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The Icons Party

During NYFW (which seems like forever ago but really wasn’t that long ago…)

We ventured to The Plaza Hotel for the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party. The party was in celebration of the shoot Carine Roitfeld did for the magazine, featuring basically everyone in fashion (okay, 30 people like Lauren Hutton, Cindy Crawford, Gigi Hadid and Brooke Shields…all wearing fishnets in someway…) and Lady Gaga was slated to perform a jazz set in honor of her new album with Tony Bennett. The dress code was black tie (I wore a jumpsuit, modern black tie, right?) and Erik looked pretty spiffy in a suit and tie. This is what happened (aka this is what I wrote in my phone throughout the night)…


8:30 PM: Erik and I arrive at The Plaza and join a line of true paparazzi celebrity photographers for check in. Each of them has brought with them their own stool. We missed the BYO stool memo but have our fingers crossed that it means we can still get some good red carpet photos. We feel a little bit like Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic…

9:00 PM: The red carpet arrivals being. The carpet is actually black. Erik takes his place in the photo pit and I’m in a line up with editors from all the weekly tabloids. They are all studying a printed out book of faces. The original Facebook?

9:08 PM: Lauren Hutton arrives wearing leggings. Leggings. My jumpsuit immediately feels a lot less modern. So now I feel like I don’t know anything about anything. Spend next few minutes thinking about how I wish I was wearing leggings…

9:10 PM: Interview Lauren Hutton (if I told you how much I was sweating you wouldn’t believe me). She tells me she still doesn’t really know what a modern icon is. Well Lauren, I think you’re one.

9:12 PM: Donatella hits the carpet. Shit gets crazy.

9:14PM: A lot of people I don’t know on the carpet. Socialites? Long lost Kardashian family members? I overhear someone say one of them has a single coming out if we want to talk with her. No one does.


9:20 PM: I’m trying to give Erik the heads up when someone cool is coming his way, so we start trying to communicate through sign language. Turns out Erik only knows enough to spell “Joe” as in Joe Jonas. Yeah, Joe Jonas is here.

9:36 PM: The star of the evening, Lady Gaga arrives and shares the carpet with Carine Roitfeld and Brooke Shields. Paparazzi wet dream (can I say wet dream?).

9:40 PM: The paparazzi scream so loud at these celebrities, you would think that someone had just killed a puppy. I’m talking bloodcurdling screams. I’m starting to get a little scared.


9:42 PM: Ah friends on the carpet! Aurélie, Laure and Laura Brown take a walk.


10:00 PM: I’ve determined that Karolína Kurková is too beautiful for words.

10:16 PM: Kendall (Jenner) arrives. She looks great. It’s not as big of a wet dream (sorry!) as I expected. I stepped on the train of her dress. It’s all okay. The end.

10:19 PM: Linda Evangelista. Get really excited when she comes over to talk to us. The girl next to me asks her a lot of questions about her birth plan. Really? Her birth plan?

10:28 PM: A small French bulldog appears on the carpet. I’m not sure who the owner is, but a girl asked me take her photo with it and now it’s just on my iPhone. So… TMZ you want it?

[I later find out that the dog belongs to Gaga. Celebrity dogs are the new celebrities??]


10:35 PM: Erik and I decide to head into the event, we’ve reached full red carpet capacity (and my feet are starting to hurt). Inside we get squeezed between Tyson Beckford and his girlfriend/wife/model/friend. We act annoyed (“Ugh excuse you, Tyson!”) but it was probably the best part of the night. Erik says his breath smells like peppermint and sex.

10:50 PM: We make our way to the stage to catch the performance by Lady Gaga. She’s doing a jazz set tonight in honor of her new album with Tony Bennett. We dance to the DJ and sneak out passed hors d’oeuvres (mini lobster rolls pass by, just out of reach).


11:30 PM: Gaga goes on and it's amazing. She's meant for jazz.

12:30 AM: We find Garance through the crowd and spend the next hour dancing our faces off. Can every fashion week start this way?


AndyTorresTribeca9AndyTorresTribeca3 AndyTorresTribeca4 AndyTorresTribeca AndyTorresTribeca8 AndyTorresTribeca7 AndyTorresTribeca2 AndyTorresTribeca6 AndyTorresTribeca5I’M WEARING >>  Top: SPORTMAX  |  Skirt: & Other Stories  |  Belt: SPORTMAX  |  Clutch: Bimba y Lola  |  Glasses: Celine  |  Shoes: Alexander Wang  |  Bracelet: Hermes  |  Rings: Tom Wood

This SPORTMAX top is probably one of the coolest tops I’ve ever been able to wear and I feel like I could have done so much with it, just to show how versatile it can be. I decided to wear it with neoprene because…well, because I have been wearing neoprene for a very long time and the structure of it still wins me over every time, but I’ve could have easily done a black pair of jeans + stilettos and it would have worked as well (probably not leather pants as it was about 35 degrees that day)


Photos by Richard Nicholls


Spring Trends: Suede

The Trend: Suede

How I would wear it: Designers have ruled it more than appropriate to sport suede in warmer temps. For me? I’m going for a suede jacket or skirt come spring.

