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Daria Werbowy, Amanda Murphy and Mariacarla Boscono for W Magazine. Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, styled by Edward Enninful.

I already have this perfect black cashmere turtleneck but I definitely need to invest in a tighter one as well.

Back to School

I may not be actually going back to school, but here’s a few things I would like anyways.

Even more ideas on my Pinterest.

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Fall Begins

Its already starting to feel like fall, and I’m looking for sweaters!

Find more of my shopping ideas on Pinterest.

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Products Selection:


Rayban Clubmaster Sunglasses
Asos Jelly Sandals
Fausto Puglisi Skirt
Lomography Pink Fisheye Camera


Monreal London leather and PVC visor
Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Quartz watch
Lisa Marie Fernandez Swimsuit
Edie Parker Shells Clutch (similar)
Fendi trasparent Iridia Sandals

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collage2I WISH I WAS WEARING  >>   1) Top: Karl Lagerfeld  |  2) Sandals: Alexander Wang  |  3) Bag: Alexander Wang  |  4) Skirt: Dion Lee  |  5) Sunglasses: ASOS  |  6) Bracelet:  Eddie Borgo

OK, I might be taking a break from the internet while I am at home with my family, but I am still browsing every now and then, I cant help it. I often find myself not knowing what to wear, VERY OFTEN and when this happens, I day dream of what I wish I could be wearing and I very strongly wish i was wearing this today.

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Product selection:


Oysho Swimwear
Acne Milo Sandals
Givenchy Antigona Shopping Bag
Hawaiian Tropic protective Oil


Miu Miu Sunglasses
Isabel Marant white dress
Kenzo by Delfina Delettrez earrings

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Career / Alison Loehnis

Today’s career interview is with Alison Loehnis, President of Net-A-Porter.

How does a person get to such a powerful position? What sacrifices do you have to make along the way? What does it mean, exactly, to direct a company with 250 employees?
Alison answers all of our questions below…

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in New York City, Manhattan, on the West Side. And I went to Rhode Island for college–I went to Brown.

What did you study at Brown?
I studied art history and I was really art mad, I always thought I would go work in the art business. The year that I graduated, the market was completely dead, so I thought I would always keep art as a hobby, but I should look at other things from a career standpoint. I came back to New York and was here up until 13 years ago.

And what did your parents do?
My mom was in advertising, forever. She actually influenced my early career.

She was on the account management side. Her last role, which she was in for many years, was running this prestige beauty division for Procter and Gamble advertising at Grey.

My father was always in the fragrance business. When I was growing up, he was running the North American Yves Saint Laurent fragrance business. I have photos of him on the beach with long sideburns shooting for Rive Guache, it’s pretty amazing.

He also ran the fragrance business for Mary McFadden, he worked in skincare, then went to Escada, and then he set out on his own, really helping brands diversify into beauty business and creating licensing and all sorts of things. Very entrepreneurial, and all around the beauty business.

Do you have siblings as well?
Yes, I have a younger sister, who now lives in San Francisco as a teacher.

Do you get to see her often?
It’s so hard, especially with the 8-hour time difference, and because she’s a teacher she can’t speak on the phone during the day. So we have to make appointments to speak, but we’re very close and we try to have a reunion during the summer with our kids.

When you were growing up what was your dream job?
It’s funny. When I was really young, really really young, my favorite thing was to go into my grandmother’s bedroom and pull open the top drawer of her dresser and she had this mountain of costume jewelry and it was like a girl’s dream.

And I had this purse that I loved, it was this red and yellow with a yellow pearl on it and I would put that on and wear thousands of necklaces. That was my favorite pastime.

But my dad who was in the fragrance business, was running this business for Mary McFadden who was a designer, and I used to think that that was the most glamorous job. I was like 8. I used to have pictures of her on my desk and I would do drawings. And he was going to a meeting with her and I asked him if he could give her some of these drawings. So I would do sketches, I did a cover of Vogue Magazine for her, spelled Vuge.

I wanted to spend time with the people with the magic markers, and they were on another floor. I wanted to be part of their world.

So what was your first job?
The theme that runs throughout my whole career is looking for this perfect balance of business and creativity. So I knew when I was in school, I studied art history, but my summers — whereas I had lots of friends who worked in investment banking — I thought this is my only chance to explore what I want to do and I could take some chances.

So every summer of college, I worked at the Ralph Lauren store in East Hampton. And I loved it. It was a store that got a lot of attention, it was the “country” store. I was on commission. I loved selling. It was funny because at that point it never occurred to me that I would have a career in retail. I just thought that it was this thing that I loved to do on the side.

Did you jump into fashion then after school?
When I graduated, I looked at all different industries. I looked at magazine publishing, and I did a Condé Nast interview along with so many other people. I looked into the Bloomingdales training program and I tried advertising. I think for me I always had this exposure to advertising, so it probably seemed like a great idea. You are creating this balance because you have to come up with a creative concept or creative execution of a strategic idea to sell products.

So I went to work for Saatchi & Saatchi here in New York, as an Assistant Account Executive in 1992, which was terrific. I worked on General Mills cereals and General Mills at that time was one of the biggest billing accounts, so it was a really spoiled job. I had an office, a secretary; it was really great. And it taught me a lot.

