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Easy Layers

I love the way Christine layers her long sleeve blouse under a tee. I don’t know why this layering style seems like the toughest to master– all the bulk underneath with the buttons, the pockets, the collar… Anyway, she’s inspired me to give it another go!

Mirror Mirror

I love mirrored glasses. They immediately make it feel like a summer vacation – even in the middle of New York City!

So, we decided to give you a tour through our lenses. Click on the arrows to see all the images!

Want It Wednesday: Sunglasses for Every Face

Want It Wednesday: Sunglasses for Every Face

Over the weekend, the PurseBlog team was scattered around the country – I was in Atlanta, Megs and Vlad were in Ft. Lauderdale, Bea was at Coachella and both Katherine and Shannon were holding down the fort in NYC. Somehow, even in our disparate locations, we all got to enjoy some gloriously sunny, warm weather that only served to remind us that we should probably stock up on some sunglasses for the coming season. As a result, that’s the focus of this week’s Want It Wednesday.

The Minis

You know that question: What you would bring along if you were trapped on a desert island? Well, it’s been a little revised for spring and it might be more appropriate to ask your friends: If you can only fit three items in your mini bag, what will they be?

These tiny, miniature sized bags were a plenty on the runways (the first spotting happened for spring 2012 at Rochas), some of the styles being just straight up small, and others being shrunken versions of classic styles we’ve come to love (like the one in the photo from Loeffler Randall, a mini Rider bag).

Think of it kind of like a forced handbag cleanse. These mini bags force you to really examine what you really need to keep with you all the time. For me? My iPhone, a metro card, a credit card and the keys to my apartment (if you’ll allow me one more item, a lipstick).

Of course, if you can’t narrow your life down to just three belongings, you can always carry all of your mini bags together, like Meredith is doing here :)

Get the Look: Khloe Kardashian Carries Elizabeth & James

Get the Look: Khloe Kardashian Carries Elizabeth & James

It wasn’t that long ago that holding any of the Kardashians up as style inspiration would have seemed a bit silly; for people who consistently wore expensive clothes, bags and shoes, the finished product just never felt all that chic. Times, they are a-changing, though, with Kim on a very controversial Vogue cover and Kendall Jenner walking a slew of prestigious runways from Marc Jacobs to Givenchy. Today, we’re taking a look at a perfectly casual outfit from Khloe Kardashian.

Khloe’s my personal favorite of the Kardashian-Jenner clan; she has the best sense of humor and seems the most like a real human being to me. She also tends to skew a little more casual than her sister, which means that, these days, her style is actually a pretty good guide to looking well-dressed in your off hours. Who would have seen this coming only a few years ago? Below, check out all the pieces you need in order to make Khloe’s spring neutrals a closet reality, including one very pretty Elizabeth & James Cynnie Sling Bag.

Want It Wednesday: Finish the Look

Want It Wednesday: Finish the Look

We’ve once again reached midweek, and that means it’s time for another round of Want It Wednesday. This week, the members of the PurseBlog team have carefully cataloged our most-wanted accessories, but here’s the catch: we excluded handbags. There are so many other little details that go into a look that we don’t get to talk about all that often around here, so from caps to kaftans, we’re doing it today.

Get the Look: Reese Witherspoon Carries Chloe

Get the Look: Reese Witherspoon Carries Chloe

As much as we love bags around here (and as you might guess, we love them a lot), an accessory is nothing without an outfit to back it up. In our new Get the Look series, we’ll be looking at how stars style their bags to get some inspiration for putting things together from our own closets, starting with Reese Witherspoon and her Chloe Paraty Bag. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect outfit for transitioning seamlessly into slightly warmer spring weather.

Emmanuelle in Paris

It’s not Paris week on the blog without a little Emmanuelle Alt, right? Right. Right!

This photo from fashion week brought me back to (one of) my biggest styling challenge of my life (drama being my least biggest challenge, obviously): belting my jacket/blazer/parka.

[You might recall that time I attempted to belt my down filled sleeping bag coat... it had a very low success rate. Garance and I don't like to talk about it.]

Like French hair, it’s another one of those really effortless things that I just can’t seem to get right. I don’t have the right belt, or the right coat. For the time being, I’ll print this image out and stick it to my closet in hopes that someday I’ll be able to get it right.

Spring Forward

I can’t believe it might actually, finally, really, seriously almost be spring!

