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The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of August 8

The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of August 8

Good morning and happy Friday to all! Normally I wouldn’t be this peppy at 10 a.m., but today is bag deals day, so things are different. Below, we’ve got the finest assortment of sale bags we could find on this here Internet, including a totally gorgeous, exotic Valentino bag that we think is a must-see for everyone.

12 Bags That Want You to Get Weird for Fall

12 Bags That Want You to Get Weird for Fall

When it comes to adding novelty to high-end luxury, shoe designers have found the most recent success; shoes have relatively little surface area and are far away from the natural line of sight, so they seem like less of a risk. They’re also less expensive than bags, on average, which makes the purchase of something that’s both luxurious and highly specific seem a little bit less like an unreasonable splurge. As bold, weird, literal shoes have gained traction, though, novelty handbags have followed right behind.

Fall’s crop isn’t the first group of weird bags to make landfall, but for the coming season, more designers than ever are following in the steps of fashion’s resident oddballs like Charlotte Olympia and Lulu Guinness. Check out a dozen of our favorites below.



Top from Stella McCartney, pants from Pleats Please Issey Miyake, sandals from ATP Atelier, bag from Nina Ricci.


The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of August 1

The Best Bag Deals for the Weekend of August 1

I can’t believe it’s already August, but it is, and it’s also Friday. If you’ve been around these parts before, you know that means we’re celebrating the end of the week with a selection of our favorite bag deals, ranging from Givenchy to Loeffler Randall. Check ‘em out below.

Summertime happiness


Product Selection:


Missoni Beach Towel
For Love & Lemons white Dress
Triangl Leopard Swimwear
Missoni Swimsuit
Collistar Bronzer Spray


Stella McCartney Beckett Clutch
Gucci Aviator Sunglasses
MSGM Sandals

Graphics by Carolina Cerutti



Tshirt from Club Monaco, pants from Pleats Please Issey Miyake, sandals made in Positano, linen bag from Stella McCartney, earrings from Day Birger et Mikkelsen, rings from Line & Jo and Iosselliani.

Outfit 16 juli



Linen shirt from Hope, linen bag from Stella McCartney.

I’ve had the most amazing weekend spent with friends, there is something special about Swedish summer. Yesterday I was wearing one of my favourite pieces at the moment: this linen shirt.



Sandals, Stella McCartney.

Sale got to me..I actually went for something more which I’ll show you guys later.



Pleated jacket and pants from Pleats Please Issey Miyake, silk camisole from By Malene Birger, necklace from Trine Tuxen, linen bag from Stella McCartney, sandals from ATP Atelier.





Knit from Ganni, pants from Pleats Please Issey Miyake, shoes from Zara, bag from Stella McCartney.



Bag of the Week: Stella McCartney Beckett Boston Shopper Tote

Bag of the Week: Stella McCartney Beckett Boston Shopper Tote

Bag: Stella McCartney Beckett Boston Shopper Tote

Price: $1,350 via Neiman Marcus

Why It’s the Bag of the Week: McCartney’s Falabella has enjoyed a long period of popularity, but it’s high time that people who love designer bags but don’t love leather had a more modern option. The Beckett Boston Shopper is exactly that. On the other hand, if you like leather and want a more affordable option, it’s pretty similar to the Rebecca Minkoff Perry Satchel, which retails for $495. (It also looks like several other things, if we’re being real here, but we still think it’s a great option for the leather-averse.)


It’s not the first time we’ve talked about celebrities becoming style icons (I know you remember Garance’s post on Kim Kardashian that drove some of you so mad…) so today, let’s talk about Rihanna.

She sported a dramatic number from Stella McCartney at the Met Ball (I wonder what Charles James would think about a crop top…) and she was at the Dior cruise show last week wearing head-to-toe pieces from the house. She’s going to be honored at this year’s CFDA Awards as Fashion Icon of the year. And of course, you can’t forget, she’s the face of spring Balmain.

I can’t really comment too much on Rihanna’s off duty style outside of saying it’s pretty casual and maybe a little bit flashy at times (her Instagram was recently deleted, so I can’t go back through her #OOTD posts), but is she on her way to becoming a major fashion player?

If you have Stella and Raf wanting to dress you, a major ad campaign and an award on the way, I think it gives you some serious fashion street cred. So what do you think? Is Rihanna someone with great style or is it all about celebrity status?



