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Winter Dream coming soon

Winter season is officially here and I will live a beautiful dream.
Stay tuned on December 9th to watch the full video.

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Direction & Edit by Charles Bergquist
Art Director: Alessio Sanzogni
Hair & Make up: Nikki De Roest
Production Company: Charles Bergquist Studio
Associate Producers: Katrina Adair and Andreea Florescu
1st AC: Brian Williamson
Intro: Acoqui – Gold Blooded
Main: Andre Obin – Soft Rain

Special thanks to Cartier


It might not seem like it but I love creating video content (some of you might remember my old video diaries on youtube). The reason why you don’t often see video content on StyleScrapbook is because I hardly find the time to create it, but I’m hoping that can change soon.

The first ‘semi-professional’ camera I ever got was the Canon EOS 7D and I remember how excited I was the first time we shot with it. That camera had a massive impact on StyleScrapbook and gave me a big boost in the quality of content I could put up. I got the 7D in 2011 and used it almost every day up until 2013 when I got the 5D Mark lll.

I was thrilled when Canon asked me if I would be interested in working with them on the new ‘Come and see‘ campaign, where I would have the chance to work with the new 7D mark ll. As a part of this project, I decided to share a piece of Amsterdam that many of you might not know about. Flowers have such an emotional effect on us, and there’s a good chance that the next time you give them or receive them, they were here in Amsterdam less than a day before.

Come and see what happens behind the scenes at the largest flower auction in the world!


Aethereal mid-Fall coming soon

As the Fall season is coming… I’m heading to a dream place in the wood… Stay tuned to watch the full video, November 13th.

Con l’arrivo dell’autunno… Mi rifugio in un posto dall’atmosfera magica nel bosco… Appuntamento il 13 Novembre per scoprire il video, non perdetevelo!

Chiara Ferragni Peuterey 7 Chiara Ferragni Peuterey 6 Chiara Ferragni Peuterey 5 Chiara Ferragni Peuterey 4 Chiara Ferragni Peuterey 2 Chiara Ferragni Peuterey 1

I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

Video Credits:

 Direction & Edit by Charles Bergquist
Art Director: Alessio Sanzogni
Styling: Gregorio Capineri Tosetti
Hair & Make up: Nikki De Roest
Production Company: Charles Bergquist Studio
Associate Producers: Katrina Adair and Andreea Florescu
1st AC: Brian Williamson
Music : Viernes “Sleepless”

L.A. Nights coming soon…

Do you remember The Blonde Salad: A New Beginning video? The story continues.. A Yves Saint Laurent dose, the lights of LA, Andrew and me. Stay tuned on September 17 to watch the full video! ;)

Vi ricordate del video The Blonde Salad: A New Beginning? La storia continua.. Una dose di Yves Saint Laurent, le luci di LA, Andrew ed io. Appuntamento al 17 Settembre per scoprire il video! ;)

Chiara Ferragni Andrew Arthur YSL The Blonde Salad videoChiara Ferragni Andrew Arthur YSL The Blonde Salad video neonChiara Ferragni Andrew Arthur YSL The Blonde Salad video gas stationChiara Ferragni Andrew Arthur YSL The Blonde Salad video backstage

Photos by Andrew Arthur & Gregorio Capineri Tosetti


 Direction & Edit by Charles Bergquist
Music by Andre Obin “The Arsonist”
Art Director: Alessio Sanzogni
Styling: Gregorio Capineri Tosetti
Hair & Make up: Nikki De Roest
Production Company: Charles Bergquest Studio
Producer: Katrina Adair
1st AD / Producer: Andreea Florescu
1st AC: Matt Read
Production designer: Dan Obzejta
Aerial 1st AC / MoVi Operator: Brian Williamson



My DVF Journey of a Dress

It’s all about sensations: wear a dress, feel like a woman. Those moments when you wear an icon and the real diva is you. A timeless piece, a timeless feeling. All about celebrating Diane Von Furstenberg Wrap dress 40th Anniversary.

E’ un vortice di sensazioni: indossare un abito, sentirsi donna. Quegli attimi in cui indossi un’icona e la vera diva sei tu. Un pezzo senza tempo, un’emozione che non ha tempo. Tutto per celebrare il 40° Anniversario del Wrap Dress di Diane Von Furstenberg.



Video by Eric Maldin

Killer lips

Red lips are my passion and they are very important to me that I want them to be always perfect. When I look for a lipstick, I always think that it shall be comfortable and intense, but it needs to be also bright like a gloss and long lasting like a nail polish..  Yves Saint Laurent Vernis à Lèvres makes all this real!  I’m so glad that Yves Saint Laurent gave me the opportunity to share with you my tips about it as I did for Touche Éclat. Watch the video to discover how I use it! ;)


Le labbra rosse sono una mia passione e sono così importanti che le voglio sempre perfette, tutto il giorno o tutta la sera. Quando cerco un rossetto penso sempre che dovrebbe essere comodo e intenso, ma dovrebbe essere anche brillante come un gloss e avere la durata di uno smalto.. Vernis à Lèvres Yves Saint Laurent racchiude tutto questo! Son più che orgogliosa che Yves Saint Laurent mi abbia dato l’opportunità di condividere i miei consigli come ho già fatto con Touche ÉclatGuardate il video per scoprire come applico Vernis à Lèvres! ;)


How To TBS-15
How To TBS-22
How To TBS-9
How To TBS-10

Welcome May with the Tory Burch Floral Tote

Time continues to fly by, and today we welcome May to our calendars.

The saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” and with the start of May, we wanted to kick things off with a fun video. Starting today, we will be welcoming each new month with a fun video celebrating one of our favorite bags of the moment.

Our May video features the Tory Burch Robinson Floral Printed Triangle Tote, a bag we already featured as our bag of the week. You can shop this bag for $375 via Bloomingdale’s.

A new is coming soon

I can’t even describe you guys how excited I am.. A new beginning is coming soon! See you on April 28th on a brand new! Can’t wait to show it to you all! :)

Non posso dirvi quanto sono emozionata.. un nuovo inizio è alle porte! Ci vediamo il 28 Aprile su un nuovo! Non vedo l’ora di mostrarvelo! :)

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Feel the beat

Music is energy. I love those moments when I’m by myself and I get inspired by the rhythm… either I’m walking inda city, I’m on a flight, I’m driving or just chilling out on the sofa.
To feel the most from those moments, the perfect ingredients are good music, a good player and high-quality headphones like the new Philips Fidelio S1 and S2.. Let’s rock it with sound and style!

Musica è energia. Amo quei momenti in cui sono sola con me stessa e mi lascio ispirare dal ritmo.. mentre cammino in città, sono in volo, guido o mi rilasso sul divano. Gli ingredienti perfetti per vivere al massimo questi momenti sono buona musica, un buon music player e soprattutto cuffie di alta qualità come le nuove Fidelio S1 e S2 di Philips.. Let’s rock it with sound and style!

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STSC2252 STSC2088 STSC2202 STSC2193 STSC2271Headphone: Philips CitiScape via Fashiolista

I feel like it was  2 weeks ago since we filmed this video for Philips CitiScape headphones, but then I realized I did countless amounts of trips in between. Time really does fly when you are having fun…
I had the best day filming with this crew and even though it was quite an early start, the day went by like  flash. Its always really cool to see the end result when you film a video on a green screen and I was so curious to know how the end result would look like….We wanted to portray it in a very brief and fun way how a few of my days unfold, specially during Fashion Week season, or whenever I am traveling. The team did a great job bringing this idea to life!

andy signature




I just came out of the movies, I don’t even remember when was the last time I went and sat at a movie theatre, I have missed it. I watched the movie HER because I heard a friend talking about it last week in Paris. It seemed like a strange concept, I mean, a guy that falls in love with his Operating System, so I got intrigued.
I don’t know how many of you have watched it, so I wont give any spoilers, the thing is, the whole concept seemed so weird and awkward, how can a person develop a relationship with their phone?, but then it got me thinking. How much time do you spend time on your phone? Instagraming, whatsapping, on facebook, on twitter. I’ve watched people around me, having lunch with friends, while everyone is spending more time picking up their phones and doing what not while seating on the table, walking, on the bus, at work. Well, also me, I wont deny it.
A world where people are able to develop a relationship with their phones seems so far fetched, even impossible and obviously it was just a movie, but it got me thinking of how addicted we have become to our phones.
One thing is, I don’t think I feel much need to use Siri after this movie.

But to all of this, what do you think? Have you watched it? The trailer is after the jump if you feel like it.

andy signatureA

Chiara Ferragni as Redken global fashion ambassador

Do you remember when, a little more than a year ago, I was announcing my “title” as Redken global fashion ambassador? Here I am, a year later, with much stronger, longer and beautiful hair and becoming Redken’s global fashion ambassador for the second year in a row :)
This means, among the other things, to always have my hair done by Redken during all New York, Milan and Paris fashionweeks.
Would you like to know what my typical day is in this time of the year? Watch this video filmed last September in New York and tell me what you think about it :)
P.S: Redken opens from tomorrow a pop-up store in Corso Como in which it offers fast blowdries for fashionweek, try it! I’m going to be there tomorrow from 7.30 pm!

Vi ricordate quando, poco più di un anno fa, annunciavo timidamente il mio ruolo come ambasciatrice di Redken? Eccomi, dopo un anno e con i capelli sempre più belli, lunghi e naturali,  nominata per la seconda volta “Redken global fashion ambassador” :)
Questo vuol dire, tra le altre cose, essere sempre pettinata dal team di Redken durante le fashionweek di New York, Milano e Parigi. Volete sapere come è una mia giornata tipo in questo periodo? Guardate questo video girato lo scorso Settembre a New York e ditemi cosa ne pensate :)
P.S. Redken apre domani 19 Febbraio un pop-up store in Corso Como in cui offre pieghe veloci e gratuite per la settimana della moda, fateci un salto! Io sarò li a conoscervi dalle 19.30 domani!

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The Loot

It was dark in Milan when THE LOOT took place. Antonia was the target of two high heeled – and sensual ;) – robbers. The objective was to get the hottest collections of the season. The suspects were a blonde and a brunette loving “selfies”.
Like in some of my fav movies, it’s Eleonora and me starring in “The Loot” by Marco Braga + Giuliano Federico which I’m proud to introduce to you.