Here are a few things that I’d wear, rain or shine!

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The boldest accessory from fashion week? The flower brooch.

They had a strong presence on the runway, here at Dries and at Fendi and Céline. Will you be so brave as to wear a flower to accent your look this fall? Or should we leave this trend to Carrie Bradshaw?

Click on the arrows to see more images…

Almost Spring

Can you tell I am getting antsy for spring? It’s starting to warm up (at least the snow is melting) here in NYC and I am ready for it. I just bought an amazinggg yellow coat and I’m ready to wear it… come on spring!!

Want It Wednesday: All Animal Print Everything

Want It Wednesday: All Animal Print Everything

Here at the PurseBlog offices, we’re intent on marching forth into spring, even if the weather intends not to cooperate with our sartorial whims until late May. (Please, please let it warm up, or at least stop snowing, before then. For our sanities’ sakes.) In that spirit, today’s edition of Want It Wednesday covers all things animal print; how better to make a season transition? Because everything from leopard to snakeskin tends to be composed of neutral shades, animal prints are season-busting must-haves if you’re going to keep yourself sane until it gets warm.

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The International Edit – MATCHESFASHION.COM

The International Edit – MATCHESFASHION.COM

I never thought myself much of an anglophile until I got into fashion. There’s something about London that brings together luxury and innovation in such a playful way that every season, I look forward to London Fashion Week more than any other, even if the names are generally newer and the brands generally smaller. British retailers are also some of my favorites to browse, which is why we’ve selected MATCHESFASHION.COM for this week’s edition of The International Edit.

The site just released a new edition of its print magazine, featuring Lake Bell and some beautiful Oscar de la Renta pieces, and we gave MATCHESFASHION.COM a little edit of our own. Check out our favorites from the site’s most recent arrivals below or shop the whole selection via MATCHESFASHION.COM.

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Sheer Delight

All this talk about nudity had me wanting to show some skin…

….but not really, its still freezing outside! Here are a few sheer things on my wish list!



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On the Street…rue de Rivoli, Paris

11814BW0886WebWhat’s better in the winter than to feel warm and wrapped-up in a big blanket coat?  I suffer all summer for that feeling.

Outfit of the Week: I’m Not Getting Dressed and You Can’t Make Me

Outfit of the Week: I’m Not Getting Dressed and You Can’t Make Me

It is deliriously cold outside right now. So cold that you want to punch yourself in the face. (Why? I dunno. Maybe because the ER is warm and then you also probably don’t have to go to work.) The snow has mostly cleared from the streets and sidewalks of New York City, but right now, Mother Nature, who is kind of a jerk lately, insists that we won’t see a temperature above freezing for at least a week, and mostly they’re going to be really, really far below that. Like a degree. One single, solitary degree. That is a temperature that can happen, apparently. This is all new to me.

As you can probably tell, I’m getting pretty sick of all of this, and it’s only January. There are precious few ways that I can protest the Earth’s global climate processes, but my favorite one is to refuse to dress like a professional adult for the duration of the season. It’s going to be all sweats-masquerading-as-clothes and sneakers-masquerading-as-designer-shoes from here on out, or at least until we get back to, like, a balmy 35 degrees. For this weekend, and maybe all of the weekends, I have selected the outfit of the week below.

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Detail / Round Sunglasses

I really like how these round sunglasses look on Anastasiya. Do you think they work with my short hair?

Sunglasses, Selima Optique, Coat, Stella McCartney, Chemise, Sea.

The Butterfly Effect

The house of Valentino never ceases to amaze me in their ability to create beautifully ornate, yet somehow modern garments.

I could only dream of wearing those cocoon capes and ponchos casually as I walk through Chinatown to the train. Not to mention the full on butterfly appliqued collars, cuffs and gowns… paired with flats! J’adore!

PS: You can see more of our favorite pre-fall collections on Pinterest!

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Borrowed from the Boys

After this week…

I found myself really wanting to shop the men’s department. Here is what I have on my list this week!

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Subtly Pink

Lately, I’ve been really into this super soft pink–maybe you noticed we had a lot of pink on the blog this week!

Here are a few things I’m shopping for!


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The Best of The Sartorialist 2013

62013skirt1585web1Sometimes, what starts out as a simple shot can change in an instant. either you’re ready or you’re not.