The best looks: From left to right, Tibi, MM6, Gucci, Burberry and Derek Lam.


AndyTorresBrooklyn3 AndyTorresBrooklynAndyTorresBrooklyn11 AndyTorresBrooklyn5 AndyTorresBrooklyn9 AndyTorresBrooklyn2 AndyTorresBrooklyn4 AndyTorresBrooklyn8 AndyTorresBrooklyn6I’M WEARING >>  Dress: Finders Keepers  |  Boots: H&M Studio  |  Bag: Neri Karra  |  Bracelet: Hermes  |  Rings: Tom Wood  |  Watch: Daniel Wellington

“I don’t know,
what am I doing here?
Theres a shadow in my place.

Maybe now
Everything will be so clear
You shed a light into this empty space.

And all I am
all I have
doesn’t even matter now
I can’t understand why I feel this way
But I do
I do.”




In Transition

Photo by Sandra Semburg.

Barely There

What is the best barely there polish?

I thought I had made a major discovery at Altuzarra last week when I was introduced to Essie’s Spaghetti Strap, a barely there, wear it everyday, sheer, pink polish. My search for that color was finally over.

I came back to the Studio, excited about the polish (which really, is nothing new) and forced everyone to try it (except Erik). Emily and Brie became instant fans but Garance was harder to convince. For her, the color was too pink, it wasn’t right for her skin tone. Her go-to? Essie’s Sugar Daddy.

Now, what’s your favorite barely there polish?

By alex

Barely There

What is the best barely there polish?

I thought I had made a major discovery at Altuzarra last week when I was introduced to Essie’s Spaghetti Strap, a barely there, wear it everyday, sheer, pink polish. My search for that color was finally over.

I came back to the Studio, excited about the polish (which really, is nothing new) and forced everyone to try it (except Erik). Emily and Brie became instant fans but Garance was harder to convince. For her, the color was too pink, it wasn’t right for her skin tone. Her go-to? Essie’s Sugar Daddy.

Now, what’s your favorite barely there polish?

By alex

Marc Jacobs Continues His Handbag Push with Military Vibes for Spring 2015

Marc Jacobs Continues His Handbag Push with Military Vibes for Spring 2015

Marc Jacobs is not a man of opaque themes; he’s preternaturally talented when it comes to a lot of things, and among them is letting his spectators, fans and clients know what he’s thinking during his seasonal shows. For Spring 2015, Jacobs clearly had his mind on the military, and the show contained the dusty olives and khakis that go right along with that, down to the bags.

Since leaving Louis Vuitton, Jacobs has put a clear emphasis on revitalizing his once-dominant accessories business, and he’s released several strong bags in aid of those efforts. The familiar one that popped up in this collection was a theme and variations on the Trouble Bag, a simple flap shoulder bag with a signature disc closure. The collection also included a number of oversized silk-satin knapsacks and totes in the style of traditional military bags, and although those supported the theme, they’re unlikely to be big sellers. Check out the full collection below.

[Photos via]

All Tied Up

Hair for the woman on the go.

Two thumbs up for the hair at Reed Krakoff last week. I loved the simplicity and nonchalance of the looped pony tail, all tied together by that blue leather cord. I’ll be ditching all traditional hair ties going forward…

Hair by Kevin Ryan for UNITE.

By alex

All Tied Up

Hair for the woman on the go.

Two thumbs up for the hair at Reed Krakoff last week. I loved the simplicity and nonchalance of the looped pony tail, all tied together by that blue leather cord. I’ll be ditching all traditional hair ties going forward…

Hair by Kevin Ryan for UNITE.

By alex

At J.Crew

I loved the J.Crew collection this season. As always, the styling was so great (Jenna Lyons for President!) and is already inspiring my wardrobe!

Click on the arrows to see more images…

60 Bags and the Stars Who Carried Them at New York Fashion Week Spring 2015

60 Bags and the Stars Who Carried Them at New York Fashion Week Spring 2015

New York Fashion Week has come and gone, but we’re not done with it just yet. Below, we’ve assembled dozens of photos of the week’s most notable bags on the most notable arms, all for your viewing pleasure. There’s inspiration to spare.


Photo by Sandra Semburg.

What I’m Wearing #2

Okay, so this is technically a guest edition of What I’m Wearing because this bag belongs to Yasmin

She came over to shoot a story with me at the Studio in between shows (I’ll show you the photos soon!) and she was carrying this cool new Chloé bag. I keep finding myself drawn to red bags lately… I also really love the hardware on this one, it’s simple but still striking.

Do you like it?

Detail: Michael Kors Sandals

As you know, this week in NYC felt like it was still summer, so seeing all the sandals and light clothes on the runway really made me dream. I loved these sandals from Michael Kors, the ultimate gladiator platform!

The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Street Style – Days Seven & Eight

The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Street Style – Days Seven & Eight

New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 has now drawn to a close, and with it, we’ve got our last roundup of the best bags that we spotted outside of the shows. Enjoy.