Dress from Totême, linen bag from Stella McCartney, sandals made in Positano, necklaces from Givenchy and Line & Jo, the charm bracelet is a gift from my grandmother, sunnies from Ray Ban.

Ok, so when Elin first showed me their first collection for Totême a couple of weeks ago I knew I HAD to bring something with me to Greece. This dress is the p e r f e c t piece for lazy days in the sun (actually, I have the shorter, tighter version too, which is great for a night out in town or just with a pair of flats as well), it’s luxurious yet laid back. Tomorrow the collection will hit stores, yippie kai yay, right!?

Outfit 6 maj

Roll Up Your Sleeves

They say style is in the details… Well – one of the things I do the most, without even thinking about it, is rolling up my sleeves. I even roll up the sleeves of my coats ! At this point, it’s more a weird habit than any kind of style science – and that why I thought it was time to explore the cuff, but like – seriously.

I asked Brie to give me a few pointers…

Here’s what I’ve observed from Chinatown to Fashion Week…

There are just a few simple steps to three very chic (and sometimes old-fashioned) rolled sleeves. This is an art form we’re taking about here!

The Pro Roll
- flip back the cuff once
- pull the cuff up past your elbow
- bring folded sleeve up and over cuff
- pushup to your liking!

Simple Flip
- unbutton jacket sleeve buttons, turn back once
- scrunch up to elbow
- flip cuff over once
You’re done!

High and Tight
- pinch excess sleeve fabric, fold left like a pleat
- fold back cuff several times to secure
- wear high at bicep
- note: best with 3/4 or short sleeve shirts

Click the arrows to see more.

Shirt, Mother; Jeans, MiH; Jacket, Stella McCartney; Shirt, Blk Dnm; Jeans, Mother ; Bag, Vintage Balmain; Bracelets, Pomellato; Shirt, Madewell.

50+ Bags on the Arms of Our Favorite Supermodels

50+ Bags on the Arms of Our Favorite Supermodels

Models and great handbags go together like peanut butter and jelly. Some of our all-time favorite collection profiles have come at the hands of supers like Miranda Kerr, Kate Moss and Alessandra Ambrosio, and if there were a photo agency dedicated purely to documenting their daily outfits, we’d gladly delve into the handbag closets of even more models. Because there isn’t, though, we’ve decided to put together all that we could find from five of our favorite supers whose collections we’ve yet to dissect: Karlie Kloss, Chrissy Teigen, Kate Upton, Adriana Lima and Candice Swanepoel.

The results include over 50 gorgeous designer bag, including some super rare exotics (mostly courtesy of Ms. Upton, who seems to have used entire paychecks to buy things even most handbag lovers can barely dream of). The level to which these ladies are both genetically and sartorially blessed may cause a little bit of envy, but once you get past that, there’s certainly a lot of pretty going on below.

Kesha Takes her Stella McCartney Bag to Tahiti

Kesha Takes her Stella McCartney Bag to Tahiti

Here’s Kesha (Yes, she dropped the “$.” Now how will she ever distinguish herself from all the other Keshas?) about to board a flight to Tahiti at LAX, carrying a pale, non-leather Stella McCartney Falabella Bag. You can find a woven cotton version of the Falabella in “bisque” that’s absolutely perfect for spring and summer (and impromptu trips to Tahiti) for $1,780 at Bergdorf Goodman.

In random celebrity hair news: green hair chunking is suddenly a bizarre new trend among celebs – Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, and Kesha have all dyed their locks green within the last few weeks. If you want to ride the wave of this fun, yet presumably extra-fleeting fad, you should probably get chunking within the next 36 hours.

Check Out Which Bags Your Favorite Celebs Carried on Easter

Check Out Which Bags Your Favorite Celebs Carried on Easter

Celebrities: they’re just like us, at least in that some of them go all-out for Easter, and others can’t figure out why the grocery store isn’t open on Sunday morning. Everyone from Fergie to Duchess Kate (who had her Alexander McQueen clutch altered to replace the holiday-inappropriate skull clasp) was out and about yesterday, and we took the opportunity to chronicle their Easter handbag choices, no matter whether they were headed to church or to pilates class.