Era buio a Milano quando il bottino (THE LOOT) è stato sottratto. Antonia era l’obiettivo di due – sensuali ;) – ladre dai tacchi a spillo. L’obiettivo erano le collezioni più hot della stagione. I sospettati erano una bionda e una mora che amavano i “selfies”.
Come nei miei film preferiti, Eleonora ed io siamo le protagoniste di “The Loot” by Marco Braga + Giuliano Federico che son orgogliosa di mostrarvi.

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Chiara Ferragni Shoes: the Factory

3U5A9858 copia

Do you remember when, at the beginning of summer, I went to Puglia, in the south of Italy? Well it was very important to me because I had finally the chance to see the factory where the shoes from my line Chiara Ferragni are made. It was such a great experience for me: it’s amazing when you see how something you have in your mind, can be made for real step by step by someone you have never met and it’s amazing how even if you never met those people they share the same point of view for concerning Made in Italy. I hope you enjoy these photos and video as much I enjoyed taking/shooting them! Get ready for some behind the scenes!
You can find Chiara Ferragni shoes in these stores and estores.

Vi ricordate quando, all’inizio dell’estate, sono andata in Puglia? Per me è stato davvero importante perchè ho finalmente avuto l’opportunità di vedere la fabbrica dove vengono prodotte le scarpe della mia linea Chiara Ferragni. E’ stata davvero un’esperienza bellissima per me: è incredibile come da un’idea possa nascere qualcosa si reale ed è pazzesco come le altre persone che lavorano con me a queato progetto condividano il mio stesso punto di vista per ciò che riguarda il Made in Italy. Spero vi piaccia questo dietro le quinte.
Potete trovare la mia linea di scarpe in questi store ed ecommerce.

3U5A9715 copia
3U5A9865 copia
3U5A9718 copia
3U5A9721 copia
3U5A9725 copia
3U5A9756 copia
3U5A9763 copia
3U5A9765 copia
3U5A9768 copia
3U5A9775 copia
3U5A9794 copia
3U5A9815 copia
3U5A9821 copia
3U5A9767 copia
3U5A9803 copia
3U5A9809 copia
3U5A9798 copia
3U5A9826 copia
3U5A9843 copia
3U5A9851 copia
3U5A9877 copia
3U5A9870 copia
3U5A9886 copia

I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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Philips Citiscape “The Frames” – New video campaign

“The Frames” is the new video campaign by Philips, I was starring along with my friends/bloggers for the launch of the headphones (whose name is precisely The Frames, belonging to the Citiscape Collection) that combine perfectly fashion and technical. An explosive and irreverent commercial, which makes you want to put the volume up and dance till you drop ;)
Very high quality for the Philips Citiscape collection that takes its inspiration from the big cities, from their dynamism, speed and frenzy that characterizes them. The perfect headphones designed to bring with us our favorite music through the lights and colors of Time Square, the crowds of Piccadilly Circus, the elegant Avenue des Champs-Élysées or the magical Piazza Duomo in Milan. I’m literally crazy for the tortoiseshell detail and leather trim that make this product unique and unmissable!
Enjoy ;)

“The Frames” è il nuovissimo video campaign realizzato da Philips che mi vede protagonista insieme ad altri amici blogger per il lancio di una nuova cuffia (il cui nome è appunto Frames, modello appartenente alla Citiscape Collection) che unisce in modo impeccabile moda e perfezione tecnica. Uno spot esplosivo, irriverente, che ti fa venir voglia di mettere il volume al massimo e ballare fino allo sfinimento ;)
Altissima qualità per la collezione Citiscape di Philips che trae ispirazione dalle grandi città di oggi, dal loro dinamismo, dalla velocità e la frenesia che le caratterizza. Cuffie perfette per portare con noi la nostra musica preferita attraversando le luci ed i colori di Time Square, la folla di Piccadilly Circus, l’elegante Avenue des Champs-Élysées o la magica piazza Duomo milanese. Sono letteralmente impazzita per il dettaglio tartarugato e le finiture in pelle che rendono questo prodotto assolutamente unico ed imperdibile!
Enjoy ;)


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In Paris with Kenzo & Moda Operandi


Are you wondering what I was doing in Kenzo showroom in Paris?
The answer is very simple… I tried my favorite stuff of the new collection with Moda Operandi… Here you can order a preview and here you can take part to the contest to win one of the new iconic sweatshirts :) So, what are you waiting for?!
Come on, girls!

Vi state chiedendo cosa ci facevo a Parigi nello showroom di Kenzo?
La rispota è molto semplice…provavo i miei pezzi preferiti della nuovissima collezione insieme a Moda Operandi.. Qui potrete ordinarli in anteprima e qui potrete partecipare al contest per vincere una delle nuove iconiche felpe :) Cosa aspettate?!
Forza ragazze!!!

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#Hoganforaday – Frames of urban lifestyle

“#Hoganforaday – Frames of urban lifestyle” is a project born a few months ago that I am glad to reveal to you!
What can I say you about this video? Richi and I felt a bit like real actors, playing the roles of a couple visiting Milan and getting paparazzi shots. We loved being able to interpretate Hogan new collection, each of us with our personal style, and spending a real italian day around Milano. Now I’m only waiting to see what you think about it …

“#Hoganforaday – Frames of urban lifestyle” è un progetto nato alcuni mesi fa e che finalmente oggi sono fiera di mostrarvi!
Cosa vi posso dire di questo video? Io e Richi ci siamo sentiti un po’ attori nei panni di una coppia in visita a Milano e paparazzata nei suoi spostamenti. Ci è piaciuto interpretare la nuova collezione di Hogan, ognuno con il proprio stile personale e passare una giornata all’insegna dell’italianità e di Milano.  Ora attendo solo di sapere cosa ne pensate voi…

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In Seoul with Fay – The Video

Do you remember my trip in Seoul with Fay during the first days of September? I was there for the opening of a new store and to attend to the fashionshow…really incredible, so cool!! Here I am with the video of the experience :) Enjoy it sweeties!

