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On Point

I’ve always loved a flat with a pointed toe (sorry Porselli– I still love you!!) and there are so many good ones this season. These though, these are my new favorite. They are from J.Crew and while I normally gravitate towards a more neutral color on my foot, this silver was just too good.

What about you? Are you going for a pointy flat this fall?

The Modeleb

Is Kendall America’s Next Top Modeleb?

She walked THREE of the biggest shows this season (Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Chanel). I think we need to talk about this…

It’s no surprise that models bred from celebrity are on the rise (hello Cara & Poppy Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger, Tali Lennox, and Kate’s little sister Lottie Moss) they bring a ton of attention to the designers.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Moss lineage and who can say no to those gap teeth (talking to you Georgia)… but are we ready for Jenner?

By brie

Blast from the Past

Caroline Trentini, I’ve missed you.

When I first spotted her on the model lineup backstage at Alexander Wang and my heart skipped a beat. I love her.

I stalked tried to find her backstage but in the sea of bleached brows she was no where to be found. And now this week she popped up (with my other favorite supermodel–GISELE!) at Balenciaga.

Glad to have you back girlfriend.

By alex

A Closer Look at Kate Spade’s Fall 2014 Handbags

A Closer Look at Kate Spade’s Fall 2014 Handbags

Now that the frenzy of New York Fashion Week has been gone for a while, we’ve had an opportunity to look back at the collections we saw and handbags we’ve drooled over, and we’ve found another one that we think you need to see: Kate Spade’s Fall 2014 Handbags. The brand’s bags always manage to straddle the divide between affordable and editorial with aplomb, and for fall, it’s taken on everything from faux fur to faux Chinese food takeout boxes. Check out our photos of the collection below.

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Back to the Future

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve tried every season to rethink the way I approach fashion weeks. Because of this, and because I was curious about how everything had changed over time, I decided to take a little tour through my archives and it’s kind of CRAZY. Come take a tour with me!

2006, Nada.

No Fashion Week for me – at that time, my blog was only illustrations, and frankly, all I knew of fashion weeks was what I had read in magazines and seen on Fashion TV, which I used to watch for hours. This drove my mother crazy because in her opinion, watching girls walking towards nowhere (“Where are they going?” she asked me one day) was pretty much like watching fish swimming around in a fish bowl.

“Pfff, you just don’t get it, mom.”

Oh, and what do I find in 2006?

A post where I talk about Scott and Face Hunter, the only bloggers/streetstyle photographers at the time. Actually, we didn’t even call them that yet: I call them “coolhunters”.

In 2006, I say:
(Yes, I’m quoting myself) (Oh, come on, it’s fine.) (It’s like a literary selfie, right?)(A Tweet!!!).

“And sometimes, with the most talented ones, we find what we’d forgotten to look for in the frantic race of appearances: style, grace. A sense of the moment.”

2007, First Steps.

March. My first Fashion Week. Oooooomaaaaigaaaaaaad what’s happening. I’m over the moon excited. I’ve never seen so many people so well-dressed, so cool, so eeeeeeeeeeee!!!

I start taking photos of people, I’m sickeningly shy and all I can say in English is “hello”, “please” and “fuck” (the last one only whenever I messed up a photo, which was pretty often).

People invite me to a some shows because my blog is starting to get some attention, but all of that is just for fun, in my spare time. I don’t publish my photos on the blog ok, actually I do, but don’t look and I faint every time I see someone I recognize.

The fashion show scene is relaxed. The people I take photos of are nice, curious, flattered, and surprised all at once. They’re dressed normally.

I mean, they’re dressed very well, they’re very chic, but they look normal. That’s what I love. It’s the opposite of magazines, it’s real life! It’s just a concentrated group of very elegant, very cool people.

Even so, I still say:

“The Face Hunter came to take a photo of me. Which is almost an insult to my pants, given how opposite our tastes are, especially when I see the grins he makes when he looks at his photos, which – fortunately for me, will never be published. I tell myself that, from now on, Yvan has something to blackmail me with.”

This is still true today: days when I have my photo taken coming out of a show with 200 photographers pouncing on everyone, I always feel like there’s something wrong with my outfit, something too showy, too crazy, too ‘fashion weeeeeek look at meeeeeeeeee.’

Sometimes when you look at life in retrospect, it’s totally hilarious.

2008, The year when things start happening.

Street style is all over the place. I discover photography, I go to a lot of shows, I start putting names and smiles with the faces I was barely brave enough to ask to stop for a photo the previous season, and I even start doing some style stories about them.

It’s still relatively quiet outside of fashion shows – I don’t realize how lucky I am.

I start making contact with fashion editors and reporting things like:

“Let me make this brief. If you’ve followed me, if you go to a show, and someone touches your body and asks ‘Who is it?’ Don’t answer “It’s me, in fact it’s my right breast, do you want a Prozac or something?” Instead, say: “It’s Marc, or it’s Stefano. Or if you’re taken off guard and it’s just Massimo, say: “That’s vintage.”

It’s also my first New Yoooooooorkeeeeeeeee fashion wwweeeekkk omgomgomg!!!! Total hysteria, total excitement, total jet lag.

I write things like this:

“People come up to me and say I like your style, and I could fill up an entire post with how much I feel like a hobo next to the meticulous precision of American girls. I’ve got loads of new friends, and it worries me – Cole Mohr is trying to French kiss me, but I think it’s because he doesn’t have an apartment right now, whereas I do. This must explain that. Maybe, maybe not!”

And then, don’t forget, 2008 – the financial crisis:

“To celebrate that, you just escaped the super depressing post I was about to write about the economy that’s just crashed and how fashion people are just throwing their arms up in the air, they’re so petrified [as if they could be any more petrified, those fashion people. Booooootox!].” asks me to desribe my day, I go from show to show. The photos are getting popular and since they don’t need any explanations, my blog actually goes international, and my English starts to get better.
“Hi, I’m Gowaaance, can I take your picture?”
I would love to have it translated, but for now, my blog is only in French.

