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Get Physical

Feeling inspired from the ballet and winter running to get physical this week.

Outfit ideas and more on my Pinterest!

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Get Physical

Feeling inspired from the ballet and winter running to get physical this week.

Outfit ideas and more on my Pinterest!

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Style Story / Melissa

Do you remember Melissa? I met her in the street in Paris (the number of amazing people I’ve met in the street, it’s pretty unbelievable) just before she performed on The Voice. Both her music and her style have evolved since then (one of the things I love about this blog is being able to follow people as they grow and change) and right now, since she’s been spending a lot of time in New York, so we were able to grab her and spend some time together in one of her friend’s apartments.

I really love the way she mixes her clothes. She has a real love for fashion and it shows!



High waist jeans from Monki and silk blouse from Miu Miu.



Vintage Moroccan rug collected by The Line, coat from Miu Miu, scented candle from Fornasetti, watch from Rolex, earring from Stone Paris, turtleneck from Jardin des Orangers, lingerie from Kiki de Montparnasse and bag from Fendi.

Gift Guide 2014: Easy Shopping for International Customers

Gift Guide 2014: Easy Shopping for International Customers

We know that many of our readers reside outside of the US, and even if you don’t, you may very well have someone on your holiday shopping list that does. Because international shipping and duties can get expensive unless you know where to shop, we went ahead and picked out some great gifts from some of our favorite online retailers outside of the US. If you’re shipping to someone with a non-American address, all of these sites have reliable policies on shipping, duties and returns because they specialize in global shopping. Check out our picks below; if you’re shopping for someone special on US soil, you can check out our entire array of seasonal gift guides.

Kiernan Shipka Demonstrates the Use of an Age-Appropriate Designer Bag

Kiernan Shipka Demonstrates the Use of an Age-Appropriate Designer Bag

Here’s Mad Men actress Kiernan Shipka, engaging in normal, everyday teenage girl activities (probably) while carrying a Miu Miu Mini Satchel with a silver metallic leather finish and wearing a Rodarte tee paired with a black mini skirt and a pretty awesome pair of black leather creepers. You can currently find Kiernan’s bag in an extremely similar silver finish for $1,390 at MyTheresa.

It’s hard to be a Hollywood fixture at the tender age of 14, but Kiernan really has a knack for picking designer items that seem most befitting for her age group. Both Rodarte and Miu Miu tend to heavily court talented-but-underage actresses like Kiernan and Elle Fanning, so it’s not surprising to see Kiernan wearing/carrying Miu Miu products. It also wouldn’t be surprising to see her rep for either brand in another year or two.

#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – November 6

#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – November 6

Winter is quickly approaching, and there is nothing we love more during cold than breaking out our favorite black clothing and accessories. It seems most of you are on the same page, because this week’s #PBWIMB roundup was filled with a lot of black bags. Take a look at which ones made our favorites of the week, and continue to hashtag your pictures for your chance to be featured!

Miu Miu Pouch Shop Similar via Net-a-Porter
Fendi Monster Wallet Shop Similar via Saks

A photo posted by MiladyBagzzz (@miladybagzzz) on

Proenza Schouler PS11
$1,950 via Net-a-Porter

A photo posted by Chi Lemon (@lem0n) on

Hermès Birkin

A photo posted by Happy Baggage (@happybaggage) on

Chanel Flap Bag

A photo posted by Lisa (@lis__lai) on

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag

A photo posted by Mosh Posh (@mymoshposh) on

Hermès Birkin

Hermès Kelly

Louis Vuitton Epi Alma Bag

Louis Vuitton Epi Makeup Bag

A photo posted by 比比愛牛奶 (@kc99xoxo) on

Hermès Wallet
Chanel Card Case

A photo posted by Audrey Tay (@audreytayy) on



When looking through the SS15 collections it’s definitely legit to say that the lace up sandal is the it-shoe for next season. Ever since I saw these goodies from Miu Miu’s Resort collection, I’ve been eyeing for a pair myself. Above is three favorites from Chloé, Stella McCartney and Valentino.

chloe backstage

Pics:, Self Service.


SM_1 sm_2b

Products Selection:


Stella Mccartney Denim Jumpsuit


Neil Barrett Chemise Crop
Stella McCartney Vivian wool-twill tapered pants


McQ Alexander McQueen Dress


Miu Miu Sunglasses


Acne Sweater
Saint Laurent Glitter Boots
Fendi Peekaboo medium leather tote

Graphics by Carolina Cerutti

The Many Bags of Chloe Moretz

The Many Bags of Chloe Moretz

Chloe Moretz isn’t our youngest Many Bags subject, but she’s close. The 17-year-old actress is beat out only by 16-year-old Elle Fanning, and their two handbag collections definitely have some overlap. Namely, both ingenues are beloved by a select group of high-end European brands, which affords them lots of Paris Fashion Week appearances and rare handbags in their closets. Below, check out what Chloe’s been carrying since she arrived on the Hollywood scene.

Decorate Your Bag with Enough Bits, Bobs, Charms and Fobs to Create a Whole Second Bag

Decorate Your Bag with Enough Bits, Bobs, Charms and Fobs to Create a Whole Second Bag

We are living in a golden age of things to hang from your handbag. Bag charms have been reasonably well-liked since back in the day of the ultra-collectable Prada robots, but it’s the Fendi Bag Bugs that have really rocketed the accessory-on-accessory look to its current popularity. With Fendi selling fur puff charms hand over fist, more and more companies have entered the market in the past year, to mostly adorable effect.

