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Manolo Blahnik suede BB pumps.

So, finally got my hands on the navy blue BB pump in suede that’s been in the back of my head for 7 months. Tried on the black one too but ultimately I actually felt the navy suede would suit my wardrobe better.


Interview: Giuseppe Zanotti Marks 20 Years in Business with Capsule Collection

Interview: Giuseppe Zanotti Marks 20 Years in Business with Capsule Collection

This year, footwear virtuoso Giuseppe Zanotti marks 20 years of his eponymous brand, and he’s doing so in highly glamorous fashion. To commemorate the occasion, the company has released Jewel, the first of four anniversary capsule collections, this one featuring Zanotti’s popular flat sandals reimagined in gold with glittering details. These shoes will arrive in a selection of Zanotti’s flagship stores in June, and we were lucky to have the opportunity to ask Giuseppe himself a few questions about his illustrious history as one of the shoe biz’s biggest names.

1. 20 years in business with your own brand is quite a milestone. What’s been the biggest key to your personal success in the industry?

I have no specific formula for my success, I just want to create shoes that make women sensual and beautiful. I don’t follow any particular fashion trends, I just love women and I love when they wear my shoes with creativity because in the end they are the real fashion designers.

Giuseppe Zanotti Jewel Spipiott Sandals

2. How has your approach to design changed since you started designing shoes?

When I start creating a collection there are some constant sources of inspiration. Music has always been part of my design process. Some years ago, I used to be a deejay and I am still deeply connected to music. Whether designing a pair of shoes or making an album it’s the same creative process. Collaborating with musicians was a natural evolution. In the last few years I have been inspired by street style too. I love to travel, listen and see what is going on around the world and absorb people’s culture and energy.

Giuseppe Zanotti Jewel Venere Sandals

3. Before you founded your company, you worked with some incredible brands, from Valentino to Dior. What motivated you to start your own label?

When I started my career I worked for some incredible fashion houses, they gave me the experience and training to start my own business. It was my dream to be on my own. I wanted to design freely without any restraint, as I have always had a strong point of view and direction.

Giuseppe Zanotti Jewel Slim Sandals

4. Who is the Giuseppe Zanotti woman? Do you design for an ideal customer in your mind?

The Giuseppe Zanotti woman is in constant evolution, but always sensual, powerful and with a strong personality. Women change so quickly and designers have to constantly follow their needs and desires. I love when I see a young girl and someone her mother’s age wearing the same shoes.

Giuseppe Zanotti Jewel Amira Sandals

5. Shoe trends have changed a lot in the past few years, especially when it comes to single-soles vs. platforms. How much do those changes influence your design choices?

Whether I am making platforms or flats I always focus on proportions, materials and adding a WOW factor. I work closely with my team of highly-skilled artisans to make sure that every detail is perfect.
All of my shoes are Made in Italy to guarantee the highest quality.




Red Gommini suede loafers from Tod’s.

So, yes, I finally caved in. A year later I decided to go for it, hell, what’s not to like? Going to wear them with a pair of jeans, still inspired by this picture so I’m looking for something similar and I might have found it already.



Club Monaco Flats

I’ve been on the hunt for new flats.

I once had this great pair of black pointed toe flats that I wore, literally, until they had holes in the bottom (so cute!). I have been searching for a replacement ever since and after perusing every single site online (okay almost every single site), I was starting to feel pretty defeated. Until I remembered this cool pair from Club Monaco that Garance purchased a while ago…

Pointed toe? Check. Black? Check. Element of Alt? Check.

My search has ended. Hope G doesn’t mind me stealing her style…

By alex

Chic Sneak

Sneakers have become a staple in our wardrobes here at the studio. Without fail, one of us is in a pair everyday. And I’ve noticed they are getting…can we say… fancier? These in the photo are by Feit (they are leather and handmade–really cool) and definitely take the classic sporty sneaker to another level. What do you think of the new fancy sneaker?

PS: You can shop Feit here and the jeans in the photo are MiH!

The Mix

I love the way Ngoné mixed up prints in this photo– it’s inspiring since I’m always caught wearing a matchy-matchy outfit (laaaaame!). And that cropped sleeve leopard coat is perfect for easing into spring weather (yeahhhhh!), just layer with a long sleeve tee or sweater and voilà!

PS: The jacket is by Adam Lippes and the bag from Saint Laurent!

The Mix

I love the way Ngoné mixed up prints in this photo– it’s inspiring since I’m always caught wearing a matchy-matchy outfit (laaaaame!). And that cropped sleeve leopard coat is perfect for easing into spring weather (yeahhhhh!), just layer with a long sleeve tee or sweater and voilà!

PS: The jacket is by Adam Lippes and the bag from Saint Laurent!

Shopping Cart : Skater Girl

There is something so cool about a skater girls style…

Here’s a few things I think would be perfect!

