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Shopping Cart : Holiday Weekend

I love the white shirt! And I can’t wait to find the perfect one for Spring.

Check out all my picks on Pinterest!

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I don’t know at what point in history shopping became its own activity entirely — yesterday I tried to watch The Paradise*, which takes place during the Victorian era in London, and even back then, we see young women swooning over fancy lace and spending all their money** on perfumes, and some are even able to use their clothes to up their social status.

This doesn’t surprise me. There’s a particular pleasure in shopping — it’s both intimate and social. It’s a way to enjoy yourself and communicate something at the same time. That’s especially true today, and it even goes far beyond that…
Today, you can build an entire career based on shopping.

Don’t take my word for it. Careers are rare. But let’s take a look at some recent phenomena…

Personal Style Bloggers

There are more and more of them all the time, they are getting cuter and cuter, and their wardrobes are always overflowing. And also – it’s like a sport : as Alexia said in the comments on Monday — some girls never wear the same thing twice.
They look like they have dream lives*** running from plane to plane, taking three photos of copious breakfasts with Valentino Studs in the foreground and the Eiffel Tower in the background.

They aren’t technically stylists or models. I’m not even sure they could dress anyone other than themselves.
They are…experienced shoppers.

And it works! Most of the time, they’re really good at mixing brands, inspiring, and promoting young, local designers we wouldn’t have heard of otherwise, which is great… Some of them make real careers out of it. Why not?

But at the same time, does this shopping hysteria correspond in any way to reality? The answer is clearly no. I get dizzy just thinking about how all the changes and clothes organizing (getting it, sorting it, folding it, hanging it, trying it on, sending it back****) every day.

But it’s great eye candy, and as long as we don’t find ourselves freaking out when we look at these blogs “but why don’t I have a different pair of pumps every day and the Eiffel Tower behind me!?!?!” I’m totally ok with it.

Victoria Beckham

I love what Victoria Beckham does, and she explains it really well herself: After so many years of shopping, she knows exactly what she wants to find when she goes shopping.

So she created her own brand based on her experience. And she does a great job of it. She puts her whole shopping philosophy to work in her career. When she launches her line of handbags, they’re perfect. You have to admit she has plenty of experience with perfection given her 100 + Birkins.

I can’t wait to see what her stores are like.

Kim Kardashian

I don’t know if we can really call it shopping (But at the same time, she really shops — remember when I ran into her at Isabel Marant? She was trying on clothes and showing everything to Kanye… No stylist in sight), but she’s worth mentioning because she’s the most recent example of rehabilitation by clothes and only clothes (okay, a little bit of Kanye as well) — and that alone turned her from reality tv star (“Boooh!!!”) into a Vogue cover model (“Aaaaah!!!”)

Because really, unlike some celebrities who change their image to mark a career change, Kim didn’t change anything but her clothes. Whether you like it or not, she is using her private life to create an empire, and she still uses her name to sell all kinds of things, chic or not, to her fans.

But now she knows how to dress, and our opinion of her (oh la la, you guys got SO mad at me when I said I liked her new looks!) is going to change.
A year from now, she’ll be on Vanity Fair’s best dressed list, and one day we will have completely forgotten that Kim Kardashian used to show off her booty in Hervé Léger. We’re going to think she’s chic. We’re going to start talking about her irony-free. Without having to apologize or explain like everyone does these days why-she’s-actually-cool-if-you-really-think-about-it.
We’ll start describing her as an experienced business woman with flawless style.
No, seriously! You’ll see!

And all of that will happen just because she is a smart shopper.

It’s funny, don’t you think?

Ok guys, I’ll let you go. I have some shopping to do!


*It’s on Netflix. Not great so far. Have you seen it?

**Well — they spent all their family’s money, anyway. It’s not like women worked back then*

*No, they didn’t work, they plotted. Or at least that’s what all the films would have us believe. All the men were at war, and all the women were sitting around plotting schemes. Pfffff.

*** Ok, I mean, it’s the Internet dream life. Let’s not fool ourselves!

**** No, they’re not all rich, some of them just really know what they’re doing. And, uuuum, sending back clothes they ordered? Which is? Not a good idea. It’s always when you decide to do that, that you end up with a coffee that decides to spill itself (oops!) on your $10,000 dress.

Translated by Andrea Perdue

Shopping Cart : Lady

Andi’s feminine look this week has me wanting to really try it out myself.