Bag Bugs can run you $800 and are nearly impossible to track down without a pre-order, so below, we’ve assembled an extensive list of alternatives, including a bunch that will cost you far less. From tiny bags to hang on your bag to two different fox-shapes options, these funny little bits are the perfect balancing agent to the wave of minimalism that’s overtaken accessories design in the past few seasons. You can have your cake and eat it too; a beautiful bag with a bit of fun clipped on at will.

All of these bags have spring locks that make them easy to hook onto a bag’s hardware, but if you’d rather put one inside your bag, you can do that too – almost all have key rings that allow for more discreet, functional use.

Summer Weddings

Summer is the season for weddings.

I’m always looking for something simple and classic to wear. Here’s a few more ideas!

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The first look from the Miu Miu resort collection worn by the very stunning mica Arganaraz is most definitely on my mind, seeing her walk down the stairs to the runway is a wow-moment, view below. Need to get myself a pair of shoes from this collection..


Soccer Chic

The World Cup has taken over and I am feeling inspired by to dress for the games.

A couple ideas for weekend shopping on my Pinterest!

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Car wash


Who would have thought I would have loved Los Feliz car washes so much.. American signs have a crazy effect on me: they inspire me and make me dream in some ways.
Dream that goes on on with this coral jumpsuit from Styligion, that you’ll probably love even more knowing that using the code “CHIARALOVESME” you’re going to get a 30% off from this one and all the other items from my selection on the website.. Have a great shopping :)

Chi l’avrebbe mai detto che avrei amato cosi tanto i car wash di Los Feliz.. I cartelli americani hanno uno strano effetto su di me: mi ispirano e fanno in qualche modo sognare.
Un pò come questa tutina color corallo di Styligion, che amerete ancora di più sapendo che con il codice “CHIARALOVESME” avrete il 30% di sconto su questa e tutti gli articoli della mia selezione sull’ecommerce.. Buono shopping :)


I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – June 11th

#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – June 11th

From Balenciaga to Celine and Chanel to Marc Jacobs, we saw a fun variety of designer bags in this week’s #PBWIMB. The most shocking thing about this week’s roundup? The amount of black and neutral bags we saw. But then again, we’re never mad at a black bag.

Take a look at our favorite snapshots (and a video!) from Instagram this week, and be sure to keep tagging your photos with #PBWIMB for your chance to be featured.

For more bag photos, be sure to follow our Instagram!

The Many Bags of Dakota and Elle Fanning

The Many Bags of Dakota and Elle Fanning

Dakota and Elle Fanning have been in the entertainment business since they were kids, and they’ve been in fashion almost as long. The young sisters’ angelic appearances – extremely pale skin and eyes, light blonde hair, innocently round faces – ingratiated themselves to designers immediately, and they’ve been sitting front row at fashion shows and starring in ad campaigns ever since. They are, in a way, the opposite of the Jenner sisters that we profiled last week.

When it comes to designer bags, though, the Fannings have a bit more in common with their raven-haired, West Coast compatriots. They all love Celine, Chanel and Balenciaga, for one. Check out the sisters’ full collections below.

My Miu Miu!

…Worn by Alex eheheh.

I had sort of a huge crush when I first saw them. A ton of images came back to me: My mom in the 80s with her rhinestones, Elvis, Madonna, Liz Taylor…

And a ton of thoughts like: It’s the kind of shoe you don’t even need to wear. You can put them on your desk and there, it’s a sculpture. They’re so crazy that they’ll never go out of style. They would make any outfit look cool and thought about. So, I was already sold on them when…

Scott walked by and offered them to me. Merci ;)

Do you like them ?

Check Out Which Bags Celebs Carried at Coachella 2014

Check Out Which Bags Celebs Carried at Coachella 2014

Coachella is a unique event. Not only is it the only rich-hippie desert concert weekend that I know of, but it’s a rare opportunity to spot celebrities mingling among mere mortals with relatively little security or separation. That also means it’s an opportunity for handbag-spotting, and although some celebs opt to leave their expensive accessories at home, plenty of others carry whatever handbags they’d use to go out to dinner back in Beverly Hills. Below, check out what we caught the rich and famous carrying in Indio this past weekend.

Editor’s Letter #4

It’s really an adventure keeping a blog in the 10’s. What started out as a simple journal got bigger, and it evolved as the internet has been revolutionizing our lives.

At the same time, print magazines that we all love so much had a hard time adapting to the unsustainable pace of the internet, and we’ve seen a lot of the old systems around us crumble.

The reader (me, you!) who used to feel somewhat distant from the press, journalists, and fashion, now understands that everything is within arm’s reach. We have access to behind the scenes, and understand the relationship that has developed with advertisers (you give me an ad, I’ll give you an article) and money — the key motivator behind it all, because it’s a matter of survival for magazines.
And not the measly four dollars we pay for the magazine, weren’t we stupid to believe that.

The internet is free, open, fluid, and shared — it’s different.

Then e-shops come on the scene. Amazing!!! People buy things online. We never would have imagined it. In the beginning, advertisers are careful, trying to see how to reproduce the comfortable system that had been in place with magazines.

Times have changed, but people — they’re the same.

And it works, of course. The problem with a free, fluid, global system, is that there aren’t any rules. Some people with blogs have tried to mobilize (Independent Fashion Bloggers) to keep from falling back into the same system that made us lose confidence in print. But that hasn’t really worked.

Not having any rules means that we are free to say yes to any business opportunity.
But it also means we can say no.