By admin


The skate shoe epidemic has hit the Studio in full force. I wanted to show you some of our favorites…and a few little styling tips!

Click the arrows to see them all!

In the photos: Blue satin slip-on, Céline; Zara; White leather slip-on sneaker,Feit; Canvas slip-on,Vans; Perforated leather slip-on,Common Projects; Zebra print slip-on sneaker,Rachel Zoe; Black quilted slip-on, H&M; Hawaiian print slip-on,Aldo; Pony hair slip-on,Schutz; Glitter-covered slip-on, Saint Laurent.

Golden Goose

Maybe you’ve seen these sneakers before?

They come with just the right amount of distressed effect (so you don’t have to do the work) and the blingy embellishments of your 12-year-old dreams. Added bonus: they are just as comfortable as you imagine.

Are you a fan?

Check them out here!

By brie

Socks + Heels

Pulling off socks and heels is a total science (Saint Laurent got it right last season). It’s all about the right shoe (not too strappy) and the perfect sock (not too bulky).

Since we are getting pretttttty sick of wearing boots, it could be the perfect combination for this almost spring weather, don’t you think?

PS: These heels are from Topshop and the socks are Maria La Rosa.

Spring Forward

I can’t believe it might actually, finally, really, seriously almost be spring!

Here are a few things that I’d wear, rain or shine!

By admin

Pattern Play

Fashion week (month !) has me inspired to mix up patterns…

Here are a few things I’m looking for this weekend!

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Want It Wednesday: All Floral Everything

Want It Wednesday: All Floral Everything

Huddle up, you guys. It’s March. I know that it doesn’t feel like it in about half of the United States, but it is, and we’re going to forge ahead into spring even if the weather has decided that it doesn’t want to join us for a few weeks. That’s why we’ve chose to pick only floral clothes, bags and shoes for this edition of Want It Wednesday – perhaps a sunny outfit can help Mother Nature along a little bit. At the very least, it’s worth a shot.

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Chanel Shopping Center

If you love fashion just a tiny bit, you’ve seen images from the Chanel Shopping Center a million times by now. And if you are like me, you just can’t get enough of it. This show was genius !

Let me tell you a little bit about it…

10.06 : In front of the Grand Palais. My invitation simply says “Chanel Shopping Center.” I haven’t had the time to imagine what the show was going to be. I know I’ll be surprised and I can’t wait, but I’m a little preoccupied – I have to meet the team from a Chinese magazine who are supposed to take my photo.

10.07 : They text me: “We are inside!” I answer: “Coming!!!”

10.08 : I text Erik, my photo assistant : “You can stay outside a little bit, meet me inside around 10.20.”

10.09 : Big crowd in front of Chanel. Security guards everywhere, but Chanel security guards : nice security guards.

10.12 : I’m inside the Grand Palais, my jaw drops.

10.12 : What I mean by that: I’m inside the Grand Palais, in shock, mouth open. WTF?

10.14 : I’m gasping, a slow gasp.

10.15 : Still gasping, slow-mo.

10.15 : Take out my weapon (my phone) text my troops (Erik):
“Drop everything and come inside. This is madness. PHOTOGRAPH EVERYTHING it’s crazy!”

10.16 : It’s INTENSE. I am in a huge Chanel supermarket. As huge as the Grand Palais. It’s beautiful! Each product has been thought out (there are more than 500, I’ve heard) each has sublime packaging. Each product has a funny caption or a hilarious pun. It doesn’t even look like a stage! There is rice in the rice boxes!

10.18 : This is a Chanel dream. I can’t stop myself from exploring the whole place, and more and more people are with me. We all look like kids on Christmas morning, eyes wide open and pink cheeks.

Chanel Fall 2014

10.18 : No Internet #MillionChanelInstagrams.

10.19 : I’m laughing on my own, taking a million pictures, explaining the puns to my non-French speaking friends, for example:

- Shampoo : “For indecisive and unsubmisive hair” or for “Lame and uncolored hair”
- Water : “Eau De Chanel N°0”.
- Toast (biscottes in French) : “BisCOCOttes to devour”.
- Sardines (tiny boxed fish) : “Jersey” Sardines, “Tweed” Sardines, “Pearl” Sardines.
- Cereal : “COCOChoco”

This goes on for every box, and there are sooooo many!!! Each and every one of them is beautiful. My head is going to explode with genius, creativity, humor, and colors.

Chanel Fall 2014

10.19 : Soundtrack? The same as in a chich supermarket.

10.20 : Text : “We can’t find you!” Crap, forgot my Chinese team.

10.25 : Taking pictures with them near the Chanel cheese, that totally smells like cheese. Woof!

10.40 : I’m in a Chanel shopping cart for my Chinese team, it makes people turn and take my picture, I have a second of doubt. Am I losing my chic?