Ricordate il mio viaggio a Seoul con Fay fatto i primi giorni di settembre? Sono stata lì con loro qualche giorno per l’apertura del nuovo store e per assistere al fashion show…esperienza incedibile da tutti i punti di vista! Ecco finalmente pronto il video della sfilata e del party :) Enjoy it sweeties!

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Video: Sharing My Habit with MyHabit

You all know my shopping habit pretty well (clearly it’s handbags), but now you can hear me talk about it with MyHabit. MyHabit is one of my favorite fashion sale sites, and I was thrilled when they asked me to film a video to share my love of handbags with them. I’m in the video alongside some pretty cool people, like fashion designer of WHIT, Whitney Pozgay, and Michael Chernow, founder of The Meatball Shop.

You all know my habit, but watch this awesome video so I can share it with you! And don’t forget to check back to MyHabit everyday for new sales. Make it your habit and shop MyHabit now.

The post Video: Sharing My Habit with MyHabit appeared first on PurseBlog.

The Diamond Diaries with Redken – Episode 5

This is my last episode for “The Diamond Diaries with Redken” before the new NYFW where I will stay with them again as “Redken Global Fashion Ambassador” for 2013.
Are you #redkenready? Enjoy ;)

Ecco l’ultimo episodio di “The Diamond Diaries with Redken” prima della nuova NYFW che mi vedrà ancora con loro come “Redken Global Fashion Ambassador” per il 2013.
Siete #redkenready? Enjoy ;)

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The Diamond Diaries with Redken – Episode 4

Hi sweeties, here I am with the new episode for “The Diamond Diaries with Redken” for my “Redken Global Fashion Ambassador” role for 2013.
Are you #redkenready? Enjoy it ;)

Ciao Dolcezze, eccomi qui con il nuovo episodio di “The Diamond Diaries with Redken” come “Redken Global Fashion Ambassador” per il 2013.
Siete #redkenready? Enjoy it ;)

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The Diamond Diaries with Redken – Episode 3

Third episode for “The Diamond Diaries with Redken” for my “Redken Global Fashion Ambassador” role for 2013.
Are you #redkenready?

Ecco il terzo video di “The Diamond Diaries with Redken” come “Redken Global Fashion Ambassador” per il 2013.
Siete #redkenready?

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The Diamond Diaries with Redken – Episode 2

This is my second episode for “The Diamond Diaries with Redken” as “Redken Global Fashion Ambassador” for 2013.
Are you #redkenready?

Ecco il secondo video di “The Diamond Diaries with Redken” come “Redken Global Fashion Ambassador” per il 2013.
Siete #redkenready?

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The Diamond Diaries with Redken – Episode 1

Do you remember my collaboration with Redken as “Global Fashion Ambassador” for 2013? I was with their team during all the fashion week in February and thanks to them I was able to show off different hairstyles every day :)
During those days we also filmed “The Diamond Diaries”, a serie of videos where we will show you some of the secrets of my hairdos and the coolest products to use. Here is the first one… Are you # redkenready?

Ricordate la mia collaborazione con Redken come “Global Fashion Ambassador” per il 2013? Sono stata in loro compagnia durante le fashion week di febbraio e grazie a loro ho potuto sfoggiare un diverso taglio di capelli ogni giorno.
Sempre durante quei giorni abbiamo girato “The Diamond Diaries”, una serie di video in cui vi mostreremo alcuni dei segreti delle mie acconciature ed i prodotti più cool da utilizzare. Ecco il primo… Are you #redkenready?

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Chiara Ferragni Shoes F/W 2013/14 – Video Campaign

After the pics of the last campaign of my shoe line f/w 2013-14 , here I am with a super cool and funny video! What do you think? Do you like it?
I love these shoes so feminine and ironic :) Enjoy babies!!

Dopo avervi mostrato le foto della campagna della mia ultima collezione di scarpe f/w 2013-14, ecco finalmente il video da potervi mostrare! Mi sono divertita tantissimo a girarlo e spero di trasmettervi un po’ del mio entusiasmo :) Che ne pensate?
E le scarpe non le trovate estremamente femminili ed ironiche? Enjoy babies!!

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La Differenza (The Difference) / LIS

I told you already a little something about this new project!
I took part in the music video “La Differenza – LIS”, a song written and performed by Marco Ligabue, directed by Mario Piredda. The question that Marco asked me when he contacted me was: “Is it possible to reach deaf people with a song?” and explained to me what was his main goal: making music for those who unfortunately can not hear the music, but can understand it. One day we met and I have been taught some LIS language (or better understand how to make my gestures in the best way possible), the Italian sign language. It was difficult to learn. I tried to commit myself the the best way possible, so as to spread the message effectively. I hope to find many more initiatives like this. Have you ever thought about it? We can try to convey those wonderful emotions that music brings us every day to those who have never been able to listen to it. Spread this message, spread this video. If you have friends who know the LIS talk to them about this initiative, make sure we’re ALL united in the name of music!
Thank you guys, thank you very much. Thanks Marco for involving me in this project. Thanks Alvin for being my companion in this experience …. and thanks Dino Giglioli for transmitting me a bit of his knowledge.
Thank you very much.