Did you feel prepared for that world after having studied art?
Brown was phenomenal but I didn’t come out with a pre-professional training so at Saatchi & Saatchi I learned how to conduct a meeting, how to deal with clients, how to do conference call reports and all these things.

I spent a year at Saatchi, and while I loved it and was so appreciative and worked with really smart people, I wanted to spend time with the people with the magic markers, and they were on another floor. I wanted to be part of their world.

So from there I started exploring again so many options that I had looked at previously, and I went to work for Hachette Filipacchi [magazine publishers] in corporate communications and that was a great experience.

There were about 33 titles at the time, the business was also launching its custom publishing unit, which was such a new concept. They had this sort of AOL early social media strategy. It was great. I was also responsible for trying to get press on the various titles. So working with the editors to pitching stories, getting publishing coverage, newspaper coverage, etc.

But you ended up working in film for a bit. How did that come about?
So on the side, I also was really interested, extra curricularly, in the film business, and I had a couple friends who were working for agents in LA. I wondered what was that role like, it seemed so interesting to me.

So I started working on the side, for free, for different kinds of production companies writing coverage–basically writing up synopsis of scripts that you would give to the development executives. [They typically read these to get a feel for the project] I felt really honored that they were letting me do this. It was only later in my life that I realized that you could get paid for it. But at the time, it was a symbiotic relationship.

One of the magazines that was in the Hachette portfolio was Premiere Magazine, and the woman who was the editor there was hired by Disney to set up a motion picture office in New York. I had worked with her and she asked me if I wanted to come along with her as her assistant. And I did. It was great because I don’t think she knew that I had this film interest base on the side.

I went to Disney, I started as her assistant and then became the creative executive within a year. Our task was really mining the New York East Coast creative community and coming up with projects and developing them into features. So we met with journalists, playwrights, authors, and we developed a few films [including The Insider and Coyote Ugly] which was great.

It was super, it was a very fun job, and again it meant coming up with a concept that you have to sell in to the studio. And my boss had a straight line in the Disney business so we actually could get things through really quickly.

What came next?
So after about three and a half years, I started to think about what was next. The logical next step would be to move to Los Angeles. I just started thinking about what was going on and meanwhile the Internet bubble was heaving in the background.

I had a call from a guy who started a digital agency working with entertainment, lifestyle and fashion businesses, working on the web build and digital strategy. And he was really eager to have someone come on board with studio experience. So I made the jump into dot-com.

At that stage, the bubble was at its peak. The company was called KPE; it doesn’t exist anymore. I worked on business development and account management. I was working with clients and developing their web strategies. Hearst International was a client here, the UK counterpart was then called National Magazines—they were clients. We did a big project with Unilever and iVillage; we did a pitch for the Ralph Lauren business.

It was really fun and I found myself finding an increasing number of UK based clients. And again it was coming up with strategies, creative concepts to then execute.

How would you explain what a business development job really is?
In that role, it’s getting new clients. So I was working with existing stable clients and then I was also working on pitches to bringing new business. So business growth.

When did you transition over to London from New York?

While I was in college I had spent 6 months living in Florence, and loved the experience living abroad and always thought that someday if I could live abroad again it would amazing.

At that time, KPE had that tiny London office with some clients, and after three years I put my hand up and said, “Okay do you think I can go over and help the London office?”. My boss at the time was great and said, “Okay you can go for 6 months, that’s it. You’re coming back.”

I was a diehard New Yorker, and none of my friends believed that I was actually going until I had my going away party. I got on the airplane literally 13 years ago, stuck my stuff in storage, and moved.

I kept working with magazine companies and did some pitches for the fashion businesses, and after about 2 months I got the call saying, “We’re going to close the London office, will you come back?” and I said, “Thank you so much but no, I’m going to stay.”
The guy running the London office said he would buy up the business and that I should stay.

So I stayed on for a few months, and then I had the realization that I would really like to go work brand side, and working with clients was terrific and it diversified my experience but I really wanted to work for a brand.

Then I went to work for LVMH on Thomas Pink [a men’s shirting company] specifically, originally running sales and then running sales and marketing globally. It was a great experience, tons of international experience: opening stores in China Turkey, Thailand, US, working on branding, going to a dot-com business. And it was lovely to be part of the group.

I had been a customer, and I loved all my jobs; I love selling, I love focusing on the customer, I love focusing on the brand and the whole consumer proposition. And my dream was one day, if I could also work across all of these disciplines on a product that I was seriously passionate about, that would be amazing.

So how did your job at Net-A-Porter come about?
I spent 5 years and a bit at Thomas Pink. I was on maternity leave, getting ready to get back to work, and I had a call from a headhunter who I knew and said, “Alison what are you doing?” and I said, “I just had a baby, just doing that.” She said why don’t you, you know, come in and have a coffee. And we had a meeting and asked if anything opened up at Net-A-Porter what would I think. I basically bit her hand off with excitement, I was like “yes!”

I had been a customer, and I loved all my jobs; I love selling, I love focusing on the customer, I love focusing on the brand and the whole consumer proposition. And my dream was one day, if I could also work across all of these disciplines on a product that I was seriously passionate about, that would be amazing.

She very kindly arranged a meeting with Natalie and me, and they created a role for me, which was Vice-President of sales and marketing. That was 7 years ago.

So what did you do in that role?
I was overseeing all the customer touch-points other than the buy. So it was marketing and PR and brand and content, and the sales teams and customer care, and the creative. And two and a half years ago I became President.