Click to see the original post here: On The Street…The Fortezza, Florence

Check Out 2013′s Trendiest Holiday Gifts

Check Out 2013′s Trendiest Holiday Gifts

We all have that one friend who obsessively reads fashion mags, has a Feedly full of personal style blogs and keeps track of every trend, no matter how minute. (If you don’t think you have a friend like this, then it’s probably you.) Those girls and women can be particularly hard to shop for because their ideas of what they want to wear and carry are very specific, and if you’re not paying as close attention as they are, you’re probably not on the same wavelength. If you don’t want your gift to be met with a blank stare, here are 12 super-trendy gifts to give and receive.

The problem with trying to give something very of-the-moment, of course, is that everyone else wants it too. Because of that, some of these pieces are pre-orders, but that’s the only way that you’re ever going to get your hands on them anyway. Print out the stock photo on cardstock, wrap it up in a box with a bow and put that under the tree – the recipient will understand, because she’s likely been trying to get her hands on the same item for months.

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Have Yourself a Very Gucci Christmas with These Amazing Gifts

Have Yourself a Very Gucci Christmas with These Amazing Gifts

When we think Gucci, we think of fabulous Italian style, best-of-the-best exotic handbags and leather goods with a rich historical context. All of this continues Gucci’s iconic tradition, which is why giving the gift of Gucci will leave anyone jumping for joy.

Gucci offers such a vast array of potential gifts that it can seem hard to find the perfect present, but that’s why we’re here. For a brand synonymous with true luxury, you can’t go wrong with anything the house offers. We found the best exotics, chicest jewels and shoes that would put zest in your step, but we call dibs on the glittered plexiglass clutch! Each of these items can be used both right now and for years to come. Check out our Gucci gift picks below or shop the brand’s full selection via Gucci.

Gucci Aristographic Glittered Plexiglass Evening Clutch
$1,250 via Gucci

Gucci Aristographic Glittered Plexiglass Evening Clutch

Gucci 1953 Horsebit Loafer in Crackled Metallic Leather
$625 via Gucci

Gucci 1953 Horsebit Loafer in Crackled Metallic Leather

Gucci 58 Cracked Metallic Leather Clutch
$1,290 via Gucci

Gucci 58 Cracked Metallic Leather Clutch

Gucci Diamantissima Earrings
$1,750 via Gucci

Gucci Diamantissima Earrings

Gucci Diamantissima Necklace
$2,750 via Gucci

Gucci Diamantissima Necklace

Gucci Soho Python Clutch
$1,450 via Gucci

Gucci Soho Python Clutch

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Leather Tote
$1,890 via Gucci

Gucci Bamboo Shopper Leather Tote

Gucci Soho Python Shoulder Bag
$3,100 via Gucci

Gucci Soho Python Shoulder Bag 34-15

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The 15 Best Gifts Under $250

The 15 Best Gifts Under $250

As much fantasy gifts are fun to look at and think about, the reality for most people, even most luxury customers, is that we’ve all got a budget to stick to. In keeping with that idea, we’ve constructed a series of price-tiered gift guides to make shopping with your checkbook in mind just a bit easier. Last week, we searched the Internet for gifts under $500, and today, we’ve doubled down to the best gifts under $250.

Not only did we go looking for small gifts like sunglasses, scarves and fashion jewelry, but we tried to find as many solid handbag options as possible with that budget cap in mind. There were more than you’d think; we found great clutches, crossbodies and totes in that price range, plus all the extras any gift-recipient would need to finish their look perfectly. ($250 still too much? We’ve got an under-$100 guide coming later this week, and you can check out all of our gift recommendations right this way.)

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Want It Wednesday – December 4

Want It Wednesday – December 4

Did you realize that after this edition of Want It Wednesday, we only have three more left until we hit 2014? Not to scare you or anything, of course, but I thought it was worth a mention, in case you had some stuff on your to-do list that you wanted to knock off before the calendar flips again. Time to get cracking on learning to cook, reading more books or getting your spending under control! If you have no such aspirations (we do not), check out the list of things that the PurseBlog team is craving this week, after the jump.

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Garance Doré Cyber Monday

I feel super lucky to live with one of the most fashionable women in the world, I should remember to take photographs of her more often. As you know, today is Cyber-Monday and Garance is running a one day special sale at her blog Use discount code GDCYBERMONDAY10 to receive 10% off.