2009, changes.

That’s when I meet Tim, my beloved translator who will be with me for a long time (say hello to Andrea!), and the blog is translated into English. I’m in super mega fashion week mode, I follow the fashion bandwagon as if my life depended on it, and every day, I debrief you in detail about all the looks I love.

I have an insatiable appetite for fashion and that’s a good thing, because more and more doors are opening for me.

People start getting pushy in front of the shows. Everybody knows who Carine is, who Anna is, who Kate is. The type of people you see starts to change, and there are more and more of them, from young students who are just there to enjoy the view, to new bloggers making an appearance. Alexa Chung makes her debut and the outfits are more and more editorial.

I guess it made me question myself, because here is what I had to say about it:

“In fact, it was when I was taking a photo of one of those pretty people, who was totally thrilled to pose for as long as I wanted and as long as the hoard of 365,756 photographers next to me wanted, even is she was freezing in the icy wind in her summer dress, wearing Dior from head to toe at the Dior show, and who repeated to me three times “It’s all Dior”, that I said ok, ok.
Enough of the bullshit. It’s very pretty, but what am I doing here?”

And to think that in 2009, I thought there were too many photographers, hahahhahahah hoooo that’s a good one. lololololol. Lol.

What I’ve always loved doing is showing you all the things that I discover as they come to me.
I start taking photos at fashion shows, and my angle changes slightly.
There’s this one on the Chanel show and the amazing bags in the audience. A fantastic encounter with Sonia Rykiel. A visit to Anna Dello Russo’s room at the Ritz.

This is the start of the social media craze, and everyone has their own voice now. Fashion Week is everywhere, pictures of the shows are everywhere, anyone can share and comment, it’s the era of the photo of the photo of the photo…

Dolce & Gabbana definitely got the memo – they pull out all the stops for us (Scott, Bryan, Tommy, and I) and put us in the front row. The truth is it wasn’t my first time in the front row, but at the Dolce show, they really understood the power of the image. They put computers in front of our seats (“For live tweets!”)(which I never do) and they have photographers all over the place to immortalize the moment. We feel a bit used, but the message is loud and clear: times have changed.

Here is what I wrote the next day:

“Fashion is a small, and very organized world. There are rules, customs, kings, queens, jesters, princesses, etiquette, codes – you never stop learning, and it’s really fascinating.

The front row of a show is, above all, the place where you can see the clothes best. Beyond the third row, you can’t see the shoes, and past the fifth row, you can see the hair, if you’re lucky. Seats in the front row are in high demand. Because that’s also where you can be seen. You earn you seat on the front row through celebrity, experience, or power. All this gives way to a lot of drama and some lovely ego crises.

This season, the creators of Dolce & Gabbana had a revelation. When they spoke to their clients, they realized they spent all their time online. They were well-informed, they wanted things to move quickly, and were ready to buy right away. They figured out that it was a new age, and they needed to move ahead with the times.

They decided to open their doors wide to four bloggers.”

2010, Integration.

Voilà. I take photos inside, outside, everywhere I go, and frankly, I go everywhere – things have changed.

I’m pretty surprised about it :

“Lately, I realize how much time has gone by, how much things have changed. At fashion weeks, I know a ton of people. When I arrive at a show, someone grabs my hand, smiles at me, and leads me to my seat. Someone calls me to make sure I’m not going to miss the show. They double check, triple check. People aren’t happy when I miss a show. Haha! Yep, things have changed!

It’s weird – the fashion world’s ability to take people in or reject them. In between moments of snobbery or being totally brown nosed, you learn quickly to only trust your heart. To reach out to people who do you good, to just be yourself, and to see fashion for what you love about it and leave the rest out.

I’m starting to understand (finally!) that since fashion is an industry, once the initial discovery is over, you may quickly find yourself going in circles. Photographing the same people, the same attitudes. It’s a really tiny world!”

Fortunately, photography itself has also changed a lot. It’s become super easy to make videos, so, kind of on a whim, we start making films with Chris, my assistant (oh yeah, in 2010 I had an assistant!) and this is what we came up with. Now that was fun…

2011, explosion

I start fashion week by saying this:

“There are currently more streetstyle photographers than fashion editors (and sometimes they’re even better dressed, I’m talking Anna Dello Russo well dressed).”

It starts looking like a war zone outside of the shows, and I start getting bored there, because I never was very drawn to the bling bling and now it’s bling bling BIG TIME. People start changing clothes three times a day to go to the shows, and even if I appreciate the effort and the outfits, I wonder what exactly is the message? Let’s dress like crazy people? That’s never been my thing!”

I decide to laugh about it, and I write this: “How to get assaulted by a hoard of Streetstyle photographers (myself included).

Yeah, I’m laughing about it, but the truth is, I’m starting to lose inspiration.

2012, excitement.

And what do I do when I’m tired of something? I change! This is the year when I get into videobsession – a new way to show you fashion week, that’s been show so much under any type of angle that it doesn’t have much more to show, the poor thing.

Front row, back row, backstage, everyone knows everything all the time, and instantly, we’re all saying the same things. Oh that’s when I write that. So I figure the best way to change things up a bit is to take you with me – literally.

We launch Pardon My French. Crazy amounts of work, exhaustion, giggle fits – I think this was the time in my life where I was the most generous with my time – and my physical and moral strength – for the blog. There are some really good videos, and some not so great, but one thing’s certain – it’s different. And we end up with moments like this…

And this:

I love this time in my life, even if it’s very difficult. It’s literally exhausting, but the team work, and learning so many new things is a lot of fun and very exciting!


There’s now a real system in place for bloggers, it girls, it Instagrammers, and streestyle – the outfits people wear to shows are extremely thought-out and calculated. It’s the craze of clashing looks, layering different pieces, and anything that attracts attention.