I would always joke when I first joined that when I had my first child, Net-A-Porter was my window to the outside fashion world. During naptime, the first thing I would do was go to Net-A-Porter, without fail. I had memories of working at KPE and having the Daily Candy email announcing Net-A-Porter. I remember it and being so incredibly excited.

And what is your responsibility as President of the company?
So, beyond the Profit & Loss [financial] responsibility for the business, I’m responsible for the strategic direction of the business, and our growth. Strategic Direction is the best way to sum it up.

How do you go about working on that?
It’s really a combination of things. We are blessed with a lot of data, which is vital to decision making, but a lot of fantastic idea generation is the result of amazing teamwork and brainstorming. We look at the market and trends and we always go to our customers – they are a great source of information and inspiration and everything we do is for them.

How has the company changed since you started?
There’s been so much change. We turned 14 yesterday, but the business has really retained quite a bit of its entrepreneurial spirit.

The Manhattan office is now three and a half years old. We opened in Hong Kong. We introduced beauty. We translated our sites, and of course we launched our print magazine. There’s been so much happening.

For me, it’s such a joy to come to the US too, because it’s coming home. But if you go to any of our offices around the world, they look identical; so if you were on a videoconference you actually wouldn’t even know where the person is you’re talking to. They have the same chandeliers, chairs, everything.

Why is that?
Natalie Massenet has always had a clear and wonderful vision of what a fantastic company should look like. The open floor plan and clear glass walled meeting rooms allow for transparency amongst the teams. We don’t like to distinguish ourselves as six different offices but rather one global team – you could be video conferencing between London and New York or Hong Kong and the backgrounds are almost indistinguishable.

It seems like throughout your career a lot of your work has been in more corporate environments. Is that something you enjoy and feel you thrive in?
Net-A-Porter when I joined, when I compare the business 7 years ago to the size we are now, it actually didn’t feel very big. And I would never describe our business as very corporate.

I feel I’m pretty adaptable, so I’m quite happy. What’s great about my work now is I can work in very small teams and we have small teams around the business so you can feel like you’re in a small organization within something that’s a bit larger.

Do you wish that you had gone to business school?
I don’t. I’m sure I would have had a great time, but I don’t regret not going. For me the best experience I’ve had is working across a number of different industries and in couple different countries now, getting great international exposure, and that has been my business school. I would never nearly suggest that I know everything, and I’m still growing and still learning and as long as you’re in your career and you still feel stretched in the right ways, that’s so gratifying. I’ve had great mentors as well.

Is there someone in particular that you feel has been a really strong influence on your career?
In my Net-A-Porter history, Natalie has been incredibly inspiring and motivating and such a super role model, not just for me but also for women everywhere.

Prior to Net-A-Porter, my mentor at LVMH was the man that hired me called Francois Steiner. He was a great boss and has become a good friend. He really took a chance on me, hiring me for a sales director role within a brand coming from this digital agency, coming from magazines, coming from advertising. It wasn’t obvious. He is the one who really saw this certain narrative in my CV as it was then and thought, I’m going to take a chance on you.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten?
I think the advice goes back from even earlier. I went a girls school in New York for 12 years, it was a small school called Chapin. We had this phenomenal headmistress and the one thing that she said in first grade was, “Women and girls you can do anything. One day there will be a woman president. You can do anything.”

If you set your mind to it, you can do anything. It’s embodying so much confidence and so much belief.

We definitely have the parents who put the kids to bed and have a glass of wine and are shopping, around 8:30-9pm.

What’s an average day for you?
Lots of team, brand and budget meetings, creative concepts, bringing new things to market.

We [recently] launched this section on the site called Net-A-Sporter. We’ve identified that there’s a sort of a gap in the athletic wear market. And for our women and our customers who spend so much time looking at beauty and fashion and want to look terrific and style is important, they want an opportunity to look stylish while they’re working out.

So for example, a typical day would be sitting talking about what is this concept, what is it going to look like, having the buyers share with me what their vision is, the editorial team coming to the table and saying this is what we’re going to do. We spend a lot of time talking about content, talking about technology and social. So I think the short answer is no two days are the same. The constant is we’re always thinking about the customer. We’re always technology focused, always product-focused and content-focused. We’re always trying to figure out how we can get better.

Everything moves so quickly now, has strategy and planning become more difficult when trying to keep up with the pace of fashion & technology?
I think that you can have an overall arch ambition and you just have to be nimble. Technology is amazing but it also can be onerous and as soon as something new launches we don’t always jump on board. With all these new platforms launching we have to think what’s the right and what’s wrong for our customer, where is she going go?

So yes, you can do a certain amount of planning, you can do financial forecasting, the potential that you see for the business, but the execution certainly evolves.

Who makes up the members of your team?
So within Net-A-Porter world we’re just under about 250 people. Our group has the three brands: us, The Outnet and Mr Porter, and we do share some resources like HR and IT.

On my team, I have our editor-in-chief, Lucy Yeomans, who is terrific. She is responsible for Porter Magazine and The Edit, and she has Jenny Dickinson, the Senior Editor of The Edit. On the marketing side, I have Lisa Bridgett who is overseeing all the sales and marketing functions globally. I have on the buying side, Ben Matthews and Sasha Sorkin, who are overseeing the buying team. And I have the head of e-commerce Agnieszka Kij who is responsible for the site and accessing new technology and what can we be doing better. Then I have David Olsen, based here in the US, who runs our beauty business.