Then a new generation arrives — a generation who has grown up with smartphones in their hands, and a totally different way of thinking than the previous generation. They read through these commercial systems in a blink and they can navigate them with no problem at all.
It’s perfectly normal to take a selfie every three seconds, perfectly normal to broadcast your engagement (especially if you’ve rented out an entire football stadium for the occasion), and it’s perfectly normal to be paid when you talk about a brand.

A totally different frame of reference.

As for advertisers, the cogs haven’t stopped turning. After a few years of playing with the internet, they’re ready to pounce. Since there aren’t any rules, it’s their time to occupy the territory. We can do so much more online than we could on paper!
People share information for us, and it goes so much further than we could have imagined! And this new generation is having fun with it! Let’s do it. Now’s the time.

So every day, I get emails offering to pay me for publicity. I don’t mean ads in the sidebar, too easy. I mean, I’m asked to advertise in my editorial content, and in my social media networks, with no clear distinction between the ads and the content of my articles — and that completely shakes my value system.

You see, I’m not against money. It allows me to do lovely things for my blog. Better design, more beautiful photos, nicer stories. I’ve explained to you how I work here, and it’s still the same today. I say no a lot. Too much, sometimes.

That said, I like to explore what modernity has to offer.

And I like the brands I work with. They offer me great projects, they provide an amazing outlet for my creativity, and they allow me to do things I wouldn’t have been able to do without their financial support. The brands I choose to work with respect my readers. I meet people in the industry who are passionate about what they do — in short, there’s no reason to make them the bad guys, especially if you can choose them according to your own tastes.

Every day, with my agent and my team, we talk about the best way to respect our blog, and to respect you — our intelligent and educated readers who’ve got it all figured out (I know this because I meet you as often as I can, and I read all your comments)(speaking of meeting you, last week I taught a class at Yale! See photo “teacher G” up there), while also adapting to this world that’s changing every second.

After putting a lot of thought into trying to understand this new publishing world, and taking a look at how other people work, whether their blogs are fully sponsored or not — I decided to take a thoughtful, honest, and simple approach.

Any content on the blog that is done in collaboration with a brand is clearly indicated. No posts will have a hidden sponsor — we will continue to adapt to the world that’s changing around us, but you will always be clearly informed.
For everything else, if I don’t say anything, it means the content doesn’t have any particular financial backing.*

We do work with affiliated links, which is one of the simplest and most open ways to work (no direct contact with stores or brands, and no editorial pressure). Brands like Zara or Céline, who are not part of any affiliated networks, (yep, on the total opposite end of the spectrum, some brands have things in common!) continue to appear on the blog — very often, in fact. We don’t choose content based on our affiliated partners.

Everything else is simply a matter of confidence and communication between you and us.

Having strict rules hasn’t stopped the press from getting involved in a complicated, dependent relationship with advertisers — and it’s exactly this lack of flexibility and honesty that’s bringing the press down today.

It’s too bad, and I really hope that magazines will be able to weather the storm.

As for me, I’m excited to be a part of this new era and to redefine what it means to be a blogger today.

It looks like this constant state of revolution is what the future has in store for us. To thrive in that kind of environment, you have to stay simple, authentic, and adaptable. Make up your own rules. Stay faithful to yourself. Listen to feedback. And above all, don’t be afraid to question the way you do things.

And that goes for a blog just like it does for a career — or any aspect of our lives.

We never get bored, eh?

I’m here this morning if you have any questions. Hugs and kisses!


*For example, when I published the film I made with L’Oréal on Thursday, they obviously called me and paid me to make the film, but they did not pay me to post it on the blog, and it wasn’t guaranteed that I’d share it (Some people say, “You’re crazy! You should have sold them the ad space!” But it is what it is) I just posted it because I love it.

Can you see a lemon in the photo (???), a photo of me as a Professor at Yale with a perfect Schott x Edith A. Miller jacket, an old pair of Zara jeans, and my beloved Common Projects (I brought heels, but they aren’t very into heels at Yale), my Krysos + Chandi rings, a WXYZ bracelet (it’s not mine, but it’s super beautiful anyway), my MAKE eyeliner, and my Diptyque lip balm (I love their new beauty line — it’s sublime) and I’m saving the best for last — MY MIU MIU SHOES THAT ARE INSAAAANE — I’LL TALK YOUR EARS OFF ABOUT THEM SOON. I love them so much. Kisses!

Translated by Andrea Perdue.

60+ Bags and the Celebrities Who Carried Them at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014

60+ Bags and the Celebrities Who Carried Them at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2014

Paris Fashion Week is an event like none other. We love New York, London and Milan, don’t get us wrong, but the combination of clothes and celebrities that happens in Paris will always be our favorite. This season, we found even more stars and fashion insiders carrying super-covetable bags than we did back in September, and we’ve assembled them all for your viewing pleasure.

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Burberry Prorsum in Milano

8F3A7373e copia

While I’m leaving for Paris here is the third outfit of Milan fashionweek: a Burberry Prorsum look, which left me breathless on the catwalk worn by Cara. I tried to interpretate it my way mixing it to Prada maxi clutch and glitter Miu Miu sunglasses.

Mentre sto partendo per Parigi ecco il terzo outfit della fashionweek di Milano: un look di Burberry Prorsum, che mi aveva tolto il fiato addosso a Cara in passerella. Ho cercato di interpretarlo a modo mio abbinandolo alla maxi clutch di Prada ed occhiali in glitter di Miu Miu.