My Faux Coat

Even if I’m not fundamentaly against fur (I explained why here), I like trying to find alternatives and so far, nothing has me convinced. And then this Max Mara coat came along, worn by Carine Roitfeld. And then this Zara jacket. And then, I found this coat by Dries Van Noten.

I loved it so much during the runway show that I totally put my name on a list (Yes, hello there, Fashion Hysterics Anonymous, how may I help you?) and honestly, I have not been disappointed. It’s super warm. It’s super soft and it’s very light on my shoulders. Also I swear, people won’t stop touching my coat; it’s almost bizarre. A little like the whole short hair thing: suddenly strangers stop to caress your fur… (Does that sound weird in English? It’s just as weird in French, rest assured.) Okay, you see what I’m getting at though.

And actually, it’s not too surprising because Dries said to me (Garance, friend to the designers) that he went looking for the perfect faux fur in a teddy bear factory in Germany.

YEAH, I’M A TEDDY BEAR YOU GUYS. Will you please hug me?

PS: Thank you to Scott for the photo!

Sunglasses, Céline; Jeans, MiH; Clutch, Mansur Gavriel; Sweatshirt, Isabel Marant x H&M; Sneakers, Nike.

Want It Wednesday – November 27

Want It Wednesday – November 27

With Black Friday deals looming in just two short days, you’d think that we could put our nascent acquisitiveness on hold for 48 hours while we wait to see where things fall (namely, where prices fall) after the biggest sale day of the year comes to pass. You’d be wrong! Our desire to shop knows literally no bounds, so today’s Want It Wednesday is full of things that we’d like to own, even at full price.

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La La Land

[La La Land - The term either refers to Hollywood, Los Angeles or a state of mind synonymous with Hollywood that is out of touch with reality, focusing on dreams, fantasies or frivolous endeavors.]

The scene you see here is not real…

In LA, nobody walks anywhere. If you’re walking down the street, everyone looks at you weird (from their cars). So what happened here is that Daphné and I were driving around and I thought this street was so perfect that we should do a picture.

I just got back from LA where I settled for two weeks to work on my book.

It was a crazy luxury, honestly. Like a creative retreat, which is even better than a vacation if you ask me. That’s why I wasn’t posting a lot from there. Most of the time I was in my room with a view, at the Standard, writing and drawing, attempting to take a step back from my daily life.

I chose LA because it’s a city where I feel free.

Funny because I hated it the first time I went, but every time I go back, I fall a little more in love with it. There’s the soft and cool autumn sun, the sublime views, and a super chill, laid back feel to it, with a lot less hustle and bustle than the craziness in New York. And then there’s the brilliant mix of dream and reality that so profoundly inspires me.

Like Daphné, who lived there for a while says… “It’s my happy place.”

By the way Daphné and I decided that we are going to write a New York vs. LA post… It should be fun.

In the meantime, here’s an impossible photo of Daphné wearing one of her impossible Californian outfits – It’s freezing in the morning and night yet it’s super hot during the day but cool in the shade – which means winter and summer clothes have to come together and I just love it.

Have a wonderful Monday !


I love Ulyana’s new haircut – even though she told me that she had to cut it after going blonde killed it, which can answer any questions I had this morning – and I find it compliments her super feminine doll look perfectly. And now, I want earrings too.

Also, I’m a big fan of lace tops!!
Is it just me, or is it a major trend right now?

Matchy Matchy !

You may remember the day I told you about one of my BFP (Big Fashion Problems).
I find it hard to not match my clothes – actually the thing is I find it difficult to wear more than three colors – it distracts me. So for me, not being matchy matchy is like a daily battle. Cause when you wear few colors, it often ends up that you shoes and top match.
And that, guys, is total FD (Fashion Drama)…

Aaaaaah how many times have I envied our grandmas and their perfectly matching ensembles… What a break for the retina!!! Long live the Queen! (!!!??)

Ok so till now, I thought matchy matchy was Not Good.

That’s why the day I saw Viviana with her ensemble, and (oh shock!) her matching clutch and shoes, I was super surprised. Cause Viv is a great stylist. Viv knows what she’s doing. If Viv is wearing something matchy, it means something. We needed to talk.

“Viviaaaaaanaaaa!!! So daring !”

“Of course!!! The most funny is to match bag and shoes, like our grandmothers did (aaaaaah, see, our grandmas are always right!) and in the case of the gingham pattern, it’s a little crazy, but it was a way for me to intensify the mood of the look!”