Proenza Schouler Doubles Down on Exotics for its Spring 2015 Bags

Proenza Schouler Doubles Down on Exotics for its Spring 2015 Bags

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been whispers that LVMH is interested in investing in Proenza Schouler and growing it into a global luxury brand, and although that’s yet to come to fruition, it looks like Proenza is headed in a decidedly luxe direction on its own. After last season’s strong showing of exotics, Proenza’s Spring 2015 bag lineup looks as though it will continue in that direction.

These designs, all of which are new shapes for the brand, aren’t as strong as last season’s, but they do represent a notable evolution in the brand’s accessories look. There’s no signature hardware or digital prints to be found; instead, a neutral palate of black, ivory and tan took over, with the bag’s natural changes generally dictating the placement of the colors. Check out the images below and let us know what you think.

[Images via]


AndyTorresTribeca4AndyTorresTribeca AndyTorresTribeca2 AndyTorresTribeca6 AndyTorresTribeca3 AndyTorresTribeca5I’M WEARING  >>  Skirt: Baum und Pferdgarten (SS15)  |  Shoes: Alexander Wang  |  Bag: Neri Karra  |  Sunglasses: Celine  |  Bracelet: Hermes  |  Jacket: ASOS

I just landed in Amsterdam and got to my apartment literally half an hour ago, so this is as real time as it gets. I am here for only a couple of hours before flying to London. Unpacking, packing again and most importantly, updating the blog.
I feel like the worst for keeping it so quiet here in the past few days but you know me and I ALWAYS post, unless things are crazy which they were and I really needed to choose whether I slept a little or stayed awake drafting a look.
I didn’t sleep on the flight at all, which means I have been awake for -almost 24 hours?- a long time, but who cares? Life is short, buy the shoes…Oh no, thats a different saying, but speaking of shoes, I think the first thing I am doing as soon as I land in London is going to buy a pair of shoes I have been dreaming, day dreaming, obsessing, perving over for the past few months. I am a bad, bad girl…




Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset CarolinaAndy2
Yeah, I am in New York for Fashion Week but if I am completely honest, the thing I was most looking forward to was being able to hang out with Carolina again. This NYFW has been short but intense, really intense and I’ve barely had time to sleep, let alone be able to sit and go through all of the photos we have shot. Although I have SO MUCH to show you, I am begging you to be patient with me just this once, you know I always try to update at least daily. You can always follow me on instagram though!, I am pushing content there constantly.

I am leaving New York today and I am flying straight to London -with a 4 hour pit stop in Amsterdam to switch bags-. I am heading to London not only for Fashion Week, but also to film a documentary for Canon for the 4th season in a row which makes me extremely proud and excited, although I cannot imagine the amount of work that will be piled up in the next few days. Beautiful chaos…



At Victoria Beckham

On Sunday, while I was sitting at the Victoria Beckham show, the team went backstage to take a look at what was happening. After they explored the buffet (and didn’t bring me anything at all) they were able to take some photos.

I always like the simple and warm atmosphere of the Victoria Beckham show.

Okay I have to admit, one of my favorite moments is (actually not spying on David sitting next to Anna Wintour at the front row, even though he’s pretty awesome and charming and all) to check the way Victoria herself is dressed when she takes her bow at the end of the show.

I have a soft spot for her style because she does “woman” so well. I think this collection reflected that very well.

Click on the arrows to see more images…

The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Street Style – Day Six

The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Street Style – Day Six

New York Fashion Week is starting to wind down, but we’ve still got tons of photos of the attendees’ bags for your viewing pleasure. Below, check out Vladi’s street style highlights from Day Six.

Spring Trends: Yellow

The Trend: Yellow

How I would wear it: I love a bold pop of yellow in an outfit, so I was excited to see it on the spring runways! I think a yellow coat is at the top of my spring shopping list!

The best looks: From left to right, Creatures of the Wind, Karen Walker, Michael Kors, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Lacoste.

Rag & Bone Puts Handbags Front and Center for Spring 2015

Rag & Bone Puts Handbags Front and Center for Spring 2015

Despite providing fundamental, foundational wardrobe pieces for basically every woman (and most men) in New York City who might be considered even vaguely cool, Rag & Bone is still searching for its handbag groove. The brand’s bag line is relatively young and has yet to hit the cult status of Rag & Bone’s inescapable leather booties, but you could tell by the proud, prominent placement of the models’ bags in the Rag & Bone Spring 2015 show that the company’s designers, who rarely make an aesthetic misstep, intend to change that.

When Rag & Bone started making bags several seasons ago, the problem with the line was that it felt like there was an aesthetic distance between the bags and the rest of the line; they were nice, but they didn’t always feel like they had the same magic that made the rest of the brand so covetable, season after season. Things looked very promising for the several new shapes that the brand debuted for Spring and Fall 2014, and now it looks like the efforts for 2015 will be continuing in that vein.