White Shirts

You know it: I loooooove white shirts. I love them, I never get tired of them and last season, when I saw them popping everywhere on the runway I was all: get ready this is going to be my season. (There was also a lot of cropped tops on the runway and I was all: this is gonna be a tough season).

Here are three most important facts about the white shirt that make it awesome:

- It’s versatile and can be worn from a lazy Sunday to a red carpet ( if you’re Sharon Stone, all right?).
- It works with everything and even with nothing – a little bit longer, and it’s a perfect dress!
- It’s perfect to cover up in in the summer. My shooting outfit for summer is always an oversize white painters shirt: it protects my arms from the sun (not 100%, I still have to put sunscreen!) and I stay cool.

So, now everything I’ve see on the runway is in the stores and it’s time for action – we made a little selection of our favorites.
Mine is definitely the Junya one with the fringes. Which one do you prefer ?

In the photos : Stella McCartney , Maximalist Junya Watanabe, Bracelets Aurelie Bidermann lace cuff and lasso cuff, Earrings Aesa , Downtown Acne , Sneaker Adidas x Topshop , Delicate The Row, Tomboy Alexander Wang, Shorts No.21, Earrings Bing Bang , The Classic Equipment , Necklace Aesa, Ring Jennifer Fisher


I love Andi’s look because it speaks to me about a femininity that I don’t see so often in the streets of New York.
Okay well, my New York… Maybe I should go uptown more often?
What speaks to me is this chic and certain femininity, which is so sexy – a little bit Italian style.

It’s funny, because I bought a skirt that looks a little bit like that the other day; you can wear it only with heels, and the moment I saw myself in the mirror I was taken back by the added femininity it gave me. For me. who mostly wears jeans and shirts, I though that if I was to dress that way more often, my perception of myself would totally change and you know what? I’d like that.

Then I remembered I like to walk everywhere.
Pffff, life is full of unsolvable contradictions.

Do you find that having really feminine style is tough to keep up in everyday life?

Coat, Michael Kors; Top, Assembly New York; Pants, Tibi; Bag, Stella McCartney; Heels, Manolo Blahnik; Belt, vintage Versace.


The hint of sun this week has me wanting to wear lighter layers and show just a little leg.

Wouldn’t these pieces be great for the start of Spring?

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Check Out Our Favorite Instagrams of the Week

Check Out Our Favorite Instagrams of the Week

After being stuck in layers of black clothing and endless snow, we’ve found ourselves in a constant state of daydreaming. We’ve been wishing for sunny palm trees, bold handbags and endless outdoor brunches. While we continue to wait to make those dreams happen, we can love yours in the meantime, even if it’s just via Instagram! Check out our favorite shots of the week below.

23 Best Bets from Spring’s Bumper Crop of Designer Backpacks

23 Best Bets from Spring’s Bumper Crop of Designer Backpacks

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, but over the next month or two, something confusing is going to happen: your favorite brand is going to try to sell you a backpack. Even if you’re not a student. Even, in some cases, if you haven’t been a student in several decades and you thought the designers you prefer knew you wouldn’t ever need one again. Whether or not you’re receptive to their pitch is up to you, but it’s coming. If you’re a contemporary customer, it’s already here.

When we’ve written about backpacks in the past, readers have seemed split in the idea, at best. Now that the trend has reached critical mass, with backpacks (or the euphemistically termed “sling bags”) appearing in Spring 2014 accessories lineups at virtually every level of the price spectrum, we want to hear if your opinions have changed or softened at all. Before you answer, take a look at the nearly two dozen backpacks below; some are brand new designs from brands who have gone all-in on the trend, others are familiar bags with double straps added by designers who seem to be hedging to see if backpacks are nothing more than a passing fad. (I’m betting on “fad.”)


A Parisian look is so simple to do…
here’s a few ideas from a real Frenchie, me!

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Hello!!! So, what’s up with life?

Other than the fact that my English and French keep getting mixed up, giving me headaches and making me say weird words, life has been pretty cool since I’ve gotten back from Paris.

Now that we have the Studio, the way we work has changed, and it’s super interesting for me to find the right balance between keeping an eye on everything and letting the team have full creative freedom. Seeing them work together and have such a great time is a real joy. I hope you can sense that in the blog, even if we’re getting a little experimental sometimes (hey, that’s what a blog is for !)