And there let’s just say it: stylists are the best ones to talk to about fashion.

Ok so what do you think? Am I allowed to match now?

Sunglasses Miracle

Illesteva made me some sunglasses!

Okay, they didn’t make them for me, but for girls like me. I am the girl who every time I bend over to look at my phone, pick up my handbag, tie my shoes (when was the last time you had to tie your shoes?!) my sunglasses fall off my face. Maybe there is something wrong with my ears ability to balance glasses? And since no one has been able to totally chicify those sunglasses straps, I keep living life with my glasses slipping off my ears and onto the floor of the subway/the sidewalk/my soup.


I stopped by to see the guys at Illesteva in Paris and they showed me these. The ultimate no slip from your ears sunglasses. The perfectly round “temple tips” (I Googled that!) keep them on your ears at all times. No more shades in my gazpacho!

Don’t hate me cause I Birk

Yesterday, I posted a photo of myself on Instagram giving a big hug to a tree with a pair of Birkenstocks and socks on…

No, I wasn’t wrapping my Birks and socks around the tree… But a 100+ comments later, most of which where just saying baaaarf, Birks and socks… Is there anything worse!?! I just wanted to say, hey listen, don’t hate me ‘cause I Birk.

No really, what could be bucolic than wearing pair of Birkenstocks with a nice pair of wool socks to go on a little autumn stroll in a park?

What? That doesn’t convince you?

Well, what do you think of this:

No really, what could be more 90s cool than wearing a pair of Birkenstocks with a nice pair of wool socks? Kate Moss circa 1990 loved it. Not to mention Phoebe Philo, who is pretty much single handedly responsible for the return of the Birk.

Still not convinced?

Okay, you just wait… One more:

Uhhhh… What’s more comfortable than a pair of Birks for my mangled feet after weeks in heels?

Does the end not justify the means? Okay. Nothing will convince you, I get it.

In any case, you can’t say I didn’t warn you, remember?

As for me, I’m just loving the Birks right now. And I love when fashion says I shouldn’t. You cracked me up on Instagram with your emoticons of tears and your shocked comments, “Nooooooon! Not Birkenstocks! Not YOU!!!” But now that I’ve explained where I’m coming from, aren’t you feeling the Birks and socks too… Aren’t you? Come on….

Okay… Laughing smiley face? Or crying smiley face?

Falling For Dresses

I love Jessica Hart’s outfit – it makes me think of Meredith’s long dress worn with flats the other day… Here the scarf adds the perfect touch of nonchalance…

This way of wearing dresses has inspired me a lot lately. It’s true what they say, when you cut your hair you start wanting to change your entire wardrobe, you immediately are attracted to more feminine clothes…. And I just realized I had exactly three dresses in my closet. It’s time for a change!!!

Do you have/wear dresses ?
(I know, the question may seem weird to most girls, but if you’d ask me, I’d had to tell you that I never wear dresses…)(Till now!!!)

At Louis Vuitton, Paris










#WhatsInYourKors Heads South to the Austin City Limits Music Festival

#WhatsInYourKors Heads South to the Austin City Limits Music Festival

I remember watching Austin City Limits on PBS with my dad (a huge country fan) when I was a kid, so it’s kind of amazing to look at how rapidly both the city and Austin City Limits itself have changed in those intervening years. Austin has transformed itself from state-capital-cum-weird-college-town to a national hub of music, tech and pop culture. Now ACL has spawned the super-popular Austin City Limits Music Festival, which kicks off in just a few days and is the next destination in our #WhatsInYourKors party, following in the footsteps of places like Ibiza and Milan.

Austin’s style is a mixture of young urbanity and traditional Texan details, and for a concert weekend featuring everyone from Depeche Mode to Kendrick Lamar, add in a generous dosage of festival-appropriate boho-glam. For a party like the ACL festival, all you’re going to want to carry is a small crossbody, your wallet and your phone, but if that makes you feel a little bare, fret not – add some gold-tone jewelry and a killer pair of sunglasses to finish off the look. Find out what’s in our Michael Kors bag for the Austin City Limits Music Festival both below and at, and on Twitter and Instagram, show us what’s in yours with the hashtag #WhatsInYourKors.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Bedford Gusset Snake Print Crossbody Bag
$218 via Michael Kors