A system is in place for what’s now become a business. Each paper or online magazine has its own streetstyle photographer, each brand has someone in charge of digital media who lends clothes out to people who are likely to have their photo taken, and even if I do everything, everything, everything I can to stay fresh and enthusiastic, sometimes I have a hard time staying inspired.

I’m impressed with Scott’s detached attitude– we talk about it a lot, after all it’s a system we’ve helped create!– but I can’t help but be a little upset by it all.

Suzy Menkes writes her controversial article on the “The Circus of Fashion”. It’s a pretty harsh article denouncing the hysteria around fashion shows, and it kind of throws everyone and everything in the same category. I find this confusing.

Even though I don’t agree with what she writes because I think that deep down, opening up the fashion world is a good thing for everyone, from brands to journalists to stylists – I tell myself once again that it’s time to rethink how I approach fashion weeks.

I have a conversation with my team (I have a team!!!) and we decide it’s time to take an easier approach to fashion. We don’t get too extreme over fashion anymore at the Studio.

We have fun with it, we find inspiration in it, we still love it (of course), but we don’t feel like saying that a pair of shoes is “to die for” anymore, because that would sound almost a little too true.


And now we’re back to today!

I’ve just gotten back from the H&M show. I saw Dries Van Noten today, and I still feel the same emotion when I see his shows. I stayed for a few seconds outside of the venue, but I didn’t stick around – there were too many people, I almost got hit by a car while people where taking my picture. And at H&M, I got pushed really hard by a bodyguard when Solange Knowles was passing by – going to shows is getting dangerous! Alright.

This year, I’ve decided to do things thoughtfully, to go see the designers I want to support and who inspire me, to take photos of people who cross my path, and to stay cool.

I’ll only have time for a few videos this fashion week – but they’ll come back quickly!!! I love making them.

That reminds me of a conversation I had with Carine Roitfeld, when I had started to understand the repetitive nature of the fashion world. How did she do it, year after year, and manage to stay inspired?

She told me that as time goes by, things calm down. You start to seek out different things. A new model that inspires a fashion series, an attitude, a detail. Someone you meet, a gesture, a fabric, a piece of music, the way something is staged.

So that’s how I’m feeling lately. A lot more relaxed.
I really wonder how it will be eight years from now!!!

What about you? Since you follow me, and you follow fashion, whether you’ve grown with me or just arrived here – what’s changed from your point of view?

Tell me everything! Honestly, I can’t wait to see what you have to say and have a conversation.

Translation by Andrea Perdue

This illustration first appeared in Vogue Paris.

They Are Totes Amaze!

One of my favorite accessories from the New York shows?

These cheeky totes from Phillip Lim (also in the collection, clutches that said “Cash Only”). I’m totes thinking about getting myself one…

FW by the Numbers

You can’t quantify fashion. Or can you?

At the Studio we decided to add up our experiences from this FW numerically… sort of. Here’s how it went down, by the numbers!

- 3 black beanies
- 14 slices of pizza
- 6 pairs of rain boots
- 25 bottles of water
- 4 daily Starbucks runs
- 3 ways of spelling Garance at Starbucks
- 8 backstage passes
- 295 shows flipped through on
- 4 live streams watched (and counting)
- 2 bars of Lindt Touch of Sea Salt Dark Chocolate
- 7 trips to the Smile To Go (for the fennel soup and dark chocolate cookies)
- 6 cabs
- 14 front rows
- One bus crash witnessed (no one was injured!)

Total = 392 snow capped, fun, exhausting, snack filled moments. More to come!


The Studio

By studio

Fall Trends: Belted Coats

The Trend: Belted Coats

How I would wear it: My love of coats is no secret to you all! This idea of tying them with a tiny belt or string or ribbon (or whatever you can find?! ) is a fun way to play with proportions and keep your coat closed!

Best Looks: From left to right, Reed Krakoff, Altuzarra, Max Mara, Edun, Paul Smith

Almost Spring

Can you tell I am getting antsy for spring? It’s starting to warm up (at least the snow is melting) here in NYC and I am ready for it. I just bought an amazinggg yellow coat and I’m ready to wear it… come on spring!!

Overheard at Fashion Week #2

There should be a rule that you can’t make people wait longer than the actual time of the show.

“Tomorrow is my heels day.”

“His pieces are absurdly expensive. It’s insane, $10,000?!…. But people have to have it, they always sell out.”


This is me (from behind) at the Beckham show.

Ok, ok – it’s not me, but I love this outfit.

The other day, I told you about my experience watching Fashion Week on live stream and all things, but if there’s one thing I miss when I watch shows online, it’s the viewing angles.

This look, for example, look number 28 (yep, *fashion teaching moment* that’s what we say in fashion – we refer to the looks by number) caught my eye. Even if it’s the big skirt that appealed to me most, it wasn’t until I saw the back that I totally fell in love.

Is there anything more beautiful than a plunging, open back? WITH A CHAIN? I can even picture it looking great, in real life, with a shirt underneath – less sexy, but just as cool.

Or on an evening to play all fire under ice – it’s the kind of thing that would make anyone fall head over heels for you, I say.

(And for those of you who, like me, hate to go out without a bra, you have to find an adhesive solution – which might complicate things once you’ve knocked ‘em to the ground with how beautiful you are…BUT I’M GETTING OFF TOPIC)

PS: Obviously, we can’t talk about backs without showing a photo of Mireille Darc, of course.
Alright, here you go, you’ve earned it.

Mireille Darc Photo

Vive le back, right?

Translation by Andrea Perdue.

Proenza Schouler Gave Us the Best Handbag Collection of New York Fashion Week Fall 2014

Proenza Schouler Gave Us the Best Handbag Collection of New York Fashion Week Fall 2014

After two blockbuster handbag hits with the PS1 and PS11 bags, Proenza Schouler’s accessories success has been in something of a holding pattern. That happens to many brands after an initial fit of success; learning how to turn those first instincts into stable, replicable growth requires a little bit of alchemy, at the very least. Based on the Proenza Schouler Fall 2014 handbags, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez may have hit their stride.