Anche se in modo sfuggente, vi avevo anticipato già qualcosa su questo nuovissimo progetto!
Ho preso parte al video musicale “La Differenza – LIS”, brano scritto ed interpretato da Marco Ligabue, per la regia di Mario Piredda. La domanda che Marco mi ha posto quando mi ha contattata è stata: “è possibile far arrivare una canzone e le sue emozioni anche ai non udenti?” e mi ha spiegato quale fosse per lui il traguardo da raggiungere…fare musica anche per chi la musica purtroppo non può ascoltarla, ma può capirla. Ci siamo visti così un giorno e mi hanno insegnato come parlare in LIS (o meglio come fare per rendere comprensibili i miei gesti nel miglior modo possibile), la lingua italiana dei non udenti. Difficilissimo imparare davvero, ma ho cercato di impegnarmi al massimo per diffondere nel modo migliore questo messaggio e questo tipo di iniziativa che personalmente trovo lodevole e spero di vedere sempre più spesso. Ci avete mai pensato su? Possiamo cercare di trasmettere quelle meravigliose emozioni che la musica ci porta ogni giorno a chi non ha mai potuto ascoltarla… Diffondete questo messaggio, diffondete questo video. Se avete amici che conoscono la LIS parlate loro di questa iniziativa, facciamo in modo di essere TUTTI uniti in nome della musica!
Grazie ragazzi, grazie mille Marco per avermi coinvolto, grazie ad Alvin per aver partecipato insieme a me….e grazie Dino Giglioli per averci trasmesso un po’ del suo sapere.
Grazie davvero.



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In Cannes with Dior Beauty

Only 3 words: Cannes, Dior and flowers! An explosive mix for a great weekend…
Enjoy the video my loves ;)

Solo 3 parole: Cannes, Dior e tanti tanti fiori! UN mix esplosivo per un grande weekend…
Enjoy the video my loves ;)

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The Blonde Salad #passionfortravel

Summer has always been my favorite season since I was just a little child: it meant the end of school, going to the beach and eating lots of ice creams, but above all the traditional “family trip”. We used to move all together during the first days of August and coming back almost after three weeks: the location was always different every year and my mum used to book all the hotels, flights, trains and so on – she was really good ;) This meant that I could live many unforgettable moments as well as unpredictable situations too!!
While travelling  I used to give more importance to my new Gameboy’s game than the landscape around me and my parents used to always get upset and telling me not to waste my time during these precious moments and to let my soul, spirit and eyes free to travel and fly… Only now I understand what they were saying and I can translate it in a sentence of Helen Keller: “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all”. Every morning when I wake up I think to myself that I am a very lucky girl able to do a very special job…it had given me the chance to live many incredible experiences making my life so sweet and unpredictable. I have started to travel a lot and hence I have created these new hashtags #lifetraveling and #passionfortravel, which I always use for my Instagram’s pics!  This new video has been created with this philosophy, a “home-made video” which deals with all my last travels in Los Angeles, Coachella, New York, Cabo, Cannes, Greece and Capri, always together with my Louis Vuitton Zephyr trolley. This past month and half that has been very important for me, it has changed my life from many points of view. It has confirmed my love and passion for travel and how much it’s becoming my addiction every day! Many great sensations, emotions, unexpacted situations that make me laughing so much… And here I am again, far away from home with all my bags ready for the next adventure. The trip has just started ;)

L’estate è la mia stagione preferita fin da quando sono bambina: significava la fine della scuola, i bagni al mare e i gelati a non finire, ma soprattutto implicava il tradizionale viaggio di famiglia.
Si partiva tutti insieme ai primi di Agosto e si tornava dopo tre settimane: la meta era sempre diversa e mia mamma si preoccupava di prenotare hotel e voli e di organizzare gli spostamenti. Questo voleva dire per me vivere esperienze indimenticabili ma anche trovarmi in situazioni apparentemente bizzarre, che però rendevano il viaggio unico. Quando il mio unico pensiero era finire il nuovo videogame sul Game-Boy i miei genitori mi insegnavano che i miei occhi ed il mio spirito avevano bisogno di viaggiare, e che potevo imparare da ogni nuova persona incontrata e luogo visitato, migliorando giorno dopo giorno.
A distanza di anni ho capito cosa tutto questo volesse dire veramente: la mia filosofia di vita sembra ormai essere una citazione di Helen Keller “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all”.
Mi sveglio ogni mattina sentendomi la persona più fortunata sulla faccia della terra per il lavoro che, un po’ per fortuna ed un po’ per il mio costante entusiasmo, mi sono riuscita a creare e che rende la mia vita cosi dolcemente imprevedibile.
E’ proprio grazie al mio lavoro che ho avuto la fortuna di cominciare a viaggiare cosi spesso: i miei ultimi mesi sembrano poter essere riassunti dagli hashtag #lifetraveling e #passionfortravel, che prontamente inserisco ad ogni nuovo update delle mie avventure in giro per il mondo su Instagram.
Da tutti questi spostamenti nasce l’idea di questo “home-made video”, filmato nell’ultimo mese e mezzo di viaggi tra Los Angeles, Coachella, New York, Cabo, Cannes, Grecia e Capri, sempre in compagnia del fedele trolley Zephyr di Louis Vuitton. Un mese e mezzo che mi ha cambiata, migliorata, fatta crescere sotto ogni punto di vista.
Un mese e mezzo che mi ha confermato nuovamente quanto viaggiare sia la mia passione più grande, e quanto io ne diventi sempre più dipendente. Un mese e mezzo di emozioni che si susseguono, di risvegli pieni di aspettative, di imprevisti che mi fanno tornare il sorriso sul viso e mi fanno scoppiare a ridere.
Ed eccomi qui, ancora lontana da casa, ancora con i miei vestiti impacchettati nelle valigie, pronta per la prossima avventura con la pelle d’oca. Il viaggio è appena cominciato.