A few items I think would be perfect for just that!

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Macramé strap swimsuit from Eres and macramé tote from Jimmy Choo.

From outerwear to beachwear. This is a combo i really wouldn’t mind wearing this summer. Love the swimsuit and that bag isn’t ugly either.


The hint of sun this week has me wanting to wear lighter layers and show just a little leg.

Wouldn’t these pieces be great for the start of Spring?

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Shopping Cart : Skater Girl

There is something so cool about a skater girls style…

Here’s a few things I think would be perfect!

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The Goods

It’s exciting announcement week (=we don’t sleep a lot)(= we have bags under our eyes)(=we drink too much coffee)!!!

For the occasion of the launch of my stationery line avec Rifle and of the Open Studio that starts tomorrow (full program later today), our new shop is live today: Garance Doré Goods!!!

It’s a totally new website where you will be able to find my posters and art prints, the entire stationery and gift line (iPhone caaaaaseeees) (they’re now all available) but also an edit of some of my favorite objects.

It will be updated everyday and I really see it as a website dedicated to all the beautiful things I see around me !!! Click here to check it out (and shop the collection…!).



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A Parisian look is so simple to do…
here’s a few ideas from a real Frenchie, me!

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Spring Forward

I can’t believe it might actually, finally, really, seriously almost be spring!

Here are a few things that I’d wear, rain or shine!

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The Céline Outlet

Yes, it’s real. Take a deep breath.

It just opened at Woodbury Commons, a mega outlet mall in New York. I haven’t been before, only because I’m afraid I will lose all self-control and have to file for bankruptcy. I’m only 26, it’s just too soon.


*cough cough cough* Hey G, I think I have a cold. Can’t make it into work today. *cough cough cough*

Brie and I have compiled a list of the things we really really hope to find at the Céline outlet…


1. Striped and structured top and pant via Pre-Fall 2012.
2. The camel leather mini dress from Spring 2010.
3. Top on a top. Genius Pre-Fall 2011.
4. Spring 2013 plunging netted v-neck dress. Perfect for summer weddings.
5. The entire look from Pre-Fall 2013, but if they only had one item the shoes! Maybe a pair got damaged in my size?


6. Those PINK PANTS from Resort2012.
7. A jacket that comes is every size, thank you Resort 2013.
8. From Resort 2014, perfection in a pant, top, coat combo.
9. The floral crop top. I don’t care, I still want it. Resort 2012.
10. Lastly, Resort 2012 might as well be shipped to us if there is anything left , chic beyond chic white button up!

Any dream items you hope to find at the outlet? And if you go before us, please report your findings!

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March Wishlist

birthday wishlist via

WISH. Some of the things that are currently on my wishlist. Oh and P.S. my birthday is tomorrow, March 5th! ;)

SCARF Acne (here). BAG Balenciaga Le Dix (here). BATH OIL Ortiga ‘Zagara’. GOLD EARRING Line & Jo. MIRROR Gubi ‘Adnet’ (here).LEATHER CHAIR PERFUME Byredo ‘Pulp‘. PEARL EAR CUFF Sophie Bille Brahe (here). STAR EAR CUFF Saskia Diez. CROSS HOOP Stone. VASE ‘Flask’ from Svenskt Tenn. TRAVEL PERFUME CASE Byredo (here). SERUM Chanel ‘Le Weekend‘. POSTER Society 6.

Denim on Denim

I loved Cassie’s denim on denim look so much I’m thinking about re-creating it for myself this weekend.

Here’s some cool ideas, more on my Pinterest!

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NY Blues

Gearing up for when its perfect weather for wearing a leather jacket and jeans. See the rest of my picks on Pinterest!

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Saint Valentine and snowstorm Pax have me wanting to wear red and stay warm.



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Ralph Lauren Handbags Debut at

Ralph Lauren Handbags Debut at

Ralph Lauren has been making top-flight handbags for years, but the designer has always held them a bit close to his vest. You could see the Ricky and others in Lauren’s flagship boutiques and buy them online at the company’s site, but beyond that, the retail opportunities were scarce. If you’ve been looking to get your hands on one, though, you now have one more option: Neiman Marcus now carries a small (but hopefully growing) selection of the Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag online.