Rag & Bone’s clothes are so popular because the brand has a way of paring down something that other designer’s might feel the need to make more complicated, and when done correctly, it creates pieces that feel like the platonic ideal of their product categories, like the brand’s best-selling ankle boots and wide-brimmed hats. These bags aren’t quite that, but they have the easy, well-edited feel that indicates Rag & Bones has found its footing.

Check out all the runway bags below.

[Photos via]


The Row 5

The Row5

The Row1

The Row3

In love with Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen’s spring collection for The Row. That navy blue wrapped top and pants..just beautiful.


The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Street Style – Days Four & Five

The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Street Style – Days Four & Five

As New York Fashion Week marches on, so too does our documentation of the most beautiful handbags that grace the arms of the shows’ attendees. Below, check out our favorites from the fourth and fifth days of NYFW Spring 2015 festivities.

Lilli at The New Museum

Installation by GCC at New Museum, New York.

Alexander Wang’s Spring 2015 Runway Bags are Ready to Hit the Gym

Alexander Wang’s Spring 2015 Runway Bags are Ready to Hit the Gym

If you’ve ever wondered what a pair of retro basketball sneakers would look like if they were flayed and then restructured into a fancy designer bag (and if you have, why?), then I have, somewhat implausibly, some good news for you: that’s basically the gist of Alexander Wang’s Spring 2015 runway bags.

Bags That Are Bags But Also Another Thing has surfaced as an unlikely trend, and the clutches, satchels and backpacks that graced Wang’s runway even had rubberized soles on their bottom corners, accented with the kind of clear air bubbles that shoe designers used to use as a visual signifier of their brand’s superior cushioning. So if you want to chuck these bags on the ground, go right ahead. They’ve got excellent shock-absorption!

While the designs are clever, in a way, they also lack the refinement that would makes this kind of translation a success. The combinations of suede, leather, nylon and rubber are too on-the-nose to feel expensive or as clever as they might be, if only a little bit of editing had been done. Check out all the bags from the runway below.

[Images via]


versusversace crfb

Big up for Versus Versace by Anthony Vaccarello, who did his debut as designer for the brand yesterday. PS. the collection is already available online, things go quickly nowadays!

Photo via @CRFashionBook 


AndyTorresGhostBusters5AndyTorresGhostBusters6AndyTorresGhostBusters3 AndyTorresGhostBusters AndyTorresGhostBusters7 AndyTorresGhostBusters2AndyTorresGhostBusters4I’M WEARING  >>  Jumpsuit: Finders Keepers  |  Boots: Coach  |  Bag: Neri Karra  |  T-Shirt: ASOS  |  Rings: Tom Wood  |  Bracelet: Hermes

The very first time I came to New York 11 years ago, we went on this express tour me and an ex boyfriend booked where they basically showed you the whole city in 3 days. It was not ideal but at least you got to see “everything” and I say ” because it was all very quick, fast food style. I remember being on a bus and the tour guide saying: To your right you can see the Empire State building, here you have Central Park, down there you will find the set of the Ghostbusters movie and so on…11 years later, as I was walking trying to find a place to have brunch, I bumped into the Ghostbusters headquarters, this time no tour guide, no rush, no bus and I just had to shoot there.

andy signature


The Row

What a great atmosphere this morning at The Row! I loved the play on neutrals and volumes. Here are three angles of one of my favorite looks!

Click on the arrows to see more images…


Look at her…

Butt. But seriously – we watched this on repeat. Maybe 10 times. OKAY, 15. Vogue went backstage at Alexander Wang to give some models a dance lesson with Nicki Minaj.

In defense of the model wearing the Balenciaga boots, Brie says they are really heavy…

Nicki, you can come by the Studio anytime.

By studio


Wang ss15

So, September is finally here which means that the international Fashion Weeks has just begun and first out is New York! A couple of days ago Alexander Wang showed his collection for spring 2015 and as always, he embraces a sporty vibe. Trainers are the core inspiration, where Wang has borrowed details from classic trainer styles such as Stan Smith’s (Adidas) and Flyknits (Nike) and interpreted them into dresses, skirts and tops in electric colours. The silhouette feels sporty yet super feminine where tight turtlenecks and cropped tops meets high-waisted pants. However, those comfy all grey looks are definitely my favourite ones.

A WangPics:

Crème de la Crème

I really like the style of this New York Fashion Week a lot.

A truly relaxed kind of chic is upon us, we’ve been seeing a lot of girls walking around with great ease (says the girl who only sees what she wants to see while 70% of the girls do happen to be wearing heels) and with flowing fabrics, which gives them a lovely relaxed look, and we’re also seeing a lot, I mean A LOT of light colors and cream.

Ok, obviously everyone copied me, starting with Carine, I could tell she had been checking out my style – but I forgive her. That’s just the price you pay when you’re the leader of the cream trend, right?
I don’t care, I’ve got her beat by a long shot. I’ve already bought a cream colored coat for this winter. Yep, nothing can stop me, I’m headed straight for a total cream look (help!)

Ok, enough nonsense. Here are a few photos of the crème de la crème. Click on the arrows to see more photos, and see you back here a little later for more news on trends that will make you turn pale they’re so radical.