8F3A7334e copia
8F3A7248e copia
8F3A7366e copia
8F3A7402e copia
8F3A7368e copia
8F3A7371e copia
8F3A7443e copia
8F3A7381e copia
8F3A7385e copia
8F3A7400e copia
8F3A7405e copia
8F3A7393e copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Leslie Kirchhoff

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Almost Spring

Can you tell I am getting antsy for spring? It’s starting to warm up (at least the snow is melting) here in NYC and I am ready for it. I just bought an amazinggg yellow coat and I’m ready to wear it… come on spring!!

The Many Bags of Celebs at London Fashion Week Fall 2014

The Many Bags of Celebs at London Fashion Week Fall 2014

London Fashion Week tends to get short shrift when it comes to evaluating the month of fashion shows that we all look forward to and/or endure every six months. It’s the shortest of the four “weeks,” and arguably the least prestigious, although the Brits have a knack for figuring out what’s coming next before anyone else. LFW is a bastion of young talent and streetwear, and for that, plenty of celebs, British, American and beyond, come out to see what London has on offer. Naturally, they do so carrying great bags, and we’ve got the best of the lot below.

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The International Edit – January 27

The International Edit – January 27

Welcome to the very first edition of The International Edit, where we’ll be shopping on behalf of our non-American customers at some of the best overseas retailers that these here Internets have to offer. Our regular coverage tends to be US-centric because of our location in New York City, but we wanted to give some love both to our international readers and the online retailers that specialize in serving them. If you’re in the US, you might still want to take a look – these stores all ship to our shores, and non-American retailers often offer brands and pieces that are harder to find in the US. This week, our favorite bags, shoes and accessories come from MyTheresa, Browns and My-Wardrobe.

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Elle Fanning Carries Miu Miu to the Airport

Elle Fanning Carries Miu Miu to the Airport

Elle Fanning was recently spotted at LAX carrying a bright cerulean blue Miu Miu Bugatti Bag. No surprises here: it was recently revealed that Elle will be one of the four young actresses featured in Miu Miu’s spring campaign, so it makes sense that she’s repping the brand in her day-to-day life. You can get a carry-with-everything black version of this tidy little dome satchel for $1,450 at (If you have to have it, act fast – sell out risk is high.)

2014 is destined to be a big year for Elle – aside from her Miu Miu gig, she has four films in the can, including Disney’s much-anticipated “Maleficent.” Elle plays a young Princess Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) because of course she would. Elle also has a post-apocalyptic thriller titled “Young Ones” on the way, which just made its big debut at the Sundance Film Festival.

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#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – January 23rd

#PBWIMB Instagram Roundup – January 23rd

The end of January is when we usually decide we’re officially over winter and start dreaming of warmer times and sunny weather. It’s clear all of you are in a similar boat, judging by the colorful bags we saw this week in your #PBWIMB Instagrams this week. Take a look at some of our favorite snapshots, and this week there was even a video in the mix!

Continue to send us pictures of your what’s in your bag and your purse adventures for a chance to be featured! Make sure to tag #PBWIMB and follow us on Instagram.

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Outfit of the Week: In Which We Stop Trying to Dress for the Weather

Outfit of the Week: In Which We Stop Trying to Dress for the Weather

It’s been a weird week, man. Last time we got together to discuss our ideal Outfit of the Week, the windchill outside was below zero and I couldn’t feel my face. On the other hand, I broke a sweat walking in to work in a heavy sweater. As a result, this week’s ideal outfit is my official white flag to the concept of dressing for the weather, since the weather seems hell bent on reminding me that it is in charge at all times. So here’s some spring stuff I’d like to put on my body and/or head, all at once, in the near future.

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Yucatan day 5

3U5A5629 copia

The most casual of the looks for my last day spent in Yucatan before flying to Los Angeles: leather shorts, tank top which perfectly showed my tattoos, mini suede Balenciaga bag and Erika Cavallini sandals. Melancholy for this fake feeling of summer included in the package.

Il più casual dei look per l’ultima giornata trascorsa in Yucatan prima di volare a Los Angeles: shorts in pelle, tank top con tatuaggi in vista, mini Balenciaga bag scamosciata e sandali Erika Cavallini. Malinconia da finta sensazione di estate e da imminente partenza compresa nel pacchetto. 

3U5A5583 copia
3U5A5555 copia
3U5A5723 copia
3U5A5469 copia
3U5A5647 copia
3U5A5519 copia
3U5A5709 copia
3U5A5611 copia
3U5A5484 copia
3U5A5566 copia
3U5A5558 copia
3U5A5700 copia
3U5A5748 copia
3U5A5636 copia

I was wearing:

MICKEY MOUSE GOLDEN NECKLACE (from when I was 5 years old)

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Bag Battles: Victoria Beckham vs Miu Miu

Bag Battles: Victoria Beckham vs Miu MiuNote: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.

Many of our favorite designers have items that look eerily similar to others we see on the market. The debate over which design came first is a heated one as it’s clear many designers are inspired by their counterparts. In this instance, the clutch is very simple and I chalk it up to more of chance than anything else.

With that being said, I want to see which folded top clutch gets your vote. We have the Victoria Beckham Two-Tone Folded Top Clutch and the Miu Miu Folded Top Clutch, both are similar to the next and the prices aren’t that far off. Vote in our poll and tell us what you think.