Speaking of blogs, by the way, I wonder what we’ll call them ten years from now. With all the different forms they’ve taken – collaborative blogs, blogazines, Instagram, Tumblr, and all the different modes of expression and publications out there – will the word eventually disappear?

Scott and I will be talking about that and a lot of other things at my conference at FIAF this week…

The talk was sold out so it was moved to a bigger space – which means there are still a few more tickets if you want to come say hello !
I think it will be interesting to be interviewed by Scott himself! That’s a first!

Another first this week… We’re launching our newsletter!

I imagine it being like a letter from the Studio, or more like a club.

It will be there to keep you informed about what we’re doing, and things we like, and it will give us a chance to tell you more about the members of the studio. It will also have all the information you need for special events and meet-ups (tell us where you live so we can let you know when I’ll be in your area!) and lots of other things we’re brainstorming right now.
If you’d like to sign up, you can click on the newsletter box in the sidebar!!!

…Hey, by the way, we’re planning an event in New York, on the 28 and 29 of March, and it’s going to be pretty cool – mark it in your calendars if you’re in the area. I’ll tell you more about it very very very very soon.

Anyway, long story short – ever since I left, I miss Paris, and I didn’t talk to you about Paris enough while I was there. So, this week we’re doing a Paris theme.

Because, as the Americans say: Paris is always a good idea!

PS : Oh, if you’re wondering what’s in the picture, it’s a few things I brought back from Paris – a few photos taken by Sandra Semburg and Athens Streetstyle, a candy– which was the only thing I was able to save from the crazy Chanel show, a Stella keychain that was given with the invite, and an amazing pair (even though I’ve always preferred to wear my earring on only one side) of earrings by the super amazingly talented Aurélie Bidermann.

Translated by Andrea Perdue.

Spring Forward

I can’t believe it might actually, finally, really, seriously almost be spring!

Here are a few things that I’d wear, rain or shine!

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Life x Love

Author’s note: Mom, don’t read this.
Everything about this guy seemed ideal: he had a genuine interest in the mundane details of my day, a career and a regular flossing habit.
Everything, that is, until we had sex.

Sex with him was like playing opposite day with a Cosmopolitan article: silent (not even a single moan? c’mon!), fast (“Have you seen a doctor about this?” fast), boring (there are other positions, you know) and embarrassing (of all words you could string into a sentence after, “I” and “am” and “sorry” are just about the worst picks).

I gave the failing sex a pass for a few weeks. Maybe he was nervous. Maybe it was me. Maybe I could teach him. Maybe I needed to be more vocal with my wants and needs and “a little to the right.” Maybe it would get better. Maybe we just haven’t found our rhythm yet. I rationalized and sympathized for as long as I could.

But it didn’t get better, and the more times we had sex, the less interested I became. By the time my next rent check was due, my sex drive disappeared altogether (come back! where did you go?) and numbness, not to mention a tiny bit of spite and dread, set in. Suddenly I was claiming exhaustion and headaches and “I think I’m getting a cold.” The more we discussed what was going wrong, the more I wanted nothing to do with it, and ultimately, him.

Which brings up a touchy subject: Is bad sex a deal breaker? At first thought it seems so shallow. But what about his steady job and solid education, you ask!

Untimately though, I kept coming back to the question, “Can I live with bad sex forever?” And the answer, after a half-second of soul-searching, was a resounding, shout-it-from-the-rooftops no, never, nuh-uh, absolutely not.

To his disadvantage, when he and I started dating, I was still licking my wounds from a particularly painful breakup — a breakup with a long-term boyfriend who was the best in bed. That’s a tough act to follow, no matter how skilled you are in bedroom tricks. But here’s hoping he figures out what makes both him and a lady feel good. Because, really, his teeth are far too perfect and plaque-less to be single forever.

Watch, Chanel; Wallet, Vianel; Bowl, Alexander Wang; Lip Balm, Diptyque; Body Oil, NARS; Glasses, Stella McCartney; Bra, Agent Provocateur.

Pattern Play

Fashion week (month !) has me inspired to mix up patterns…

Here are a few things I’m looking for this weekend!

