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Style Story / Laura Stoloff

Every time I see Laura, she always looks so chic and composed — even when I ran into her during the chaos of Paris Fashion Week.

We finally had the chance to visit her at her home here in New York to take a few photos…

Laura’s style is a new take on classic Americana. She pairs blue jeans with her super cool sweater and a simple grey tee with her unique patterned coat. Her outfits are always a surprising, modern update on timeless looks.

Laura wears: Sweater, Theory; Polka Dot skirt, Thakoon.

Patterned fur coat, Thakoon; Jeans, Acne; Bag, Saint Laurent; Boots, Prada.

Green Sweater, Thakoon; Striped shirt, Dries Van Noten; Jeans, ReDUN; Shoes, Prada.

Brown Blazer, Maison Martin Margiela; Striped blue shirt, Isabel Marant.

Want It Wednesday: Not-Quite-50 Shades of Grey

Want It Wednesday: Not-Quite-50 Shades of Grey

Not only is grey one of my very favorite colors (it totally qualifies as a color, okay?), but it’s perfect in a transition because it comes in so many seasonless variations. Since we continue to barrel through August at an alarming rate, it’s now time to think about making those transitions, and we’ve got a few suggestions in this week’s edition of Want It Wednesday.

How to wear a white dress?

For this summer, I am craving this type of shirt dress: white, short, fresh, light, cool.

I did a lot of research (the one in the picture is Thakoon) and tried a lot of them (I tried on an Alaïa at Colette that’s still imprinted on my retina)(as well as the price tag) but each time something was just off…

I found out that the problem is that actually, a white dress can easily look pretty bland and way too waspy (Can you say that? What would be the equivalent in French, BCBG? Bon chic bon genre?)…

Like, with ballet flats it’s freaky, way too proper, not cool at all, -12 on the Altimeter of Fashion.
With sneakers it’s not bad but it casualizes (let’s say that’s a word) the dress too much.
With high heels, well you kinda have to want to go around in heels in summer. I don’t.
With Birks, I don’t think I am ready.
With Birks AND socks, why not? But would I stand the weird looks? (Oh, do you want to talk about the subtle difference between Birks with or without socks or are you just extra tired of hearing about those shoes?)

With mmmm…
With combat boots, like in the picture?
Naaaaaaa, I love it. But it’s not for me.

Gladiators? Espadrilles? Flip flops?

What would you wear?

Eva Chen in Prabal Gurung

Eva Chen in Prabal Gurung

Eva Chen in Prabal Gurung
Headwrap:Black Headwrap
Top:Pink and Yellow Floral PRABAL GURUNG Top
Skirt:Black Leather THAKOON Skirt
Shoes:Zebra PIERRE HARDY Shoes
Photo By:Phil Oh

Michelle Harper in Thakoon

Michelle Harper in Thakoon

Michelle Harper in Thakoon
Hat:VINTAGE Black Top Hat
Dress:Red Floral THAKOON Dress
Bag:Red HERMES Bag
Shoes:Red and Black Shoes
Photo By:Phil Oh

Pardon My French/Lunch at Miss Lily’s

Come have lunch with Laure, Caroline, Erin and me at Miss Lily’s!
Click the CC for subtitles.


Pardon My French/Hey Ladies!

Here’s the last New York episode of Pardon My French!

Take a look, there’s a lot going on. Everything from my ginger tea with Diane Von Furstenberg to a run-in with Julianne Moore, some lunch with friends in there and tons, tons, tooooooons of fashion. You’ll understand right away why we called this episode, “Hey Ladies!” :-)

Big hugs!

PS: I want to send a huge thank you to the entire team of Pardon My French who supported me and who I just love to death, especially PJ, to whom I send all my affection. A big thank you as well to Net-à-Porter for their support and to BMW for the car because we couldn’t have done all this in a taxi :-)

Pardon My French is also available on the Huffington Post USA and I want to thank the Stylelist team for their unwavering trust.Advertisement

Kate Ciepluch, Red Slouch

Kate Ciepluch, Red Slouch

Kate Ciepluch, Red Slouch
Sweater:Slouchy One-Shouldered THAKOON Sweater
Skirt:Brown Leather GEREN FORD Skirt
Shoes:RAG & BONE Shoes
Photo By:Phil Oh

My Favorite Looks / Thakoon