The bags available represent the basics: black, white, tan and taupe in a couple of sizes. There’s also a lovely bright yellow that I could have sworn raised the temperature in my office by a very welcome 10 degrees, as well as two bicolor versions that fit well within the tried-and-true look of American sportswear for which Lauren is so famous. If you’re planning to summer in Nantucket and wear a lot of summer-weight cable knit sweaters, your could do a lot worse than the yellow-and-navy bag above, for example. Also, please take me with you.

Shop Ralph Lauren via Neiman Marcus now, including this bag for $2,500.

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$300 or $80?

While (working) on the internet last night,

I came across a cool top at (insert a department store). But it was $80. My thoughts were something like ” What?! I’m not paying $80 for a top from ___!” Not 5 minutes later down the internet vortex, I spot a designer sweatshirt (that I had forgotten I wanted) for $280 and plop it in my online shopping basket so fast I thought it might disappear.

I fell asleep before completing my purchase, still dreaming of wearing the pricey sweatshirt in 2-4 business days, all cool around town.

But why is it I can rationalize spending significantly more on a designer item? The brand itself is a major influence, I love “this brand” and therefore am willing to spend more to get it. Especially when you find something under a certain price bracket from that designer, even more incentive to buy it. The truth is, I think the brand changes how you rationalize prices don’t you?

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Sheer Delight

All this talk about nudity had me wanting to show some skin…

….but not really, its still freezing outside! Here are a few sheer things on my wish list!



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Black Underwear

Nude week here at the studio had me wondering why I fancied black underwear so much.

Then it clicked. It was this quote from the movie “10 Things I Hate About You”:

“You don’t buy black lingerie unless you want someone to see it.”

That really stuck with me. Now, 15 years later, my unmentionables drawer is filled with near exclusively black underwear of every kind. Apparently, I really want to be seen in my knickers…

PS: The bra in the photo is by Cosabella.

By brie

The La Maison Tee

Dear Zara,

What can I say…

Yet another cool find. A tee shirt in just the right unusual shade of brown I didn’t know I was longing for PLUS “la maison” embroidered on the back in spirit of my new home team!?

Get one here: Zara, $19.99

By brie


AndyTorresWeberHodelFeder AndyTorresWeberHodelFeder1 AndyTorresWeberHodelFeder3 AndyTorresWeberHodelFeder4Velcro Boots: WeberHodelFeder

Months, its been literally months since I fell in love with these boots…Its no news that I am into masculine footwear, more and more lately, specially attracted to all things flat. I guess I don’t need the height since I am 1.80cm, plus a little comfort doesn’t hurt either.

I met the WeberHodelFeder designers at a party in Antwerp a few months back and we hit it off immediately, a talented bunch I tell you. I not only love their shoes, but I also predict great things for them coming in the future. Not a lot of emerging designers can say they sell at Colette in Paris, they can and I feel so happy for them!

You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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Gold Rush

I’m slowly stepping away from my grey winter uniform…

I hope it will make warmer weather come faster ;) Here is my shopping cart this week, you can see it all on Pinterest!


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The Flandana

We recently discovered the Flandana.

And it’s changed our lives. This fleece meets bandana (you get it? Flandana…genius) neckwarmer has all of us here at the studio looking like cozy urban cowboys.

Winter be warned.

Get one here: Flandana, $32.

PS: This is the first installment of our new “Under $50″ mini post series! We will keep bringing you some of our favorite finds!

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Giuseppe Zanotti Dalila loafers Giuseppe Zanotti Dalila LoafersI’M WEARING >> Shoes:Giuseppe Zanotti

See, the thing about the sale season is not only the fact that you find amazing deals, but sometimes gems like these are left behind in a store, in a lonely corner and 70% off!? … I have been OBSESSED with the Celine shoes with the metal caps over but 1) I couldn’t locate them anywhere and 2) I wouldn’t have been able to justify that purchase, as much as I want to sell the idea to my brain: “Its a life investment!” Yeah right …

When I spotted these at the shop, they were the only pair left, they were my size, they were 70% off, they were meant for me. See, thats destiny…

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AWBag: Alexander Wang

Yeah, I know I have been wearing my Proenza Bag non stop since I bought it, the thing is, I really really love it. I realized it was my “to go” bag all the time and I wanted to spice it up a little with something in a completely different color.
I am obsessed with black, yes, but also white so this mini thingy is perfect in my eyes, specially considering Alexander Wang is one of my favorite designers, or wait, my favorite designer AND it was on sale ;) .