10.40 : “At Chanel you don’t lose your chic, you find it,” Karl says to me. Or did I dream that ?

10.44 : Shooting done. I run into friends, they’re all like me, feeling like they’ve taken mushrooms and are on the Teletubbies, but in a supermarket. Too many things to see, do, take pictures of. I think I’m gonna need to sit.

10.50 : Okay I’m sitting. Not moving. Observing. Keira Knightley is here. Cute \!

10.53 : Cara Delevigne walks proudly, the shows starts.

10.56 : It’s beautiful ! Colors everywhere ! Ok, I don’t really see the clothes so much, I’m so fascinated by the decor. And the models that…

Chanel Fall 2014

11.01 : Once the models are done going around the venue, instead of going back backstage, they stay in the shopping center. Grab a shopping cart, a ham, talk, compare products.

11.03 : Soundtrack : Mademoiselle Agnès and Loïc Prigent: “When the jambon (ham) is good, it’s the jambon Cambon!” and other jokes. Hilarious.

11.14 : Okay the show is over. Karl is here walking in front of me with Cara, he seems super happy.

11.15 : What’s happening? Rihanna is running through the venue (followed by her bodyguards and 200,000 photographers).

11.16 : Ah, Rihanna’s just shopping.

Chanel Fall 2014

11.17 : Oh, everybody’s shopping, actually. Everybody wants a piece of the decor. Me too !!! I grab a paint bucket “Doré St Honoré” (of course)

11.18 : Scott grabs a ketchup bottle “Paris Dallas.” “Much more ironic,” he tells me.

11.20 : Wow, some are getting REALLY excited over this and are loading themselves with products.

11.21 : Some stands collapse. It’s starting too look like a post-Sandy New York Supermarket – you don’t really know if it’s funny, desperate or if it’s art, but I’m happy to report that the atmosphere is great.

11.21 : People are starting to go way overboard. Security guards ask (nicely) for people to stop dismanteling the decor, but kindness seems to have no effect on what’s starting to feel like hysteria.

11.21 : Three fashion editors are climbing the shelves to get their hands on the “Mademoiselle” doormat. One of them trips and falls down.

Chanel Fall 2014 Photo

11.23 : All right, I’m out.

11.23 : And by that I mean, I’m checking out. Yes, there is a check out, where people are asked to put down everything they’ve been gathering. I say there should be a shrink right there people are so sad. But instead there are free candies. Piles of products are abandonned. Apparently the food will go to charities.

11.24 : I know someone who was able to sneak a Chanel Ketchup, but I won’t say who…

11.30 : Outside. I sit down to think about the meaning of life, while eating candies. And I mean : Chanel candies.


If this Chanel show was genius, it’s not only for everything I just narrated to you (and let’s not even start talking about the hours of work to achieve that) and for this celebration / critique of consumerism, but it’s also because, if right now, fashion shows are a communication event then this one must have exploded any standard. The number of tweets and Instagrams went litteraly crazy. Chanel Explosion N°128616. :)

Click on the arrows to see more images…

Want It Wednesday: All Animal Print Everything

Want It Wednesday: All Animal Print Everything

Here at the PurseBlog offices, we’re intent on marching forth into spring, even if the weather intends not to cooperate with our sartorial whims until late May. (Please, please let it warm up, or at least stop snowing, before then. For our sanities’ sakes.) In that spirit, today’s edition of Want It Wednesday covers all things animal print; how better to make a season transition? Because everything from leopard to snakeskin tends to be composed of neutral shades, animal prints are season-busting must-haves if you’re going to keep yourself sane until it gets warm.

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Outfit of the Week: His and Hers for Valentine’s Day

Outfit of the Week: His and Hers for Valentine’s Day

I have neither a significant other nor a residence in a climate that currently allows me to wear adorable shoes and dresses without tights, but what I do have is an active imagination, which I used to come up with what I think is a rather lovely Outfit of the Week befitting of Valentine’s Day. I’m also not a dude, but for the occasion, it seemed like one outfit deserved another, and who doesn’t want to envision themselves alongside a man in a grey Burberry suit? Preferably one with a matching British accent.

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Le Coat

Super happy to see this Dries coat on the street… It’s so pretty, right?


Before we jump head first into Fashion Week that’s just starting, I wanted to talk to you today about a huge crush I had this week…

A lot of you have asked me how I work on my photos and illustrations, and the reason I sometimes hesitate to answer is because I don’t really have any particular technique. I draw on my computer with a tablet, but sometimes I add (real) paint. Sometimes I get my inspiration from photos, and sometimes it’s just something out of my head. It doesn’t make a difference to me if I work digitally or directly on paper. The important thing is just to create an image I’m happy with.

The same goes for photos. Even if I take most of them with my 5D, I love my phone cameras, and I have a lot of other smaller cameras too. The important thing is to simply make sure I always have a camera with me, whatever type it is.
In short – no rules.