The bags in this collection feature a lot of notable details: a repurposed portion of the PS11 hardware, tons of gorgeous crocodile skins, tactile short fur elements, prints, colorblocking. What’s most notable, though, is that the bags finally feel fresh. They don’t feel like PS1 retreads, and they aren’t the kind of misfire that the PS13 turned out to be. They’re modern, luxurious and notably Proenza, just like they should be.

[Images via]

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Conquering My Fear

My irrational fear of bandage skirts.

I’ve never worn one because, really, I am terrified.

Will my butt look okay?
What do I wear on top?
Is it too Kardashian?
Will I be able to sit in it?
What about going to the bathroom?

Those are just a few of the thoughts running through my head whenever I come face to face with one.

Despite all that, I think this Band of Outsiders trompe l’oeil version is pretty awesome. It might even be cool enough to help me conquer my fear…

By alex

The Best Runway Bags of New York Fashion Week Fall 2014

The Best Runway Bags of New York Fashion Week Fall 2014

Another New York Fashion Week has come and gone, and as we prepare for the Fall 2014 collections cross the Atlantic to roll through Europe for the next three weeks, it’s important to take stock of what happened in Manhattan and what it tells us about where our accessories dollars are headed in the second half of the year.

First, designers are putting their biggest emphasis ever on exotics and fur, so you should either get ready to spend $20,000 on a handbag or get ready to buy a $2,000 consolation prize. For top-tier designers; there’s little downside to courting the ultra rich; not only does it enable them to move five-figure handbags, but it makes the brand’s more accessible designs all the more attractive to regular luxury customers. Beyond the clear texture trends, many collections had another thing in common: plenty of blue accessories, from powder to navy.

[Images via, NOWFASHION and Tory Burch]

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The hair, the eyes, the brows, the face. It was a total look at Marc Jacobs when the beauty met the clothing. Backstage Guido Palau said it best when he told us, “The whole thing in the end is like an illustration come to life. Everything matches.”

Face: “We based the makeup on the colors of the fabrics and the textures of the fabrics. The makeup overall is very matte.”

Eyes: “The idea is to really accentuate the eyelid. It’s kind of like the Greek statutes.”

Brows: “In Vogue covers from the 60s when the hairdresser would match the eyebrows to the hair color. I always loved that. It has a very soft feeling to it.”

Hair cut: “The shape was inspired by old Jessica Lange pictures, Polly Mellen with that bob. That simple idea of American hair.”

Hair color: “We wanted shades of hair where you couldn’t quite see what the color was. They are almost old lady colors. The idea is not for them to be electric.”

I think about my makeup in relation to what I’m wearing but really treating it like an accessory feels fresh. I might not wear blue eyeshadow with a blue shirt (although thanks to the 12 color eyeshadow palette I owned in middle school, I did that very well), but I do ask whether or not a cat eye will go with that dress or if a red lip is too much with that leopard print coat.

I am looking at my nails on my keyboard as I type this and wondering if they really accessorize my plaid pajama pants…

Do you look at beauty as an accessory to your look or does it stand on it’s own?

PS: Click the arrow to see the breakdown!

The Del Val #2

Wes Anderson is grand.

The LOVE smoothie.

Marie Antoinette, fashion victim.

We applaud these designing women.

The head of T talks fashion week.

Forever blonde.

LVMH’s 30 to watch.

By studio

The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Days 7 & 8

The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Days 7 & 8

Chanel Boy Bag

Best Bags of NYFW Days 7 + 8 (1)

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Things I Can Do Right Now #7

So easy ! Go to your closet, layer on all the white things you have and there you go! You’re on a NYFW runway ;)

Just be careful what you eat for lunch !

6 Almost Valid Excuses

For having bare legs this ridiculously freezing/snowing/polar vortex-ing fashion week…

1. You are a Hilton, on your way to DVF.

2. You are roadtesting the new Heattech Skin.

3. Tights don’t go with your full Prada look.

4. You are on your way to the club after your next show.

5. You are on the runway.

6. You are allergic to pants.

Please put on some tights/socks/anything!

By studio

50+ Bags and the Celebrities Who Carried Them at New York Fashion Week Fall 2014

50+ Bags and the Celebrities Who Carried Them at New York Fashion Week Fall 2014

As another New York Fashion Week draws to a close, we still can’t get enough of what people were toting outside of the tents, studios and miscellaneous venues that make up the sprawling event. Vladi has spent the week giving you a close-up view of what everyone, famous and not-so-famous, has been carrying to NYFW, and now it’s time for us to investigate exactly what the various and sundry celebrity attendees have had on their arms and shoulders. Below, check out all the famous faces we could find, plus their respective handbag choices.

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Remember that necklace I showed you on Monday?

I still have jewelry on the brain and was especially impressed with the delicate pieces that debuted at the Steven Alan presentation yesterday: a mix of chokers, bracelets and simple hoop earrings.

I liked how the pieces were worn over sweaters. It’s a cool styling tip, and great for winter to keep the chill of metal off your wrists and bring out the jewelry otherwise buried under layers of clothing.

Just don’t forgot about said jewelry when taking off your sweater. While a lovely styling tip, it may end in pain. Kidding. Fashion is pain ;)

Click on the arrows to see more images…


Give me a Wednesday Addams reference and I’m sold.

Wednesday, manga and ninjas were among the inspirations listed for the hair look at the Marc by Marc Jacobs–MBMJ– show.

I didn’t really know what to expect after hearing that and not having seen the clothes yet, but after tuning in for the live stream, it turned out to be the perfect pairing. And you know, I always love a good braid.

By alex

Fall Trends: The Midi Skirt

The Trend: The midi skirt.