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Its been a long time coming since I needed to update my “Shop my Closet“, but there was always this or that in the way…Since I came back from Mexico less than 2 weeks ago, I have been trying to make space in my closet and Its driving me insane that I cant fit anything anymore. Sadly but responsibly, I decided to but some of these items for sale. Im gonna be sad to see them go but I am sure they will find a good home to to go.

I will be trying to upload more stuff soon so stay tuned!

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Borrowed from the Boys

After this week…

I found myself really wanting to shop the men’s department. Here is what I have on my list this week!

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chevron chevron2 chevron3Chevron necklace: Enelle London via Boticca

Ever since I got this necklace, I have been wearing it non stop, it has become an everyday piece and for a good reason. Its perfect and matches with all my other necklaces so I love layering it with other pieces. Sometime less is more, but sometimes more is more ;)

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The Belt

I stole this belt from my step-dad (who’s the sweetest step-dad in the world – he had an amazing wardrobe AND he always pretended like he didn’t notice when I took his shirts for myself!) The belt’s got to be at least… pffff, I don’t know, I must have been 15?

I used to wear it with my boyfriend jeans, the super low rise ones.

And it’s stuck with me ever since.

These Ralph Lauren belts last forever and they never go out of style. I love them. You can still find them in shops today – which means it’s a true classic, a real one, really really!

Of course, my belt collection has grown since then – I have belts that are more feminine, more stylish, more everything — but this belt is one of the things I’ve taken me with me all over and I’ve had it forever.

I hope I won’t ever lose it.



Jumper  |  Shoes  |  Skirt  |  Sunglasses  |  Bag  |  Ring

My tomboy look from yesterday doesn’t really encapsulate my entire style, which is mainly what I love about clothes, that I can wear them however I want. I get to look like a boy, but then I get to look really girly too, if I wanted to that is.
I guess this look is the exact example of what I would LOVE to be wearing right now -if it wasn’t freezing and raining-, maybe I can just wear it indoors, pretend I am about to fly back to Mexico and go for an exciting holiday by the beach(?)

I wish…

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Look 1 | Look 2 | Look 3

Thinking of stocking up some mesh garments for Spring. What do you think? Yay or Nay?

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Subtly Pink

Lately, I’ve been really into this super soft pink–maybe you noticed we had a lot of pink on the blog this week!

Here are a few things I’m shopping for!


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Bag: Neri Karra

I had the most incredible New Years Eve celebration with my family and I am still recovering from all the fun -and maybe few drinks- from the night…I ‘m starting the year with the right foot and wearing from the first time this beautiful present by the talented Neri Karra.

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1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9

CHRISTMAS, yes, Christmas but also THE SALE! … Too much temptation on the sale right now and even if I am in Mexico, it has been really cold lately, yeah, like 10 degrees so all I can think of is cozy sweaters, jeans and boots.

I made a selection of my favorite jumpers on Sale right now, but I cant make up my mind which one I want the most. Decisions, decisions.

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3.1 Phillip Lim mini Pashli

phillip lim mini pashli via

LOVE. Looks like Santa came early this year, say hi to my new little friend!

BAG 3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli.

Buyer’s Regret

It’s the opposite of buyer’s remorse…

…And I have it. While out shopping the other weekend I came face to face with a beautiful pair of green croc-embossed leather booties from the spring 2013 Derek Lam collection. They were seriously on sale. They were the shoes that dreams are made of. I told myself that I wanted them but I did not need them. So, I walked away.

…Okay, first I walked around the store in them, and then I put them back in their box and walked away.

I haven’t stopped thinking about them. Yesterday, I showed a photo of them to my friend. “Wow, you have amazing self control,” she said as we both indulged in hot chocolates with giant marshmallows at City Bakery (that self control doesn’t apply to everything).

I’m experiencing a serious case of buyer’s regret. I’m feeling anxiety over not buying those shoes. It’s different than same feeling I had when I didn’t get my Stam bag. I was never on the hunt for them and I didn’t really even know I wanted them until I saw them (and yeah, the crazy sale price played an obvious role in my desire). Here I am, two weeks later, still thinking about them. Still googling them. Still planning out imaginary outfits around them.

Have you ever experienced this kind of buyer’s regret? What is the cure?