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The Many Bags of Rita Ora

The Many Bags of Rita Ora

Fashion loves Rita Ora, and the burgeoning British pop star seems to love fashion right back. Ora’s Rihanna-esque personal style perfectly straddles the divide between streetwear and luxury that the industry is exploring with gusto at the moment, which makes her exactly the kind of celebrity on whom brands want to see their clothes. One brand in particular, DKNY, wants to see them on her so badly that it tapped Ora to be the face of its Resort and Spring 2014 campaigns.

Rita’s brand partnership hasn’t stopped her from wearing and carrying clothes and bags from everyone from Versus to Chanel, though, and hers is quite the collection for such a young star. We looked back through a couple of years of Ora’s bag choices, and the results were impressive.

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13 Bags That Will Fit All Your Fall Essentials

13 Bags That Will Fit All Your Fall Essentials

Let’s face it, our bags are usually jam packed. We never planned on them getting that full, but somewhere along the line we lost control and are now toting around twenty different shades of red lipstick, a pair of flats for our commute home, an overstuffed wallet with one too many Barneys receipts and all of our electronic gadgets and their attendant chargers. Now that temperatures are beginning to cool, our everyday handbag no longer seems roomy enough to fit our cold weather accessories on top everything that’s already in there. We’re left with no option but to upsize.

Take it from someone who has left behind enough gloves, scarves and hats to keep an entire continent warm: you always want to have enough room in your bag to stuff all of your winter necessities, including hand warmers, Rosebud Salve and plenty of hydrating face lotion. That’s why we’ve rounded up 13 Big Bags that have plenty of room to fit virtually everything but the kitchen sink. (Actually, you may even be able to fit that in some of these giant totes).

Not to mention that a bigger bag usually results in well-toned arms.

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Paris fashionweek wearing McQ Alexander McQueen

3U5A4414 copia

Last photos from Paris fashionweek: I was wearing a long dream dress from Elie Saab and probably my favourite blazer for this fall/winter, by McQ Alexander McQueen :)

Ultime foto della settimana della moda di Parigi: indossavo un abito lungo da sogno di Elie Saab ed il blazer che probabilmente mi farà compagnia tutto l’autunno, di McQ Alexander McQueen :)

3U5A4376 copia
3U5A4245 copia
3U5A4281 copia
3U5A4306 copia
3U5A4399 copia
3U5A4428 copia
3U5A4258 copia
3U5A4298 copia
3U5A4340 copia
3U5A4367 copia
3U5A4437 copia
3U5A4271 copia
3U5A4350 copia

I was wearing:


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I Love Calligraphy

Even though I love all the crazy invites we get to shows, most of the time the ones I keep are the simple ones.

What I love is the calligraphy. This beautiful way to give shape to letters, the attention and the time it demands. The Balenciaga ones are the most crazy, they’re all handwritten… It really touches me.

To tell you the truth, I’ve always played so much with my pens that when I was young, I didn’t really have a writting style. People would tell me that you could see someone’s personnality in their writing, and mine would change everyday, so many times I wondered if I had no fixed personnality :)

When I see the part that writing plays today in my life (I wouldn’t call what I do calligraphy, but I get a lot of commissions to write titles or create logos) I tell myself that you really never know where your little weirdnesses can take you…

This Was Paris

Click on the image or here to view the full post…

A little more from Paris Fashion Week:

Anna congratulates Marc Jacobs on his last show for Louis Vuitton

Gold alert at Dior and Dries Van Noten

We went and had an intimate moment at Isabel Marant

Karl puts on an amazing Chanel show and creates the ultimate nonchalant jacket

Rick Owens approaches beauty in a new way with step teams on his runway…

There were a lot of cool things happening this season, what were some of your favorite moments?

The Many Bags of Celebs at London Fashion Week Spring 2014

The Many Bags of Celebs at London Fashion Week Spring 2014

For reasons I cannot entirely explain, I find British celebrities sort of fascinating. I’m not an anglophile by any stretch of the imagination, but British pop culture seems so slavishly dedicated to such a particular group of people that it’s like there’s this parallel universe of fame out there, people who are just people in New York or LA but who attract paparazzi hordes in London. Notoriety is, of course, dependent on the cooperation of those around you. That strange sense of otherness is part of why I got a little obsessed with looking at paparazzi photos from London Fashion Week events.

It was a strange mix of British fashion celebs that we all know (Kate Moss, Stella McCartney) and British people that few Americans can probably identify on sight (Abbey Clancey, Donna Air), with a random American thrown in for good measure (Olivia Palermo?). Naturally, they were all carrying totally covetable handbags – fame may vary by continent, but designers accessories largely do not. Check out the best bags from outside the shows and after parties below!

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Vietnam diary: Me Kong river


Another magic moment of my Vietnam trip: with messy hair and no makeup, just before the sunset on Me Kong river.

Un altro dei momenti magici del mio viaggio in Vietnam: senza trucco e con i capelli spettinati, appena prima del tramonto sul fiume Me Kong.


I was wearing:


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The Many Bags of Katy Perry

The Many Bags of Katy Perry

By now, I’m betting most of you have heard the new Katy Perry song. It’s called “Roar” and it came out on Monday, the same day that Lady Gaga’s new single hit the Internet, and it is unquestionably better than Gaga’s. (As much as it pains me to say that, being something of a Gaga fangirl at the beginning of her career.) With Katy doing so much press over the past few days in support of the new single, it occurred to me that we’ve yet to profile her handbag collection. Today, we fix that.

Katy’s style is something we’re probably all well familiar with at this point – boisterous, bright, the opposite of serious and conservative. Her bag choices are far more mainstream, for the most part, which just goes to show you that hardly anyone can resist a little Celine or Chanel here and there.