Within the team, they’re all incredibly talented. They work very well together. It all starts with the product, but the question is really how do you bring that product to the customer. How do we make her fall in love with it through content? How do we make sure that we’re showing her the product in the clearest way possible through the site, and what kind of technology can make that happen, and what kind of brands are we bringing on board, what kind of platforms are we using?

It’s a lot to be thinking about constantly…
Yeah, but it’s great. The business is so energizing. I usually describe myself as pretty energetic but the business I think is infused with [the same energy.]

How closely are you involved with working with the other brands?
Day-to-day not very often. I was involved with the launch of The Outnet in terms of branding; I was very involved with launching Mr Porter, which was definitely a career highlight.

I have a very close working relationship with Ian Tansley, who runs Mr Porter and with Stephanie Phair who runs The Outnet. We make sure the teams are collaborating in the right way. I’m Net-A-Porter focused but I always have this group in mind.

Can you explain your relationship to Natalie and how you work together? What are the differences in your roles and how it influences the work that you do?
I have a great working relationship with Natalie. She is so inspiring and if you ever get stuck on an idea, she is a fountain of ideas, a fountain of energy. She is the perfect person to brainstorm at all times.

Natalie is responsible for the whole group and is working across all three of the brands and looking at other opportunities for us as well, whereas I’m tasked with Net-A-Porter.

What do you think the biggest challenge of your job is?
I’d say the challenge, which is an addressable challenge, is focus. As a business, we love opportunity and tend to go for it. And there is so much opportunity out there and the notion of knowing that you can’t do everything at once can be super frustrating. And also wanting to bring these things to market quickly enough.

What do you enjoy the most?
I’d say the people: my team and the people I get to work with. One, it’s the team that makes it all happen. And two, it’s just a delight to spend time with them, and I feel like the idea generation is phenomenal.

As your role has changed within the company and become a bit more of a public one, how has that impacted the way that you work?
I think in terms of the way I work, it’s enabled me, it’s forced me to take a step away from the detail, which certainly was a challenge at the beginning because I love the detail, and anyone who works with me would smile if they heard me say that.

You’ve worked in the UK and in New York. What are the biggest differences between working between the two?
It’s funny, I think the differences are fewer that they were when I moved originally.
I think the pace. New York always felt a bit more hectic. I think that being in London there’s much more of an international lens. You looked at things on a more global scale. But I think that’s changed too.

Do you think that there are systems within the fashion industry that feel not up to speed with the way everything is moving?
I think one of the things we’ve been pretty vocal about is that the fashion cycle doesn’t always make sense. There’s this idea, coming back to the customer, that it’s really hard in most places for women. If you wanted to buy a summer dress right now you would have a problem.

This is why for us, in our proposition, we want to give women a buy now, wear now option. Of course you’re going to have a customer who’s interested in a coat right now and that’s terrific because we have that for her, but equally we also have vacation stuff all year round. It’s also speaking to a global customer base

Have you seen any really interesting patterns in the way that people are shopping?
The things that I always find fascinating are the hours to which people are shopping. We have screens in our office with Google Earth, and every time there’s an order it shows up. We don’t see who is purchasing but we see the city and the product.

It’s great because I get in the office in the morning and I will see earrings being sold in California and I work out the time that it was purchased and I’m thinking wow, and I’m wondering why, and what was she doing. We definitely have the parents who put the kids to bed and have a glass of wine and are shopping, around 8:30-9pm.

Has working in e-commerce changed the way you shop for yourself?
Absolutely. I do almost all of my shopping online and working at NET-A-PORTER has raised my expectations of service; now that I know what it takes to offer world class service I don’t take it for granted but it’s something I expect every time I shop.

How do you balance work and family?
I think that balance is essential. For me, it’s essential to my being happy and performing and everything else. I am very very close to my family.

I do travel, but I think I travel smart in that I have very intense trips to get a huge amount done. Then when I get home, I have two small children, the important thing is that I’m there for them and that we get quality time together. And I’m here for all the important things. I’m very lucky because I live right near my office, so that certainly helps.

I get so much satisfaction out of my work and I’m so energized, I think that also has a really nice effect on me as a mother. And I think that I am so satisfied as a mother that that also helps me tremendously in my work.

How do you disconnect from work?
I think turning off is very important, during vacations, at night, on the weekends. I do exercise, I love running and I do Pilates when I can. For me the number one way to turn off is spending time with my kids, so if we’re building Lego, playing scrabble, and we go to the country a lot which is great. It’s an instant way to disconnect.

What would your advice be to people who want to be running great businesses one day?
I’d say make sure you love what you’re doing. I’m always floored when I meet young women who know exactly what they want to do. So if you do know exactly what you want to do, it’s important to think about at what your trajectory is going be.

But also looking at different experiences and trying different things. The one piece of advice that I always give people is if you know what you want to do and it’s not what you’re doing right now, go for it. Just because your CV might say one thing, there’s no reason why you can’t go for something else. I think sometimes taking a path that isn’t a straight path but a windy path where you get your experience in a few different places, is great.

And don’t be afraid to ask questions – just going out there and just absorbing lots and lots of experiences and trying to get as much under your belt as possible.