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Fall Trends: Sweater Dressing

The Trend: Sweater Dressing

How I would wear it: I’m totally into long, oversize sweaters year round but I am loving the idea of wearing a big sweater with a knit bottom for fall to really stay cozy.

The best looks: From left to right, Stella McCartney, Sacai, Céline, Chloé and Acne.

For more fall trends, click here!


Saint Valentine and snowstorm Pax have me wanting to wear red and stay warm.



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Grey Days

I love these pops of yellow in the winter, they go perfectly with my favorite color…. grey!

Here’s a few pieces I wouldn’t mind wearing this week, more on my Pinterest too.

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Mastering the art of layering is no easy task, my bag ladyness can attest to that.

It’s all about the proportions, the combination and in the end what’s going to keep you warm (and what you’re going to be able to take off when you need to cool down, say back at your desk or when you find yourself going to a chic lunch in the middle of a blizzard… Or for us these next two weeks: battling the elements during fashion week. )

I really liked these combos (one of them is actually mine, will you recognize it ?)

Click on the arrows to see all the photos.

Coat, Calvin Klein; Parka, Valentino; Sweatshirt, TPN; Shirt, Uniqlo; Bag, Reed Krakoff.

Coat, 10 Crosby Derek Lam. Jacket, Stella Mccartney; Denim Jacket, Proenza Schouler; Turtleneck, Club Monaco.

Plaid Coat, Ace&Jig; Leather Jacket, Vince; Bag, M Hulot; Bracelets, Saint Laurent; Scarf, vintage.

Want It Wednesday: Valentine’s Day 2014

Want It Wednesday: Valentine’s Day 2014

This week, we’ve decided to switch things up for our regular installment of Want It Wednesday. Instead of simply picking some things that have caught our eyes in the past seven days, the entire PurseBlog team has chosen the gifts that we’d really, really like to receive for Valentine’s Day, which will be here in a little over a week. As you can tell, we haven’t strayed all that far from the traditional V-Day gift categories, but we’ve all got our own spin on what we’d want.

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The Best Bags Deals for the Weekend of January 31

The Best Bags Deals for the Weekend of January 31

Another week (and month, basically) has come to a close, and with it comes our weekly dose of the Internet’s best bag deals. Don’t let the end of sale season get you down – we’ve scoured the Internet, including a few of our international favorites, to find the best, most tempting accessories the web has to offer.

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Detail / Round Sunglasses

I really like how these round sunglasses look on Anastasiya. Do you think they work with my short hair?

Sunglasses, Selima Optique, Coat, Stella McCartney, Chemise, Sea.

Weekend Inspiration #139

Patti Smith and her daughter at the Stella McCartney pre-fall presentation.

Love It or Leave It: Stella McCartney Falabella Embellished Clutch

Love It or Leave It: Stella McCartney Falabella Embellished Clutch

Stella McCartney is a designer who’s beloved by fashion people, but I don’t always quite understand her appeal. Her knits are incredible, but she’s a fan of the sort of boxy, difficult proportions that are all but unwearable unless you’re as leggy as Karlie Kloss. When it comes to her handbags, I’m eternally confused why customers pay premier designer prices for her notoriously faux-leather bags. (I suspect that an enormous number of her casual customers don’t realize their beloved bags are PVC.) Perhaps unsurprisingly, I’m also confused about the potential appeal of the Stella McCartney Embellished Falabella Clutch.

Although McCartney’s Falabella style is starting to feel stale after years of ubiquity, this version lacks any structural changes or refreshments. Instead, the black clutch we’re all familiar with gets a surface makeover with the addition of jewel-studded motifs of a wild night out. Matches, stray earrings, Band-Aids, lipstick swacks; they’re all cartoonishly present. McCartney has spent time as a prodigious London partier, alongside friends like Kate Moss, so the embellishments make a certain amount of thematic sense. They don’t make much aesthetic sense, though; McCartney’s designs aren’t known for their literalness or irreverence, and I can’t help but thinking that this is a kitschy look that someone like Miuccia Prada would pull off with much more finesse. (Not to mention, of course, that Prada’s bag would be real leather.)

Are you here for this clutch, or are you not buying it, literally or figuratively? You can pick up one of your own for $1,340 via Neiman Marcus.