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We Own the Night – The Run


Finally I’m ready to share the video of the coolest experience I have ever lived: the Run “We Own the Night” by Nike!
Thousands of women were there with me to share and live together the first edition of this great run We Own the Night, to whisper to the world how nice is running and how important It is for the ladies. An unusual Milan, so beautiful with games of lights and colours created just for us: the runners :) Obviously it was not an easy thing but as you can see in this video I had many funny moments and evening was rich of passion, pure sport and lots of laughs!
Enjoy it ;)
Ps. Don’t stop your training and download the advices of the app Nike Training Club!

Finalmente ho pronto per voi il video di una delle esperienze più elettrizzanti che abbia mai fatto: la Run “We Own the Night” firmata Nike!
Con me erano presenti migliaia di ragazze per condividere e vivere insieme la prima edizione dei 10 km di questa We Own the Night, per sussurrare al mondo quanto è piacevole correre e quanto sia importante per le donne. Una Milano diversa, resa ancora più bella da giochi di luci e colori creati per noi runner. Certo non è stato un gioco da ragazzi ma come vedrete nel video mi sono divertita da morire e la serata è passata velocissima tra risate, sport e passione.
Enjoy it ;)
PS. Continuate ad allenarvi grazie ai consigli dell’app Nike Training Club!


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#Yamacruise – The Video

Hi sweeties here I am with a supercool surprise for you ;) This is the video of the great #Yamacruise by Yamamay!
Enjoy it and let me know what do you think about it…

Ciao dolcezze eccomi con una sorpresa supercool per voi ;) Questo è il video di #Yamacruise, il bellissimo regalo che ci ha fatto Yamamay!
Enjoy it e fatemi sapere che ne pensate…

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Chiara Ferragni for Bar III video campaign

Among the most interesting projects I’ve been working on this year I can of course talk about the video (and of course social) campaign for Macy’s Bar III: with other four influencers I traveled from one place to the other wearing some Bar III pieces, having so much fun and discovering new places like Marfa and Coachella.
This video by Jake Davis is the result of these months: hope you like it, this is #myreality !

Tra i progetti più interessanti a cui ho partecipato quest’anno posso sicuramente elencare la campagna video (e naturalmente social) realizzata per Bar III di Macy’s: insieme ad altri quattro influencer ho viaggiato da un posto all’altro indossando alcuni capi Bar III, divertendomi come una pazza e scoprendo posti meravigliosi come Marfa e Coachella.
Questo video è il risultato di questi mesi di lavori: hope you like it, questo è #myreality !


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Chiara Ferragni for Goldenpoint

What was I doing last Monday and Tuesday in Forte Dei Marmi? I was filming this video for Goldenpoint, wearing all my favourite bikinis from the summer 2013 collection. Which is your favourite one? Enjoy!

Cosa ci facevo lunedi e martedi a Forte Dei Marmi? Giravo questo video per Goldenpoint, indossando tutti i miei costumi preferiti della collezione estate 2013. Qual è il vostro preferito? Enjoy!

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Video: Herve Leger Fall 2013

I love every video we put together for Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week, but this might be my favorite finished product. Most fashion fans associate Herve Leger with bandage dresses, and yes, there are plenty of those, but there’s also plenty more. The runway collection is more intricate, with great attention paid to detail.

I could spend time putting it all into words, but this video will bring Herve Leger Fall 2013 to life in a magical way, which is just what I felt when attending the show.

Watch our Herve Leger Fall 2013 video now!

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Rewardstyle Harlem Shake

What happens when you find yourself in Cabo with the other bloggers and Rewardstyle team? You start dancing the Harlem Shake!
Can you spot me? Too easy I guess…

Cosa succede quando ti trovi a Cabo con gli altri blogger ed il team di Rewardstyle? Si comincia a ballare l’Harlem Shake!
Riuscite a trovarmi? Fin troppo semplice..

Video by Wendyslookbook

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Video: Tibi Fall 2013 takes a walk on the mod side

Tibi is one of my absolute favorite brands, and each season I anxiously await the show to see what creative director Amy Smilovic has in store for us. Her aesthetic fits my everyday style so well that I would be happy, happy, happy to wear her clothes all day, every day.

The Tibi Fall 2013 show took place in a new venue and took us on a mod journey. With boxy sweaters, chic skirts and pants, this show was precisely what I’ve come to expect from Tibi without exactly feeling expected. Join us backstage and from the runway to see the Tibi Fall 2013 show.