MICHAEL Michael Kors Bedford Gusset Snake-Print Crossbody Bag

Michael Kors Pyramid Stud Saffiano Bracelet
$85 via Michael Kors

Michael Kors Pyramid-Stud Saffiano Bracelet

Michael Kors Link Pendant Necklace
$125 via Michael Kors

Michael Kors Link Pendant Necklace

Michael Kors Bead Stretch Bracelet
$75 via Michael Kors

Michael Kors Bead Stretch Bracelet

MICHAEL Michael Kors Sicily Aviator Sunglasses
$99 via Michael Kors

MICHAEL Michael Kors Sicily Aviator

MICHAEL Michael Kors Saffiano iPhone 5 Case
$148 via Michael Kors

MICHAEL Michael Kors Saffiano iPhone 5 Continental Wallet

Michael Kors Golden Stainless Steel Blake Three Hand Glitz Watch
$225 via Michael Kors

Michael Kors Golden Stainless Steel Blake Three-Hand Glitz Watch

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At Missoni and Salvatore Ferragamo, Milan













At Marni, Milan












La Parisienne

To celebrate my arrival in Paris (Man, I’d really celebrate anything) and inspired by your passionate comments you left me on my post about The Parisian (We’re gonna put her in capitals, it’s such a concept) the other day, I thought we should explore the concept further. Plus this convo will go great with my espresso and cigarette.

First of all, let’s agree on one thing – the Parisian is not defined by where she lives. That’d be too easy. It’s more of an idea – inspired by celebrity Parisians, maybe.

Like all caricatures, that idea of La Parisienne can sound dumb – but if you think about it…

What makes the Parisian is Paris – a city that’s as gorgeous as it is grey, exciting yet tough, where you have to really fight to find your place, but without showing it too much (Ambition is not very valued. In Paris, you never want to show too much effort…) and where dressing too flashy or sexy is sure to get you stared at, and a few whistles thrown your way…

These are only a few details but they are a key to understand how La Parisienne dresses.

When I compare it to other places I know like New York, where every kind of personality is accepted, where everyone is encouraged from a very young age to “be yourself!”, where you can practically walk around topless without anyone really noticing or making a comment, it makes sense that New York would have a more fun idea of style.

Here is a funny thing though… As Cory was saying in the comments, even if The Parisian we’re talking about is usually an import, the most Parisian of Parisians are the ones there from birth. They have that certain something, that mix of apparent coldness mixed with biting humor that takes people by surprise and that I’ve never seen anywhere else in the world.

Your comments were full of humor and very interesting (you need a good sense of humor to try to define a cliché!). And some of them are just so true!!! Okay, let’s see…

Le Style of La Parisienne.

“Having spent hours observing chic Parisians over many a Ricard at Le Flore these past two summers, I can say that she is uninterested in trends, unfazed by dictates of what is appropriate for a certain time of day or for a woman of a certain age, confident of her sartorial decisions, be it a black Nike worn with a tailored black pant suit or a bold swipe of cat-eye liner at 10:00 am (no, I was not drinking Pastis at Le Flore at 10:00 am). I’d sum up her style as carefully curated to look absolutely effortless!”

“I feel like the myth of “The Parisian” comes from the fact that France is pretty old school in a lot of ways.

[I totally agree and wonder if the whole fashion legacy here is some of the reason. Paris is home to some of the most important fashion houses that have defined chic for decades. Which can be pretty intimidating…]

In London and Berlin, you can try anything, from blue hair to a tattoo on your arm, mix sneakers and formal dresses. But in Paris, you take the time you need to make a new trend yours and you keep the things that work well on you, well-cut basics that work for sure.

Maybe this is where the myth of the “simple and chic Parisienne” comes from?”
- Amalgame Magazine

“The French don’t follow fashion blindly. I mean, really, because the French think they are the ones making the trends! She doesn’t follow trends, she just allows a few in her life.

She’ll never show up at a party looking like a Christmas tree. She chucked her ballet slippers for some pumps, but kept her jeans on. Actually, she only stopped by the party because she had a little bit of free time.”
- Cohiba, who explains in her commentary why for her the Parisian is really the French woman in general.

“The Parisian is never over dressed. She has to look totally natural, like she just tossed everything together in 10 minutes in the morning. She doesn’t like stuff that’s too sophisticated or anything that would make people think she’s put any any efforts into being pretty.”