It might be because I didn’t go to art school, but I don’t consider any medium to be more noble than any other.

I would still like to start painting again one day – I love the sensuality of working with paint.

Yes, I love to paint. When I first started out, I did all of my illustrations with acrylic paint and watercolor, which is one of my favorite paints. I loved painting on canvas.

Oh, and as far as writing goes, (people often ask me where they can download my fonts) – they are mostly done by hand, using my tablet. Sometimes I do them on paper and scan them.

Anyway. This week, I discovered the most incredible app – Waterlogue.

Look at this watercolor, isn’t it amazing? It was done automatically, right before my eyes, with Waterlogue. I have no idea which geniuses calculated the effects of watercolor with such precision, but I have to admit, as someone who has spent hours doing watercolors, I am shocked by how beautiful it is.

So, the watercolor above was simply generated from a photo I took, and I wrote the title on my iPad, using Sketches – an app I downloaded recently that isn’t too bad at all.

I know a lot of you will say that nothing can beat art made by hand, but this app is so good, it’s frankly unsettling – and I plan to use it in my future graphic explorations.

These days, anyone can create gorgeous images, and for those of you who ask me how to find the path to your creativity, I encourage you to try all of the tools available to you. It doesn’t matter what instruments you use, it’s what you do with them that counts!

Then let life decide who is an artist or not. Personally, I’ve never let myself be bothered by that word – it’s way too intimidating – I never would have created anything if I had been worried about that.

Big kisses to all of you, and I hope you have a weekend full of painting and creativity, whether it’s digital or not, real or dreamed!

PS: These shoes are by Bionda Castana!

The Blonde Salad x Steve Madden: complete campaign and collection

3U5A8574_RGB copia

Here we go: The Blonde Salad x Steve Madden capsule collection is officially in Steve Madden stores and on (and from February 10th It will also be in other estores with worldwide shipping).
The official launch party was organized with an event before fashionweek season last Tuesday in New York (soon all the photos) and now I can share with you guys all the campaign shots and the 17 different models of the capsule collection. Which are your favourites?
Thanks for the support and the amazing feedback on this new adventure :)

Ci siamo: la capsule collection The Blonde Salad x Steve Madden è finalmente arrivata negli store Steve Madden e su (e dal 10 Febbraio la troverete anche in tanti altri estore che consegnano in tutto il mondo).
Il party di lancio ufficiale è stato organizzato lo scorso martedi con un evento di inizio fashionweek a New York (prestissimo le foto) ed ora non mi rimane che pubblicare sul blog gli scatti della campagna e tutti i 17 modelli della capsule collection. Quali sono i vostri preferiti?
Grazie del supporto e del fantastico feedback in questa nuova avventura :)

3U5A9145_RGB copia
3U5A9598_RGB copia
3U5A8469_R2_RGB copia
3U5A8473_RGB copia
3U5A9333_R2_RGB copia
3U5A8509_RGB copia
3U5A8271_RGB copia
3U5A8722_RGB copia
3U5A8794_RGB copia
3U5A9235_RGB copia
3U5A9290_RGB copia
3U5A9285_RGB copia
3U5A8925_RGB copia


Campaign photos by Andrew Arthur

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When we said we’d be talking about the color “nude”* this week, it was because we’ve been seeing a whole new spectrum of colors this season that are redefining the word “nude”.

It’s a word that’s kind of thrown around and often used incorrectly – so often in fact, that if you type “nude” in Google, you find yourself confronted with an endless series of naked people (no, don’t try it, I’ve already checked for you and MY EYES ARE STILL CRYING!!!) and when you try on Pinterest, you end up with an endless series of pinkish, peach-toned photos…

And then recently, Christian Louboutin came out with a nude collection in five different colors, and I thought it was very chic.

He calls it “shades of nude.”**
That’s how it should be, don’t you think?

I hope this kind of detail is a sign that the fashion industry is evolving and making us more aware – that’s what fashion needs. That’s what we all need – me as much as the next person.


* The French equivalent is chair (flesh tone), but the word nude is used all the time in French fashion ;)

** I agree, there could have been millions of shades, since there are so many different colors of skin, but at least five is better than one!


AndyTorresWeberHodelFeder AndyTorresWeberHodelFeder1 AndyTorresWeberHodelFeder3 AndyTorresWeberHodelFeder4Velcro Boots: WeberHodelFeder

Months, its been literally months since I fell in love with these boots…Its no news that I am into masculine footwear, more and more lately, specially attracted to all things flat. I guess I don’t need the height since I am 1.80cm, plus a little comfort doesn’t hurt either.

I met the WeberHodelFeder designers at a party in Antwerp a few months back and we hit it off immediately, a talented bunch I tell you. I not only love their shoes, but I also predict great things for them coming in the future. Not a lot of emerging designers can say they sell at Colette in Paris, they can and I feel so happy for them!