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12 Bags to Get You Into the Emerging Mirrored Leather Trend

12 Bags to Get You Into the Emerging Mirrored Leather Trend

When you consider the minimal, modern direction that fashion has been heading in for several seasons, plus the overwhelming success of the holographic leather trend, the emergence of mirrored metallic leather as a bonafide trend isn’t particularly shocking. Stiff and futuristic, high-shine mirrored finishes can only really exist in a fashion climate that encourages us all to dress like space ladies from Planet Street Style. They’re perfect for structured bags with limited details, such as the minimalistic zippered pouch-clutches that have become ubiquitous.

Indeed, mirrored leather does mostly manifest itself in clutches and evening bags, but for the adventurous, we found a few larger shoulder bags that will allow you to reflect enough sunlight that you can properly work on your tan through the frigid winter months. Remember, it’s not just about fashion, it’s also about function.

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12 Bags to Pick Up From the Resort 2014 Pre-Orders (They’re Here Already!)

12 Bags to Pick Up From the Resort 2014 Pre-Orders (They’re Here Already!)

One of the nice things about fashion is that if you don’t like the season which you’re currently experiencing in objective reality when you step outside, the industry is more than happy to let you live in next season or last season, depending on how picky and/or rich you are. Prefer last season’s goods or want to save some cash? Something’s always on sale. Want to fast-forward and get the pick of next season’s litter? Resort 2014 handbag pre-orders are popping up as we speak.

These handbags, from a cranberry Gucci tote to a lime Reed Krakoff minibag, are all nominally from these brands’ Cruise or Resort 2014 collections, meaning that most of them have projected ship dates of on or before January 2014. Some, like the Fendi Peekaboo, are expected to arrive before the end of November, and a couple are projected out as far as May. Those pieces, if they are accurately labeled as Resort, will likely arrive far sooner. Whenever they show up, we’re sure they’ll be warmly received.

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For Handbags, Minimalism is Fall’s Chicest Look

For Handbags, Minimalism is Fall’s Chicest Look

If brevity is the soul of wit, minimalism might be the soul of elegance. After season upon season of rococo embellishment, studs, beading, embroidery, print, fur and exotics, fashion feels like it’s ready for something a little simpler and a little less look-at-me. The street style ship as we know it has, to a certain extent, sailed. Because handbags are such a distinctive and enduring part of any outfit, the best way to get in the spirit of this sartorial shift is with one of the many minimalist handbags that are currently ripe for the picking.

A minimalist bag doesn’t have to be boring or super modern; the spare aesthetic can be translated skillfully to everything from a retro doctor’s bag to a contemporary backpack, and the lack of design trickery means that the bags details are all closely considered decisions. In a well-realized minimalist bag, every element enhances both the form and function of the piece, which is exactly what any piece of good design should be.

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The Best Bag Deals for the Week of October 21

The Best Bag Deals for the Week of October 21

First and foremost, apologies for the downtime you may have experienced if you tried to access PurseBlog or our sister site, TalkShoes, at the end of last week. Our tech folks worked as swiftly as they could with our melting servers, and we’re glad to be back up and running with a fresh crop of bag deals to show our appreciation for your patience. This is normally a Friday thing for us, as many of you know, but it’s an equally lovely way to start a week.

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L.A. Weekend

This weekend I’m headed to L.A. !

I’m sad to miss some Fall in New York, but so excited to bring back a few of my favorite items for sunny weather. You can see all of my shopping picks for this week here on my Pinterest!


Back in NYC

After a month of fashion week it feels good to be back in New York.

I’ve had time to relax, hug some trees, and develop a new obsession for this Valentino cape. You can see all my shopping picks for this week on my Pinterest!


The Best Handbag Deals for the Weekend of October 11

The Best Handbag Deals for the Weekend of October 11

First and foremost, we want to thank you for joining us in our National Handbag Day shenanigans yesterday. You guys made our first annual celebration so much bigger and more fun than we ever could have predicted, and we feel super lucky to have such a great group of readers. Today, we’d like to thank you the way that we thank you every Friday: a fresh round of bag deals.

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The Deep V

One of the things that hit me this year on the catwalk (do we still say that or is catwalk pretty much out?)(Okay, it’s out) was all the super deep V-necks. Like, seriously deep, deep V-necks. We’re talking belly button deep.

Okay, just to be clear… Like any other décolletage woman, I loooooove me a good V-neck.