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Lightning Lightning3

I haven’t worn earrings in quite a while but when I saw this small lightings, I couldn’t resist. Although I am only into wearing one on the right ear.

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Holidays party dresscode

20132611_Styligion-Chiara11673 copia

On top of gifts, holiday season is also about “what to wear for a festive party?”
My natural advice is to choose a mini dress: you can easily go for a sensual black must-have or consider a classic-not-classic red one or to shine with a metallic skirt and jacket.
Get some inspiration to complete your look with some accessories of your fav brands, as I did here wearing Styligion…and you will be ready to rock the party!

A Natale, tra i tormentoni più frequenti, oltre ai regali :) , c’è anche: “Cosa mi metto per un party di Natale o a Capodanno?”
Il mio consiglio, naturalmente, è quello di scegliere un mini dress: da un sensuale abito nero ad un classico-ma-non-classico rosso o a un brillante abbinamento metallico. Ispiratevi sempre per completare il vostro look con gli accessori dei vostri brand preferiti, come ho fatto qui con Styligion…e sarete pronte a essere perfette per il party!

20132611_Styligion-Chiara11498 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara11898 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara12016 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara11520 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara12244 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara11902 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara11684 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara11793 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara12213 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara12270 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara11828 copia
20132611_Styligion-Chiara12094 1 copia



Photos by Andrew Arthur

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carolina engman wishlist 2013

TUESDAY. Christmas is just around the corner and these are the items that are on top of my wishlist this year:

Beni Ourain Rug. Shark tooth necklace, Givenchy. Pajama set from Journelle. Gypset Style by Julia Chaplin. Pearl earring Sophie Bille Brahe. David Ehrenstråle “Guide to Bombay” poster. Chanel La nuit + Le jour serums. Scented candle from Tom Dixon. A fig tree (Maybe a bit random for a christmas wishlist, but we really need more plants in our apartment!). Vase from Svensk Tenn.

Your GIF Guide to Winning the Holiday Shopping Race

Your GIF Guide to Winning the Holiday Shopping Race

We’ve been posting shopping tips and gift guides galore since Thanksgiving (and before), but once you get deep in the process of marking things and people off your holiday list, it’s easy to let the social and financial stress creep in and forget what the season is really about. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming by noon, but for now, take a breath, relax a little and enjoy our take on the holiday shopping process. Naturally, it’s in the Internet’s only true native language: the animated GIF.

1. You start by making your list. (Checking it twice is optional.)


2. Then you make your budget.


3. Wait, how do you make a budget?


4. This math isn’t working out.


5. Time to decide who you really want to be friends with and who can go.


6. Ok, time to get to shoppin’.


7. You are momentarily taken aback by the parking lot.


8. Never mind, you got this.


9. You start out by following your carefully conceived plan. Nothing can stop you.


10. Except shopping for clothes for yourself. That can stop you.


11. You suddenly remember what you were supposed to be doing in the first place.


12. You get a call from your bank about the sudden volume of charges on your account.


13. The bank actually wonders if they’re all yours!


14. I mean, they’re definitely all yours.


15. Whatever.


16. It’s not like you won’t be able to afford the essentials or anything.


17. And best of all, this is how everyone will feel when opening your gifts.


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STSC4444 STSC4447 STSC4449

Boots: Balenciaga

Ay Ay Ay, Santa came early this year and he came in style <3…What is on your Christmas Wish list?

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Trench1 trench2


I am going home to Mexico soon for a bit, where I grew up and where all my family is and I was thinking I wont be needing so many bulky coats. I mean, its not going to be tropical as such but the cold will be bearable, at least for me who is kind of used to the European winters. I came across with this one the other day and thought it would be perfect but also wondered; Will I ever get sick of this print?. I gotta say tho, the styling of this is pretty amazing as well.

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NikeFreeRun2 NikeFreeRun5 NikeFreeRun NikeFreeRun4 NikeFreeRun6 NikeFreeRun1Sneakers: Nike Free Run 5.0 Available at Foot Locker stores only.

I have to admit that I am IN LOVE with my new office neighborhood, although the cobblestones make it a bit hard to walk on heels and thats when my sneakers come in very handy pre and post shooting.
I have to say that the combo of leather pants and sneakers works the best for me, such a contrast of what its not “usually acceptable” when it comes to styling,  but then again, we shouldn’t stick to any rules. This pair I love, maybe its the neon details, maybe its the subtle leopard print? Maybe its both, makes them everything BUT boring.