What do you look for in someone that you’re hiring or someone you want to work with? What are the key qualities that you’re searching for?
Beyond the disciplinary skills, which go without saying, they don’t necessarily need to come from a fashion or luxury background. In terms of personal qualities, it’s energy, people who are idea generators, people who love the customer, who are fanatical about the business, and who are lovely to work with. We are surrounded by people who work really hard but also have a sense of humor, and it’s a delight to be around.

What is your dream for your career?
I’d say continue to be really happy and fulfilled.

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Closet Detox

I have NOTHING to wear!?!

Okay, not really but it’s exactly how I’m feeling right now, and it’s not even fashion week.

I took this as a sign that it was time to really give my closet a good detox.

This translated into making my boyfriend suffer as I pulled out every single piece of clothing I owned that was either on a hanger, folded (a towering stack of jeans) or came in pairs (shoes), holding them up, trying them on and deciding between YES and NO (Similar to that scene in Sex and the City when Carrie cleans out her closet, except there was less champagne. Fine. There wasn’t any champagne).

The result? I sold or donated everything that didn’t fit, was too trendy, too worn out and invested in a new pair of black trousers that I’ve already worn more times than all of the things I got rid of combined.

I’m making it my new mantra to buy quality, simple, classic pieces going forward. I know my morning routine will thank me when I can’t decide what to wear and I remember the perfect black trousers/black dress/white tee/mens button down waving hello from the closet.

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Summer Weddings

Summer is the season for weddings.

I’m always looking for something simple and classic to wear. Here’s a few more ideas!

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Smurfs time!


Product Selection:


Adilette Slipons
Opening Ceremony Astrology long sleeve Tee
Chanel “Blue Boy” Nailpolish
Topshop Jeans Skirt
Hanky Panky strech lace soft cup bra


House of Holland Hexographic sunglasses
Jil Sander tripod Clutch
Saint Laurent buckett leather bag
Chanel “Blue Rebel” Nailpolish


Sephora Makeup remover
La Praire cream
Aqua Liner eyeliner
Bumble and Bumble cream
Dior Palette

Grapichs by Carolina Cerutti



I have been haunting down this bag for a very long time, I just couldn’t make my mind up on which color I wanted. While I was in Paris for my birthday I finally decided to get the red version but they didn’t have it anymore, it was a summer color they said and well, it went on sale and got sold out in no time. I sort of had lost hope until I walked into a shop in Amsterdam and of all places, it was there patiently waiting for me and on sale! SCORE!!!!

While I was at the store I went trough a moment of confusion since they also had the blue version, even some of you told me through Facebook that I should go for that one instead. Then I realized it was the red one I’ve been wanting all along, plus I could use some color on my accessories, specially when winter comes. I think the red one was a great choice but if you also like the blue one, its on sale here.

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Sleep No More

Looking for a good pair of pajamas to really relax in this weekend.

A few of my picks and more on Pinterest!

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Product Selection:


Moschino Black Leather Cap
Celine Retro Noir Sunglasses
Frends headphones
Rag & Bone boyfriend shorts
Alexander Wang Citron Backpack


Toga Pulla Ankle Boots
Topshop Black lace top
Isabel Marant Shirt
Chanel Lipgloss
Chloè Carly gold-tone Rings


Redken Rootful 06 Root Lifting Spray
Redken Shine Flash 02 Glistening Mist
Bumble and bumble Surf Foam Wash Shampoo

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E-Shop my shoes


Like they say  “it was about time!” I’m so proud to announce that you can now also find the pieces from my shoe line on the official e-shop
One of the things that I love about the new official website is the instawall! If you post a picture on instagram wearing your favourite Chiara Ferragni shoes using the #chiaraferragnishoes and the other official hashtags, the picture will be displayed on the Instawall!
Cherry on top? These beautiful sneakers, which are some of my favourite styles of this collection, are available exclusively on the official e-store!

Come dicono spesso “era proprio ora”! Sono orgogliosa di annunciare che ora potrete trovare le mie scarpe Chiara Ferragni anche sul negozio online ufficiale
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I Was Wearing:


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Stay Fit

A few things I’m shopping for to help me stay fit while I’m away.

More on my Pinterest!

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Summertime happiness


Product Selection:


Missoni Beach Towel
For Love & Lemons white Dress
Triangl Leopard Swimwear
Missoni Swimsuit
Collistar Bronzer Spray


Stella McCartney Beckett Clutch
Gucci Aviator Sunglasses
MSGM Sandals

Graphics by Carolina Cerutti

By Way of France

In the spirit of all things summer (and France)…

Camille Rowe is collaborating with Reformation on a 70s style collection that is every bit Jane and Françoise worthy. How could you not feel like a French babe in those lace up shorts?

Available at The Reformation.

By brie

By Way of France

In the spirit of all things summer (and France)…

Camille Rowe is collaborating with Reformation on a 70s style collection that is every bit Jane and Françoise worthy. How could you not feel like a French babe in those lace up shorts?

Available at The Reformation.

By brie

Summer Undies

Okay, okay. I know I said my favorite underwear was black, but it’s summer!

And I can’t think of any color that looks better than white against tanned skin. It’s sexy, simple, no frills– the most basic pair of undies. Very Premiers Desirs come to think of it!