Translated by Andrea Perdue.


AndyTorresNYC3AndyTorresNYC AndyTorresNYC8 AndyTorresNYC5 AndyTorresNYC6 AndyTorresNYC4 AndyTorresNYC2I’M WEARING  >>  Vest: Malene Birger  |  Skirt: DIY  |  Shoes: Zara  |  Bag: Proenza Schouler  |  Sunglasses: Sonia Rykiel  |  Bracelet: Hermes  |   Rings: Tom Wood

I was going to write something completely different today and I was supposed to post this a lot earlier but then I ran out of  time. I just came back from the Bloglovin’ awards, its like 3:00am in New York and I have to admit, I am a little tipsy so I better keep it short.

New York has been very New York, hectic, crazy, amazing, restless and I have so much to tell you, but I will leave you with my first Fashion Week look. This is something I put together inspired in my biggest love, which is Scandinavian Style and what has been inspiring me for years. Very simple and minimal so I tried to add a touch of Je ne sais quoi with the tulle skirt I made myself months ago but I’ve never really worn before.

Time for bed. Really. I am so tired.

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Plaits Please

Yes, please!

I’m pre-declaring Spring 2015 the season of braids. Whether a single style or in multiples (like you see here, from the Ostwald Helgason show) it’s been the standout trend on the runway these last few days. I like these sleek pigtail braids, they are girly but polished enough that you can get away with them outside of the schoolyard.

By alex

Denim Vibes

Photo by Sandra Semburg.

The FW Essentials

I’m taking these bad boys everywhere.

I try not to change up my beauty routine too much during fashion week (don’t need a fashion week beauty monster on my hands), so I’ve built up a little army of essentials that I’m taking everywhere this season. Here they are:

Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm: Dry hands be gone. Doesn’t hurt that I also super love the scent– fresh, clean and floral.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: For French girl locks on the go.

Beauty Counter Touchup Skin Concealer Pen: Cover spots and dark circles super fast and skip the harmful chemicals.

NYX Blotting Paper: Guys, it’s like 100 degrees here. These are the biggest essential.

Giorgio Armani Black Ecstasy Mascara: With this, I’m no longer thinking about eyelash extensions.

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Desired Glow: I’ve become a complete cream blush convert. Powders are a thing of the past (especially in this heat).

NARS Sheer Lipstick in Damage: It’s a nice barely there but still there color. I’m wearing more than my normal red.

Flower nail polish in Daylily: A good nude that won’t chip because of….

Tenoverten The Shield Topcoat: Chip resistant super shiny topcoat.

There you have it– my survival kit!

By alex

The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Street Style – Day Two

The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Street Style – Day Two

New York Fashion Week provides the season’s best bag-spotting opportunity, and we’ll be outside the tents every day to capture the most interesting handbags and accessories of the shows’ attendees. Below, check out our favorites from day 2.

What I’m Wearing…

I thought it would be fun to show you a few of the things we are going to be wearing out and about to the shows these next few weeks!

I know I told you I was ditching heels for flats BUT these are a serious exception. They are by Alexandre Birman– and I can’t decide if I like the brown or white pair more! What do you think?

Coach Spring 2015 Takes Us on a Mod Texas Roadtrip

Coach Spring 2015 Takes Us on a Mod Texas Roadtrip

From the moment we entered the Coach Spring 2015 show, it was clear that creative director Stuart Vevers has yet to end his love affair with the idea of traditional Americana. From the engine sounds on the soundtrack to the flat, dusty West Texas vistas on the walls, the theme was much subtler in the bags, outwear and clothes than it was in the collection’s surroundings.

Although the collection’s western influences were occasionally visible – a utility vest here, a swath of rivets there – the end result was both softer and lighter than expected, down to the pastel metallics, fuzzy furs and little cartoon monsters from California artist Gary Baseman.

If bags are your primary concern (as they are ours), Coach’s big Spring 2015 push is an east-west satchel called the Swagger, which, by the looks of the runway, will come in two arm-carried sizes as well as a shrink-rayed mini crossbody. Take a look at our photos from the show below–what do you think of the collection?

Coach Spring 2015 Runway (1) Coach Spring 2015 Runway (2) Coach Spring 2015 Runway (3) Coach Spring 2015 Runway (4) Coach Spring 2015 Runway (5) Coach Spring 2015 Runway (6) Coach Spring 2015 Runway (7)

The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Street Style – Day One

The Best Bags of New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 Street Style – Day One

Yesterday marked the first day of New York Fashion Week Spring 2015, and that means it was also our first day of street-style bag-spotting outside of Lincoln Center. Check out the spoils of Vlad’s photographic efforts below, and be sure to check back every day or for of the notable accessories that we spotted on the stylish sidewalks of Fashion Week.


You may have gotten the memo, it’s fashion weeeeeeeeek!!! Drumroooolls!!! Just kidding. Fashion week changed a lot – I’m getting a post ready about that – but I still love the looks we can capture at the shows.