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Tuscan villa


It’s thanks to Louis Vuitton and to their new store in Forte Dei Marmi If I found myself in Tuscany last weekend.
I knew It would have been quite an adventure but I would have never thought I would have find myself living in an ancient villa on the hills, like in the best dream. Keeping me company in this fairytale afternoon my speedy Empreinte and my new Styligion dress.

E’ grazie a Louis Vuitton ed al nuovo store appena inaugurato a Forte Dei Marmi che lo scorso weekend mi sono ritrovata in Toscana.
Sapevo che l’esperienza sarebbe stata magnifica, ma mai mi sarei aspettata di trovarmi a soggiornare in una villa antica sui colli, come nel migliore sogno ad occhi aperti. Ad accompagnarmi in questo pomeriggio quasi fiabesco la mia speedy Empreinte ed il mio vestito di Styligion.


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Forget a Clutch – What You Want is a Pouch

Forget a Clutch – What You Want is a Pouch

It’s not especially often that clutches get a trend of their own. Normally, the small, hand-carried bags are beholden to the whims of the handbag game at large and take on whatever texture, embellishment or print trends are dominant at any given moment. Right now, though, clutches are having a moment unto themselves, and it’s all about the pared-down (structurally, at least) pouch. Got an extra iPad sleeve sitting around your apartment? Put your stuff in it, because it’s the new hotness.

In all seriousness, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where a shape trend like this one comes from. If I had to wager, it’s probably partly from the minimalist bent of many of Celine’s leather clutches and partly from the proliferation of clutch-like iPad cases that designers unleashed in the wake of the gadget’s arrival. From the beginning, I’ve heard people comment that those cases are too cute to be relegated to gadgetry, and now plenty of things that look like they’re intended to hold Apple products are skipping that niche market and going straight to the handbag department. There’s something pleasantly modern about a simple rectangle pouch bordered by just a zipper, and because of the clean shape, a pouch can support a ton of embellishment, even at a fairly large size. Below, some of our favorites.

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The Many Bags of Miranda Kerr, Part Two

The Many Bags of Miranda Kerr, Part Two

Since we started our The Many Bags of… series over a year ago, we’ve been making periodic mental note of the celebrities that we’d like to revisit for a second round. Some stars have simply been too bag-crazy for too long to do justice to them in one shot, and others, like supermodel and all-around perfect human being Miranda Kerr, have stepped up to the handbag plate so much in the past year that their bag choices in that time period totally eclipse whatever they had going on before that, no matter how good at was. (And in Kerr’s case, it was very good.)

Kerr has always been gorgeous and well-dressed, of course, but since we profiled her last June, she’s almost become super-human. Even when she’s headed to a regular ol’ business meeting and gets snapped by photographers on a grungy sidewalk, the photos often look like they could be from an ad campaign, given some color correction and the addition of a designer logo. She reminds me of a less retro, less rigid Dita Von Teese – a perfectly coiffed aesthetic superhero, always fighting (and winning) the good fight against frizzy hair and bad tailoring. Sending her a handbag must be the easiest decision in the world for a brand’s PR department – she’s going to make it look the best it can possibly look, no matter what. She’s Miranda Kerr. Below, her greatest hits from the past year.

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Before the concert


This wonderful BGO&ME dress and belt, both found on, should have been with me during all the late afternoon and night: my plan was to go to a business happyhour and then off to dinner with my dad and sisters.
If you follow my Instagram profile you might have noticed a “small” change of plans: in one hour I found myself in shorts and tshirt screaming like a crazy at Jovanotti concert at San Siro. Now I have to find another time to wear this beauty properly :)
Want another 20% discount? Subscribe to Girissima newsletter and then send them an email to receive the code!
ps. The discount is only valid to products without discount.

Questo meraviglioso vestito e cintura di BGO&ME, entrambi trovati su, avrebbero dovuto accompagnarmi per tutto il tardo pomeriggio e la serata di ieri: in programma c’era un aperitivo di lavoro ed una cena con mio padre e le mie sorelle.
Se seguite il mio profilo Instagram avrete però notato un “change of plans”: nel giro di un’ora mi sono trovata in shorts e tshirt al concerto a San Siro di Jovanotti. Ora devo subito trovare un’altra occasione per reindossare questa meraviglia a dovere:)
Vorreste un altro 20% di sconto? Iscrivetevi alla newsletter di Girssima e mandate loro un’email per ricevere il codice!
ps. Lo sconto è valido solo sui prodotti non ancora scontati.


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PurseForum Roundup – June 14

PurseForum Roundup – June 14

Happy Friday Roundup Readers! If you were with us last week, you know we are working our way through the list of Premier Designers and finding super reveals along the way. We wrap up our tour this week, so pack some fabulous luggage and come along!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha Bag

Last week, we left off at Louis Vuitton, so next up is Marc Jacobs. Thanks to frugal finds, the new MJ footwear thread is underway, and NASCAR fan showed us some of her beautiful collection. Roundup fans know we have a serious love for blue bags, so this MbMJ Electric Blue Lemonade Natasha stole our hearts! We congratulate piosavfan on this fantastic purchase. Marc Jacobs aficionados are always welcome in the Help Identify this MJ bag thread, where there are plenty of bag photographs to enjoy, too!

Miu Miu Tote Bag

Over in Miu Miu we found some very pretty bags in the Newest Purchases thread, like this head-turner in classic black from amjac2wm. Also, be sure to see how its beautiful color makes Seedlessplum’s new Matelasse really sing. The Miu Miu sale in Australia is up and running, and that means the good ol’ sale thread will soon be bursting with reveals, like this pretty new clutch from quackedup.

