyu from The Never Ending Story, and the retro rebots C3PO en R2D2.



The fantasy collection consists of long flowy stretch of accordion pleated dresses, palazzo trousers shows dramatic fabric movement guided by the beat of music, explosive bloom of ruffled coral-like jackets, hand embroidered gold detailings, metallic trims, futuristic garments with the Courrèges-esque skin revealing circular holes a typical feature in the 60s space age fashion.  Oh boy oh boy, I so want to get my hands on those Mattijs x United Nude pleated boots, available in SS12.



And boy oh boy x2, such great collection and such great tune I wouldn’t mind having the mix track on my ipod’s ‘must listen tracks on continuous loop’ playlist (wave hands to Mattijs and Trace Publicity).  And lastly, I’m really looking forward to see his collection in close up on press day.