What do you think, is white in for the summer?

*That’s a French film from the 80s – very sexy!

PS: This pair is from Skin!

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Les Vacances

I am so excited to be going away for vacation!

A few things I’m shopping for to bring with me on my travels and more here!

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Where did you get that?!

“I love those pants! Where did you get them?”

I know! It’s Zara. – Garance

These? Ummm, H&M. – Alex

Oh that? Well, it’s from this random place in Chinatown. – Brie

Do you ever find yourself being complimented and hounded about something you wear and it’s always that thing you bought randomly/after work/while drunk at Zara/H&M/in Chinatown? It’s never that designer skirt, or those amazing wedges that cost you a month’s rent. The things you really really want to tell people all about.

We were talking about this at the Studio yesterday after I asked Garance where her pants were from and she told me they were…drumroll… Zara.

What does it all mean? Does this happen to you?

By alex

Fall into Fall


Product Selection:


Costume National Runway
Haider Ackermann Runway
Calvin Klein Runway


Fendi Fur Monster Charms for Handbag
Stella McCartney Wool baseball Cap


Isabel Marant Jump striped wool and cashmere-blend scarf
Louis Vuitton Petit Malle bag
Stella McCartney Ribbed Wool Gloves
Maria Black Silver Screen gold-plated necklace
Chiara Ferragni Black Velvet Slipons

Graphics by Carolina Cerutti

Surreal feelings


Product Selection:


J.W Anderson Runway


Stella McCartney Skirt
Cèline Shoes
Diesel Loverdose Perfume
Lulu Frost earrings
Maison Martin Margiela Shirt


Vivetta Collar
Miu Miu Sunglasses
Olympia Le Tan book Clutch
Chloe Arm Cuff
Moschino earcuff

Graphics by Carolina Cerutti



Shirt dress, Zara.

Bought this shirt dress from Zara a couple of weeks ago and saw that it’s on sale now. Happy shopping!

Soccer Chic

The World Cup has taken over and I am feeling inspired by to dress for the games.

A couple ideas for weekend shopping on my Pinterest!

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At Rachel Comey

This week I stopped by the new Rachel Comey store in Soho, it’s her first flagship! The interiors are so modern and feminine, there’s even carpet on the walls of the dressing room. I really like the vibe inside and it’s so nice to shop when you have great light!

PS: That’s Diane the store manager and Lina in photos! The store is designed by architect Elizabeth Roberts and interior design by Charles de Lisle.

Rachel Comey, 95 Crosby St, New York, NY 10012

At Rachel Comey

This week I stopped by the new Rachel Comey store in Soho, it’s her first flagship! The interiors are so modern and feminine, there’s even carpet on the walls of the dressing room. I really like the vibe inside and it’s so nice to shop when you have great light!

PS: That’s Diane the store manager and Lina in photos! The store is designed by architect Elizabeth Roberts and interior design by Charles de Lisle.

Rachel Comey, 95 Crosby St, New York, NY 10012

Pop attack!


Product Selection:

Celine Dress
Delfina Delettrez earring
Le specs + Craig & Karl sunglasses
Chanel Boy Bag
Preen by Thornton Bregazzi skirt
Ysl lipgloss
Chiara Ferragni “Make-up” glitter slippers


Runway Looks from:

Fausto Puglisi


Beauty tips:

L’Occitane hand cream
Dior Vernis nailpolish
Sephora Lagoon body cream
“Daisy Sunshine” Marc Jacobs perfume
Color extend magnetics by Redken

Graphics by Carolina Cerutti

Come Sail Away

Seeing all the Resort collections has me wanting a cool jacket and an easy dress.

Just a few things I’m shopping for on my Pinterest!

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Black & White


Product Selection:



Mango Simplicity T-Shirt

Chiara Ferragni “Hollywood” Glitter Slippers

Wren Black Mini Skirt

All Saints Nevena Tip Bracelet

Oscar de la Renta Plaid Grafton bag


Fleur of England Lingerie

Stella McCartney Dress



Summer Traveler

I love a pop of color, especially for accessories.

Looking for a cool backpack to take with me on my summer travels, here’s a few ideas!

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American Dream


Product Selection:


Marni SS 2014 Runway


By Malene Birger Alfredah Embellished Plaid Cotton Shirt 

R13 Graphic Boy Tee

Zara Fringed Cupro Dress

Topshop Palm Tree Lurex Skirt

Winden Jewelry Babe Necklace


Skinnydip London Soundbuds

Robert Clergerie Yokole Platform Loafers

BLK DNM Perfume 11

Zac Posen Eartha Backpack

Urban Outfitters Coolgirl Catmaster Sunglasses

Keep it Simple

Keeping it simple with the perfect blue sweatshirt.

A few more things to shop for on my Pinterest!

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Keep it Simple

Keeping it simple with the perfect blue sweatshirt.

A few more things to shop for on my Pinterest!

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Sneakers fever

TBS 1Product selection:

Reebok GS Instapump Fury

Adidas Stan Smith

wmns Nike flynight trainer orange

wmns Nike Rosherun palm trees

Céline check knit pull on sneakers

Chiara Ferragni macramè lace sneakers

TBS 2Y-3 qasa racer

Nike Air Max ’98

Dior sneakers

Reebok GS Instapump Fury

wmns Nike Rosherun Print Laser

TBS 3 wmns Nike flynight trainer pink

 Adidas Stan Smith

wmns Nike flynight trainer grey

 Converse all Star Maison Martin Margiela

 wmns Nike flynight trainer orange

 Adidas Superstar


It’s summer in Corsica. It’s summer in New York. It is, finally, summer! I am just a little bit excited for sandal season (if only I could pick a pedicure color) and ready to set my feet free after months in boots and socks. Here are some favorites!