How I would wear it: I love the idea of a mid-length skirt. I like that the leather and suede versions keep it feeling modern, especially with a structured top or slouchy sweater.

Best Looks: From left to right, Suno, Derek Lam, Jason Wu, Yigal Azrouël and 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Overheard at Fashion Week #1

I told my driver to just pull up on the sidewalk.

“Sorry, my coat is SO big, it’s sticking out (right into you sitting behind me).”

“Are you going to _____?” “I ONLY go to shows I cover.”

By studio

Marc & the Girls

I was sitting at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show yesterday, waiting for it to start, when suddenly I see Marc Jacobs arrive (in red Adidas track pants and Stan Smiths – a fashion statement all to himself) and sit down in the front row. Huh?

I mean, I knew there would be some new things in the Marc Jacobs arena. I had read his interview in W, where I learned the following things:

- Now that the Vuitton adventure has ended, Marc has finally found the time to dedicate himself to his brand.
- He’s never liked the name Marc by Marc Jacobs (is that what pushed him to create that deliciously ironic logo?) and he’s most likely going to change it very soon.
- His Rio vacation (where we all learned about his new tattoos) was actually disastrous– I’ll let you do your own Googling.
- The reason he changed photographers for his campaign (Juergen Teller had been shooting Marc’s fashion campaigns since 1998) was because Juergen didn’t want to do a shoot with Miley Cyrus. So David Sims was the one who photographed Miley.
- He smokes two packs of cigarettes a day, and in spite of it all, he’s got perfectly white teeth.
- He’s thinking about showing Marc Jacobs (the main line) in Paris.
- He’s about to open a superstore in New York with all his brands (yaaay!!)
- He has the same dog as Serge Gainsbourg (a bull terrier). His dog’s name is Neville (Gainsbourg’s was named Nana).
- He made Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier the artistic directors for Marc by Marc (his diffusion line).

Lots to take in, eh?

It’s interesting, and it just goes to show that no matter what we’re made to think – even if you’re a genius (And yes, I believe Marc is one of the fashion geniuses!), nobody has infinite reserves of energy, time and inspiration.

I like that kind of sincerity, even if it means that the Marc Jacobs (the brand) lover has to swallow the pill of hearing a designer say, “Well, sorry, I wasn’t really present there for a few years, but now I’m ready to come back strong! Oh, and I never really liked that name, actually, we just picked it because we couldn’t think of anything better, but don’t worry, we’re going to change it!”

I also liked the sincerity of seeing Marc sitting in the audience, giving full credit to Luella and Katie for the collection. It was great to see them come over to say hi to him afterward, too.

It was a great show – full of styling ideas and key pieces. Plus, it brought a really refreshing energy to New York Fashion Week, which has been a bit slow (and terribly cold !) little bit these past few days. I’ll let you look at the photos, and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

And a few seconds later, I learned that the new name of the brand had been announced – it would be MBMJ.

Welcome back Marc by Marc by Marc by Marc by Marc by Marc!!!

Did you like the collection ?

Click on the arrows to see more images…

Translated by Andrea Perdue.

Le Coat

Super happy to see this Dries coat on the street… It’s so pretty, right?

The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Day 5

The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Day 5

Balenciaga Le Dix Cartable Bag

The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Day 5 (2)

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The Stream

Last Friday, I got sick.
Like – can’t get out of bed, moaning and groaning, Viber my mom* sick.

Great, no? Especially the day after – it was the beginning of Fashion Week.

I canceled everything that night, telling myself that the next day, I’d surely be back to normal, alive and kicking, and better dressed than Anna Dello Russo – you know, like usual.

Blah. After spending a very glamorous night figuring out that I definitely had the stomach flu**, I realized the next few days were not going to go like I had imagined – starting with champagne at 10AM and ending with dance parties with my best friend, Alexander Wang ***

So I went back to bed.

Pffff, what could I do? It’s not like I could really work at home. I tried working on my book, but as you know, when you’re sick, you’re not just physically out of it, you’re also completely wiped out intellectually, and the only three words I managed to write after two hours in front of my computer were Pepto and Bismol****.

That was even one of my Google searches – that’s how slow-mo my brain was.
(Ok, I also wanted to know how many gallons of Pepto Bismol I could ingest without overdosing. Answer: NO)

The situation was getting serious. With my cloudy head and an increasing FOMO, I told myself there was only one thing left to do: live the passion of fashion through the Internet.

So I poured myself a champagne glass full of Pepto and opened up my computer.

It was time for the Altuzarra show.


I typed #altuzarra on Twitter and Instagram, and suddenly, I found myself propelled backstage.
Make up – check, a little glitter on the eyes, cool! Ok, I see, I see, casting, ok great.

Altuzarra Makeup Backstage Photo

A few minutes later, I checked out one of my favorite things – the front row. No, seriously, because it’s actually one of the important things when you go to a show. You want to see what’s happening in the front row.

Who’s there? Who are they with? How are they dressed? Are they thinking of me?

And once again, with the Internet, all you have to do is ask, and there it is. Which outfits do I always want to check out? Jenna Lyons, of course. Well, kids, all you have to do is ask our friend Marina Larroude (big air kiss to you, darling):


And then the show. I don’t need to describe it for you – you already know. It’s a storm of blurry photos, one-legged models, everybody loves everything, and hashtags all over the place, but even so, I’d rather be there to judge for myself. The music is missing, the atmosphere is missing, and a crappy little Insta video isn’t going to change that.


So I’m left hungry for more – um, so to speak, since, let me remind you in case you might have forgotten already, I have the STOMACH FLU.

Since that’s just the way it is tonight, I decide to test out Alexander Wang’s live stream.


Night has fallen. I’m still a mess, but less mobile, I’ve got dark circles from my eyes down to my neck, my hair is flat, and I’m just as stylish as a streetstyle photographer in New York in February*****, but nobody cares – I’m all alone at home and in two seconds, I’ll be in the fucking front row of the ALEXANDER WANG show, bitches! (I sound like Kanye, right? What? Should I not be doing that?)