Even more if it’s Giorgia’s look: eternally perfect, never too overdressed, overbranded, overaccessorized but always perfectly cool and femme fatale (which is possibly my life goal, so here it is for you today, no need to say thank you ;))

All right, on these very wise words, I’m off! Happy fashion weeeeeeek!!!


AndyTorresTimesSquare2photo10 red2 photo7 AndyTorresRooftop1 Untitled-2 STSC5054j photo6l photo6 AndyTorresAWdress21Photos from last year during NYFW

Here we go again…New season, new looks, new parties, more friends in town, lets make this a good one.

Happy Fashion Week!!!

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We’re Ready

Okay, Fashion Week…

Let’s do this! We are excited to kick off another season here at the Studio! Make sure you keep up with us on Instagram @studiodore!

See you on the catwalk!


By studio

On Point

I’ve always loved a flat with a pointed toe (sorry Porselli– I still love you!!) and there are so many good ones this season. These though, these are my new favorite. They are from J.Crew and while I normally gravitate towards a more neutral color on my foot, this silver was just too good.

What about you? Are you going for a pointy flat this fall?

The Modeleb

Is Kendall America’s Next Top Modeleb?

She walked THREE of the biggest shows this season (Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Chanel). I think we need to talk about this…

It’s no surprise that models bred from celebrity are on the rise (hello Cara & Poppy Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger, Tali Lennox, and Kate’s little sister Lottie Moss) they bring a ton of attention to the designers.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Moss lineage and who can say no to those gap teeth (talking to you Georgia)… but are we ready for Jenner?

By brie

Blast from the Past

Caroline Trentini, I’ve missed you.

When I first spotted her on the model lineup backstage at Alexander Wang and my heart skipped a beat. I love her.

I stalked tried to find her backstage but in the sea of bleached brows she was no where to be found. And now this week she popped up (with my other favorite supermodel–GISELE!) at Balenciaga.

Glad to have you back girlfriend.

By alex

A Closer Look at Kate Spade’s Fall 2014 Handbags

A Closer Look at Kate Spade’s Fall 2014 Handbags

Now that the frenzy of New York Fashion Week has been gone for a while, we’ve had an opportunity to look back at the collections we saw and handbags we’ve drooled over, and we’ve found another one that we think you need to see: Kate Spade’s Fall 2014 Handbags. The brand’s bags always manage to straddle the divide between affordable and editorial with aplomb, and for fall, it’s taken on everything from faux fur to faux Chinese food takeout boxes. Check out our photos of the collection below.

The post A Closer Look at Kate Spade’s Fall 2014 Handbags appeared first on PurseBlog.

Back to the Future

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve tried every season to rethink the way I approach fashion weeks. Because of this, and because I was curious about how everything had changed over time, I decided to take a little tour through my archives and it’s kind of CRAZY. Come take a tour with me!

2006, Nada.

No Fashion Week for me – at that time, my blog was only illustrations, and frankly, all I knew of fashion weeks was what I had read in magazines and seen on Fashion TV, which I used to watch for hours. This drove my mother crazy because in her opinion, watching girls walking towards nowhere (“Where are they going?” she asked me one day) was pretty much like watching fish swimming around in a fish bowl.

“Pfff, you just don’t get it, mom.”

Oh, and what do I find in 2006?

A post where I talk about Scott and Face Hunter, the only bloggers/streetstyle photographers at the time. Actually, we didn’t even call them that yet: I call them “coolhunters”.

In 2006, I say:
(Yes, I’m quoting myself) (Oh, come on, it’s fine.) (It’s like a literary selfie, right?)(A Tweet!!!).

“And sometimes, with the most talented ones, we find what we’d forgotten to look for in the frantic race of appearances: style, grace. A sense of the moment.”

2007, First Steps.

March. My first Fashion Week. Oooooomaaaaigaaaaaaad what’s happening. I’m over the moon excited. I’ve never seen so many people so well-dressed, so cool, so eeeeeeeeeeee!!!

I start taking photos of people, I’m sickeningly shy and all I can say in English is “hello”, “please” and “fuck” (the last one only whenever I messed up a photo, which was pretty often).

People invite me to a some shows because my blog is starting to get some attention, but all of that is just for fun, in my spare time. I don’t publish my photos on the blog ok, actually I do, but don’t look and I faint every time I see someone I recognize.

The fashion show scene is relaxed. The people I take photos of are nice, curious, flattered, and surprised all at once. They’re dressed normally.

I mean, they’re dressed very well, they’re very chic, but they look normal. That’s what I love. It’s the opposite of magazines, it’s real life! It’s just a concentrated group of very elegant, very cool people.

Even so, I still say:

“The Face Hunter came to take a photo of me. Which is almost an insult to my pants, given how opposite our tastes are, especially when I see the grins he makes when he looks at his photos, which – fortunately for me, will never be published. I tell myself that, from now on, Yvan has something to blackmail me with.”

This is still true today: days when I have my photo taken coming out of a show with 200 photographers pouncing on everyone, I always feel like there’s something wrong with my outfit, something too showy, too crazy, too ‘fashion weeeeeek look at meeeeeeeeee.’