1/ The Classics. A clean slide and a gladiator.
2/ Embrace embellishment. Put a scarab on it, you deserve to make a statment.
3/ Go for the gold. Do it up big or go for something delicate.

Whats your sandal style? Do you have a go-to? Did you get a cool new pair? Tell us!

Click on the arrows to see more images…

By the Sea

I can’t wait to wear a mini skirt this summer!

Here on Pinterest are a few cool items for hanging out by the sea.

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By the Sea

I can’t wait to wear a mini skirt this summer!

Here on Pinterest are a few cool items for hanging out by the sea.

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Ciao Bella!


Product Selection:


Celine Papillon Tortoiseshell sunglasses

Tory Burch Linda Top

Christopher Kane lace-trimmed petal cashmere Sweater

Topshop Fringe Scallop Skirt

Diane von Furstenberg Naples jacquard shorts


Uplight Face Luminizer Gel

Kate Spade New York Madison Ave. Collection Monroe Place Luna

Kiko Soft touch Blush

Tod’s gold leather Loafers

Chanel Rouge coco shine lipstick 

Clarins Crayon Khol pencil 


Monica Bellucci, Anita Ekberg and Sophia Loren wearing looks from Tory Burch SS14 Runway Show


Graphics by Carolina Cerutti




Memorial Day

Totally ready to relax and hangout for the long holiday.

An easy dress would be so perfect all weekend!

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Shine like a diamond

costa azzurra shopping_3-3

Product Selection:


Elie Saab SS14 Runway

Zara Black Pochette

Bulgari Serpenti Earrings

Bulgari Serpenti quartz watch


Giambattista Valli gathered silk – voile and stretch – cady gown

B Brian Atwood Lydia T Strap Sandals

Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine

Valentino Valentina Assoluto Intense Eau De Parfum

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain

Graphics by Carolina Cerutti

Friday Favorites

weekend wish list via

FRIDAY. The weekend has finally arrived and here are some of the things that are currently on top of my wishlist:

CUSHIONS These Josef Frank cushions from Svenskt Tenn have been on my mind for the past 5 years or so (!) and the next time I’m going to Stockholm they are most definitely coming back with me.

MARBLE BOWL I never seem to get sick of marble and this little junk bowl from Alexander Wang would be perfect for storing jewelry in!

PERSONALIZED STATIONERY I’m a sucker for beautiful stationery and ever since seeing Sofia Coppola’s gorgeous light pink correspondent cards from Olivier de Sercey, I can’t get them of my mind. There’s something so romantic about receiving a handwritten note in todays digital society, no?

BRASS CANDLEHOLDERS Still obsessed with all things brass and these candle holders from Svenskt Tenn would look perfect on my dining table.

PRINT I need more art on my walls and this Monstera Deliciosa print from Stilleben is calling my name.

MANSUR GAVRIEL BAG A bucket bag has been on my wish list for quite some time now and this one from Mansur Gavriel is absolutely stunning, come to mama!

SLIDES The ultimate summer flats comes in the form of a snakeskin embossed leather slide from Emerson Fry.

CHAIR I’m currently on the hunt for a nice chair for my livingroom and this stunning copper/leather dream from Eric Trine would be perfect. If only I had a bigger wallet.. Eric Trine Rod + Weave chair.

White on White

Looking for some cool white distressed jeans this weekend.

A few things to go along with them on my Pinterest!

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Moments Like This

I love walking in the city.

I use Google Maps like crazy (“I’ll be there in 23 minutes!!!”) I break out my Common Projects (at that price, I got enough for the whole summer!!!) I put Pandora on my iPhone and I’m off.
And yes, I sing at the top of my lungs sometimes, who cares, this is New York.

The problem is when it’s time to put my heels on.

No, I can’t go to all of my meetings wearing sneakers. So I do what all women who feel they have to wear heels to impress people for meetings do: I change my shoes like a loser on some hidden street corner.

Oh, how I hate doing that. First you have to find a discreet place to do it, then you have to take your heels out of your bag (which always takes three hours, people think you’re dealing drugs, your heels get caught in the straps of your purse, your purse falls all over the place, forty-five things fall out onto the ground, and there’s no Mister Big (yeah, leave me alone, the other day, I needed comfort, so I curled up in a blanket and watched the entire first season of Sex & The City all over again) (I’M NOT PROUD) (but I’d finished all the episodes of Game of Thrones!) to pick up any of it for you.

If the heels have straps, add a good two minutes of misery into the mix, and you wonder why mules are back in style this summer.

Plus, there’s always that great moment when you lose your balance and end up barefoot on the asphalt. Very pleasant.

The trick is to make sure not to change into your heels too close to the meeting where you’re about to go impress people. You wouldn’t want to find yourself nose to nose with the person you were about to try to shock with your amazing sense of style.

Which, of course, has happened to me, or else I wouldn’t even think about telling you.