It’s chic, sexy, and easy.

And I can imagine so well pulling a Betty Cattroux (thank you for not pointing out that I have the exact opposite frame as Betty Cattroux, yeah, I know) and swooping into some crazay partay with my shirt unbuttoned all the way down to my tuxedo pants.

The thing about it is that reality doesn’t quite agree on my vision here… BECAUSE:

- Breasts… Anything above a B cup moves around a lot.
- Shirts / slip dresses… Anything opened down to the navel moves around a lot.
- People who dance around you at a crazay partay… THEY MOVE AROUND A LOT.

And with all these moving elements, it just makes for a lot of things that can make Deep V go west.

Granted, that’s also that’s what’s so sexy about it.

Slipping? Not slipping? I know more than one who made a guy (or a girl) crazy with that very technique.

I mean, how many times have you witnessed a runaway nipple (I know, it sounds funny… Released nipple? Liberated nipple?) at a fashion show? Huh? HOW MANY? You want photos? Ohhh you pervs.

SO, any simple solutions to parading with a Deep V without airing out your areola?

(Please forgive the alterations… Blame it on the jet-lag. )

YES. There are three. It depends on your degree of Kate Uptonisation.

#1 – The bra in plain sight.
Yeah, ok, it ruins the whole Deep V thing a little. Okay, maybe completely… Maybe it looks kinda like the girl who forgot to button her shirt (that’s what Scott’s sister always says to me when I’m trying to use a Deep V to be sexy without seeming like I’m trying to be sexy = “Garance, you’re gonna want to button that button here.” “No, Lyn! You don’t get it it’s on purp… Okay, fine.”) and so with that style, you dare or you don’t.

I don’t really get a choice here (not wearing a bra would mean dancing the perpetual Kate Upton (no, please don’t ask me for the link to Terry Richardson’s video)) and so I just go for bra + Deep V. Sometimes. That is, unless Lyn is somewhere in the vicinity.

#2 – Double-sided tape.
Otherwise known as fashion tape. Yeah, all models use it! So why wouldn’t we?

It’s not bad, actually. Not only does it keep a Deep V in place, but on top of that, if you’re at a crazay partay and someone tries to cop a feel, you have them totally trapped!!! They’ll be stuck right to you until someone can help free you both. It’s pretty good self-defense if you ask me.

Maybe it’s a little less sexy if you want to, say, go all strip teasy on someone you caught at crazay partay, but as we all know, true love, like the real true stuff, doesn’t come out when you’re at the top of your game dancing at some crazay partay in a Deep V, but rather, when you’re at some corner deli wearing sweat pants with a “hipster beard” leg hair style going on. Am I right?

#3 – Wear our breasts like they did in the 80s.
I was watching Flashdance yesterday (don’t ask me why. Gotta be the jet lag) and thought to myself that yeah, in the 80s What a feeling, WE WERE SO MUCH MORE FREE WITH OUR BODY. AND A LITTLE BOOB didn’t bother anyone. What happened between then and now that made us so prude. Pffff, that’s what I wanna know.

So I guess my third solution is to just go for it. Wear your Deep V, have fun with it and deal with all the pop-outs that could happen with it.

It’s fun, and makes for some unforgettable crazay partay pics (you might even get Purple Diarrrryyysed!) and it’ll give people a lot to talk about the next day at their non-office (people at crazay partays rarely do have an office life).

If I wasn’t so Kate Uptonified, I’d definitely be donning my fair share of Deep V’s.


What about you guys? Are you FOR OR AGAINST THE DEEP V?

I shot these pictures at the Stella McCartney (Aaaaaaah love for Sam Rollison) and Hermès (Aaaaaaaaah love for Malgosia Bella) but you can see more Deep V’s here.

Want It Wednesday – October 2

Want It Wednesday – October 2

It’s that time of the week again, and for this Want It Wednesday, the PurseBlog team is craving the little odds-n-ends that make fall so magical. From a rich, red wool jacket to a glittering watch and everything in between, we’ve picked eight great things that we’re dying to add to our respective wardrobes this week. (This time, we’ve labeled who wants what so you can shun us accordingly.)

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I’ve been thinking a lot about good evening wear lately.

Here on my Pinterest are looks I can wear through winter!