Watch our video now!

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Video: Chadwick Bell Fall 2013

We’ve already given you a look at Oscar de la Renta and BCBG from this past fashion week, but we’re not done yet. This week we have our last batch of videos from some of our favorite shows.

Today we take you with us to Chadwick Bell, a personal friend and an amazing designer. His Fall 2013 collection presented ladylike sportswear that can easily be worn by many. In a new venue, this show was given life like no Chadwick Bell show before it, and we hope our video helps capture the vibe properly.

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The Blonde Salad goes to Brazil and Texas: the video

As a tradition here is the video of my 8 days spent between Brazil and Texas a few weeks ago :) Enjoy!

Come da tradizione ecco il video dei miei 8 giorni passati qualche settimana fa tra Brasile e Texas :) Enjoy!

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Chiara Ferragni for Miss Dior

I remember well the day of my 18th birthday: among the presents I received one of them was meant to be part of my life forever. It was “Miss Dior” fragrance, which started to be my lovely companion in my frenetic life, sweetening every morning and making me live the parisian dream every time I was wearing it.
And here I am, seven years later, living even more intensely this Dior dream in the Milano store, among fairytale dresses, works of art and unforgettable parfumes.
This is my Miss Dior interpretation: a video (definitely more rock than the beautiful Natalie Portman one) that includes this inseparable bond with a fragrance that became part of me.

Ricordo benissimo il giorno del mio 18esimo compleanno: tra i regali ricevuti uno era destinato a far parte della mia vita per sempre. Si trattava del profumo “Miss Dior”, che da quel momento mi ha accompagnata quotidianamente nella mia vita frenetica, addolcendo ogni mattina il mio risveglio e facendomi vivere un po’ della poesia parigina ogni volta che lo indossavo.
Ed eccomi qui, sette anni dopo, a vivere ancora più intensamente questo sogno firmato Dior nello store di Milano, tra abiti da fiaba, opere d’arte e profumi indimenticabili.
Ecco la mia interpretazione di Miss Dior: un filmato (sicuramente più rock rispetto al meraviglioso video di Natalie Portman) che racchiude questo legame ormai inscindibile con una fragranza che è diventata parte di me.



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Video: The majestic world of Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013

Every season, I anxiously await the Oscar de la Renta show. This season was no different, but there was a different sense of anticipation when it came to the show; talks around the fashion world surrounded John Galliano’s presence and assistance in de la Renta’s atelier leading up to the show. What happened was a pairing of the whimsical world of Oscar de la Renta with a touch of intensity from Galliano for Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013.

Not only did we photograph the show, but we also captured video to help bring you into the world of Oscar de la Renta. Shop Oscar de la Renta online for current season looks – we hope you love the video!

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Video: Revisiting BCBGMAXAZRIA Fall 2013

New York Fashion Week is now a distant memory, but this season we decided to make our memories last by shooting video at some of our favorite shows. It’s hard to describe the mood and feeling you get at fashion week in words, and while pictures help paint the picture, video brings it all to life.

We started with one of my favorite collections, BCBGMAXAZRIA. From the mood backstage to the looks each model wore, this line was calling me from moment one.

Join us as we take you behind the scenes with a look at one of the hottest shows of New York Fashion Week, from behind-the-scenes prep to the runway. Let us know your feedback in the comments below!

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Chiara Ferragni for Luiza Barcelos – The video

After the great success of my first collaboration with the shoe designer Luiza Barcelos, for the new Summer 2013 Collection we decided to to express all the power of the real Brazil’s essence through a new video: brazilian colours, energy and passion, with some of my favourite new pieces.
Enjoy it guys ;)

Dopo il grande successo della mia prima collaborazione con la designer di scarpe Luiza Barcelos, per la nuova collezione Summer 2013 abbiamo deciso di esprimere tutti i colori, l’energia e la passione brasiliana attraverso un video con alcuni dei miei modelli preferiti.
Enjoy it guys ;)

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Milan Fashionweek – The Video

Can’t wait for my Milan fashionweek’s video and finally is ready for you! I hope you enjoy it sweeties ;)

Ero davvero impaziente di vedere il video della fashionweek di Milano e finalmente è pronto per voi! Spero vi piaccia, enjoy it sweeties ;)

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Introducing PurseBlog Video: A Look At New York Fashion Week Trailer

Each season, we become part of the New York Fashion Week scene and have the opportunity to attend shows and pop backstage for some of our favorite designers. We love to share our Fashion Week coverage, and this season we are bringing you an even more intimate look with PurseBlog Video. We selected five shows to feature, but while you wait for those videos, take a look at our trailer of what’s to come! We hope you enjoy it.

The post Introducing PurseBlog Video: A Look At New York Fashion Week Trailer appeared first on PurseBlog.

Introducing PurseBlog Video: A Look At New York Fashion Week Trailer

Each season, we become part of the New York Fashion Week scene and have the opportunity to attend shows and pop backstage for some of our favorite designers. We love to share our Fashion Week coverage, and this season we are bringing you an even more intimate look with PurseBlog Video. We selected five shows to feature, but while you wait for those videos, take a look at our trailer of what’s to come! We hope you enjoy it.