You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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Outfit of the Week: I’m Not Getting Dressed and You Can’t Make Me

Outfit of the Week: I’m Not Getting Dressed and You Can’t Make Me

It is deliriously cold outside right now. So cold that you want to punch yourself in the face. (Why? I dunno. Maybe because the ER is warm and then you also probably don’t have to go to work.) The snow has mostly cleared from the streets and sidewalks of New York City, but right now, Mother Nature, who is kind of a jerk lately, insists that we won’t see a temperature above freezing for at least a week, and mostly they’re going to be really, really far below that. Like a degree. One single, solitary degree. That is a temperature that can happen, apparently. This is all new to me.

As you can probably tell, I’m getting pretty sick of all of this, and it’s only January. There are precious few ways that I can protest the Earth’s global climate processes, but my favorite one is to refuse to dress like a professional adult for the duration of the season. It’s going to be all sweats-masquerading-as-clothes and sneakers-masquerading-as-designer-shoes from here on out, or at least until we get back to, like, a balmy 35 degrees. For this weekend, and maybe all of the weekends, I have selected the outfit of the week below.

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On The Street…The Fortezza, Florence



Don’t you love the idea that she’s a private detective on a stakeout, but hates going undercover when she has such beautiful clothes?

In the Bathroom

Leave it to Alexander Wang…

To make accessories look cool in a public bathroom. Not the most natural choice for showing off his pieces, but hey, it works!

Now about those shoes…

- Tamar

By studio


I stopped by Caroline’s apartment last week to take some photos and see her jewelry collection (she designs a line called BRVTVS, you’ll see some pieces in these photos– it’s simple and delicate). A style that’s cool and simple, with vintage accents, I love it.

PS: How cute is her dog?!

PPS: Check out some more photos on my Pinterest!








Caroline Ventura Photo

The Best of The Sartorialist 2013


I love this shot because of how fast it happened, I don’t think I even stopped walking. I had walked up the street on his right side and noticed him as I passed. I kept walking but slowed for a red light at the corner, turned back towards him, and shot just as I started to cross the street. By pure luck he was looking straight at me.


As I walked on, I looked back at him and he was still looking at me but slightly more amused  and confused than before.

Click here to see the original post: On The Street…Somewhere In Paris

Shine Straight Into Spring with Gucci

Shine Straight Into Spring with Gucci

Everyone has their own strategies for surviving the grey days of winter with their glamour intact. Some people take the opportunity to stock up on cashmere, others embrace lipcolor in shades of crimson and wine to provide a little bit of drama. Our personal favorite avenue, though, is to add a dose of shine to our accessories. Right now, that means trying to choose between all of Gucci’s metallic handbags, shoes and accessories.

For a single, cohesive collection, Gucci manages to do silvers, golds and bronzes in a surprisingly diverse array. The brand currently offers gleaming metallic python, dark-to-light ombre metallic leather, crackled-texture metallics and color-shifting metallics that land just this side of holographic. That’s not to mention, of course, the straight-up glossy finishes that you’d hope for. The look is lush and luxurious, and all of these pieces will take you to spring and beyond with a little bit of shine. Shop the full selection via Gucci or explore our favorite looks below.

Gucci Soho Metallic Python Disco Bag
$1,390 via Gucci

Gucci Soho Metallic Python Disco Bag

Gucci 1953 Horsebit Loafer
$625 via Gucci

Gucci 1953 Horsebit Loafer

Gucci 58 Crackled Metallic Leather Clutch
$2,350 via Gucci

Gucci 58 Crackled Metallic Leather Clutch

Gucci Metallic Leather Sandals
$695 via Gucci

Gucci Metallic Leather Sandal

Gucci Soho Shaded Leather Clutch
$990 via Gucci

Gucci Soho Shaded Leather Clutch

Gucci Cracked Metallic Leather T-Strap Pumps
$695 via Gucci

Gucci Cracked Metallic Leather T-Strap Pumps 34-15

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Buyer’s Regret

It’s the opposite of buyer’s remorse…

…And I have it. While out shopping the other weekend I came face to face with a beautiful pair of green croc-embossed leather booties from the spring 2013 Derek Lam collection. They were seriously on sale. They were the shoes that dreams are made of. I told myself that I wanted them but I did not need them. So, I walked away.

…Okay, first I walked around the store in them, and then I put them back in their box and walked away.

I haven’t stopped thinking about them. Yesterday, I showed a photo of them to my friend. “Wow, you have amazing self control,” she said as we both indulged in hot chocolates with giant marshmallows at City Bakery (that self control doesn’t apply to everything).