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Rings Rings2 rings3

Rings: Rachel Entwistle via Boticca

“Sometimes I think of the sun and the moon as lovers who rarely meet,
always chase and almost always miss one another.
But once in a while they do catch up and they kiss,
and the world stares in awe of their eclipse.”

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Surviving Black Friday Shopping Madness in 23 Easy GIF Steps

Surviving Black Friday Shopping Madness in 23 Easy GIF Steps

If you’re reading this, that means that you’ve survived Black Friday. We did too! Yay for all of us. (Also, we hope you had a great Thanksgiving, but that’s not really what we’re here to talk about.) To commemorate what we all just lived through, we’d like to do to it what the Internet does best: give it the GIF treatment. Below, you’ll find Black Friday, as we (and probably you) just lived it.

1. Browse some ads in advance of the big day.


2. Winnow down the list of places you’d like to visit.


3. Enlist the help of battle-tested friends and relatives.


4. Have one more pumpkin-flavored cocktail the night before and wonder if you should just stay home and shop online.


5. Get up at the crack of dawn.


6. Ok, maybe you need a louder alarm.


6. And you’re off!


7. You’ve found an ever-elusive parking spot!


8. You get inside and remember exactly how unpleasant Black Friday is.


9. Was everyone in this mall born in a barn?


10. It’s all worth it when you see that ONE PERFECT THING.


11. It’s still out of your price range.


12. You buy it anyway.


13. Someone cuts the checkout line.


14. You dispense with her quickly.


15. Breakfast break!


16. Back to shopping.

Shopping is my cardio

17.Your friend picks out something awful and you try to be supportive.


18. This is what you really think about it.


19. Your group’s sense of urgency is really lacking.


20. You realize you have hit your fun ceiling and it’s time to go home.

I'm out

21. Now you just have to deal with the parking lot.


22. When you get home and go through your haul, you realize you can’t wait for next year.

The Best

23. There’s always Cyber Monday.


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checkered1 CheckeredPants & Cropped top: ZARA

I VERY often tell myself I will go on a shopping ban, mainly because I have nowhere to put clothes anymore, overcrowding galore in my closet. Then I “accidentally” go into stores like ZARA and bam, I ALWAYS bump into something i want, always, literally always…You would thing I’d be over this checkered print by now, but I am not, at all, are you?

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backpacking backpacking2 backpacking3

Purple backpack:  Marc by Marc Jacobs   |   Black backpack: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I remember how excited I used to get whenever I had to buy a new backpack for a new school year -my mom would definitely remember and laugh about this-. Jeez, it was such a big decision back when I was a little girl; Should I pick this, or should I pick that? … The years went by and I went from being obsessed with backpacks to loosing my mind over a PS11 Proenza Schouler bag, how times have changed!

I find it amusing that as I was browsing the web, I found these 2 backpacks which not only threw me back to the good old school years, but also got me craving them. Old habits die hard right?

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Watch: Larsson & Jennings

Always obsessing over watches, thats me. Lately I just wear my black leather strap one but it doesn’t hurt to add a little color to our wrists this winter, hey?!

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Sweaters: ZARA

Ay Ay Ay, the transitioning of seasons, when you cant go barelegged anymore because its so freaking cold outside that even if you are wearing a thermal clothes underneath, you feel like your face is about to fall off. I never know what do to in those cases, to be able to keep some variety and dont look the same, wearing the same sweaters, same coat, same, same, preventing pneumonia.

You see, I still dont know what to do, but I will probably get accustomed to this north pole -spicy exaggeration- weather sometime soon (?), in the meantime, let me stock on some new sweaters, which wont cover me from the cold anyway but gosh they’re pretty! hahaha

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STSC4434 STSC4440

Sneakers: NIKE

Oh La LA! Thumbs down for discretion and thumbs up for awesomeness. I am utterly in love with these, seriously!

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Sophie Bille Brahe

sophie bille brahe pearl earring

Photo by Sascha Oda

PEARLS. I really love Sophie Bille Brahe’s modern take on pearls and these beautiful earrings from her latest collection are on the very top of my wishlist, but sadly I can’t seem to find them anywhere! I guess these ones from Asos will have to do until I can get my hands on the real deal..