“The Parisian… She’s a girl who could care less. She’s not looking to put herself into a box or follow any of the rules.”
- Lady Moriarty

“The Parisienne is very self conscious about her body (maybe too much) and refuses to be a slave of fashion but instead uses it. She uses fashion to flatter her body and therefore will only wear something that is adapted to her body type. Also, she will not wear something that does not fit her lifestyle.

She is not a slave to fashion but they are still some unsaid rules. You never go for the total look, you do not wear sport shoes except if you are a teenager or going to the gym (as a commenter said if you need comfort you wear ballerinas) and you do not wear a down jacket!”
- Mau

“The Parisian has a single outfit for the day: It’s gotta be able to go from day to night… It’s an art!!! And she’ll never make concessions in the name of comfort. NO TENNIS SHOES TO COMMUTE TO WORK IN. IT’S NOT ALLOWED IN THE PARISIAN CODE OF HONOR. (Ballet flats where not created for dogs where they?) [totally French expression by the way]”
- Daphné

Le Body of La Parisienne.

“Yes, she takes care of herself, [...] but no one should know about it. No way she’s gonna work on her muscles like Madonna !”
- Cohiba

“She’s chic, she takes care of her body and even more of her hair. She does aqua biking ;)”
- Maryse, super precise.

“She’s natural and sophisticated at the same time. It means, for example, shiny hair but never blown out. Red lipstick, but very little make up. Very natural hair color too. Even if there is a color, you shouldn’t see she had one done.

She is the definition of studied effortlessness. Everything is super thought about, but she looks like she just woke up in the morning exactly the way she appears in front of you.”
- Cohiba

“For me a true Parisienne drinks a coffee and eats a croissant in the morning, but she might not have the time to do so, but she always will have a really good lunch, warm food and a glass of red wine. She would sit down and talk and eat and she would never ever eat a sandwich while working. It is really interesting that the French are among the most healthy people, if you look at the statistics, that always amazes me! I think that if you eat with other people and socialize while eating it is healthy and a glass of red wine is always good for your vessels.”
- Gabrielle

La Parisienne Attitude

“La Parisienne is a little cold and removed. She doesn’t smile easily, walks fast and crosses the street wherever she decides!
She has a coffee in the morning, and 12 later.”
- Nath

“She is fun to talk to, and independent. And she drinks red wine.”
- Anne

“I hope that a Parisienne is someone who rejects the idea of being labeled and lives their life without feeling beholden to convention. They’re chic and resourceful, not trendy…they’re engaging and smart, selfless and effervescent.”
- Colony

“La Parisienne doesn’t know she’s special, that’s what makes her charming…”
- Léa

“La Parisienne keeps a nonchalant attitude in everything: her walk, her ways, her cigarette. She pretends she didn’t take the time to dress but she has crazy good style. She eats organic with her friends but loves heavy food when she’s alone. She pretends to not be very likable, cold with people she doesn’t know, smokes her cigarette with a tea at the Flore but likes to go crazy at night in Pigalle or around the Canal Saint Martin. She works a lot, even more if in fashion, art or cinema. She loves to go to APC, to thrift shops with her friends and to show up with her cute boyfriend.

When you know her, she is actually super nice, fun and absolutely lovable. She needs love and affection.

She pretends she doesn’t care, but actually she cares a lot.”
- Sabrina

“For me, as a fellow European (I’m Scandinavian and in envy of the term Parisienne..!) la Parisienne is a woman with effortless elegance, that is why she’s s chic. And there’s this aura of carelessness and maybe a tad bit of arrogance, to hide away her true feelings of passion that runs in her blood… Because I think she’s a very,very passionate woman. She drinks, she smokes, has a powerful laugh, and I think thats what I admire, this free spirit, that is so French…”
- Emilie

“The Parisienne is the girl who’ll do everything to make you think it comes to her easily… And that succeeds so well that she made the entire world believe that she stays thin while chugging croissants, has perfect skin while chain smoking, dresses in one second without thinking about it and was born in Paris when she’s actually not…”
- Mareme

“I’ve lived in Paris all my life and parents and grandparents before me. I settled in London and New York for a few years but my heart belongs to Paris. In the morning I drink coffee and eat two tartines with raspberry jam. I smoke (too much) and I love to sit at cafés to watch people go by. Seeing the Eiffel Tower makes me smile. I take bike rides in the city and eat croissants only on the weekends. I put make up on my eyes or my mouth but never the two at the same time – except for a little mascara of course. I have a french bulldog thats called Louis and I live in the heart of the city I love. Oh, I almost forgot to say, I am black… Am I still a Parisian for you?”
- Kendrakiss