I’m experiencing a serious case of buyer’s regret. I’m feeling anxiety over not buying those shoes. It’s different than same feeling I had when I didn’t get my Stam bag. I was never on the hunt for them and I didn’t really even know I wanted them until I saw them (and yeah, the crazy sale price played an obvious role in my desire). Here I am, two weeks later, still thinking about them. Still googling them. Still planning out imaginary outfits around them.

Have you ever experienced this kind of buyer’s regret? What is the cure?

By alex

Shopping For Bad Weather Wear In LA

I find it’s always a good idea to shop for bad weather clothing in LA because they never have bad weather, but always a full size run! I hope it snows in New York soon so I can break in these new Nike-duck-hi-top-boot-sneakers!

Outfit of the Week: Let’s Find a Reason to Wear a Ridiculous Coat

Outfit of the Week: Let’s Find a Reason to Wear a Ridiculous Coat

I’m a fairly pragmatic dresser. When I’m looking to buy something expensive, I generally pick something that I know I can use or wear frequently. That doesn’t mean I buy “basics,” necessarily, but I know my own tastes and tendencies and I try to pick things that fit with them. This crazy-gorgeous Christopher Kane Animal Print Coat doesn’t fit those standards, exactly, but I’m totally obsessed with it anyway. Thus, the latest edition of Outfit of the Week.

Holiday parties are as good an excuse to wear ridiculous, luxurious statement pieces as anything, so this is what I’d be wearing to my ideal pre-Christmas fete. If you’re going to wear an animal-print fur coat, it’s wise to keep the rest of your outfit simple, and you can’t really go wrong with an Alexander Wang draped jersey dress and some red heels with lipstick to match. A lot of people like to go super-sparkly with their holiday looks, but to me, it feels more modern to reel that in a bit; the Edie Parker clutch and these petal-accented earrings have just the right amount of shine.

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Cyber Monday

It’s Cyber Monday!

One day where it becomes a little bit harder to resist online shopping. Here are some super on sale pieces I’ve got in my shopping cart!



By admin

White & Grey

My favorite colors for this winter, as worn by Stevie.

PurseForum Roundup – November 22

PurseForum Roundup – November 22

It’s Friday, and that means it is time for another edition of the PurseForum Roundup, our weekly trip to bring you the best conversations, reveals and surprises from our own forum. This week, we look at some shoes, jewelry, pets and more.

Christian Louboutin So Kate Pumps

Shoe aficionados the world over are keeping their eyes open for the perfect pair of Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps. Sleek, sexy and sky-high, these shoes are making their way into reveal threads on the PurseForum as well. The Christian Louboutin subforum has a special thread dedicated to the So Kate, and while catching up, we found KJWM’s gorgeous pair of patent So Kates in delicious red. Gatorpooh selected black patent for her So Kates, and JadeVetti scored a pair in sumptuous rouge noir. Member sleepyl0vrxgrl has a problem with the heel height, but shared a photo of her python pair nonetheless.

Christian Louboutin Zipper Booties

Also in Christian Louboutin, we found that Hermosa_vogue’s collection thread was back on page one, and quickly found the reason why: these fabulous booties! If you have not caught up with this thread, be sure you start at page one for lots of gorgeous Louboutins, including this terrific closet shot!

Jade Jewelry

In the Jewelry Box, we noticed that the Jade Bangle thread has been staying on the top of page one lately, and our curiosity was piqued. We stopped in and learned quite a bit about the jade bangle bracelet genre and got an education on selecting and purchasing jade! We also found this incredible white jade set from Silver Mom, and can only imagine how amazing this must be in person! We also visited the stacking thread and found more great looks, including a Cartier bonanza from mousdioufe, and candace0985 shared a delicate stack that included three very sweet bracelets. In the Action thread, we found an incredible pearl ring from nerimanna that made us swoon! It is finds like these that make this one of our favorite subforums!

Puppies 1

No, the PurseForum hasn’t gone to the dogs. But in Anamilicious, the What is Your Pet Doing Right Now thread had some great pictures of tropics007′s new furbabies, and they are adorable! Its such fun to see our member’s pets, particularly when it’s a pair of rambunctious pups! In truth, this popular thread is often an exercise in finding different ways to describe a napping pet, but we love the camaraderie and occasional surprise! There are some interesting conversations about pet training (or subverting pet training) in the Enabling Bad Behavior and Adjusting Lab to a New Baby thread, too. We love browsing this subforum for a peek at our members beloved pets.

Mulberry Alexa Bag

A visit to Mulberry never disappoints. There are always beautiful reveals and plenty of good cheer in this brand’s subforum. In the Which Mulberry are you Carrying today thread, we found lots of great looks, including this beautiful Lexie in deep pheasant green shared by lucky laura81. We love Addy’s new Bryn, and over in beaver232′s reveal thread, we got a good look at what happened when Ban Island lost a resident. Brave member Nansen took on a dye project with much success and kindly shared before and after pictures for us. Last but certainly not least, we also caught up with the collection thread, where there are plenty of Mulberry family photographs to enjoy. Don’t miss PollyPip’s collection of brown bags and new member Moccaseason’s new bag in a very pretty pink shade. The more we see of Mulberry, the more we feel the itch to join the club!