Sometimes when you look at life in retrospect, it’s totally hilarious.

2008, The year when things start happening.

Street style is all over the place. I discover photography, I go to a lot of shows, I start putting names and smiles with the faces I was barely brave enough to ask to stop for a photo the previous season, and I even start doing some style stories about them.

It’s still relatively quiet outside of fashion shows – I don’t realize how lucky I am.

I start making contact with fashion editors and reporting things like:

“Let me make this brief. If you’ve followed me, if you go to a show, and someone touches your body and asks ‘Who is it?’ Don’t answer “It’s me, in fact it’s my right breast, do you want a Prozac or something?” Instead, say: “It’s Marc, or it’s Stefano. Or if you’re taken off guard and it’s just Massimo, say: “That’s vintage.”

It’s also my first New Yoooooooorkeeeeeeeee fashion wwweeeekkk omgomgomg!!!! Total hysteria, total excitement, total jet lag.

I write things like this:

“People come up to me and say I like your style, and I could fill up an entire post with how much I feel like a hobo next to the meticulous precision of American girls. I’ve got loads of new friends, and it worries me – Cole Mohr is trying to French kiss me, but I think it’s because he doesn’t have an apartment right now, whereas I do. This must explain that. Maybe, maybe not!”

And then, don’t forget, 2008 – the financial crisis:

“To celebrate that, you just escaped the super depressing post I was about to write about the economy that’s just crashed and how fashion people are just throwing their arms up in the air, they’re so petrified [as if they could be any more petrified, those fashion people. Booooootox!].” asks me to desribe my day, I go from show to show. The photos are getting popular and since they don’t need any explanations, my blog actually goes international, and my English starts to get better.
“Hi, I’m Gowaaance, can I take your picture?”
I would love to have it translated, but for now, my blog is only in French.

2009, changes.

That’s when I meet Tim, my beloved translator who will be with me for a long time (say hello to Andrea!), and the blog is translated into English. I’m in super mega fashion week mode, I follow the fashion bandwagon as if my life depended on it, and every day, I debrief you in detail about all the looks I love.

I have an insatiable appetite for fashion and that’s a good thing, because more and more doors are opening for me.

People start getting pushy in front of the shows. Everybody knows who Carine is, who Anna is, who Kate is. The type of people you see starts to change, and there are more and more of them, from young students who are just there to enjoy the view, to new bloggers making an appearance. Alexa Chung makes her debut and the outfits are more and more editorial.

I guess it made me question myself, because here is what I had to say about it:

“In fact, it was when I was taking a photo of one of those pretty people, who was totally thrilled to pose for as long as I wanted and as long as the hoard of 365,756 photographers next to me wanted, even is she was freezing in the icy wind in her summer dress, wearing Dior from head to toe at the Dior show, and who repeated to me three times “It’s all Dior”, that I said ok, ok.
Enough of the bullshit. It’s very pretty, but what am I doing here?”

And to think that in 2009, I thought there were too many photographers, hahahhahahah hoooo that’s a good one. lololololol. Lol.

What I’ve always loved doing is showing you all the things that I discover as they come to me.
I start taking photos at fashion shows, and my angle changes slightly.
There’s this one on the Chanel show and the amazing bags in the audience. A fantastic encounter with Sonia Rykiel. A visit to Anna Dello Russo’s room at the Ritz.

This is the start of the social media craze, and everyone has their own voice now. Fashion Week is everywhere, pictures of the shows are everywhere, anyone can share and comment, it’s the era of the photo of the photo of the photo…

Dolce & Gabbana definitely got the memo – they pull out all the stops for us (Scott, Bryan, Tommy, and I) and put us in the front row. The truth is it wasn’t my first time in the front row, but at the Dolce show, they really understood the power of the image. They put computers in front of our seats (“For live tweets!”)(which I never do) and they have photographers all over the place to immortalize the moment. We feel a bit used, but the message is loud and clear: times have changed.

Here is what I wrote the next day:

“Fashion is a small, and very organized world. There are rules, customs, kings, queens, jesters, princesses, etiquette, codes – you never stop learning, and it’s really fascinating.

The front row of a show is, above all, the place where you can see the clothes best. Beyond the third row, you can’t see the shoes, and past the fifth row, you can see the hair, if you’re lucky. Seats in the front row are in high demand. Because that’s also where you can be seen. You earn you seat on the front row through celebrity, experience, or power. All this gives way to a lot of drama and some lovely ego crises.

This season, the creators of Dolce & Gabbana had a revelation. When they spoke to their clients, they realized they spent all their time online. They were well-informed, they wanted things to move quickly, and were ready to buy right away. They figured out that it was a new age, and they needed to move ahead with the times.

They decided to open their doors wide to four bloggers.”

2010, Integration.

Voilà. I take photos inside, outside, everywhere I go, and frankly, I go everywhere – things have changed.

I’m pretty surprised about it :

“Lately, I realize how much time has gone by, how much things have changed. At fashion weeks, I know a ton of people. When I arrive at a show, someone grabs my hand, smiles at me, and leads me to my seat. Someone calls me to make sure I’m not going to miss the show. They double check, triple check. People aren’t happy when I miss a show. Haha! Yep, things have changed!