Even Scott abandoned me, the bastard. It was no use trying to convince him to stay with my whimpering and little episodes of hyperventilation ( = I’m about to die right this minute! Help!) You don’t miss Alexander Wang unless you’re at death’s door, ladies and gentlemen.

So back to Champa-Bismol!

It’s 8:30, and the live stream is starting.

Oh, gawd.

As soon as it starts, a strange feeling comes over me – I feel like a major, major voyeur. If Instagram gives us a window into other people’s lives, live stream seriously feels like teleporting into the room with them, like…


I start to feel dizzy. I can see who’s sitting with whom, what they’re wearing, and when.
At one point, the camera zooms in on Kate Davidson Hudson texting on her phone, and frankly, if the cameraman hadn’t zoomed out right then, I could have read her text.
It’s amazing, I’m fascinated. I love it.

Ok, obviously there’s some kind of annoying music playing over everything, because if we could hear people talking, I think it would be fashion Armageddon. You can imagine what kinds of things people say, right – it’s not for everybody’s ears… like in school!!!

Absolutely no one at the show is aware of the camera’s presence, by the way.

I see a guy yawn out of boredom three times in a row (it really wasn’t necessary to film those moments, dear livestream cameraman); I see Bryan Boy arrive in pajamas; I see Caroline de Maigret sit down next to Karen Elson, and I admit, just telling you this freaks me out, I even recognized Fabien Baron FROM BEHIND. Fabien, if you’re reading this – don’t worry, I’m not stalking you. I don’t know what happened; I just knew it was you all of the sudden.

And that’s when Alex, who had also decided to watch the show on livestream, sends me a text. Here are a few highlights from our conversation.


“What? Karen Elson has a Blackberry?”

[Our text converstions are always profound, politically relevant, and bolstered by our encyclopedic knowledge of fashion, as you can imagine.]

“Oh, look, Scott just arrived. What is he doing? OMG, wouldn’t it be so great if I always had a little camera following him around?
“Ok, no, that would be horrible.”

“Oh, shit, it’s starting.”

“Is that the real music?”

“Yep, I heard it 23 times when I was backstage this afternoon”
“Oh, my dad would love that! Cargo pockets and cartridge belts for when he goes hunting”
“I love the boots”

[The camera zooms out, showing panoramic views, then zooms in so close that you can see the texture of the clothes perfectly. Honestly, the view is better than in any front row.]

“Wait, what are those boots?!”

“Well, they’re…um, they look like shin guards”
“OMG BaCKleSS???”

“OOH!!! They’re mules!!! Mule-boots!!! Boots in front, mules in the back!”
“Bootles? Myoots?”
“Those colors are interesting, what is that material?”

“It’s a material that reacts to heat, I heard.”
“I’m looking for Caroline Trentini, I saw her listed backstage, she’s in the show!!! #flashback2008.”

“You’ll see – she’ll come out at the end. It’ll be the big finale, with all the blow-your-mind, killer top models”

“Ah yeah you’re so right!!! But what..
“They all painted their hair black, wait, who’s that?”

“Joan Smalls”

“Nope, not here. Those bleached brows are impossible…”

“Ok, well, it’s over?”

Et voilà, the show finished and I re-teleported back to my place. Frankly, it was a pretty hallucinatory experience and I would do it again no problem.
The next day, I talk to people about the show as though I had been there, then suddenly remembered that I hadn’t been there in fact – except when they told me about how long it took to get to Brooklyn (yes, this year the Wang show was in Brooklyn, and Scott got home, exhausted at 11pm, that is to say, about 2 hours after the show ended because of the bad weather and traffic jams*****).

It’s really something to think about, this livestream thing, even if I will always be delighted, enchanted, amazed to go to an Alexander Wang show, even if it was in New Jersey, hein, hein, hein ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) (the girl who doesn’t want to be disinvited) (“Yes, we saw that you appreciated our Livestream so this season here’s a ticket to see our show… From your couch bitch!!!) Argh.

Ah, but before leaving, let me send a personal message to my fash packitude fellows.
Friends, watch out. THE WORLD IS WATCHING. No yawning, no bitching, no texting stupid pictures, no pretending to be busy when you’re actually playing Flappy Birds, and use some moderation on the air kisses. Ok?

Big kiss!!!




PS: The next day, I was a little more alive and kicking (not exactly) (and had gained back my kilo) and started out for real life.
Mais bon, from where I’m sitting next time, maybe I could watch the livestream from my seat AT the show? If I’m sitting beside the door in an area where you can only see the back of the model by craning from my seat?

Ah shit, modern life.


*Yes, my mom and I speak on Viber. And she sends me tons of emojis!!! I’m going to send her the Bazaar Emojis, hang on.
**No, to answer the question that everyone asks when I say that, I didn’t lose three kilos “thanks” to my stomach flu, just one. Pfffff, the flu, it’s like How I Met Your Mother: not what it once was.
***And by that I mean coffee so as not to freeze your fingers taking pictures and parties head to head with my computer, my true best friend.
****A slimy type of American medicine that tastes like cherry tagada that helps, ummmmm, what I had, which, I’m not going to make you a drawing oooohhhhh.
***** = Not Stylish at all, it’s too cold.
******Bon, ok, between the time I had asked him to buy me some rice and bananas at the deli to do my BRAT diet recommended for stomach issues, (IN CASE I COULD FINALLY LEAVE YOU IN PEACE WITH THIS STOMACH FLU THING, I TOLD MYSELF THAT I WOULD ADD A LITTLE EXTRA AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE) (Banana Rice Apple sauce Toast.)

This illustration first appeared in Vogue Paris and has been modified.

Translated by Andrea Perdue.