Hermes Plate

Many of our favorite brands also make lines of accessories for the home as well, and Hermès certainly does it better than most best. This week we found this fabulous piece from lillyn29, and member ssv003 had something to share, too – a handy Evelyne messenger bag in a super rich red shade. If you are a fan of Hermès, don’t miss the Windows around the World thread, which has been going strong since the early days of the PurseForum and never disappoints!

That finishes up the Roundup for today. Next week many of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving, and if you are too, we wish you a wonderful holiday and week ahead.

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At Work

I’m always inspired by the way girls dress to go to work.

Melinda spends her life with her camera – it’s sort of part of her style !

The LR Boot

Yesterday was our first snow of the season…

And even though it didn’t stick to the ground, it still counts, okay? So, Emily and I walked into the Studio wearing these boots. And then Garance and I went out to shoot wearing them. So you could say, we are fans. They are by Loeffler Randall and they are kind of the perfect city girl snow/rain boot. You can totally pull off wearing them all day, eliminating the need for changing in and out of your boots at the office!

When the snow starts to stick, we will have to upgrade to our duck boots, but until then our feet are pretty happy (and dry).

By admin

Nothing to Wear

It might sound crazy to you considering the millions of hours I spend talking about fashion, but sometimes I still can’t figure out what clothes look good on me. It definitely comes down to body type. I mean, I have pretty broad shoulders, rather slender hips, and there’s just a little bit of (hahaha) breasts to account for, yet I have fine arms, and I put on weight on the top…

I know that generally, when I show my legs, things work pretty well and that I have to avoid the chunky sweater at all costs unless I want to look like Anne Sinclair.
I love wearing men’s shirts (easy and sexy) but since I chopped all my hair off, I’m finding them far less flattering (but I promised the girls at the studio that I wouldn’t talk about my short hair under any circumstances so just pretend like I didn’t say anything). Little slinky tops work more or less even though I dream about wearing them since I cut all my hair off… (The slip dress trend this winter has plunged me into total disarray) and ummmmmm, I also should say that, uhhhhh….
Let’s say I have V-necks and blazers left but I’m tired of V-necks and blazers.


I cracked up the last time a friend of mine (who has a totally different frame than me: leaner top than bottom) said to me:

“But… If I could just have your legs…”
And I said :
“But no, if I could just have your shoulders,”
Then she said :
“But if I could only have your boobs…”
I had to stop the whole thing right there. It was so much better to be her. It was so obvious. I had to set the record straight:
“Your shoulders are closer to your head. So, I’m sorry, but it is much easier for you to look good from the waist up. I mean, just think about photos! What should I do, wrap my legs around my head anytime someone wants to take a picture of me?!”

Aha! Admit it, I won that one.


PS: The sweater in the photo works pretty well (I think so at least) because it’s long and sleeveless which sort of elongates the top. It just goes to show that anything can work as long as it’s the right cut. Though Emily added that since she’s shorter, a sweater like this would make her look like, and I quote, a sack of potatoes.
For me, it looks like I forgot my pants, BUT YOU CAN SEE MY LEGS! ;))

PPS : Huge debate at the studio (Yes, I promise, sometimes we work)… You know those expressions (as totally stupid as they are, you’ll agree) to describe body shapes like apple, pear, hourglass, and I don’t even know what else? You know what I’m talking about…
What am I?
What do you consider yourself?

And with that in mind, what works best on you?

PPPS: What I’m wearing: sweater from All Saints, shirt by Sandro, Baylee bag by Chloé, Club Monaco shoes and jewelry by Aurélie Bidermann.


A friend of ours painted these Converse as a part of her Jackson Pollock Halloween costume (um, brilliant!) but we all think that these shoes are totally acceptable for everyday. And now we know what to do when our sneakers start to get a little too beat up…

Cool Loafers

When I spotted these loafers on Lolita in Paris they immediately struck me as the perfect fall flats. I love the classic shape of the shoe and the light color of the leather.

They’re from a collaboration between J.M. Weston x Maison Kitsuné! The only problem is that I can’t find them anywhere online, has anyone seen them?

Common Projects Love

One thing I had a hard time not stealing from Samira where these Common Project shoes. I’m growing an obsession for these shoes – even more so that they are kind of hard to find in my size. Samira, you’re lucky you’re not the same size as me!


Let’s start the week with a visit at my friend Samira’s, a wonderful and talented woman that I overdig (yes, I think that’s the word). She’s the fashion director at Elle, mother of the adorable Lex, lover of white shoes and so many more things that I’ll tell you more about soon.