It’s weird – the fashion world’s ability to take people in or reject them. In between moments of snobbery or being totally brown nosed, you learn quickly to only trust your heart. To reach out to people who do you good, to just be yourself, and to see fashion for what you love about it and leave the rest out.

I’m starting to understand (finally!) that since fashion is an industry, once the initial discovery is over, you may quickly find yourself going in circles. Photographing the same people, the same attitudes. It’s a really tiny world!”

Fortunately, photography itself has also changed a lot. It’s become super easy to make videos, so, kind of on a whim, we start making films with Chris, my assistant (oh yeah, in 2010 I had an assistant!) and this is what we came up with. Now that was fun…

2011, explosion

I start fashion week by saying this:

“There are currently more streetstyle photographers than fashion editors (and sometimes they’re even better dressed, I’m talking Anna Dello Russo well dressed).”

It starts looking like a war zone outside of the shows, and I start getting bored there, because I never was very drawn to the bling bling and now it’s bling bling BIG TIME. People start changing clothes three times a day to go to the shows, and even if I appreciate the effort and the outfits, I wonder what exactly is the message? Let’s dress like crazy people? That’s never been my thing!”

I decide to laugh about it, and I write this: “How to get assaulted by a hoard of Streetstyle photographers (myself included).

Yeah, I’m laughing about it, but the truth is, I’m starting to lose inspiration.

2012, excitement.

And what do I do when I’m tired of something? I change! This is the year when I get into videobsession – a new way to show you fashion week, that’s been show so much under any type of angle that it doesn’t have much more to show, the poor thing.

Front row, back row, backstage, everyone knows everything all the time, and instantly, we’re all saying the same things. Oh that’s when I write that. So I figure the best way to change things up a bit is to take you with me – literally.

We launch Pardon My French. Crazy amounts of work, exhaustion, giggle fits – I think this was the time in my life where I was the most generous with my time – and my physical and moral strength – for the blog. There are some really good videos, and some not so great, but one thing’s certain – it’s different. And we end up with moments like this…

And this:

I love this time in my life, even if it’s very difficult. It’s literally exhausting, but the team work, and learning so many new things is a lot of fun and very exciting!


There’s now a real system in place for bloggers, it girls, it Instagrammers, and streestyle – the outfits people wear to shows are extremely thought-out and calculated. It’s the craze of clashing looks, layering different pieces, and anything that attracts attention.

A system is in place for what’s now become a business. Each paper or online magazine has its own streetstyle photographer, each brand has someone in charge of digital media who lends clothes out to people who are likely to have their photo taken, and even if I do everything, everything, everything I can to stay fresh and enthusiastic, sometimes I have a hard time staying inspired.

I’m impressed with Scott’s detached attitude– we talk about it a lot, after all it’s a system we’ve helped create!– but I can’t help but be a little upset by it all.

Suzy Menkes writes her controversial article on the “The Circus of Fashion”. It’s a pretty harsh article denouncing the hysteria around fashion shows, and it kind of throws everyone and everything in the same category. I find this confusing.

Even though I don’t agree with what she writes because I think that deep down, opening up the fashion world is a good thing for everyone, from brands to journalists to stylists – I tell myself once again that it’s time to rethink how I approach fashion weeks.

I have a conversation with my team (I have a team!!!) and we decide it’s time to take an easier approach to fashion. We don’t get too extreme over fashion anymore at the Studio.

We have fun with it, we find inspiration in it, we still love it (of course), but we don’t feel like saying that a pair of shoes is “to die for” anymore, because that would sound almost a little too true.


And now we’re back to today!

I’ve just gotten back from the H&M show. I saw Dries Van Noten today, and I still feel the same emotion when I see his shows. I stayed for a few seconds outside of the venue, but I didn’t stick around – there were too many people, I almost got hit by a car while people where taking my picture. And at H&M, I got pushed really hard by a bodyguard when Solange Knowles was passing by – going to shows is getting dangerous! Alright.

This year, I’ve decided to do things thoughtfully, to go see the designers I want to support and who inspire me, to take photos of people who cross my path, and to stay cool.

I’ll only have time for a few videos this fashion week – but they’ll come back quickly!!! I love making them.

That reminds me of a conversation I had with Carine Roitfeld, when I had started to understand the repetitive nature of the fashion world. How did she do it, year after year, and manage to stay inspired?

She told me that as time goes by, things calm down. You start to seek out different things. A new model that inspires a fashion series, an attitude, a detail. Someone you meet, a gesture, a fabric, a piece of music, the way something is staged.

So that’s how I’m feeling lately. A lot more relaxed.
I really wonder how it will be eight years from now!!!

What about you? Since you follow me, and you follow fashion, whether you’ve grown with me or just arrived here – what’s changed from your point of view?

Tell me everything! Honestly, I can’t wait to see what you have to say and have a conversation.

Translation by Andrea Perdue

This illustration first appeared in Vogue Paris.

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