Alexander Wang Goes Ultra Utilitarian for Fall 2014

Alexander Wang Goes Ultra Utilitarian for Fall 2014

As all fashion watchers know, the clothing and accessories that grace fashion week runways is generally the most experimental and forward-thinking of the full line of items that any designer will eventually offer in a particular season. It’s important to keep that in mind when you see the Alexander Wang Fall 2014 Handbags, which debuted over the weekend in a show that hilariously required a bunch of fancy fashion people to schlep to the Brooklyn Navy Yards. The accessories were as utilitarian as the venue would suggest.

Wang’s runway bags are always a little weird and rarely represent the bread-and-butter designs that the brand expects to be the season’s accessories focus. Instead, they’re more conceptual, and Wang’s Fall 2014 concept is all about the things that women carry inside of their bags. The designs range from clutches to multi-bag shoulder slings, and they all have articulated compartments for everything from compacts to water bottles, complete with lock and key to keep the carrier’s essentials safe. The clutches and small crossbodies will likely be popular with the downtown set; the larger versions might be a tougher sell.

[Images via]

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Mccallan, our model friend, stopped by the studio right after the Prabal show (Yes, in case you didn’t notice – Living under a rock much? Lucky you. -it’s fashion week here in New York) to give us an up close look at the necklace she wore for the show.

It’s funny how the way we wear jewelry has changed in the last few years – designers have become super inventive, sometimes for the not-so-good (not a fan of the hand bracelet or the giant earcuff that looks like Lady Gaga’s closet just exploded in your ear) and sometimes for the best (knuckle rings! Moderate earcuffs!).

I feel like everyday a new jeweltitude pops up and I do love that.

So here, it’s a pretty simple statement from the front and side, but I love how it bold it looks from the back. It is almost enough to make me want long hair again….

What do you think? Do you like to play with jewels or do you prefer to stay classic?

Click on the arrows to see more images…

At Moncler

The scene at yesterday’s Moncler Grenoble show, with a performance by the Pendulum Choir at Hammerstein Ballroom.


The secret ingredient in those smudged plum eyes backstage we spotted at Rachel Comey?


As crazy as it sounds, this wasn’t the first time I had heard about using your lipstick to add some color to the eyes (Valentina from Grey Magazine told me it’s one of her beauty tricks!).

Have you tried it? Thought about it? Like it?

PS: The lipstick used here, Train Bleu, will be out for summer 2014 from NARS!

By alex

Coach Stages First Runway Show for Stuart Vevers’ Fall 2014 Debut

Coach Stages First Runway Show for Stuart Vevers’ Fall 2014 Debut

New York Fashion Week usually proceeds in ways that are somewhat predictable, but for Fall 2014, some important things have changed. Not only have venues and guest lists gotten a shakeup this season, but Coach Fall 2014 debuted on a runway instead of at a private event later in the season, which is something that both we and legions of Coach lovers were pretty interested to see. We certainly weren’t disappointed.

The show marked new creative director Stuart Vevers’ debut with the brand, and the designer, formerly of Loewe and Mulberry, made quick work of elevating the brand’s staid handbags, shoes, accessories and outwear (especially outerwear) with a sense of fashion that comes with a designer who’s used to showing his collections at global fashion weeks. The clothes, which are still a new pursuit for the brand, felt like something that indeed belonged on a runway, and the bags, accented with gleaming silver hardware details, felt current. The new look of Coach seems to be one primed to compete with brands like Rag & Bone on an apparel and shoe level, and we’ll see how many contemporary fashion customers the bags can convert. Check out our exclusive photos from the show below.

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The Many Bags of Spring 2014 Fashion Week Street Style

The Many Bags of Spring 2014 Fashion Week Street Style

New York Fashion Week kicks off today, and with it comes a month of style, absurdity and literally hundreds of fashion shows. We’ll be bringing you all the best Fall 2014 handbag collections from New York and beyond, as well as a daily dose of the best handbags outside the New York shows courtesy of Vlad and his trusty camera(s), but first, we want to take a moment to look back. Not too far back, though – just to what our favorite stars, editors and fashion illuminati were carrying outside of the Spring 2014 shows all over the world back in September. If you’d like to check out the stars of each week individually, we did posts about New York, London, Milan and Paris, or you can find our favorites from the entire season below.

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12 Ridiculous Bags That Will Definitely Get You Photographed Outside Fashion Week

12 Ridiculous Bags That Will Definitely Get You Photographed Outside Fashion Week

The first time I attended New York Fashion Week (which begins tomorrow, or already began, depending on whose schedule you’re on) after moving to the city, I carried a Celine Luggage Tote. That was several years ago, right when the Luggage Tote had reached the height of its unobtainability, and I had acquired the bag by paying for it six months in advance, in full, over the phone, sight unseen. I never ended up using it very much, but if it was going to make an appearance anywhere, it was definitely at Fashion Week, where I still felt a bit like I was faking it in a sea of people who truly belonged. (Before long, you realize that absolutely everyone feels like they’re faking it unless they have genuine delusions of grandeur.) (Some of them do.) Not even those insiders could get their hands on this bag, though, which made me frequent fodder for the street style photographers who prowled the fountain area outside of Lincoln Center.

That’s when I learned something that I had always suspected to be true: it’s completely possible to disappear behind your handbag, if the bag is good enough. My outfits were an utter mess, which I knew at the time but know even more vividly now, but that didn’t matter to anyone because I had the bag, the bag, that everyone wanted to look at. Even though the accessories industry is without a reigning It Bag of the moment, a great handbag is still the best way to get your picture snapped, if that’s your goal, but it’s also a great way to pull together a simple outfit in everyday life and make it seem special. That’s all those “fashion people” are doing, after all. Below, check out the best bags to wear for flinging yourself in front of photographers or re-wearing that shirt you may or may not have already worn to work on Monday.