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Chiara Ferragni – Redken’s Global Fashion Ambassador “The Video”

This is the video backstage of the first part of my experience with Redken as Global Fashion Ambassador: the photoshoot which was taken last December in Los Angeles by Kenneth Cappello!

Questo è il video backstage dell’inizio della mia esperienza con Redken come Global Fashion Ambassador: lo shooting fotografico realizzato a Los Angeles lo scorso Dicembre da Kenneth Cappello!

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Chiara Ferragni for Valextra – The new Bonnie & Clyde

22/02/2013 – Milan, Via Manzoni 3.
3.30 am, the Valextra boutique alarm rings crashing the silence of a cold night during the Milan fashion week.
After a few hours the store is completely taken under control by police and press which try to understand what has just happened. From the TBS News first rumours are spread out: a blonde with a creepy guy emptied the store stealing everything they found and managing to open the secret safe as well. Hundreds of bags of different sizes, suitcases, beauty cases, wallets and iPad covers have disappeared.
Were you aware of the existence of the new thieves stars which have greatly substituted the legendary Bonnie & Clyde? Well, to be honest how could you resist to such beauties? Well I couldn’t…
Enjoy my new video for Valextra!

22/02/2013 – Milano, via Manzoni 3.
Ore 3.30 am, suonano gli allarmi della boutique di Valextra rompendo il silenzio di una fredda notte in piena fashionweek milanese.
Lo store dopo qualche ora è totalmente preso d’assalto dalla polizia e dalla stampa per cercare di capire cosa sia successo. Da TBS News iniziano a trapelare le prime notizie: una bionda accompagnata da un losco individuo fanno piazza pulita di tutto quello che trovano svuotando interamente il negozio e riuscendo a scassinare la cassaforte blindata. Sparite decine e decine di borse di ogni dimensione, valigie, beauty case, portafogli, ipad cover…Un bottino di tutto rispetto.
Eravate consapevoli dell’esistenza dei nuovi geni del furto che hanno sostituito a pieno titolo i famosissimi Bonnie e Clyde? Ma d’altronde, mi chiedo, come poter resistere a delle meraviglie del genere? Io non saprei proprio…
Godetevi il mio nuovo video per Valextra!

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New York fashionweek – The Video

As usual here we are with our New York Fashionweek’s video! I hope you enjoy it sweeties ;)

Come è nostra tradizione, ecco finalmente il nostro video della New York Fashionweek! Enjoy sweeties ;)

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Topshop fashionshow Hangout – Unique Experience

Ok sweeties, eyes on me… This is one of the most important posts of the fashionweek season! Today at 2.30pm (London time) you will be able to watch, here, the first Topshop’s Hangout about their show. Topshop together with Google has created, for this London Fashion Week, the most innovative and accessible show ever seen, and I’m very proud to announce that I will be the digital co-presenter of this unique event!
I will show you the backstage of the catwalk, we will chat with fabulous models like Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn and you will find out with me all the secrets hidden behind the scenes (one of the most special news is the “Model Cam”, a camera worn by some models to follow the show from their eyes!). Enjoy all the show and tell me what you have felt watching the video ;)

Ok dolcezze, occhi a me… questo è uno dei post più importanti di questa stagione di fashion week!
Oggi alle 15.30 (ora italiana) potrete vedere qui il primo Hangout di Topshop sul loro show. Topshop, insieme a Google ha creato, per questa fashion week di Londra, lo spettacolo più innovativo mai visto prima, e sono molto orgogliosa di annunciarvi che sarò la co-presentatrice di questo evento unico!
Vi mostrerò il backstage della sfilata, chiacchiereremo con modelle favolose come Cara Delevingne e Jourdan Dunn e scoprirete con me tutti i segreti nascosti del dietro le quinte (uno dei più speciali è sicuramente il la “Model Cam”, una videocamera indossata da alcune modelle per seguire lo show attraverso i loro occhi!). Godetevi tutto lo show e scrivetemi cosa avete provato guardando il video ;)

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DL1961 – Live streaming

Today at 4.00 pm (italian time 22.00), you will be able to watch here the amazing DL1961′s fashion show in live streaming! Can’t wait, every time I’m always so excited!!

Oggi alle 4.00 pm (ora italiana 22.00), potrete vedere qui l’incredibile fashion show di DL1961 in live streaming! Non vedo l’ora di vederlo, ogni volta sono sempre emozionatissima!

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The Blonde Chef – Episode 5 “Valentine’s dinner”

After the super dinner with friends and the one with your parents in law (actually I am really curious to know how did it go and if any of you followed my advice) we decided to dedicate this episode to all lovers: are you ready for Valentine’s dinner?
Which better present for the person you love than a dinner prepared by you? We will teach you how to do it in few easy steps and for sure It will be a success… ENJOY YOUR MEAL!
To watch the complete video click on LifestyleMirror!

Dopo la super cena con gli amici e quella con i vostri suoceri (a proposito sono proprio curiosa di sapere se avete seguito il nostro consiglio e soprattutto molto curiosa di sapere com’è andata!) abbiamo deciso di  dedicare questo video agli innamorati: siete pronti per la cena di San Valentino? Quale migliore regalo per la persona che amate se non una cena preparata proprio con le vostre mani? Vi spieghiamo come fare in pochi passi e con facili consigli, vedrete che sarà un successo…ENJOY YOUR MEAL!
Per vedere il video completo cliccate su Lifestyle Mirror!

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