Have a wonderful Monday !

For more Style Stories, click here!

Chiara Ferragni Shoes: the Factory

3U5A9858 copia

Do you remember when, at the beginning of summer, I went to Puglia, in the south of Italy? Well it was very important to me because I had finally the chance to see the factory where the shoes from my line Chiara Ferragni are made. It was such a great experience for me: it’s amazing when you see how something you have in your mind, can be made for real step by step by someone you have never met and it’s amazing how even if you never met those people they share the same point of view for concerning Made in Italy. I hope you enjoy these photos and video as much I enjoyed taking/shooting them! Get ready for some behind the scenes!
You can find Chiara Ferragni shoes in these stores and estores.

Vi ricordate quando, all’inizio dell’estate, sono andata in Puglia? Per me è stato davvero importante perchè ho finalmente avuto l’opportunità di vedere la fabbrica dove vengono prodotte le scarpe della mia linea Chiara Ferragni. E’ stata davvero un’esperienza bellissima per me: è incredibile come da un’idea possa nascere qualcosa si reale ed è pazzesco come le altre persone che lavorano con me a queato progetto condividano il mio stesso punto di vista per ciò che riguarda il Made in Italy. Spero vi piaccia questo dietro le quinte.
Potete trovare la mia linea di scarpe in questi store ed ecommerce.

3U5A9715 copia
3U5A9865 copia
3U5A9718 copia
3U5A9721 copia
3U5A9725 copia
3U5A9756 copia
3U5A9763 copia
3U5A9765 copia
3U5A9768 copia
3U5A9775 copia
3U5A9794 copia
3U5A9815 copia
3U5A9821 copia
3U5A9767 copia
3U5A9803 copia
3U5A9809 copia
3U5A9798 copia
3U5A9826 copia
3U5A9843 copia
3U5A9851 copia
3U5A9877 copia
3U5A9870 copia
3U5A9886 copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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Love Giorgia’s outfit. And that jacket, does it tell you anything? We’ll talk about it tomorrow…

Pardon My French / A Day in Heels

Click on the CC on the YouTube player for French subtitles.

The Debate: Socks & Heels

Socks and heels! This mini-trend popped up on a few runways this season (remember it from Chanel?) and here it is again at Saint Laurent. It’s also something that is a current question at the Studio because as you know, I love my socks in Birks
But I’m not sure I want to go back to putting socks in my heels anytime soon.

What about you? Would you do it?

Matchy Matchy !

You may remember the day I told you about one of my BFP (Big Fashion Problems).
I find it hard to not match my clothes – actually the thing is I find it difficult to wear more than three colors – it distracts me. So for me, not being matchy matchy is like a daily battle. Cause when you wear few colors, it often ends up that you shoes and top match.
And that, guys, is total FD (Fashion Drama)…

Aaaaaah how many times have I envied our grandmas and their perfectly matching ensembles… What a break for the retina!!! Long live the Queen! (!!!??)

Ok so till now, I thought matchy matchy was Not Good.

That’s why the day I saw Viviana with her ensemble, and (oh shock!) her matching clutch and shoes, I was super surprised. Cause Viv is a great stylist. Viv knows what she’s doing. If Viv is wearing something matchy, it means something. We needed to talk.

“Viviaaaaaanaaaa!!! So daring !”

“Of course!!! The most funny is to match bag and shoes, like our grandmothers did (aaaaaah, see, our grandmas are always right!) and in the case of the gingham pattern, it’s a little crazy, but it was a way for me to intensify the mood of the look!”

And there let’s just say it: stylists are the best ones to talk to about fashion.

Ok so what do you think? Am I allowed to match now?


I always love running into Janice in New York– she is one of my favorite models!
When I saw her during fashion week, she was wearing this really cool windbreaker from her husband’s company, Prospekt Supply. Mixed with those super cool Louis Vuitton heels, she perfected the model off-duty look ;)


Spotted at the Tabitha Simmons presentation, sneakers so adorable I wish I had three feet! (Okay, not really.)

Best Flat Forward

Ahhhh the flat…every girl’s best friend, even if it’s sometimes a secret best friend (like during fashion week)…

This pointed toe beauty is from Nicholas Kirkwood. I love the shape and the mix of textures. Garance, of course, loves that they are white.

Man, is it spring yet?

My Precious

I know these shoes won’t have the same effect on everybody, but I have to tell you I had such a crush on them when I discovered them, that I begged (literally) the team at Michel Vivien to find the last pair in my size.

It’s not like I don’t have any slip ons, but these… their perfect shape, their perfect white (it’s python), their super thin, light brown sole and, in one word, their purity, made me fall in love.

They didn’t continue the style for the winter, or else they would immediately be part of my classics.
Yeah, between you and me, I’m totally starting a campaign for their come back ;)