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AndyTorresAWdress2 AndyTorresAWdress1 AndyTorresAWdress6Dress: Alexander Wang  |  Boots: Balenciaga  |  Hat: H&M Paris Collection  |  Jacket: ZARA  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler

andy signature


On The Street…

The other day outside of the Proenza Schouler show, I was chatting in the crowd when this woman passed by, between the fashionistas, the photographers and the drivers and I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop starring.
I’m not the only one. Seeing her, the photographers stopped shooting their usuals and ran after her to take her picture. 4 mins of hysteria…

Funny when you think she is wearing a white shirt, a bermuda and a pair of boots.

So all right, after 2 mins of research, I found out that she is Liisa Winkler, a model that had just walked the show.
And give me bermudas and a pair of boots tomorrow, it will certainly not look the same…

But still – what made me turn my head and raise my camera was her allure.
It makes me want to go back to ballet, raise my head and walk with a confident nonchalance on the streets of New York.

No seriously – we spend our time talking about our clothes, but when do we take care of our allure?


AndyTorresNuevaYork5 AndyTorresNuevaYork1 AndyTorresNuevaYork2 AndyTorresNuevaYork6 AndyTorresNuevaYork3 AndyTorresNuevaYork4T-Shirt: Phillip Lim  |  Skirt: H&M  |  Shoes: Alexander Wang  |  Hat: H&M Paris Collection  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler  |  Sunglasses: Celine

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STSC5126j STSC5071j STSC5054j STSC5118jSkirt and Shirt: & Other Stories  |  Boots: Balenciaga  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler  |  Sunglasses: ACNE

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AndyTorresCheckeredPants4 AndyTorresCheckeredPants5 AndyTorresCheckeredPants3 AndyTorresCheckeredPants7 AndyTorresCheckeredPants AndyTorresCheckeredPants2

Pants: ZARA  |  Bag: Joanna Maxham  |  Shoes: Alexander Wang  |  Top: ZARA

Not every moment in life is sweet, some of them are bitter too…Some bitter moments come out in the middle of the sweet ones, when you least expect them and probably when you aren’t ready for them.

Tomorrow will be better, they always say…

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The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Spring 2014, Part 2

The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Spring 2014, Part 2

New York Fashion Week is so long, so packed with shows, that we felt it responsible to split our list of The Best Spring 2014 Runway Bags into two parts. Last week, Megs covered the best accessories that the first few days of shows had to offer, and today, I’m here to round out that list with my picks from the last few days. That includes shows from such American handbag luminaries as Proenza Schouler and Reed Krakoff, so you’re definitely going to want to check out what’s happening below.

[All Images via]

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Spotted: The Scarf

A little styling trick from the Marc by Marc Jacobs runway: it’s totally okay to grab your scarf on your way out the door, wrap it around your neck, and leave your hair still tucked underneath.

It’s the ultimate nonchalant look and I am totally copying it.


I love it. A sublime dress, for the day, with flats – exactly the kind of stuff that inspires me!!!

That’s a wrap!

Another NYFW has come and gone!

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about some of our favorite and most memorable shows and can’t wait to tell you about them next week!

What were some of your favorites? Let us know!


photo10 photo photo2 photo3j photo3g photo4j photo4l photo5 photo5h photo6k photo6l photo8l photo7k photo9 photo10k photoj2 photo7j photok Untitled-2 photo9k Untitled-1

More candids from my amazing trip to NYC…I start filming a documentary for Canon at 7:00am in London this morning so I gotta rush to hair and makeup.

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Baby Bump

“Boyfriend jeans and a shirt are every pregnant woman’s best friend!” my friend Laure was telling me the other day. She’s pregnant (yeeey!!!) and it’s really interesting to see her adapt her fashion week style to her new curves.

I think the secret is also the accessories here, the small bag, the colorful shoes, the bright orange glasses and the jewelry.


AndyTorresTimesSquare2 AndyTorresTimesSquare AndyTorresTimesSquare1 AndyTorresTimesSquare8 AndyTorresTimesSquare5 AndyTorresTimesSquare7

Skirt: & Other Stories  |  Jumper: Baum und Pferdgarten  |  Boots: Balenciaga  |  Bag: Neri Karra  |  Sunglasses: ACNE

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The Many Bags of Celebs at New York Fashion Week Spring 2014

The Many Bags of Celebs at New York Fashion Week Spring 2014

One of the unsung particularities of New York Fashion Week is the vast spectrum of celebrities in brings out over its eight-day run. There aren’t a lot of parties that could draw both Paris Hilton and Barbara Walters, but at Fashion Week, there’s literally a spot for any celeb who’s interested in cashing a check and sitting upright in the front row for a few minutes. In the interest of journalism (or, you know, something similar!), we felt it our duty to catalog the handbags that these celebs toted into and out of the tents over the past week.

For reasons that I cannot totally explain, there was a ton of Chanel and less Hermes than one might expect. Also popular: a bag from whatever designer’s show you’re attending (or, in the case of models, that you just walked in). Below, the bags of everyone from the fashion-famous to the famous-famous, plus a bunch of people somewhere in between.

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STSC5226 STSC5190 STSC5177 STSC5218 STSC5215 STSC5140 STSC5166 STSC5138 STSC5154 STSC5150 STSC5168 STSC5205 STSC5231 STSC5170Photos by me

Milly was one of the last shows of the week and one of my personal favorites.

Time to take a fight to London!!! …Sorry for being so brief but I have been rushing like c-r-a-z-y in the past few days. I need to get to the airport and head to London, sleep almost non and straight from the plane to start filming my second documentary for Canon during London Fashion Week. Lets hope my makeup artist is good, because after my flight marathon, I cant even imagine the condition my face will arrive in Landaaan. Lordy, lord.

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Spring Trends…Loose Trench

The Trend: A loose trench.

How I would wear it: I like it layered with something short– a mini skirt or shorts! I like the play with proportions. Remember that long coat we shot on Keisha?

Best Looks: From left to right, Steven Alan, Lacoste, Creatures of the Wind, Band of Outsiders and Karen Walker.