Mulberry Alexa Bag

Mulberry was our next stop, and there are always lots of conversations and luscious leather in this busy subforum. We arrived just in time for a late-night instant reveal from CaraL, who picked up two new pieces to go along with her splendid slate Alexa. Scottishdoll made a great find at the Harrods Sale priview and was happy to share her new Valentine’s clutch with fans. We found another very special reveal from Loveheart, but we’ll let you be surprised when you see what she found! Lots of fun in Mulberry this week, so be sure to stop by – maybe you will catch a live reveal just like we did!

Prada Saffiano Zip Wallet

Prada and Proenza Schouler were next up, and we arrived in Prada just in time to see a stunning red reveal from chrissy555. The color cammeo made an appearance in this Parisian reveal from Mamahailee, and PrincessD found a terrific navy blue wallet in Milan. Lots of reveals on page one of Prada this week!

In Proenza Schouler, moi et mes sacs snapped up a really interesting new tote, and mimi789 found a blue bargain PS1 that is perfect for summer. We love what we are seeing in Proenza Schouler lately!

Tod's D-Styling Bag

Tod’s, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent wrap up our whistle-stop tour of the Premium Designers, and we have certainly enjoyed seeing all these beautiful bags and shoes. We missed allie_molly’s new bag in December, but it’s on page one, and for good reason! Another stunning red bag! Reveals from jasmine_ya, Gemrivbal (gorgeous orange!!!) and dangerouscurves made this a great stop on our journey!

In Valentino, pinkrose398 shared her brand new Rockstuds, namie went green with this smart-looking bag, and geekysohpie found a floral wallet with a picture-perfect mix of whimsy and elegance.

Last stop, Yves Saint Laurent. You mustn’t miss this glorious red Cabas Chyc from liangxt, and the Arty rings thread is still going strong. We found some great glamor shots of this favorite accessory this week, starting right here. Be sure and visit the Action Thread for the week’s modeling shots—you will love seeing our stylish members rocking their YSL.

Well, there you have it! Another Roundup has come to a close. We have definitely enjoyed this (alphabetically) fabulous tour, and hope that you have, too. Have a wonderful weekend, and see you right here next week for another PurseForum Roundup!

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Back in Los Angeles


And here I am back in Los angeles, my home away from home.
Let me introduce you the new entries in this look: let’s start with my baby blue crochet Superga (now available on, and let’s switch to the Storets lace top and Sal Y Limon bangle armparty.

Ed eccomi di nuovo a Los Angeles, la mia “home away from home”.
Lasciate che vi presenti le new entries presenti in questo look: partiamo dalle mie Superga in crochet azzurro (ora disponibili su, passando dal top in pizzo di Storets e finiamo con l’armparty di bangle di Sal Y Limon.


I was wearing:


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The Many Bags of Carey Mulligan

The Many Bags of Carey Mulligan

You should know up front that Carey Mulligan looks slightly terrified in several of these photos; the paparazzi attention that comes with being a world-famous actress doesn’t agree with her, and she seems to avoid it. Luckily for us, the paps did get a few snaps of Carey and her bag collection for our looking pleasure, and since the country (or at least the fashion industry) is currently in the throes of an intense obsession with The Great Gatsby, it seemed only right to explore the handbag choices of Daisy Buchanan herself.

Carey’s collection includes more functional leather bags that Daisy’s probably would – we assume she’d be more of a sparkly-little-minaudiere girl – but there’s some good style inspiration for normal folks here. Based on the photos, that’s how I’d bet Carey sees herself, anyway.

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The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of May 10

The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of May 10

As we inch ever closer to summer, we also inch ever closer to the full-on spring collection sales, and online retailers are starting to put more and more interesting things on markdown. As we always do on Fridays, we’ve taken the liberty of pre-shopping those new markdowns and finding the best of the best bag deals to present to you, our dear readers. Without further ado, let’s get to shopping.

Chloe Lucy Shoulder Bag
Was $2,764 Now $1,382 via Matches Fashion

Chloe Lucy Shoulder Bag

Milly Mckenzie Tote Bag
Was $245, now $171 via Bloomingdale’s

Milly Mckenzie Tote Bag

Rachel Zoe Lee Large Satchel
Was $495, now $346 via ShopBop

Rachel Zoe Lee Large Satchel

Botkier Valentina Mini Luxe Bag
Was $245, now $196 via ShopBop

Botkier Valentina Mini Luxe Bag

Mulberry Python Effect Bayswater
Was $1,850, now $925 via THE OUTNET

Mulberry Python Effect Bayswater

Matthew Williamson Embellished Brocade and Suede Clutch
Was $1,615, now $645 via THE OUTNET

Matthew Williamson Embellished Brocade and Suede Clutch

Alexander Wang Pelican Weekender Bag
Was $1,500, now $600 via THE OUTNET

Alexander Wang Pelican Weekender bag

Miu Miu Cloquet Leather Bag
Was $2,200, now $1,210 via THE OUTNET

Miu Miu Cloquet Leather Bag

MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote Bag
Was $278, now $186 via Neiman Marcus

MICHAEL MIchael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote

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The Many Bags of Sienna Miller

The Many Bags of Sienna Miller

Is it just me, or do you feel like we’ve been seeing more of Sienna Miller recently? After her romance with Jude Law finally came to an end, the American press seemed to lose a bit of its interest in her, and according to IMDB, she didn’t act in movies at all from 2009 to 2012 after working steadily for nearly a decade before that. Perhaps the tabloids got a little too close and Sienna needed a break, but it seems as though that vacation is over – she was in several movies that came out last year, and she’s been making the party circuit with her new fiancé in New York lately.