“The Parisienne is my girlfriend. She mixes brands, is never try hard and likes to look nonchalant. She has something about her that makes her irresistible and walks with our son on her 12cm heels and her super overstuffed Balenciaga weekender. She likes to make fun of people, talks out loud and is extra cool. Morning is coffee and tartines. I don’t know if this is LA Parisienne but this is the Parisienne I love.”
- Jeremy

Petit-déjeuner (Breakfast)

I love (and I say that without any irony, you know how important breakfast is for me) that you took to heart my question about breakfast… And so we learned that for most Parisiennes, breakfast is tartines and coffee. And this, too :

“What does she have for breakfast? Her lover ;)”
- Liz

Me :)

If you want my Corsican point of view, by way of Marseille, Paris, and New York, I think that the cliché of the Parisian has some truth, but at the same time, and you know, I’m definitely not one – which is also why I really wanted to hear what you had to say.

I’m a southern girl. The Mediterranean is pumping through my veins.

I come from a completely different culture than Paris and I remember feeling so out of place when I first got there. It was tough to adapt.

But I learned to know and love the Parisienne. She can be intimidating at first, but she is frank, non-hypocritical, and she has a heart of gold and is hilarious.

It’s true that she goes to the worlds end to look like she just threw everything together, but I think the result is often pretty worth it.

I like how much the put together and quiet appearance has this kind of wacky and irreverent underbelly. If it’s a cliché, then it’s a cliché, really. And after all, Paris is a city of clichés and it’s one of the reasons we love it, right?

So this Parisienne, what do you think, myth or reality?

The illustration is from my last campaign with Seafarer. You can see it in full here!

At Dolce & Gabbana, Milan












At Fendi, Milan










After Alberta Ferretti, Milan








A few things I love…

Arrrgh, it’s me!

This morning, I want to show you a couple things I love, and one thing I hate.

Okay, should we start with the things I love?

#1 – These MiH jeans that I love so much, I bought two of them.
What’s so special about them? It’s that I love their trumpet shape, short and flared at the bottom.
This is a cut that’s coming straight from the 90’s (Caroline Bessette, style queen used to wear that all the time!) and that my slim-saturated conscience had been looking for them for a while.
Okay, I still wear skinnies tighter that a Monday morning on the subway. But still.

#2 – These shoes. I’ll come back to them.

#3 – This perfect Phillip Lim bag (Remember? I had fallen in love with it here). Not too big, not too small, it can fit my Ipad and even my camera if I push a little, big ups for that.

#4 – This leopard print coat from Topshop. I looooved the print so much that I decided to do with a cut that is not quite perfect for me (it’s like a 60’s type of shape, with short and wide sleeves, not exactly my thing).

I’ve been looking for years for a nice leopard coat that’s not tacky, not made of fur, with a nice print and let’s say that with this one, I’m getting very close, what do you think ?

Okay. We’ve talked about the things I love, now, as promise, let’s talk about the thing I hate… Or if I may say, the thing I used to hate…

My bun.

I had come to hate it so much, I was so over it, I had told you so much about it, that on Friday… I cut it all.

Short. No but short short, Michelle Williams short.


I’ve been learning to live with it for three days, and now I think I can tell you that I love it.

Showing it to you (and telling you the story) as soon as possible.

PS: The photo is by Scott!

Baby Bump

“Boyfriend jeans and a shirt are every pregnant woman’s best friend!” my friend Laure was telling me the other day. She’s pregnant (yeeey!!!) and it’s really interesting to see her adapt her fashion week style to her new curves.

I think the secret is also the accessories here, the small bag, the colorful shoes, the bright orange glasses and the jewelry.

At the Shows….Monday













Still a big fan of the simple and chic looks of Ece… And viva la flats!

The Dress

It’s that bag-dress again! The one was I was telling you about this morning, from Marques ‘Almeida – but this time in a camo-jean (do I need to say how much I love that?), spotted on Daphne the other day.

At Tome

I loved this look at Tome…

Spring is usually a time to show a little extra skin, but I like the longer proportion of this skirt and the volume in the top. It feels clean and fresh.

PS: How cute is that model?

At the Shows….Saturday & Sunday









Such a fan of Solange, who I saw yesterday after Alexander Wang.

Alright, let’s start the day the right way…