The Many Bags of Celebs at London Fashion Week Spring 2014

The Many Bags of Celebs at London Fashion Week Spring 2014

For reasons I cannot entirely explain, I find British celebrities sort of fascinating. I’m not an anglophile by any stretch of the imagination, but British pop culture seems so slavishly dedicated to such a particular group of people that it’s like there’s this parallel universe of fame out there, people who are just people in New York or LA but who attract paparazzi hordes in London. Notoriety is, of course, dependent on the cooperation of those around you. That strange sense of otherness is part of why I got a little obsessed with looking at paparazzi photos from London Fashion Week events.

It was a strange mix of British fashion celebs that we all know (Kate Moss, Stella McCartney) and British people that few Americans can probably identify on sight (Abbey Clancey, Donna Air), with a random American thrown in for good measure (Olivia Palermo?). Naturally, they were all carrying totally covetable handbags – fame may vary by continent, but designers accessories largely do not. Check out the best bags from outside the shows and after parties below!

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How To Look Cool At The Gym

A lesson from Stella McCartney…

Now these just might be the clothes that actually get me to go to the gym (I wouldn’t just wear them to look like I went to the gym…okay I might…). I’ve already used the excuse of not having any music to listen to, and now that New York Fashion Week is over, I can’t really keep using the fashion week excuse (which I already used to get me out of three bootcamp sessions) so my newest excuse shall be that I have nothing to wear. And we all know, that is the most important part of working out.

I mean, what if I go to the gym one day, in my kind of boring looking black work out pants (True confession: I have work out pants by Spanx, so I do look kind of like Gisele in them, but this is not the point), and there is Ryan Gosling (see how I’ve swaped Ryan for Tim Riggins here? I’m making progress!) on the treadmill next to me?! And I’m wearing my worn out college tee and my Spanx?! I mean, that can’t go over well. But if I’m wearing something really cool looking, like that orange hoodie and matching shorts, it will totally make up for the fact that I’m dripping sweat, red-faced and listening to some slightly embarrassing Miley Cyrus mashup while “running” at a speed of 2MPH. Right?

Ryan Gosling would approve, don’t you think?

PS: Garance said these things happen. She once went running at the gym next to Penn Badgley (aka Dan Humphrey)!!

Elizabeth Berkley Exits “DWTS” Practice Carrying Stella McCartney

Elizabeth Berkley Exits “DWTS” Practice Carrying Stella McCartney

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you – that’s Jessie Spano herself, Elizabeth Berkley, exiting rehearsals for the new season of Dancing With The Stars in LA, carrying a Stella McCartney Falabella Bag. (For those of you born post-1995, Jessie Spano is a character from Saved by the Bell.) As always, Stella’s bags are entirely leather-free, and this one in particular is a longtime favorite of celebs both veg and non-veg. Elizabeth is definitely in the former camp. You can grab her exact bag for $1,195 at Net-A-Porter.

While many debate this bag’s price tag because of its faux leather status, I have to lament that this is one of the only designer bags a hardcore animal rights activists can carry with impunity. (Even though oil-derived vinyls, PVCs, and the like raise another set of ethical issues entirely.) I’m trying to think of other designer bags that are completely animal-free, but other than Stella McCartney and the Furla Candy Satchels, I’m drawing a blank. If you can think of others, please chime in!

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The Most Memorable Celebrity Handbag Moments of Summer 2013

The Most Memorable Celebrity Handbag Moments of Summer 2013

Summer is coming to a close, which is terrible for a number of reasons – first and foremost because I only just found a swimsuit I actually like a mere two weeks ago. But also, your opportunities for music festival hooliganism, beach frolicking, and Hamptons weekend getaways are all about to vanish, like so many autumn leaves. Fall has its own charms, of course, but before we break out the light sweaters, it’s important that we pay proper homage to the best and the brightest celebrity handbag moments of Summer 2013.

Summer is always a great time for shameless handbag exhibitionism, in part because we’re all wearing so little else that’s worth mentioning. (Sorry, bra tops and Daisy Dukes.) That doesn’t mean we’re lacking in ways to accessorize – a perfect tan really does make a neon handbag pop, and a hefty suede bag really balances out a barely-there pair of denim shorts. Let’s see how the celebs did it in 2013…

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