Considering all that, now seemed like the time to take a look back at all the interesting bags that Sienna’s carried over the years. As you might expect for someone with such a particular aesthetic, Sienna’s collection fits her personal style quite well. It also fits her nationality – she carries more British designers than anything else.

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PurseForum Roundup – May 3

PurseForum Roundup – May 3

Happy May! We hope April showers are bringing plenty of May flowers to your garden. This week, we found some lovely florals in Louis Vuitton, an animal surprise in Mulberry, and a few other pretty springtime reveals throughout the forum. Oh, and some bling too! Come on in!

Louis Vuitton Articles de Voyage Floral Bags

Louis Vuitton started spring off right with the launch of Ikat Floral bags and accessories. Fans have been eager to share their purchases in the LV Clubhouse thread dedicated to this line. Sprinkles&Bling showed her love of May flowers with her new Neverful and wallets, and maye’s grand bleu version of the Ikat Floral Neverful, along with Fashon1s cosmetic pouch, spurred us to look further into these great LV Summer 2013 accessories. Be sure to also check out the LV reveals this week, too!

Miu Miu Buckle Bracelet

The PurseForum’s “Latest Purchases” threads are fast-moving, fun and always interesting. Whether it is a new piece we have not yet discovered, the incredible photographic skills of our members or the stylings and pairings we love to admire, these threads never disappoint. This week in the Miu Miu thread, Luxtan revealed a cute bracelet that we just had to share with our Roundup readers. Also, be sure to see the beautiful bags that helped sissalovebags celebrate her birthday! And, if there are any Miu Miu aficionados out there, TheMoustaches needs your help identifying a pair of shoes.

Mulberry Gecko Print

We love being surprised by designers—and of course a bit of whimsy is always welcome in our closets! In Mulberry, a conversation about the gecko-themed scarves pulled us right in, and these pretty wraps immediately stole our hearts. Members tortoiseperson and thelittlestar shared their purchases here, and we were enchanted. There were lots of handbag reveals in Mulberry this week, too; we particularly loved the grass green Lily that mulberryforbes round at the outlets! A gorgeous spring green bag at a great price, what a fantastic combination!

Balenciaga and Gucci Bags

Speaking of recent acquisitions: In Handbags and Purses, the thread dedicated to handbag purchases always tops the charts, and for good reason. We perused its pages this week and found some inspiring new bags, like this colorful quartet from craziepink and allyloupuppy’s beautiful new empreinte Speedy. If you are in the mood for a new bag and need some ideas, there is something for every taste and budget in this great, photo-rich resource. See you there!


Sometimes we need help with an important purchase, be it a handbag, electronic doodad, or piece of jewelry. For the latter, the Jewelry Box is definitely the place to start. This week, we stopped by Designpurchaser’s thread on pearl color, where helpful members shared their thoughts on this all-important jewelry staple. CrystalDreams posted a spectacular and very useful comparison shot, including freshwater and baroque South Sea pearls, and tustin’s stunning black South Seas birthday strand is absolutely not to be missed.

If pearls are not on your shopping list, The Jewelry Box Reference Forum is packed with threads dedicated to all things bling, including colored gemstones, watches, Van Cleef and Arpels and more. Of course, the Diamond FAQ and Reference thread is right on Page One for all of your diamond needs. Even if you are not shopping, the Jewelry Box is sure to become a favorite stop in your PurseForum explorations.

Thank you for taking the time to share this week’s Roundup. We hope you have a terrific weekend and look forward to sharing our favorite threads with you next week! See you then!

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The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of April 19

The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of April 19

[Editor's Note: Because of the very serious events in Boston at the end of last week, our regular Friday features will be running today.]

It’s been, to put it lightly, a tough week if you watch the news. It’s Friday, though, which is a day that brings with it the hope for a better, brighter week to follow. In the meantime, we’ve got our weekly roundup of the Internet’s best bag deals for your perusing pleasure, should you need a bit of a distraction.

Marc Jacobs Venetia Leather Tote
Was $2,468, now $1,234 via MyTheresa

Marc Jacobs Venetia Leather Tote

Pierre Hardy Animal Print Bag
Was $1,487, now $744 via

Pierre Hardy Animal Print Bag

Reed Krakoff Gym Bag II
Was $1,490, now $595 via THE OUTNET

Reed Krakoff Gym Bag II

Miu Miu Hand-Painted Watersnake Shoulder Bag
Was $2,150, now $1,182 via THE OUTNET

Miu Miu Hand-Painted Watersnake Shoulder Bag

Cole Haan Crosby Suede Shopper
Was $348, now $156 via Neiman Marcus

Cole Haan Crosby Suede Shopper

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spot On Liz Colorblock Bag
Was $528, now $353 via Neiman Marcus

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spot On Liz Colorblock Bag

Milly Zoey Tote
Was $450, now $301 via Nordstrom

Milly Zoey Tote

Olivia Harris Hunger Smith Satchel
Was $395, now $277 via Bloomingdale’s

Olivia Harris Hunger Smith Satchel

Olivia Harris Colombier Knit Leather Tote
Was $295, now $206 via Bloomingdale’s

Olivia Harris Colombier Knit Tote

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