So now I do it three blocks away from the meeting place, I try to do it as quickly as possible, and then I go on my way. It takes me a good ten steps or so to get my mojo back.

But every time it happens to me, I think of you guys.

“I should really do a post about all these dumb little embarrassing moments that happen to me about twelve times a week, actually.”

Like when my bathing suit decides to take its own little vacation when I’m at the beach. Ok, that doesn’t happen to me twelve times a week. But it happens, especially since I get really bored lying on the sand, so I spend all my time in the water playing around in the waves. Or at the pool, playing ball with the neighborhood kids.

And in the little time I’m in a two piece, at some point, things go south. One day, just like that, I ended up having to feel around in the murky bottom of the Montauk seas with my feet for half an hour. Gross.

But at the same time, I can’t really complain: it’s not like I have a very developed sense of personal space.

That’s what happens when you work in fashion.

All it takes are a couple of private sales and a few trips backstage to completely forget that dressing rooms exist. Even though it’s been a long time since I’ve gone to a sample sale (tired of having to fight my way through them just to end up buying a bunch of random things I’ll never wear)(ok, I say that, but just last week I was rummaging through the stock at Acne’s sample sale like my life depended on it – I managed to leave without buying a pair of concept shoes, though. Yay for me, right? But anyway, that sample sale doesn’t count, Acne is in my building!!!)

So anyway, when the dressing rooms are all occupied in a store, I don’t wait for three hours for them to become available like a normal and well educated person. Like any fashion girl, I put the skirt on over my pants next to the dressing rooms to see if it fits me. Then, in my excitement, I take my pants off to make absolutely sure the skirt lays well. Then I pass the skirt to my friend (she’s also next to the dressing rooms – birds of a feather) who thinks it’s a great skirt and wants to try it on too.

Let me remind you, we’re not at a private sale, it’s just a normal shop.

Then she asks me to go find her a tee-shirt to go with it, which I hurry to do, finding myself right in the middle of the store, if you’ve been following (hehehe in case any of you ladies have gotten distracted by now)(or guys)(yeah, no, I’ve given up on the idea of a guy reading this far in) without the skirt (that my friend is trying on) and without my pants (which are on the floor), so — IN MY UNDERWEAR.

I slink back to find my friend, totally beet red.

Embarrassing moments of the woman in a hurry.

Speaking of embarrassing moments, I’ve always wondered how girls who wear push up bras, I don’t know… on a “date” (ok not me)(no dates OR push up bras)(I wish! I’d be able to wear many more cropped tops) manage the transition between “Hey, check out these C cups” and “oh, look, they stayed in your hand when you took off the bra”.

Is it like changing into heels? You find a little moment to yourself to switch bras during the evening?

Come on, I don’t know! Just wondering!!!

Translated by Andrea Perdue


STSC4611STSC4701 Shoes: ZARA

Ok, I completely lost all my “How to walk on high heels” training in the past few months. I hardly ever wear anything higher than 5 cm lately and for a good reason but damn, I see pretty high shoes everywhere and my knees get weak…These shoes will definitely be my perfect travel companions on my transatlantic trip at the end of this week which I am extremely excited about. Lets see if I last more than half an hour wearing them though.

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Now Shopping: COS

The wait is (nearly) over…

Today COS launched e-commerce in the US (not a big deal for all of you in Europe, extra huge deal for all of us here) and our digital carts are overflowing. The brick and mortar store will open in SoHo soon, but until then we can get our fix online!

The days of drooling over the look books and not being able to buy anything are over!

By studio

Black & Gold

shopping blackandgold mood

Product Selection:


Dolce & Gabbana SS14 Runway, Images courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana


H&M Metallic Finish Jacket

Topshop Black Top

Maison Martin Margiela Set of Four Gold-tone Rings

Jimmy Choo Gold Glitter Clutch

Reiss Kaneo Laser Cut Skirt


Chiara Ferragni Limited Edition Glitter Slippers for Level Shoes District

Italia Independent Velvet Stud Cat Eye Sunglasses

Sass & Bide The Night Before Shorts


Graphics by Carolina Cerutti 


City Tropics

Thinking about trying the Hawaiian trend this weekend.

Here’s a few ideas that would be great!

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Maleficent girls

maleficent(940x625)Product Selection:SL_01

Zara T-Shirt

J Brand Jeans

Saint Laurent Black Leather Jacket

Elizabeth and James backpack


Chiara Ferragni Maleficent glitter slippers (AVAILABLE SOON)

Delfina Delettrez eye and pearl piercing earring

Valentino Ring

Valentino Bracelet

Redken Hair Cream


Dior mascara

Chiara Ferragni for Italian Independent sunglasses



Sweater: Just Cavalli

I made a post in December on the best sweaters on the end of season sale. Obviously and as usual I didn’t make my mind up in time and all the sweaters I loved were gone before I could click buy. Of all of them, this one kind of stuck with me and I cant understand why. I am not normally into Cavalli I gotta admit, I am more of a, well you know, black and white person and this is kind of out of my comfort zone, very much so.
I tried tracking it down on all websites I could, but it was nowhere to be seen and I went trough this period of: Why the heck didn’t I buy it when I had the chance? I even had it on my cart a couple of times. You probably know the feeling.
This must be meant to be, as my friend Neri found it for me 2 days ago, boom, be mine!!!

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